The Principles of the Trinary Universe Chapter 4.12:
Trinary Mathematics
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Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 4.12:
Trinary Mathematics

Math not only describes the Universe: it describes Reality, and anything and everything, in Reality, has a Math Formula to describe it, and I am sure that the Beautiful “Autistic” Mind of John Nash: wrote a formula to describe it, because he could see Math Formulas in his Mind and was up to the Game. Nash's Reality bordered on being Schizoaffective and being Schizophrenic, and being Schizoaffective I can understand how easy it is to become Schizophrenic; but unlike my Cousin Isaac Newton, I do not see Math Formulas like them, I only see the answers, and to me, it is always how to write the question or Formula that confuses me, and I have had a hard time showing my work as a result, and I had a hard time learning how to show my work, its hard to show others what I can not see myself, and how to explain it to those that do not think as I do is frustrating for me, because knowing that I have to overcome years of Brainwashing from Mainstream Science Fiction, that most of Yew have no idea what most Spells mean, so Yew interrupt me because Yew think Yew are more Intelligent than IAM on this Subject, or have put more thought into it, which is why Yew will try to Debunk me with Theory, because Yew are too Stupid to understand how Stupid Yew are, and it is because of how Yew was raised to believe, because of the Spell Live: has “two” many meanings because Society was taken over by the Darkside, meaning the backward Spell for Live is Evil, and this is a Math Formula I can show my work for, in fact: I just did: its called Witchcraft, and it is how Sir Isaac Newton Documented his Notes, as a child, I memorized all Newton's and Tesla's Math, and I do not see those Formula's in my Mind, only the answer to the question, so I look at Object or Concepts as Mathematical Concepts, so I can use them in my Math, I can not show or explain to you how I calculated the answer, I only know the answer, I do not see it nor hear it in my Mind, and can not see beyond the question, so if Yew ask me if I can shut up I would say yes and continue to do so, and because I am Dyslexic: I have a 50/50 chance of writing it down in the correct order, so I will not be the one that will write Math Formulas or Answers that will impress any Mathematician, and the one's I do write will confuse them, they know the Answer is write, meaning I wrote all the right numbers but not in the right order, so they accuse me of making my Answer fit my Data, for example Patterns like 666 are encoded into our DNA, most people think all the Mystery behind this number is Superstition, and dates back before the Bible, but the Bible said it was the Mark of the Beast, but what does the Bible mean by Beast: an Animal as opposed to a Human, or the Nature of the Beast: meaning the Universe...

In fact: it means that if you have this Mark you are a Beast or an Animal, because they all have it as well, as proof: you can find this 666 Numbers and many other Patterns in our DNA, but to say that 666 or Pyramids are encoded into our DNA, would Require Proof, and I have none, the technology to prove this does not exist yet, but the evidence is abundant, so I can not argue about that conclusion, and some people will focus on errors in Logic I make, for example, I once wrote that the Colors of the Rainbow can be turned into the Color Black, it was a simple logic error on my part, it should have said Darkness, but I think if I had the equipment I could prove that I can create Black Light from White Light, without using a Black Filter, instead using Prisms tuned to specific Frequency and Wavelength, because the Hex value of 000000 is not the Absents of Light, it is the abundance of Darkness, so I know for a fact that I can prove this with the right Technology, but with Logic: we only see the Darkness in the White Light, it is not even possible for us to see the Light... But I got so frustrated that I just changed the whole sentence, all because of how Stupid Yew are, but all Yew know is Theory and that is just Science Fiction at best, sure I made mistakes, typos, what Yew think are grammar issues, and I have had Find and Replace statements go horribly wrong and did not catch it till later if at all, plus Ctrl-S: saves, Ctrl-D: deletes the Line, and then Auto-save saves it, sometimes I catch this, so writing a book is a challenge, and if the Logic is confusing to you, do not assume that it is not right, and keep in mind who I am talking for: Kepler, Newton, Franklin, Tesla or Me in the Flesh, so later on when I multiple a concept with time, you will not think that sounds crazy, instead, I will try to explain why I think the way I do, and maybe that process will lead to an explanation that can be understood by yew, but this is all about Math: and Yew were never very good at High-Level Physics Math, Logic or Reasoning, but it is a Fact that Sheep can count better than most Humans, and Monkeys are better at picking out Patterns than most of you, yet you believe you are the most intelligent animal to have ever existed on this Planet, knowing what all of you allowed to happen to this Planet, and it is because of how you view it and the Physics of Math, Logic or Reasoning...

Its a known fact that Math, Logic or Reasoning takes a certain type of person to understand it, its also a known fact that some people on the Autistic Spectrum, can be shown, told, or other forms of communication, that gave them a Math Question, and all they know is the Answer, and they do not even see that in their mind, nor can they explain it, or show their work, so this is a very well documented phenomena, and not uncommon among people like me, as is not doing well in school because we are more intelligent than the teachers, so we have no interest in what they want to teach us, and what they do teach us is stupid and harmful to our intellect, in fact, my IQ is not even impressive to Neurotypicals, because it is normal for Autistic people to have high IQ's in their Interest Field, and why I tested at the highest end of all test in my fields of Interest in the Military, and became an Expert on those Subjects, proving we are Wizards, just like Newton, Franklin, and Tesla, so to them math like (+1) + (–1) = 0, is impressive, but yet it would never impress many Neurotypical Mathematicians: but my use of it should impress them all, as would my Formula for Energy; and this is what I call Trinary Mathematics, and you should be familiar with Trinary Engine Math.

My Cousin Isaac Newton wrote that Math is based on Data, and we use that data to calculate our answer, so both the question and answer are Data, the math known as Calculus, is based on what I call the Fudge Factor or the icing on the Cake, I was 6 years old when I made this decision that lasted me a lifetime, and it why the concept is simple: take a Cake, calculate its volume, and you will find that Calculus can only approximate the volume, and has a very hard time with the Fudge Frosting, if it was actually correct, it was because the Data was perfect, and in life, few things are, for example, Cake will never bake to form a perfect shape, it will have tiny imperfections in the rising of the cake batter due to a Yeast Infection, that does not make the Cake sound so appetizing does it, so the Icing is applied to cover the imperfections, and due to the nature of Calculus, which over and under approximates the x, y and z of the space of the volume it is approximating, a plus or minus error correction is required to get closer to the correct answer, this is what I call the Fudge Factor, and (+1) + (1) = 0 is the Data, for every action, there is an Equal and Opposite reaction, which is just another name for the Icing on a Cake, Newton called it an Error Factor by the way, but at age 6, I would rather have Fudge, because I never wanted to be in Error, so its how I remember this Factor for Problems that require what I call the Fudge Factor/Icing Cake Problem; and there is also another problem, and that is called Number Normalization, this takes place in many ways, rounding, ensuring the number is not = 0, or its positive or negative in sign, leaving room for more errors in the calculation, then add the Order of Operations, do I use the Old Method or the New Method, and because Data is at the heart of Math, it defines the question, but it does not answer it unless the Data is perfect, or the Formula can account for all the imperfections; and that comes down to the Error of Fudge Factor, so most math is just an approximation of our Reality, because our Reality is not Perfect, and our Math is only as perfect as we are at writing it, and it is our Reality, and in Nature: this can be proven Mathematically, this applies to Sound, so Music theory can prove that, its true in Sight and Light proves that, so Trinary Math is within all the Elements in the Universe and is the Universe itself, so when people ask you what is the answer to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Question the: Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything, is 42, and why you ask, it is because that number is in Hex, in Decimal its 66, because the Base is very important in Math, many Wizards only used Base 16, and mostly because only Computers do, so few Humans knew the answer was actually 66 Base 10, so the Book was about a bunch of people that asked a question that took 10,000 years to answer, and because they forgot that Computers just like Wizards and Witches, only use Base 16 Math, because we all know they are famous for using Hexes, so this is no joke or metaphor, it is a fact, so that is Reality, 42 and 66 are the same number in different bases, so do not Base your Reality on Numbers or Numerology, just use them to Calculate your Reality, and never use a Theory...

Math is not a human construct, all Animals are capable of some type of Math, and some animals are actually better at this math then Humans, this is easy to prove by comparison math, or math that compares quantity, so all Animals are Intelligent, and just because they do not speak our Language, does not mean that they do not have a Language of their own, and to assume that any Animal uses their voice to communicate is ignorant, they use it to show emotions, but not for communications, even hauling at Wolves will not be the same as talking to them, and since our Language is learned, yet there is no evidence that Animals teach a Language to their young, and there is no proof that Humans require a Language in order to communicate with others, yet I conclude it is not required, and is just confusing when you do not say what you mean, and do what you say, yet most people think that is Stupid or Dumb, thinking the two terms mean the same thing, making me wonder which one is more intelligent, Dumb means you can not Talk, at least you can not Talk Intelligently, so maybe you can make sounds like Animals, and for the same reason, to show Emotions, whereas Stupid means you do not know what you are talking about, so you are talking Unintelligently, so it just makes it easier to interpret what they are trying to convey, and this explains why some humans are able to do complex math, yet are unable to learn or use Language as normal people do, which makes the word “normal” a bit ambiguous, since most normal people can not do complex math, making you wonder who is more intelligent, those that can do complex math and not use Language or those that can use Language but not do complex math, and I must go with those that can do complex math, and that is just because my language skills suck, and I do not like talking to Stupid People, to begin with, and if I go by Complex Math: this makes Animals just as intelligent as humans, which makes you wonder why I pick on Sheep by calling them Stupid, and it is because I Identify with the Dog, and it is because most people think that Animals are Stupid, and by the way: its Yew that made the Sheep Stupid, Dog is just the Backward Spell for God...

I can prove Animals can do math just as well as most Normal humans, and Animals do not destroy this planet, making them far more intelligent than humans, proving it is not Language that makes a species intelligent, it is their ability to do complex math, and that is not limited to the Human Species, and I do not need to explain this to Sheep, but most people count on them to go to Sleep, and it is because Math is Boring to most Normal Humans, whereas I seem to have more of a problem trying to convey concepts that are mathematically sound to Humans: because they can not count any better than Sheep, because Animals that are not Intelligent: believe that Theories are the Truth, or just a way of explaining the Truth, thus a fact, or that Math can Prove Concepts to be the Truth, knowing that it is all based on Data that is not perfect, it is the question that is wrong and not the answer based on flawed Data, because the Base Numbering system was not correct, so this made my decision to write this book for a Sheep called Yew, all that much easier, now I can justify it based on Intelligence, because it is a scientific fact that Sheep can learn to count just as good as most 6-year-olds, and that is how old I was when I realized this, but by that age, I was better at Math then any Adult living on the Planet, I knew this because when I start talking about Trinary Math most people say What, what is Trinary Math, or some just assume its like Binary Math, so it must be a Base 3 Math, yet most Wizards use only base 16, what is cool about Trinary Math is that: (+1) + (1) = 0, works in any Base System I know of, at least bases: 2, 10, and 16, since 1 is 1 in most bases I use, and those are the 3 most used bases, so to find a math Formula that works in all bases is the Magic of Math, it is the power of Sign changes that Drives a Helix Waveform, so all of Tesla's: the Last Wizard's math is based on this Principle, and why Sir Isaac Newton is known as the Last Magician. Trinary Mathematics, is simply the Math that the Trinary Universe was based on, and that includes the Math and Concepts of: Johannes Kepler, Sir Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, and other Wizards, and the Math for Electronics does not change much, in fact its only the fundamental definition for: how everything in the Universe physically behaves at the subatomic level, and it is only then does this become Crystal Clear, and it is at this level that the Math must explain the behavior of every Atom, Molecule, or Cell in existence, so it is the Mathematical Equation to answer one question, how does the Universe work at the Subatomic level, so the big question is can Trinary Mathematics answer the question of how the Universe works in one equation? (+1) + (1) = 0: it really is just that Simple...

Newton invented Calculus, and so I will create a New Math called Trinary Math: to include Trinary Vertice Matrix Calculations, I have covered much about the Vertice Matrix itself, and it needs no introduction so now it is time to put it to work in Math, and in order to do this, we must come up with a way to store and retrieve information, so we will do this in a Matrix, and this Matrix is a simple construct, it has labels that are attached to variables, the labels are x, y, and z for the physical location using any coordinate system like the Cartesian Coordinate System, that uses a grid to represent space, now we need to track the State change and Material, where the State change is: 0, (+1) or (1), representing the Trinary State changes based on a very simple set of rules I will discuss later, and the Material, which is the type of Atom the Material is made of, also known as Neutrinos, so it can be any Element in the Periodic Table (which is currently incomplete: 118 [some Theoretical] of 137), or it can be Energy like Electricity or higher frequency of Electricity in the Photonic or Light spectra as well as a lower frequency in the Electromagnetic spectrum, so we need to track the x, y and z location, State and Material for every vertex we are tracking, each type of Material comes down to a Neutrino at the subatomic level, where Subatomic means smaller than an Atom, smaller than an Electron, so it should be clear that Neutrinos are Subatomic particles.

In a Matrix, each can be placed in a grid that explains its properties in detail, Trinary Math uses 3 States to define everything in the Universe, all Math and all Concepts have common numbers, to describe Color, we could use numbers for each color, but we would come up with Trillions of them, or we could use a Matrix of 3 categories that describe color, so that is what I will do, I will use the math of 3 properties: Red, Green, and Blue, and the Color Values can be in Base 16 or Hex Code, this is how I put a Spell on yew, and now your Mind: all Energy has 3 properties for Electrons, Protons and Neutrons and the list goes on, it is all how we define things that this becomes truth. As a Computer programmer I like to use “C” structures to represent this data, in this case, a Particle represents all the Elements in existence and all Energy such as an: Electron, Proton, Neutron, all made of Neutrinos and Light, as such:

struct Particle
signed long long x, y, z; # Cartesian Coordinates
char State;               # Trinary States: 0, (+1) or (1)
char Change;              # Actual Change: 0, (+1) or (1)
char Material[32];        # Silver, Copper, Atmosphere...
int Frequency;            # In Hz
int Wavelength;           # Frequency x Wavelength = Speed of Light (No need to track it)

Once we define where every Particle in the Universe is, and what state it is in at that moment, and what type of Particle it is, which includes every Particle in the Universe, each Particle has its own Matrix: each column describes different aspects of the Particle: Type: Gold, Silver or other Element, Class: Solid, Gas, or Liquid, Color: Red, Green, and Blue (Hex), keeping in mind that Frequency and Wavelength effects Color, and it is Frequency times Wavelength which equal the Speed of Light, so we can determine how much energy it is putting out, and other information like Speed, Direction, what object it is attached to, and other details that fully explain everything we know about that Particle: can be added to this Structure, so now we have a good start at defining how the Universe works, we can track every particle in the Universe to see if we see a pattern to it, and that Pattern is defined as State Changes that correspond to every Particle in the Universe, so the word Reality must apply to this Vertice Matrix, so these State Changes must be accurate, and the problem is that every type of Particle will be affected by Trinary State changes differently, but the rules are the same for all Particles, so it is just a matter of time that it takes the Trinary Energy to actually change the state of a Particle that differs, for example, the State change around an Atom will only change direction in a given amount of time depending on many factors, and just because the Trinary Energy is trying to change the State of a Particle does not mean it can, Mother Nature has more control over that, and that terms means Energy when the Atom is in the 0 State, when it comes back from that State change it becomes Semisolid then Solid, and whatever condition Nature is in, be it the Vacuum of Space, a Fire, or in normal Space, Weather and situations are more in control then Trinary State Changes, for example: if you are in a Building that collapses, Trinary State Changes will try to prevent this, but Gravity will take over, that is the Force of Mother Nature, also known as the Holy Ghost, because what does not make you stronger makes you weaker, and if you get too Weak, the Light of God will leave you, but God is always trying to stop it from Harming you, and why those little hairs on the back of your neck stand-up just before the Building comes down, you can feel Trinary Energy trying to talk to you, another example can be seen under a microscope when it is clear that the Trinary Energy is trying to change the State of an Atom, but that Atom does not change States, or at least not in real-time, this is due to the Laws of Physics, and can be manipulated with a Magnetic Force Field, but more to the point, we have no way of knowing why the Trinary Energy is trying to make a change that does not seem to be causing a change, that would be like reading God's Mind, we can see what God is doing with Technology that can see Light in spectra we can not see, so it might lead us to believe that the State Changes are not taking place but in the Real World, we can not confirm such a State Change without observing it, and that Observation can change the outcome, and yes that does mean that if you look at it, or record it, it will affect the outcome of the State Change, meaning it can sense that you are observing it, as if it is wondering why, and it is because it is Intelligent, and knows you are studying it, and it is studying you, and that might be why the change is not taking place, so the rules I am about to Spell out, are not absolute, but rather suggestions, so we must track both the State and the Change, then we can analyze the results and determine what is really happening, so its like navigating a ship on the Ocean, we are floating through space just like electrons float around atoms, taking the path of the least resistance, and going with the flow.

Trinary Energy State Changes are defined by the appearance of the White Noise, and it is hard to see the State changes because they are so small, and Magnifying them does not help, in fact, it makes matters worse, so you need Technology that does this job for you, because we are seeing changes in the density of the space they exist in, which can affect how we see these changes, so what we need is a computer that can identify Trinary Energy State Changes, until such time we will have to rely on our own eyes, but after spending most of my time trying to get people to believe that the “White Noise” is causing all Particles in the Universe to move, I can tell you that most people will never believe it, because they have no way of determining it, and that is just Step 1, where Step 0 is understanding the Concept, and the next logical step is determining what a State change is, so we can start Documenting them.

I have spent most of my life experimenting with CCD's or Charged Coupled Devices, since it was invented back in 1969, and since that time little has changed, they still do not have the resolution required to see Atom's, and using an Electron Microscope has its own issues, when it comes to recording White Noise, and how it deals with it, and Trinary Energy is much smaller than the Electrons that orbit the Atom's, so Technology needs to change in order for the tracking of Trinary Energy to even be acknowledged by most people, so instead of having to wait for this change in Technology, we must use Logic and Reasoning to answer the question of how we determine what a State Change is, so using Electron Microscopes that have been enhanced to detect “White Noise”, which means it has no “White Noise” canceling circuits, and you have two types of White Noise: Natural Trinary Energy, and Trinary Energy the Equipment Produces, and you can not distinguish between them that easy, but if you can determine which ones the Equipment Produces, which is normally due to Electron Flow, so it is a known Frequency and Wavelength, and can be canceled out by applying an opposite signal, knowing it is not possible to remove that noise only minimize it, then we can observe different Atom's under a microscope, and we will note that the Atom is constrained as well as we can get it, meaning that it can not physically move very much because of the way we have to secure the Atom in order to look at it, and we already know that observation of “White Noise” can influence the way it behaves, so we have our work cut out for us, so we will look at other particles such as Light from many sources, and Electromagnetic Force, and determine if we note this pattern I call State Changes, where we can see the Trinary State Changes, but do we see the State Changes made by these Particles, if so, we can document it, and so far I have only had used my own two Eyes to document these changes, well, I wear glasses, and I am legally blind without them, but I could not see Atoms even when I had 20/10 vision, so I know it can be done without the aid of any new Technology, but this requires someone that can distinguish patterns in “White Noise”, and that is an individual trait that would be required by an individual, and just because you can find Waldo does not mean you can find noise patterns in Washing Machines or Dyers, or the Static in TV Stations that went off the Air, or in-between stations on a Radio, White Noise is all around us, and we cannot build a Clean Room that is Clear of Trinary Energy, that is not even possible, so not everyone can document these changes, most people can not see Patterns in the Clouds or Sun, and just because they can, does not mean they will be able to apply that to patterns in “White Noise”, so just because someone can not determine it, does not mean it is not possible for someone else to determine it, but it leaves the possibility that no two people will agree on what change took place, so the Heisenberg's uncertainty principle is at work here, and it is because of this very problem, so he understood this concept better than most, so we need some new technology that works better than CCD or an Electron Microscope, at detecting signal noise changes in a signal in thin air, surrounding an atom in some material we are observing, so we are recording many different types of Atomic Elements in Molecules, so you need to be able to record full-spectrum Light, and keep in mind all this goes into a Trinary Matrix, with Columns and Rows to allow us to track everything we can from our Observation, so we can prove this is Real Science, and not some crazy experiment working with Spirits or a Deity, Newton and the Other Wizards did not believe in that type of Magic, so find Technology that will Prove or Disprove what I and other Wizards, including the Bible: told you was Real Science.

