The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Appendix A
Tesla's Ball Lightning Machine

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019



Appendix A
Tesla's Ball Lightning Machine

Tesla's Ball Lightning Machine has uses: Artificial Gravity being only one of them if it proves to provide Gravity, but the truth is that its only a Theory that needs to be tested before any of its uses could be discussed.

Tesla had a Theory that Ball Lightning could be reproduced in a Lab, but never could figure out how, so he thought that maybe it could be created in a Vacuum, because he said the Atmosphere interferes with Lightning too much to produce Ball Lightning, because Lightning generators seem to burn the air creating ozone, so it must form in the Upper Atmosphere in the vacuum of Space, then get drawn into Earths gravity, which would account for the reason no one has ever seen this type of Ball Lightning form or materialize, but said that Matter Lightning could be created if anything contaminates the Lightning stream, even the Lightning rod required to deliver the Lightning to the machine could ignite sand particles and other debris, producing a bright ball of Light that will burn out, so this is not Ball Lightning, but Tesla thought that in a vacuum, it had a better chance of forming without any Matter getting into the Lightning stream, so that it could create a pure Light (with no Darkness) energy ball of Lightning. It may also require less than Earth Normal Gravity, because with less gravity the Light has more of a tendency to bind together, whereas normal gravity tends to pull the Light to it, and may not allow the Density required, so this Machine is built for use in Outer Space only, but it could be used on Earth to attract Lightning for other uses, like Electricity.

I did a lot of research and came up with is idea on my own, so again, I give no credit other than the work of Tesla and my Dreams from God, so this is just a Theory, because I do not have the resources to build and test it, but as far as I know no one has ever reproduced Ball Lightning of this type, this theory requires real Lightning to strike the center of the Cage shown in: Illustration A.01: Ball Lightning Cage, which I will also make a Video to better display it, because this image does not do it justice, but the Gold shafts are Lightning rods, Lightning hit is the top and flows to ground opening the contacts, then the Superconducting Magnetic Force Fields seen as Toroid's, compresses the Photons of Light into a Ball.

Ball Lightning Cage
Illustration A.01: Ball Lightning Cage Full Size

The top of Cage with the LASER's and Magnetic coils is technically only supposed to increase the chance of getting hit by Lightning while on the ground, because the idea is to become more Negative or Ground, by created a Magnetic Force Field from the Lightning, this is not Electricity but Lightning that flows through the Coils, thus producing a Ground Potential, in Outer Space it is designed to act like an Artificial Ground to attract the Lighting, so I will describe it in terms of using it on the Ground, and in Outer Space I assume to be around the Earth inside the Van Allan Belt, in Deep space you will need to generate or be in a Nebula, which is what the glass chamber is for, so this design will work well for deep exploration spacecraft, where you might need to start a Lightning Engine, or Trinary Engine once it is encased in Tritanium.

The Cage is created with Glass legs at least 30 feet long, Lighting can not hit the Ground, this measurement is based on attraction to mass and extends in all directions, and needs to be standing around isolated none conductive material, such as glass, to keep the Lightning from flowing to the surrounding Ground, in space this is the Spacecraft, because we need the lightning to flow through the gap between the top and bottom Lightning rod, the top should lead to a Tower or very high Lightning rod, that will get hit by Lighting, or maybe with the use of a cable that can be shoot high enough to attract Lightning, but in Outer Space Lightning comes from the Earths Magnetic Field, but in Deep Outer Space Lightning must be Generated in Nebula gases, this is a subject that would require a paper on its own, but in short, compressed gases will generate static electricity, which can be discharged as Lightning. You must have switches that can disconnect the two contacts once the Ball Lightning has started, otherwise they will ground it out.

The Lightning Cage will need 6 Magnetic Force Fields to hold the Energy in place once the Ball Lightning starts up, these Magnetic Force Fields should use a very strong field that is tuned to repel Light and Electricity, in such a way that it forces it to the center of the cage on all sides at the same time, so these would have to be super conducting and may required super cooling, these are on the outside of the plate glass, mounted as close to the glass as possible, the diameter of the Magnet is such that you can create a large enough Ball Lightning, but also restricts the size so that it does not get bigger then the cage.

In Nature Ball Lightning occurs in Deep Outer Space in Nebula Clouds, which is how Trinary Engines are born, but if you fill this Cage with Nebula Cloud gas in a Vacuum, then apply Real Lightning, you might cause an Explosion, this has been witnessed during the birth of a star, but it was so far away there is no way of knowing what really took place, so I must Theorize what might have happened, and try to build an experiment that can verify this theory, so you would have to be sure that the gases you use does not cause an Explosion. You will need enough Magnetic Force Field Coils to keep the Lightning Ball in a Stable orbit while restricting its size.

