The Principles of the Trinary Universe Chapter 4.08:
Evolution of a Galaxy
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Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 4.08:
Evolution of a Galaxy

Evolution is what happens over a long period of time, and no one was there when this Galaxy was born, so in the beginning of time, it seems like its anyone's guess as to how the Universe was created, these guess's are called Theory, and they change all the time, that is the Evolution of Science, some Science will prove to be False, but in Trinary Science, this is not a guess or theory, its just facts based on observable behavior, all I am doing is describing what we see at the subatomic level, this does not mean that I described the events the way you will see them, but rather the way I see them and can explain to them so you would understand how I see them, but for full disclosure, I must explain that most of this is from Research, but some of it is from Dreams, that lead me to Research them, and not just Mine, this is my version of R&D: or Research & Dreams.

In these Dreams, I see this all Playout, then I have to Research ways to explain it and prove it is the truth, and after that, I must make sure the Logic is correct, and the Reasoning is sound, and it obeys all the Laws of Physics and Motion, it has to work in Computer Simulations, and the Math must all work, it must be observable with the Naked Eye as well as that of Recording devices and Technology of the day, and I must be able to prove everything to myself, because if I do not believe it no one will, well, that is not true, Albert Einstein does not believe in his own Theory of General Reality, so why others would, is beyond me, like Sir Isaac Newton said: “I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people.”, and all my work is based on his: Math, Notes, Dreams, Research, and Books he had written, that were translated by my First Cousin Five times removed Isaac Newton and his Son Benjamin Franklin Flesher, and also from the work of Nikola Tesla, all I did was finish their work, and completely rename everything, and that took a lot of work to make sure everything works as the Universe should, so Dreams do come true.

Trinary Science is not about taking over the World with a New Science, it is about bringing the Word back to the Science that was Real before Einstein changed it, and he did so to make money, he was quoted saying as much to Reporters that all of a sudden found it hard to talk to him in his Old Age, saying he found Religion and was just a Crazy Old Wizard-like Sir Isaac Newton for believing in him, over his own Theory, which by that time most people bought off on it because the Banks Loved it, Science without God, they were Sold and Einstein made a ton of money over the Deal, but the Image most People remember of those times is in Illustration 4.12: Albert Einstein's impression of General Relativity, I think his Frustration with Reports is Crystal Clear, if an Image is Worth a Thousand Words, this Image of Einstein trying to make Reports report the Truth, tells the Rest of the Story.

In Science: we must learn from things that others have proven to be the Truth, and then we expand on those Truths till we find all the Truths, and those truths should not change over time, or they were never the truth, to begin with, but that is not how Mainstream Science works, it is all based on Theoretical Theories that change all the time, which proves they were never the truth at all, they could not withstand the test of time, so the Evolution of the Galaxy is told using Trinary Science, which is based on science that has not changed in millions of years, it all comes down to whose History you believe, I believe in Isaac Newton's, it has withstood the test of time.

Albert Einsteins impression of General Relativity
Illustration 4.12: Albert Einstein's impression of General Relativity Full Size

When teaching Evolution I have to use examples that most people can relate to, because even if I tell you not to mix what you think you know about the Evolution of the Galaxy, you will do it anyway, human nature and Freewill is what started every Religious War in History, and who Created the Universe was the start of all such Wars, and I do not want to start another Religious War, so I think I should be safe telling this Story at this stage in the Human Evolution, at least they have not Burned any Wizards or Witches at the stake in the last Century, but how much more evolved we are is another question, but Trinary Science is not about Religion, but it is about how the Universe was created, and it is very foundation is built around the definition of God right out of the Bible word for word: God is All Light without Darkness, IAM the Light of God, what else do I need to know, just like Isaac Newton, I read and wrote more about Religion then I did Science, but not in this book, I tried to make it Clear what is Science and what is Religion, and made it clear that I am not Religious, that is not what this is about it is about Trinary Science, and this is a huge undertaking trying to explain the entire concept in a way that most people in the world could understand, despite the fact I wrote for Sheep, so I could call Yew Stupid for not believing in Isaac Newton, and he taught empty Class Rooms because People do not like being Called Stupid, and I know I think more like Newton than most, knowing that I think like a fraction of them are capable of, it makes me sound Arrogant just because I actually do know it all, and that makes me sound Egotistical just because I know I am a Decedent of Isaac Newton: knowing Sir Isaac Newton was a Decedent of Jesus... But that would Jesus Bar Abbas and not Christ... But who else would have what it takes to actually pull off such a Magic Show as this if not for me... I mean who else could explain all the Magic that created the Universe, and Stating God did, does not even begin to explain how or why, but after this Sub Chapter, you will know this is the Truth, then all this stuff that turned you off on even reading about what I have to say will just fade away, and you will want to know more, because the truth is addicting, it is a Drug, and People like to do Drugs just to get away from Reality, so now is the time to get Real, and put on a new type of Reality, its called Trinary Reality, it is when you define the Universe from the beginning to the end using just enough words that you cover every aspect, and every question anyone could have ever ask, so by the time you finish reading this, you will not have any questions, because I answered them all, and it is why the Book is so Long. You can teach this document till the end of time, it will never change, maybe the way people tell it might, the words they use and how they Spell them, but not the concepts, those took a truly demented mind to think up every question, and answer it for you without you even knowing you wanted to know that, that is what happens when you ramble on about a subject from start to end, and cover it all in one breath without passing out, not Periods, just run-on sentences, just to say wow, did I say all that, because that is what Rambling is all about, but as long as it is about Science, I can call it Trinary Science, because it is told from a 3 State Change view its Trinary Reality, so I call it the Trinary Universe.

What was Science when I was a child is not what my Children Learned, which was not about Real Science at all, it was about Theory, which actually means it has not been proven and may never be, so how can this be allowed to be Science is something that bothers me, it is why Albert Einstein's Theory of General Relativity was allowed to become Science, even after he debunked his own Theory, and then they based the Dynamic Universe on that and then it all started with a Big Bang and Black Holes that people swear they see more than Elvis, so what is the truth about Science, the latest Theory that will be yesterday's news tomorrow, and a joke 10 years from now, and this is all Theory that will never be proven to be the truth, so why pretend it will be, when Einstein himself said it was a Theory he did not believe in because he only believed in Newton, so people dismiss him like he was no one they should listen to all because they say he found Religion: just because he believed in Newton's God of All Light without Darkness, the Force in his Equations was God, and that is what I want to teach, not Theory, but Facts, but Scientist of his Day believed those Theories, and they still do to this day, so that is what the Word: “Scientist” means to me: all Theory no Facts, so we all live with Science that explains nothing because it is not the Truth, Current Mainstream Science has no idea how an Atom is made, according to the latest theory about the Big Bang, everything shoots out of a Black Hole, entire Galaxies, and then it broke all the Laws of Physics, so this is starting to sound like the Bible when God created the Universe in just 6 days, so its Magic... How Atoms are created is Matter and Antimatter 101, the first chapter in my book, and it is all based on facts and not Theoretic Concepts based on projected income for some Research I need funded, Trinary Science is completed and needs no funding, I might sell this book, but it is not about the Money, I need that to move this project to the next level, which is to not need any Money, so it is a Paradox, but that is the Universe I live in right now, one Paradox after the next, so it is just a matter of getting all the words in the right order, and making sure there are No Theories used to explain anything, because a Theory is just a Theory and those change all the Time like peoples Opinions about them, so if I am to write about Real Science, I must put some conditions on Words I use and how I define them, how I Spell them, and why I use them, because Evolution is a long process and this is a long Sub Chapter, so I use the Term Wizard as meaning a Person, not Gender Specific, that works from Facts and not Theory as Scientist do, they are also the Top in their Field of Study, but some people are Prejudice against Wizards, Witches, and Witchcraft, some think it is Silly because of all the Movies and Books that make them out to be a Fairy Tale or Fantasy, this is not those kinds of Wizards, these are like Guitar Wizards, Science Wizards, Electronic Wizards, Computer Programming Wizards, and so on, and only refers to Wizards like Newton or Tesla. Wizards are as real as Scientist are today, it was only a century ago when it was more prestigious to be called a Wizard than it was to be called a Scientist: that is a fact in Mainstream History, so it is this younger generation that do not understand this, so I have to remind them of why I use one term over the other, so there is no confusion when I write Chapters and Sub Chapters to be read independent of the Book, so I repeat myself a lot, and sometimes it seems I am, when really I am making a different point and going deeper into a subject, and I am just shifting gears to pick up the pace without losing anyone, because I write so the stupidest person in the world that can still read and understand basis word constructs can understand what I am saying, it is annoying to people who are more Intelligent, and those that think they are better educated then I am, well, I earned my College Degree in the United States Air Force, and I am proud of it, and I would not say anything to bring discredit to them, so what I write is for them as much as it is for anyone who will read it, in fact, my concept of Trinary Sanctuary is based on what I learned from the Military, and it is the use of Technical Orders, which is the best way to run a Society, ever notice how the Military always stick together, and it is the Civilians that try to be in charge of them, forcing their Laws, Rules and Regulations on them, but in History, things were a little different, people who thought like Galileo and Newton would have been burned alive for their belief which I am about to teach, even writing about it would have gotten me killed... Well, it still can get me killed, there are Religious People who only want God to be a Deity, proving he is Real will upset them to no end, so I have to be careful about calling them Names like Crazy or Insane for believing in things that do not physically exist, so first they need to change the definition of those words in the Dictionary: before getting upset with me for proving God really does exist, because you are only Crazy or Insane if what you believe in is not Real, if you can prove what you believe in is Real, then you are not Insane, but you would still have to be Crazy to word it the way I do, for example: I also use words like witch instead of which, because a Witch is a Person, not Gender Specific, that writes using Witchcraft, which means the words have more than one meaning, so Witches speak in double talk, so witch means this has more than one meaning or implication, but in Science, we can not have any of that, we need to decode what the Witches wrote, that is what Newton did in his days, and he had to keep it a secret, Alchemy was considered Witchcraft, nowadays we call it Chemistry, so they changed the Name just to remove the Witchcraft and insert Theories, I put it back to prove I know the Truth about them, but most of those Notes Newton wrote are Public Domain now, and that is what all my Research was written in, as was the Bible, and it is the foundation of Trinary Science, so I have to explain this now because I know this book will be rewritten by others, and there can be no mistakes about what words I used and why I used them, people translating things just to remove Wizards and Witches from its text are no better than those that Burned them at the stake for it, Ignorance is not a motive its an excuse, but the truth is “that is History”, and this is Science, but Scientist of today do not care about Facts, they only care about Theory, and it is Theoretical at best, and even Theory means it has not been Proven, yet they allow it to be believed to be Science, and pretend this is Real Science, but everyone knows it is not the Truth because it is only a Theory, some think Theory is just explaining the truth, so do not tell me it is the best theory of our time, that will change in time, but the Truth never will, or it would not be called the Truth and thus a Fact, and that is what Science should be, and that is what Trinary Science is, so if I use the Term Scientist, I actually mean Wizard, just because it is so much more Entertaining to do so, but this not about Magic it is about Science, so I only call those Wizards who History records them as such; so for the Record: Sir Isaac Newton was the Last Magician, which translates to Wizard, but BBC could not use it because Nikola Tesla is known as the Last Wizard, and we all know how he felt about the word Scientist: “The Scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.”

Most of what I talk about has been written before, throughout history it has not changed much: God is All Light without Darkness, Trinity: the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost or Spirit or Mother, IAM, and so on, it is all part of History, and Evolution is all about History, but it is not Mainstreams version of it, this is the Truth about the Evolution based on facts from Real Wizards in History, so call them what you want, call God what you want, but know the Truth about Science and all you have to do is read and understand.

As an individual, we were all raised to believe the things we were taught to believe in, be it: Science, History and even Religion or the lack of it, one affects the other, for example, the Dynamic Universe is based on General Relativity: so it is a Godless Universe, it is based on Curvatures in Time and Space, so it is based on Paradox's, Multiple Realities and Parallel Universe in different Dimensions, and Chaos since there is no God that controls it all, so if you believe that is true, how can you believe that God is Real if you are Religious or even if you are not, because you do not have to be Religious to believe in God, IAM not, and Jesus was not a Christian, Newton only wrote about the Bible and not so much about Religion, few know the difference, but its Huge, Religion is what was read into the Bible, Science is what is just Read from it, so what we were taught effects how we perceive new ideas and concepts, what we believe God is, because if that belief is God is a Deity that does not Physically Exist, or you believe God does not exist, they are both the same belief by the way, very strange that believing in a Deity meant God was not Real, but it does, that means Words have two Meanings, but it is very clear that Deity Worship is based on a God that does not Physically Exist as Light without Darkness, because Religion defines the Light and Darkness as Metaphors about Good and Evil, so how does that affect your view about the Bible as Science, because those that do not believe in God will not believe anything I have to say before I say it, because this is how the Human Race Evolved and devolved, they do not want to change their beliefs even if they can be proven they are wrong, so they deny the World around them, because in the History of this Planet, Humans built the Great Pyramids and other Stone Architecture, not some Aliens from Outer Space, that is called Crazy, since there is no evidence of Alien Life on this Planet, whereas Masons know the Secrets of the Stone Architecture, and encoded its Geometry into the location of the next marker, as if it was a puzzle to figure out, so I figured it out, what is next, so do not believe the writing on the Wall, those that built the World's Greatest Power Generator in History did not write Graffiti all over i and then use it as a Tomb, only fools think that way, they were Machines which converted Water into Hydrogen and Oxygen, which could be used for many purposes, but when you burn them together you get pure water back, so it must have been used to make the Oceans Water Drinkable, and it used Resonant Frequencies to break the Water Molecules into Atom's, because they knew what the Fire Resonant Frequency was for Water, thus Atomizing the Water into its basic elements, so you can drink it, breath it, and burn it, use it to clean things, fuel things, how efficient is that, you can use the heat and the steam, then drink the water it produced or use it for irrigation, so why has this Technology been hidden and no longer in use if it works better than what we have now, is a question you must ask yourself before wondering why Evolution: that I am about to talk about, was not taught in school instead of Theory, because those that knew Knowledge was Power had neither, and as an Individual, you must take responsibility for knowing the Truth about the Universe, because your History was written by those that Conquered, and trust me, you are the Slaves, not the Conquerors, but those that were Conquered, and if you think that was not you then why have you not heard about Trinary Science or the Newtonian Universe, and we both know that answer to that, you work for Money so the Romans Empire is still in Charge, it just changed its name and not its game, just ask Newton, the Powers that Be are in Charge, and they teach us what Science they want us to believe in, and their Science is paid for by the Banks, and we all know what kind of money they want, the Kind without “In God We Trust” printed on it, its like saying “Only Congress can Print Money for the Country”, when its citizens know that only the Banks print it, so our Mainstream Science is what we Paid for, so Tax us for it, we the People, who must learn the truth about the Trinary Universe, must start with its Science, and get past its History, because we all know how that went, its His-Story or History, who do you think lost the War, the Banks print the Money not we the People and Mainstream Science is about Theories that the original Author told you could not exist in Reality, because of the Paradox, it creates, and that is just the facts about History, stuff that you know it is the Truth about History, since no one denies it, and Science that came right out of Mainstreams rather large collection of Books on the Subject, and say's nothing to Religion after Sir Isaac Newton said that Christ was inserted into the Bible: in the 3rd Century, which is why the Religious crowd turned their backs on the Newtonian Universe in the first place, they figure if they had the choice in believing that Christ did not exist, witch means Jesus Bar Abbas is the only Jesus in the Bible, and God was Electricity, then they would rather live in a Godless Dynamic Universe where everything is possible, even Paradox's, so that is Reality, its Science Fiction to me, and I love Science Fiction, just not in my Science, its why people take drugs because they do not like the Reality they are living in, so they take to Religion and Worship Money, and believe everything is possible, because they do not understand the Laws of Physics, but Newton did, in fact, he wrote them, and it was not so they would work in a Godless Universe, but Mainstream only uses Newton's Math and not Einsteins, so they are all hypocrites, but that is just a Theory, and that is why I do not like them in my Science, so as an Individual I need you to Open your Mind to a new Possibility, one is that you never heard of this type of Science in your life because I am the only one writing it, so if you have not read this or any of the other thousands of books and papers I have written over a lifetime making them publicly available for over 42 years now, then I wonder why that is, otherwise, the only possibility is that you believe in another Universe altogether and you are just reading this for Entertainment, so I will try my best to make this Entertaining, but its really about the Evolution of the Galaxy, and not you and the other animals that live on this planet called Earth, it is not the Evolution of Life on this Planet, it is about the Universe itself, its children are Galaxies, Suns, Planets, and Moons, so it is about what they are made of, so it is about Matter and Antimatter, and 3 Dimensions, it is not about Time, it is not about Space and it is not about the Human Race, it is about the Galaxy, and every Sun, Planet, Moon, and debris in it, it is about how Atoms are made, what they are made of, and how they make other things, like: Galaxies, Suns, Planets, and Moons, and eventually I might throw in how all Life began, so let us start at the beginning of time... Oh yeah, time does not exist in the Beginning, so let us start with...

