The Principles of the Trinary Universe Chapter 4.13:
Trinary Intelligence
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Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 4.13:
Trinary Intelligence

Trinary Intelligence is the concept that all Logic is 3 States, if we apply the 3 State changes of Trinary Energy, we see that the Logic levels are 1, -1 and 0, I do not think of 1 as true and -1 as false, and 0 as maybe, that is fuzzy logic and I see no evidence that exists in nature, the 0 is really just the Unknown, and at the Atomic-level of science, I can prove this logic, if an Atom needs to move in one direction or another, the State changes always take place in the 0 State, we do not see this take place, all we see is the effect, and we note that the change takes place in the 1 or -1 State, and although I do not have technology to prove such a theory as to how this is done, Logic steps in and my concept of the Neutrinos having a Matter and Antimatter side takes over, logic is that Matter is repelled by Antimatter, it is this mechanism that controls the movement of the Atom, it creates a force field around the Atomic Structure of the Atoms particles, and it is this force field that communicates the Logic of the Trinary Energy, thus it gives it the ability to perform logic decisions and communicate intelligence.

Trinary Intelligence is about how Trinary Energy can create Trinary Intelligence, The Galattice is how it remembers, Trinary Memory did not sound Scientific, so the names I give things are supposed to be less confusing and more Scientific, so that this book can be more Intelligent, to make it easier for Normal People to understand Trinary Science, so it all comes down to how I define Intelligence, and Trinary Intelligence means it has 3 State changes, and I have already talking about how it gets this Intelligence, so this subchapter is not about how it gets it, but how it uses it, and how we share it, because the basic Concept of the Trinary Universe is that Sir Isaac Newton, discovered the Darkness without Light, it is the Rainbow of Colors we see, so it is made of Neutrinos and Light, and the Frequency and Wavelength of the Light is what made the Colors, and all colors travel at the speed of Light because their Frequency times their Wavelength equals the Speed of Light, and that is how fast the Galaxies and all their Systems move through the Universe, think of holding a Flashlight, if Photons shot out of it, you could use it as a Light Engine to get you to the Moon, as it is the United States Air Force and NASA, say we can not go beyond 66 Miles into Space with our Current Shielding Technology, and they know for a Fact that Flashlights do not work that way, nor do Radio waves, or they too could be used as Radio Wave Engines, the problem with trying to use Energy Beams as Wind to blow Sails in Spacecraft, sounds like a good idea, but it is not efficient, and basically we are talking about an Atomic Accelerator, what you need in space is Gravity, and Ball Lightning has its own, and in space we see these things flying around all the time, they have even been tracked by the Air Force, NASA and other facilities around the World, as far back as the Telescope goes, they called them UFO's, and some of these have been known to grow much larger than a beach ball, one was mistaken for floating debris that was caught in the Solar Wind, there are way too many images of them on the internet to pick out a credible image, sine most of them are Computer Graphic Interactions or CGI, Interactions means it is a Physics Engine, normally written in C++, so its fast, and most animation packages a database of animated objects, these can be mapped to real images or physics, so we can create Ball Lightning CGI, for those who have never seen it, but they still would not have seen it, only CGI, but it can be based on Real Physics, that may lead us to understand how they are Created in Nature, and if they are Baby Trinary Engines, because we do know they have their own Gravity, and they have Frequency and Wavelength, so they are Energy, they have 3 State changes, so they are Trinary Intelligence, and they are the only Ticket off this 3rd Rock from the Sun, because we also know most of them drift off into outer space, with other debris that is repealed by our Magnetosphere, so this whole system is Trinary Intelligence at work...

Ball Lightning: also known as Angels, shows signs of Trinary Intelligence, and they have been said to have come down and impregnated Human Woman, but after reading all such accounts I find it more likely that the Men that Found these Woman that tried to catch these Angels, was electrocuted, and lost all memory of that time period, and the Men went along with it, so they would not get caught, and this is why Religion has two “i's” in its Spell, because they use them to read into things instead of just reading it... So its clear that the Bible tells a different Story about Angels, they were Gods Messengers from Heaven, they came down here and you opened your Hand and your Heart open to them, and provided them with a real good Ground, so I imagine that is what the Hand of God must feel like, my Cousin Benjamin Franklin would agree, he said something like: Lightning would be like touching Gods Hand, an Image I could apply to both Ball Lightning and Lightning, and Nikola Tesla would agree since it goes along with everything he said or wrote about, the Higher Power is Electricity, and it has Light without Darkness in it, so it is God according to Sir Isaac Newton, so this is Trinary Intelligence, its just another term for Gods Intelligence, but that sounds like Religion, and Religion does not believe in Light without Darkness, only in Deities, so its Trinary Science, where Ball Lightning is a Baby Trinary Engine, so treat them with respect, they are a Living Entity, to Kill one is same as killing a living Being, I know, after I realized I created an Antenna in the House, and Ball Lightning was attacked to it, my first thought was that I killed it, at first, I did not want to deal with that thought, so I tried to ignore the fact it was grounded out by my Antenna that connected to Ground, so I tried to find a way for it to never happen again, but so far, I have not seen one since, but I keep looking, and what I did find is a way to trap them in an Electromagnetic field, but then it would not be Free, it would be a Slave to do the Work I need it to, which would be to build a Spacecraft that can actually take Lifeforms into Space.

If Humans are Intelligent how can you prove it? Not by their Religion, because the Bible stated God is All Light without Darkness, and Yew only worship a Deity or Christ, witch Sir Isaac Newton proved was inserted into the Bible, so that People would Worship Money with In God We Trust Engraven in it with the Blood of the Earth, a Living Being, just like God, but unlike a Deity or Christ that do not Physically Exist in the Universe, and the Godless Dynamic Universe that was based on Albert Einsteins Theory about General Relativity, who he himself debunked in his own writing, by stating that a Paradox can not happen in Reality, and General Relativity proves that one Paradox after the Next, it is not possible for the Light to Move, because it is Static and not Dynamic, and the Light is God, even the Bible states it is All Light without Darkness, and I proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it exists as Energy that current Technology can prove exist, so all this Empirical Evidence called Facts, proves the Trinary Universe is the only True Science in History, so those that do not believe in it, do not believe in the Truth, and that accounts for 99.999% of the People in the World at this Point in time, so how do I prove the Human Race has Intelligence? How can yew? Personally I do not Care what Yew Believe, nor does the Universe, Know it or No it Not, it is never too late to change your mind once you see the Light, that is a sign of Intelligence, if you do it 3 times and do not deny it, then its Trinary Intelligence.

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