The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 4.12
Trinary Mathematics

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 8 November 2018


Chapter 4.12: Trinary Mathematics

Math not only describes the Universe, it describes Reality, anything and everything in Reality has a Math Formula to describe it, and I am sure that John Nash wrote a formula to describe it, because he could see Math Formulas; but unlike my Cousin Isaac Newton, I do not see Math Formulas, I only see the answers, and to me its always how to write the question that confuses me, and how to explain it to those that do not think as I do is almost impossible for me, I can not show or explain to you how I calculated the answer, I only know the answer, and can not see beyond the question, so I will not be the one that will write Math Formulas that will impress any Mathematician, instead I will try to explain why I think the way I do, and maybe that process will lead to an explanation that can be understand, but this is all about Math, its just how you view it, but it is a known fact that some people on the Autistic Spectrum, can be shown, told, or other form of communication, that gave them a Math Question, and all they know is the Answer, and they do not even see that in their mind, so this is a very well documented experience, and not uncommon among people like me, so math like 1 + (-1) = 0, would never impress many Mathematicians, but my use of it, should impress them all, as would my Formula for Energy; and this is what I call Trinary Mathematics.

My Cousin Isaac Newton wrote that Math is based on Data, we use Data to calculate our answer, so both the question and answer are Data, the math known as Calculus, is based on what I call the Fudge factor, he called it the icing on the Cake, the concept is simple, take a Cake, calculate its volume, and you will find that Calculus can only approximate the volume, if it was actually correct, it was because the Data was perfect, and in life, few things are, for example: Cake will never bake to form a perfect shape, it will have tiny imperfections in the rising of the cake batter, so the Icing is applied to cover the imperfections, and due to the nature of Calculus, which over and under approximates the x, y and z of the space of the volume it is approximating, a plus or minus error correction is required to get closer to the correct answer, this is what I call the Fudge Factor, which is just another name for the Icing on a Cake, but at age 6, I would rather have Fudge, so its how I remember this Factor, I call it the Fudge Icing Cake Problem; and there is also another problem, and that is called Number Normalization, this takes place in many ways, rounding, ensuring the number is not = 0, or its positive or negative in sign, leaving room for more errors in the calculation, and because Data is at the heart of Math, it defines the question, but it does not answer it unless the Data is perfect, or the Formula can account for all the imperfections; so most math is just an approximation of our Reality, because our Reality is not Perfect, and our Math is only as perfect as we are at writing it, and it is our Reality, and in Nature, this can be proven Mathematically, this applies to Sound, so Music theory can prove that, its true in Sight, and Light proves that, so Trinary Math is within all the Elements in the Universe and is the Universe itself, so when people ask you what is the answer to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Question the: Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything, its 42, and why you ask, its because that number is in Hex, in Decimal its 66, because the Base is very important in math, many Wizards only used Base 16, and mostly because only Computers do, so few Humans knew the answer was actually 66 Base 10, so the Book was about a bunch of people that asked a question that took 10,000 years to answer, and because they forgot that Computers just like Wizards and Witches, only use Base 16 Math, because we all know they are famous for using Hexes, so this is no joke or metaphor, its a fact.

Math is not a human construct, all Animals are capable of some type of Math, and some animals are actually better at this math then Humans, this is easy to prove by comparison math, or math that compares quantity, so all Animals are Intelligent, and just because they do not speak our Language, does not mean that they do not have a Language of their own, and to assume that any Animal uses their voice to communicate is ignorant, they use it to show emotions, but not for communications, even hauling at Wolves will not be the same as talking to them, and since our Language is learned, yet there is no evidence that Animals teach a Language to their young, and there is no proof that Humans require a Language in order to communicate with others, so we can conclude its not required, yet most people thing that is Stupid or Dumb, thinking the two terms mean the same thing, making me wonder which one is more intelligent, Dumb means you can not Talk, at least you can not Talk Intelligently, Stupid means you do not know what you are Talking about, so it just makes it easier to interpret what they are trying to convey, and this explains why some humans are able to do complex math, yet are unable to learn or use Language as normal people do, which makes the word normal a bit ambiguous, since most people can not do complex math, making you wonder who is more intelligent, those that can do complex math and not use Language or those that can use Language but not do complex math, and I must go with those that can do complex math, and that is just because my language skills suck, and if I go by Complex Math: this makes Animals just as intelligent as humans, which makes you wonder why I pick on Sheep by calling them Stupid, and its because most people think that Animals are Stupid, and by the way: its Yew that made the Sheep Stupid, so I can prove Animals can do math just as well as most Normal humans, and Animals do not destroy this planet, making them far more intelligent then humans, proving its not Language that makes a species intelligent, its their ability to do complex math, and that is not limited to the Human Species, and I do not need to explain this to Sheep, but most people count on them to go to Sleep, and its because Math is Boring to most Normal Humans, whereas I seem to have more of a problem trying to convey concepts that are mathematically sound to Humans: because they can not count any better then Sheep, because Animals that are not Intelligent believe that Theories are the Truth or that Math can Prove Concepts to be the Truth, knowing that its all based on Data that is not perfect, its the question that is wrong and not the answer based on flawed Data, because the Base Numbering system was not correct, so this made my decision to write this book for a Sheep called Yew, all that much easier, now I can justify it based on Intelligence, because its a scientific fact that Sheep can learn to count just as good as most 6 year old's, and that is how old I was when I realized this, when I start talking about Trinary Math most people say What, what is Trinary Math, or some just assume its like Binary Math, so it must be a Base 3 Math, yet most Wizards use only base 16, what is cool about Trinary Math is that: 1 + (-1) = 0, works in any Base System I know of, at least bases: 2, 10, and 16, the 3 most used bases, so to find a math Formula that works in all bases is the Magic of Math, and why Sir Isaac Newton is known as the Last Magician.

Trinary Mathematics, is simply the Math that the Trinary Universe was based on, and that includes the Math and Concepts of: Johannes Kepler, Sir Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla and other Wizards, and the Math for Electronics does not change much, in fact its only the fundamental definition for: how everything in the Universe physically behaves at the subatomic level, and its only then does this become Crystal Clear, and its at this level that the Math must explain the behavior of every Atom, Molecule, or Cell in existence, so its the Mathematical Equation to answer one question, how does the Universe work at the Subatomic level, so the big question is can Trinary Mathematics answer the question of how the Universe works in one equation?

Newton invented Calculus, and so I will created a New Math called Trinary Math: to include Trinary Vertice Matrix Calculations, I have covered much about the Vertice Matrix itself, and it needs no introduction so now it is time to put it to work in Math, and in order to do this, we must come up with a way to store and retrieve information, so we will do this in a Matrix, and this Matrix is a simple construct, it has labels that are attached to variables, the labels are: x, y, and z for physical location using any coordinate system like the Cartesian Coordinate System, that uses a grid to represent space, now we need to track the State change and Material, where the State change is: 0, 1 or -1, representing the Trinary State changes based on a very simple set of rules I will discus later, and the Material, which is the type of Atom the Material is made of, so it can be any element in the Periodic Table (which is currently incomplete), or it can be Energy like Electricity or higher frequency of Electricity in the Photonic or Light spectrum as well as a lower frequency in the Electromagnetic spectrum, so we need to track the x, y and z location, State and Material for every vertex we are tracking, each type of Material comes down to a Neutrino at the subatomic level, where Subatomic means smaller then an Atom, smaller then an Electron, so it should be clear that Neutrinos are Subatomic particles. In a Matrix each can be placed in a grid that explains its properties in detail, Trinary Math uses 3 States to define everything in the Universe, all Math and all Concepts have common numbers, to describe Color, we could use numbers for each color, but we would come up with Trillions of them, or we could use a Matrix of 3 categories that describe color, so that is what I will do, I will use the math of 3 properties: Red, Green and Blue, and the Color Values can be in Base 16 or Hex Code, this is how I put a Spell on yew, all Energy has 3 properties for Electrons, Protons and Neutrons, and the list goes on, its all how we define things that this becomes truth.

As a Computer programmer I like to use C structures to represent this data, in this case a Particle represents all the Elements in existence and all Energy such as an: Electron, Proton, Neutron, all made of Neutrinos and Light, as such:

struct Particle
signed long long x, y, z; # Cartesian Coordinates
signed int State; # Trinary States: 0, 1 or -1
char Change; # Actual Change
char Material[32]; # Silver, Light, Electromagnetic Force...