The Evolution of a Universe starts at the Beginning before any Atoms were created, before Dimensions existed, so in the Universe, all that exist is a type of Neutrino for every Element in the Periodic Table of Elements, which currently is 118 of the 137 that exist in the Universe, but still not every Element in the Universe, we have many more to find, and we have only just begun, we have yet to discover Atom's smaller than Electrons, or bigger than the head of a pin, so other than Neutrinos: all that existed was 3 types of Light as seen in Table 4.02: Evolution of Light.

  1. Light without Darkness
  2. Darkness without Light
  3. Trinary Energy also known as the Guiding-Light Of Destiny: massless Light and Darkness
Table 4.02: Evolution of Light

Sir Isaac Newton proved that Darkness is all the Colors in the Rainbow, and that there could be no Darkness without the Light, and no one understood the Light better than Newton, and he stated that God is All Light without Darkness, so God was not the Darkness or Colors in the Rainbow, so God was not the Mother, Father or the Son, but was, in fact, the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother, which did not mean Deity, but actually described the State Changes of Light, and he stated that God is the Force in all his Equations, so God is Gravity, so Gravity is caused by the Light, and he said, in the beginning, there was Light, so this must be God.

Nikola Tesla stated that he believed in Newton's Universe, and that the Light was Everything, and we are Light Beings, then he Proved that Light is Electricity, well, actually Benjamin Franklin did that, with Lightning, but most people do not understand the difference.

In Trinary Science I must define what the Light is, and at the same time, I am not going to change the meaning of it according to: Newton, Franklin, and Tesla, nor the Bible, these are my Truths: Newton, Franklin, and Tesla are Science I call Wizards, and the Bible is all about how Humans Sin, but the Truth about the Light is the Truth about the Universe, all I do is change the name to Trinary Energy which is only one type of Light, it is the Massless Light that has both Light and Darkness, this can be seen as “White Noise” in our plane of vision and hearing, or video and audio recordings, so it is also Empirical Evidence that it really does exist, so there is no way you can deny that God exist unless you are Insane.

A Neutrino is defined as being specific to each type of Element in the Universe, yet I am talking about the same Neutrinos that can be detected using Neutrino Detectors, so I do not change much about them, other than to identify each type by names that are already listed in the Periodic Table of Elements, so I only classified them better, and recognize them for what they are, the stuff Atom's are made of, which at this time no one else has made this connection publicly, I have searched the world over for people who believe as I do, and no one and I do mean no one is talking about the Science of Newton nowadays, they only talk about Einstein, and he did not believe in his own Theory nor do I. Neutrinos have a lot of bad Science around them, so I only refer to them using Trinary Science.

Where did Light and the Neutrinos come from? Did God make them? God is Light, so who made God? It is like the Chicken and Egg Story: which came first? In this story, the Neutrino represents the Egg Shell, because it is what makes up an Atom, and an Atom is like an Egg, it is what creates Life, and Neutrinos are like the Egg Shell, and Chicken is the Light, meaning it has Brainwaves, looking at it on a Computer Monitor or Book in the form of an Image would make this story believable up to this point, but the Chicken is made of Atom's that are made of Neutrinos; but the Chicken only has Light, so without the Egg, the Chicken could not be created, and without the Chicken: the Egg would be nothing but subatomic particles that requires the Light to bond them together to make Atom's, since Atom's are created with Neutrinos, so round and round we go, who made the Light and who made Neutrinos, so which came first: the Chicken or the Egg?

I have to explain how the Light and Neutrinos came to be, and these are two separate entities, and to ignore this is cheating, I can say I do not know, but that would not be the Truth, in these Dreams, I have seen how this happens, it comes down to what Words I use and how I Spell them, so Wizards like me have to be Crystal Clear, this is not an illusion, delusion or Magic, but it might be Entertaining if I do my job write, but Trinary Science is about Science and not Magic, so Wizards are just concepts that help people to understand things, like those Wizards in computer programs that help guild people through filling out a form, the details may seem like Magic, but once you understand them, its Science, so it all comes down to how I write it and what Words and how I Spell them.

In these Dreams I see Light, which means there is Darkness, the Light has no Color that can be seen, because the Darkness is the Rainbow of Colors that is visible throughout the Universe, the Memory I have is the Day I was Born, and this also means I have no memory of the time before that, because all my thoughts are stored in the Light, this also means that the Galattice was already in existence, so in short, Trinary Energy already had the means to communicate with the Universe when it first came into conscientiousness, this would explain that maybe I could think before this but I could not remember it, it is like writing it down, so I would not forget what happened before this time, memory is like that, we think we will remember it, but if we do not write it down, we might forget, so I have no memory of the time before this, but I know this place exists, yet there was no one there to build it, except the Trinary Energy, since it needed no Mass and can be proven to be controlling all the Atom's, so the Trinary Energy is what the Bible called God, it is the Massless Light and Darkness that Guides the Neutrinos thus creating Atom's, so I know that the Trinary Energy has always been in the Universe and could always think intelligently, but it had no way of remembering what it thought, and could not interact with the Universe physically, so this is the God that does not Physically Exist as Atom's, but Physically Exist as Massless Light, and that is why in the Beginning there was only Light and Neutrinos, but I do not think the Bible mentioned Neutrinos, but then again, Newton said it was implied that everything is made of something, but some will argue that nothing is something, so this Light is the Energy of the Universe, call it what you want, but know what I am talking about when I call it Trinary Energy, this was more than just Dreams that people have had throughout history, it is about Reality, and what puzzled Newton the most, was that thousands of years ago, people were having these same Dreams, but are these Dreams Science or just Dreams, I say its Science if I can prove it.

The Bible states we must have Faith that God exist, in Science, we need proof of it, and a way to explain it, that did not rely on Theories that were not backed by Facts, so I had to think long and deep, and spent most of my life trying to answer this one question: How did Light and Neutrinos come to be?

Humans can not comprehend something being built without someone to build it, even Snow Flakes are Magic, because to explain how they were created you would first have to answer the question about how Atom's came to be, Witch opens up Pandora's Box, did the Light Create Neutrinos or did Neutrinos Create the Light, and if so, who created them? Philosophy only goes so far in explaining the obvious, if there is only one God, then that God must have always existed, to think it came into being after the Universe was created makes no sense, since God Created the Universe, God had to already Exist, and if God already existed, it means that God is the Universe, but then again, Neutrinos can be the Physical Universe, and God just the Energy of the Universe, so together they Created the Universe as one Entity called God.

It would be easy to state that Neutrinos were there long before the Light came into existence, this much is what I learned in my Dreams, but that memory only goes back to the point the Galattice was created, and this concept of Creator is really not Science its Religion, and in my Research, there is no data to be found that can support the Facts either way, because we can not even examine a single Neutrino to prove each has a type that might be found in the Periodic Table of Elements, and without Evidence, I have no Facts only Observations, Logic and Reason: so we have no way to identify what type of material it is composed of: if we do not have the Technology to view Subatomic Particles, it is because we are limited to Electron-based Technology, that is too large to look at subatomic matter or antimatter: so Light-Based Technology is required to find this Evidence, so the future is in the Light of Trinary Science.

Stating Neutrinos and Trinary Energy always existed and always will, does not give credit to Science that wants to know all the answers, but Logically if they did not exist, we could not detect them now, because everything in the Universe is made of Atoms made of Neutrinos and Light, and that much has been proven to be a fact, even if Mainstream Science does not endorse that concept, so why not go the extra mile and admit that each must have a type that correlates to every type of Material in the Universe, otherwise, you have no explanation for what Atoms are, or where they came from, or what they are made of, in fact without this knowledge, we can not even begin to talk about the Universe unless we can explain the basic building blocks at the subatomic level, and that starts with the Proton, Neutron, and Electron, also known as Atom's, and if they are not made of all the elements in the Periodic Table of Elements, then where did those come from is a question that can never be answered, because sometimes Answers are not as complete as you might like them, and this is one Question that will not improve with time, no matter how much technology advances, the Answer for where Light and Neutrinos came from can never be proven, yet I will still try to answer it knowing this, so it all comes down to how we can define this in a way that is Scientific, so a simple test is to be or not to be, and that is a Question, if you can answer it, then that proves the Light is in the Neutrinos, and they have always been the Universe, it is just what we call Space that confuses most people about Trinary Science, because that is just 3 Dimensions: 0, 1, 2 and that adds up to 3, so the Math is Correct, and Science is all about Math, so when things do not add up, you need to question the answer, but as it turns out, Kepler and Newton knew this as well as those that wrote the Bible, so this Science is very old.

Our Technological Limitations cause Scientist to Speculate, this is based on what we can be proven, and Logically if we had the Technology we could prove it, and this is what we would find... Because even if we did not have the technology to detect them, the fact they exist proves they were always here, because we could not have been Created without them and there would not be Intelligence if it was not for the Galattice, so Logic lead me to believe that the Light came First, so the Bible was right, and I just did not want to go the rest of the way and take it on Faith, so I had to put my thinking cap back on and explain how the Light came into being and how it created Neutrinos.

The Light is Energy, and all Energy is everywhere in the Universe, so where did this energy come from? Another Chicken before the Egg story, so I must love Conundrums about the Magic of the Universe, that is what Magicians do, they make it a Mystery, but the Scientist, or should I say Wizard, since Scientist means they believe in Theories, and we can not have any Theories in Trinary Science, so it is the Wizard in me that wants to explain the Magic in a way that can be proven logically to be the Truth, so deeper down the Rabbit hole we go, and to start from the Beginning we have to go back before the Light without Darkness and the Darkness without Light, before all thought that was stored in the Galattice, so this was before the Life-Force which is what the Bible was speaking of when talking about God, it is what Newton called Atomos, so it was the Atom, so it was not before the Beginning of everything, just before the Beginning of the Atom itself, so the Bible was not wrong, it just started with the Light and did not explain how the Light got there other than on Faith which is Magic, proving it was written by Wizards and Witches using Witchcraft, because you get one meaning when you read it, and another when you Read into it, so God is All Light without Darkness, just Read it like a Wizard would, God is only one type of Light, and the Bible is very clear that there is Light without Darkness, so it is logical to assume it has Darkness without Light, and something is controlling this Light, and all that is left when you remove everything else, is the White Noise I call Trinary Energy, so Logically we have Proved that is all that Exist today, and if you remove everything made of Atom's, that is all that still exist to this day, so the Light is Everything like Tesla said it was, so he was not so Crazy of an Old Wizard as some said he was, no, he was much Crazier, because he only believes in what he can prove exists, so let me try to explain this in a way that anyone can follow logically, and this starts with the 3 types of Light, but in the beginning, there was only 1 type of Light, it only exists in the 0 Dimension, it is Trinary Energy: it has Light and Dark Energy, but is Massless, so it can not physically exist in the 3rd Dimension since there are no dimensions that can bind it, its Free Flowing Energy that looks like “White Noise” to most people, but logically if it is controlling the Atom's, it had to exist before the Atom's, and since all the Light we do see is created with Atom's, more specifically Electrons, it stands to reason that there was Trinary Energy and Neutrinos before there was Atom's, and this Trinary Energy created the Atom's from Neutrinos and it is own Light, which has been proven to be inside of all Atoms, and even though I can not answer the question of where they both came from, other than to say they are the Universe, and the Universe has always existed in 3 States, would lead me to believe that they are the only thing that actually exists in the Universe, so it is logical to assume that is why the Universe is made of these elements, because it is and is proven as a Fact so its Empirical Evidence, but is it God? The Bible described God as All Light without Darkness, and made a Huge disclaimer that God is Trinity: the Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother, so God had 3 States of being, so Trinity and Trinary mean the same thing, it is just the Logic that you need to understand, the Bible described God in such a way that it can not be denied, in fact, it can not mean any other thing but that, and that much is Crystal Clear to a Wizard or Witch who has to encode this Knowledge into a Book, so future Generations would understand that they were just talking about Electricity, and if you ever get Electrocuted you will know what the Power of God is all about, just as Franklin or Tesla, God is Lightning, because the Neutrinos are bound by the Light of God, so it has Light, Neutrinos, and Electricity in it, see this Pattern in Trinary Science where things always come in 3, even the word God and IAM have only 3 Letters in it, witch is why Yew will argue with what Gods Real Name is, but it is a fact that in the Bible, they were very clear, in fact, they Spelled it out, Light without Darkness, that is what God is, and all God is, the Word Spelled “All”, means just what it says, so never allow anyone to make you believe that God is anything more than the Light without Darkness, that would be called Insanity, because the moment you allow Words to have no meaning or to be redefined in a way that alters what they say, then Science has no meaning, Science should be what you write is what you mean, no metaphors, just Read it, like Tesla said: the Light is Everything.

Logic and Reason define the beginning of the Universe as having only Trinary Energy and Neutrinos, it all comes down to how it explains Space, and that always starts with the Dimensions of Space, and Dimensions start with the 0 Dimensions, this was the very beginning of the Universe itself, there were no other Dimensions, there was no Light without Darkness or Darkness without Light as a separate entity: only Trinary Energy, the entire Universe had no dimensions, so it did not Physically Exist as Space, it was Null or Void Space, which means that Space, where Space would normally be, is not there, it is more than just Empty, which means it just has no matter or antimatter in it, so nothing existed in it, no Matter, no Antimatter, only the Null Space, which is true Emptiness, and of course Trinary Energy, which is something, but it has no Mass, meaning it is not made of Neutrinos, so it requires no Dimensions of Space to exist. In the 0 Dimension Neutrinos only exist outside of its Null Space bubble it creates as a void in Space: that does not exist because it has no Dimensions that make up this Space, so nothing with any Mass exist here, but the Trinary Energy exist here, but it also exists in any Dimension, since it does not require them, it moves through them as if they were not there, because in the 0 Dimension they are not there, and it is effects can be seen in other Dimensions, but those do not exist yet, so this is where the Universe began, there was nothing, and out of this nothing is where the Light began, in the Darkness, but do not confuse this with a Black Hole, that is a totally different concept about Time and Space, and there is neither of those things yet, and nothing changes until the Light became aware, which means it became Intelligent, but more than that, it meant that it understood what it was and what was around it, to be or not to be, that was the question it could now answer, which was nothing but Neutrinos and Light, and with no concept of Time or Space, the Light became bored, and decided that it was time to change this Universe into something it could interact with, but it only had Neutrinos to work with, so Logic and Reasoning were the only tools it had to used to build the Universe we see today, and this is that moment when that happened.