As I have already covered the movement of Particles in relationship with the State changes of Trinary Energy or “White Noise”, I will go over them as needed to document them and to make them very clear, so I will define how the Trinary States work in the simplest of terms. If a Particle moves, keep in mind Particle are Atom's that were destroyed, or the stuff Atom's are Made of, so I am talking about Neutrinos moving, and we have Neutrino Detectors now, so we can use them to determine if a Particle moves through it, keep in mind we can not do anything to capture them, they are non-magnetic, since only Atom's can create Magnetism, so basically if an Atom Forms, Neutrinos must be attracted by Light at a Specific Frequency and Wavelength, if we knew these, we could use them to create Atom's, just like God does, so we could make 3D Atom Printers, so this Technology is possible, and this is how to prove it, we have to create the Conditions that Atom's can be made, Atom's not Planets, so the Principle of this Atom Creating Machine, is that it has a Light without Darkness Light source, that can be controlled as I will explain, so we need a vacuum chamber, this is for safety, as if this is safe, if the Atom fails to form this is also known as an Atomic Explosion, but at the Atomic Level of a Single Atom, so it should not damage this Chamber, nor will it cause Radiation, since no Fission or Fusion is taking place, so this is not the Mechanics of an Atomic Bomb, but does prove you can create an Atomic Explosion without the effects of Radiation, so now everyone will Rush to Weaponize this Technology, witch is Evil, so this all comes down to how Atoms are Made and how they are used to make Explosions, in simple terms, if I create an Atom in an Atmosphere, it will cause the Atom's in the Atmosphere to move out of the way when the Atom failed to keep its bounds, this is because when Light is Created without Atom's, there is no known technology that can detect it, this is what I call Trinary Energy, or Light without Darkness, and keep in mind Newton Proved the Darkness is just Atom's, in this case, its Electrons and these Atoms separate in Prisms, due to their Frequency and Wavelength, this is Photonic Energy, and also Atomic Energy, that can be used by Solar Cell Collectors, and turned into Electricity proving they are Electrons, so Trinary Energy has a Property that allows it, and only it, to control the Universe, at the Subatomic Level, meaning smaller than a Particle or 1 Neutrino, and it is at this level: where all the Magic Happens...

When Trinary Energy signals the creation of an Atom, it has a specific Frequency and Wavelength it generates in a specific Pattern, this creates a Star-Shaped Pattern, so a Star is born, this process is the same for a Trinary Engine, so the Core of this Planet is a very large Atom, so keep in mind Particles are what Atoms are made of, and I do not call them Neutrinos, that is just the Material they are made of, a Particle is an Intelligence, these Neutrinos formed around this Light without Darkness on its own, sure it was attacked by the Physics of its Frequency and Wavelength, and the Star Pattern it made, it is no different than taking a magnet and pouring iron shavings on it, only you try to take these shaving off and an Atomic Explosion takes place, and it is because of 3 forces of Trinary Energy: the Light without Darkness, or God is the only force that can open the 0 Dimension, the Darkness without Light is bound that creates the Atom, so it is the Glue that binds the Neutrinos to the Light without Darkness, witch is the 0 Dimension itself, so a Particle has to shift Dimensions to exist, and when it dies, it is no longer alive or Live, so this is an Evil Process, so it is a Scientific term for Burning up in Fire, and where the term Hell came from, and why Satan who goes by many names, but can not deny he is the Devil, or D`Evil, so its just Language and Emotions, so God always tries to Live, so that Particle is God's Particle: no Joke, so God has the Gates to Heaven open, and for all uses using Electricity, this means God is giving up that Particles Life, so you can listen to music, watch TV, or write Books about God... Now if there are no other Particles around this one Particle we are trying to create, note I did not say Generate, because that only extracts them from the Atmosphere, or vacuum of Space, because Electrons still exist in a vacuum as Static Electricity, so creating Atom's are different then Generating them. This Machine would have to replicate what God does, make sure there are not other Particle that can come into contact with it, and then simply generate the correct Frequency, Wavelength, and a Star Pattern, and anyone that has ever played with an Oscilloscope knows what I am talking about, its just an Electronic Waveform, that creates this Star Shaped Electromagnetic Waveform. Each Star Pattern is different for different Atom's: Electrons, Protons, and Neutrons, so Photons are created from Atom's that use a 5 pointed Star Shape, and why most Suns use this type of Pattern, and when it is in the 0 Dimension, also known as Ground, the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother Nature, this is where all Energy flows from, and why when it collapses its outer shell, into Dimensions of Space, the first dimension removes one of its Width, Height, or Depth properties, the second dimension removers the next, and the third dimension removes all the Dimensions before it, so there is no space dimension left to see, so its invisible...

A State change of 0 must take place, in order for an Atom to Move in Space, in Atom's this happens all the time, because every Atom in the Universe is always moving through the Universe, so it is not possible to have fixed or Static Atomic Structures that do not move through the Universe, and although Light Particles do not move in the Universe, we will have moved 186,000 miles away for it in 1 second, which makes observations very difficult, so these are the Problems that we must deal with when documenting these changes, so using high-speed video recordings will help a lot, so remember to turn Noise Cancellation off, so the easiest way to document State changes of 0, is to use Light Particles and Mirrors, because we know that the only time Light Particles move is when they have to change directions, so all we have to do is look for 0 State changes around the Mirror, and not the Light Particle itself, and we can also determine the direction change needed, be it a (+1) or (1), and now you can understand what (+1) + (1) = 0, is all about, the (+1) is a Solid State Change, and (1) is a Semisolid State Change, and they equal 0 at all Polarity Reversals, so it is actually a Mathematical Formula that explains how this is done Mathematically, in an AC Waveform: (+1) drives it up to Heaven where Father is, (1) drives it down to Hell to where the Son is, it crosses ground on its way down and on its way up, and that is where the Holy Ghost becomes Invisible, and the Spirit of Mother Nature shows its Force, so the Father, Son and Holy Ghost of Trinity become Trinary, and it is this Electricity that creates the Atom's, by getting the Neutrinos to form a Subatomic Particle, and we can not assign them to the Cartesian coordinates thinking that they correlate, these direction changes do not cause the particle to physically change direction, it only orientates the Particle so it can travel in that direction, and Light Particles must make constant changes to travel in what appears to be a straight line, because it is a closed-loop the same as all Electromagnetic Force Fields, and what drives our Magnetosphere, and why Light travels around Planets from Light behind them, the Laws of Physics are absolute, so it only requires one 0 State change to start a Light Particle, and one to end its loop, as such a Particle is the Shell on the outside of the Atom, so the State changes of 0 mean a move has been made or is requested to be made, and as I have stated, just because it was requested does not mean it was made, and the States changes of (+1) and (1) only indicate an alignment change is made, and this is easy to see around the microscopic cellular engines in all cells, in fact, the State changes can be used to explain all movements of any type of particle, or complex structure with mathematical accuracy; these movement patterns are what John Nash liked to work on, too bad he did not get into Chemistry, instead of Game Theory, but that is what is need here, and why Newton was.

Understanding why we can see Light is simple: every Electron has a Shell made of Particles called Neutrinos, when the States are (+1) + (1), we can not see the Light, but when (+1) + (1) = 0, we can see the Light, so this is the Formula for Light, and all Mathematicians should acknowledge my understanding of Trinary Mathematics, because in History its just a footnote on Kepler's, Newton's, and Tesla's notes, and would have gone unmentioned in History if I did not understand what it meant, so I took Ownership for Understanding it and using in a way that makes me a Wizard, or someone who is at the top of their field of Study, which in this case is Physics; (+1) + (1) = 0 is the Universe's Primer (Prim`er): a Primer is what you used to ignite the Gun powered in a Bullet, so Talk like a Wizard and Walk like a Wizard, and always tale the Truth like a Wizard, so Trinary Science is about Defining Science in terms of Trinary Math: so (+1) + (1) = 0 is the Mathematical Model for Light, it is all about how you apply a Formula like this, it is a 3 Dimensional Math, that is why I call it Trinary Math, so its just a Function of X problem: + f (x).

When you see the Light in the Electron, it is Static, and we are Moving, and the only time the Particle moves, its space is collapsed, so its safe to move without having to deal with the friction of the Atmosphere, and it makes it so small it can pass through objects, and this is the only explanation for the Laws physics, or God's Laws, and Newton knew it, and Kepler was the one with this Crazy Wizard idea about these shapes he had in his mind, and every one of them Wizards keep writing this same equation: (+1) + (1) = 0, and most Neurotypicals just said well that is true, it is the first math equation that 3rd graders were taught, but what sets Wizards apart from normal People, is that they go way beyond normal Logic, Reasoning, and Intelligence, because what I just proved is that all Particles in the Universe behave this way, and this is the only Formula that Explained it in one Formula; so understand this: all these Wizards already found this one single Mathematical Formula that explains everything, because Light is Everything, and (+1) + (1) = 0 is the Formula for Light; so this is 1 Formula to Rule them All.

We could enhance any Graphical Physics Simulator like the Open Source Project called Blender, which is a graphical object animator software package, which is what I used to make most of my videos, and illustrations with, or you could use the Proprietary project called Maya that I could not afford to use; or you can use any open source or commercially available physics object simulator or CAD software, or a lot of Paper, you could also just make an HTML Table to Keep it Simple, all you need to do is to add two variables to track: State and Material, so we can create software that will simulate these State changes based on the simple concept that every movement, or direction change made by any Particle, will result in a 0 State Change, followed by a (+1) or (1) State change to orientate the particle to move in that direction, this way we can create videos of what the patterns might look like, and we can use them to compare how they actually look, and with technology advances, we can use this data to track real-time State changes. The big question is can one Mathematical formula determine how the Universe actually works, and the answer is yes, and the equations have already been written in the Computer Physics Simulation Software I just mentioned, so with just little enhancements to update the these variables in the equations, this software can simulate all such State changes needed to be made, and documenting these changes, in Reality, can prove that Trinary Energy is actually causing these changes, but I have not taken the time to write such patches for these software packages, mainly because with the Technology available to me, it would be a waste of my time, but it would be cool, so maybe I will make it a priority! (that means Not, so do not get Excited)

Just to be Crystal Clear about what Trinary Math is, and how the Bible and Mayans must have known it because: its math based on the Bible, Mayans, Kepler, Newton, and Tesla, but it is what I added to it, so Trinary Math is of my Logic and Reasoning, based on what other Wizards have written about, and one of those Wizards was a woman named Henrietta Swan Leavitt, born on the 4th of July in 1868, and died 12 December in 1921 at age 53, she discovered that all the Suns travel around the Galaxy by following the path of Light, at the time of her death, she was working on a graph to plot out the Path of the Sun, which is the Path of Light, as such: she was trying to prove that Light goes around a circle, on tracks of Light, while the person she worked for: Hubble, was trying to prove the Universe was Expanding, so he did not like her views on how the Universe was, and was ridiculed for believing in Sir Isaac Newtons belief in God, since Einsteins Theory had become so Popular, since this was back in the time before he denounced it, as such, I completed the work she began back in 1920, Leavitt's Law states that there is a straight-line relation between a Cepheid variable star's intrinsic luminosity (true brightness), and the log of its period, and this is true, but the term straight line is misleading, it means a directed correlation on a straight line of a graph since Light does not travel in a straight line, which she believed, but most people started to buy off on Einsteins BS Theory, and started to believe that Light traveled in a straight line, this is called Insanity.

I do not know if she was Autistic or not, but she was a Wizard in her field of Study, but in my References of Wizards, only confirmed Autistic Wizards are in there, not to exclude Neurotypicals from being a Wizard, I acknowledge her as one regardless of if she is an Aspie, just because they find patterns easier, does not mean Neurotypicals can not, but my definition of what a Wizard is in this Reference requires Autism as a qualification for a specific type of Wizard, and they mostly talk about the Light of God, and she does not, and that is why she is not in the Reference, the reason is because it is clear that Wizards do not think the same as Neurotypicals, they think that God is All Light without Darkness, and that Light is Everything, but I do believe she was Autistic from everything I could read about her and her work, which I did not use nor reference, because of her involvement with Hubble, he was pressuring her to prove the Universe was expanding, and that is not how science works, you prove what is right, not what gets funding, and since I do not use any of Leavitt's actual work or data, and I am not sure if I would not have come to the same conclusions if she did not make this discovery first, since I did look at all the same images, but the fact is that I was so impressed with her and her work, that I give her full credit for this discovery because she was working on it, but I have no idea what her conclusion would have been, and I can not conclude it what it would have been if she stayed her course, and proved the Universe was not expanding, because she might be out of a job with Hubble, I do not know if Hubble was that type of person, so do not get me wrong, but he did state to her the importance of his Discovery, and why she was not known during her time, that was his decision to keep her discovery under-wrap, because it shadowed his work, which I disproved in this Table because this table proves the Universe can not expand, it can only follow the path that the Light creates, so this table, in fact, does just that, the Frequency is an electrical multiphase signal, 3 phase in nature, with sideband frequencies that all the Suns ride on, which causes the Brightness of Stars, its Frequency and Brightens are the same relationships called Electricity, that is the Foundation of Trinary Math, the term Trinary implies an AC Signal Logic, so I sat down and tried to view her work the way she might have, and I finished the work Leavitt was working on at the time of her death, more or less I just looked at what she was trying to prove, she was plotting points that led me to believe the path was linear based on their Frequency, she did not write that, I just related it that way, it was the straight line she drew through the graph showing a Stars Brightness, again, this does not mean Light Travels in a straight line, and that is a concept she did seem to understand but never wrote about, I think it was because of the fact the Universe was not viewed as being Electrical, even though that is what Tesla said, so she ignored Tesla-like others of her time, but knew she was on to something important, in fact, I do not have anything I can point to that she did write, that actually helped me other than to give me a reference to prove others understand this concept, it was more or less the fact that Newton already determined what she was trying to say in Math, she may or may not have known this, but was influenced by those in power trying to get funding, while at the same time dealing with the Cancer that killed her, but she did understand the implications for her discovery, as did others that used it to try to prove their theory about the Universe Expanding, crazy how people remember that but do not know about her, well, I am still waiting for the Universe to Expand, luckily I did not hold my breath, and the Galaxies they photographed back in the 20's are still there, proving is it not anymore expanded than it was back in 1920, proving this theory was BS, but her concept was not, she was right, the lines drawn connects the points corresponding to the stars minimum and maximum brightness, so I could use this to determine its distance, and using Newtons Math I calculated how large our Galaxy is, I used Newtons Math to make this Calculation so it is based on God as the Force of Gravity, and since God is All Light without Darkness, God is Electricity, and I created this Trinary Math by using the Numbers that the Bible and Mayans used, and the observations of Leavitt, and to be fair, normally Aspies are the only ones good at finding Patterns, that is a known fact, so do not be surprised if someday I can prove that, and add her to my Reference page of Wizards with Autism, so for the Record: Henrietta Swan Leavitt is a Wizard and should not be forgotten.

“If you could only understand the magnificence of the 3,6,9 then you would have a key to the Universe”, Nikola Tesla. The Power of 369, is easy to calculate, take any two numbers at random, for example: 42, it adds down 4 + 2 = 6, and take 42 - 6 = 36 and 3 + 6 = 9, another example: 52, 5 + 2 = 7, 52 - 7 = 45, and 4 + 5 = 9, and do this with every number you know, and see if you see a Pattern. As one a Formula to Rule them All: (+1) + (1) = 0, is the Formula for Light, it would have been lost to time if I had not written this book about it, because it is clear that no one else in History, besides Wizards: understood it.
As for the formula for Energy: E = F – [F – ( + f(x) ) ], can calculate the energy of 1 atom, from 0 Hz to the speed of Light.

Another Magic number is 4.669, also known as the Feigenbaum Constants, a sine wave is made up of parabolas, a sine wave helix, like our DNA, or the path our Sun takes around the Galaxy, does not contain Chaos, but it does include the beginning of the Mandelbrot set, up to the point of chaos, then it returns like Magic, after hitting this ratio of 4.669, the waveform will change directions, hence the Parabola, this can be reproduced by iterating over (+1) + (-1), like this + f(x) (+1) is not part of the Mandelbrot set, but (-1) is, so 4.669 brings balance to a Sine Wave, the (-1) is chaos, the (+1) is order, this is Trinary Wizard Math.

As for the formula to determine where all Livable Planets can be found: (Number of Trinary Engines) x (Iterations for that Galactic Track Number) = Speed in Miles an hour, this is easy enough Trinary Math to understand; (333) x (2012) = 669,996 MPH; and this is the fastest this Planet can travel, because if I forget to document this: there are 3 ranges for Speeds for all Planets and Moons in our World, each range depends on what Force Field Ring is in use at the time, currently, that is Positive, based on what Franklin wrote, when he said that Electricity flows from Negative to Positive, and currently, our Earth was Negative, and the Clouds were Positive, and the speeds vary depending on the Galactic Disk Track we are on, currently, that is track 666, we know this because of our speed relationship with the Star Sirius, it takes 666 years to complete 1 cycle, so half that distance is when the polarity reverses, witch sets this Ratio at 333 so the minimum speed is 333,333.333 MPH, the average Maximum speed is 666,666.666 MPH, this is the full distance it take for 1 complete cycle, and the Maximum speed is 999,999.999 MPH, this is the highest speed it can generate using the highest power available: this is the 369 Power Ratio. Note that sometimes I get confused when it comes to Iterations: its between 0 and 2012, and the last Interval falls in 2013, so if my math does not add up, fix this mistake, so think about it this way: in the year 0001, a year has already passed, with no regard for the year 0000 that was happening up to that point, so in reality, 1 year passes between 0000 and 0.0001, the reason I add in the 0 place holders, is because of the 4 digit display of all Dates at this time, and so you do not forget the importance of a placeholder in time, so during an Iteration, we have to account for the number of Intervals, and 0 is an interval that adds up to 1, thus from 0000 to 2012, I have 2013 Intervals, and only 2012 Years, as such 0 Intervals of Time is 0 units of time, so it is no wonder I often make a logic mistake in Trinary Math, concerning this issue: Speed is based on one object, orbiting another, to calculate this Interval we must define its Resolution, and in this case its set at 1/137.

But this 137 Ratio is confusing because it is starts at a base 0, as such only 137 units are whole numbers, and one of them is 0, and this is called a Placeholder; as such, the number 1/137 is applied to the Galaxy in relationship to our Track on it, There is a debate over the exact 137 ratios:
1/137.03599913 = 0.00729735256683
or 0.007297351 in some versions:
whereas 1/137 = 0.007299270073,
so its clear there is an error rate, so taking the Sun and find out what Interval it can generate, I take its Diameter in miles, and multiple that by 1/137 and divide that be 3 Phases, and get the Maximum Iteration in years as 2103, 864,575.9 * 0.007299270073 = 6310.77299011 / 3 = 2103.5909967 years, I will use the other formula just to prove it makes very little difference since I have to round, and both round to 2103, 864,575.9 * 0.00729735256683 = 6309.11515718 / 3 = 2103.03838573 years, note we have to divide by 3 Phases to find out how many years each phase is, now I need an error factor, and this is because of how energy changes take place over a Century: the Sun changes polarity 10 times in that time, so you have to reduce that by 9 times (0 to 9 = 10), witch is 0 to 9 intervals, thus: 100 – 9 = 91 years, making the average maximum as 2012 years, and the minimum of 999, this means that in Science I should be able to prove that our Magnetosphere was at its maximum in 999, keep in mind Newton went back as far as he could during his time, this is based on the strongest reading since 2012 going back 91 years, proving it is in decay at a steady rate, and by 2103 it should be completely gone at the current rate of decay, and Mainstream Science has that date written all over it, so I did not need the Mayan Calendar or the Bible to calculate this Date, I actually wrote this Trinary Math myself, because Newton nor anyone else had any idea how they came up with that number, and a lot of people have guessed, but nothing like this Trinary Math, and nowhere in History will you find any reference to how the Bible or the Mayans came up with this date, and how it ended up being the exact day between the time Jesus was born, and the when the End of Civilization started in 2012, with the return of Newton's comet in 2013 when I was 52 years old, so if this is a Magic Trick I am at least playing with a Full deck, and I knew Newton was correct: because Newton knew it was correct, and this turns out to be the key to the calculation for the track we are on, and that is 666 as I proved already, and as I have explained: this is Trinary Matrix Math, proving this relationship to 333 and 666, and it is all about the Galactic Track we are on, and how 3 Phase Energy works in the Trinary Universe; such that: Trinary Math proves that the Trinary Universe is real, and is based on calculations that can be double confirmed with math, in other words, you do not have to understand how the Mayans or the Bible got the date of 2012 years, I showed you how I would calculate it, and that calculation turns out to be accurate to the day to what they predicted to it be, proving its correct, and proving how they calculated that date, to begin with, and you do not need to know how Newton knew we had 333 Trinary Engines, I proved using Trinary Matrix Math, that only 333 times 2012 will give you the maximum speed of the Earth, a relationship that I figured out by age 9, so this Trinary Math would have amazed Newton and Halley.