Getting Lightning to hit the Cage is not an easy task, on Earth its possible to just use a Ground, but even then the likelihood of Lightning hitting it, is statically low, but in Outer Space, there is no Earth Ground, so another idea was needed to create an Earth type of Ground in Space, one idea I did test out was how to attract Lightning during a Lightning storm on Earth, although the experiment seemed to have worked, the Lightning destroyed my device, because I did not have a switch to disconnect it once the Lightning started to flow through it, so this design is much better than my original experiment. I could not determine how much more likely this device was attracting Lightning to it, then without it, but the fact that it hit the device the first time, I would say its worth using as a starting point.

My Experiment was to make Lightning more likely to hit a target by making it more negative: by creating a Magnetic Force Field which created a Negative Pull, so align the Field so its pulling and not pushing, also the LASER's create what I refer to as Light Mass, this is a very important concept to the understanding of the Universe, Light has Density when its Concentrated, meaning that the Electromagnetic Force is Neutral, and it contains Neutrinos also known as Mass, it has Matter and Antimatter, so when I refer to Matter, I am referring to the 3D or 1 State of the Atom, but the Trinary Energy has no Mass, and all Energy flows from the 0 Dimension, meaning the Trinary Energy is in the 0 State, which is Ground, it is where an AC waveform crosses the x-axis, and this is the only way I have found to do this, so the LASER will create a very dense Light in the middle of the Lightning Rod, and the 3 mirrors create a 0 State forming a triangle, this is what cause it to act like a floating ground.

Logic in Science refers to a thought that sounds Reasonable, where Reason means to find out how it works, or at least believe it to work, because the Last best guess is always the best, but in Science at the subatomic level we can all agree that nothing happens without Trinary Energy, no matter how you argue against it, that White Noise is not going to go away, nor will anyone be able to explain it away, so its here to stay, regardless of how you think it works, the Universe will go on working whatever way it does, because we can not change that, but we can take advantage of it, and one way to do that is to change the Trinary Energies State, we know we can measure the States around a LASER under a very special Microscope, and determine the effects LASER's have on Trinary Energy, so what we want to do is use a State of Light, which is both +1 and -1, so Light really is light and dark, even though we never use the term light Light, but we would call it dark Light, so why is this useful information? Because now we can tell it to make Lightning, because those are the States I see in Lightning.

This idea uses a LASER to create a very intense Light, meaning all Light without Darkness, in which case the spectrum would have to be determined, for optimum density, I had no way of knowing the specs of the LASER's I was using, since they were stripped from a machine with no part numbers, but where just cheap Military grade LASER's built back in the mid 1980's, nothing like the ones we have access to nowadays, so spectrum, frequency, wavelength, bandwidth and power are just some properties to look at.

The idea is to drill two holes in a cross pattern in the Lightning rod shown in Gold in: Illustration A.02: LASER Triangle, and position two LASER's shown in Green; so they fire into a Mirror, that deflects it into another mirror forming a triangle, shown in red for the top LASER, and white for the bottom, so the beam will cross its own path and create an endless loop, the idea is to create a very Negative potential, so it will attract Lightning, in order to do this you must try to change the States of Trinary Energy so it switches to its 1 and -1 State, so the Mirrors change polarity of the photons the first trip around the loop. So far this is the only method I have found that does this, it also requires a very strong magnetic field that will also create a very negative field, so this magnet needs to be super conductive, although my original experiment did not use one, it also failed to produce Ball Lightning, but it was also not the most expensive project, since I made it all out of scrap, but it did prove it had some effect, which is better than no effect, but in space this will be more critical.

LASER Triangle
Illustration A.02: LASER Triangle Full Size

The Chamber is for a Vacuum, I do not know if this will work better with gas or without, I do know that the gas used in Nature would ignite even in the vacuum of space. Heat is one main concert, can it even withstand the heat, so it will have to be high heat glass, that can withstand the vacuum as well, in space this would not be required, just put the whole cage outside the spacecraft, but beware that it will generate a gravity field once it starts up, so you will have to have some type of frame to hold it to the ship that can be detached safely if required, and also a kill switch that will short the two contacts out to kill the Engine, and also you will need to collapse the field in a regular interval to prevent the Tritanium from encasing it, this can be very dangerous, one thought is that if it does not form uniformly or fast enough, it could explode, the other is that it does from, it could then be pulled into the Earths Gravity well, and I have no idea what that would do, one Engine can not come close to another Engine, in nature you never see this happen, it could be like the Moon hitting the Earth, although the mass would not be close, the gravity would be, it could puncture the Earths Trinary Engine, my guess is that the two could combine into one, but I would not risk the Earth to test this Theory, so this recycle switch needs to have redundancy and fail safes built in.