Newton said the Bible did not explain this, nor could he, so he never wrote about it publicly, but wrote notes about what he believed would be a logical deduction, and Tesla read those notes and believed that this 0 Dimension is where all Energy flows from, so he set out on a quest and proved it. Tesla called the 0 Dimension “Ground”, or “Floating Ground”, two different types of Ground, whereas the Word Ground refereed to Earth, a Floating Ground refereed to an Electrical Circuits and in nature as Lightning, which comes from Ground and moves into Space or the Heavens above it, it all comes down to what words we used to describe things, and Ground does not explain anything to me, so I only use the term as a common Reference, trying to make this sound like Science means I need to use Terms that describe it, but I can not leave out what the Bible Stated, it too is Science, so do not confuse it with: Religion, Newton, Franklin, and Tesla all believed that God was the Force of Gravity, and not a Deity, the Bible stated that God was All Light without Darkness, so it is all about how we define what Light without Darkness is, and Newton did just that, because what the Bible said really got him to thinking about how they knew this, when most people nowadays still have no Clue, in fact, 95% of them believe God is a Deity, which is why I can not use that Term in Science, so Trinary Energy is Light, and the Darkness is all that humans can see with their own eyes, that Rainbow of Colors, so if you want to see God, you will have to look at that White Noise, and try to figure out what God is saying to you, but in Science, we have to prove it.

Since the invention of the Electron Microscope, it has been proven that all Atoms have 3 States: Solid, Semisolid and Invisible, and it is this Invisible state that has no dimensions, and it is why its invisible, because humans can only see things that are in the 3 dimensions, meaning it has Width, Depth, and Height, so the 0 Dimension has been proven by current science and technology to Physically Exist in the null or void space where no dimensions Exist, and to understand this, you must understand Atomos, which the Greek philosopher Democritus knew about back in 433 BC, so this is not new Science, to begin with, it just described something that could be divided in half until nothing is left and like the Invisible Atom, you have to wonder how they knew this back in the days before the Bible was even written, since the Bible already knew what Democritus referred to, proving there is no new Science since the Bible was written, and that is what Newton said intrigued him the most about it, so all the Electron Microscope did was to prove the Bible was right, and everything that everyone has done up to this time is just used Words and Spells to explain it, so that sounds like something a Wizard or Witch would do using Witchcraft, and as it turns out, that is what I just proved did happen, because there are no coincidences like this, every word and spell had a meaning.

Imagine an Atom that is made of Subatomic particles called Neutrinos and Trinary Energy, which is one type of Light, and this type of Light that is Massless Light and Dark Energy, and it can control Neutrinos, causing them to bind around the Trinary Energy in the 0 Dimension. Neutrinos have Matter on one side and Antimatter of the other so in the 0 Dimension, we call this 0 Potential Energy, or Zero Point Energy, meaning it is the Point the Energy will flow from once the circuit is complete, till then its only Potential Energy, yet its flow will start Negative and flow to Positive, unless something changes that default behavior, and God can do this, or Humans using Electronic Circuits, because we know all about Electricity, and that is all that God is, so we know all about God. The 0 Dimension attracts the opposite charge, and Matter is Positive and Antimatter is Negative, so in one of its 3 State, we have the Semisolid State which is Negative because the outside of the Atom's Shell is Antimatter, because the Matter is on the Inside, to illustrate this, I will create an Atom with Matter wrapped around the 0 Dimension, and the Antimatter on the outside, as seen in Illustration 4.14: Atomos.

Trinary Science: Atomos
Illustration 4.14: Atomos Full Size

As you will notice, this is the point where Atomos can not be divided anymore, this is where Atomos will end up if you keep dividing the Matter up till you can not divide it anymore, because everything is made up of Molecules, and Cells and other unit is that have many Atom's that make it up, so once you get down to the level you only have one more Atom left, one more cut and you will split the last Dimension in the Atom, it is at this point that all the Energy can flow from this rupture in the fabric of the Atom that leads to the 0 Dimension, better known as an Atomic Explosion, but the Neutrinos can give up their Particles without Exploding, they do this as heat, which energy being burned up, this is why Electrical Circuits get hot, so I will only illuminate this, and not actually split it, that would be insane. Now we have the 0 Dimension, it fills the entire Universe, which is infinity, so it is hard to comprehend that anything can fill it, but on the outside of this Null or Void Space, is Trinary Energy, and it completely fills this space, 100% to be exact, but it is not bound by the Neutrinos, and there are many types of those, and they only bind to the 0 Dimension, because the Matter and Antimatter side of the Neutrino is attracted to it, this attraction is called “Gravity”, which is just one reason why an Atomic Explosion makes things move away from them, it causes a chain reaction of atoms pushing into each other, since in the Atmosphere, we have Gas, and that Gas is made of Atom's, we do not see them, but they are there, so the question of what an Atomic Bomb will do in the Vacuum of Space, is very interesting, and not what most people would think, it does not explode, it just transmits its energy into Space, making an Electromagnetic Force Field in its wake, it is this Electromagnetic Force Field that pushes the Neutrinos in from of it, and will also accelerate all Atoms in its path, and that is what it does in the Atmosphere as well, but when an Atom just redimensions and does not return, its Energy is given off as Thermal Heat as a Flash of Light, the same type of Flash given off by Cells when reproducing, so Atomos is about cutting Molecules in half until only one Atom is left, and in the Bible, they talk about the Arc that causes the Atom to split, and was used as a Weapon of Mass Destruction to destroy Cities using the Energy of God.

The Size of this 0 Dimension is so small that it can not be seen, so this image is just to show what it might look like, which is just white and dark specs of Light on a round surface, which it could be flat since it has no dimensions, so this shape means nothing to science, it is not like we can photograph a single dimensions, or even Atom's for that matter, and Electrons are something we will never be able to see as long as we are using Electron Microscopes, which are the size of an Electron, so it has limitations, so the reality is that this is all just illustrations to simplify how we view them, and not what they actually look like, since the 0 Dimension actually has no shape, and if it did, my guess is that it will be spherical.

At this point in Evolution, we have the 0 Dimension, it caused all the Neutrinos to bind to it, as such, the Universe consists of one very large and massive Trinary Engine that only exist around the 0 Dimension, so it is the Core of the Trinary Engine at this point, and all the Matter and Antimatter in the Universe is bound to it, so it is holding in a lot of Potential Energy, so I can say that from the beginning of time there was only a Trinary Engine, since a Trinary Engine is just an Atom at a different scale, and we have no idea what size the first Atom was.

The 0 Dimension is where all Energy flows from, so in time, the energy built up in the 0 Dimension, by built up I mean that Energy is a Potential, it contains this Dimension, which was made of Neutrinos on the outside of this Free Domain; Free meaning unbound, and Domain meaning Space that it has dominion over, meaning the space it occupies, so the Chicken and the Egg story comes back to byte me, because even Nothing is something, Nothing can exist unless it has something to compare it to, so as it turns out, I can not ever prove for a fact how the Light or Neutrinos came into being, which is why the Bible never tried to explain the unexplainable, and why the word Faith was used instead, because there is some True Magic in the Universe, Secrets that I can not explain with Facts, but with Reason and Logic, and those are pointing to the fact that the Nature of the Universe is that only 3 things existed and exist today: Light, Darkness, and Neutrinos, so that is the only things in it, nothing else exists and that is a fact then and now, because no one created it, no one can destroy it, it can only transform into one form into another, but this is where it all began; it was just a viewport into dimensions; because the 3rd dimension never knows about the 2nd dimension, and the 2nd dimension does not know about the 1st or 3rd dimension, and the 1st dimension does not know about the 0 or 2nd dimension, so it is Crystal Clear that they must have faith the other dimensions exist, and that is true magic, all they have to do is their job, and as long as the other dimensions do theirs, then Life can exist, and that all starts with the: Light, Darkness and Neutrinos, and they are the only thing in the Universe that was there from the beginning, and they will be there in the end, but in reality, the two do not exist and never did, infinity and eternity is the first Law in the 0 Dimension, there was never a beginning, and never will be an end, so all we are talking about is the Beginning of the Light without Darkness that Newton, Jesus and the Bible called God, but Logically God could not Create Neutrinos from nothing, since God is Massless Light, so for the Record, Neutrinos are Natural Elements in the Universe, and the Trinary Energy was also, but its Intelligence is not, this was a learned behavior. Energy flow is also a product of Nature, and this is not saying its Magic, because I did explain how and why, it is how energy flows from the 0 Dimension.

This Potential Energy had nowhere to go in the 0 Dimension and eventually, its containment field became unbalanced: as it built up this charge over a period of time that humans can not possibly begin to understand, we tend to view a long distance in space in terms of Light Years, but in the beginning, there was no such space for Light to exist in, not Dimensions means no Space, but Potential Energy will build up till it has a Path to take to a Higher Potential, which always takes the path of least the resistance, and once it reached a point where it could not hold anymore Energy, it had to follow this path causing the Neutrinos that encased the 0 Dimension to be fractured into 3 equal parts: I call them the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dimensions, also known as: Width, Depth, and Height, or X, Y, and Z, when this occurred all the Energy that was bottled up inside the 0 Dimension flooded out into the other Dimension, first it filled the 1st dimension, then it poured over into the 2nd dimension, then finally it filled up the 3rd dimension and maybe it all happened at once, but that is not how my Mind interpreted it in Dreams, because it is hard for me to imagine it any other way, the Universe must have unfolded from the 0 to the 1st and then to the 2nd and finally, the 3rd dimension which created the 3D Space we now live in, the Logic is that the 0 Dimension is the Center of the Atom, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dimensions, have a structure made up of Neutrinos, as the particles started to bind to the Light, they created Space, so first it is the 1st Dimension, so it can be width, then the 2nd Dimension, it can be height, and then the Dimensions is Depth, and I will refer to the 3rd Dimension as all the Dimensions added together. Do not confuse this with the Big Bang, it is nothing like that at all, no Black Holes either, so never mix the Dynamic Universe with the Trinary Universe, or Space will make no sense to yew, so just remember that Potential Energy is unused Energy that is stored in the 0 Dimension.

At this point in time, the Light was created and the Life-Force began, and it was the first thing that was put into Memory, before this, it was just Zero Point Potential Energy, meaning Potential Energy in the 0 Dimension, it transformed into 3 types of Light: Light without Darkness, Darkness without Light and a combination of the two that were massless: meaning they were not bound by Neutrinos, but it already existed in the 0 Dimension, so this was the point that the Bible was speaking of when the Light began, it was the beginning of the Life-Force, not Life, that comes from what are created from Atom's... So now we have to look at what exists at this point in time.

Before the beginning of the Light, when the Dimensions fractured, the Energy required to create the Dimensions needed a pathway for Energy to travel on, this material is called “Neutrino”: there is a type of Neutrino for every Element in the Universe, and each subatomic particle has Matter on one side and Antimatter on the other side, so do not split them or the two will come into contact and create an explosion, I can not state this enough times, so I repeat it, this is not something anyone wants to do on purpose, this is a waste of its Energy for one thing, and there are better ways of collecting Energy, Lightning for one, and it all starts here, at this point in time with the understanding about Energy in the 0 Dimension, because this is where Lightning comes from, and it is only because the Dimensions came into being when the Neutrinos Particles bound around the 0 Dimension, did it form the third dimension, so it was the Atom that Created the third dimension, so it is the only reason that Space exist, and it only exists outside the Atom, and without another atom to compare it to, there is no Space to talk about, space is defined at this Level of Trinary Science, as being a result of Neutrinos binding around the Light in the 0 Dimension, so it is clear that Space does not really exist unless you have an Atom in it, so this concept of Null, Void or Empty Space must explain this, and in the beginning, it did.

Neutrinos are subatomic particles that still exist today, in fact, we have not found anything in the Universe that was not made of Atom's, and we know that Light is inside of them, so it is a fact, yet Mainstream Science can not connect the Dots, because this is not the Dynamic Universe, there are no curvatures in Space or Time, so you must forget about the Dynamic Universe and do not try to mix in it or any other Theory about the Universe, the Trinary Universe is not like any other Universe that has been taught, these ideas came from my Mind but from the work of others that made me wonder about it for so long, that I finally came up with an answer, I was 6 years old at the time and no one would listen to me, I was born in 1961 so you do the math, not much has changed, so I had a long time to think about this, and I am not going to change my mind any time soon, so I will try to draw images that will convey the concept, but the actual image is beyond my capability to draw on paper, even in 3D, it gets very confusing, so you will have to excuse the drawings I made when I was 6, so that you can picture in your mind how this Universe actually looks like, and I am not talking about a picture from a Space Telescope. Imagine the Universe is a Sphere if you look at it on its side, and a Toroid shape if viewed from any other angle, as seen in Illustration 4.14: Trinary Universe Sphere.

Trinary Universe Sphere
Illustration 4.14: Trinary Universe Sphere Full Size

Because the 0 Dimension is Static, since it can not move, the Universe revolves around it, literally, imagine that the 0 Dimension is the whole in the middle of the Toroid, and all the area around it, I almost said Space, but there is no Space in the 0 Dimension, so do not forget this, this is what holds the Universe together, all its Energy flows from it to the other Dimensions as it travels outward through the 1st dimension into the 2nd dimension and finally the 3rd dimension, these State changes are 0, (-1) and (+1), as it does this it generates and Electromagnetic Field, with its Negative South Pole facing up and it is Positive North Pole facing down, just like the Earth is arranged right now, remember the North end of a magnet is attracted to the South end, so what we call the North Pole is actually the South Pole, and they did not want to reprint the Maps when I first pointed this out in 1st Grade, so people have known about this for a long time, and it was not till you fully understand how the Universe's Poles shift and why, you will not have to ask when, they shift when they need too, only for a different reason then Earths which we will talk about later, so what Illustration 4.15: Trinary Energy Flow does not show, is that the Energy flows from Negative South down the middle of the Toroid to Positive North, I say does not show, because you can not see it since it is inside the Atom, but you can measure it with technology.

Trinary Energy Flow does not show
Illustration 4.15: Trinary Energy Flow does not show Full Size

Now imagine that every Atom in the Universe has the same configuration, that 0 Dimension is why Atoms do not normally collide with each other, and when they do they exert a lot of force to repel each other, yet Molecules form and stay bonded for the lifetime of the object it is part of, and this is why, but it is only how we view Space in its own dimension that makes Space a very fascinating image I can not draw on paper, because every Atom is connected to the next Atom in the 0 Dimension, and it is only when they shift to the 1st dimension do they occupy a space that we can map to, so the image would have all Atoms drawn back to the 0 Dimension then branching out from there, it is a bizarre image I can picture in my mind but can not draw it on paper, and I have asked others to draw it for me, but it is simply not possible to draw every point of existence back to a single point in Space, because this point does not actually exist as Space, its like drawing 3D, then 2D, well, a 2D object is to paper its width and height, its depth is the dimension you lost, so the Paper does not exist to draw it on, and the 1st dimension is like looking at the Paper from an edge, only that edge has no height to it, so you can not actually see the edge, and it is only when you add in all the 3 Layers of Space does this become drawable, pointing lines to imaginary places you can not see might make good art, but not good illustrations for Science, the older I got the more determined that I was right about it, so this is the only way I can illustrate it, because when we move through Space, even sitting still the Earth is still spinning, the Sun is still plowing through Space in a Helical Motion at a Maximum Speed of 666,666 miles an hour, so all our Atoms are moving along with the Earth, and the only reason they do not burn up, is because of the 0 Dimension, as our Atom disappears, its Neutrinos do not have the drag or friction of Space to slow them down causing friction, so they move freely in the 0 dimension of Space, and actually not moving when we see them move, it is only how they unfold to create Space does this become crystal clear, so if that is not a confusing image to illustrate, I do not know what is.