Once we define where every Particle in the Universe is, and what State its in at that Moment, and what type of Particle it is, which includes every Particle in the Universe, each Particle has its own Matrix: each column describes different aspects of the Particle: Type: Gold, Silver or other Element, Class: Solid, Gas, or Liquid, Color: Red, Green and Blue (Hex), and other information like Spectrum and other details that fully explain everything we know about that Particle, so now we have a good start at defining how the Universe works, we can track every particle in the Universe to see if we see a pattern to it, and that Pattern is defined as State Changes that correspond to every Particle in the Universe, so the word Reality must apply to this Vertice Matrix, so these State Changes must be accurate, and the problem is that every type of Particle will be affected by Trinary State changes differently, but the rules are the same for all Particles, so its just a matter of time that it takes the Trinary Energy to actually change the state of a Particle that differs, for example, the State change around an Atom will only change direction in a given amount of time depending on many factors, and just because the Trinary Energy is trying to change the State of a Particle does not mean it can, nor does it stop it from trying, an example can be seen under a microscope when its clear that the Trinary Energy is trying to change the State of an Atom, but that Atom does not change States, or at least not in real time, this is due to the Laws of Physics, but more to the point, we have no way of knowing why the Trinary Energy is trying to make a change that does not seem to be causing a change, so it might lead us to believe that the State Changes are not taking place, but in the Real World, we can not confirm such a State Change without observing it, and that Observation can change the outcome, and yes that does mean that if you look at it or record it, it will effect the outcome, and its because its Intelligent and knows you are studying it, and it is studying you, and that might be why the change is not taking place, so the rules I am about to Spell out, are not absolute, but rather suggestions, so we must track both the State and the Change, then we can analyze the results and determine what is really happening, so its like navigating a ship on the Ocean, we are floating through space just like electrons float around atoms.

Trinary Energy State Changes are defined by the appearance of the White Noise, and its hard to see the State changes because they are so small, and we are seeing changes in the density of the space they exist in, which can affect how we see these changes, so what we need is a computer that can identify Trinary Energy State Changes, until such time we will to rely on our own eyes, but after spending most of my time trying to get people to believe that the White Noise is causing all Particles in the Universe to move, I can tale you that most people will never believe it, because they have no way of determining it, and that is just Step 1, where Step 0 is understanding the Concept, and the next logical Step is determining what a State change is, so we can start Documenting them.

I have spent most of my life experimenting with CCD's or Charged Coupled Devices, since it was invented back in 1969, and since that time little has changed, they still do not have the resolution required to see Atoms, and using an Electron Microscope has its own issues, when it comes to recording White Noise, and how it deals with it, and Trinary Energy is much smaller then the Electrons that orbit the Atoms, so Technology needs to change in order for the tracking of Trinary Energy to even be acknowledged by most people, so instead of having to wait for this change in Technology, we must use Logic and Reasoning to answer the question of how we determine what a State Change is, so using Electron Microscopes that have been enhanced to detect White Noise, which means it has no White Noise canceling circuits, we can observe different Atoms under a microscope and we will note that the Atom is constrained, meaning that it can not physically move very much because of the way we have to secure the Atom in order to look at it, and we already know that observation of White Noise can influence the way it behaves, so we have our work cut out for us, so we will look at other particles such as Light from many sources, and Electromagnetic Force, and determine if we note this pattern I call State Changes, where we can see the Trinary State Changes, but do we see the State Changes made by these Particles, if so, we can document it, and so far I have only had my own two Eyes to document these changes, so I know it can be done without the aid of any new Technology, but this requires someone that can distinguish patterns in White Noise, and that is an individual trait that would be required by an individual, so not everyone can document these changes, most people can not see Patterns in the Clouds or Sun, and just because they can does not mean they will be able to apply that to patterns in White Noise, so just because someone can not determine it, does not mean its not possible for someone else to determine it, but it leaves the possibility that no two people will agree on what change took place, so the Heisenberg's uncertainty principle is at work here, and its because of this very problem, so he understood this concept, so we need some new technology that works better then CCD or an Electron Microscope, at detecting signal noise changes in a signal in thin air, surrounding an atom in some material we are observing, so we are recording meany different types of Atomic Elements in Molecules, so you need to be able to record full spectrum Light.

As I have already covered the movement of Particles in relationship with the State changes of Trinary Energy or White Noise, I will go over them as the need to document them needs to be very clear, so I will define how the Trinary States work in the simplest of terms.

If a Particle moves, a State change of 0 must take place, in Atoms this happens all the time, because every Atom in the Universe is always moving through the Universe, so its not possible to have fixed or Static Atomic Structures that do not move through the Universe, and although Light Particles do not move in the Universe, we will have moved 186,000 miles away for it in a second, which makes observations very difficult, so these are the Problems that we must deal with when documenting these changes, so using high speed video recordings will help a lot, so remember to turn Noise Cancellation off, so the easiest way to document State changes of 0, is to use Light Particles and Mirrors, because we know that the only time Light Particles move is when they have to change directions, so all we have to do is look for 0 State changes around the Mirror, and not the Light Particle itself, and we can also determine the direction change needed, be it a 1 or -1, and we can not assign them to the Cartesian coordinates thinking that they correlate, these direction changes do not cause the particle to physically change direction, it only orientates the Particle so it can travel in that direction, and Light Particles must make constant changes to travel in what appears to be a straight line, because its a closed loop the same as all Electromagnetic force fields, the Laws of Physics are absolute, so it only requires one 0 State change to start a Light Particle, and one to end its loop, so the State changes of 0 mean a move has been made or is requested to be made, and as I have stated, just because it was requested does not mean it was made, and the States changes of 1 and -1 only indicate an alignment change is made, and this is easy to see around the microscopic cellular engines in all cells, in fact, the State changes can be used to explain all movements of any type of particle with mathematical accuracy; these movement patterns are what John Nash liked to work on, to bad he did not get into Chemistry, instead of Game Theory, but that is what is need here.

We could enhance any Graphical Physics Simulator like the Open Source Project called Blender, which is a graphical object animator software package, which is what I used to make most of my videos, and illustrations or you could use the Proprietary project called Maya that I could not afford to use; or you can use any commercially available physics object simulator or CAD software, all you need to do is to add two variables to track: State and Material, so we can create software that will simulate these State changes based on the simple concept that every movement or direction change made by any Particle, will result in a 0 State Change, followed by a 1 or -1 State change to orientate the particle to move in that direction, this way we can create videos of what the patterns might look like, and we can use them to compare how they actually look, and with technology advances we can use this data to track real time State changes.

The big question is can one Mathematical formula determine how the Universe actually works, and the answer is yes, and the equations have already been written in the Computer Physics Simulation Software I just mentioned, so with just little enhancements to update the two variables in the equations, this software can simulate all such State changes needed to be made, and documenting these changes in Reality can prove that that Trinary Energy is actually causing these changes, but I have not taken the time to write such patches for these software packages, mainly because with the Technology available to me, it would be a waist of my time, but it would be cool, so maybe I will make it a priority! (that means Not)

Math has never been a subject I had much interest in, just joking, I have OCD and its all I can think about, I learned the Math of Sir Isaac Newton on my own, what others tried to teach me just confused me, solving equations that have no problems did not make any sense to me, so getting through all the Math that was required for my PhD was all I needed to know, so I know enough about Math, and how to write Mathematical formulas, but I was only interested in one, the one my Cousin Isaac Newton was stuck on: 1 + (-1) = 0 ; I mean why else would he say its a constant, when he wrote it like a basic first time math formula, as if this is the first thing that anyone taught him about math, which is that if you take any number and add it to an opposite signed number of the same size, it will always equal 0, and that was the answer, the Universe really is just that simple, for every Atom we have a physical property we call Matter, and it always has a Negative or Antimatter Atom that will counteract it, thus if you add Matter to Antimatter the two cancel each other out and equal 0, so the ratio of Matter to Antimatter is always 1 to 1, its a constant, the same is true for Light, a Photon is considered Positive by default so adding the word Positive does not change that, but a Negative Photon is something that most people do not talk about, but they exist, and since they do not exist in the same time frame, meaning that if we turned on a device that would emit one Photon, you would know that following it through a cycle will start off in the 0 Dimension, this is when the Electron's frequency is raised to the desired frequency to become Light, and then the Electron disappears from view, then it illuminates in the same spot, and then turns a darker color and moves forward, so it has 3 State changes in just one Photon, so it has the 1 State when its at its Brightest, and -1 State when its at its Darkest, so its White and Black or Light and Dark, and its Matter and Antimatter since it has a little mass, and the 0 State represents it when its invisible, and the same is true for the Atom, so when we Add 1 to -1 it equals 0, its just the order that confuses some people, its the which came first problem, the Chicken or the Egg? In this case you have Matter, then Antimatter, then Null because the two canceled each other out, its not Math, its a Constant, because this never changes, and I can find many ways to write it: 1 | -1 | 0 (| means or), which means the same thing when applied to the same problem, and in this case the problem is Reality, because everything we interact with has Atoms or is Light, Light means Energy, at lower frequencies its called Electricity, and has a property where its Frequency times its Wavelength is equal to the Speed of Light, so the only Math I need to understand is this simple concept: 1 + (-1) = 0 .