An Iteration interval is 2013 intervals in 2012 years, that is one full cycle, since it does not end till the end of the year, as proof: 0 to 2012 is 2013 intervals, so you need to understand that there are 333 of these intervals in 1 cycle around the Galaxy, one for each Trinary Engine in its System, so in Biblical terms, this was the exact amount of time from the birth of Jesus Bar Abbas, according to Roman History, he was born on 25 December the same day as Jesus Christ, proving the two men are the same man, so the question is how did they know it would start in 2012, other than if they understood the Math that History did not provide yew, and it is because of how I view the Universe, I looked at the Sun at age 9 and I knew its Sacred Geometry had its Interval built into it, because I understood the Laws of Physics, and those told me that 1/137 times the diameter of the Sun divided by 3 Phases, will give you those 3 Time Frames: the Reference, the Event: which is the Suns Poles Reversal, and when the Magnetosphere will be decayed to the point all our Atmosphere will vent into space, and this is with Precision down to the day, so if all this Math does not Prove it, nothing will, and Yew will all die, and if you need more proof that this Math is correct, let me review: 2012 times 333 = 669,996 miles an hour, the maximum speed the Sun can travel at as it travels through the Galactic Disk, proving that this Math not only calculates the Suns Speed, and it is Intervals, it can calculate when Polar Reversals will talk place to the day, well, that is yet to be seen, but in my lifetime, and Mainstream will agree with my timeline, since it already follows theirs, so I wanted to add my own Math to that of the Giants I stood on the Shoulders of, and I have to point out that no one has ever written about this type of Math other than me, since the day Nikola Tesla died, and no one has ever figured out the math behind the 2012 Mayan and Bible End of Civilization Date, that Sir Isaac Newton wrote about back beginning in 1666, so the Church has known the date since then, but did not know the Math until I published it, which was decades ago or longer, I published this information in December of 1969, only to be ridiculed for it publicly, and again in 1976, only to get denied once again to a College of my choice, and in 1986 I tried to get a Ph.D. published, only to be told it would be a waste of time and money, because it would be Denied again, so its 2018, and I am publishing again, only this time its only for yew, and Yew will believe anything, as long as I feed yew, and tell Yew how good Yew are, and it is why I think all of Yew will agree to disagree on everything, even the Light and it is Everything, but this is what will blow your mind...

When I first ran the formula 864,575.9 * 0.007299270073 (1/137) = 6310.77299011 / 3 = 2103.5909967 years in my mind, I was only 9 years only, after calculating its 3 dates, I was not expecting it to be 2012, because by that age, I already knew how to figure out the Universe without anyone's data, or knowledge, and it is because it is at that moment in time, that I decided to write a new type of Math, based on a Ratio of a Record Player to our Sun, because I believed that Kepler was right about the Harmony of the World, this concept came to me when I found an old Record Player, and tried to make a Sun Simulator out of it, and I needed a Golden Ratio that would work on all tracks, in such a way that if I used the grooves in the record to represent the path Suns take around the Galaxy, and the path the Record Player arm takes is horizontal across the diameter of the Galactic Disk, this ratio had to be the same for all Suns on the same track, and account for all the other tracks, in a way it can calculate the speed of each Sun on every track, and also maintain its position so that it travels around the Record Player at the same rate as the other Suns, such that if I put a few Markers on the Record, representing Suns, and allowed it to spin around a few times, you will see the pattern, the Suns move at the same rate around the disk regardless of how fast they are going, so I needed a simple formula to calculate this...

So I ask everyone I knew, and researched this for years, and finally came to the conclusion that something in the Universe is missing, and it is huge, and that is when the Dark Star concept came to me, it solved everything, the Dark Star does not travel in a Helix Pattern, it stays in a Static Position in the Galactic Disk, but its Companion Stars do not, they travel around to Joined Binary Suns, in our case its Earth and Sirius, so it forms a bond across the Galactic Disk, and over every 60 Million years the Sun changes sides of this Galactic Disk, speeding up as it plows into it, and slowing down as it comes out the outside, and the Bible and the Mayans figured it out, but Newton could not, so my Grandmother said this problem is too complex for such a little Brain, and I told my Grandmother my Brain may be Little, but not my Mind, and Newton never wrote about this Ratio I call Trinary Math, in fact, no one to this date has, so based on this Record Player Sun Simulator, I figured the Sun is a Massive Atom, so it follows the same Laws of Physics, so its Intervals must be based on how many Elements there are in the Universe, so I needed to know how many elements there are in the Universe, and no one knows that, or has ever written this number down anywhere to my knowledge, and knowing how many we have found helped a little, because I could see a Pattern in the Atomic Number, so I figured the Maximum had to be a Prime Number, so I looked at Prime numbers, so 127 sound right, but turned out to be wrong...

Never assume you are right about anything belief until after you prove it, and that took a series of trial and error simulations, and on the 33rd try I got it right, so to be clear: I simply made an array of Prime numbers starting at the number 0: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47, 53, 59, 61, 67, 71, 73, 79, 83, 89, 97, 101, 103, 107, 109, 113, 127, 131, 137, and got the number 137, so I found this number on my own, knowing Ashkenazi Masonic Secrets, and knowing it would be a prime, the number 33 had to be it, so I did the work and I also cheated because I knew the Answer, just like I knew the speed of the Planet, so I only had to make a Trinary Matrix to find this solution, so I am not sure that it is the only solution, its simply based on the Trinary Laws of Physics, and by age 9 I was finished with all the Laws, and did not need to reply on anyone's work but my own, and it is based on a new type of math never used in History, so I did not need to reply on the Bible telling me that God is all Light without God, because by 3 years old I already knew what the Light was, and who or what God was: White Noise in White Light, so knowing a few things made it easier for me to check my hypothesis with Reality, but what was unknown up until Edwin Hubble time, when a female scientist was looking at photos over the years, and plotting out the path Suns take around Galaxies, she discovered that they move like a Record Player, all Suns move around the Record Disk at the same Rate, but different speeds, such that the inside is slower, and not like our Planets orbit the Sun, that is based on how much time they sweep out around an elliptical orbit, based on their diameter, and the time it takes to travel the distance around the Galaxy on this track, so I found out how to calculate all this from the Sun's Geometry, something that has never been done to my knowledge, and all by the age of 9 years old, so really I have not come up with any groundbreaking math since that age, so I needed to make it clear how I came to figure out this formula, at such a young age, and it is because like Newton, I wanted to know the formula the Mayans and the Bible used, and knowing the date did not help me to find its formula, instead, I had to look for Ratios that happen naturally in our World, and our Sun is the center of that World, so I figured it had to be the key to all the math in this Galaxy, so I can use it to figure out how large a Planet is, and if it can sustain life, because I know this calculates how fast a Planet has to travel at to support Life, so when you think about this math, think about how important it is to the human race; yet Yew might be the only one that knows about it, making Yew the most important sheep on this Planet.

The Bible is about Science and not Real People, there are many people on the Internet that also know this, if found this: In the Bible Abraham is 137 years old when he binds his son Isaac in the Torah Portion of Vayeira, if you understand Kabbalah, you realize this relates directly to the idea of an electron absorbing a photon or desire connecting to Light, so we must bind our ego (Isaac), the negative desire in order to connect to the hidden, concealed realm of Light (Abraham), that is what the story of Abraham binding his son Isaac is all about. Moses' father lived to 137, according to the Torah. Ishmael lived to 137, according to the Torah. Levi lived to 137, according to the Torah. Levi is the seed of the Tribe of Levi. What is also amazing is that the phrase “The Cohen & the Levites” has the numerical value of 137. Noah (1) had 3 sons (3) and 70 (7) descendants: that is 137. Adam (1) led to 3 Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (3) which led to 70 family members (7) = 137. There are 304,805 letters in the Torah, and what happens if you reverse the numbers in pairs: 50 + 84 + 03 = 137. Moses' Tabernacle, the earthly dwelling place of God was 13.7 meters long, so the Bible is very clear about this number 137.

The Trinary Galaxy has many Tracks depending on the size, and they can grow and get smaller, and time is relative to the track the World is on, as such: at lower speeds, you have fewer intervals, yet with lower speeds and fewer intervals, time still appears to pass at the same rate, and the same is true on higher tracks, so if a New Planet or Moon did move into our Solar System, we would move to a Higher track, and would speed up and have more Intervals, so the way we perceive time adapts, but this adaptation would come at a cost, since most species that can only exist at those Frequencies will die, and be replaced by a new species through Evolution, and knowing we started out on track 1, so to give a visual representation of what the Galaxy looks like, I wrote a small bash program to create a web page with the Trinary Matrix Math based on 1/137th of the Sun, see Trinary Matrix Mathematics Galactic Track Table, and also see the bash source code that made the file; this file is made from calculations, This math has been part of this Galactic Cycle of Iterations that last 13 to 16 Billion years, when the Light in all Iterations complete on cycle. The concept is simple: 1/137 is built into the Structure of all Atom's, and thus Trinary Engines...

When the Galaxy produces a Trinary Engine, the companion Dark Stars take it out to Track 0, if you look at the Table, you will note that Track 0 you will see it has 333 Trinary Engines, and this is known as a Negative Trinary Engine Zone, and ends at track 333, this is due to the fact that the Galaxy overlaps these physical boundaries, so these Tracks do not physically exist until Track 336, so this is where we actually start, the Tracks leading up to this point do not get skipped, they just exist in the region of the Galactic Bars, thus the Energy is Negative in Nature, until it reverses at Track 0, but does not normalize until Track 336; but in reality, you do not see that any Suns or Stars until around Track 366, this is where it gets 33 Trinary Engines, and is normally the inside Track of the Galaxy, and it is why I call the Tracks and not Degrees, as in 33 Degrees, because this would be confusing, so I try not to confuse people, and as far as Life in the Galaxy goes, I do not think much will be found after Track 999, it has 666 Trinary Engines, and Newton seemed to thing that 333 and 666 where Limits for Life, meaning that there is not much life below 333 or above 666, for one thing, at 666 Trinary Engines, your maximum speed is 1,336,329 mph, and your Frequency would be 13.36329 Hz, that is upper Alpha, or lower Beta, but known to cause seizures in people and animals, and it is clear you are traveling so fast that you will not be able to calm down and sleep; since Theta is from 4 Hz to Alpha, and Delta is very low, .5 to Theta, its clear that any life that does live in the fast lane, will be hypersensitive; so its just a fact that Track 666 is where most Life will be found.

A Galactic Cycle is the amount of time that passes from the time we enter Track 1, till the time we enter the Last Track, regardless of how many Tracks it has, to do this math we need to take the number of miles in a Light year, and multiply it by the number of Light years, as such: if you want to calculate the speed of the Galaxy, this Trinary Math is different than Suns, let me put this into perspective: If we calculate the Iteration of Light we get:
670,616,629 (mph) * 24 (hours in a day) * 365.25 (Julian days in a year) = 5,878,625,369,814,
5,878,625,369,814 * 0.007299270073 = 42,909,674,232,
42,909,674,232 / 3 = 14,303,224,744 years in 1 Iteration of Light, now we need to find out how big our Galaxy is in miles, 5,878,625,373,183 (Miles in 1 Light Year) x 105,700 (Number of Light years) = 621,370,701,945,443,100 miles, 621,370,701,945,443,100 / (1/137) = 4,535,552,567.08 / 3 (phases) = 1,511,850,855.69 years in 1 iteration, 14,303,224,744 – 1,511,850,855.69 = 12,791,373,888 years difference in 1 iteration, and since we know it does not matter how many Trinary Engines it has, so we need new math to represent these speeds, and it is clear that its size is not a factor, but the amount of Tracks it has is, as such: if we have 1332 Tracks (0-1331), now we need to make this 3 Dimensional, so we take 4 PI: 4 * 3.14159265359 = 12.5663706144, round up to 13, built in error rate for precession, and we get:

Minimum Tracks
13 * 366 = 4758
4758 * 0.007299270073 = 34.7299270073
Current Tracks
13 * 1332 = 17316
17316 * 0.007299270073 = 126.394160584
Maximum Tracks
13 * 16,613 = 215,969
215969 * 0.007299270073 = 1576.4160584
now these values represent the Energy Level of the Galaxy, so if we multiple them by 0.0001 for the Second Sun Force Field Rings Energy, we can calculate our Speed as:
34.7299270073 x 0.0001 = 0.00347299270073
0.00347299270073 x 670,616,629 = 2,329,046.65751 mph
126.394160584 x 0.0001 = 0.0126394160584
0.0126394160584 x 670,616,629 = 8,476,202.58961 mph
1576.4160584 x 0.0001 = 0.15764160584
0.15764160584 x 670,616,629 = 105,717,082.3 mph

I should point out that there are 23 hours and 56 minutes in a day, and not 24 Hours, those 4 minutes add up to one day over one year, if we took this into account with our Time Measuring devices, or Clocks, some very strange behavior would be noted, for one thing, every 6 months Day and Night would alternate, proving that too much accuracy is not a good thing, because by using 24 hours instead of 23:56, our days stay in the day all year long, but it is just an illusion, since reality is that this is the truth, and it is only due to the way we keep time, we do not know this, it is like going around the Sun, in 6 months we will be behind it, and in the Dark, because it will be at Night.

So it is a fact that the Galaxy is moving very fast, since there are so many Trinary Engines in our Galaxy, so its clear the Galaxy is actually moving in Millions of miles an hour, Mainstream bases their calculation of 1.3 Million on relative speeds of other Galaxies in its Local Galaxy Clusters, and that sounds about right, if you wanted to prove it, just calculate their speed and take the difference, the larger one Galaxy is to another, the faster it will travel in miles an hour, based on how many Tracks, and you can understand why I do not call them Force Field Rings, but that is what they are, and these Rings will get attracted by other Galaxies, causing them to merge, and their Tracks or Rings will also merge, and not simply add to it, so like Tracks will merge together, but there is so much space between them, that there will be no collisions, and the Galaxies will also Merge, one will turn into its 0 State and never change states again, thus giving up its Neutrinos to the Larger Galaxy, and when it can no longer make more tracks, or its tracks can not be populated anymore, its Galaxy is no longer required, so it turns into its 0 State and gives up its Neutrinos, and that Galaxy will not merge with others, its at its maximum speed, and will not be approachable by other Galaxies...

Now that I showed you some of the Trinary Math in the Trinary Universe, and how I came up with it: I just Super Sized the Laws of Physics, and using these same principles on Atom's will result in the same results of accuracy, since all Atoms are about the same size: a Hydrogen Atom is about 0.000,000,004 inch, that is read 4 Billionth of an inch, so if you figure an inch is 1/12 of a Foot, and there are 3 Feet in a Yard, and 1760 yards in a Mile, such that: 1/1760 of a mile is a yard, divide that by 3 to get a foot, (1/1760) / 3 where 1 is a unit of miles, or 1760 * 3 = 5280 ~ 1 Mile, such that 1/5280 is feet in a mile,
A = x * ((1/12) * (1/5280))
where x is 0.000,000,004, such that A equals 0.0000000000000631313131313131313, in terms of a Hydrogen Atom's size in Miles, it is a very small number, such that: ((0.000000004 * ((1/12) * (1/5280))) * (1/137)) / 3, such that: 0.0000000000000631313131313131313 * 0.007299270073 = .000000000000000460812504608125046 / 3 = .000000000000000153604168202708348 of an Iteration year, which is 1 iteration for an electron orbiting around a Hydrogen Atom, therefore this is a time period, so 333 * 0.0000000000000001536041682 = 0.0000000000000511501880106, what this proves is that Atomic Level Solar System has the same Ratio, its smaller in size, but the Laws of Physics are intact, it is this Ratio that never changes no matter how big something gets, and as a number this is confusing to me if this is terms of miles an hour, and why its worthless in terms of what we can understand at this level of size, because we are talking about Orbiting around an Atom but in terms we use on Galaxies, because a mile is a long way compared to the size of an atom, so instead just look at its relationship, and to understand relationship, you must understand part of Numerology that I use in Trinary Mathematics, see Numerology , this is a very important term to learn, so it would do you good to read the whole link and return, so do not assume you know what Numerology is til after you read this. Numerology proves that the number 666 is the Mark of the Beast in the Bible, so the Bible tales a different History then Religion does, for one thing, the Mark of the Best depicts the End of Civilization, because every Zodiac brings in a New Energy, and it follows the Rules of Music Numerology, such that each Semitone represents a Zodiac, so every Zodiac Sign as a Sound to go with it.

This calculates where we are in terms of our orbit around the Galaxy, in terms of Tracks or Rings, in this case, its Track 666, because it has 333 Trinary Engines, so in terms of Atom's, this is how one atom is orbiting other Atom's, at a very slow rate, so if we put this atom under an Electronic Microscope, we should be able to clock this Atom at normal speed at room temperature, and it should be orbiting around 0.0000000000000001536041682 mph, and that is conceivable, it is a very low speed over a very long period of time, and it is a simple enough experiment to carry out if you have the equipment to do so, and we can also note that the Electron will orbit around 1 of 3 corresponding Rings, based on a Maximum, Average, and Minimum, and it is the rate that it travels around the Atom is set by its Frequency and Wavelength, and is simply an F * W = Speed of Light Relationship, so in terms of how slow the Sun can travel at, and there still be Life on it, is also in Trinary Math, at 333,333 mph, our Frequency would be 3.333 Hz, in terms of Energy, our upper limit of 6.666 Hz, keeps the earth around 100 degrees in the summer, so you do the math, but 3.333 Hz is where the Planet Freezes, at 0 Hz it is at Absolute 0, so when the Sun goes through the Galactic Disk, its speed could slow down to 333,333 mph, meaning the surface of the Planet will Freeze solid.

Math is both the question and answer to the Universe, so it all comes down to what questions you want to be answered, and as a child, I saw dust particles floating in the afternoon Sun, through a small slit in the curtains, and all I wanted to know is what gives them a pattern, and it is this pattern I see everywhere and in everything, and in my Dreams, this Wizard told me that Numbers are the Gateway to Heaven, and Newton said to get to Heaven you must go through the Father, then the Mother, and be reborn into the Son, who becomes the Father, so it is a cycle, like the Disk that Voyager has onboard as it flies into space, it tells of a story using Humans as Symbols, much in the way the Bible did to explain Science, since it was clear to Kepler, Newton, Franklin, Tesla, and myself, that Trinity is describing Energy, so the question is what numbers do I use to write my Math, and what symbols do I used to represent Math, and grant you all my Science comes from the Bible, it talks about the 13 Lost Tribes, from the Ashkenazi from witch I came, to Zion, witch is the Place I must Build because it is Sanctuary, so what is a Tribe, well, Mathematically it is a Group of Prime Numbers, and the 33rd Prime number is 137, so it is not lost to me, or other Wizards: so the answer to the question: what is the number 137 all about: is structure, it is the Structure the Universe is made of: Energy, and I have proved this beyond a shadow of a doubt, and I have proven it Mathematically, Logically, and using Reasoning, and what I discovered about 137 is that its built into all Elements at the Subatomic level, and growing up in a world where Science is Science Fiction, and Quantum Mechanics was pure Science Fiction, as are all Theory, I had no Scientist to share this with, because none of them in my time was interested in Kepler's, Newton's, Tesla's, or my Trinary Science, all they cared about was the Theories of Einstein who never believed them when he wrote them, that is the Nature of a Theory, for example, I have a Theory that you can go back in time and kill your father so you were never born, now if this theory is correct, you would never know, because even if I changed History, it would still be the same history you knew growing up, because unless this Time Machine has a way to make multiple time Lines, or Multiple Universe, you could not account for all the changes to a timeline, so a Paradox is created, because you would not have been born to make the Time Machine, so great Theory, you will never be able to prove the Time Machine Works, even if it works great, so this is Mainstream Science by the way, insane I know...