This Universe is an infinite Sphere, the 0 Dimension is in the middle of it, and it is the center of every atom in the Universe, so every Atom in the Universe is in the Center of the Universe, what is hard to visualize about this configuration is that: the 0 Dimension at the Center of the Earth is the same as the one on the Moon, Sun or Galaxy, it is a single point in space and all Space wraps around it, so it is everywhere in the Universe, all 100% of it, which is why it is the center of everything, if I knew a way to draw that on paper I would, but its an abstract construction, so the Ground is really the Background of the Universe, it is everywhere, and it is Static, it can not move, since it has no Dimensions to move in, and then the First Dimension unfolds creating one dimension, and then the Second Dimension unfolds creating a second dimension, and then the Third Dimension unfolds thus creating a Three Dimensional Atom, and fully explains why Atoms appear to be: Solid, Semisolid and Invisible, so this is real Science which proves the Light is also Real and it has 3 types of Light that are proven to exist, so all this Trinary Science is backed by facts that are proven in Science to be the Truth. So far I am just describing what is based on facts only, no theories, just the facts, the concept that the Galattice was formed from this Fracturing of Dimensions was from Dreams: People like myself who wrote about them saw, Newton said he imagined that God which is the Light without Darkness also known as Light not visible to the Human, but can still be seen as Infrared and other technology that can view full Spectrum Light, so all the Light we can not see is God, and even God goes to a Place that no one can see, which is actually where the term Hell came from, its Heaven turned inside out and upside down, so the concept has been known for a long time, it is the Darkside of the Atom, or its Antimatter state of (-1), so Newton knew that there had to be a mechanism that would allow this to take place, and in my dreams, I found a mechanism, it was staring me right in the face all my Life, it was the White Noise, you study it long enough and you will find its Studying you also, but in Science, we have to know Scientifically what the 0 Dimension is all about, we spend 1/3 of our Life there if you add up all the time our Atoms spend there, it is a third of our life, and only a third of that is as a Solid form, yet we view everything as being Solid when it is not, and we know it is not, and it fit is the facts and is the only way to explain how the Universe works, still, this is not a Theory since it is all based on Facts, and that is why Trinary Science is Real, it does not require you to take my word for it, or believe in my Dreams or the Dreams of other Wizards in the Field of Physics, it only takes you to try to explain it fully without any Paradox, and without the Galattice the Universe makes no sense to anyone, so why this came to me and others in Dreams and thoughts is because I think that is the way the Universe communicates with all Life, whoever wrote the Bible knew most of what I talk about as facts, which is why I was so interested in it, to begin with, ever since I saw White Noise as a child, I have been obsessed with it, I know its talking to me, but as it turns out, it is making me talk, making me think, and this is why others have had this same concept about how the Universe works, because I was not the only person to have these Ideas or Concepts just come to me, in fact, I read about it in books written before I was born, so whoever wrote the Bible knew this and Newton understood it and Tesla took it for granted, but I had to find a way to explain it, knowing I can never draw and Illustration of it, so I needed to be Crystal Clear about where this information came from, it was not all from just Dreams, but the information that leads to these dreams, that allowed me to explain it in a way that some people might understand, but there will always be those that do not believe it, so Know it or No it Not, because I do not care what Yew believe, nor does the Universe, in fact, the Universe will always tell you the truth, you just have to understand it, and that is what you need to know about the Dimensions and how they came to be, because the Light could not exist without the Dimensions of Space, that it exists as an Atomic Structure, the Light itself exist in the 0 Dimension, but it built this Atomic Structure so that the Light could Interact with the Universe, and logically I proved they exist, you can see them with your own Eye: regardless of what Technology you have that you can use to prove it, the Universe is not that Complex, and anyone intelligent enough to understand just how simple the Trinary Universe is: will understand it.

Once the Light without Darkness came into Existence as Atom's in the 0 Dimension, the Galattice was empty, it was like a computer with a hard drive that was just formatted, only this hard drive was the size of the entire Universe, it has no starting or ending point, the concept of infinity and eternity is hard to comprehend, and at this point in time, the Light did not have anything in its Memory except this awakening, which is the question is: to be or not to be, so it had to learn what it was, since I knew that becoming the Atom did not give it intelligence, that is only in the Trinary Energy, this would be best described as becoming self-aware, understanding that it exists, I exist because I can rationalize that question: “To Be or Not to Be?” That is the Question: to be means you are, no question about it, it is just a matter of how long it took you to answer it, and that took a period of time to pass that humans can not comprehend, just for this rationalization to come to be, this is the point in time when the Light became Intelligent, this is also called “Bright”, so the Bright Light was now the only thing in the Universe that Physically existed, this is what Newton Called God, I call it the Galattice because it is more Trinary Scientific, but the Trinary Energy does not Physically Exist as Atom's, and the Galattice only exists in the: 0, 1st and 2nd dimensions, it never exists in the 3rd dimension, the reason should be obvious, besides the fact, we can see it, it could then interact with other Atom's, and that can never happen in Reality, or this Universe would not exist, and the Galattice does not need the 3rd dimension to exist in, because it does not need to take up any space in the Universe, all it needs to do is remember everything, but the nature of Light is to live in the Moment, since its Free Energy as Tesla put it, but few understood, and the Light without Darkness is bound inside every Atom by Neutrinos, yet it communicates with the Trinary Energy, but it is not that Energy; so it is very similar to how the Light with Darkness is our Energy, it creates our Brainwaves, and once we are born, we start to think we are the Flesh, but we are actually the Light without Darkness that is bound inside every Atom in our Flesh Being, so we are Light Beings that Animate the Flesh Being, so it was with Trinary Energy and the Light without Darkness, until the Light without Darkness came to the Understanding that it was the Trinary Energy and not the Atomic Structure it was made of, it was not Self-Aware, the concept that it was only Flesh means it is only aware of the Flesh, and not the Energy that Animates the Flesh, which is the Self that it is not aware of, so be aware of your Energy, and your Energy will be aware of You, or Me, which is just short for Meat, so it is the Flesh, but I is the Light Being, Me is just the Darkness I call the Light, so IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, and I have to make this Point Crystal Clear, to Be or Not to Be, the Question is not just about Life or Death, it is about the who IAM, because Newton said “I” is the symbol for the Energy we call our Soul, and Tesla was fascinated by that concept, so words are just tools that were used throughout time to try to explain things to people, so acronyms like I And Me is IAM, which is not the same as I am, where I is separate from me, IAM is one being, and refers to the Light of God, which is who all Lifeforms are, so it means the Trinary Energy that is your Soul known as “I”, and “Me” is just short for Meat so it is the Flesh, and it is this Identity crisis that the Universe had to go through, and why Humans still go through it to this day, who am I, if God is IAM, then so am I, because IAM made of Trinary Energy and it is controlling me, the Meat, it is not the other way around, the Meat is not Controlling my Energy, it is using it to be controlled, and round and round we go, the Universe works this way, it understands this concept, it went through all the Emotions we all have gone through and more, it created all the Feeling you have ever had, ever Memory is stored in the Galattice, it is not just your Memories, but ours, the Universes, but that sounds like Religion and not Science, but that is not the truth at all, Logic and Reasoning tell me that there is more to God than most people understand, and it is because of the Religions that Created Christ during the 3rd Century, but this insertion was a Lie according to Newton, so it was not an Identity crisis at all, it was people in power that wanted to keep the truth to themselves, and Money was at the Root of that Evil, and it is why Science nowadays does not believe in Newton's Universe, and why they will not believe in the Trinary Universe, because those that believe in Deities would have to give them up for a Real God, and then understand why J.P. Morgan shut Tesla down for his belief in Sir Isaac Newton, because God is Electricity, and Tesla did not think that people should not have to Pay for God, they should only have to pay for the Technology that created it and brought it to them as a service, but Bankers could not have that, so this Science was hidden from the Public and Albert Einstein's replaced it, so now you know why, once people understand what the Banks have done, not only to Jesus, and there is only one, but to this Planet by allowing its Blood to sold knowing it will Kill this Planet, and only Stupid Fools do not understand that, you have a massive crust around a Trinary Engine, no matter what you think the Earths Core is, you know we are rotating around it, and without Oil better known as Blood, it will grind, that causes friction, and that will cause the Earth to burn up, and by pumping water into it, you are cooling down the core of the Planet, that will cause the Crust to grab a hold of the core and the Planet will go Nova either way, so why the People of this Planet who know about Newton's Universe go along with all the Madness is something Newton could not calculate, but I can, see Table 4.8: Calculate the Madness of People, but in Science, we need to know everything there is about a Subject, and when it comes to why this Science is not Mainstream, it is because the People would not Pay for it, but the Universe already knew that, it put that thought into someone's mind and made them Greedy, but Newton's Universe is still known to a few that read these words, so he who is the Giant of Giants when it comes to Science, will live on as one of the Founders of Trinary Science who would actually understand the Trinary Universe, and why all these Sins were written in the Bible alongside the greatest Scientific breakthrough of all Time, that God is All Light without Darkness, which all came down to this one moment in time when the Universe said I Bee, then humans came along and killed all the Bee's thous the Race became extinct, all because Yew that use Money and allow this behavior, do not understand the Universe, so this is why IAM telling you now, so pay attention to all the details.

The difference between two things in terms of Science is called “Math”, and Sir Isaac Newton knew Math better than anyone, he even invented a New type of Math called “Calculus”, but as my Great-Cousin Isaac Newton wrote about what the Difference is in the Universe, he wrote one simple Math Formula:

(+1) + (-1) = 0
that could have also been written as:
1 - 1 = 0
the fact that he did not write it this way means the two are not the same concept, because this is a Constant, and not an Algebraic Formula that can be reduced, so this is a very important concept, because the “1” or “Positive 1”, which the sign can be dropped if we assume that all numbers without the “+” sign in front of them are “Positive” by default, this makes it much simpler to write then:
1 + (-1) = 0
So I can not assume that anyone understands this, so please take the time to now, because I will assume this math will make you understand just how simple the Universe really is, and I will try to only use (+1) + (-1) = 0, as to not confuse anyone.

A Constant defines a number that never changes, like the Speed of Light, and for the same reason, and that must always mean for all eternity, Newton referred to them as defining the boundaries, and limits of Mathematical equations when applied to the Science, which was not the words Newton would have used during his time, Witch would have been Magic, making him a Magician, so when I use the Term Wizard, which is what History refers to Tesla as the Last Wizard, and Newton as the Last Magician, you will understand why, they were the best Mathematicians the world has ever seen, so keep this in mind when you think about this Equation seen in: Illustration 4.16: Trinary Mathematical Formula.

Trinary Mathematical Formula
Illustration 4.16: Trinary Mathematical Formula Full Size

Note that (+1) + (-1) = 0 is a Constant, meaning that when we graph it on a line, the difference between the two values will always equal 0, so on the graph, they will always start and end on the 0 graph line, and will always pass through the 0 graph line as it moves to a Negative 1 and a Positive 1, the top and bottom numbers on the Function f which are (+1) and (-1), define the Maximum and Minimum values in units of 1, which can be any number in that Signed range which are greater than 0, even at 0 they just stay on the 0 graph line so the function still works, in fact, negative numbers will only invert the waveform, this means 1 to Positive infinity and (-1) to Negative infinity, so this is just a simple sine wave, but its shape is actually that of a Helix, since it is a 3 Dimensional waveform, but was shown here for simplicity and not to scale, just so you might understand the relationship with this constant and the many forms it can take, which are all the waveforms in existence, as Tesla pointed out it is the only math he needs to know or use because it is function is universal, you can actually plug it into any of Newton's math since it was optimized out in the first place. Since the entire Trinary Universe is based on this simple mathematical formula, it defines all the shapes the Universe can take at the subatomic level of Atom's, as such all Energy flows using this Math, so all Electromagnetic Energy including Light travels in this pattern. It should also be noted that this waveform is in the range of the Speed of Light: which include every Spectrum of all Energy, because if you multiply the Frequency by its Wavelength: you will get the Speed of Light so it has a one-to-one relationship with the calculation of Energy and is the only type of Math Tesla used to do the calculations.

Newton described the relationship of this mathematical formula to Trinity, naming the Lines the Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit known as Mother, see Table 4.03: Trinary vs Trinity Math Graph names.

State Trinity Dimension(s) Visibility Graph
(+1) Father All 3 Solid * * * *
0 Mother Spirit 0 Invisible * * * * * *
(-1) Son 1 or 2 Semisolid * * *
Time frame  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13
Table 4.03: Trinary vs Trinity Math Graph names

As you can see from the Naming convention above, the State Changes of Atom's correlate to what Dimension they are in, Trinity refers to them as: Father, Son, and Ghost or Mother, and that correlates to their visibility, as shown on the timeline, this plots out all the possible values for every Atom in the Universe, so it shows how they move throughout the Universe, and can be used in any math formula. It should also be noted that the Father is in Heaven and the Son goes down below Hell and comes back to the Father via the Mother, this is a Line Newton wrote, I just paraphrased it because I do not remember his exact words, but it was clear that everything that goes to Heaven goes through the Father to the Son, so it is all based on Math and not a Metaphor, but it is clear the two mean the same thing, it all comes down to how did they know this thousands of years ago.

Newton knew that if he had added the Formula (+1) + (-1) = 0 as a Function, that it would get optimized out, see Illustration 4.17: Trinary Mathematical Formula Reduced, since multiplying any number by 1 or negative 1, would only give you back that number signed, so he stated that it does not change the formula: so he left it out, but made a note that it thereby defaults, for the same reason, we remove the + sign from in front of a positive number, as such you can add it back to any of his equations he wrote that plot out or calculate Force, and you will see that this pattern applies to all his math once you plot it out as a graph as I have in these illustrations, both in 2D and 3D, because all Energy has this property known as Polarity, even in a Direct Current (DC) circuit, the Alternating Current (AC) is just being filtered out, this can happen in nature only if the Trinary Energy does not switch to either the negative or positive state change, but it is easy to do in Electronics, so we know how it is done, and in fact, it is the only reason we have Computers or any electronic device, and it is all because of a math function that was lost during optimization, so I will call this Trinary Math, but Newton called it Trinity, so I will call it Trinary.