String Theory started off as an Idea that you could model the Universe around the way a String would behave in Reality, so if we take a short segment of String and imagine that its in the shape of a Sine Wave, we can visualize the start of a Concept that might lead us to an answer in Math, because we can do all kinds of Calculus to Strings, we can bend it to form complex shapes like: Circles, Squares, Triangles, and just about any shape you can Dream up in fact as long as you can do it with one segment of String, if you have to add other segments and they do not touch, then you have a paradox, and that can not exist in Reality, the concept is that all equations must explain a single concept that is somehow related, but we can not compare apples to oranges, so String theory has a basic foundation for explaining the Universe, so to test this concept, we can write many math equations that explain how this String Segment can form Electrical Sine Waves: whose frequency times its wavelength equals the Speed of Light, and we know that this string is moving through 3 dimensions that have width, height and depth and 1 dimension that has no dimensions, or the 0 Dimension, and we know it has to exist, because every Atom in the Universe disappears during one of its 3 State changes, so in terms of describing the Universe we live in goes, String Theory is a good start if you keep the concepts simple and real, meaning no Theories, only what you can prove exists with empirical evidence to prove it.

So if you want 1 Mathematical formula to Rule them all, its 1 + (-1) = 0; and if you add this to any Physics Simulation Software and track its State Change for every Vertice, then you have one formula that can simulate all the things in the Universe, and that formula does Rule them all, because its the basic Rules or Laws of Physics that most be applied to these Physics Simulators to ensure they do not allow Paradox's, so the concepts of the Dynamic Universe is to have one paradox after another, so none of its Concepts or Math can be used in the Trinary Universe because we have no Paradox's here, and you can not mix the Formulas from the Newtonian or Trinary Universe in the Dynamic Universe, because they are both based on the Light of God, and the Dynamic Universe is Godless, so the Math of the Trinary Universe has one Formula to Rule them all, and it can be proven to be correct with empirical evidence, only the facts matter in Science, because regardless of what you believe God is, the Light of God is a known phenomena, and follows predictable patterns that can be identified and documented, so the concept of God is based on Science and not Religion, and do not allow Science to become a Religion, keep it real, Science Fiction is an important field of study for the Entertainment Industry, but it should not be allowed to let unproven Theories to become Mainstream Science, so 1 + (-1) always equals 0, and the rest of the Math works in every simulation. Most Mathematicians will say this is cheating, since all it does is sign changes, and that is true, so is the fact that the Sign Changes mean Everything you need to know to communicate with the Light, Electronics proves that, so it all about sign changes, because in the long run that is what creates the changes in the sign, so keep in mind that all Atoms have 3 types so its a Trinary Atom, so based on Logic and Math, to Rule means to cause Change, in terms of Trinary Logic its True, False or Unknown, and there is nothing Fuzzy about Unknown, its as much an absolute as True of False is, Unknown is an Invisible State, so Logically it is Unknown, since we can not see it, so its only how we deal with the logic does this matter, so this simple Math that describes the Relationship of all Atoms, only describes them in Terms of Polarity, it is 1 or -1, and 0 is this Unknown, because in terms of looking at Atoms under an Electron Microscope, you would believe the Unknown always comes from the Invisible State, you can not predict what state it will be in, which is Positive or Negative, but a 0, or Ground, we know its Neutral, its the State it will be when coming out of this State that is Unknown, and that is what Unknown is all about, so this is what the Trinary Universe is all about, making people understand what this Trinary Math is all about, because if I add a Negative Number to a Positive Number, it is Subtraction, meaning its a unit of exchange, if you give me a Negative 1 to add to a Positive 1, the answer would be 0, so it must switch to the 0 state to make this change, and if the number is a Positive 1 and we add it to a Negative 1, the answer would be 0 again, so it must switch to the 0 state to make this change, so this Math is 3 Dimensional, or 3D Math, keep in mind it is running in a Helix shape, and everything we know about Electronics tells us that this is the truth, the Sine Wave Pattern is driven by this Trinary Math, and you can add it to almost any equation, which is really cool for Mathematicians, because they know it does not alter the math, it just allow you to look at Atoms in 3D, and you have a Formula that can be used to drive this Model, that can apply to a Physics Generator or Simulator, because it has an x, y, and z, and we know that that Math describes an endless loop, or infinity, humans visualize how atoms move through space, so imagine this in your mind, or using your hands, if we put our fingers together with our palms facing each other, keeping our index finger and thumbs touching, move your palms away from you, so your fingers form a Triangle, now focus on the center of the Triangle and touch all same fingers on opposite hands together, such that we can now form a Sphere, with your thumbs pointing down and fingers pointing Up, we can now see the shape of a Crystal Ball, and that is what Wizards look into when explaining Magic, now the Fingers are pointing up to Heaven and that is Positive, and is also South, but remember that its also called Magnetic North, and not what most people call it, so the Thumbs down is Negative or North, keeping in mind that is normally what People call South, because it is Magnetic South, so imagine that its x axis is in the center of your hand, and runs from the middle of your nose through the center of you hand, as if Light came out of your Nose, it would travel through the x axis, this is the easiest way to remember this information by the way, so on my Right I have Negative Energy, so on my Left I have Positive Energy, so Imagine that when this Light is in a Negative 1 State, its dimmer, so Right means you are Dimmer, so people who think they are Right are Dimmer, just a little rhyme I use to remember the Rules, so the Brighter ones use their Left, that was the Positive Energy, so if I have a small Crystal Ball I make with my hands, and I imagine that it looks like a Photon, or Electron, running from my Nose through the Crystal Ball, I can imagine as the Energy appears for the First time it is in the Right Hand, at the tip of all the Fingers, so its Negative and is moving downward till it crosses the 0 Axis, where the thumbs touch, so as it pass from the index finger down to the Thumb of the Right Hand, it is always Negative, so its in an Antimatter State, always driving Down towards North or the Magnetic South Pole, as it moves like a Corkscrew, it will hit the thumb in the Left hand, after passing through the x axis or 0 dimension, and its Positive Energy, so the Matter Side of the Neutrino is showing, and this is the Positive 1 State, so its climbing to Heaven because no one gets to Heaven unless they go through the Father, so the Son must go through the Father to get to Heaven, so the Son must go through the Mother to grow up to be the Father, and they are just two types of Energy, Matter and Antimatter, whereas the Mother is Neutral, Light and Darkness, so the reason I think that Trinary Math is so important, is because its the Math Equation for God, the Positive 1 is the Light, its the Matter, the Negative 1 is the Darkness, its the Antimatter, and 0 is this Unknown place where all decisions are made, so you know this is the Mother, because no one messes with the Nature of Mother, and this equation: 1 + -1 = 0, is actually short hand notation for a Function of x: +- f (x), with a plus an minus sign change of x on every rotation, so it is a Trinary Engine that makes the World go around, because its the same Math that the Trinary Universe uses for everything it does, so no matter what ever math you need to calculate the Orbit of Planets, Newton just optimized it out of his Equations, and adding it back dose not change it, because they are a default behavior for the Universe, so all Energy will follow this simple pattern, and explains the more complex waveforms. So once you fully understand how simple Trinary Math is: 1 + (-1) = 0, you will understand how simple the Trinary Universe is to understand.

Vertice Matrix Mathematics is based on the vertex of Subatomic particles, such that the vertex of an Atom: Proton, Neuron or Electron; is always at the center or vertex of that object in question, so whenever you use Vertice Matrix Math, its object based Math, based on a Matrix that describe the physical properties of the object in question, but its data is based on each element in the Matrix, so to collect data for the Matrix, we must define all the data and its data points in the Matrix, and this is all based on the Location of Atoms, it describes the Atomic Structure of the Object, at the Subatomic Level of Trinary Science, so it is also used to describe Dimensions, and the Polarity of Electricity.

A Math Table is an example of a Number Matrix as seen in Table 4.09: Math Table: Number Matrix, the way the Matrix works is well known, each row and column is labeled, and to find the answer, all you have to do is cross reference the row and column, for example: to find what 6 x 6 =, all we have to do is go down to the row labeled 6 and then go over to the column labeled 6 and we find the answer 36, Vertice Matrix math is similar, only the data has three dimensions instead of two, so its all a matter of using simple math to find a complex question, as such, the resolution is all based on the graduations of details, for example to add more resolution for this 2 dimensional table, we would have to add more rows and columns and label them something like 1.1, 1.2 and so on. The concept is simple, we can plot out data and use simple Matrix math to find the answer, and this may seem to simple of a concept to even talk about, but its simple solutions that make it worth talking about, simple is easy to use and understand.