This is a Lightning Engine, a Trinary Engine works off the same principle as explained in Trinary Engine, but if my theory holds out, the Tritanium will start to collect on the Ball Lightning, or Engine, which is referring to its Status, so a simple explanation would be this:

When the Engine is off, no energy flows through its contacts nor its core, and the LASER's are off.

Ignition requires Real Lightning, because it is not just Electricity, its Light Energy as well, and this can be achieved by any means on Earth, but in space your options are limited, you need a Lightning Rod to attract Lighting, so that is the Gold Rod in: Illustration A.01: Ball Lightning Cage and Illustration A.02: LASER Triangle, and a ground to allow the Lighting to flow as shown at the bottom in Gold in: Illustration A.01: Ball Lightning Cage. We need a ground to attract Lightning, so we use a Magnetic Force Field Coil shown in silver in: Illustration A.01: Ball Lightning Cage, but that by itself is not enough, otherwise the spacecraft would be getting hit all the time, so it is the State changes of Trinary Energy, so we create a loop of mirrors with LASER's, so the Photons causes Trinary Energy to change State to 0 or Null State when it hits a Mirror, so we have 6 of them as shown in Illustration A.02: LASER Triangle, this is two sets of 3 mirrors, but I would recommend at least 3 sets, 9, 12 would be better, Red and White make it easier to discus, so we have two sets of mirrors forming a triangle, creating a floating ground with the Trinary States of 0.

In the center of the top Lightning Rod, as the beams also has a reversed polarity from the mirrors, as shown in: Illustration A.03: Three Mirrors in Right Triangle the LASER hit is the combining mirror directing it to the first mirror with a positive or 1 polarity, then its reversed to -1 and hits mirror 2, then its reversed back to positive and hits mirror 3, which reverses it to negative, at which point it hits mirror 1 again and reverses it back to positive, so now we have photons that are traveling in both positive and negative states, the two beams intersect in a cross pattern, this causes the Trinary State changes of 1 and -1, and you can have as many sets of mirrors like this, but you must use them in pairs, and they must cross like: Illustration A.02: LASER Triangle. The LASER's will make a Matter and Antimatter state change in the Trinary Energy, this will create a path for the Lightning to hit, plus it will create a Photonic Energy in the Lightning rod, this will affect the electrical characteristics of it enough that when coupled with Magnetic Force Field Coil, it will create an Attraction to Lighting, so now you need to be where there is Lightning, in order to attract it.

Three Mirrors in Right Triangle
Illustration A.03: Three Mirrors in Right Triangle Full Size

So Lightning hit is the Top Contact and flows through to the Bottom Contact, causing intense Lightning between the two contacts, so you want to use a conductor that will not burn or it will create the wrong type of Ball Lightning, one I refer to as Matter Lightning, because it is the Matter that is burning, Matter refers to 1 State Material that is burning or on Fire, so at the Point that the Lightning is so intense, it must be contained by the 6 Magnetic Force Field coils, which forces it into a Sphere shape which creates the Ball Lightning, now the two contacts must complete the circuit till the moment that the Ball Lightning Stabilizes, then you must open the switches, shut off the LASER's and Ground Magnetic coils, leaving only the 6 Stabilizing Magnets on, and if the Lightning strike has not dissipated by now, it will after you cut both contacts off, which is why everything must be insulated, to keep the Lightning from feeding off the nearby ground or spaceship, not that it would hurt it, even airplanes get hit by Lightning all the time, but we want to make sure the Lightning does not feed off the Ball Lightning, because it will destroy it, since the 6 Magnetic Force Field coils shown in gray in: Illustration A.01: Ball Lightning Cage are holding it in place.

Now we have a Lightning Engine, it is a contained Ball Lightning sphere of pure White Light without Darkness in it, the Darkness will form afterwards due to an attraction with the Light without Darkness, so when Ball Lightning forms, it is not Visible to the naked human eye, this Energy makes the density so compact that empty space is almost nonexistent, because it does have Photonic energy in it, but now we have the densest object that can be created in the Universe, and that is space with the least amount of Empty space, since most space is 99.999% Empty space, it is because White Light Photons can be forced together so close that they can not change their Polarity to Negative, because White Light Photons are Positive and have a value of 1, and Dark Light Photons are Negative and have a value of -1, so if the Magnetic force field is strong enough to force the Lightning together so tight, that no state changes can occur, the energy will never diminish, so it is self-sustaining. At this point the space around the Lightning Engine has a Trinary Energy State of 0, so it is Null Space, and it also keeps the state change inside the Engine from changing, and this forces the Empty space of the Universe to flow around it, since it can not flow through it, so this causes it to have it is own gravity, if you are on the Ground it will want to float away, if in space it will try to pull you to the nearest gravity well it detects, which is Earth in this case, so you will have to counteract this motion if you wish to stay in orbit, but now you have gravity, even if it is pulling you towards it, so you will want the walking space to be above it. It should be obvious that you could collect its photons and convert them to electricity to keep the engine running, because it will require the force field at all times.