So how do I teach Trinary Science to Mainstream Scientist or People, because this is another who came first the Chicken or the Egg, because the People will not believe till the Scientist say it is the Truth, and the Scientist do not even know this book exists, because the People will not tell them about the book, because the People do not believe it is the Truth, because they believe like 99.999% of what other Sheep in the Herd have Heard, and all Yew remember is that I called Yew Stupid, and that is all Yew needed to know about me in the Flesh, or any Wizard as far as that goes, and face it, it has nothing to do with that, sure Newton called People stupid Sheep, and it is why his Class Rooms were Empty, not that it stopped him from Teaching it, so my Classrooms are Empty for the Same Reason, but keep in mind it was the Bible that started calling People that Read it: Sheep, for following a Shepard named Christ the Lord, so Mathematics will not change until Religion is removed from Science, and Civilization is doomed unless you can remove it from Society, because Religion is all about Making Money for Causes like Suffering, yet the Suffering never goes away, nor does its Fund Raisers, and it is because of how Math and Money Math works, because everyone has their Price, and what Price all dependents on how you Value things, for example, if you value Life, and believe that Life should be more important than Belief, then you would believe that a Belief System is less important than Life itself, so if a Belief System is responsible for the Death of just One Person, then that Belief System is more Important than Life, for example, Jesus Bar Abbas was the Leader of the Militia that fought and defeated the Roman Empire, for their use of Money and Taxation, stating that Money was the Root of All that is Evil, and it did not state only the Love of Money, people were taken to the Roman Coliseum to be put to death for not using Money, do you think those people Loved Money? Stupid People Say Stupid Things, the Bible was Altered when Christ was inserted into it, making it Evil, so Religion is based on this Evil, so in terms of Trinary Math: Live is Positive, Evil is Negative, in History Jesus Bar Abbas wanted to rebuild the Great Pyramids, and start preparing for the End of Civilization, that starts at the End of his Period or Zodiac Sign of the Fish: Pisces, witch ended in 2012 with Aquarius dumping Water on us, might sound good if you are a Fish, so what does Reality have to do with any of this is what you may wonder about, but look at it this way: the Bible was written for those that Read things, take them Literally, so its only written for Autistic People, not Neurotypicals, that are the Driving force behind Religion, and Autistic People are the Meek that will inherit the World, because Neurotypicals are too Stupid to Live, and that is based on Statics, and Numbers do not lie...

Keep in mind that the Julian Calendar was changed just to hide this fact, and it is because Normal People are not very Intelligent, so you can hide things right in front of their face, and they will not see it, for example: by changing the Calendar to start with Birth of Jesus Bar Abbas, according to both History and the Bible, you have to use the Mayan calendar, so that is what they did, only the Mayan Calendar does not End in 2012, it starts Over, it is a Reset button when the End of Civilization kills off most if not all Life on the Planet, this Story is told in the Ashkenazi Bible and their Masonic Secrets, so the Julian Calendar is based on the Bible and Jesus Bar Abbas's Birth Date, and trust me, if the Gregorian Calendar was better the Military would use it, but the fact is that a 366-day Leap Years does not compute in Math, under the Julian Calendar, you just throw out the time once a year, such that all years are only 365 days or 365.25 Julian days long yearly, and Reality must be what is Real, so if you can put your Religion into perspective: if you believe in Christ, you can prove what Newton said was the truth, and get over the fact that Christ never Existed in History, nor did he in the Bible before the Fourth Century, and since that time all Religion and the Science they allowed their Flock of Sheep to believe in, was dictated by Mainstream and Public Education, and all based on what made more Money or saved more money, and this is the Fundamental Principles of Greed, not Science, because at the end of the day, people are Paranoid that they will have to answer the question: Do you believe in things that Physically do not Exist? Knowing if they say Yes, they will be taken away, because we all know that means you are insane according to the Dictionary and even the Law, yet you say you are Religious, this by definition means you believe in a Deity known as God, and some Religions believe in Christ, now if your Science Proves God does not Exist, then you do not believe God Exist, and if you are Religious by Definition you do not believe God Physically Exist, and even if you do not believe that God Exist, how does that separate you from those claiming to believe in God, proving how insane Religion is, first off they Lie and Tell you only half-truths, and in the Bible, only Satan does that, and since only Satan would celebrate Santa, this was the only Evidence I needed to prove that all Religion is Satanic, because they open teach only half-truths and Lie about what God is, and believe that God does not Physically Exist, which is insane...

If you do not believe that believing in a God that does not Physically Exist is Insane: then look at History, its full of Wars based on Religion or Money, and now that Money has In God We Trust Engraven on it, its clear that People only Value Money, and not Life, for Money, you can End a Life, so Yew worship Money so it is now the Religion of Mainstream, so what is the Mark of the Beast: 666: and in Math, this is the Track we are on, so the Nature of the Beast is what the Question to Math Answers, but Religion is just BS and I want nothing to do with it, because of those that believe it, are under its Spell known as Evil, and that is because in the Bible God is All Light without Darkness, a fact everyone can agree on, till it comes to explaining what Light without Darkness is all about, then Religion takes you back to the Dark ages and keeps you there, by Lying to you like only Satan can, because all they care about is Money in their Tray, and it is Tax-Free, so Religion teaches that Jesus Bar Abbas or just Bar/Abbas, so its Sheep do not get confused about how many Jesus's are in the Bible, as if that is a Common name, considering it is the only one Recorded in the Roman History of that time, because once this Scam called Religion gets called on its knees for what it is, and that is by deception, and it is all about what is Evil, because for the most part, the Preachers did not want anyone in their Flocks to be Murdered, so they told them to Deny Bar/Abbas and Accept Christ as your Savior, and they would have to Live their Lives in Sin, so they did not, nor could not lie about that, because the Bible is a Book of Sins...

When I mix in what Sir Isaac Newton wrote about the Bible, it gets my Blood Boiling, but at the very top of Leadership, they still worship Sir Isaac Newton, and they still live in Poverty, its just how some people define what that means, but for the record, since I was a child, I have always looked up to its Leaders: not just ours, but World Leaders, Religious Leaders, they Protect the Bible, and trust me they know all its Ashkenazi Masonic Secrets, and I am pretty sure these people are not insane, and have very high IQ's, that is how they got into these Positions, and I know from my own Life, that what we tell people we believe and what we really believe, is very seldom the same, and it is not because we lie to others, as much as we do not want to hurt their feelings, keep in mind my wife is Catholic, and in Reality, I really respect the Pope, as I do any Religious Person to their Face, and anyone that knows me knows that it is not good to disagree with me, no one has ever proven me wrong, because when it comes to doing things, there are many ways of doing them, and the right way is just an Opinion, and not a very useful one at that, but it is a fact that I will fight for what I believe in, and by Fight, I do mean to the Death, and I am also not insane, I would not kill someone for their Belief, that is insane, and it is why all religions have a history of it, to this Date, so for the record, I do not care what Yew believe, nor does the Universe, Know it or Not it Not, it is not worth Dying over, but think about it from my point of view, the only reason my Math is not Famous, is because of my Antichrist behavior, yet to my knowledge, the Pope still believes in Sir Isaac Newton's Universe, and not the Godless Dynamic Universe, I could be wrong, I hope I am not, but since they allowed Gay relationships, knowing in Reality they have always existed and you can not weed them out like they are Satan, just because at one time that was the teaching, personally I do not believe that Sexual Orientation should matter to the Church, Military, or anyone for that matter, so making them Legal does not change the fact, that they never should have been Illegal, if I had known I was Autistic I would not have been allowed to Join the Military nowadays, so I understand Prejudiced, and have been told publicly that people with Autism should not want to go into the Military, so Wizards like Kepler, Newton, Franklin, Tesla, Einstein, or myself, would not have been allowed to serve in the Military today...

So I thank God they did not test me for it before allowing me to serve 6 years before diagnosing me with it, then allowing me to serve another 6 years with that diagnoses, proving it is not Aspies they are worried about, at least Aspies like me, and it is hard to weed the others out, so they just deny entry to all diagnosed with Autism, so I wonder what the Churches stance is on Autism, so I have to wonder if they allowed people not to believe in the Newtonian Universe, because as far as I knew, this common practice for Centuries, or do they now allow its Flock and Leaders to believe in the Godless Dynamic Universe, and this is where Society breaks down, because once the Church allows anyone to believe in a Godless Universe, the game is over and Satan is running the Church, and there is no other way to explain this, because personally, it does not matter what Yew believe, because technically Yew are sheep, but People have Freewill, that means they have a choice to understand what is Evil according to the Bible, for example: Do not Engrave God's Image into anything, sounds simple enough, only Satan would do such a thing, so Satan is easy to find, just look for the Words Spelled “In God We Trust” on it, so Strike 1, because only Satan's Helpers would work for it, or accept it as payment, then you have People that do not believe that God Exist, and Satan gets its Sheep to Deny God Exist, and that is the Teaching of a Deity or Christ, by teaching them that God does not Physically Exist, as if that only makes Yew crazy instead of insane...

It is just a fact that it is insane to believe that God does not exist, and that was the lowest I thought anyone could go, but that only made Strike 2, just ask Jesus Bar Abbas why, so to Deny Jesus had 3 Names, was Strike 3, and since our Math Symbols are all in Reference to Jesus Bar Abbas, and not Christ, its just a fact that a Deity was inserted into the Bible, it is a known fact for over 333 years now; and it is why Sir Isaac Newton, and Nikola Tesla, are not taught in school today, it is because Religion believes they are the Antichrist, and why it is a waste of time to write to people that are Religious, because they do not understand the difference between reading the Bible, and reading into the Bible, but this Number 137 Proves that God Exist, because it proves that the Bible said that God was All Light without Darkness, and the Logic is that only God explains why the Number 137 exist in all the Atom's made of God, such that if God is the only thing inside the Trinary Atom, and it has 3 State Changes, such that 1373: 137 cubed = 2,571,353 so it is a perfect cube, and Kepler knew it: Because 2 + 5 = 7 and 7 + 7 = 14 = 1 = 15 (6),
3 = 5 = 8, 8 + 3 = 11 (2),
and 15 + 11 = 26, and 2 + 6 = 8,
note that a cube as 6 sides,
2 cubes stacked on top of each other look like the number 8,
and 8 represents infinity.
2,571,353 x (4 PI: 4 * 3.14159265359 = 12.5663706144, round up to 13, built-in error rate for precession) = 33,427,589, as such, this is the minimum speed in miles an hour that a Sun can travel at inside a Galaxy, so that means the largest a Galaxy can get is 16,613 Tracks, and if it was not built into the structure of all Atoms, Life could never exist. I imagine that 33,427,589 mph is the fastest that anything inside a Galaxy in the Universe can travel at, if we compare this to the speed of Light: 670,616,629 – 33,427,589 = 637,189,040 miles an hour difference, but clearly these limits to speed are built into the Galaxy as well:
13 (4 PI with Error Rate) * 1332 (Maximum Tracks) = 17,316 (Track Weight)
17,316 * (1/137) = 126.394160584 (Track Factor)
126.394160584 x 0.0001 (2nd Ring Sun) = 0.0126394160584 (Speed of Light Factor)
0.0126394160584 x 670,616,629 = 8,476,202.58961 mph
so as it turns out we can calculate just about anything we need to know.

Now to calculate when we pass through the Galactic Disk, note that some people call it the Plane, and the whole thing as a Disk, so to be clear, the Galaxy has a Disk of debris, think of it like Saturn, and all Suns orbit around the Galaxy in a Helix Shape, going up over the Disk, and then through the Disk, then back up again, like a sine waveform if viewed from 2 Dimensions, one complete cycle takes 60 Million years, or 30 Million years to complete a half cycle, the time it takes to go from the disk, out of it, and back into it again, and it is based on the Track number of the Sun, as such:
1 / 0.0000000333333 = 30,000,030 Hz
where 1 is one cycle:
Time = 1/Frequency, and the 13 Multiplier is a special purpose multiplier for tracks, such that: 30 MHz is the frequency that will cause the waveform to cross over every 30 Million years, so its just how you calculate its Wavelength, see the Trinary Matrix Mathematics Galactic Track Table and the bash file for the Math I used to make it. Note in really, everything below Track 336 is for Dark Star Engines, and I am sure I have more work to do on my math.

If you do not believe that God Exist, or believe that God is a Deity, it is because you do not think its worth your time to learn about Real Science, not Theory, but Science that has in fact been proven to be Real, unlike going to the Moon, I plotted the course, did the math, and watched with my own two eyes, only to be told by Mainstream Media, that the Apollo module went to the Moon, when I can see something that looked like it was in a Geosynchronous orbit off the coast of Southern California, but I do not believe we traveled to the Moon for two reasons, Micrometeorites and Cosmic Rays, and other people were not fooled as well, but if you tell a lie long enough, people will give up on trying to point out it was a lie when you first told it, and this is Real Science, the Government has to get Real and Make up stupid stuff about other subjects, because only Intelligent people know anything about Science, and if that Person allows just one Theory into their Belief System, it is all BS, pure Science Fiction, without a hit of a Conscience because it is all Con Science, because once Sinners learn of the Sins of the Fathers, and Great Grandfathers, and wonder why a Private Bank Prints the Money and Not Congress, then Math does not Add up, because then Science is just a tool for the Government to Lie to We the People, I want to know the truth about the Trip to the Moon, I know what the Truth is, I saw it with my two eyes, because the News did not explain this event to my Satisfaction, I did the Math, so if you have an issue with my Trinary Math, keep it to yourself, because it is not the Math that is Wrong, its how Yew Read into it, and Yew never did understand what God was all about, or what Honor even Meant...

Honor is about being honest with yourself, and that only happens when you take the time to prove things to yourself, and that starts with God, if the Bible is right then God is All Light without Darkness, and if Kepler, Newton, Franklin, Tesla, and I am right, then God's Light Everything, so in Trinary Mathematics: the Light of God is the Force in all its Equations; and what we think of as Thought, is just Electricity running through our Mind, we Humans sometimes believe it is the Flesh, and IAM the Flesh, and I have no delusions about being the Flesh, or Being in the Flesh, because deep down at the Subatomic Level of Science, IAM the Light in the Flesh, so IAM the Positive State Change, IAM the Darkness in the Flesh, so IAM the Negative State Change, so if you add up what IAM, you get the Trinary Math: (+1) + (1) = 0, and that means God is 0, and that means God is a quantity of what remains when you add the Positive 1 to the Negative 1, so what is a quantity of 0 mean in terms of God, and the answer is in Trinary Math, because then you know its Electrical in Nature since God is All Light, so when an Atom is in the 0 State, you can see the Light inside of it, so 0 is the State that Light is seen, and the Flesh is not, this is called Magic till you understand Trinary Math, then you see IAM the Light, and understand that IAM the Darkness, and can even calculate that IAM every shade of Grey in between, then you will know why IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh; and it is because Trinary Math is Real, and it explains all Reality, in terms that everyone can understand, even yew.

I would love to think my Math is Flawless, so I can blame its failures on Flawed Data, but the fact is that my numbers actually work out very close, I have no clue as to if my Frequencies would match a Physics Simulator, this is my next project, I need to learn how to program this into a Simulator and let it run, or I could just do it on paper, as a proof; but its clear my concepts are fine, its just my ability to remember the math I had in mind when I was a child, because some of those ideas did not pan out, for one, I thought the Frequency for Track 666 should have been 33 MHz and it turned out to be 30 MHz, this fried my mind for a while, because Newton said this Frequency was when Adam was born, making that back in Track 633, so if the Bible was written back then, this gives Time a whole new meaning, and that is why I thought I made a mistake, I have never actually made a Trinary Matrix to verify the data before, even now I only wrote a Bash Script that Creates the Matrix-based on Math, and the results I got: I still have not gotten over it, and I could have sworn I used the First Force Field Ring to base the Minimum Speed on, so if you are following this and this trips you up, it means I did not use the right base to calculate it on, and it is a Harmonic Frequency of 3 MHz, at first, I thought I just need to divide by 3 to remove the phases, but this is 3 Phases, so I do not need to, unless Newton's Max and Min values are wrong, and I have no reason to believe that, maybe I interpreted them wrong, or remembered something wrong, because I really did want it to fall on those numbers so it would explain this 33 MHz issue...

While creating a table to figure out this 33 MHz issue, the math worked out on track 633, the Minimum Speed is 300,333, and that worked out to be 33,296,374 Hz (1/.0000000300333), and on Track 666, the Minimum Speed is 333,333, and that worked out to be 30,000,030 Hz (1/.0000000333333), and I need a high-resolution calculator, what I expected was 1/.00000003 = 33,333,333.3333 Hz, now I see my error: 1/.000000030 regardless of what is after it, will cause the Frequency to start there, it is the 300 Thousand place holder that focuses the wavelength marker, so then I thought my model has a 3 MHz rule, kind of like the 3 days after the winter solaces due to the Equinoxes, or the 3 Days after the Death of Jesus, called the Ascension...

This 3 Unit Rule seems to bite me a lot, and as a Dog, I always like to be the one Biting and not being bitten, so maybe this is right and I should just leave it alone, because there is a lesson to be learned here, Life exists on Tracks as far back as 600, and maybe as far forward as 700, and the bigger the Galaxy to wider these Life Tracks are, so, for the most part, this Trinary Matrix Mathematics Galactic Track Table, is very useful, you can verify it by comparing what you think Suns should move like, and at what speeds, then compare where these Track Frequencies will line up, so I could add more fields, but that makes it harder to read, because it works for the most part, but I have OCD, and my mind says: maybe it should be based on the Orbital Distance, for track 666: 1/1,011,954,093,357,316,200 miles, 1/.000000000000000000988 gives me the wavelength, but that is the base frequency for the Ring itself, I need to add a carrier wave to this Frequency. I have thought about all types of approaches, using the math of a Sine Wave:
z = x + iy = r(cos φ + i sin φ)
x = r cos φ
y = r sin φ
φ = ωt
Here A is the amplitude of the wave, i.e. the maximum height of the wave; f the frequency, i.e. is the number of oscillations (cycles) that occur each second of time; φ, the phase, specifies (in radians) where in its cycle the oscillation is at t = 0.
Angular frequency ω = 2πf
p = A sin(ωt + φ)
or using the math of a Helix:
x(t) = cos(t)
y(t) = sin(t)
z(t) = t
So Trinary Math is about the Math of Electronics, and Geometry.

I think I covered all the basic Trinary Mathematical Principles, the Trinary Universe is based on Trinary Atomic Energy, or Energy made of Trinary Atom's, and the Term Trinary is very important concept, the term means that it is using Trinary Energy, and that implies God, the same God Sir Isaac Newton said was the Force of Gravity in all his Equations, and it was not to Honor God, it was to Calculate God, and find out all of God's Laws, so this Trinary Science Journey takes you into Math that makes you wonder about the Universe, and there are some of Yew that will never believe that the Trinary Universe could exist, and that this is just some kind of Magic, knowing Sir Isaac Newton was the Last Magician, and Nikola Tesla was the Last Wizard, so this Book is all about Wizards, and talking down to Sheep like the Bible and Newton did, so my Trinary Math is as Real as the Universe itself, and as old, I am sure Newton would have come to the same conclusions as I have, we have both created Math like no other before us, so we are Math Wizards, and so have solved the Mystery of the Number 137, that was just the Icing on the Cake that Newton tried to calculate using Calculus, as I learned that I needed a new type of Math based on Atomic Structure, so as you look at the Universe from both the Subatomic, and Macro Level of Atomic Structure, you will note that Trinary Matrix Mathematics Galactic Track Table, is based on Iterations of time that Mainstream understands well, few understood that we are using the Mayan Calendar since the Julian Calendar was invented, and why base all our Math Symbols around the Birth of Jesus Bar Abbas, what message did he leave Humans that was so important, that the Powers that Be, had to Start the Calendar over at Day 0 for the Birth of the Leader of the Militia, who said that at the End of Civilization.