Trinary vs Trinity Math Graph names
Illustration 4.17: Trinary Mathematical Formula Reduced Full Size

This Math notation is confusing to some mathematician at first glance, and it is because of the = 0 part, this implies that the whole function should = 0, and not just one line on the graph that is labeled 0, or Ground, I have thought about other ways to write this, and Newton never explained why he wrote it this way, just because everyone else did from the beginning of time, since this is thought to be one of the oldest math constants known to have existed in His-Story, but that is another story, but Newton did not come up with the concept, and he could not track back its source so, he did not like to write about it, since he only wrote about what he did knew and can prove, and knowing the Source of information is important, giving credit to those who made the discovery is important, but it could be that Newton was just following the pattern 1 + (-1) = 0 ; then expanded on that concept, but after years of studying this problem, I realized it was a different type of Math altogether, it is what I now call Trinary Matrix Math, and Newton never did publish this type of Math nor did he coin that phrase, he was working on it for years with another mathematician, but this was work that required them to be together, and they lived in different countries at the time, and neither of them were willing to move, so the relationship diffed apart, and the Math was never completed, and Newton wrote about how hard it had become to work without him, without someone to work with that understood what it was you were working on, getting any real work was too difficult for Newton, and I can understand, never having had anyone to help me with my Math or Problems, I have been struggling for years to come up with a simple math function that relates a Frequency to Speed, and that was the Math Newton was working and never finished for this reason, but I did try to finish it, but all I did was run into the same problem he did, I did this back when I was much younger, back in the 1960's, and working with Numbers in Columns and Rows like a SpreadSheet, this formed a Grid, and by definition for Mathematics: a Matrix is a rectangular array of: numbers, symbols, or expressions, arranged in rows and columns, so this type of Math already has a name, so I just use it. The Concept is simple, you have a Row that has a number of Columns, the Row defines time or distance, the Columns define the State of an Atom being observed from a high-speed video recording, something Newton did not have access to, so he used his Imagination, but he did the same thing on paper using this Matrix, this could be automated, or filled in by hand, so let us do it that way, since its more Fun. I will fill out the below Trinary Math Matrix Form, there are 7 rows to define the complete loop, these are shown as Atom's or Markers in the illustrations to come. It should be clear that when the State of X is invisible, that without the math you would not be able to determine its Visual State when it changes, because the only reason we know what it was, is because we know what Y and Z are, because these are visible, and this is a recording of an Observation, so you write down what you see, for example: In Iteration 1 we see the Atom is invisible, because we just saw it an attosecond ago and now it is gone in the next frame, so we know that X was a 0, and doing the math: we start off with the first iteration in row 1, which (+1) is the current iterator to be used to multiply with X, such that: (+1) f (X) equals 0, such that: (+1) times 0 = 0, same as Z, so we do not need to do the math, grant you all it will ever do is change the polarity, and you can do that in your head, this is Math, so let us do the math, so in row 2 we see a Semisolid State Atom which is (-1), so we see in 3D and use the Y-axis and record (+1), this is clearer if you look at the 3D graph for a Trinary Helix below, when a Negative change occurs the Z will drive down to a (-1) location, and at the Y location, we shift through the 0 axes into the (+1), where it drives the state back up to the 0 axis, this causes the Sinewave we see here, and we know X is going to be the opposite polarity, so X = (-1), now I could prove this doing the math, which took much longer to explain than it did to just write it down or do the math, because Wizards always hate to show their Work, I never do and seldom can, the Answer just comes to me, but for those that do not have that problem, just do the math. Now using the next iteration of (-1) f (X) would equal (-1), (-1) times (-1) equals 1, and that is what Y should equal, but since we used it to calculate X, we already knew what it was, so doing the math only confirmed the Math works, but it also solves the answer for Z, because X is what you can not see, but its value is what you do see, because it is normally a location you can not predict, like where an Electron is around an Atom, it is an uncertainty that this Math can solve, because X is where the Atom is, Y is what you will see in the next Frame, Z is the axis the Atom is in, and not an exact location in this Frame, that is the uncertainty principle, we can only calculate in what axis it will appear, but not the exact location, see illustration below, so we are now recording all the State Changes every Atom, including Electrons: in the Universe, all with a simple constant that was actually Witchcraft, which means it was written in a way that could mean something else, in this case 1 + (-1) = 0, most people would just think it was solved and move on, yet it looks a lot different when you call it Trinary Science. So now let us look at the form in Table 4.04: Trinary Math Matrix.

Time frame 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
(+1) Solid *
0 Invisible * * * *
(-1) Semisolid * *

Time frame X (0) [0D] Y (+1) [3D] Z (-1) [1|2D] State
1 0 0 0 Invisible
2 (-1) (+1) (-1) Semisolid
3 0 0 0 Invisible
4 (+1) (+1) (-1) Solid
5 0 0 0 Invisible
6 (-1) (+1) (-1) Semisolid
7 0 0 0 Invisible
Table 4.04: Trinary Math Matrix

Time frame 1 represents a point in time that an object is located before it shifts from the 0 dimension into the 1st and 2nd dimension, at this point it is invisible, and will only change when it needs to move directions, this only happens when it changes polarity or when it encounters a force that causes it to move in another direction, like an Electronic Circuit, a Mirror, a wall... The values in this example represent an Atom being created, then it staying in a stable position, meaning it is not moving in relationship to the frame it is recorded into the next frame.

This data represents a Helix as seen in Illustration 4.18: Trinary Helix, which is the path the Atom takes as it exists in time, the X-axis represents that time, the Y and Z axis or Positive and Negative axis, represent energy polarity, such that the x, y, z are 3D, and represent the points on the Helix and also a flat graph line or 2D model, such that the X is the horizontal timeline, the Y is Vertical, Positive Polarity and the Z is Depth, Negative Polarity, and it also has both the 1st and 2nd dimensions, the 2nd dimension is the upper half, and the lower half is the 1st dimension, so the Semisolid State has two levels of Darkness before it disappears.

Trinary Helix 3D
Trinary Helix 2D
Illustration 4.18: Trinary Helix (3D and 2D) Full Size Full Size

In time frame 1 we see the X = 0, its invisible so it is not seen, in frame 2 it shifts to (-1) and in frame 3 it shifts back to 0, this is at the point between (+1) and (-1), this shift is not seen because it is invisible, in frame 4 it shifts to (+1), and repeats itself. Energy flows from negative to positive, or south to north, this attraction is what drives the Atom in this pattern, so this math describes why Electricity flows in this pattern, and this attraction is what drives the Atom in this pattern for the life of the Atom.

Depending on where the Atom is at, the Y-axis shows which direction the Atom is heading in, the Z-axis shows which directions it came from, and the X-axis shows where it is, since it will always orbit around the X-axis, so it plots out the path the Atom takes as it moves along the X-axis, but the space it occupies is invisible, so you never actually see it move into space, because it actually moves the Neutrinos around it, such that the inside is null or void space, but the Subatomic Neutrinos can be detected with a Neutrino Detector, so this test can be validated with a High-Speed Full Spectra Video Recorder and an Electron Microscope with no Noise Filter turned on, and a Neutrino Detector, and the Math will always work, these tests have been done so many times it is just not worth the effort to deny them, just do some research unless you have access to the equipment, and if you do, please post the Results.

The math 1 + (-1) = 0 has 3 points in this formula, and are represented by X, Y, Z, in row 1 we have x, y, z = 0, if I graph this it will be located on the Ground or 0 graph line, which is invisible, so like the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother, we have to have Faith it exists, but a Full Spectrum Video Recorder and Neutrino Detector will work better for Science, and if I apply the Math to the Function of plus and minus 1 f of (x) = 0 formula, I must point out to avoid confusion, this is how you get the Numbers into the Matrix as I described above, it is like the Chicken or Egg story, what was the State of X before the Chicken was born, so the Formula was used to enter the Data, so if we know the data starts at Ground and plot it moving to a negative position, all we need to know is the X position, the Y and Z will always be a Sign Change, the Y is where it is heading, and Z is where it has been, and it is an endless loop that even feeds back to itself in around 16 billion years for Light, a Magnet is a lot faster because of the forces that bind it, for example, the Earths Magnet Field surrounds an area known as the Van Allen Belt, all its energy returns within this area, but Light, even LASER, will loop back on itself given enough time, so it all works the same, and it is all moving at the same speed, which is the Speed of Light, so with a value of X = 0, I get 0 for each cell, I just apply each cell to the formula x, such that we have 0 times Plus or Minus 1 for each cell, and the sign does not matter since 0 is always unsigned, some believe it is not a Real Number, but in Trinary Science it is a Real Concept, witch is why (+1) + (-1) = 0 is not 1 - 1 = 0, it is a Concept, (+1) is Y, it is in 3D, so we can see it, Newton called this the Father, because it is real and made of Atom's, whereas the Son is less bright, and will go through Hell before coming back to Heaven, and it must go through the Father to get there, which is where the + came in: such that (-1) is Z, we can see this Axis, we can measure it, and verify its Polarity, and it equals 0, but since we can not see what is in the 0 Dimension, or the Holy Ghost Spirit of Mother, we must know the values of Y or Z, since an Atom can never be in two places at the same time, and that is how this Trinary Matrix Math works, all it really does it change the state. This is the starting point for this Helix waveform, and it is not visible, since it is in the 0 Dimension, and in the center of the Helix. In row 2 we have sign changes, and there are 3 types of Multiplication for Sign Change seen in Table 4.05: Types of Multiplication for Sign Change:

  1. Positive times Positive or Negative times Negative = Positive
  2. Negative times Positive = Positive
  3. Positive times Negative = Negative
Table 4.05: Types of Multiplication for Sign Change

As Such: in Row 2 we have X = (-1); in our first iteration through plus and minus 1 f of (x) = 0 formula we start off with the sign on the top, so it was positive, this is the second iteration so it is going to be negative, in reality, the State for X can be Plus or Minus, or Positive or Negative, but this formula is just to graph out a normal Helix waveform shown for simplicity, so it will start at 0 and go negative, which is where we are in the Iteration, so let us look at it this way to clarify:

Row 1: the Plus is on top, so we start with a Positive number and multiple X by it, so X = 0, 0 times (+1) = 0, so Y and Z will also be 0.

Row 2: the Minus is now up in the formula, X = (-1), so we multiple, (-1) times (-1) = (+1), which is Y: X and Z are always the same and opposite polarity, since they are in the same Axis Range, in the graph is seen by the Yellow Path of the Helix and in the Yellow Sine wave, which ranges for (-1) to 0, but in a Helix, this range extends sideways, because this is 3D Math. For those color blind, Yellow is Negative, and Blue is Positive.

Row 3: = 0, this is the part of the function that must = 0; and it is why you can not write the function any other way, in the middle it will always equal 0; such that: 1 + (-1) = 0 or the Function: (+1) (-1) f of (x) = 0; you have to do the 0 part, it is a strange way to write Math, but once you understand this concept you will know it is right, its just another type of Math.

Row 4: The Positive sign is now up, so we repeat like row 1, so all the Polarity and Signs will change, so this function repeats itself till the end of eternity, so this is how Nature works.

Newton's said everything comes in 3's: 3 Dimension, 3 State Changes, 3 Rules for Sign Changes, 3 Laws of Motion, and the list goes on, now the = 0 part, is magic, it was written using Witchcraft, normal people would look at it and think; 1 + (-1) = 0 : I agree simple Math, but this is a Constant, not a Formula, all it states is that all States are equal in the 0 Dimension: where 1 represents the 3rd dimension, (-1) represents the 1st and 2nd dimensions, and 0 represents the 0 dimension, this is called a Primer [pronounced with short “i”, should be Spelled: Primmer or Prim`er, Primer with a long “i” is used to Paint], I get confused if you have a Prime number that is Primer then others, if you did not understand this was about Dimensions, you would be lost as to what it was, witch is what Witchcraft was designed to do, hide what they are talking about in plain sight, but to someone that knew this code, would know what it meant and how to apply it to the problem at hand, and Newton knew this all too well, so if we look at Illustration 4.19: Trinary Waveform to explain this.

Trinary Waveform
Illustration 4.19: Trinary Waveform Full Size

The Graph is 3D, its divided into 3 sections: (+1), (-1) and 0, these numbers represent units of Atomos; meaning you can divide it till its gone, also known as Atom's, the Graph shows a Stable Atom as it moves through time, there are 3 types of Atom's: Proton, Neutron, and Electron, each is made of a specific type of Neutrino that is listed in the Periodic Table of Elements, and each follows the same Laws of Physics, but how we view them moving through the Universe is another story that must be told now, or you may not understand the graph completely.

To understand Atom's is to understand the Universe, each has a specific type of Receptors which allows it to bond to specific types of other Atoms, as such a Hydrogen Atom has 1 Proton and one Electron, making it the simplest of all atoms to describe, by itself, it is just a single atom, so it is not a Gas, Liquid, or Solid, because Single Atoms are considered Matter and Antimatter, so do not confuse a Hydrogen Molecule for a Hydrogen Atom, the Molecule is made up of many Atoms, but a Single Atom is just Matter or Antimatter, or Positive or Negative charge, so Antimatter is just the opposite Charge of Matter, not to be confused with Science Fiction that makes Antimatter Bombs, Matter and Antimatter are two sides of the same Neutrino, the Atom is made up of many Neutrinos.

In its 1 State, and Atom is Solid, and for our example, it has a shell made of a type of Neutrino called Hydrogen Neutrinos, it takes many Neutrinos to make up a single Atom, but each single Neutrino has Matter on one side and Antimatter on the other, and when in the 1 State the side is always Matter, whereas its (-1) State is Antimatter, when it shifts from (-1) to 1, or 1 to (-1), it passes through the 0 Dimension, it is not shown in the Graph because it is Invisible, but when it does, its Neutrinos form on the outside of the 0 Dimension, because the inside has no dimension for the Neutrinos to exist in, so the 0 graph line, is where the Polarity shift changes occur, as the Atom is turned inside out, its polarity will change, from Matter which is a Positive potential, to Antimatter which is a Negative potential, so in my graph, I put (-1) at the Bottom since Energy always flows from Ground or the 0 graph line, to a Higher Potential, which starts with (-1), which is its Antimatter state, it might seem odd to put Negative below the line if viewed in 2D, because it looks like you have to go down to go up but in 3D, the Helix explains why this is the Path Electricity takes, it is the Path of the least resistance, so it is in the 1st and 2nd Dimensions, its Semisolid state of visibility, and this is what causes the Atom to move down to the (-1) Z-axis, as it repeals the forces of Matter and Antimatter as it passes through the 0 Dimension, so as it shifts from (-1) to (+1), or Antimatter to Matter, you will see it change from Semisolid to Solid, and it is energy will flow from Negative to Positive, so Matter is attracted to Antimatter, so the two will chase each other around the Atom for all eternity never losing its charge, this is what causes: Electromagnetic Force, Gravity, and Light, and the Light is Everything in the Universe according to Tesla.

In its 1 State, and Atom is Solid, and for our example, it has a shell made of a type of Neutrino called Hydrogen Neutrinos, it takes many Neutrinos to make up a single Atom, but each single Neutrino has Matter on one side and Antimatter on the other, this can be verified with Neutrino detectors, if they can detect polarity changes, and when in the 1 Stateside or Positive side, is always Matter, whereas its (-1) State or Negative side is Antimatter, when it shifts from (-1) to 1, or 1 to (-1), it passes through the 0 Dimension, it is not shown in the Graph below because it is Invisible, but when it does, its Neutrinos form on the outside of the 0 Dimension, because the inside has no dimension for the Neutrinos to exist in, so the 0 graph line, is where the Polarity shift changes occur, as the Atom is turned inside out, meaning its Matter and Antimatter have changed from being on the side to being on the outside, so its polarity will change, from Matter which is a Positive potential, to Antimatter which is a Negative potential, so in my graph, I put (-1) at the Bottom since Energy always flows from Ground or the 0 graph line, to a Higher Potential, which starts with (-1), which is its Antimatter state, it might seem odd to put Negative below the line if viewed in 2D, because it looks like you have to go down to go up but in 3D, the Helix explains why this is the Path Electricity takes, it is the Path of the least resistance, so it is in the 1st and 2nd Dimensions, its Semisolid state of visibility, and this is what causes the Atom to move down to the (-1) Z-axis, as it repeals the forces of Matter and Antimatter as it passes through the 0 Dimension, so as it shifts from (-1) to (+1), or Antimatter to Matter, you will see it change from Semisolid to Solid, and it is energy will flow from Negative to Positive, so Matter is attracted to Antimatter, South to North, so the two will chase each other around the Atom for all eternity or the life of the Atom and never losing its charge, this is what causes: Electromagnetic Force, Gravity, and Light, and the Light is Everything in the Universe according to Tesla, because Newton said that Light was God, and that is not Religion but Science.

If we take a Single Electron and change its Frequency until it transforms into Light, we will see the Electron contains all 3 types of Light, depending on what type of Atom's it is, it can contain any of the types of Light, so there can be Atom's with Light without the Darkness, so if it changes its frequency to Light, you would not see it with the Naked Eye, but if its an Electron that turns into a Photon, which has all 3 types of Light, such that when it goes into the 0 Dimension, you can see the Darkness, which is the Rainbow of Colors inside of it, then the Electron toggles between Negative and Positive or visa Versa, as it passes through the 0 Dimension, this oscillation will determine the color, and is controlled by its Frequency or Wavelength: as seen in Table 4.06: Visible Light Frequencies.