Over time Tritanium will build up around the sphere, forming a Trinary Engine, but this will take a long time, and I have no idea how long of time we are talking about, but its easy to calculate if you know how much Neutrino Detectors can monitor over time, because that is what we are talking about here, but once it does, its shell will be 100% Null space, and not even Null space will be able to flow through it, and now it will have the same power as the Sun or Planet, only a lot smaller, so the Force Field is now a lot more important that its strong enough so that the Engine never come into contact with the Cage, because it will disintegrate everything it comes into contact with.

The Trinary Engine will burn very bright, but as long as matter can not come into contact with it, the heat should not get hot enough to melt glass if it is in the vacuum of Space, its friction will be minimal, but it will produce enough heat that you will have to do something with it, so I would suggest you build a thermal collection system for it, but if it gets as bright as the Sun, which it could if it could feed on some matter, because in truth I do not think it will be as hot as most people think, I have no idea but would guess that the Sun produces around 10,000 Degrees Fahrenheit when its feeding, so its possible that it can be anywhere from as cool enough to touch, but more than likely less than a 1,000 Degrees Fahrenheit, because the Tritanium is like a membrane, its actually not holding its shape as a Sphere, the Force Field is doing that, but we are talking about Photonic Heat, because there are no Neutrinos inside a Trinary Engine, only on its outside, its only Light on the inside, and that Light binds the Neutrinos to it, so it is this Force Field that protects this membrane, and it is also what Produces Gravity.

The size of a Trinary Engine should be determined before you build it, because the Gravity defends on the size and would be measured in tons, so we do not want to make a very big one to find out its too big, start out small and work your way up.

Gravity works independent of Earth, so do not assume Earth will attract it, it will if it enters Earth Orbit, but it can drift off into space, you never know what will attract it till you start one up, but my Theory is that the Trinary Energy tells it which way to go, so make sure you can adjust the Field coils to make those changes, because that is why they are there, not only to contain it, but to control it, you should be able to use it to drive the spacecraft, that is how Earth works, so maybe you should be real careful about making any really strong Magnetic changes to it, in fact, making Trinary Engines may sound like a great idea, but it is not, the Military will want to use them as Weapons, and called it a Trinary Bomb, but these things can destroy the Sun, so the real question is not can we build one, it is should we?

The Concept of a Trinary Engine is based on the Science of Trinary Energy, which is the Foundation for the Trinary Universe, but the Science all this is based on is as old as the Bible, which said that God is All Light without Darkness, so if God was the Sun, then it means that is the way the Sun was Created, you take Light and remove the Darkness, then bind that Darkness with the Light in a shell of Neutrino's, and this is the only way I could think of as to how you would do this, because without it, you will never be able to travel outside of Earths Gravitational field, so I thought it would be a good idea to show someone how to make one, and maybe I told too much, because everyone will want to be the first to build one of these machines, but in truth, there is much more to it, this is just the basics, and it is what I did not say that makes this safe to say.

The Missing pieces to this Puzzle: when I did this experiment I was sitting outside in a Lightning storm trying to tune the LASER's and Magnetic field, it was not a steady stream of Light, instead it was a pulsed output that had a frequency between 3.666 and 13 Hertz, so its wavelength is very important to know, also there was another component to the Magnetic force field that I used at the base of the unit, it also oscillated between those same frequencies, changing the wavelength by hand with a variable tuner, and I had to position it so it is arc flowed through the holes I drilled in the Lightning rod, and this distance varied with the frequency and wavelength, and there is a whole circuit that I designed while sitting in this storm that I do not even remember, and that is because when the Lightning hit the Lightning rod, it also flowed through me, and I was electrocuted, and not hit by the Lightning, but felt it none the same, I took many safety precautions so it was not fatal, but I have no memory of what I did for the last hour or so, when I came to I did not even remember what I was doing there, and the circuits were fried, there was no way to figure out what component setting I was even using, and the only clue I had as to what lead me to this design, was from a set of books that a good friend Sergeant Brown lent me, but it was not a circuit in the book, its was just a concept, and I spent most of this time since then trying to remember it, reading the books over and over, and I knew if I gave the books back that I would never figure out the missing pieces to this Puzzle, but the truth is that I know that I need a lot of resources and I can not afford to build this project on my own, and I had no help building this project, I used old parts that I found in junk yards of old Technology, and my basic designed started from something that Nikola Tesla designed when he was working with Lightning, and he never got it to work, nor did I, and like Tesla: I knew this was the Right Track, it just needs something else to stabilize the flow of Lightning, and redirect its Energy into a Focused area.