 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
 2 2 4 6 81012141618 20
 3 3 6 9121518212427 30
 4 4 812162024283236 40
 5 51015202530354045 50
 6 61218243036424854 60
 7 71421283542495663 70
 8 81624324048566472 80
 9 91827364554637281 90
Table 4.09: Math Table: Number Matrix

A more complex Vertice Matrix would have 3 dimensions, so it would take the shape of a cube, and each cell would contain the location of an object, such as an Atom, or one of its 3 components like: Proton, Neutron or Electron, depending on the resolution of the Matrix, this gives us a static model of the physical location of such objects at a specific time, in order for this model to be useful, it would have to be interactive, so a computer program would interact with it, like a computer simulation, so my point in talking about such mathematical models is that this is the way I view all Mathematical problems, in my mind I create the Matrix and then I can fill it with the data, and simply do a cross lookup for the answer, this simplifies the math that I am required to learn, and its math that is easy to teach others, and my point is that, its math that is used in real life more than any other type of Math when it comes to charts, making spreadsheets very popular.

When it comes to math for the Universe, a Matrix represents the Space of the Universe, so it makes since to me to use Matrix math to explain the movement of all objects in the Universe, some people tell me that it over complicates the math, while others tell me it over simplifies it, and its why I chose not to deal with Math, other than to talk about how I calculate concepts in my mind.

The number 3 is Trinary Math and is best viewed as a Pyramid from one side, but it has 4:
such that 4 x 3 = 12,
and 1 + 2 = 3,
its the way Math works when you add numbers down; this is called Numerology. You can also subtract them by adding them together, like:
(-1) + (- 2) = -3,
so a Pyramid equals +- 3. Plus the bottom which is a Square... This was Kepler's Math from the Harmony of the Universe: so its using 3 Shapes: a Sphere, Square, and Pyramid: and the Square fits inside the Sphere, and the Pyramid fits inside the Square, as such the Base of the Pyramid is Square, and the space inside it is Spherical, and these 3 shapes are bound as 1 object that represent Harmony: as such: using Kepler's Model:
the Number: 3 is 1 Unit,
the Number: 6 is 2 Units,
the Number: 9 is 3 Unites: as such we have the Numbers 3, 6, 9.
So its easy to see the Relationship, and how this Math works. If one thought is 1,
and two thoughts is 2,
and three thoughts is 3,
then how many thoughts is 666?
6 + 6 + 6 = 18,
1 + 8 = 9,
so 6 and 9 are just upside down:
and 3 + 3 + 3 = 9;
so its a set of 3 Numbers in sequence: 3, 6, 9; as such: 3 + 6 + 9 = 18, and 1 + 8 = 9, so its an infinite loop,
so if 666 is 999 upside down, and that adds down to 27, witch I did a video on that Number 27 in His-Story:
so you know what that Number is all about: 3 x 9 = 27, so this is a special case for confusion,
yet 2 + 7 = 9, such that it equals 9 just like 666, such that its sequence is 333: so this math always adds up or down, and the Number 42 reduces to 6, which in Hex the number 42 = 66 in decimal, witch is the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy answer to everything, so check the sequence to the left and to the right: to find the answer to the Trinary Universe: and get 369, and that is as far as 3 goes, infinite regression proves the numbers always reduce back down to these 3 numbers, so that is as far as Trinary Math goes and that is a long way to understanding the Trinary Universe: it only answers how the Universe works in Harmony, and its Kepler's Math: and it proves there are Patterns in the White Noise, because that is what Kepler called God.

To fully understand Trinary Math, you must understand what it Represents, and that is the Nature of the Atom, and throughout history Science is always changing, not so much the Universe it never changes, the Laws of Physics are Absolute, so its Science that changes that is wrong, so let us only look at Science that never changes, the Bible for example: it states God is all Light without Darkness, and my Cousin Isaac Newton said that Light is White Noise, so its Massless Light, meaning it has no Neutrinos to give it Mass, so Mass and Neutrinos mean the same thing, so when I talk about Mass, I am talking about the Amount of Neutrinos in an Atom, and Darkness is the Rainbow of Colors we can see with our eyes, and that is made up of Photons, and those are made up of Electrons, so we are talking about Light and Atoms. The Trinary Math of Energy is based on Atoms, and there are 3 types of Atoms: Proton, Neutron and Electron, and the Atom is made up of Neutrinos and Light, and there is a type of Neutrino for every Element in the Periodic Table for a total of 136 Elements, and 136 adds down to 1, so you must add in the one Non-Element and you get 2, and then add in the Electron to get 3, and there are 3 types of Light: Light without Darkness, Darkness without Light, and the Massless White Noise Light, and it should be obvious that all of these combinations have different characteristics. The Center of the Atom is called the 0 Dimension, and known as its Vertex or Vertice, and all Energy flows from here, and never to here, splitting an Atom will prove that point, and if Black Holes were possible, that is where you would find them, and why only Fools talk about Black Holes, so inside an Atom is a huge Energy source known as Light, it binds the Neutrinos with this Electromagnetic Force Field, this creates a 3 Force Field on the inside and 3 on outside of the Atom, you have a Positive, Negative and Neutral Force Field, due to Electromagnetic Flux Merging its hard to distinguish them, so on the inside its Neutral, Negative and then Positive, and on the outside its the same way, positive on always on the outside, when the Atom is in its Solid State, and this shifts to Neutral, Positive, and then Negative when in the Semisolid State, and its Unknown in the 0 dimension when its invisible, and the Space inside the Atom is filled with Light, keep in mind this Light is White Noise, it has 3 State Changes, Now let me put this into Math you can understand: the 3 State Changes on the inside of the Atom are denoted by the Number 3, so we take the number 3 then add the 3 State Changes of the Atom on the outside, and that makes 6, now we look around the outside of the Atom and we see 3 Force Field Levels, these are caused by the 3 State Changes of the Atom internally and externally, so now we have a total of 9, and this is what I call the 369 Constant, this constant represent the Trinary Matrix of Numbers, and can be Charted out in a 3 Phase Electrical Waveform, as seen in Illustration 4.30: Trinary Math 369.

Trinary Math 369
Illustration 4.30: Trinary Math 369 Full Size

The Numbering system is based on Points of Energy, everything above the 0 Reference line, which is the center black horizontal grid line, is Positive, and every thing below it is Negative, so we must focus on where the Highest and Lowest Potentials are, and then see where they cross, so what we want to do is focus on where on of the highest Peaks, cross two of the lowest Peaks, in this case its at 9, it cross 4 and 5, thus {embarrassing} it, so the Highest Positive potential outputs are 1, 2 and 3 in that order, each are a Phase, and each are labeled according to how they cross on the right side or output of the waveform, so we label the numbers clockwise starting at the highest Potential, and label each point as it changes Potential, so as we trace 1 back to 5, which is also the lowest Potential, and then back to 7 which has the highest input potential, and we note that tracing 2 back to 4, and then back to 8, is the same Potential but different Phase then the first waveform, but now we trace out 3, and find it traces back to 9, which traces back to 6, giving us 369 if we take its output, input and peak as a reference, so note that 6 is a Negative Input, whereas 7 and 8 were Positive Inputs, as such: its waveform is inverse of the other two, and you will note that this is the only way you will get 3 phase power naturally, so this is a phenomena, and this is how Nikola Tesla decided to label them, due 3 Problems: signal cross talk, signal cancellation and signal merging, and I know for a fact he was not the first to document this phenomena, but he is the one that pointed this out to me in his writing, so I will give him credit for it, but the main point here is to point out this Natural Phenomenon, and put it into a Math Formula we can use. So the 369 Configuration is just a way of Identifying waveform Energy Points, and defining 3 things: a Waveform type, in this case its Triangle, its Frequency and its Wavelength, and this is a very important concept, 1, 2, and 3 are outputs, 4, 5, and 9 are Peak Potentials, and 6, 7, and 8 are inputs, so in the case of 369, 6 is an input, 9 is a peak, and 3 is an output, so anytime the input is Negative, the peak will be Positive, and its output will be Negative, this is an Alternating Current or AC Signal ( +- f (x) ), so it depends on where you monitor the signal does this mater, which is why this illustration is important for this reason, because its this view that makes this point; and that point is that 3 Phase Electricity is a Natural Phenomena, and occurs in Nature in Lightning, and is easy to generate artificially with Electric Generators.

Try not to confuse Electron Valences with an Atoms Receptors, an Electron Valance is where Electrons Attach, whereas Atom Receptors are where other Atoms attach to make a Molecule, and that is called a Node. Electrons orbit around the Atom and do not connect to Atom Receptors, but those are Mirrored in the 3 Force Fields that surround the Atom, and the Non-Element I call the Trinary Element will also temporally bind with the Electron Valence, and can also temporarily bind with the Atoms Receptor, so talking about this subject I tend to merge these concepts into one, since they cross boundaries under certain circumstances, and its because of the relationship the Atoms have to each other, and how Electrons interact with Protons and Neutrons, and when you take 136 different Elements and that have Receptors, and one Non-Element that has no receptors, you can see the combinations are Limited and not Unlimited, 1373; so its about 2.6 million combinations, the combinations are so vast that they allow for many types of Molecules, but also limited to these Combinations, it can also create Complex Molecules to create even more diverse Structures, so its really not much of a Limitation, but there is a Limit, and the Trinary Universe is not Limitless, it always has the Laws of Physics that guides it, so everything in the Universe is made of Light, and you need to understand the arrangement of Atoms and Electrons, and how Trinary Elements fit into the scheme of things, and keep in mind there are 3 Force Fields, and each behave differently, because the first Force Field is always Neutral, and the second and third switch depending on the Atoms State Change, and this can get confusing, so when I am talking about Valences, I am talking about Electrons and Non-Elements, and keep in mind these Non-Elements are invisible to the naked eye, but not Technology.