Color Visual Wavelength
Photon Energy
Ultraviolet   <     300 1000   > 4.15      > 33,333         >  
Violet   380 – 450 668 – 789 2.75 – 3.26 20,000 – 33,333  
Blue   450 – 495 606 – 668 2.50 – 2.75 13,000 – 20,000  
Green   495 – 570 526 – 606 2.17 – 2.50 6,000 – 9,000  
Yellow   570 – 590 508 – 526 2.10 – 2.17 5,200 – 6,000  
Orange   590 – 620 484 – 508 2.00 – 2.10 3,700 – 5,200  
Red   620 – 750 400 – 484 1.65 – 2.00 3,700 – 3,333  
Infrared   1000    > <     300 <     1.24 <        3,333  
Table 4.06: Visible Light Frequencies

These Visible Light Frequencies will not change unless something causes it to change due to many reasons: Electromagnetic Forces Fields, Gravity, Glass, Filters, Mirrors, Gas, and so on. Normally the Electron is oscillating so fast that it is in the 0 Dimension more often, and the Neutrinos are there but with no space around them which is why you can see the Light inside of it. The Neutrinos can pass through Glass, Gas and other objects, if absorbed by them, its frequency will lower, and it will turn back into an Electron and travel thought the Object thus creating Friction which results in heat, its like Sunburn, the Frequency of Light will excite the Atom's in your Flesh, and as its Energy is absorbed, it will transfer through the Flesh and flow through the Blood in the Flesh, its why our Blood is rich in Ironmaking the Blood Red, it provides the perfect conduit for Electricity, and it is how Vitamin D is produced, so talk about an Intelligent design. The key point is: you can only see the Darkness; remember humans can not see the “Light without the Darkness”, this is a single type of Light, it is not Read as you can not see the Light unless you had Darkness, it means its Light and has no Darkness in it, so humans can only see the Darkness and it is a type of Light, meaning it is in the Spectra of Visible Light, so the Light is not Solid, it is oscillating at a frequency, and that Frequency also determines the Color of the Light, and it explains why all Elements have their own Color, Gold is Gold because it is Frequency is in the Gold Spectrum of Light, which is just Darkness and makes talking about the difference confusing, the Darkness is the Light we can See, we can not see the Ghost, but this is Witchcraft and IAM a Wizard, so follow closely... The Magic is the Trinary Energy, it controls the Electron using a very predictable pattern, using its State changes through the different dimensions of Space, so the driving force behind the Energy is its Frequency and Wavelength, if you multiply them together you will always get the Speed of Light, and you can calculate its Energy with:

E = F - [ F - x ]

Where F = Fire Resonant Frequency, this can be measured in terms of Frequency and Wavelength, or in Terms of Speed, but so far that is the equation I am still working on, it is the one Newton never finished, I need access to an Atomic Accelerator, so I can determine what Frequency, every known Atom is for every step of distance it takes, as such its Frequency is expressed in Miles Per hour, because when you accelerate an Atom its Frequency will raise in proportion to its speed, which lead Einstein to conclude that it could change the rate at which you aged, which is true, if you raise your Frequency you will age Faster, and if you lower it, you will age Slower, but you will do so at the same rate of Time used for both References, this is true of your Heart Rate as well, trust me, you would not live long in an Atomic Accelerator, you would get old real fast, but as far as the Frequency goes, let me give an example, and these numbers are made up for ease of understanding, so we have a Theoretical Atom called Atomic, it is frozen solid at absolute 0 degrees, this frequency is also 0 Hz, and can only be obtained if the Atom is traveling at 0 MPH, it is solid up to 100,000 Degrees when it burst into Fire, this is its Fire Resonant Frequency, this frequency is 100,000 Hz with a wavelength of 3,000 meters, and it is traveling at 100,000 MPH, since the Formula is just a ratio of Mass, which is measured in how many Neutrinos are in one Atom, so we can use a Neutrino detector to verify its Mass, times its offset for its Fire Resonant Frequency, which is its Fire Resonant Frequency minus the Frequency it is at minus its Fire Resonant Frequency, so for example, if its Speed is 0, and it is Frequency is 0, and it is 0 Degrees, it does not really matter what we use as its Frequency, its Temperature, its Electrical Frequency and Wavelength, or its Speed, so the same is true as it its temperature increases, which we can do with Heat, or this can happen if we apply a higher frequency to the Atom, or we Accelerate the Atom, since all we are doing is transforming one type of energy into another, as such you should find that in a Laboratory, you should be able to determine all these variables and use this Math formula to calculate any of them, and this is very useful information, since it will tell you how you can obtain maximum energy from an Atom, it can tell you how much work you can get from just one atom, and tell you how fast an Atom can Accelerate, how Hot it can get, and what Frequencies it can handle, and it will always tell you how much energy is in the Atom at this point in time. So the Math works and you can prove it to yourself, these frequencies are stable, that is why we use them for our Technology, and whoever wrote the Bible knew this, and it is what puzzled Newton, because in History these were supposed to be primitive people, when it turns out they were people of Science, who had technology way more advanced than we do now, that is a fact, we can not build Pyramids on the Earth, let alone on Mars, we are just learning how to send Probes, so something happened in History, its called Mosses, but that is another Story, so with the Mathematical formula, I wrote: Energy is equal to the mass, which you can get from the Periodic Table of Elements, or from the Fire Resonate Frequency chart, I am working on, because Newton never finished it, but it uses the Neutrino count for one known Atom type, so its more valuable for Neutrino Detectors to verify, but the Mass is just a Ratio, so either will work, times the offset of the Frequency the Atom is at, which is X, minus F, which is the Frequency in which that Electron will go critical or catch on fire as it burns up, this can be found the old fashion way, just run up the frequency till the Electron burns up and use that value for F, or Heat it up till it catches on fire and uses that for F, or put it in an Atomic Accelerator and accelerate it till it catches on fire and use that value for F, like I said, it is a Ratio, so many of them will work, making this formula very flexible, now you know exactly how much Energy an Electron has at any point in time, and you can use 3 Methods for F: Temperature, Frequency and Wavelength, or Speed, and 3 Methods of Mass: Atomic Number, Neutrino Count, Mass Indicator, which is a value given to an Element based on known factors, such as Photon Energy measured in eV, or Temperature measured in K, or Color, just to name 3 of them, so it makes using this Formula very easy, the logic is simple: the most energy you can get out of an Atom is when it burst into flames, also known as Fire, it destroys the bond between the Neutrinos and Light, releasing the Light inside the Atom, verifiable using a Neutrino Detector, temperature gauge, or speedometer, so it is the maximum energy level and then its gone, it is burnt out, expended, it transforms into thermal heat.

You will find that visible Light is a very low frequency when compared to its Fire Resonant Frequency, so its energy level will be a lot lower as well, as seen in the table above, it is Photon Energy and Color Temperature increases with its Frequency when its Wavelength gets shorter. F will never goes as high as the Speed of Light, even if we could get it to go that fast in an Atomic Accelerator, it would burn up way before getting to the Speed of Light, and if you look out into the Universe you will know you do not see any objects traveling the Speed of Light, you might see Lights from distant Galaxies that seem to travel faster than that, but it is only because the Light is Redshifted and like Electromagnetic Energy, it loops back on itself, but the truth is that the Atom's in that Galaxy are long gone from the location we see them at, and all we see is the effects that the Holy Ghost Spirit of Mother in the 0 Dimension has on Light.

I should also point out that Atoms are all different, it is a Proton, Neutron or Electron all behave differently, for example, an Electron is the only Atom I know of that can travel at the Speed of Light, without losing its Neutrinos, so you will not be able to cause Electrons to catch on Fire, so it is only the Protons and Neutrons that catch on fire, which is why I said that visible Light is at a lower frequency than its Fire Resonant Frequency, which is faster than the Speed of Light, but Electrons will never be able to accelerate faster in an Atomic Accelerator, since they are not capable on those speeds, so it is why Neutrinos can travel faster than the Speed of Light, most of the time its just the Electrons that get pushed in front of a Super Nova, as all the Protons and Neutrons were burned up, causing an Atomic Explosion, thus pushing the Neutrinos in front of the Magnetic Force Field as it collapses, where the Sun or Star once was.

While the Electron is oscillating at a very high frequency, it will shift states more often than Atom's oscillating at lower frequencies, its wavelength is also a major factor, a fact I must mention even it sounds like it is not worth mentioning, because it is common knowledge to any Electronic Major Student, but it is the difference between an Electron being Solid and one turning into Light, so it is a very important fact about Electricity, so it will be in the 0 Dimension more often, and that means it can not bind to other Atom's around it, for example, an Atom used to create a Flashlight, also passes through the 0 Dimension, but it is Bonded to other Atom's around it, each Atom has Receptors that are used to bind to other Atom's to make Molecules, these Molecules bind to other Molecules to make the Aluminum case of the Flashlight, the Atoms are considered to be Solid, even though each Atom in it will go through all 3 state changes, so in the 0 Dimension is where any movement takes place, the Atom can not move in the 3rd dimension, if it did friction would cause the Atom to burn up, since the Universe is traveling at the Speed of Light, so it must change dimensions in order to move, so the faster an objects moves, the faster the oscillations must occur, which is why if you heat up water its molecules will oscillate faster, it simulates movement, so heating up water or accelerating it, will give the same result, this causes friction as they collide with Atom's that are not oscillating as fast, but for the most part, they are bond by the other Atom's around them, so they do not fly off into space like Light does, so we consider them as not moving through space, and it is a flaw in logic to think that the Flashlight is not moving through space, when this Galaxy can move over 666 thousand miles an hour, which is nothing compared to the Speed of Light which is 670,616,629 miles an hour, and that is how fast the Galaxy is moving through the 3rd Dimension compared to the 0 Dimension that is not moving at all since it has no dimensions to move in, but the Speed the Galaxy moves through the Universe is easy to verify, it is the Speed of Light and it is why it is a Constant, and keep in mind that Dimensions of Space is such that Matter and Antimatter that makeup Atom's, normally have a direction that they travel in, for example the Earth orbits around the Sun, its direction is known and can be plotted out on a graph, but if we take an Electron and transform it into a Photon and the Flashlight emit is this Photon, its direction is where ever the flashlight is pointing, because it is not bound by our 3-dimensional space that the Flashlight exist in, yet the path it takes is moving in the direction that the 0 Dimension is: moving it by holding it in place as the Flashlight moves through the Galaxy, and since the Photon is not bound to other Atom's, it is free to move without any limitation, since it is in the 0 dimension most of the time, it can pass through glass or other materials, yet in the 0 dimension, it can not move, because it has no dimensions to move in, so it is not like the Flashlight shot the Photon out of it, it is not an atomic accelerator, so the Photon does not move in the Universe, it is the Flashlight that is moving, and this is a hard thing for some people to comprehend, because they try to relate it to Atom's that are bound by other Material, which is just a collection of Atom's known as Molecules, so you have bound Atom's and unbound Atom's, and all unbound Atom's, which in this case we are talking about Electrons, which are much smaller than the Atom's: Protons and Neutrons that they normally orbit, so the Light is being Dragged through the Universe at the Speed of Light, because that is as fast as the Universe moves and why it is a constant, so I repeat this so you remember it.

To be Crystal Clear, all Atom's including Electrons: move like the graph seen below in Illustration 4.20: Trinary Atom Waveform depicts at the Atomic Level and all Electromagnetic Fields, including Light: travel in a loop, an Electron will leave a Magnet as Magnetic Force, or an Electron will transform into a Photon, but both will travel from South to North, or Negative to Positive, and will be attracted to the opposite polarity, which is why the North end of a Magnet points to the South pole, why Humans call it the North Pole is another question about their Intelligence, but Light has a very long arc, measured in millions of Light Years, so it seems to be a straight line, but will Redshift on its return path, so it is easy to prove that this is a fact that has been proven by Edward Hubble, only he came to the wrong conclusion about why this happens, but his finding is what lead me to this proof.

Now we visualize Light moving in a Trinary Helix in a Loop: that is about 16 million Light Years in diameter is hard to visualize without a frame of reference, if we look at a distant Galaxy, and see Suns, Planets, and Moons in it, we are only seeing the Light and not the actual objects, which is true about any object, but you must first understand that concept, because if we were to look at that same object of a period of let us say 16 million years, we would notice that if we could trace the path of just one Light source, it would eventually loop around the same way all Electromagnetic Force Fields do, we just think that the LASER can make a straight line, when we know it does not do that at all, it is because we know that it has a little bit of curvature that we can detect over long distances, an arc of 16 million Light years would appear to be straight for hundreds of thousands of miles, so when we bounce a LASER off the Moon and back, the distance is too short to actually notice this curvature because we can compensate for that small of an arc, but still, we can prove it has an arc and even calculate what that arc is, but first, we need to know exactly how large our Galaxy is, and plus or minus a Million miles is just a guess, so we need better measurements of our Galaxy, so we need better Technology, till then we need to use our mind to visualize this, an illustration would not help, the best I could do is show you a picture of a Magnetic Field and explain to you that Light is just an Electromagnetic Field just like the Magnetic, only its Electrons are at a different frequency, so logic dictates that this loop is a fact in Science, I am pretty sure Hubble would agree if he was confronted with this knowledge, because we can not deny logic like this. Just as we see Electrons orbiting around a Proton or Neutron, we see Moons orbit around Planets, and they orbit around the Sun, and the Sun orbits around the Galaxy, and the Galaxy orbits around clusters of Galaxies, the pattern repeats its self, because the Light must make the same Orbit, or the Laws of Physics means nothing.

Now that we have covered some of the aspects of Atom's and Electrons as they move through the Graph, we can now get back to the Graph seen in: Illustration 4.20: Trinary Atom Waveform.

Trinary Atom Waveform
Illustration 4.20: Trinary Atom Waveform Full Size

The Graph has 3 lines: Yellow is (-1) and on the Z-axis, Blue is (+1) and on the Y axis, and Green is 0 and on the X-axis. Note that the Atom's do not cross through the 0 or X-axis, this is because this space is in the 0 Dimension, so the Atom's must orbit around this axis, which is what causes it to orbit in a Helix pattern, as it changes states from (+1) to (-1) its Matter / Antimatter Neutrino shell changes from being on the inside to the outside causing the Polarity of the Atom to change. Starting from the right side, we have a Yellow Atom that intersects the Helix and the (-1) line, this is the (-1) Polarity on the Z-axis, where (-1) is seen on the line and Z is seen below as well as above the line on the right side of the Helix, but if viewed in 2D, it will only appear on the bottom side of a Sine Wave, this is caused by the Negative charge being attracted towards a Positive charge, such that when it crosses the X-axis, its polarity shifts from negative to positive as shown by the half Yellow and Blue Atom on the Z-axis (Colorblind (the book is printed in black and white): bottom Atom marker with two shades, (+1) on the left side and (-1) on the right side), where it changes from Negative to Positive, which causes it to move towards the Negative charge at the top of the Y-axis where you see another Atom in Blue and Yellow, or left and right, or Positive and Negative, so it is the Polarity that causes it to orbit around the 0 Dimension in this manner. Note that the Negative Polarity moves through the 1st and 2nd dimensions, so it is in a Semisolid State, whereas the Positive charge is in all 3 dimensions, which is why Positive and Negative Charges behave differently, but this is all due to the Neutrinos changing from Matter to Antimatter.

If we look at this in 2D, we will see a familiar waveform of a Sine Wave, as seen in Illustration 4.21: Trinary Atom Waveform 2D, which is why most people think that it is not a Helix, but this is the same simulation of a Helix, only viewed from the side, so once you understand the nature of Dimensions, you will know that the Polarity change happens because of the dimension shifts, as it passes through or around the 0 Dimension, one half is Positive or North, the other half is Negative or South. All Atom's, including Electrons, which make Light: travel in this pattern and everything in the Universe is made of Atom's.