My baseline was around 7.826 Hertz, both could be varied, because it is based on the Maximum of 6.666 Hz at the Core, and as this wave moves out away from the core, it increases in area, causing its waveform to compress, to calculate the compress factor we use this math: the square root of the current size of Planet size of the Trinary Engine divided by 2, (7926.2109 – 666) / 2 = 3630.10545 take its square root: 60.25035643, this is the surface area of the crust of the earth, this represents the compression factor, as Earth grows so does this Factor, as it flows through the Blood of the Planet or Oil, this is the conduit for the Planets Energy, so I had to take a reading of the Pulse of the Planet, this requires Electronic Equipment and I had access to this equipment in a Lab, and did not need to take it to the site, since they were less than a mile a part, so knowing the Earth is 7926.2109 Miles in Diameter, and has an Orbital Sidereal Period of 0.99726968 days, I can calculate it has a rotational speed of 1,040.379 miles an hour, and my Orbital distance around the Sun is 584,000,000 miles, and it must make that orbit in 365 Julian Days, note that a Gregorian Leap Year has 366 Days, so we do the math to find out how fast Earth is orbiting the Sun, 584,000,000 x 365 = 66,666.666 miles an hour, so I was able to prove that the size of the Trinary Engine is 666 Miles, because the Electricity the Earth is generating should be around 60.25035643 Hz, this was how Tesla did the math, and why if you take 66,666.666 x .001 you get a Frequency of 6.666 Hz, so the Math Proves it, So now that I know all the Variables, I can complete this Experiment. The circuit I used was low voltage, it ran off a 12 volt car battery, which was dead after the Lightning strike, so that puzzled me how it got drained so fast, I have no explanation as to how that is even possible, but the circuit I designed should explain it, but the battery was toasted, I could not recharge it.

I never talked to anyone about my projects until around 2010 when I stopped caring about what people think about me, I did not care if they thought I was crazy anymore, because I know they are the ones that is crazy and not me, I needed someone like Newton, Franklin or Tesla to help me, so I was alone, as it turns out, people like me are only born at one time on this Planet, that is how Rare IAM, and why it is so Rare to think this way, so why should I care about what yew think.

It is possible to remove all the Light and make a Dark Trinary Engine, but to do so inside a Solar System would be insane, so I will not show anyone how to do this, because someone would have to prove how insane they are and build it, even building a Trinary Engine is insane, because you would have to sustain the circuit long enough for the Neutrinos to encase it, and my project was fried instantly.

There is proof that Ball Lightning exist and can be tracked, and for the most part the Governments around the World have been tracking them for years, and was classified as Project Blue Book, and documented all the Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO), so this phenomena is well documented, and in most cases was just dismissed as Unidentified Light, that by all accounts fully explains Ball Lightning, it seems to fly like it has Intelligence, because it does, it can bank at right angles, and accelerate to hypersonic speeds in seconds, and in all these years no one has ever made direct contact with a UFO, at least not Publicly, some have reported seeing Drones, or Aircraft, who made them is unknown, so Drones or Aircraft are classified as UFO's until they are Identified, as are all Objects, so there are different types of UFO's, those that we can see and track in orbit around the Earth, and those that people report seeing and describe as Aircraft of some sort, because Ball Lightning is very distinct, it is a Ball of White Noise, so I would also call it a Light Wizzard, as well as Trinary Energy, but if you want to track them, you have to classify them as UFO's, until you can catch one, and I do believe that is possible, but extreme caution is advised.

A Ball Lightning Machine can also be called a Gravity Machine, since that would be the main purpose for building one, so this would be a good time to talk about Gravity and Time. I understand that Light like all Electromagnetic Energy does not travel in a straight line, its actually an Arc with a diameter between 13 and 16 Billion years, since not all Light Travels at the same Speed, not talking about the Spectra of Light that always travels at the Same Speed, but bound Light travels at much lower Speeds then unbound Light, so when taking Time into consideration, we must factor this into our Time device, something that Newton and Tesla would have done, and the Red Shifting of distant Lights from other Galaxies prove this, so we can not measure Time for Red Shifted Galaxies the same as none Red Shifted Galaxies, so Time must be updated to take the Trinary Universe into account, and into this Gravity Machine, if you want to use Time while under the influence of its Gravity, but first we must talk about time, then how it applies to a Gravity Machine.