Jesus would come back in the Flesh, and no matter how many times I say that, it never gets old, same Message, different Messenger, and that is all IAM, and all Jesus was, and IAM in the Flesh, and I fight for the Militia that Jesus started at the beginning of time, I defend my Right to defend the Constitution, knowing only the Military has any Rights to Defend, and took an Oath to do so, and I have no issues with the Military, I wrote this for them above all others, because they are the ones that most Protect this World, and the People and Sheeple in it, because Trinary Sanctuary is all about the Militia, and it is not about War, nor does the Military have to be, in times of Emergency, they are the National Guard, and the Governments that are now in charge, will remain in charge less War Breaks out, and the Militia is not about fighting Wars, it is about Defending our Government, even if its owned by the Federal Reserve, getting that Loan paid off should be a National Priority, but I have more Pressing problems, all my Data proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the End of Civilization is coming on time in the year 2060, if you want to debate it, use Facts and not Theory...

The use of Math should be based on Evidence that Physically Exists, and keep in mind who you are debunking, is it me, the Bible, Kepler, Newton, Franklin or Tesla, because what they said than is still relevant today, and is why what Jesus said changed the TimeLine, because it was to align with the Mayan Calendar, and at the End of Civilization, the few that survive will remember how Stupid those Fools were, to not to believe in the Bible, Newton, and Tesla, knowing they were Game Changers, and Jesus died because the People he Fought for, Denied they knew his Name: Jesus Bar Abbas, so they denied him 3 times, and did not believe in what he Taught, which was about the Light of God, and Science, but like the Bible foretold, Money is the Root of All that is Evil, and you will believe in what Satan has told you, and then you become those that follow the Shepard known as Christ the Lord, and he will deliverer Yew and keep Yew in Darkness till the day Yew die, and People think they have the right to believe what they want, and Religious people are the Worst, because they believed the Bible was written for them, and if they are NT's, they will never understand what Real Science is, let alone what God is...

All Religious People are just as PIG headed, Police In Guard-duty, they have to Arrest you because they are the Thought Police, they will deny they are Sheep following a Shepard through the Valley of Evil, knowing Money is all around, but instead of Being Brave, they became Liars and Agents of Evil, using Money and believing only the Love of Money makes you Evil, knowing the Blood of Jesus will not wash off it, he did not Die so you could continue to Live in Sin, so it is not possible to talk to People who believe in Religion, my own wife who is Catholic, said that other Religions are crazy, and she said that only because she understands the Insanity of her own Religion, trust me: people that are Religious, have no clue about the Religion they are part of, and explaining it to them is a waste of time, because they actually believe they know more about then you do, and it is because Religious people have no Reality, its just an Illusion that they created to live with how stupid Yew are for being Religious, for example, Reality is a concept that everything in your Reality is Real, Religion is about Lying about everything in your World, and taking out a contract with Satan, and Yew get upset about the Truth, and want to say No it's Not, so I say as Proof: a Deity does not Physically Exist, and only Satan would teach a Deity, because teaching anyone that God does not Physically Exist is a Liar, and they are insane because they believe in things that are not Real, so they have no Reality, it is all just a Delusion that Satan Preached to them, just to get 10% of your Money, Tax-Free of course, so Yew will Deny Jesus had 3 Names, proving that History means nothing to yew, nor do facts, only the BS Religion that only cares about Yew if Yew are late paying your Dues, so why Lie for Satan, why do the work for Satan, I only believe in the Bible, and not what others tell me it says, I have to prove everything I know, and not take some Stupid Teachers word for it, nor do I care about what is Theoretically possible, I only care about what is, so any Government that Lies about Science just to cover their BS, is a Lie in itself, full of Treasonous Traders to their own Constitution, and with no conscience only Con Science, my Trinary Math has no one to understand it, because the World is Satanic and worships Money, just so Fools can Deny that the Word of Jesus returned in the Flesh, so like Newton, I can not calculate the Madness of Humans.

Trinary Math is about calculating Physics, so the Laws of Physics have to be very defined in Trinary Science, for example, I can use the same Illustration for both a Trinary Electron, or a Trinary Engine, see Illustration 4.31: Trinary Electron/Engine Orbital Path.

Trinary Helix 3D Trinary Helix 2D Illustration 4.31: Trinary Electron/Engine Orbital Path - Trinary Helix (3D and 2D) Full Size Full Size

Looking at this Illustration we see a pattern in Math, as the Trinary Electron/Engine changes polarity, its math states become its logic, as such, the math:
(+1) + (1) = 0
is the State known as 0, its also called Ground, or Mother Earth, and Newton called this the God State, because you can see the Light of God inside during this state, and Einstein said that to prevent a paradox, you must avoid situations that cause them, like taking God out of the equation like this:
(+1) = (1)
this is called a Paradox, because it can not happen in Reality, as such, God also separates the Father from the Son, so its clear the God is Mother, I have done this math over and over, OCD works that way, expecting different results after the first time is called insanity, the Math in the Bible and in Newton's math, proves that God is a Female in the role of Trinity, but the Church refused to teach it that way, and dropped the Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother Nature, to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost or Spirit, dropping Mother Nature from scripture, and all because of the Ego of Men, and Trinity is about Math, it is not about Religion, it is about our relationship with God, so do the Math:

(+1) (Father) + 0 (Mother) + (1) (Son)
No one gets to Heaven except through the Father, since the Father is Positive Energy we see in Blue, so the Father has his 501 Blues, and is why Father is always pushing for Tax exemptions, and that is why we see the Son as Negative Energy in Yellow, because the Son is running away from the Father, because the Son wants to be Free, and does not want to Pay his Fathers Taxes, or believe in his Fathers God, witch is Money, so the Son makes up His-Story that God does not Physically Exist, and that Christ died so that people could live in Sin, and have Charge Cards they can go Bankrupt every 7 to 10 years, so who cares about Money or who Prints it, and long as we can Charge it off, so Cowards take the easy road and do not have to Pay for their Actions, they will just put that Sin off on their Sons, after they become the Father, so the Son Denies that Bar/Abbas was their Savior, by making Christ their Savior instead, so the Son Runs like a Coward, and lies like the Coward he is about what he has done, thus becoming Satan.

Now Satan dresses up as Santa in the Middle of the Night once a Year, to make this a ceremony and a rite of passage, but the Son always has to return to Mother, and why the Son is always running away from the Father, after leaving the Mother, and explains why the Son is always driving down, and Positive Energy in Blue, is always driving up to Heaven, because the Father tells the Son when he grows up to be the Father, he will have to pay taxes, because that is the only way to get to Heaven, and be a good Christian Soldier, till then the Son is just digging his Way to Hell, trying to Kill the Planet by draining all its Blood dry, thus creating Money from the Blood by calling it Oil, by en-graven the words spelled in God we Trust, on Hemp paper that the Son likes to Smoke, witch explains why the Son Smoked the Constitution, the Son allowed Emotions to allow him to fall for a false God that does not even Physically Exist, so Religion rules his every thought and can not be Free as long as Religion Controls his Thoughts, so the Son gets confused about what Money is, its only a Drug for him to Smoke and Get High, and we all know this Newtonian Math adds up, and why the Spirit of Mother Nature is so important to the Balance of this equation, so it is that the Father Returns to the Mother, this Neural Energy in Green, is how we see Green Energy, because Plants are Green, and that is what Mother Nature Created, proving that she is God, so in this Illustration, we see the (1) Energy from the Negative Son wanting to be Free, so from the time the Son is born, to the time the Son becomes a Father, the Son just wants to spend all his time and energy pretending to be Free, because in Reality the Son is stuck in this cycle of Life, and like a Clock it rotates Clockwise, as it ticks off the cycles in time, as the Son Grows up to become the Father, and the Father knows that only Death and Taxation are a given, and few people live but all that do must die, and only “I” Lives forever, because I is the Light of God, and the Number 0, making it the Lonelier than Number one, Deja Vu, different subject same metaphor, this is Bible Math...

And Bible Math proves it is a cycle, and this is how it starts this cycle of Sin all over again, and it is because the Sin was to use Money, and Taxation was the Punishment for your Sins, so those that believe Christ is their Savior, denied Bar/Abbas was executed for his crime against the Roman Empire, yet History proves them wrong, but most Christians do not care what happened to Jesus Bar Abbas, because they still get to use Money and Live in Sin, and the Sin is to Lie about, because Jesus died because you Sin, not so Christians could continue to live in Sin, and once Christians read what Newton had written in his Math, they Flocked to Einsteins Theories and pretend he found Religion, when their own Religion does not believe God Physically Exist, so how do you show Insanity Mathematically, is a question Newton could not calculate, and why I change the term Trinity to Trinary, such that:
(+1) (Matter) + 0 (Null Space) + (1) (Antimatter)
represent 1 Trinary Cycle between Positive and Negative, so its 1 Wavelength, and the Father is now the Matter, and the Son or Christ, since the Son of God is the Mothers Son, proving that the Mother is God, therefore the Son is Christ the Son of God, because Christ was always the Son in this Equation, is now the Antichrist or Antimatter, so once you remove the Teaching of a Deity that always have a Paradox in them, your Math will reflect Reality, so now we can talk about the Math of the Trinary Universe, and as shown in Illustration 4.32: World: Solar System path with Dark Star.

Solar System path with Dark Star
Illustration 4.32: World: Solar System path with Dark Star Full Size

When we talk about Trinary Math and Number 8 comes up, this Figure 8 explains this, the giant yellow ball represents the colors of our Sun as seen during the day, the Galactic Plane is a thin disk that the Sun has to orbit in and out of, going up and down, as seen here, the Sun, Earth, and Moon, or our World, is on the top, we will call this the Positive Side of this equation, and the Negative side is where Sirius is, and as you see the Dark Star is actually in this disk, I made it bigger than the disk so you can see it, in size, it is not that big, in fact, is smaller than you might believe, Dark Stars are all very small in size, compared to Suns, they are just anchors, they do not have enough gravity to attract any Atoms to it, so you must understand this concept to understand the Trinary Math that represents it, because the math that describes this event when our World, including our Solar System, goes through the Galactic Plane is: (+1) + (1) == 0, so the top half of the Galaxy is Positive, the bottom is Negative, when it is equal to 0, it is in the Galactic Plane, and because it is Laws of Physics are the same as an Electron, the Trinary Engine also follows this same pattern. Sirius is a huge part of this equation, it is our Binary Twin Sun, or Trinary if you count the Dark Star, because a Star and a Sun mean the same thing, so in comparison to the Galactic Disk Concept, it is not a Theory, the Plane is the area around the Disk, such that the Disk is more of a line of sight, that travels through the Plane, through the center of these Dark Stars, so the Plane is very wide, and even though I show the Galaxy much larger than the Plane in my drawings, this is only so you can see it is not part of it, in reality, it is hard to tell that the Galaxy is thicker in the middle, it just has more Light that makes it look thicker, so a Galaxy looks more like a Plane from the side view, whereas this Disk is so thin its only a reference line for the tracks that go on it, and they too are just reference lines, and do not exist as actual structures, and they are only seen as an invisible force field Tracks (there are only 3 Rings), because that is what they are, so my Measurement of where this Center of Mass is Located, is at this point, so look at this image and imagine that we are on top, and heading down to the Plane again, this Dark Star is what holds us in a place like a pendulum, Newton's math does not work without, so it is a given, but to understand it, we must look at the points of force Newton is talking about...

In my image, the center is above the Dark Star, this is so you can see it clearly, in reality, it is the same point, but my drawing although technically wrong, is the only way I can illustrate my point, for example: if I had drawn the lines through the center of the Dark Star, technically this is correct, but in reality, it is not how it behaves, this is what Precession is and how its modeled, if I factor it in I get the Model that I use, so think about it this way, the top and bottom of Figure 8 are centered on this Imaginary Disk, and if our passage though the Disk was at this point, we would always go through the same point in space, as would other Galaxies, but look at all the photos of them, but first, understand the Trinary Math that is driving this force, so look a Illustration 4.33: Trinary Mathematical Formula.

Trinary Mathematical Formula
Illustration 4.33: Trinary Mathematical Formula Full Size

The top waveform is a 2 Dimensional sawtooth or triangle waveform, the bottom waveform is a 3 Dimensional Helix, now look very close this image, the one on the bottom left starts off at 0, then drives down to –1 then loops up, passing through 0 again, and up to +1, where it loops back down, passing through 0, and now play connect the dots, and ask yourself if this is an optical illusion, and it is because of this illustration that 3D Oscilloscopes are not very popular, so when we look at the Math that Newton used, we can not look site to Math Reduction that things really are 3 Dimensional, as seen in Illustration 4.34: Trinary Mathematical Formula Reduced,

Trinary vs Trinity Math Graph names
Illustration 4.34: Trinary Mathematical Formula Reduced Full Size

Trinary Math must fully explain every aspect of the Trinary Universe, so it must be 3 Dimensional Math, so Trinary means 3 Dimensional, to begin with, so adding it to Math implies this, but people need to see why, so after one complete orbit of the Galaxy; it will look similar to this: Illustration 4.35: Complete Orbital path of Sun around Galaxy.

Orbital path of Sun around Galaxy one revolution Orbital path of Sun around Galaxy one complete Orbit Illustration 4.35: Complete Orbital path of Sun around Galaxy Full Size Full Size

This Illustration shows the Sun at its highest point, and Sirius at its lowest, so its below the Galactic Disk, and I should point out that this Disk as an Angle it Floats at inside the Plane, this angle causes Precession or more to the point is precession, think of the Galactic Plane as the actual path the Disk sweeps out over thousands of complete cycles, and the Disk is the angle the Galaxy is at any given point in Time, in such a way that the Twin Light Sun's are orbiting the Dark Sun (Star), as the Dark Star Orbit is the Galaxy, so we are not actually orbiting the Galaxy, we are only orbiting the Dark Star, and it is Orbiting the Galaxy pulling us around it at a very predictable rate, and speed, and to understand this, you must understand the Zodiac Signs, and not Astrology, but the Science behind the Zodiac Signs.

The Zodiac Signs as seen in Table 4.11: Zodiac Table .

# Sign names English Translation Symbol Dates Celestial longitude
(a λ < b)
 1 Aries The Ram Aries 21 March - 19 April
0° to 29°
 2 Taurus The Bull Taurus 20 April - 20 May
30° to 59°
 3 Gemini The Twins Gemini 21 May - 20 June
60° to 89°
 4 Cancer The Crab Cancer 21 June - 22 July
90° to 119°
 5 Leo The Lion Leo 23 July - 22 August
120° to 149°
 6 Virgo The Maiden Virgo 23 August - 22 September
150° to 179°
 7 Libra The Scales Libra 23 September - October 22
180° to 209°
 8 Scorpio The Scorpion Scorpio 23 October - 21 November
210° to 239°
 9 Sagittarius The Archer Sagittarius 22 November - 21 December
240° to 269°
10 Capricorn Mountain Sea-Goat Capricorn 22 December - 19 January
270° to 299°
11 Aquarius The Water-bearer Aquarius 20 January - 18 February
300° to 329°
12 Pisces The Fish Pisces 19 February - 20 March
330° to 360°
Table 4.11: Zodiac Table

To understand any Zodiac Sign, you must understand what it represents, so take a look the Sign of Pisces, this is Trinary Energy, so it is a Sine Waveform, and if we take two Fish, we need two Waveforms, so we draw them on paper as such, and we get the Fish Body, now to understand the Fish Tail, understand that Pisces ended in 2012, so its body ends there, and then Aquarius starts up, and it is Tail told you how to Calculate when Life will flourish again, so that point is our cut off, so we draw the cut-off line, making a tail, as seen in Illustration 4.36: Pisces the Fish Waveform.

Pisces the Fish Waveform
Illustration 4.36: Pisces the Fish Waveform Full Size

Aquarius comes in with Water, so this is the Start of Water World, first, the Planet will Freeze overdue to the Polarity Reversal that will happen around 2060, now Capricorn represents the Land and Sea-Goat, and the Goat is an Animal with amazing climbing skills, and is better at Math then yew, so this will be the time when Mountains are born, and a lot of Volcano eruptions, so an Animal that is versed on Land and See would be best suited for this period, so the Symbolism means many things, and this is the symbol that Newton used for Capricorn, in the chart, I used the latest symbols. This symbol looks like a 7 and a 6, and form a 2, if you count the angles you have 4 + 0 as a tens holder to add 2 that it forms and you get 42, yes, Numerology rules are scary, it has nothing to do with Reality, but it is a checksum, and 7 x 6 = 42, that is called the Proof, so it is a Symbol that means 42, and that just happens to be the Universes Guild the Galaxies question to everything, and it took them 10,000 years for a supercomputer to figure this out, and in 42 in Hex is 66 in decimal, and there is this number 66, or 666, and remember Newton discovered this in 1666, over 333 years ago, and Newton did not miss this, see Illustration 4.37: Ancient Capricorn Waveform.

Ancient Capricorn Waveform
Illustration 4.37: Ancient Capricorn Waveform Full Size

The Capricorn Symbol is what I used to spell my first and last name with, so it makes my “J” in Jeff and my “F” in Flesher, and I put a line through the “F”, and it is because IAM a Capricorn, having been born on the same day as Sir Isaac Newton and Jesus Bar Abbas under the Julian Calendar, see Illustration 4.38: Jeff Flesher Signature . As a Child I used to write my “J” like Newton wrote his “I”, over the years it slowly morphed into what it is today, but I have had a few people ask me about my “J” and “F”, and I have to tell them its my Cousin Newton's Capricorn thing, if you look at how Newton wrote his “I”, it is an “I”, so it does not have the Loop at the bottom as a “J” does, as such my initials are Dual Ancient Capricorn signs, to represent a Binary Star System.

Jeff Flesher Signature Illustration 4.38: Jeff Flesher Signature

Just to point out that if you take the new symbol, and turn it 20 degrees you get this image: see Illustration 4.39: Ancient to New Capricorn Sign, so let me translate this for you, the 7, 6 and 0 are still there, but the 2 is not, and note that there are now 5 angles instead of 4, and also note that the Ankh symbol has 4 angles, anything round no matter how elliptical it is, has no angles, so why they changed the symbol over the years, I have no idea, and actually did not care enough to find out, its done, so what does it mean? 50, or half a Century, and that Number adds down to 5 and that is a Star, and if you can imagine the Ancient one tipping its Hat to a Star... Who cares, I am not going to use this new one to sign my Name with, it is not Cool... I want to show how History is being Changed for reasons few can understand.

Ancient to New Capricorn Sign
Illustration 4.39: Ancient to New Capricorn Sign Full Size

Ancient Numbers used Angles that you could count to figure out what Number it was, see Illustration 4.40: Ancient Numbers. I would send this with Voyager to explain our Math Symbols, but without explaining Jesus Bar Abbas, you will have a hard time explaining the +, –, *, %, ^, and /, not to mention the Evil ones like: !, @, #, and ?, so logic is difficult when you do not understand the Language, so I try to explain all mine to you.

Ancient Numbers
Illustration 4.40: Ancient Numbers Full Size

I know all the Stories about the Zodiac, but they have little to do with Math, and more to do with Trinary Science and DNA, for Example, Pisces represents but a Single DNA Chain, and the Backbone of a Vertebrate, which is an animal of a large group distinguished by the possession of a backbone or spinal column, including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes, making me think that we all evolved from Fish, and that is what Darwin said, and why you have a Bumper sticker that shows a Fish with Darwin in it, since Darwin like most Intelligent people, do not believe in Christ, yet the Constellation of Pisces exist Trillions of years before Jesus, and Jesus liked to Fish, but I am not a Troller, but the Fact is the Darwin wrote about his Belief in God, and said he believed in Newton:
“ The mystery of the beginning of all things is insoluble by us; and I for one must be content to remain an agnostic. ”
Charles Robert Darwin
I read everything I could about Darwin, and I do believe in his Explanations for Evolution, so I am a Darwin believer, so let me explain Darwin: insoluble means impossible to solve, and why is the mystery of the beginning of all things: impossible to solve? It is because no one was there to prove it, and there is no evidence it ever took place, and in this Book, I do explain this in the Evolution of a Galaxy, so trust me, he is right on about it being impossible to Prove, so what he is saying, is why go there, now understand what he meant by being agnostic.

Agnostic: a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or of anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God.
Now that is one use for that Word spelled agnostic, but Agnosticism is the view that the existence of God, of the divine or the supernatural is unknown or unknowable, which means the God is a Deity, but there is also a third use of the word: An agnostic can also be one who holds neither of two opposing positions on a topic, and I am sure this is the one he meant, but let us look at Darwin view of Religion:
Atheist: a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods. Atheism is, in the broadest sense, the absence of belief in the existence of deities. Less broadly, atheism is the rejection of belief that any deities exist. In an even narrower sense, atheism is specifically the position that there are no deities.
In terms of Religion, an Agnostic or an Atheist both do not believe that God is a Deity, that is all it comes down to, the reason they do not believe in them does not matter, so I will have to say that Darwin, like myself and all the Wizards, I write about, are both, because we believe in Newton's God that is All Light without Darkness, and is the Force of Gravity in all his Equations, so these stories are about the Waveforms they make...