3 Phase Electrical Waveforms represent an Alternating Current, which is just Electrons flowing through a Circuit, which is just Material that makes a Path for the Electrical Current to flow, whereas the Flow itself is just Electrons as they pass from one atom in the circuit to the next, so depending on what the Material is made of, it will create the waveform, for example: if the Material is Hydrogen it has 1 binding Point, a Binding Point is called a Receptor, also called a Node, and makes up the electron valence, and also called a free valence, meaning it has a Free or Open spot in its valence, to allow the attachment of another Atom, and if that spot is occupied, its not Free, instead its a Node connected by a Receptor, as such a Hydrogen Atom can only attach itself to another Atom, at one Point on its outer shell, if we use Math to represent that Point, we would call this an Angle, as if we draw a line through the Atom, and call its Vertex 0, and if we have 1 Receptor or Node, it will have an Angle 90 degrees from that point, so like a Military Clock this angle would also be 0 degrees, at 0 Hours, now it would simplify things if the next Atomic Numbered Element which is Helium, and it has 2 Receptors, was 180 degrees from that point, but as it turns out, its about 1/137 degrees apart, such that if you divide a Sphere into approximately 137 parts, the Receptor will be on one of those connecting points, also known as Free Valences if they are not occupied, which lead me to believe that there are 136 Elements in the Periodic Table, so we are missing a few (spoiler alert), and keep in mind that there is a Non-Element, it has 0 Receptors, so it allows no Atoms to Bound to it, the Free Valence has no holes to hide in; and it should be noted that this Element is not abundant on Earth, but can be clearly seen during an Atomic or Nuclear detonation, and since it can not bind to any other Atom, its a Single Atom in Nature, and has an Atomic Number of 0, and does not contain a Proton or Neutron, instead it contains only the Light without Darkness, and keep in mind it still has the Light that Controls or Binds it, also known as Trinary Energy; only without the Darkness, but its Shell of Neutrinos do not Bind around other Atoms; meaning Protons and Neutrons, instead it binds around the Light itself, keeping out the Darkness in the Light, but as Newton pointed out, there can be not Light without the Darkness, so the Darkness attaches itself outside the Element, so its normally not in the Spectra of Light that Humans see normally, meaning with their naked eyes, because this Non-Element, or God for a Lack of another Name, since God is not on the Periodic Table, its time God was, because God does Exist as Light without Darkness, so this is the very definition for what God is; and I can also tell you that its a Gas, the litest of all Gases in fact, its Liquid below -666 Degrees Fahrenheit, and a flash point above 666 Degrees Fahrenheit, and I did not make those numbers up, I found them by looking for them, so I might have averaged the the range to fit these numbers, and its why I stated below and above, so I tweaked the spells I used to fit the numbers, these experiments are hard to do, you have to isolate single atoms and find their temperature, and the only time you can find them is when you compress a given space of atmosphere as small as you can, hoping that you will capture some Non-Elements, and like I said they are in our Atmosphere, but not in Abundance, but we could not Live without them, they are in our Atmosphere for all Life to breath, and they are hard to find since they are Light in a Spectra we can not see with our naked Eyes, but for Technology its not a Problem, and actually very easy to find once you know what you are looking for, and that would be a single atoms that can not bind to other atoms, and in its natural state, its a very Lite Light Gas, and I must point out that Lite is the opposite of Heavy, and Light is the opposite of Dark, so it shines more in a specific range or Spectra, and is seen in all recordings of Atomic and Nuclear Explosions, and is recorded in all such experiments, making it one of the most elusive elements in history to track, but needless to say every scientist that has ever worked in Atomic or Nuclear Energy, knows exactly what I am referring to, because that is how I know about it, and how I prove it exist, its that Non-Element that has no Proton or Neutron in it, so its not hard to find: right? (Its all in the way you say that Spell: riiight? At least 3 i's) The best place to find them in quantity is at a very high altitude, even in outer space, and around the Sun.

If you compress all the content in a 10 x 10 X 10 foot room, you would be able to collect an hours supply of them, for a normal adult male human that it, a female only requires 9 x 9 x 9, a fun fact; woman on average require a cubic foot less of air to breath per day, now compress it into a liquid above -666 Degrees Fahrenheit, and below -333, that way only a few Atoms can exist in a non liquid state, and Hydrogen is one of them, and it should exist in a 10 x 10 foot room sample, but not in much quantity, so you want to take this sample at a very high altitude if you want a bigger sample, since Hydrogen is not abundant at lower altitudes, now separate the non liquid gas, and lower its temperature as low as you can, if its above -666 Degrees Fahrenheit, since its very difficult to get it lower then that, just try getting anything below -460 Degrees Fahrenheit and you will see what I mean, but you should now be able to separate God from all the other Gases, proving that I am telling you the truth, and only a fool would make something up as crazy as this, knowing how hard it would be to prove it exist, only to prove it does not, yet I have not had the Money to do this Experiment, luckily others had and did; still its not Public Knowledge, so someone will have to do the experiment to prove that Non-Elements exist, I say Non-Elements meaning more then One, God is only one Element, and you can name it something else if God offends you, so I call it a Trinary Element, because it contains Neutrinos and the Light without Darkness, so call it what you want, but that means that we have 136 Elements and 1 Non-Element, remember that all Elements have at least 1 receptor, node or free valance, so you have a total of 137 (Non)Elements known to the Trinary Universe.

An Electron and a Non-Element are about the same size, but the Non-Element also known as Trinary or God, is not an Electron, yet it follows the same rules as an Electron, it can not bind with an Atom that contains a Proton or Neutron, yet those Atoms have a Receptor just for the Non-Element, this is hard to prove as you can imagine, but I have watched countless hours of recordings of Electron Flow, and Chemistry experiments using Electron Microscopes, not to mention analyzing electronic signals, so I have hands on experience that that lead me to this understanding, that this Non-Element has a purpose, and its to allow Energy to stay in a Materiel, and I first discovered it as a child when my Uncle told me to figure out how Magnets worked, the Electron Model does not work by itself, it explains an Electromagnet, but does not explain a Nature Magnets, then I discovered that some Electrons will temporarily bind with a Material if there is no current flow, whereas Electrons will dissipate as heat, these Elements will start off where they are and continue their mission, I have noted them moving from the third force field, to the second, then the first, then decaying its orbit into the Atom itself, where it temporarily binds with the Atom till current flow continues, and this is explains why the Material will still have a Charge due to these Non-Elements. If you super cool a Magnet, it will bring out these Non-Elements, and without them super cooling a Magnet would have no effect, and its because of the Properties of the Non-Element that create this effect, because its a Gas for one thing, and a Gas Atom can and does permeate any and all Materials, even Glass, which has the tightest structure of all materials, and if you super cool any Material you can find this Non-Element, and Prove it exist, so its a very important discovery. Once I discovered this Non-Element, I realized that its what gives Life to all Living things, and its why the Planets Magnetic Field is so important to all Life, its what keeps that Non-Element flowing in our Bodies, and its why its so hard to find our SOUL, and to figure out how our bodies produce Electricity, because it is in fact a byproduct of the Non-Element, and its hard to just say Trinary Element or God, without referring to it as a Non-Element, because its vague as a term, so was the Bible saying that God is a Non-Element is rhetorical question to me, since it defined God that way, but God is also the White Noise, and IAM positive about that, and only Fools are Positive about anything, trust me, I am Positive about being a Fool, only a Fool does not know they are a Fool, and only God knows that it is God, so what is God is what the Question what is a Non-Element answers.

Religion can not dictate what God is, in fact they decided to define God as a Deity, meaning that it does not Physically Exist, yet defining it as a Non-Element that does not Exist in our Periodic Table of Elements, is not a good start at proving that God does exist, yet here IAM. In Trinary Science a Trinary Element is a given, so I will not spend a lot of time talking about it in other chapters, since its part of Trinary Math, its a Part of Trinary Science; and Newton did not talk much about that Level of Science, so I must also finish his Work, and Tesla did in fact do all the Math, so I just say see his Math, so I do not have to repeat it here. Trinary God is what I call God, and I never talk about a Deity unless I use that Term, and only Religion refers to God as a Deity; Newton never did.