Tesla said that Time is based at the Center of the Planet the time is being taken, he ran a few experiments to prove that time is relative to the Elevation, this is due to how time is measured, which is linear and 90 degrees to Gravity, meaning from Ground, which could be Water if on the Ocean, so not to confuse this concept, we will say Earth and just assume we are talking about the Planet, so we must assume we are only talking about a specific elevation at one time, weather it is on a Ship on the Ocean, an Airplane in the Sky, or Land, Gravity and Time are always running in opposite directions, Gravity travels from Heaven to Earth, Time flows around the Earth at a specific Elevation, and that variant must be accounted for, during any Scientific Experiment. Einstein denounced his belief in General Relative when he could not prove to Tesla, the reason why Time is different at Elevation changes, Newton stated that Force is equal to mass times acceleration, so to measure the Force of a Falling Object, we must take the Time Variance for Elevation into account during the decent to get an accurate measurement, since most uses of Time are at one Elevation, which is only true if not in a moving vertical like a car or plane, not so much a Ship on the Ocean: since its always at Sea Level, but if you use a mechanical device, such as a spring, it will account for most but not all the differences in Elevation changes, for example as a Spring Clock in an Airplane is subjected to G-Forces, its Spring Tension changes making the Clocks timer run tighter with the more G-Forces applied to it, and is more notable if using an Atomic Timer, since it can more accurately detect elevation changes, this is because Newton stated Time is measured in the Path of an Object, if we are standing still the path of the Object is the Clock and the Planets rotation, after one Planet Rotation, the Elevation of the Clock should be the same, those it is time signature around the World at that Elevation should be the same, for any place on that same path, which takes into account the Longitude and Latitude of the Clock in Question, so in reality: Time is only accurate for the Clock taking the Time, and if taken anywhere else on the Planet outside those specific regions of space on the Planet, you will get different results, and this experiment has been done so many times, that its just a fact, put a Clock in a Plane and Fly up and down and note that time changes can be detected, and it is due to the Path of the Clock in the Plane, and not General Relativity, if you just account for all time variances to adjust for Elevation changes, you can accurately measure the Path of the Object, which is the Plane and the Rotation of Earth, as well as Elevation changes, and changes in Longitude and Latitude. If General Relativity was correct, you could go backwards in Time, this causes Paradoxes when at the Atomic Level, an Atom starts to move slower or faster than the surrounding Atom's, for example you take a person who is made up of Atom's, if a person is in a time machine, they would be moving through space at a different location then the Atom's in their Body, meaning that if I followed all my movements over the same period of time that I Time Traveled, I would note that over a year I moved around the Earth 365 time, so if I do not follow the same path as I move backwards in Time, my Body will not be in the same Place in Time and Space, so I would in effect have to have two versions of me, one in which happened in the past, and this body that I am using to go back in time, so if I stopped and talked to myself, one version would be older, but both would have the same memories up to some point in time, and that is a Paradox that Einstein admitted could not happen in Reality, so Tesla stated that Time is only accurate at the Specific Location at that given time, and not in General, meaning not Relative to Time being the same for everyone in the World, because it is all Relative to the Longitude, Latitude and Elevation we are all at, so People at higher Elevations will age differently then those at lower Elevations, and those closer to the Equator will age differently then those closer to the Poles, even if they are at the same Elevation, so to measure time the same for them is not accurate at all, and it is all because of the way we measure time, which is not the way I would, I would take into account Longitude, Latitude, Elevation, and Magnetic deviations, and no daylight savings Time, just the Right Time, based on the Right measurement system that is currently not in place, and why most of our perception of Time is just wrong.