For example Pisces the Fish Waveform, single Helix or Backbone, they both require a Waveform known as Brainwave, so this story applies to all the Iterations, so its just a Lesson about all the Iterations, and there is no real order to the stories, if you look at them as Lessons, but there is an Order to them, one is from the way we measure them, Aries starts at 0, ending in Pisces at 360, so in this story, we have Galactic Meaning and Earth Meaning, for example: Sagittarius is the best hunting, this applies to the Earth Seasons, but not so much the Galactic Seasons, for example, all Iterations are 2012 years long, so each Zodiac sign is just someplace that eventually in our travel around the Galaxy, we should pass by it in time, and we have a Monthly Earth Season and a Galactic Season, so looking at the Zodiac Table, under Dates, you will see the Monthly date range on top, and the Galactic date range under it. Note this table has Pisces on the bottom, and Aries on top, this is due to the Celestial longitude, Pisces starts at 0, so it is always the First Constellation, Pisces is the last, but its actually also the Last Constellation we were in back in 2012, see how this Magic number works. Aquarius is next, and we already know what it will bring, the Fish Tail, the end of Pisces...

After the 2060 Polarity Reversal, the Oceans will begin to freeze over, and it will not take as long as you think, I calculated rates starting at 1/137 and exponentially accelerating to 6 foot the first year, and this will cause the Rain to stop coming, the opposite of what you would think it should do, instead, we will be like a Fish out of the water, since Pisces was the age for Fish, Aquarius will purify its Water, that is actually what the wavy lines with 3 Sawtooth Waveforms indicating Water means: get it: Clean Water... How do you purify water? Freeze it. Its not like the Zodiac is in order, right, it is in Reverse order, so we talked about everything up to Scorpio, and it has 4 angles, and this is a waveform, if you follow the line from the left top, it goes down then comes back up forming an Arch, now Arches do not count as Angles, but the V shape they made in 2 Dimensions counts as 1, and then it goes down and loops back up into the second arch, this is called two Full Cycles, represented by two Arch's, and the Archer was Sagittarius, and the Arrow has 6 Angles, the Cross means Death from the Arrow tip, so this means that all Energy is Borrowed, and we must give it back, we live, we kill to eat, and then we die, and you expect Libra to Balance this out, and here you find two Opposing Angles, over a Bar, and the Bar represents Law and best Served by those that are Drunk, because Horse Shoe brings no good Luck, because an Eye for an Eye makes both of us blinder, and no closer to Justice as IAM to JustUS, so Virgo the Maiden has to come in and clean up after yew, now the dual Arches are back for 2 Angles, this is Scorpio with the Archers Arrow twisted around, giving 5 more Angles, making it 6 Angles...

Because Virgo is the 6th astrological sign in the Zodiac, and because it spans the 150-180th degree of the zodiac, its clear that 180 is half of the circumstance, so we are half-way there, and she is a Virgin, so do not Frack this one up, so who will protect her: Leo the Lion, and Lion is a Light Ion, its symbol is a Person bowing in front of it, they have 1 Angle at the base of their Head, and it is shape is clear, it is the Snake without its Forked Tong, because Satan tells the Lion half-truths, and Cancer makes me a Crab, and it is why 69 is so much fun, it only has 2 Angles, and Gemini is the Twin, it is the Bridge that binds us, and is just one Link in our DNA, because Gemini means the building blocks of life, so it is the twin Helix of the Trinary Atom, and it is why it is the 3rd Zodiac sign, it means Trinary Twins, and it is why Taurus is such a Bull, its Shoe is upside down as is its Luck, because it has 2 Opposing Angles like Libra, so the Bull is the Bully and wants everything to go its way, and it is why its at Number 2, Aries is the RAM, the Read Access Memory, or the Kind that gets Horney, and I notice that New Capricorn has the Aries Ram graphed to its Head, so it must mean these two are in Love, because she is Number 1, and only has 1 Angle, and 1 is the loneliest number, so let me do the numbers, 0 to 30 degrees, add up to 31, and 31 + 1 = 32, that is the Age that Jesus Bar Abbas Died, and the Highest Ashkenazi Masonic Degree you can get, and 3 + 2 = 5, so she is a Star, and therefore 1 Angle makes 1 Angel, because she is a Heavenly body, and I must Love Aries, since I spent 42 years of my Life Married to one, so that wraps up the Zodiac Signs... Or does it?

Now let us get really confused over Iterations, for one thing, there is no Magic Number, all the 2012 year Iterations come from the size of our Sun times (1/137) / 3, its just Trinary Math, proving that is as far Energy can travel in one Cycle around the Sun, so it is a constant dependent on its size, and it is the same for Atom's, and the question if Atoms come in different sizes, the answer is yes, one size for every Element, and those sizes are constant with our Universe, only Trinary Engines can grow, and it is also moving forward in speed, as well as rotating at 864575.9 (Diameter in miles) * PI / 25.379995 (Sidereal Period in Days) = 4,459.131 miles an hour, and this is a Frequency, so when it gets to the end of this time Iteration, it must reset its Polarity, it has to do this to speed up, its like a Generator, it must complete one cycle to collect all the Energy it stored up, it will do this around 2060, I hope it waits till after I publish this, because I can not say I told you so if that happens, so how does the Math work is a question that confuses me, because the Helix Pattern the Sun sweeps out, so in terms of a Frequency, my Table graphs them out, so its easy to see the Relationship, all the Frequencies have to travel around the Circumference, so it is the Orbital Distance in Miles, so this math might sound simple at first, but this is a Frequency that I am mapping to Distance in miles, and that math is not normal Math.

The Trinary Math is very simple, there are 2013 Intervals in one complete Iteration, and each Iteration is 2012 years long, and a complete Iteration is between 13 and 16 Million years, this is based on the about of time it takes Light to Return back to its point of origin, so think of this a Range. The Zodiac gets its Number 12 from the Math of 4 PI: 4 * 3.14159265359 = 12.5663706144, round up to 13, round down to 12, such that:
2012 * 12 = 24,144 years in complete Zodiac,
now I want to look at this for more precision, so I will also calculate:
2012 * 12.5663706144 = 25,283.5376762 years, and a thousand more years, so which is right?
This is how long it would take us to see all the different sectors of space around us, now it takes 30,000,030 years for a half cycle through the Disk, and this is a Frequency at 30,000,030 Hz, or 30 MHz, and that means that every 30 Million years the Sun goes through the Galactic Plane, that leaves this 3,333 years on both sides of the Disk, and it takes about 3,333 years to cross through one side of it, or 6,666 years to cross through the whole Disk, for Track 666 anyways, and right now we are about half-way into this Journey, so understanding the Zodiac is very Important, because one complete Galactic Disk cycle means the end of all Life, because very little Life survives that Journey, our Sun is running at a top speed of 666,666 mph, our Magnetosphere is at full strength, and this is like going through a grinder, so let us hope we have enough Oil to survive this Journey, friction slows the planet down to 333,333 mph by the time its left the Disk, causing it to decelerate 333,333 mph in 6,666 years, this will cause Gravity to increase, and it adds a lot of surface to the planet, normally we only grow by about ½ inch a year, and I have no idea how much we gain during this whole journey through the disk, but our Core samples would, so look for huge deposits of rare minerals like Gold, Silver, and Copper. Once you fully understand that without these Iterations, and Trinary Engines, you can not explain the Galaxy, these numbers prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are real numbers.

Basic Trinary Math is based on the known Laws of Physics:

Time and Frequency are reciprocals:
Frequency = 1/Time
Time = 1/Frequency
Frequency and Wavelength combine to make the Speed of Light:
Speed of Light = 670,616,629.2 miles per hour
Speed of Light = 186,282.397 miles per seconds
Speed of Light = 983,571,056.4304 feet per second
Speed of Light = 3,540,855,801,000 feet per hour

Speed of Light = Frequency * Wavelength
Frequency = Speed of Light/Wavelength
Wavelength = Speed of Light/Frequency

1 Hz = 983,571,056 Feet
1 Foot Wavelength = 983.571056 MHz
Understand this Relationship between Feet and MHz...
Speed or Wavelength and Distance are Relative to Time:
Speed = Distance/Time
Speed = Wavelength * Frequency
Wavelength * Frequency = Distance / Time
Wavelength = Distance / (Time * Frequency)
Distance = Speed * Time
So Speed and Distance are Relative to Frequency:
Speed = Distance/Frequency
Distance = Speed * Frequency

As such: Speed of Light is Distance such that Speed is the Wavelength:
Wavelength = Distance/Frequency

Trinary Math is based on the English unit of measurement.

1 Mile = 5280 Feet
1/5280 of a Mile = 1 Foot
About 1,760 Steps
Foot = 12 Inches
1/12 Foot = 1 Inch
Foot = Yard/3
Length of Foo
Inch = 1/12 Foot
Inch = 1/36 Yard
Width of Thumb
Yard = 36 Inches
Yard = 3 Feet
1/1760 = Mile
About a Step
Inch into a Mile
Miles = Inches * ((1/12) * (1/5280));
Day = 24 Hours
Day = 1,440 minutes
Day = 24 Hours * 60 Minutes * 60 Seconds = 86,400 seconds
Second = 1/86,400 of a Day
Second = time that elapses during 9,192,631,770 cycles cesium 133 atom
Minute = 60 Seconds
Minute = 1/60 of an hour
Hour = 60 Minutes
Hour = 1/24 of a Day
Year = 365.2422 or 365.25 Julian days
Year = 365 Gregorian days or 366 Gregorian Leap days
Year = 365.25 (Days) * 24 (Hours) * 60 (Minutes) * 60 (Seconds) = 31,557,600 or 31.6 Million seconds
Year = 365 Days * 24 (Hours) * 60 (Minutes) * 60 (Seconds) = 31,536,000 Seconds
Frequency vs Temperature
Math that uses Einsteins theories to Define 1 Kelvin (1 °K or –457.87 °F) as 20 GHz in Frequency.
Frequency is directly proportional to the Square Root of Temperature
Up till 2018 Kelvin was measured like this, 1 Kelvin is:
so to calculate is Frequency you use this Formula:
(1/273.16)2 = 1.3 GHz.
Trinary Temperature or °Trinary or °T
Since Speed of Light = Frequency * Wavelength, and Wavelength = Distance/Frequency
Trinary Math uses a different Scale for Trinary Temperature:
at Absolute 0 its Frequency and Waveform is 0,
this is based on Common Sense and accepted Electronic Principles, if the Atom is not Vibrating it has 0 Frequency and 0 Wavelength, and is based on a specific Element in the Periodic Table, and it is upper range is called its Fire Resonant Frequency, which is the point it burns up and catches Fire or turns to Light, which means Fire as in Heat or Thermal Energy, such that:
Trinary Temperature is directly proportional to its Wavelength.
The Hottest Sun known is about 100,000°F or 55,810.928 °K
Using Einstein Based Math: Frequency: 1,162.910966654 THz (short wavelength)
Using Mainstream Math (before 2018): Frequency: of 3.1148596842211837554 GHz (short wavelength)
Using Trinary Math:
Absolute 0 = 0 Hz with 0 Wavelength
100,000 °T = 9.6 KHz with 100,000 foot wavelength
Grant you that Kelvin is not an acceptable Temperature Standard, Trinary Temperatures are based on Elements in the Trinary Periodic Table of Elements, with known values for each, and currently, this data does not exist, so this table is a Work in Progress, but its clear that Mainstream Science is just Insane: Imagine Absolute 0 for just minute, now imagine looking at it under a Microscope, how fast would you expect the Atom's to Vibrate?

You have to decide if you want to use Mainstream Science, personally I think its Dangerous to do so, because they clearly have no concept of Reality, and it is because they only believe in Theories that are not Facts.

The Truth about Light is that the Shorter its Wavelength the Higher its Frequency, the More Light it shows, since you only see the Light when it is in the 0 Dimension, and that happens only when the Waveform crosses Ground, so Higher Frequencies: Shorter Waveforms means more Light Energy:
1 inch Wavelength = 0.00000000000000000000000782070 Joules
1 foot Wavelength = 0.00000000000000000000000065172 Joules
as Proof: shorter Wavelength means more Energy in Joules, proving that Light Energy comes from the 0 Dimension, so in terms of how Mainstream Measures Energy it makes no sense, and it is because it does not, its how Mainstream does their Math, in Trinary Math it is not the same, and that is when I realized that I can not use any of their Measurement Standards, nor any of their Science, and must start from Scratch, so Trinary Science is not based on any Standard Units of Measurement, because as a child I understood how stupid they were, according to Mainstreams Science, I would not be able to touch a Toy painted Red, check out Mainstream math and calculate the Frequency for a Temperature of 10,340 ° F or 5,999.8167 ° K since its wavelength is around 666 nm with a Frequency of 450.138825825826 THz, now using Einstein Based Math and Mainstream Math, I will calculate the Temperature of Lightning, so I can Scientifically Prove how Stupid their Standard is:

Lightning has a temperature of about 53,540 °F or 29,999.817 °K
Using Einstein Based Math: Frequency: 625.094715983 THz
Using Mainstream Math (pre 2018): Frequency: 899.98902003348894141 MHz
Using Trinary Math using Trinary Degrees: 53,540 foot wavelength at 18.0626 KHz

So its Clear that if Einstein is right anything that had a natural Color in it, see the Visible Light Frequencies table below, as you can see its due to the Visual Spectra of Light having Short Wavelengths, 380 to 750 nm in Wavelength and 484 to 668 THz, and according to Einstein, it puts out more Energy using their Math, so let's look at some values not in the Visual Spectra, for example:
Gamma rays have a Frequency around 300 EHz, meaning Exahertz, a unit of frequency equal to 1018 Hertz, with a wavelength of 1 pm, picometer equal to 1x10−12 m, or one trillionth of a Meter, a helium atom having an estimated diameter of 62 picometers, so its basically all Light, spending most of its time in the 0 Dimension, in terms of Energy, it is as excited as it can get in terms of Frequency, so one would think that puts out more Heat Energy, since it puts out more Joules, because we can be damaged by Gama Rays, it will cause our Cells to Vibrate at Frequencies it can not tolerate, but its Heat is Generated by its Frequencies, and not by its Wavelength, and this type of Energy is harmful to all Lifeforms, on the other end of the Spectrum, because our bodies can not handle High Frequencies, if I heat up any object, its wavelength will increase, and it is Frequency will decrease, thus producing more Thermal Energy, so it is the effect of Frequency vs Wavelength, such that if you take an object like Metal, and at room temperature, its Frequency is High and it is Wavelength is Low, if I increase its Frequency, its structure will become excited, but it will not radiate as much heat, as it would if you increased its Wavelength, which reduces the amount of Light it gives off, and pushing into the infrared spectrum, of invisible Light, where we can not see Heat, but we can feel it. At Absolute 0 the Wavelength is 0, as its temperature rises its Wavelength increases, causing high frequencies, so the hotter something gets, the lower its frequency, which is the opposite of what Einstein Followers want to believe, proving just how stupid they are, and why Einstein denounced this Math and Theories, because it was not true, it was just a Theory that I disproved at 9 Years Old, proving Children are more Intelligent than anyone that believes in Einstein's Theories.
Color Visual Wavelength
Photon Energy
Ultraviolet   <     300 1000   > 4.15      > 33,333         >  
Violet   380 – 450 668 – 789 2.75 – 3.26 20,000 – 33,333  
Blue   450 – 495 606 – 668 2.50 – 2.75 13,000 – 20,000  
Green   495 – 570 526 – 606 2.17 – 2.50 6,000 – 9,000  
Yellow   570 – 590 508 – 526 2.10 – 2.17 5,200 – 6,000  
Orange   590 – 620 484 – 508 2.00 – 2.10 3,700 – 5,200  
Red   620 – 750 400 – 484 1.65 – 2.00 3,700 – 3,333  
Infrared   1000    > <     300 <     1.24 <        3,333  
Table 4.12: Visible Light Frequencies

To convert a Hydrogen Atom's diameter in inches to a Mile:
where Inches is 0.000,000,004, which is the size of a Hydrogen Atom, such that: it equals 6.31313131313e-14, or .0000000000000631313131313131313 in terms of a Hydrogen Atom's size in Miles, so keep in mind that these same ratios apply to the Galaxy, Suns, Planets, and Moons, and this will not work using the Metric system. It should be clear from the size of things, that its Mass is not the same as its Energy, its Mass is only Potential Energy, and Potential Energy and Energy are not the same thing, and lead to huge mistakes, for example: using Einsteins E = MC2, I get that 1 Kelvin = 20 GHz in Frequency, in Trinary Math that I use: the Kelvin Formula: (1/273.16)2 = 1.3 GHz, so that is a huge difference, proving that any Math based on Energy and Mass being related is wrong big time, and this formula says nothing for its wavelength witch makes the biggest difference, since Speed of Light = Frequency * Wavelength, now Trinary Math uses a different scale for Temperature: at Absolute 0, its Frequency and it is Wavelength is 0, so this is a special case, this is called Trinary Temperature or ° Trinary or ° T, and is based on Common Sense and accepted Electronic Principles, if the Atom is not Vibrating it has 0 Frequency and 0 Wavelength, and this is only based on a specific Element in the Periodic Table, and it is upper range is called its Fire Resonant Frequency, which is the point it turns to Light, which means Fire as in Heat or Thermal Energy; so this Science of Mainstream and Trinary are not Compatible: such that Trinary Temperature is directly proportional to its Frequency or Wavelength, so Hydrogen has a Range of 0 to 3 MHz at 0.06 Mile or 328 Foot Wavelength, and keep in mind that 442.6 THz with a .0000022 foot wavelength: would be the color Red in our Spectra of Light, so this is a very long wavelength. To convert Frequency and Wavelength into Energy, for this Formula:
In terms of Frequency:
E = F – (F – X)
In terms of Wavelength:
E = W – (W – X)
In terms of Percentage:
E = 100% – (100% – X%)
where F is the Fire Frequency, and it is Wavelength will always be in relation to the speed of Light = Frequency * Wavelength; and where X is the current Frequency, such that:
3 MHz – [3 MHz – 3 MHz] = 3 MHz,
such that its Energy is equal to its Frequency, in terms of Percentage, its easier to calculate, if 0% is 0 Hz and 100% is 3 MHz, this is a Temperature range, so in terms of Energy, it is 100%, in terms of Watts, 1 Watt = 1 Joule per second and is used to quantify the rate of Energy Transfer, its measured as an electric current of one ampere as it passes through a resistance of one ohm for one second, so it is a measurement of the quantity of Electrons per second, an ampere is measuring the electromagnetic force between electrical conductors carrying electric current, so Energy is proportional to Ampere in terms of numbers of Electrons, Previous definition: The ampere is that constant current which, if maintained in two straight parallel conductors of infinite length, of negligible circular cross-section, and placed 1 m apart in vacuum, would produce between these conductors a force equal to 2x10−7 newton per meter of length. 2019 definition: The ampere, symbol A, is the SI unit of electric current. It is defined by taking the fixed numerical value of the elementary charge e to be 1.602176634x10−19 when expressed in the unit C, which is equal to A*s, where the second is defined in terms of ΔνCs: and e is a charge that has a measured value of approximately 1.602176620898x10−19, or 0.0000000000000000001602176620898, and the coulomb (symbol: C) is the unit of electric charge, it is the charge (symbol: Q or q) transported by a constant current of one ampere in one second:
1 C = 1 A * 1s
The second is defined in terms of a frequency naturally emitted by Cesium Atom's, Caesium (IUPAC spelling) or cesium (American spelling), pronounced (SEE-zee-em), is a chemical element with symbol Cs and atomic number 55. It is a soft, silvery-gold alkali metal with a melting point of 28.5 °C (83.3 °F), which makes it one of only five elemental metals that are liquid at or near room temperature. The radioactive isotope caesium-137 has a half-life of about 30 years and is used in medical applications, industrial gauges, and hydrology. Nonradioactive caesium compounds are only mildly toxic, but the pure metal's tendency to react explosively with water means that caesium is considered a hazardous material, and the radioisotopes present a significant health and ecological hazard in the environment.
Thus, it is also the amount of excess charge on a capacitor of one farad charged to a potential difference of one volt:
1 C = 1F * 1V
The coulomb is equivalent to the charge of approximately 6.242x1018 (1.036x10−5 mol) protons, and −1 C is equivalent to the charge of approximately 6.242x1018 electrons. A new definition, in terms of the elementary charge, will take effect on 20 May 2019. The new definition, defines the elementary charge (the charge of the proton) as exactly 1.602176634x10−19 coulombs. This would implicitly define the coulomb as 1/0.1602176634x1018 elementary charges. There is no fixing the Units, they all have to be redefined.