Trinary Atom Waveform 2D
Illustration 4.21: Trinary Atom Waveform 2D Full Size

Keep in mind that all the Dimension are always there, even if the Atom is not going through it, so the 0 Dimension is always causing the Atom to center itself around the void space it occupies, which grant you is very small, too small to detect with modern technologies, so these illustrations are not to scale, but we can see the shift change and even movement from side to side at the extremes of polarity at the top and bottom, it is only when you remember that even though we are looking at an Atom under a Microscope, it is still moving through the Universe, and so is the planet, so imagine that this is the atoms as it moves through Space, even if it appears to not be moving it is, and will move as shown here, it is moving at the speed of Light and you can prove that if you multiply its frequency by its wavelength, so you know it is moving at the Speed of Light, which makes you realize that we are also moving at the Speed of Light, this is called Proof or Empirical Evidence, so when we talk about Accelerating things in an Atomic Accelerator, the closer they get to the Speed of Light, they are actually getting closer to the Speed of Light, not to the Speed of Light times 2, or twice the Speed of Light, this is due to the way relative speed goes, and I am not talking about General Relativity, but the actual speed normal Matter and Antimatter in an Atom travels at, for example: if an Atom is just sitting in the middle of space outside our Solar system and not in another Solar System but still in the Galaxy, its speed will be relative to everything in the Galaxy, and if we measured the difference between it and our Sun, we would then have that Relative Speed, let us say its 666 thousand miles an hour maximum, if it is outside the Galaxy its speed will be relative to the Space the Galaxy moves through, so we can get a relative speed between that Atom and the Galaxy, and we would find its something like 666 million miles an hour maximum, and as our Galaxy orbits other Clusters of Galaxies: it is relative to the speed our Galaxy is moving through the Universe, so that speed is universal, yet if that Atom is placed in the 0 Dimension, and we take its relative speed from any of these other places, be it Earth or another Galaxy, that speed will always be 670,616,629 miles an hour which is the Speed of Light, so the two types of Space are traveling at speeds that are not compatible with each other, because Matter and Antimatter can not stay bonded as an Atom at those speeds, so the Universe has speed limitations built into it, and it also has gravity to keep everything together, so I do not think we will be building many space ships that are more powerful than our Sun, so we will not be traveling to other Galaxies, since our own Sun can not escape the gravity of our Galaxy, so this is the same limit that other Planets have, its why we have not been visited by ET, and why we cannot visit ET, so Science Fiction is Great, but Reality is Greater, the only ET visitors possible would have to come from Sirius, but they would have to use the Dark Star Companions to travel here, and that trip would take them 666 years according to Newton, based on his Comet having a 333-year orbit, Sirius is about 8.611 Light Years away, it has many Companion Dark Stars that orbit between Sirius and Earth, the interval between them getting from the Dark Star to either Sirius or Earth, is 333 years, or 666 years the full distance, the speed can be calculated but of very little use, Distance from Earth to Sirius Calculation: 186000 * 3600 * 24 * 365 * 8.611 = 50,509,508,256,000 Miles, Hours in a year time 666 years: 8760 * 666 = 5,834,160 Hours Speed = Distance / Time, such that you would have to travel at 8,657,546 MPH, if I did the math correctly, you might want to check it, my math has gotten worse over the years as my mind does not work as good as it uses to, which is why I normally only write about stuff I thought about as a Child, but its much faster than the maximum speed of 666,666 MPH the Sun travels around the Galaxy, but it is also traveling in a corridor of space that is parallel to the Sun, but still, I am pretty sure it is not traveling that fast, but it can be, that speed is in the realm of believable, these Trinary Engines have no Atmosphere at this point, but without a way to verify objects do travel at those speeds, I will have to find Evidence, or there might be many Dark Stars, and these are just the intervals between them, at any rate, it would be a very long trip from Earth to Sirius, since I do not know if the time interval is because one Companion Dark Star is making that trip, or it is just many of them, such that they are only taking part of that trip, knowing that it comes with debris as the Dark Stars come around every 333 years for half the trip, which is where the debris come form, passing the Dark Star itself, it picks up any debris and then throws it at our Sun on its journey around the Sun, and Newton was the only one to figure this out, not the Dark Stars, that was my idea, but the reason, it must be an invisible force he called Gravity, but he had no idea what was causing it, so I created the Dark Stars to explain it, and I do have proof, just look for Dark Spots and you will find them, they are Dark Stars, and they explain not only the Dark Spots, but Dark Matter, so standing on the Shoulders of Giants that saw these Dark Spots, I have proof of what they are because I have Proof they really exist, so who gets the Credit? Everyone that ever noticed it of course, which is everyone, since you can not help but noticed all the Darkness at Night, if it was all Light, you would have no Dark Spots, but its more than that, these are areas that should have Stars but are void of them, this is an area of space seen around the Galactic plane, as clearly having a Dark spot where other space around it, might show signs of debris in the disc, such as Gas or Ice, these Dark Spots have been known since Hubble's days, he himself has many notes about them, but it was a woman that was looking at them and noticed a pattern, do not recall her name, will have to look it up on the internet, but it does not matter, the community knows who she is, my point is that she saw this pattern, as well as the pattern that all the Suns were moving at the same Rate, but at different speeds, and it was because of these Dark Spots that made this pattern so clear once you see it, and this is because all the Dimensions of space exist at the same time, if you draw a line through the Galaxy, and call the top half Positive or Negative, which is based on the angle of Rotation, be it Clockwise or Counter Clockwise, as if you can see the twisting of the arms of the Galaxy, but keep in mind the Galaxy also reverses poles, but that never changes the direction that the arms twist due to Centrifugal Force, so the Positive or Negative or North or South, are just labels that were assigned when you first observed it, rather than what pole changes may occur, it is clear what polarity it was that created this pattern, so it is like these Dark Spots are pulling these Suns around the Galaxy, when it just as possible that the Galactic Plane is the only thing moving, and the Dark Spots what is causing it to move, and it is just pulling the Suns around with it, so the arms do not travel with the Suns or Dark Spots, which gave rise to my belief that these are actually Dark Stars, so then I had to prove it, which is what I just did, so now it is just a fact in Trinary Science.

I had a dream that I was Trinary Energy, I had unlimited thought capabilities, so it was pure intellect with no physical way to interact with the surrounding Universe, and I could see the entire Universe, so instead of Infinity, it was just one thing, and instead of eternity, it was as if all time was just in the Moment: so this was the Big Picture... It was the stepping off place to take this Universe to the Next Step, which was Physical, and to a Being of Light that only knows and understands on a purely Energy Level, The physical was something 3 state Logic has a hard time comprehending, for one thing, to create anything physical you need Material, to create Life you need a material that can be constructed in a way that the Trinary Energy could communicate with it, so a plan had to be devised to create all the elements that were required to create this Physical Universe, so taking inventory the Light figured out that it had many types of Neutrinos that made up the Galattice, and by trial, an error learned how to take the Neutrinos from the Galattice without destroying i and create Atom's that could be assembled into anything the Universe required.

With a single Atom created by Trinary Energy, the Universe was created in parallel with the Atom's required to create a Galaxy, the first step was to build the Trinary Engine for the Galactic core, this Engine had to communicate with all the elements in the Galaxy, so it had all 3 types of Light inside it, and used the most abundant type of Neutrino to create it, it did this by taking the Neutrinos from the Galattice in a way not to compromise it, but this meant there would be a finite amount of Neutrinos to create the Universe, which explains why there does not seem to be enough mass in the Universe, and why things are so far apart.

The Trinary Engine is one massive Atom, it has no Proton, Neutron or Electron like its microscopic counterparts, yet its made the same way and follows the same Laws of Physics. First, the Light most create all the Elements it needs in order to create the Trinary Engine, I talk about that in Chapter 3: Trinary Engine, so I will not repeat it again but in short, in the beginning, there was the 0 Dimension, when the Trinary Energy wanted to make an Atom, it will bind to the Neutrinos needed to create it with the Light, and when it shifts into the 1st, 2nd and then 3rd dimensions, then it exists, it might be more complex than that, and do so by creating Lightning to create Ball Lightning, which takes more Atom's to create Noble Gases, but Trinary Energy does not need to work that way, but its more efficient, but it can control the Neutrinos directly, that is Magic by the way, I think it therefor it happens, if I could communicate with the Universe that way, it would have been destroyed a long time ago, even trying to do good you could not control that much power, so it is Crystal Clear that God did not ever design us to have this ability knowing this, so the Bible made this point for a reason, so humans would know their limitations, but Humans are not that Intelligent, they created the Atomic Bomb and used it to create a Nuclear Bomb, and someday they will use that to build a Trinary Bomb and destroy the Solar System, other systems have Stupid people who do that all the time, that is why Galaxies go Super Nova, it is not a Natural Phenomenon, Galaxies can last forever if Life forms would stop finding ways to blow it up, but they could never destroy the Universe, not even God would do that, so look around and see what God created just by learning how to create one Atom, instead of trying to learn how to destroy them, because you are only destroying your Future, those Atom's will take Millions of years to come back to life, so stop killing this Planet with Atomic Energy and outlaw it, because there is only so much Matter and Antimatter in the Universe, to begin with.

Just to let you know, I forget stuff, stuff I am supposed to do, mostly because I did not understand I was supposed to do anything, people talk to me and then ask me to repeat what they said to me, that never works with me, words do not mean much to me, so I do not pay any attention to them, people are always saying one thing when they mean another, and words always have more than one meaning, so in one ear and out the other, I just try to get meaning out of what they said, and I do not remember the dialog, this is how I treat the Universe also, I can hear it talk to me, I know what it is saying, but I can not put it to words if it asked me to repeat what it just said to me, so I have to use my Imagination to explain Science in words that have more than one meaning, and you may think you know what I am trying to say, but it may not be that at all, so teaching something that everyone will just forget as fast as I can write it, and they can read it, means I have to write more words faster and learn to read faster, otherwise, I repeat myself and people get this Deja Vu feeling that I have said this before, that is how the Galattice works, it repeats itself a lot, that is why we have so many: Galaxies, Suns, Planets, and Moons, and it is why History repeats itself.

All Galaxies start with a central core, this core will eventually give up all its Energy, and Neutrinos it can spare to its systems when it transforms into a Dark Star, so just to be Crystal Clear: Dark Stars are controlled by the Guiding-Light of Destiny, this Light is not in the Visible Spectrum of Light, so it looks Dark, they only receive energy and do not give it off, so they act like a Gravity Well, and they are a very important aspect of the Galaxy, without them, the system would fly apart.

Dark Stars can be seen, they are not invisible, they just do not put out any Dark Light because it has only Darkness without Light to propagate its Energy, because Darkness without Light travels on the Light without Darkness, such that the Darkness without Light does not travel on its own, even during a Super Nova, the Light without Darkness pushes the Darkness without Light as it passes through it, and in turn, the Darkness without Light pushes the Neutrinos in front of it as it is pushed by the Null Space in its wake, this means that Neutrinos can move away from a Super Nova faster than the Speed of the Darkness being pushed by the Light, which is near the speed of Light, but not faster than it, it is just the order of the way the Neutrinos arrive: First, the Neutrinos arrive and moments later the Light arrives, but like I said, we can only see the Darkness, so Neutrinos do not travel faster the speed of Light without Darkness, so the two must travel together, one slower than the other only because it pushes the other along.

The Guiding-Light of Destiny can bend the Darkness without Light around them, this acts like camouflage, not that God was trying to hide it from us, it is just the nature of Light, but since it only receives Light, what it does not absorb into it, will warp around it, and that we can see with our own Eye, it is a Lens effect that we can simulate with cameras, so it is a well-known phenomenon, so these Dark Stars can be detected, and there is Photographic proof they exist, so little reason to deny it.

Just to make this Simple I will illustrate examples so you can better visualize the concepts, note that none of these illustrations are to scale, they are only a reference, see Illustration 4.22: First Stage of a Galaxy.

First Stage of a Galaxy
Illustration 4.22: First Stage of a Galaxy Full Size

The First Galaxy will not have that much space debris, it did have to create a lot of Nobel Gases to generate the Lightning required to make the Ball Lightning, and that is a lot of Atom's, but not a lot of Molecules or heavy medals, so it will not Light up like the Sun or the finished Galaxy, since it has very little material to burn, so it will not have a very strong Magnetic Field, since that takes Magnetic Atom's to create an Electromagnetic Field, but it will have Polarity, a North and South Pole that Atom's will follow once they are created, keep in mind that the Poles and Field are not the same, the Field is created by atoms flowing from one pole to the other, but at this stage in Evolution, all we made so far was a Galaxy, by creating a very large and massive Atom I call a Trinary Engine, and there is no need to create Atom's until we can control them, so the next step is to create a Dark Star, as seen in Illustration 4.23: Galaxy's Dark Stars.

Galaxy Dark Star
Illustration 4.23: Galaxy's Dark Stars Full Size

There are 4 Dark Stars shown with the Elliptical Path they take around the Galaxy, this path will create a Bar, note that there can be any number of Dark Stars, I just showed 4 for simplicity, and to show the pattern. These Dark Stars are used to move Suns, Planets, and maybe even Moons that the Galaxy creates, out into its final position in the Galaxy, to do this it must create other Dark Stars, the first of which it will create and moved in position as seen in Illustration 4.24: Sun's Dark Stars.

Sun's Dark Stars
Illustration 4.24: Sun's Dark Stars Full Size

As more Sun's and Dark Stars are added, the Spiral Arms will take shape, and the Final Galaxy will look like Illustration 4.25: One Armed Galaxy.

One Armed Galaxy
Illustration 4.25: One Armed Galaxy Full Size

Note that this is a fully formed Galaxy with all its Atom's, and if we remove all those Free Atom's, that are used to create Noble Gas and other elements in the Periodic Table, we will see only the Suns, Planets, and Moons, which will reveal the Dark Stars and all its Companions, you should also note that the Arms are formed by Atom's that are not bound to Systems, as such, it is debris, and moves independent of those Systems, as such it moves according to Centrifugal Force, whereas all the Systems move at the same time but at a different speed around the Galaxy, and this is due to the Dark Stars. Let us look at that one system at a time.

Once the Sun's Dark Stars are in place, then Companion Dark Stars will be added, these are smaller than the Suns Dark Stars, and will be used to move the Sun and it is Planets, and maybe even its Moons into place, the two Suns will be created and moved into place as seen in Illustration 4.26: One Arm Companion Dark Stars.

One Arm Companion Dark Stars
Illustration 4.26: One Arm Companion Dark Stars Full Size

Note that the Arms are built evenly with new systems on both sides, not that they look the same or are identical, this forms a Trinary Star System, and there is more than enough documented photos to prove this configuration is standard in every Galaxy.

Our own Galaxy has a Companion Star that Newton said the builders of the Pyramids calculated as Sirius, the distance we are from it, which is less than 9 Light years away and the fact its orbit is very predictable, proves it is in a Synchronous orbit with us, but to prove this, I would first have to prove that Sirius is on the opposite side of the Galactic Plane, till then I will not go with what others believe, this is my best guess, but note that I do not actually know for a fact that our Binary Star is Sirius, and only use it as a reference until I can prove which Star it is, one of the main reasons I feel comfortable about writing about something I can not prove, is because it is the only explanation I can come up with that explains why Sirius does not precess. My point in even theorizing about the Trinary Configuration: is to prove that the Dark Stars explain the behavior of all Stars in the Galaxy, and without the Dark Stars, this fact could never be explained, since it would require some invisible Gravity well, and Black Holes would devour the entire Universe, considering that is what the Big Bang was all about, so look hard and you will discover these Dark Stars, it is kind of like looking for Waldo, and Aspies are better at that than most Neurotypicals, and to be fair: Monkeys are better at it than most people regardless of their Neurology, so Aspies are not so special, but I do not know how a Monkey would explain how the Universe works, but I must explain why it is I can see this pattern in images so clearly, while others do not, and that is a fact I have to explain, and this is the only reason I can find, so it all comes down to how I explain it and why I explain it that way, and IAM pretty sure that I did a better job at explaining how the Universe works than those Monkeys who invented the Dynamic Universe and believe that it is even possible when the Author said it was not because of the Paradox it causes, so maybe it was read by Neurotypicals who do not care about Facts and that explains it all, personally I just find it fun to say Yew are Stupid, because Evolution is very Predictable, and it is clear why Aspies are so rare, could you imagine what this world would be like if we had even two Wizards living in the same period of time?