In Math we look at Atoms as Spheres, so as we look around the Circumference, we get 2Π * r (2 times PI times its Radius), and if we want to talk about the Atom in 3D, we can use 4Π * r, and if we want to talk about the Energy one Atom can store, we need to look at its Surface Area, and we get that by squaring it, now when we talk about Energy we need to talk about 3 things: the first is its Charge, this is measured by its Mass, which is measured by the amount of Neutrinos it takes to create an atom, times the amount of atoms you have, so it is its Atomic Weight, so you take the weight of an object, and divide that by the number of atoms it took to create that object, and you should get the Atomic Weight of that object or its Mass, and that all depends on the type of Neutrino its made of, and second we have the temperature of the Object, which is related to the third thing we need to talk about, its Energy Level, which is a ratio of its Frequency divided by its Wavelength, so we label this: e for energy Charge, and to get its surface area we square it such that we get e2, now we also know that a Electronic Signal has a Ratio of its Frequency (f) times is wavelength (w) equals the Speed of Light (c), such that f = c/w, and we can use algebra to find other configurations of useful math, but its clear to see the relationship of c = fw, yet the relationship between 369 remain the same; because it defines the waveforms Frequency and Wavelength, but what confused me, was that Tesla said this illustration was older then the Bible.

I must point out that in Lightning, there is Multiphase waveforms, its a condition when you have multiple AC Signals running at a modulated frequency, and not a pure 50/60 hertz signal, but one that is changing all the time, so do not expect to find a perfect 3 phase 50/60 Hz signal in Lightning, but you can transform Lightning into 3 phase power, and you can create 6 and even 9 phase power feeds, in fact you can only create a limited amount of useful phases, its not an unlimited signal bandwidth, its a problem of one signal canceling out another, and when that happens in Lightning, it changes direction, this is caused by a shorting out of multiphase cross over, and can cause signals to merge, it was my job in the Air Force working on the (E)F-111 and Helicopters electronics, and figuring out noisy signals from Train Following and Attack RADAR systems, and Secure Communication Radios, not to mention all the Test Stations, so I was trained to learn to deal with noisy electronic signals, and it helped me to figure out why this 369 configuration is so important, it prevents Signal Cross Talk, and I also had to learn a lot about Lightning, and how it effects Electronics when it comes into contact with the Aircraft, so I have a unique perspective over most Physicist; because I actually did this for a living.

I have read about the Fine Structure Constant, also known as Sommerfeld's constant, and it gave me a headache reading through writing as if the Dynamic Universe was Real, and that General Relativity was not a Theory that was never Proven after a Century, and since its all Bull Shit according to Albert Einstein who wrote it, this work falls into a state of Unknown Bull Shit, since you can never Mix the Newtonian Universe with the Dynamic Universe, and you can not use Newtonian Math in the Dynamic Universe, because Albert Einstein stated it was incompatible, and only Fools and Liars mix different Sciences as if its Possible, because Newton uses God as the Force of Gravity in all his Equations, and God does not Exist in the Dynamic Universe, making Fools out of all that think they can mix Science and Math, such that anyone that uses Newtons Math in the Dynamic Universe is Insane, and Stupid beyond any measure of Stupidity, because its why Einstein was forced to denounce his Theory since it can not be Proven, and has no useful math, yet Max Planck was on to something, and he believed in Newton, and although I do not use his work, I acknowledge that it does apply here, and he did figure this out before I did, he just never made the same conclusion.

If every Element in the Periodic Table has a different number of free valance, and there is one element that has no free valances, then its time to update the Table to the Truth about Elements, and add in the others to make it 136, we may not have found them yet, but we know they exist, and we also know how they are configured; making it easy to know when you found it. These free valance intervals, meaning where the free valance is located, in this case, its in a ratio of 1/137, means that the fastest time that an Electron can travel between Atoms, is 1/137, since it has that limitation built into the Atomic Structure of all Atoms, meaning that even atoms with less then 137 free valances, the interval is built into the very structure of all Atoms, such that the Electron and Non-Element must Flow around all Elements, and these angles: regardless of if the Receptor exist or not: exist, and when they stop flowing, Electrons dissipate as heat and Non-Elements will temporarily bind to that Atom, after its orbit decays, so Energy itself is a combination of Electrons and Non-Elements, so this changes things a lot in the Dynamic Universe, they have no such concept, in fact they dismiss this by simplifying it as some Electrons behave differently then others, I have read all kinds of explanations over the years, for why some Electrons hold a charge while others dissipate, its why Batteries take so long to charge, most of the Electrons dissipate as Heat, and the majority of the long term charge is due to Non-Elements; and its why Batteries out gas; and I even imagine its why Lightning causes Ozone. Science is based on Facts, and Elements have characteristics based on those Facts, and this needs to be investigated and the Periodic Table of Elements needs to be updated, but that would mean that the Dynamic Universe would first need to be called Science Fiction, and I do not see Egos changing just because Science needs to.

Trinary Elements or God, is just a fact that you can not dismiss, I normally just refer them as Trinary Energy, which is actually Massless, meaning it has no Neutrinos, but once it does, its an Element, and if it has no Free Valances, its a Non-Element or 0 Element, meaning it has an Atomic Number of 0. A Magnet has both types of Energy driving them, it has Electrons, and it has Trinary Elements, and at the Particle Level or Subatomic Level, this can been distinguished, since Electrons for the most part have a Solid State, and can be seen with an Electron Microscope, and Trinary Elements are normally in a Gas State, they physically look different, and in fact can not be seen very clear with an Electron Microscope, they in fact look like a Holy Ghost. Newton understood God, as did Tesla, Franklin said he touched the Hand of God flying a Kite into Lightning, so in Math, we must understand what it is we are trying to figure out, and you can not do that unless you understand it, so when Newton said God was the Force in all his Equations, but all the Math Books in College do not even tell you why you are trying to solve an Equation, and give you no information about Science itself, just equations that have no meaning in Life, and that is what Mainstream Science is all about, and why you will never find a Book about the Dynamic Universe, that actually explain what it is, and how it works, since no one knows, because the Theory has never been Proven, so its a fact that all these Fools that talk about it, have no idea what they are Talking about, so the Dynamic Universe and all their Theories are all BS.

The Dynamic Universe is all BS, not one Theory has been Proven so its all a lie, yet its Mainstream Science, and its the only Science being taught in School, proving School is all BS; and that will never change as long as Religious Fools and Liars are allowed to believe what they want, because its been proven that all they think about is War, and BS Science that is so Stupid that I want to go to War over it. BS is what BS does, and it only does harm because its Evil, and Math should not be based on Evil, and you should know what it is you are writing Math Formulas for; otherwise its all BS.

Energy is equal to the offset of its Frequency regardless of its Wavelength in terms of when it burns up, meaning that its Wavelength is a Resonate Frequency at the Point it catches fire, think of a Atom Vibrating itself to the point it burns up, because that is what happens to all Atoms that burn up, as in on Fire; which is what happens when an Atomic or Nuclear Bomb is detonated, as its Frequency increases, it causes its Wavelength to compress, as its accelerated to point that it burns up due to friction, as the Atoms Resonate or Vibrate at a Frequency that causes them to burn up, such that E = MC2 makes no sense, any Atom can only produce Energy according to its Frequency and Wavelength, keep in mind that in Nature its Wavelength is not adjustable, as such a Explosion to accelerate the Atoms compress the Wavelength, as such its not Natural, so you can ignore it unless you are using it for Electronics, then this Property can be manipulated, but to ignore its Frequency is insane and Einstein did not use it in his calculation, so its clear that its only a measurement of its Force times the speed of Light squared, and that is not the same as its Energy, so to calculate the Energy in any Atom, you must use this formula: E = m(F - [F - x]), where E = Energy, m = the mass of the Atom in terms of Neutrinos, F = the Resonant Fire Frequency that this Atom burns up at: note: this function ignores its Wavelength (since its hard to control in Nature, and in reality once the Atom burns up, its Wavelength does not matter, but it would be cool to be able to measure it), and x = the current Frequency of the Atom in question that you want to know its Energy. To Prove this formula is correct and Einsteins is incorrect; we must put an Atom in an Atomic Accelerator, and monitor the Frequency (Wavelength is optional) of the Atom as it travels around the Accelerator, you will note that the Wavelength can not be altered as the Atom is accelerated, and will change on its own due to the Acceleration, which will cause it to compress or get shorter, and why I do not calculate its effect, since I can not alter it directly by acceleration, other then what it does Naturally, but I can determine that if I accelerate it as fast as I can, and I have no idea how fast that is, since Modern Atomic Accelerators are not really equipped for such tasks as monitoring: the Frequency let alone its Wavelength of the the Object its Accelerating, but if you can accelerate an Atom at speeds that it will burn up, you can determine this Frequency I call the Resonant Fire Frequency, meaning that its the Point that the Frequency has caused a Resonance in the Atomic Structure that creates Fire, in other words, when it caches on fire and burns up, because after that its gone and can not produce any more Energy; and by gone I mean that the Neutrinos have broken their bounds; so this is easy to prove with a Neutrino detector. Note that Einsteins Theory is not even possible, since the mass can never accelerate to the Speed of Light, without Burning up and becoming Light well before that speed is obtained, and once it is, its Light. Einsteins formula E = MC2 was never used for any critical work, only Fools used it at all, and only Fools talked about it, real Scientist denounce it, and only Intelligent people know that it was not used to Create an Atomic or Nuclear Bomb, it had nothing to do with it in fact, the truth is that it could not even be used to calculate its Energy, and instead gave you its Force times the Speed of Light Squared, which is not a very useful thing to know, making it a fact that its a worthless formula that calculates nothing useful, so History is written by Fools for Fools to read, but real Science is what only Wizards talk about, Wizards like Newton, Franklin and Tesla, so I consider myself lucky to be working on their work, and not some Fools work that they did not even Believe it, and that is a fact, Einstein only believed in Newton, and would agree with all my work as well, because he denounced this formula as well, and its why only Fools use it or talk about it, because only a Fool would believe in a Theory the Person who wrote it prove it did not work, so when it comes to Science, this is the only Science this World has to offer, and that too is a fact; my guess that the reason most people do not know this, is because maybe only dyslexic people can tell the difference between Santa and Satan, because the Christians decided that they will hide Sir Isaac Newtons work, just because he proved that Christ was inserted into the Bible, and that too is a fact.