If the Sun goes through the Galactic Plane every 30 Million years, it means the Suns Frequency is 30,000,030 Hz,
based on a Wave Velocity of 670,616,629 mph,
its wavelength is 9.99307 meters or 32.78566273 wave interval in feet,
this means that its power levels peak every 32.78566273 Feet, and it is amplitude is at its maximum, so this is its Velocity in feet per second, and keep in mind that Electricity does not have Acceleration, but the Sun does, so we have to convert Electrical Characteristics into mechanical movement, according to a ratio of Laws of Energy, in this case, it is the Speed of Light = Frequency * Wavelength, such that Distance = Speed * Frequency, and so Speed is the Wavelength, and in this case its 32 feet, and that is a very long waveform, so we take the absolute value of this number and divide it by 12 and use our Inches to Miles formula:
(32/12) * ((1/12) * (1/5280)) = .000042 in terms of Miles,
or 42/1,000,000;
or 42 Millionths of a Mile, as such, this is a Wave interval in Miles, so it is the Hitchhiker' Galaxies answer to everything on Track 666. If I want to find out how far we can move in a Light year, I take the number 1 Light Speed to Feet Per Second = 983,571,056.43; 983,571,056.43 / 32.78566273 = 30,000,035.8245007786670 in Hz or Miles in Distance, I do note a small rounding error in my math, one of my numbers is not exact, and I always have to round and then add an error rate of 6, 30,000,036 – 6 = 30,000,030 Hz, for more accuracy you can leave the decimal points and use –6.66, this gives you 30,000,029.1645007786670, rounding up gives you 30,000,029.2, the .8 it is off, due to the conversion from meters to feet, and that was because I was too lazy to calculate it by hand, and used a calculator instead, which makes it closer with an Error Rate, but you could just calculate the Wavelength in Feet and not have this issue, why it is in meters always confused me, meters never work, and converting between them loses a lot of resolution, and this is because our Planet Earth is currently at a frequency of 6.66 Hz, and you have to subtract that from this calculation, so this 6.66 Hz is the Carrier wave for this frequency, proving I get back its Frequency if I know its Wavelength, so this proves that this is the Maximum speed that our Sun can Travel at on this track, and it will pass through the Galactic Plane every 30 Million years, amazing me how math I wrote as a child still works so well in the world today, its based on the actual distances that must be traveled, and orbital shifts due to Magnetic Polarity Reversals, knowing I have calculated all those with the same precision, and understand that the Sun can not travel at the same speed as Electricity, instead its just a relationship the time Period of 30 Million years, and the Frequency the Sun passes through the Galactic Disk, and the great thing about this math, is that it is all based on a Ratio, so if it turns out that it is not 30 Million Years, it does not matter, the math still works, and keep in mind that these Tracks vary in Circumference, so each one would have a different Frequency, see the Table to understand this relationship, but the funny thing is that I did not base my math on Mainstream's version of how long these cycles are, I based it on the radius of the Galaxy, which is how they came up with their number, so I am sure its right, I did the math to prove it.

As Proof:
1000 (Iteration) * 10000 (Speed) = 10000000 (distance)
10000000 (distance) / 10000 (speed) = 1000 (time in terms of Iterations)
Applying to Iterations:
The Speed I used is based on the Average since our Speed is changing all the time:
2012 * 666,666.0 = 1,341,331,992 miles Maximum
2012 * 499,999.5 = 1,005,998,994 miles Average
2012 * 333,333.0 = 670,665,996 miles Minimum
Applying Proof:
2012 (Iteration) * 499,999.5 (Speed) = 1,005,998,994.0 distance
1,005,998,994.0 (distance) / 499,999.5 (speed) = 2012 (time in terms of Iterations)
Now for our Half Cycle journey from the Galactic Plane:
30000030 * 666,666.0 = 19,999,999,999,980 miles Maximum, note that I could have used 666,666.6, or you can round.
30000030 * 499,999.5 = 14,999,999,999,985 miles Average
30000030 * 333,333.0 = 9,999,999,999,990 miles Minimum, note that I could have used 333,333.3, or you can round.
To calculate the distance we can travel in one Iteration:
(30000030 * 666,666.6) / 2012 = 9,940,366,799.2037773359840 miles
(30000030 * 499,999.5) / 2012 = 7,455,268,389.6545725646123 miles
(30000030 * 333,333.3) / 2012 = 4,970,183,399.6018886679920 miles

This proof should make you understand the need for Iterations, and not just use one long time frame, for example: we know there are some 30 Million Years and 3 days, and I cannot ignore those 3 days, these 3 days always comes back to bite us, and I know its 30 in terms of Frequency 30 Million comes out to 30,000,030; see the Table to try to understand why, it is the Wavelength that determines its Speed, and it is Speed is distance over its time, and it is Track number is 666, and it has 333 Trinary Engines, my Math in the Bash script that create it is:

sunSize=864575.9; # Sun Size in miles in diameter
First-Ring=0.00001; # This is based on the First Ring of the Sun, not Earth,
tm="$(bc <<< "scale=13;1 / 137")"; # 1/137 = 0.0072992700729, you can also use this number 1/137.03599913 = 0.00729735256683,
maxIteration="$(bc <<< "scale=0;(${sunSize} * ${tm}) / 3")"; # (Diameter in miles) x 1/137 / (3 Phases) = Max Iteration in years
aveIteration="$(bc <<< "scale=0;${maxIteration} – 91")"; # Sun changes polarity 10 (0 - 9) times a Century: 100 - 9 = 91
maxSpeed="$(bc <<< "scale=3;(${aveIteration} * ${trinaryEngines}) + ${maxErrorRate}")";
frequency="$(bc <<< "scale=3;${maxSpeed} * ${firstRing}")";
for track 666 it has 333 trinaryEngines, + maxErrorRate which accounts for precession: you must remove the speed required to over come it, so its clear I did not make up this 30 Million Years, I calculated it, so its clear that these Iterations are the key to understanding Galactic Time, and I have never read about this subject anywhere, I had to figure it out on my own, if Newton knew it, I did not get that memo, so just understand this Program, this Track Frequency of 30,000,030 Hz, is calculated by taking the Size of the Sun in Miles in Diameter times 1/137, and this number 137 gets back to Planck, and one of the reasons his Math confuses me so much, but I got this number from the Bible, by using Numerology on the number 136, witch in Bible Code, was a reference to how many Elements can be found in the Universe, it is the way they worded it was confusing to most that read it: Psalm 136:13 Or the Sea of Reeds; also in verse 15 witch add down to 6, the Numerology Energy represented by the number 136 expresses itself as a source, where things begin; and in the Bible there is a section that Newton like to write about, it is about Moses and the Sea of Reeds...

Now look at a Global Map, find the Rock of Gibraltar, that was a land crossing prior to the time of Noah, now in the Bible Noah was on this River, Genesis 6:1-7 tells us why God decided to destroy all creation with the flood. The Bible reads: “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the Earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually” (Genesis 6:6 KJV); so they are referring to the descendants of Seth and Cain respectively, so this story goes all the way back to the Beginning, and that is what the number 136 represents, so in terms of time: the Age of Noah and the Flood c.2500 – c.2166 BC. so Dating Noah: His birth: Noah's father was Lamech, we have established that Lamech was born in the year 875 in the Lunar 354-day Gentile Calendar, and we know that he was 182 years old when Noah was born (Genesis 5:28-29); His life span: Noah lived for 950 years (Genesis 9:29). His age when Shem was born: We can work out that Noah was 502 years old when his son Shem was born, and we know that Shem was 100 years old when Arphaxad was born two years after the Flood (Genesis 11:10), when Noah would have been 602, so Shem would have been 98 in the year of the Flood when his father Noah was 600 (Genesis 7:11), this means Noah was 502 when Shem was born 98 years earlier... However, Genesis 5:32 says: Noah was five hundred years old, and Noah became the father of Shem, Ham, and Japheth, so this is a discrepancy of two years... The solution is that Noah gave birth to his firstborn when he was 500, but this was Japheth, not Shem, for in Genesis 10:21 he is called “Japheth, the elder”, Ham was the youngest son (Genesis 9:24), and so Shem was the middle son, born two years after Japheth. Shem is mentioned first, because he is in the Messianic Line, as Noah said: Blessed be the Lord God of Shem (Genesis 9:26); We will see the same kind of thing in Genesis 11:26 in connection with the birth of Abraham, and Abraham is 137 years old when he binds his son Isaac as a sacrifice to God, but he does not kill him, instead, he kills a ram caught in a thicket by his horns, and there is much more to this story, so the Bible does have a lot of conflicting information in it, and the ages of people are all very confusing to me, and the more I looked into the ages of people, I began to think that Noah was not a Person but a time, and that changed the way I read the bible...

So on his death: Noah was 600 years old when the Flood started (Genesis 7:6) and he lived for 350 years after the Flood (Genesis 9:28), and the Flood lasted 151 days inclusive of the first and last day (Genesis 7:24), so it did not add an extra year in the calculation of Noah's life; the calendar changed to the Lunisolar Autumn Calendar after the Flood, when the first visible crescent new moon appeared following the collapse of the water canopy, when Noah was 601 years old, this meant that the last 299 years of Noah's life were counted in the Lunisolar Autumn Calendar, so I had to rethink all these Calendars just like Newton did, at some point, I was asking myself the same question that Newton did, what was this all about, so if you really think that Newton understood that any better than I do now, I do not think so, but there is more: so Moses after 40 years of wandering in the desert, died within sight of the Promised Land on Mount Nebo. Jerome gives 1592 BCE, and James Ussher 1571 BCE as Moses' birth year, so now let us have fun with numbers, BC means Before Christ, an epoch used in dating years prior to the estimated birth of Jesus Bar Abbas in the Julian and Gregorian calendars, yet some state that Christ was born in 6 BC, and the terms Anno Domini or AD: means “in the year of the Lord”, but after the death of Jesus, would mean that the approximate 33 years commonly associated with the life of Jesus would neither be included in the BC nor the AD time scales, and that is not the case, and there is no year 0 in this scheme, so the year AD 1 immediately follows the year 1 BC, yet most scholars think that Jesus was born between 6 B.C. and 4 B.C.; now Newton explains this as the time that Christ was inserted into the Bible, thus Jesus Bar Abbas was born on 25 December 1 AD, and the History of the Roman Empire confirms this, and Christ does not exist in their History, and Newton places that day during 3 BC, and a lot of things were changed in the two versions of the Bible that existed after that, but what Newton said that Psalm 136 was about the number 136, and most of the Stories in the Bible have nothing to do with Real People, and if you actually try to make sense of the story, you will find its just about everything and how it relates to each other, and that two days of inaccuracy in the Bible turned out to be 3 days, because of the new Calendar they used, so the whole story is confusing to me...

So why is the Bible so important to me and Newton, because of the things we do understand, and that is that Noah destroyed the landmass bridging Tangier and Gibraltar, using an Atomic or Nuclear weapon, and Moses also stole one from Egypt after Rape, Pillage, and Plunder, and detonated it in Jericho, so it was not until my First Cousin Isaac Newton pointed out that all these events are Astronomical, and some of it is actual History, and you have to know what is what, but the deal with Noah is that God, in this context, is an Atomic or Nuclear Bomb, we have no idea of what type of Technology they used, but Sodium and Gomorrah are real in History, these were Atomic Weapons called Light Bombs, and God is All Light, so these are God Bombs, so how did I get that we have 136 elements from this story in the Bible? I had to research all these people, and draw lines, note dates and relationships, and add down all the numbers I find, for example, Blessed be the Lord God of Shem (Genesis 9:26), now the number is read like 9:8, such that 9 + 8 = 17 such that it adds down to 8, and 8 is the Infinite symbol for that reason, and Shem is a Son to a Lord, and a Lord was a Title given to Nobles, and is referenced to the Roman Empire, so these are Real People, but their ages are only a figure of age in terms of Reign, which is the period during which sovereign rules, so the Bible is easy enough to understand, in one since its just the History of Rulers, because it is clear Noah and Moses are viewed by Religion as Wonderful people, well, maybe you should read about what Noah's sons do to him, but these verses are all about Numerology, and it is all a hidden meaning, read Bible Code, see how it is not just in English, but in the original language, stupid people tell me that I use a play on English words, when the Bible code is very clear...

The Bible is a very complex math encrypted book of Magic we now call Science, and most of the Nobles are the only ones who had money to be able to work in Magic, it was expensive, and still is, keep in mind the Church did not all any type of Science, or what we would consider Science, and any, it is not the Church, it only protects the Bible, now Religion on the other hand, is something we all can deny, so to people like Shem, the secrets of how to read the Bible, became Masonic Secrets, and only Witches knew how to read Witchcraft, and the Bible is written in Witchcraft, so Noah was 600 years old when the Flood started (Genesis 7:6) and he lived for 350 years after the Flood (Genesis 9:28), 7 * 6 = 42 ~ 6, 7 + 6 = 13 ~ 4, so this age in years is a Masonic Secret with a number 600 attached to it, and the number 42 and 13 tell me why, and 9:28 becomes 9:1, the just 1, so this 350 years is a time frame, now think about going through the whole Bible doing this: Genesis 6:6: means 66 ~ 3: meaning Trinity, His life span: Noah lived for 950 years in Genesis 9:29 ~ 2, so 950 was two Life Spans, after a while this can make you start to understand the Bible: in ways, at first, you did not, or it will drive you insane, needless to say, Newton just had to write them all down, and eventually decided on 136 as the total number of Elements, but the truth is that the Bible is right, if God allowed Noah to blow up the Levi, thus killing Millions...

Noah or Moses would have been declared Terrorist in today's Society, because God had nothing to do with the Death and Destruction that Noah brought on the World, only Religion could make either one of these Sins forgivable, Noah and Moses were Mass Murders, to understand Genesis: you must Live, to Kill is Evil, making Noah and Moses the evilest people to have ever existed in the Bible, except for the Roman Empire, and we still Live under their Rule, use their Money and Pay their Taxes, so the Math is very clear to me, people that Sin are as Thick as Thieves, but like Newton said, I added everything up and down, and it always comes out to 136, then he figured out 666, and as it turns out 136 was just one Key, Newton never made the connection to 136, nor did I till I added the 0 Non-Element to it, at first 136 + 0 = 136, but 0 exist, and thinking that it does not exist or is not a Real Number, is Insane, to prove this: I go to the store to get my favorite food, but the shelf is empty, I ask the person running the store why my favorite food is gone, they said that when they ran out, the stock inventory said its quantity was 0, so it does not exist because 0 is not a real number, so we can not help you, and in the context of Math, that is correct, because if a 0 quantity is valid, the 0 is a Real Number, but it is a Special Case you always have to check for first, then decide what to do...

Life is about Decisions and how we make them, if you become a Calculator, you will always get this number: 136 + 0 = 136; but Newton being Newton, said at the Royal Society meeting, that the number 666 is a cycle of time in the Bible, and that sign is the Mark of the Beast, and the Beast is like the Comet with a 333-year cycle, that hit is the Planet every 666 years, or 2 cycles according to Genesis 9:29 (~ 2), because if Noah lived that long, he saw both cycles and knows this to be the Truth, and it is possible that a Comet hit near Gibraltar, and was, in fact, responsible for the Mediterranean Sea, and Noah just happen to have been on a boat on a River, and just got swept away, there are so many things in life we take for granted, like (+1) + (1) = 0, who knows, may one day someone will prove that 136 + 0 = 137, and I am paraphrasing Newton and this was not a quote, if you want the quote, you will have to dig up that History, but keep in mind it was table talk, I read this from Halley's notes, and found only clues that lead me to believe that Newton wanted the number to be 137, but knew it was only 136...

One day I was looking at Pictures in the Bible, and noticed that my Grandmother had a necklace that had one of the Artifacts on it, it was called a Rosary, it was a string of Perls that came together in a hub, that had 3 attaching points, two of them was the loop that went around the neck, the other went down to another string of Perls holding a Cross, and the Lights came on: 1 is the whole Rosary, just like Jesus on the Cross, there is only 1 Jesus in the Bible, so the 3 is the attaching points, it is what binds the 0 and the 1 together, because the string forms a 1 when not attached, so the 1 becomes 0 when you attach it, so this is my String Theory joke, and 6 is the number 3 doubled, so if I double 0 I get 1, take the loop as it forms a 0, double it means to fold it, now it makes a 1, as such 1 is just a string, it is attached to the hub of 3, it becomes a 0, and the Cross is a Plus Sign in Math, so the Rosary is Proof that 136 + 0 = 137, and reading Newton you know he is obsessed with this number, as are other Mathematicians, it is the 33rd Prime Number; but I already knew that, then it occurred to me that if 1 is the string, and connects to the hub that has 3, well, that would be an Atom with an Atomic number of 3, and that is Lithium, and they give that to Bipolar people, and has an atomic weight of 6.941, and 9 + 4 = 12 ~ 3, if I want more resolution, and 9 + 4 + 1 = 13 ~ 4, but the Number 13 is also a significant number...

Numerology has a rule about Grouping numbers, so 9 + (4 + 1 = 5) ~ 9:5, and in Genesis 9:5 I read: “ And surely your blood of your lives will I require; at the hand of every beast will I require it, and at the hand of man; at the hand of every man's brother will I require the life of man. ” Now what this means is simple: surely your blood of your lives will I require: Newton's God was Light, so the Laws of Physics is God's Laws, and I is the Light, so I is God, now the Blood of your Lives will I require, so when God: who is the Light or Energy that keeps us alive, so God is our Brainwave, so I is your Brainwave, look in a mirror and say IAM out loud and mean it, so at the Hand of, means to Kill, so the Beast and Man will Kill you, but at the Hand of every Man's brother, meaning if another a Man Kills another man's brother, and that Brother wants Justice, only then will I require the life of man, it does not say you have to kill that person, because the term will I require: is a what-if question, and Justice is implied, so this means that everyone will die eventually, either by Beast or by the Hands of Man, or just time, but they only time I will require another man to die, is if someone wants Revenge, or to ensure the safety of others, understand that Morality is implied, so how do I get all this from the Atomic Weight of Lithium, well, maybe I need to be on it, but in the Bible its saying that Blood is Sacred, so the Mass of this Lithium is also Sacred, it is for the Blood, and maybe Man will not Kill Man, so the Bible works in wondrous ways, and Numerology is what ties things to the Bible, without a proper number, its meaning is meaningless...

Numerology is not a Religion, those that make it one are doing so for Profit, or Prophet, the science is clear, so it passes the Numerology test, it is in Group 1, it has 2 Periods, so its like in Genesis 9:29, which means that if you are looking for a number and this is it, then its significant, so I took off the strings using its clasp, and was holding this hub in my hand, it looked old, it had 3 gold rings soldered to a silver disk, the disk was like the reeded edge of a U.S. Coin, which reeded edges are often referred to as ridged or grooved in US usage, or milled in UK usage, and was, in fact, a silver coin but not from the US, it was much older than that, and this got me to thinking about Atom's, what if they all have these reeded edges, and like this Rosary hub: these Rings are caused by the Atom's configuration of Protons and Neutrons, so this is the Life Blood of this Necklace, without it, the 0 is 1, and Jesus stands alone, so I counted the edges of this coin and it only had 134 groves, at first, I was sad, I was maybe 6 or 7 years old at the time, so I hooked the strings back up and looked at it, then added the 3 Rings to it and got 137, and now I knew the answer, and whoever made the Rosary and wrote the Bible knew it too...

