Chapter 3.12:
What makes the World to go around?
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Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019  

Chapter 3.12:
What makes the World to go around?

What makes the Earth to Rotate or Spin: is a question that Humans have been trying to answer from the beginning of time, and the answer is not Centrifugal Force, in fact that would slow it down, because a body in motion staying in motion is also not the answer since for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and Theories or Emotions can not be used to explain it, so Science must step in to answer this question, and the Trinary Engine has already answered this question, yet I felt that this question needs to be asked as a standalone question: because it is a question that everyone wants to be answered.

I define Energy as Light that is Electricity at a different Frequency, so all Energy is Light at a different Frequency, so we use these two terms to define what type of Light we are talking about, so all types of Energy can be transformed into Light, which I can prove and which have been proven, so: Thermal, Chemical, Mechanical, Potential, Kinetic, Nuclear, Sound, Electromagnetic, Gravitational, and any other type of Energy can be transformed into Light, as Proof: Light can travel through non-conductive materials like Plastic in the form of Thermal Energy, some Chemical reactions can produce various spectra of Light, and all Mechanical Energy is just a form of Light stored as Potential or Kinetic Energy, and this kind of Energy can be measured as Light or Electrical at some point in its transformation, and Nuclear Energy is just Atom's that are in an unstable state where its rate of decay is measured by how long it takes all its Atom's to become stable, and in some states it can produce various spectra of Light, and Sound is just excited molecules moving in a dynamic gas flow which can also produce various spectra of Light, and we have already talked about how Electromagnetic and Gravitational Energy are properties of Light, so there is no form of Energy that can not be transformed into Light, proving that all Energy is Light, so all Energy is defined by its Frequency or Wavelength.

A Trinary Engine is the only explanation for how the Earth or Planet, including the Galaxy, Sun and Moon can Rotate, because there is no other explanation, Centrifugal Force can not be sustained over long periods of time because for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, Newton knew this all to well and it is why his Math works so well, it is not based on Centrifugal Force but the Light of God, and the Math explains it all, so what else can I add to Sir Isaac Newton's Math to explain Light?

Light has many spectra, its Frequency and Wavelength varies throughout the spectrum defining its behavior, we know that at lower frequencies it can transform into Electromagnetic Energy, and at lower frequencies it can transform into Electricity, and we know that all forms of Energy can be transformed into Light, so we know for a Fact with Empirical Evidence that all Energy can be transformed into Light, therefore all Energy is Light in some form based on its Spectrum: which is based on its Frequency or Wavelength, so this is Empirical Evidence so it is a fact, so Centrifugal Force is also just another form of Energy, so it too is just another form of Light and is not controlling the Light, it is the other way around, the Light is causing Centrifugal Force, this is Logic that cannot be debunked, so its Empirical Evidence so it is a Scientific fact, because there is no way to explain why this Planet continues to Spin, an Object in Motion tended to stay in motion does not explain this, a Top will stop spinning even in outer space, and what causes the Planets core to be hot, when it would have cooled down by now, and in fact it is, but due to Stupid People Pumping Water deep into it to get its Blood out, thus Murdering it, so this Planet is being Murdered by Stupid People for being Stupid, whereas Science is supposed to teach people how things work to prevent this, but Stupid Science only teaches people how to be Stupid.

The Trinary Engine is Light and Dark Energy bound in an outer shell made of some type of Neutrino, it has 3 State changes: Solid, Semisolid and Invisible, so this describes every: Atom, Proton, Neutron, Electron, and other forms of subatomic particles known to humans, and it describes what Light is, a combination of Light and Dark Energy, so the Trinary Engine is just a very large Atom, and our: Galaxy, Suns, Planets, Moons follow the same rules as Atom's: Proton, Neutrons and Electrons, so in one paragraph it describes the Universe at the subatomic level, so it can be proven to be the way the Universe behaves, so its Empirical Evidence makes it a fact, because I do not have to explain how Atom's: Protons, Neutrons or Electrons work, I will just except the fact that they do exist, and that the Galaxy, Sun, Planets and Moons all behave the same way, so I do not need special rules to explain how both of them work, since they both work the same, so I have one rule to rule them all, so if you read any true information about how Atomic particles work, you can apply it to the way the Universe works, and it will work the same way, so the Trinary Engine describes how the Universe works at the Atomic Level, so we can all agree this is Reality based on: Empirical Evidence what everyone on the Planet should agree is a fact, but in Reality People are in Shades of Grey and can never agree on anything, so there is no Idealistic Notion of how the Universe works that anyone can agree on, only Empirical Evidence that can be proven to explain how the Universe works.