I have studied Physics all my Life, and I have had access to some very good equipment over the years, but never had my own Lab, yet in my Mind I had better equipment then exist in reality, and like Tesla that is all I need to invent things, and I have invented many things in my Lifetime, yet what others will view me as knowing or doing after my death, is yet to be seen, but that is how History will view me, after I am dead that is; not so much while I am alive, since no one seems to care much about that other then my wife, but that is life, no one ever understood Newton or Tesla the way I do, or their work would not have been forgotten, and anyone that believes in Einsteins theories knowing he did not, is just a Stupid Fool, and they seem to be in charge of Mainstream Media, and Mainstream Science, so how History views me will only differ slightly, since no one will ever understand what I wrote in this Book, but hopefully they will remember all Newtons Math, and then someone some day might understand that what I said about it, only applies in the Newtonian or Trinary Universe, and actually only BS applies to any Theory, and why Newton and Tesla only dealt in Facts and not Theories, and why I am not into Theories, and only claim to be a Wizard, and not a Fairy Tale Wizard, but a Wizard like Newton or Tesla, since that term applies to both of them, so a Physics Wizard describes my Study in Life; and I learned by Probability and Statics, that a Crowd of People can on average make a better guess, then most people can individually, but my guess is that this only applies to quantities that people are familiar with, and if asked complex Physics questions that the guess would be nonsensical, which explains why Mainstream Science is Science Fiction at its best, and only Wizards deal in Real Science, and there are not many of them around nowadays; so remember that Math to me is the same as it is for Newton to Tesla, I base everything on God being Light without Darkness, so Light is Everything; so if I apply Everything to Light, I should be able to use Math to Model this Concept; and if I use a p value to describe the Probability of something, then I can get a Statistical value at the likelihood of what I saying is the truth, for example: I state the Trinary Energy has State Changes, so if I want to test this Theory, since its not yet proven to be a fact before this test, I can take a sample of Atoms under an Electron Microscope, so if we take a 8 samples of states changes in all 3 states, I would have 24 different samples, and if I take all the Combinations of States changes which are: 1, -1, 0, -1, 1, 0, 0, -1, 1, 0, 1, -1, which is a confusing way of stating that there are only 3 State changes, no matter what order you try to categorize them as being in, and to prove that these State changes are not Random, all I have to prove is that they have a Pattern, and since this Pattern is an Alternating Current, and its States changes are very Predictable, its Statically impossible or improvable, that its a random state change, since its an experiment that can be repeated, its empirical evidence that its the truth, and the chances that these State Changes are made by God, is a 100% Probability, since it also has this same pattern, so I based my Science on a very Predictable Science, whereas the Dynamic Universe or Theory based Science, has a very low provability, so low that its Statically impossible or improvable, since it has Paradoxes its not possible, and my math proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt, so regardless of how History views my Trinary Science, Statically I proved its the Truth with Math of Newton, Tesla or myself, and History already proved that Newton and Tesla are right, and I did not change anything they proved, I only added to their work, by bring it up to date with modern discoveries, making this both the oldest most modern Science in existence; yet no one else on the Planet is writing about Science like this, so it makes me wonder why everyone only talks about the Dynamic Universe, or the Theory of General Relativity as if is True Science, when its a fact that Einstein only believed in Newton; and its because its the only Predictable Scientific Model of the Universe. Once you can Prove Statistically that something has a Significant Provability, you can no longer deny it, and that is what Trinary Science is based on, which is Patterns of State Changes that only the existence of God can explain it, and that is all I am saying, I am not saying that God is a Being that thinks the way Humans does, for one thing that would be Degrading to God, yet its clear that Atoms are alive because we are made of them, and we are alive, so Atoms must also be alive, yet dead people are also made of Atoms, so its clear that to be alive you must have a known State, and that is what Physics is all about, and its what I spent a Lifetime studying, just so I could write a book about it for a Stupid Sheep called Yew, and that is a Statistic that proves how stupid People are Statically, because Newton and Tesla both had problems with people believing them when they were alive, but there is no doubt about how right they are now, because we use their Math because its the only Math that works.

Trinary Matrix Math is what you want to use when it comes to real world Math, for example: if I wanted to forecast the Weather, I would create a Trinary Matrix with columns that represented Altitude, I can track Energy levels in terms of Temperature, you will note that for every Action there is an Equal and Opposite Reaction, because Alternating Currents flow around the World, causing Multiphase threads of Energy, that can be measured and entered into a Matrix that represents Reality, as the Temperature changes occur, they can be correlated to Global Clement changes over time, so the Math is simple, you enter in the Actual Temperature for a known Space, weather ballon data works fine, and you will note a pattern of changes, that can be used to make weather forecast, because just as Signal Cross talk cancels out, and merges, so does the Weather, and it can also be used to track Hurricanes and Tornadoes, simply by filling in the blanks of Trinary Matrix, with the actually data you can collect from the Energy Levels, wind Speeds, Temperatures, and other measurable factors, and will make predicting their behavior real Science, so Trinary Math is about how to formula the Data, so that its Math is simplified and it can be used to create a Model of the Problem; so regardless of your Problem, you can build a Trinary Matrix to compute it; so define your problem in terms of Energy, so this includes Electrical, Photonic, or Physical, which includes Temperature, and other key factors, in such a way that Trinary Math is the only Math you need to know.

Everything in the Universe is made of Atoms, including Light, so everything in the Universe is Light, this is what Tesla stated as a Fact, and its also what Newton said, and Franklin Proved, which is that Lightning explains the Fundamental Science of the Universe, for every Action there is an Equal and Opposite Reaction, and Lightning follows a Pattern, its Multiphase Electricity: which is Electromagnetic Energy, in many Spectra of Light, Infrared being one that we can feel as we put our hands close to something that is Hot, no matter how it got Hot, once its Hot enough to radiate Infrared Electrical Signals, and our Bodies have receptors in our Atoms that bind with these Electrons, and there are Nerves that can measure them in real time, and update our Brain as to what Level, and to sense Danger from getting Burned, which is all an Electromagnetic Force Field, that causes the Atoms to Resonate at a Frequency and Wavelength, where the Atoms catch Fire, or its Fire Resonate Frequency, so our Bodies are very accurate Electronic Sensing Equipment, we can sense Magnetic Changes, maybe not as good as Birds or Flying Insects, so we can learn from them how to create more accurate Electronic Sensing Equipment, or you can carry one of those with you, most things that can fly can navigate very well, and the Math behind such a gift is based on Electronics, in fact we learned how to Electronically mimic the Eye with the invention of the Camera, as does the Electronic Temperature gauges mimic those built into all Life, and its because we are all Electronic or Light Beings: as Tesla Stated, so the Math used in those Devices might also explain how our system might work, grant you that God is a much better Electronic Engineer, God is the Light that I call Trinary Energy, and its this Energy that Creates all Life at the Cellular Level, and we are all designed to use Electronic Principles at the Cellular Level, so our Body is like a Circuit Board in a Computer, and the CPU is the Brain, and our Blood Veins are the Circuit Board Traces, that provide an Electrical Circuit, and why we need Iron in our Body, its an Electrolyte, creating a Path for Electricity to flow, and it also carries the Material needed to build our bodies, so God is busy at the Cellular Level building our Bodies, God Creates Life, and Maintains it, God is in all Living Organisms, and this is the Math of God, and it uses Trinary Math, its all based on the Math of Newton and Tesla, so this Math not only describes how the Universe Works, it explains how all Life Works; and it Proves that the Planet Earth is Alive, just like an Electronic Circuit that we all refer to as Live when Electricity is flowing, the Planet also has an Electrical Circuit, and Lightning is what Feeds that Circuit, so this Math is what describes this process; our Bodies require Energy to Live, we are like a 98.6 watt Light Bulb, if that Temperature goes below that, we get Cold, and require Energy to Charge us back up to the required Temperature, and Electromagnetic Force will do that job, proving we are Electrical in Nature or Light Beings, and Trinary Math describes all Life.