So 137 is the Maximum number of Elements allowed on the Periodic Table, plus one called a Trinary Element, it has an Atomic Number of 0, but if I take that number, and divide it by 3, because this is a Trinary Universe, it has 3 Phases, in Electricity, these are a given, for example One 110 Volt AC Signal makes 1 Phase, Three 110 Volt AC Signals makes 220 Volt 3 Phases AC, the concept is that if you have 3 wires, you have 1 hot, a common, and a ground, and therefore 1 phase, if you have 4 wires, you have 2 hots, a common and a ground, and therefore 3 phases, so the two hots add up to 220 volts, now if you have 5 wires, and therefore 3 phases, you have 3 hots, a common, and a ground, so the 3 hots add up to 330 volts, and that is the most energy you can get out of 3 Phase energy, and because Trinary Math is 3 Dimensional, we must only look at one Phase at a time, and this gives us 2012 years, just like the Bible and Mayan Calendar told us, so it all comes down to what you believe about what the Bible told us, so to answer the question about how I came up with all the Variables in my Program, you must understand that I understood at a very young age, that once you understand that Light is just White Noise, you understand it is really what is controlling everything, and Freewill is overrated, it will get you into more trouble than its worth, so never use it to make decisions, base them on facts, and the fact is that no one can explain how the Galaxy works without the Math I wrote at the age of 6, and that is funny now that I can look back at it, at the time it made me very upset, so you look at all the variables it takes to explain the Galaxy, and then you will understand why Einstein only found a Paradox without Gods Force as Gravity, I found the Trinary Electronic Math of the Trinary Universe, its variables are exactly as the Bible Code predicted, so do not ever call those people that believe in it crazy, it can predict the future because it is always part of our past, the more you learn about it, the more repeats you see, learn from it, or keep making the same ones, over and over again expecting the answer to change: that is crazy by the way...

Trinary Math is based on the Bible, using Numerology and Bible Code, so its knowing when to apply it to a situation; for example, I keep seeing repeating numbers on the clock, and they are spooky at times, but in Trinary Math, our Mind works in Cycles, for example, I see the number 6:32 a lot, it was the time I was born, so every time I look at a look around that time, I think of that time, its called a Relationship with that time, so numbers are very personal, yet after over half a century of training my mind: to better guess what time it will be when I look at the clock, I got it down to a science, and every day around that time, I will look at a clock, and it will be that special time for me, I told this to my wife, she said broken clocks are right twice a day, and that just happens to be when you go to the bathroom, and that battery has been dead for months, so Freewill can play tricks on your mind, so its up to you if you want to believe that God or someone Dead is talking to you, personally I do, and I just proved it, and that is how a lot of Trinary Math works. Yew may argue that I just took all the answers and wrote questions for them, and call it Trinary Math, but actually what I did was take all my questions, and found the math that explains them, and there is no way in the world you can explain the Galaxy, with fewer variables, and fewer things to understand, so if you count all the things you need to know to do Trinary Math: you only need to know 6 things, count them: only 6:

  1. Size of the Sun
  2. Multiplier for all the Magnetic Force Field Rings
  3. 137 Constant
  4. 3 Dimensional 3 Phase division
  5. Number of Trinary Engines
  6. Error Rate

So knowing only 6 things, I can calculate everything I need to know about the Galaxy, and I got it only from the Size of the Sun, so what I am saying is more complex than that, I am saying that based on the numbers of the Sun, it can only compute where Life can be found, and nothing more, and you must understand this, so let me try to explain a concept called “Empirical Evidence”: Empirical evidence is the information received by means of the senses, particularly by observation and documentation of patterns and behavior through experimentation. The term comes from the Greek word for the experience...

Empirical Evidence means that for every concept or math variable, there must be evidence that it exist, so look at the List again and decide what has Evidence:

  1. Size of the Sun: Evidence
  2. Multiplier for all the Magnetic Force Field Rings: Evidence
  3. 137 Constant: Evidence
  4. 3 Dimensional 3 Phase division: Evidence
  5. Number of Trinary Engines: Evidence
  6. Error Rate: Evidence

Now to argue that the Core of Galaxies, Suns, Planets, and Moons, is not a Trinary Engine, meaning it is not a Huge Atom, well, it goes against the Evidence, and you take it out of the Equation and see if you feel like a Star, because I have to know these 6 things to compute where Life is, and as far as the Galaxy, well, Suns change tracks all the time, no reason to believe its Size has anything to do with what Track its one, but an indicator that if it is Track 666, then there can be Life there, and that is all, it does not mean you will find Suns of any size there, or that only Suns of this size exist here, its saying that all the Suns that exist on this Track, only ones with this Size Sun, or and never forget this, it is not the Suns Size that makes life possible, it is our Speed around the Sun, so there are many Size to Distance Ratios that Life can still exist in, this math just shows you the most efficient, based on this Size, so this Math proves that if our Planet moves, it only has so far it can go either way, and Life will not exist, and it is why it does not exist on Mars, or Venus, and Mercury and Mars are actually Moons, I have no idea why people call them Planets, they have to have a Magnetosphere that can hold the Atmosphere to be called a Planet, with the exception of if it has its own Moon, and Size has nothing to do with it, having to call them Dwarf Planets is Childish, Planets can grow up... The thing about Empirical Evidence that works, is that only Fools Deny it... I do not want to debate Science, its true that I have made a lot of errors in this book, let's hope, not in this chapter, and by mistakes, I mean in Logic, Math errors are just as easy as Spelling Errors to me, I often try to add two concepts that are not of compatible types, and Numerology can not be blamed for that, Numerology is only to find references to the Bible, nothing more, so do not read into it, in the old days before books, people told stories, these stories were then written down, and had reference numbers to them, when they wrote the Bible, they encoded all its Passages, and to make the Numbers work out, most of the Passages make no sense, and it is because they were never meant to, it is a code to ensure no one changes it, and why the Insertion of Christ was so Crazy, it plays Hell in the Bible Code, proving it is all a Lie and the Code proves it, it is because all the Passages add up and down, and even Sideways (division), but its easy to calculate if it is been changed, and at every mention of Christ and Money, it has, and everyone that knows the code knows this...

To calculate how many Iterations are in a Half Cycle:
30000030 / 2012 = 14,910.5516898608349, Intervals in terms of years: how many Intervals are in a half cycle.
This means it takes 14,910-time Iterations as long as the one we had from the time Jesus was born, and at the time we go through the Galactic Plane, we will be into that cycle by 0.5516898608349. This should be enough Math to figure out any question, and if you want to write an interactive program to calculate this math, keep in mind you need a Maximum and a Minimum, and the Average is great for books, but that needs to be the Current, and I could write a program to do this, but it would only be doing what the Table does, but without giving you the Current, so I will work on that.

I should point out that a Sun, Planet or Moon, should never be switching Polarity during the Galactic Plane Crossing, they could be destroyed, in fact, the only reason they would do this, is if they were slated to be destroyed, so I imagine that our Iterations correlate to the strongest Magnetosphere, as we pass into the Galactic Plane, witch means that this is all Planed out by God, because this is God's Math and not mine, that is what Kepler said, and what Galileo wrote about him, and what Newton wrote about Galileo, writing about Kepler, and now it is what I write about in my math, all I am trying to do, is figure out what God is saying to the Universe, just use my Sacred Geometry to figure out all you need to know about me, and use the 1/137 and 3 Phase Rule to figure out its commands to its World, this is Trinary Math: therefore it is the Math of Flesher, which includes its Solar System, down to the Planets and Moons, and that is the Math of Kepler and Newton, but it is all from one understanding, and that is combinations of state changes:

This math is called Bible Code:
(+1) + (1) = 0
(+1) = 0 + (1)
(1) = 0 – (+1)
and it is part of Numerology and not its Religion, but a Prim`er for the Constant of Light, and if you do not believe me, just replace with a unit of 1 in these equations, with what every unit of measurement and quantity you want, but I want to figure out what God is saying to me, I know in the Silence of my Heart Beat, God is talking to me, because when I think of really complex Math, the answer always comes to me during that time, so it must be recorded in my Heart Beat, and in my Brainwaves, so it is just the question that complexes anyone, and I am a very complex person, but still, find asking a search engine for things you are interested in is dangerous, you get to general and you get everything, you get too specific and you might find the first few thousand hits do not pan out all the time, and my math is only as complex as IAM, it looks simple, it works, but most Mainstream Scientist will say you can not use the 1/137 Rule on the Sun, so I feel like they are saying: No it Not, and why I do not care what Yew believe: Prove it.

There is an Action and an equal and opposite reaction, and in terms of Math, we know that our sun was built to run on Track 666, but we also know it has been through every Track on its way, which meant it had to run at Negative Frequencies at some point in time, and I still have to do that math to calculate how long each Track is, so now we need to look at some Trinary Math that took me a long time to formulate, for example, the Sun is 864,575.9 miles in diameter, and I can use Trinary Math Formula 137 to find out its Interval to get how long its Iterations are, and all of these have 3 Ranges: Maximum, Average, and Minimum, and when most Mainstream Astronomers hear about some crazy Theory that our Sun Orbits around Sirius, would sound insane, because it is, what I said was our Sun Orbits around a Dark Star, and Sirius Orbit is this same Dark Star, and this is the reason why Kepler came up with this idea, he had a dream or vision that he could never get out of his Mind, the Bible said God was All Light without Darkness, and the Math is clear, the Darkness can only be created Atomically, so all the Darkness we see is created by Electrons, and this is what I call Trinary Energy, so keep in mind that Kepler was talking about White Noise, and called it God, or the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother Nature, but when Galileo wrote of such things just repeating what Kepler said, he was almost banished, and nearly Execute if it was not for the fact he was very well-known, but was forced to denounce Kepler's writings, and Galileo refused, so he instead denounced his own, but there was more to what Kepler had written, and why Newton was so fascinated with what Kepler wrote, only using one term in the Bible as a Prim`er, Newton said this is Alchemy or Science and wrote about Light, but this Universe did not have our Earth as the Center of the Universe, and the Sun did not even Orbit the Galaxy, and most Mainstream Astronomers would not believe this as well, but Kepler wrote that if you take the Great Pyramid, that Aligns with Sirius on 14 January Gregorian Calendar, or 25 December Julian Calendar, and use a Square to make a foundation shape of Energy, then sit a 4 sided Pyramid inside the Square, I know that he used a 3 Sided Pyramid, this was because it is easier to make, and then you put a Sphere inside the Pyramid, and so this model that Kepler was trying to make, was a Mechanical Universe, but his Mechanical Model did not work out, yet Galileo got it, and so did Newton, and then Franklin, then Tesla, and then I got it, and now I want you to get it: the Square is Waveform, it is the Foundation for Energy, its given out by the Galaxy, the Pyramid is a Triangle Waveform, its given out by a Dark Star, and this is what controls all the Spheres...

The Math that describes the Square Waveform, is called the 137 Rule, it states that there are 136 Elements in the known Universe, and this 0 Element Rules them All, so it is a Ring, and it is symbol is “0𔄙, and throughout time this symbol has changed names, Kepler called it G0D, so what is God: All Light without Darkness... Newton saw this relationship through the writing of Galileo, writing about what Kepler wrote about, so by the time, Franklin said that is Lightning, Tesla figured out that the Light was Everything, and this Light is also the Force of Gravity in all of Newton's Equations, so what is this Light, and this Book proves that is Trinary Energy, so it must follow its Rules, because those are Gods Laws, or the Laws of Physics.

I have to point out something about most Aspies, we Abstract... I will always refer to Sirius as one Star, when I know it is a Binary Star, so why draw Illustrations knowing this? I am Autistic. Let me do some Math to prove what Autism means in terms of Abstract Concepts: Sirius is called a Dog Star, it is a 5 Pointed Star, and when you add 2 of them together you get: 5 + 5 = 10, and in Numerology, you add them down to 1, and that makes them 1. The way I think about a Binary Star System, is that it serves one purpose, its an Anchor for another System, and they follow us around the Galaxy as a constant.

Sirius is a Binary Star, so the math is not as simple, you have Sirius-A and Sirius-B, they are white dwarf Star, and about 8.6 Light years away, although some report this as 6.8 Light years. Sirius A is about twice as massive as the Suns, and has a radius of 740,000 miles, and is estimated to have a surface temperature of around 18,000 ° F, almost twice as hot as the Sun, whereas Sirius B is about the size of Earth, has a radius of about 3,666 miles, and has a surface temperature of around 45,000 ° F, which is almost five times as hot as the Sun. Its no coincident that Sirius has the same number of days as our year, and why it is a Constant in our Sky: In ancient Egypt, it was seen as a signal that the flooding of the Nile was close at hand. For the Greeks, the rising of Sirius in the night sky was a sign of the “dog days of summer”. To the Polynesians in the southern hemisphere, it marked the approach of winter and was an important star for navigation around the Pacific Ocean. The name “Sirius” is derived from the Ancient Greek “Seirios”, which translates to “glowing” or “scorcher”. The distance between the two varies between 8.2 and 31.5 astronomical units as they orbit every 50 years. Sirius is a System known as Sirius A and Sirius B, they are known as the Dog Star, and why the Light Wizzard has a Dog next to him standing on top of a Pyramid, that aligns to the Orion's Belt or the Belt of Orion, also known as the Three Kings or Three Sisters, is an asterism in the constellation Orion. It consists of the three bright stars Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka. The best visibility is in the early night sky during the Northern Winter/Southern Summer, in particular the month of January at around 9:00 pm. It is often colloquially called the “Dog Star” as the brightest star of Canis Major, the “Great Dog” constellation, It was classically depicted as Orion's dog. The Dogon people are an ethnic group in Mali, West Africa, reported by some researchers to have traditional astronomical knowledge about Sirius: that would normally be considered impossible without the use of telescopes. Sirius is called Yoonir from the Serer language, this is a Five-Pointed Star.

In comparison to other systems like the 3 Kings in Orion's belt: Alnitak (ζ Orionis) is a Trinary Star system at the eastern end of Orion's belt, and is 1,260 Light-years from the Earth. Alnitak-B is a 4th-magnitude B-type Star which orbits Alnitak-A every 1,500 years. The primary (Alnitak-A) is itself a close binary, comprising Alnitak-Aa (a blue supergiant of spectral type O9.7 Ibe and an apparent magnitude of 2.0) and Alnitak-Ab (a blue dwarf of spectral type O9V and an apparent magnitude of about 4). Alnitak-Aa is estimated as being up to 28 times as massive as the Sun, and to have a diameter 20 times greater. It is the brightest star of class O in the night sky. Alnilam (ϵ Orionis) is a supergiant: approximately 1,340 Light-years away from Earth and magnitude 1.70. It is the 29th-brightest Star in the sky and the fourth-brightest in Orion. It is 375,000 times more luminous than the Sun. Its spectrum serves as one of the stable anchor points by which other stars are classified. Mintaka (δ Orionis) is 1,200 Light-years away and shines with magnitude 2.21. Mintaka is 90,000 times more luminous than the Sun. Mintaka is a Binary Star. The Binary Stars orbit around each other every 5.73 days. So it is clear that Trinary and Binary Systems are common in the Universe, yet for me to make a claim that our Sun Orbits Sirius, would make Mainstream Scientist laughed out load, yet Newton wrote that belief is older than the Bible, and since it Aligns with the Great Pyramid every year on 14 January, I would say it is a Constant in our Sky, yet I draw it in all my Drawings as Newton did, on Star, and not a Binary Star, and it was because of this reason, and in fact, I only show one of them, but they, in fact, have a huge gravitational pull on our solar system, and I have no idea what angle we are in relationship with the Galactic Plane, I show it 180 Degrees off because Galileo drew it that way, this is a very old belief, and one I do not want to break, and one I can not debunk if I wanted to, since all my data shows we orbit them. What I have learned about Sirius, is that its like an Anchor to us, and its orbit is the same Dark Star we do, and personally I do not care if Yew believe in Dark Stars, nor does the Universe, Kepler said that if we must have faith that God exist, because we can not see Light without Darkness, then it stands to reason that not all Stars put out Light, and some Stars put out Darkness, so that is the Foundation of Trinary Science, since its at the core of my Beliefs, and just to be clear, a Belief is something you can not prove, but unlike a Theory, its Existence is not in Doubt, it is not a Theory that Stars put out Darkness, since that is all any of them do, Newton proved that, Darkness is all the Colors we can see, but Kepler was talking about Dark Stars, and I figure the size of most Dark Stars to be about the size of Sirius B, and there are also Dark Star Companions, and these are even smaller, as small as 333 miles in diameter, and I imagine there are a lot more Dark Stars in the Universal, then Light Stars: Ironic that Dark Stars only put out Light without Darkness: so they are actually God's Sun, and Light Stars only put out Darkness without Light: so they are Satan's Sun, and a joke between Newton and Halley, but true, because the Bible is mostly talking about Stars and not People, but leave it to People to make Stars out of People, and leave it to them to also confuse Science with Religion, make no mistake: God is in every atom in the Universe, including Dark and Light Stars...

In Math, Sirius is a Binary Star, and I could write a book just about this relationship we have with it, but its clear that it is orbiting a Dark Star just like us, and these Dark Star Companion Stars orbit us and Sirius in a Figure 8 pattern, and in my Dreams, as we near the Galactic Disk, which is an Imaginary area of the Galactic Plane, Sirius moves from being 180 degrees, meaning its on the other side of the Galactic Plane, opposed to being on the same side, and pushing us through the Disk at top Speed, and I see Newton's Comet being knocked out of the Asteroid Belt, that lays between us and Sirius, as it knocks one like a bowling ball, making it here in 666 years, with another one 333 years behind it, but regardless of this dream, without this feature, the Universe will expand, and it is not expanding at all, because Red Shifted Light is only the return Light, and not an indication its traveling at warp speed, its just all moving through different corridors in space, Galaxy Clusters are all joined, yet move at different rates to each other, some are Companion Galaxies, and we have one, and eventually, we will merge with Andromeda, and our Companion Galaxy will make a Tri-Galaxy, yet our Sun will stay between tracks 366 and 699, and if we can protect the Bible, it can last that long, even after the triad merger, and my Table will still work, and that is why I like its Math, it works with every Galaxy and Merger, and I got the idea from the Bible, as did I all my Math, because it is the same God of All Light without Darkness that wrote it.

Trinary Math is based on Empirical Evidence, so I tried to give you all the information you need to understand this math, I showed you my work, and told you how I came up with all the Numbers I use, and explained why I changed the names of things to include Trinary at the Beginning of them, as if God needs a Prefix like Trinary God, when in reality the God of All Light without Darkness, should do, but some people view God as a Deity, so I do not want to confuse yew, and this comes from the Bible, so I have to call you yew, and have to Rip into all that Sin, and all that is Evil, because this is not a Bible, its sells are Taxable, so if I sell it I have to Live in Sin, or do I, all my Income is Tax-Free, because I am 100% Medically Retired from the Military, but still, it is not about the Money, so I would rather just Pay the Tax, because I do encourage people to Pay Taxes, and to Support their Government. Regardless of I sell it: a Free version will always be available at the website, and I would Rather the Churches Teach the Science of God, along with their Regular Sermons, but I prefer to just read the Bibles Code, and use Numerology to find the meaning behind some numbers, and I also must point out that I have a lot of Childish Concepts in this Book, and it is because I was 6 when I started to write it, not that I know the origins anymore, but it is all up in my head, and I have another book or three to get out before I die, so I think that is all I have to say about that, I just thought you how to calculate the End of Civilization, and explained why they changed the Calendar for this event to align, so what else do you want to know?

Trinary Mathematics is math that calculates the motion of Atom's, so it can track every object in the Universe, so it is a very flexible Math and so easy to use. If you are wondering where all the Math Formulas are, look at Kepler's, Newton's and Tesla's work, there is no reason for me to include all their work, since I only built on their concepts; and only believe in their work; so its just the next logical step in their work. I do not try to baffle people with Bull Shit, but I do not deny that I do love to Bull Shit, but not about Trinary Science; BS to me means to make up stories that are not the Truth, also known as Fiction, but in Science, it is not allowed, and in real life, there is no reason to, its best to Separate Facts from Fiction, Kepler, Newton, and Tesla said the same things I have here in this book, so my work is done: the only thing I could do is explain all of Kepler's, Newton's and Tesla's Math, and that would be fun, so I might do that in the Wizards Guild to the Trinary Universe, but I see no reason to do it here; but I might point out that Kepler, Newton, Tesla and even Einstein who only believe in them: like myself, are all Autistic in a High Functioning Spectrum known as Aspies, and it is a common trait for them not to Lie, and why they as I: only write about what we can prove is the Truth; and the fact is that all their Math fits my model: Proving Trinary Mathematics is the Science of Life and the Trinary Universe.

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