A Gravity Machine is in fact a Time Machine, since it creates its own Time based on the Machine, thus all Time inside the influence of a Gravity Machine, would not be the same as Gravity on Earth, so we need a Formula for Time. Time is based on the Center of the Object, be it a Planet or Gravity Machine, and is based on a Ratio based on the full Rotation of the Object, so if you are standing at the Pole, the same time will pass, as if you were standing at the Equator at Sea Level, so that all Clocks can be made the same, and give the same time no matter where you are on the Earth, so what would happen if that Object is the size of our Gravity Machine, then its based on such a small diameter of influence, that it would appear Time has slowed down or stopped, imagine if the Earth was half the size it is now, it would rotate around in half the Time, so 1 day would be a much shorter time span, yet the Earth Grows in diameter at around ½ inch a year, so in a Million of years this will be the case of days getting longer, in fact its happening right now, and it is why Time keeps on changing yet our Reality of it does not. If this Gravity Machine was built around a Space Station, that is outside of Earths Gravity well, thus floating in Space around the Sun like other Planets, a year would be based on its distance from the Sun, and a Day would be very short unless you could rotate the Gravity Machine, at the same Rotational Speed of Earth, which is over a Thousand Miles an hour, so this Space Station would be a hell of ride, yet it would not travel the distance in diameter as Earth, and thus not be Relative to its speed in terms of Time or how we perceive it, you would have many rotations per day if you could not regulate your speed, and without a huge body, a small body of mass would tend to rotate much faster, so Reality of how objects float in space and our ability to control that spin, is limited to our technology, which at the time is not capable of orbiting the Sun outside of a Planets Gravity influence, because we do not currently have Gravity Machines, but if we did, we want to base our time standard on a normal day just to have a Time Standard, as such, 8 hours is what is here on Earth, yet if I use an Atomic Clock to keep track of Time around a Gravity Machine, I will note a drastic change in time compared to Earth, for one thing, you would have multiple revolutions per hours compared to one day, it would be very difficult to simulate how slow center of the Earth rotates, the outside is moving very fast, but at the Poles, things move much slower, but I imagine that if I designed a Space Station that traveled in the Suns Orbit, that I would want to time my rotation speed to one complete view of the solar system, so I would rotate on an Axis that gives me the best view of the Solar System, so when designing a Clock for Space Travel, you need to take into account where you are Traveling to, the Earth Travels around the Sun, if you drop out of the Suns Gravity Well, you will drift into the nearest Gravity Well, and be pulled into it, years will be so long that Time on Earth would have no meaning, so in effect, a Gravity Machine is a Time Machine.

Is it possible to design a Space Station that can orbit around the Sun? If I did not believe so, I would not have given you a foundation for building one, not only do I think its possible, I think it is what Trinary Sanctuary is all about, which is building a Trinary Pyramid, around a Trinary Engine, so when the Earth goes Nova, the Trinary Sanctuary will just float off into its own orbit around the Sun. Time is just a reference that people make up to make time past in a more predictable way, but the passing of Time can be determined more accurately, so the quest to build a better Time Device moves into the next realm of possibilities, as does the possibility to build a New Planet for the Human Race to Live on after destroying this one.

The Nature of Lightning is to feed the Planet Live Energy: that consist of Electrons and Non-Elements known as Trinary Elements or God's Element or God's Particle, this Non-Element is abundant in outer space, and this Energy builds up in the Thermosphere around 66 miles, the math is simple, take the maximum speed the Planet can travel at, times .001, two Zeros to find the distance for the Middle Ring or Force Field, this Ring is Neutral and never changes; Note that the First Ring is at 66,666.666 x .0001 = 6.666 Miles, this is where we get our Frequency from, currently this is Positive Energy, because this Ring is Positive, when the Planet Reverses its Magnetic Field, this will become Negative, right now the North Pole is actually the South Magnetic Pole, and it is Polarity is Negative, this is because the outside or Third Ring is Negative, it is always the opposite of the first Ring. The Second Ring is at 66,666.666 x .001 = 66.666 Miles, this is where we get our Lightning from, its Polarity is Neutral but its sandwiched in between Positive and Negative Rings, so it gets its Polarity from the outer or Third Ring, so its Negative right now, so Earth is Ground and Ground is Neutral, but that Evil Energy, or backward Spell for Live Energy, is Negative and it is attracted to the Positive inner Ring, that sits only 6.666 miles from Earths Ground, not a very long jump, but once it jumps that high, its Positive Energy is attracted by a Negative Energy, so it is attracted to the outer Ring which is now Negative, and that completes the circuit, and Live Energy is replaced by this Evil Energy, such that Live Energy has God's Trinary Element in it and Evil Energy does not, making Live Energy have more Mass then Evil Energy. The Third Ring is at 66,666.666 x .01 = 666.66 Miles, this is where we get our Magnetosphere from, so it is this Second Ring that is causing the temperature to increase and why its called a Thermosphere, it has to opposing Polarities on both sides, causing the to short out every once in a while, where Upper-atmospheric Lightning will pull its Energy from, and the Path the Energy takes starts at Ground, then after completing its trip into outer space, where it creates this Path from Heaven to Hell, allowing one type of Evil Electricity without Non-Elements in it, to be replaced by another type of Live Electricity that does, and it is why you do not see the Lightning on its way up, but see it on its way down; because on its way back it brings New Live Energy, to replace the Old Dead Energy it took to get the New Live Energy, and it gets Non-Elements as an exchange of Energy types, this accounts for the Mass of the Energy, which Tesla said that Lightning has more Mass then a Lightning Generator can produce, and that is because a Lightning Generator collects Energy from the Atmosphere, and Non-Elements are not abundant there, and that is how I figured out this exchange is taking place, and the only way to explain it, but its proof it exist. Note that when you calculate the Rings or Force Fields, you use the Maximum Speed, but you can use the Actual Speed if you know it, so for example right now we are traveling closer to 50,000 miles an hour, this speed varies over a year, our speed is determined by where we are in our Elliptical Orbit around the Sun, according to Kepler's Laws, as such when you determine the distance for the Thermosphere, you will note that currently its closer to 50,000 miles, proving there is Math behind these layers of space.