The Energy inside the Trinary Engine has 3 State Logic: Solid, Semisolid and Invisible, the outer shell is surrounded in Null Space, you can not see it, because it is in the 0 Dimension, also it is in the center of mass of the Atom, but it is there, it is a floating ground, so all Energy flows from this Null Space, and inside the Trinary Engine is Light and Dark Energy, it is in balance so its just a source of Pure Energy, and because it is always toggling from 1 State into the -1 State, it will produce a Frequency, it is this Frequency that the Trinary Engine will Spin at, the Magnetic Field it creates has a set Polarity at its Poles, calling them North or South is fine as long as we realize that if our poles shift polarity: then the Magnetic flow will also change direction, because it is based on the physical orientation of the Trinary Engine, and not the crust that we see spinning around it, so this rule must apply to everything in the Universe, so our Sun's Magnetic Fields change after every 10 years, this is to slow down the crust that surrounds the Sun, because you can not see the Trinary Engine, its buried so deep inside the Sun that we will never see it, so if Earths crust needs to be slowed down, its Trinary Engine must shift polarity at its poles, and it has to do this from time to time, but I have no idea when it will do it now, nor do I know when it did it last, but it can be calculated, luckily Newton already did that, unfortunately I lost all those notes, so hopefully someone else has them, otherwise we need to do that calculation all over again, unless we want to take the Bibles word for it, which Newton calculated the End of the World as we know it, to be in the year 2060, and that is coming closer all the time, but what this calculation is based on is when the Earth will Reverse its Polarity, so to put it simply: it is Newtonian Math that calculates the Frequency of the Planet and the Trinary Engine, since these frequencies are not the same, the Core of our planet is spinning much faster than the crust on the outside, and the farther away from the core you get, the faster you move, so it must slow down after going through the Galactic Plane, because the Planets need to get through it as fast as possible, because the Planet will freeze as it travels through it, and the Planet will continue to pick up speed till it reaches the next downward cycle, as it travels in a Helix in a Sine Wave pattern around the Galaxy, so just like Atom's and Subatomic matter, this pattern of Spinning is regulated by this Frequency, and the pole shift will only be required as long as needed, which is after every 10 years for the Sun, but not that it does not cause the Sun to change direction of rotation or spin, and it is Speed is slowing down and speeding up to maintain the speed of its orbit around the Galaxy, and that is how it works, and that is how it works for Planets also, even Moons can shift Magnetic poles independent of the Planets they orbit, and this is all very predicable once you know the pattern, and if it does reverse poles in 2060, we will know that Newton knew the Math.

The Light is what makes the World go around, the Darkside believes that its Chaos, and everything happens out of Chaos, and there is no Light of God that Controls anything, because God does not exist as a Physical Entity, God is just a Deity or Spirit, and once you go down that road, you know where it will lead you, which is into endless Wars over arguing about what Religion is Right, so the Christians should know Jesus's full name in the Bible is Jesus Bar/Abbas, so stop denying who he is and who IAM, which is the Light of God, the God of all Light without Darkness, the Math, Science, Art and Music of the Wizards of all time, and Jesus was not the Messiah, he was just the Messenger, so do not kill the messenger, Jesus can be resurrected back into the Flesh, because the Light of God is the same in every Life-Form in the Universe, there is only one God, and that is the God of Light without Darkness, so the Darkness is not God, and in Trinary Energy there is Light, and Dark bound for the life of that energy which is the Energy of the Universe, but the issue I have with the People of this World at this point in time, is that 99.999% of them I have ever met actually do not believe in the Light of God that IAM talking about, and they Lie about every aspect of this World down to the smallest of detail, so they have no honor because they believe they have that Right to Believe what ever they want, as if that was Freewill when all they are doing is believing in the same Lies that they were taught in School knowing that it was all a bunch of worthless information that changes all the time, so they only believe what the Herd has Heard as if they were only Sheep because the Lord is their Shepard, so they believe they have the Right to tell anyone whatever they want to, and they do not have to be held accountable for their Action, so they have no problem telling me that the Godless Dynamic Universe is a Scientific Fact: when the papers that back them clearly have Theoretical or Theory written on them so everyone knows they are Theories and not Proven Facts, so they are Liars, and they still use the work of Light Wizards, and they deny that Wizards even exist, even though there is no other way to explain the Staff of Power, and Magic that Moses and Jesus used, so everyone that denies there are Real Wizards are Liars, because the Record shows Sir Isaac Newton was the Last Magician and Nikola Tesla was the Last Wizard, so the Darkside will tale you that Light can be produced by Electricity but the Sun's Light is created by Nuclear Fusion, and that Centrifugal Force is what makes the World go around, so they are all Liars and that is not a Theory: but based on Empirical Evidence that the Darkside denies even exist, all of this proves the Darkside has no honor, so I expect them to behave that way, because people who need Laws: so they will know what is Right or Wrong learn neither, because you do not learn anything from Fear except Fear itself, and the Darkside Fears everything, that is why they believe everything is possible, they believe it is their Right to state their Opinion and it is their Right to tell you that your Opinion is Wrong, whereas the Lightside has no Opinions, just the facts, and those Facts make the World go around, and the Darkside will never see that, because they will never see the Light of God or acknowledge that God exist.

What makes the World to go around? If you view the Earth as an Electron orbiting around an Atom, you will note that the Electron most change States, as it does, its spins around its own Axis, this Driving force is due to state Changes, as it becomes Positive, it spins outward, as it becomes Negative, it spins inward, it is this Driving force that makes the World to go around.

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