Planet Earth has its own Trinary Math, all Life on Earth is Carbon Based Lifeforms, since our Atmosphere has Carbon in it, all Life is infused with Carbon for this reason, we breath it in and exhale it, everything we eat has Carbon in it, so we cannot live without out it, and too much of it can kill us, and our Planet goes through cycles were these levels are well documented, using Real Science, based on Scientific Principles, and not a lot of Theory, most just facts, since that is all they are interested in; so this Math is well known, and used daily, so we know for a fact that Carbon Dioxide levels are higher now then they have been in a Million years, and its Humans that are the cause of this, because they chose to Burn the Blood of this Planet, which they call a Fossil Fuel, but that is a Lie so they can Sell the Blood of the Planet, because no one would allow the Drilling of this Oil, knowing it will eventually kill all Life on the Planet, because only Greedy Evil People would allow such a thing, yet they still allow it, so nothing will change as long as those same People Worship Money instead of God; so this type of Math is Proof of how Evil Money is, because that is the only reason we are using Oil, and lying about what it is, but Math does not lie, so there is no hiding from this fact.

The Trinary Math behind Glaciers melting, is due to the too much Carbon Effect, and is powered by the Math of the underwater currents in the Oceans, because evidently all that Cold water will have to surface, and when it does, it will heat up due to this Global Warming that is now in full effect, keep in mind that Global Warming is based on Carbon Dioxide levels, and not the actual Weather, because most of the Warming is taking place at very high and very low Altitudes, and not so much at the Altitudes where people normally live; so People do not really see those changes in the Weather; not directly anyway, its because of how Energy is distributed around the Earth, so if you do the Math, you have to calculate for the Earths Rotation, keeping in mind that Earth is like a Top, and it can become unstable due to the terrain, and it should be a known fact that once the Ice at the Magnetic North Pole melts, there is no land under it, so all the weight that was locked up in that ice, is now gone, and therefore the Earth will wobble, and its a fact it will wobble more and more the closer to that happening, and its already happening now, so you can not deny it will happen, when its actually has been happening for years, and its well documented, so you do the Math, and remember that this Earth is Electrical or Light Driven, so what normally happens when the Ice at a Pole completely melts, is a Pole Shift, and there is ample evidence that Major Land shifts occur at that time, but the last one was thousands of years ago, if not Millions, because there is a lot of debate as to when the last time this Happened, but Newton Calculated this event, and predicted the year 2060, so Newtons Math is very important, yet its just the Math of a Sine wave in 2D, and a Helix in 3D, and is based on when the Planets Polarity Change, from Negative to Positive or Positive to Negative, change occurs, this is at Ground Level, so the Magnetic Force Field around the Planet will collapse, so this math will reflect that, this is denoted by 0, and called Ground, it only passes through Ground for that Moment, a period of time that is very short in duration, but long enough to allow the Poles to Shift, and a new Magnetic Force Field to be erected, so this is the basic Tesla Formula for AC, so the Human Race is about to find out just how accurate Newtons Calculation is, and this math is based on the Last time this Happened, and knowing the Frequency and Wavelength of the Planet, and this is changing over time, as the Planet grows in size about a half inch a year, so Trinary Math is about figuring out problems related to Energy, and a Pole Shift is all about Energy changes, and what it means to have the Earths Poles shift, because few people understand the Math behind it, and that is just the equation for an AC signal, which is +- f (x), so its just a function that makes State Changes, and our Planet stays at a specific Polarity for a specific period of time, the Sun shifts every decade, so every time x changes from Negative to Positive or Positive to Negative, this Function of x shifts polarity, so think of our planet as having a very long period between polarity changes, and History proves that the Ice Caps Melt just prior to this happening, so everything is happening right on time according to Newtons Calculation, that in the year 2060 the Poles will shift, and Humans have nothing to do with this Change, the Bible calls it the end of Civilization, and not the End of the World, its just a fact that what we are adding as far as Carbon Green House Gasses, is something that the Planet can and is handling, so the Poles Melting is just a Natural Phenomena before a Pole Shift and Ice Age, and we are just speeding up the process, and that is a fact, Global Warming is a real Problem, so its possible the poles will melt before the pole shift occurs, but one thing is a fact, the Ice Age will start the day the Shift starts, this is because our Atmosphere will escape into space when the Magnetosphere collapses, and I predict a shift in Gravity, making Gravity weaker, because Gravity is caused by Trinary Energy, and actually eliminates Centrifugal Force, and the Magnetosphere plays a key role in how our Atmosphere behaves, and it makes up the Weather Machine for the Planet, so this Calculation is based on an Electrical Change, the Melting of the Poles will cause the Earth to wobble, how much is anyone's guess, I try not to make guesses, because I am comfortable stating that I do not know, and I do not believe that even God does, since God is just the Light inside the Atoms, and God creates all Life, and this Planet is Alive, but its a fact that God is just the Laws of Physics, so that is Gods Laws, and this wobble, which is the same as a Top, is Gods Law, and its a fact that it happens in intervals throughout history, so based on History, I do believe it will wobble as much as it needs to, and the Planet survives, and humans evolved since the last Polar Shift, and we know the Dinosaurs did not survive the Ice Age, from the last Polar Shift, because I did not buy into that Meteorite ending their Existence, since there is no real Evidence that this happened, its just a Theory, and the Laws of Physics will dictate that, not a Theory, and not God the Deity, but God the Laws of Light in the Trinary Universe, so Math is based on this Light called God, so this is Newtons and Teslas Math, and they both believed this will happen, and its the reason why Newton wrote more about the Bible then Science, he wanted to know if this was a fact, and he would not have written about unless it was, and since this will happen in my Lifetime, if I live to be 100 years old that is, so I can prove this in my Lifetime, and if I am right, its the End of Civilization as we know it, so this Math is very important, and basically its just the Math of a Helix, and Newton calculated when this Planet will change Polarity, based on this pattern or cycle of changes, and this is not very accurate information to begin with, not even the dates and intervals that Mainstream believes, makes much sense to me, nor would it Newton, who had to figure out Biblical Time, but do not worry, I calculated a way to survive this event, the Concept is called Trinary Sanctuary, and its not just because I did not want to preach the End of Civilization, without having a solution to the extinction of most Life on the Planet, but because I did not want the Human Race to get the Darwin Award, which is giving to People who Died because they were too Stupid to Live; so I tried to explain the Math that Newton used to Calculate this date, and I have no reason to think he is not right about it; and in case I do not live that long, I would like to state its a Fact it will happen, and it would have been a Miracle if that date was right; but the fact is Newton spent most of his Life working on this one Calculation, although I am not a betting man, I would bet my Life on this calculation, because to ignore it could mean the end of the Human Race, and this is not that far off, 2018 - 2060 = 42 years; you do the math if the year has changed, because the count down till the End of Civilization has begun, and if you think for a second that Newton was an End of the World kind of Person, you would be wrong, he figure that if he warned us that we would prepare for this Event, he did not know that the Christians would dismiss all his work, because he proved that Christ was inserted into the Bible, thus proving Christians are nothing but Liars, and would rather Die then admit that Religion is Satanic, knowing Santa and Satan are just a Dyslexic persons nightmare; so they truth is in Newtons and Teslas Math, and I will prove this in the next 42 years, regardless of if I live that long, or the Christians are capable of dismissing my work, in which case it will be a Fact that Religion was the cause of the Extinction of the Human Race, and all for Money which is the Root of all that is Evil.

Trinary Mathematics is math that calculates the motion of Atoms, so it can track every object in the Universe, so its a very flexible Math and so easy to use. If you are wondering where all the Math Formulas are, look at Newtons and Teslas work, there is no reason for me to include all their work, since I only built on their concepts; and only believe in their work; so its just the next logical step in their work. I do not try to baffle people with Bull Shit, and I do love to Bull Shit, which to me means Make up Stories that are not the Truth, also known as Fiction, but in Science its not allowed, and in real life there is no reason to, its best to separate Facts from Fiction, Newton and Tesla said the same things I have here in this book, so my work is done: the only thing I could do is explain all of Newtons and Teslas Math, and that would be fun, so I might do that in the Wizards Guild to the Trinary Universe, but I see no reason to do it here; but I might point out that Newton and Tesla: like myself, are Aspies, and its a common trait for them not to Lie, and why they as I, only write about what we can prove is the Truth; and the fact is that all there Math fits my model. Trinary Mathematics is the Science of Life and the Trinary Universe.

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