If I were to create a Trinary Lightning Machine, I would use 6 foot diameter LASER's, Lightning needs a very wide path to travel on, my original idea of using smaller LASER's was due to availability and not usability, the concept is simple; you have a very large diameter Lightning rod, maybe 36 feet in diameter, you need to have 12-foot holes drilled through it for the LASER's to travel through, as the Lightning travels down the Lightning Rod, it encounters these holes and the Lightning jumps into the LASER's Path, and rides the mirrors around in a circle, the other end of the Lightning rod needs to be under load, it can run generators and motors, charge Capacitors to charge Batteries, and do other work to keep the Lightning Path open for flow. The Lightning Rod would be the Center of Gravity, if this was a Spacecraft, it would be the center of it, and it would have to be Spherical, and it is walk ways and work space set up to walk around the center of it, so its like the core of the Planet or Trinary Engine, it is the largest mass, so it creates Gravity just by Mass, it needs to be made of many types of Material or Elements, such as Silver, Gold, Copper, Nickle, Brass, Bronze, Zinc and even Aluminum, with an Iron and Steel shell to protect it, coated with Glass to insulate and protect if from oxidation, it should always be in a vacuum. The LASER ports must be machined such that they act like Antenna, this should act like a Lightning Cage, arcing across the LASER's, which will pick up the Lightning and create a path for it to flow. The concept is that you can collect all the Lightnings Photonic Light, as well as all its Electrons, and then use this Energy to create a Huge Magnetic Flux Force Field, that equal to the Earths Magnetosphere, this will create Gravity at the center of Mass, as such: it is a Trinary Lightning Gravity Machine. For deep space flight, it would need Electron Collectors to feed it Lightning, as such: these Electron Collectors must absorb and Store all the Electrons in the surrounding Space, and then when its saturated it then charges up massive Capacitors, and when they are full, it will amplify them using a Tesla Coil, then discharge the Lightning into the Lightning Rod. You will need to balance the load and energy reserves to keep the Lightning flowing around the LASER's Rings, and you will need many Rings, so the length of the Lightning Rod must allow for multiple LASER's Ports. You can use the Energy to create Ion Drives, with Ion Collectors behind them to recycle the Ions. This requires a lot of Technology that deals with Storing Electrons, this means Batteries, but not the type currently in use, those break down over time and have limited recharge capabilities, these Trinary Batteries I talk about in the Wizards Guild to the Trinary Universe would come in handy. If you want to build a Spacecraft, you must build it like Earth, it must have its Magnetosphere, it not only holds in our Atmosphere, which Spacecraft do not need, but it prevents Meteorites from wiping it out, not to mention we are Light Beings, and require this Wireless Battery Charger, it is what powers our Lives, we are that Electricity, without it we die just like all our Electronic Machines, we can Live without Air for around 6 Minutes, and Water for about a week, and Food for about a year, but we can not Live a Microsecond without Electricity or Light, so keep this in mind if you want to go into Space without the Earth, you need to simulate all its Functions, and Gravity is one we can not live long without, so if your batteries die so do you. Space Flight is a Joke without this Technology.

Humans can live a range of Frequencies and Wavelengths, if you look at the Trinary Galactic Disk Track Table, you will find this Range we can survive in, because I do not believe its possible to build a Trinary Lightning Machine that can match Earths Specifications, that would take a Planet to do that, so it is all a matter of being able to generate a field strong enough, but this is going to be a very Large Machine. I think that its possible to build a Trinary Lightning Machine into Trinary Sanctuary, and in the event it makes it into Space after the Earth goes Nova, this would be a nice feature if you want to continue to Live, so build it like a Spacecraft and you might survive what might come.

Please see example of the 3D model, I will make it available, I did this in Blender, so I can export it to a variety of formats. The value of this information can only be validated after getting a working model, and is the goal of this information, to give enough detail, such that someone can figure out how to build Ball Lightning, and build is a better term then create, because I believe is more than just a lot of Electrons flowing through a conduit as Lightning, which somehow never makes it to Ground or Earth, and instead travels off into our upper atmosphere where it will live out its life as UFO's, so the research into Ball Lightning will begin with this understanding about the Ball Lighting phenomena.


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