Throughout History Wizards have always been known to be born during a specific time known as a Star Date [1], these Stars may or may not be visible with the naked eye, but they are there, how we measure time changes throughout History, but in Newton's time that was the Julian Calendar, which was replaced during his lifetime with the Gregorian Calendar, and we have the Mayan Calendar that also works, some better than others, but the problem is how Time is Recorded, and it is not being done in real-time, but in General on an average, to make it easier on Humans who have to live by Time, but Wizards have always recorded this time different then Scientist do today, the Masonic Secret stated that Wizards were born the day a new Sun in our Galaxy is born, so legends and Science must agree on somethings that can be proven, so these systems are born just like people, my point about Wizards is that throughout time they have written about this, while Scientist come up with new Theories every year, yesterdays theory is old news, but what these Wizards said has never changed, but theories change every day, and it is because Theories do not hold up to the Test of Time, and what Wizards said does, so I hope what I wrote in this Book will hold up to the Test of Time, but I at least know it is a better starting point then the Science of today. That said, if you take the orbit of our Solar Systems Dark Star, you will find it travels around the Galaxy at the same time as all the others, but not at the same rate, so the Galaxy is spinning like a Record, see Illustration 4.27: The Galaxy Spinning all Solar Systems at the same Time.

The Galaxy Spinning all Solar Systems at the same Rate
The Galaxy Spinning all Solar Systems at the same Rate
Illustration 4.27: The Galaxy Spinning all Solar Systems at the same Time Full Size Full Size

See disclaimer: Galaxy Spinning at the same Rate [3]
If you pick out a Star and follow it around the rotations of the Galaxy, you will see that it moves with the long spiral arms but is not bound to them, so its clear that dust or debris is under centrifugal force, and the Stars are not, yet they move together at the same time.

To prove this, look at any two Star in the Galaxy, and follow it around this orbit, and compare how they both move like a record player arm around a record, all at the same time but not the same rate of Speed, because the inside ones are moving much faster than the outside Stars, this is because of the Dark Stars, and all Star Dates are set according to them, and not the Star itself, since it is only Orbiting the Dark Star, so its Crystal Clear to Newton that Sirius is not what the Pyramid is pointing at, it is the Dark Star, and it is why Sirius does not align perfectly on the Julian Date of 25 December or the Gregorian Date of 14 January, it is because it is pointing to the Dark Star, that is the Star Date I was born under, as well as: Newton, Jesus, Horus, and the rest of the Wizards throughout the time that mentioned this, and this is not a theory or legend, it is a fact that was recorded in History about these Star Dates that have an alignment every year, as such, it is no wonder that most of these Wizards talked about the Power of the Light of God, and I do mean Light, as the Bible Stated God is All Light without Darkness, the Light was all Newton was really known for Writing about, since it changed the way we Viewed the Light, but some did not fully understand what Newton Wrote about the Light, mostly because few in my time read it, and even fewer in his, but those that did understand it was the Truth, and the Truth that Newton found in that Light, has not changed to this date, neither has his Math, so Sir Isaac Newton's works stands intact and withstood the test of time, as did the Teaching of the Light by Jesus Bar Abbas, and poor Horus also was turned into a God-like Jesus Christ, so you will not find much truth in what the Legends say about him, but he taught the Light of God, and like the other Wizards, they talked about tracking the Movements of Heavenly Bodies, so it turns out we have been monitoring these Stars for a long time, and it seems everyone is satisfied that our Companion Star is Sirius, so as we orbit around the Sun, the Sun is Orbiting around the Dark Star, and the Dark Star is orbiting around the Galaxy, so I added one more piece into this Puzzle, this concept was my original thought back in 1966 when I was 6 years old, and that was that more than a few pieces were missing in this Puzzle, like: Trinary Engines, Dark Stars and their Companions, and Companion Stars, because I figure if I have to create a Universe, I need to be able to Explain it with Proof, so I had to add this Proof to the Trinary Science I wrote about, and then had to prove that this is what we see with our own eyes, so I ask myself: what would Newton say about all I wrote about, and I am pretty sure he would agree, seeing how all his Math works in it, he could not prove me wrong, nor could he use the Laws of Physics to prove me wrong, and the Proof I gave have already been confirmed by modern science, only they came to the Wrong Conclusion, because they based it on General Relativity, so I think Newton, Franklin, and Tesla would have really liked this Book, so much so that I acknowledged that I could not have written it without them, and having Isaac Newton as a Great Cousin meant I got all his Notes inherited to me, so I grew up learning Real Science, and Companion Stars and Dark Stars are Real Science, because whoever built the Great Pyramid knew this for a fact, it is built into the Pyramid, and those measurements have not changed over time, but all computer simulations prove that all the other Stars in the Sky will move, so this has to be explained by Science, so it is a Fact in Trinary Science.

The path the Companion Dark Stars takes is a Figure 8 around the Dark Star, and the outside of the Sun's it is orbiting, and this is what also keeps the Sun's from floating off into space, without them, I can not explain why this does not happen, since there is no Gravity to pull them back in, and if you can not explain this, you can not explain the evolution of the Galaxy, so it does not matter what Me or You believe, if you remove all possibilities whatever is left must be the truth. This Figure 8 orbit goes against most common Orbits, which normally always form an Ellipse, this one forms 2 Ellipses, so it is a Binary Ellipse, but looking for patterns in images of Suns on both sides of the Galactic Disc proved that Pareidolia is not proof of anything unless you can get others to see this pattern, and what we lack is Centuries of images over time, we simply do not have enough time to collect the type of Data that I need as proof, it will take 3 centuries to collect enough data for one complete half cycle, so instead I had to use Logic to explain how a Dark Star can orbit two different sized Suns, and this is the only pattern that will work, and elliptical pattern would not work, there is no evidence in any images I have seen that show two Suns being orbited by another object in an elliptical orbit, but in them was a Figure 8 orbit, this could be proven with current technology and images at this time, if I can see the pattern, then it exists, and logically it is because of the slingshot effect. I try to illustrate this in Illustration 4.28: Dark Stars Figure 8, this like most illustrations in this book, are not to scale, the path takes it around the Dark Star as it is heading to Earth, can could take a shorter time to travel around the Earth, then it does Sirius, but I can not prove it, because I can not plot out its path without more data, and we are only now getting good data, our images are getting better every year, I need a good Simulator to plug in all the Data and then work out all the details, but this should be easier with this Configuration then without it. The concept is simple: we have the Galaxy on the far left, the Galactic plane down the center, and the Dark Star is centered inside the Galactic Plane, which is around 100,000 Light Years in diameter and about 1,000 Light Years thick, so the Dark Star is in the middle section of this 1,000 Light Year thick disk, and it will also go through Pole Reversals, in the illustration I show it above and below it, that is to simplify it, to make it clear that the Positive and Negative or North and south ends of the Dark Star is on opposite sides of the Plane, the Sun and Sirius being a Trinary System, is not that hard to prove, in fact, it is the only way to explain it.

Dark Stars Figure 8
Illustration 4.28: Dark Stars Figure 8 Full Size

The Dark Star Companion will orbit the Dark Star, as it slingshots around Sirius, it will be drawn to the Dark Star which will slingshot it at the Sun, but its Polarity has shifted causing it to be shot in a figure 8 pattern, which will slingshot it back to the Dark Star which slingshots it back to Sirius to start the cycle all over again. All Electromagnetic Energy flows in a Helix shape, even Light from a LASER, and I can prove that when Technology improves to the point we can see a single Photon, over long distances, this can still be proven with the Technology of the Day, for example: the mirrors on the Moon have to be corrected for this very small arc, that some think is caused by the electromagnetic force field around the Earth, so there is proof, so this is not a Guess or Theory, and it is not even a stretch of imagination to assume that Planets travel in this same pattern, and it is why I state as a Fact that all Light even LASER's do not travel in a Straight line, for one thing, they would have to break the Laws of Physics in regard to how Electromagnetic Force Fields Flow, and personally I like all the Laws of Physics to apply to my Science, so Light travels in an Ellipse that has an Arc measured in Light Years, 16 Million Light Years is an Approximation based on Hubble's work on Redshift which occurs when the Light is on its return trip, not Hubble's conclusion, but mine based on how Electromagnetic Energy works, and Light is just Electromagnetic Energy, so it has to follow the same Laws of Physics, whereas Hubble's Work lead people to think the Universe is Expanding when this is not the truth at all, if it was, at the rates they are talking about: the Universe would be gone by now, so the Laws of Physics win, and Redshifting is because the frequency of the Light is running in reverse, this is not a Negative Frequency, its caused by a Frequency that is running in an Elliptical pattern, as it approaches you it seems to increase in speed, as it retreats it appears to increase in speed by two-fold, this is an illusion, because Redshifted Light has no Matter or Antimatter, it is just Massless Light that is just a mirror reflection of what once was, the source of the Light is long gone, and we are seeing an echo of that Light, if Hubble had applied the Laws of Physics of Electromagnetic Light to his observations: he too would have concluded this, if not for his work and the way he tried to explain it, I would have never understood what it was he was talking about, because what he was saying made no sense to me what so ever, how can Light defy the Laws of Physics and travel at speeds faster than Light, and the answer is it can not, not ever, the Laws are absolute and can not be changed, they are a constant, but Hubble gave into peer pressure if you ask me, he wrote notes that were never published that the public is unaware of, having read them I know the truth, he actually did not understand what he was observing, it was contrary to his beliefs in how the Universe should work, so he caved in: to try to make it fit to the rules of General Relativity, but I caught it, so I give Hubble credit for at least acknowledging that his Theory did not make any sense, it is not saying he was not intelligent enough to figure it out, he was very intelligent, but working from the wrong Principles for the Universe, which at his time would have been the Dynamic Universe, I will never try to convince that Crown of even why the Sky is Blue, which has more to do its frequency than any other factors, but there is no way they will ever understand the Trinary Universe, because they will always try to mix what they believe with what is the truth, and they will defend theories over common sense any day of the week, so I will only try to teach this to Yew, because at least I know how Stupid Yew are, and what a worthless endeavor it would be then to try to get Godless Dynamic Universe believers, or Deity Worshipers: to believe in the Light of God, the fact they are willing to break the Laws of Physics to make write a Theory is proof of that. If we view Clusters of Galaxies, we will find a Trinary Cluster, this concept explains how the Universe seems to be Expanding, when the evidence proves it is not, this too is the Evolution of all Galaxies, they will merge into Trinary Cluster that can be seen long after those Galaxies are gone. I can take the Evolution of all Galaxies known at this time and Prove this system I have Dreamed up actually explains them all, but that would take a lot of work that I can not justify right now, and it is just repeating myself more than I normally do, and I would have to ramble endlessly through the whole process, and it would just be boring, so I will stop here for now, at some point if enough people are interested, I will finish this journey and map out all the Galaxies known that differ from the rest, but I would want to make a very good Computer Simulation of the entire Universe. I have already explained most if not all the systems I know about, and if you can find one I did not address, just let me know and I will cover it, but I can guarantee you that it will be just the Evolution of all Galaxies as they unwind, it is a mathematical principle that any equation that runs long enough will reverse on itself and start over, that new beginning is called Super Nova, the Biggest Bang a Galaxy will ever experience.

Do not ever confuse the Big Bang with the Fracturing of Dimensions, or a Black Hole with the 0 Dimension, they do not explain the same phenomena, for one thing, a Black Hole is a Singularity which means it is very small in size, yet so massive that not even Light can escape, these two concepts form a Paradox that Einstein stated could not happen in Reality, the 0 Dimension has no space so it has no size and is completely massless, so its opposite of a Black Hole, nothing can exist in the 0 Dimension but everything exist in a Black Hole... Since Light is what Atom's are made of, then a Black Hole is not made of Light or Darkness, so it does not physically exist, not even as a Dimension since this was not a Concept of General Relativity, it only had viewports into Dimension, and not single dimensions as I have explained, whereas the 0 Dimension fills the entire Universe, and the Fracturing is based on Logic and Evidence because it does exist as a Single Dimension, yet as proof of this concept, I can only offer the Chicken and Egg analogy, or states you have to have Faith that God Exist like the Bible states, and is right, but it is not Science, just like the fact that Light and Neutrinos have always existed just like the Universe and is infinite and eternal, so there is some Magic I can not explain with just Words and Spells, and to try just makes me look like a Magician and IAM a Wizard, so I will try to explain it but in the end, I know it is all a Dream that the Universe gave me, so I trust in the Universe and not in the Ranting of Humans that do not understand the Universe, I have no Ego to feed, most of my Work I credit to the Greatest Wizards in History, all I did was write about it, the Trinary Concept is something I did invent as an Original concept at a very young age, this was not the work of anyone else, I was aware of other Wizards work, but was too young to understand it, but by the age of 9, I knew all that I do now, and I knew it all back then, and have a hard time remembering most of it, maybe if I get old enough to get Alzheimer I will remember it all again, I forgot more than anyone knows, because I knew more about the Universe at 6 then everyone combined that was alive during my time, that is not Arrogance, it is a fact, I had an IQ over 180 by the time I was in 3rd Grade, in fact, they had no way to measure it and still do not, ask the Air Force, they gave up, what I told them about Science: went against everything that Mainstream was teaching, so they thought I was just Crazy, and must be Schizoaffective, but could not explain why I ace all their test, knowing it is based on faulty logic, as is their IQ test, yet I peg the meter on all the test they gave me, proving that is magnitudes more Intelligent than Einstein with an IQ of 160 as an Adult, and I disproved all his math by the age of 13, I was never happy with E = mF, because I knew its mass had nothing to do with it, Newton said God's Light is the Force of Gravity, but I have recently fixed that by adding the offset of F, and removing the Mass from the equation, but that was just me over analyzing, thinking it needs to be in the same form as E = MC2, that messed me up for years, since what he said was E = MA2 if the Acceleration is at the Speed of Light, which is what most scientist think a Nuclear bomb is at, so it is just the Force squared, and this never made any sense to me, because I was pretty sure that Protons and Neutrons could not accelerate to the Speed of Light, and even if they did, they would just become Light, till I decided to ignore it and address the problem, which is Energy is based on its Frequency and not its Force, Energy creates Force, not the other way around, so how can it be what it creates... So I have reason to believe that I am more intelligent than anyone else, I proved it, and have done so all my life, I have listed those that also had this level of Knowledge, all of them died before I was born, but the fact is that I have not changed anything they wrote about, all I did was explained it using my own Spells for the Words I used to try to convey those concepts, why I chose a Wizards Ways should be Crystal Clear to all that actually took the time to try to understand who IAM, and could let go of all of they believed about Mainstream Science and Religion, and understand that I did not change anything in the Bible, I did not need to, Sir Isaac Newton Proved that Jesus Bar Abbas is Christ, yet Mainstream Religion and Science do not teach that Truth, nor do they Teach the Truth Benjamin Franklin or Nikola Tesla wrote about, in fact, they lie about what they did write about, just like Newton who had to hide his writing: so he would not be Burned at the stake for his beliefs, I too am persecuted for my ideas, and I have been repeatedly told that Humans have the right to believe what they want to, and I tell them that they do not have the Right to think Insane thoughts and try to convince anyone that they know they are the Truth, if they can not prove it with Logic, Reason and Facts, they need to keep their Insanity to themselves, and not make Others Insane, which is why 95% of all Humans on this Planet are nothing but Stupid Sheep to me, they have no Intelligence, no Reason, no Logic and no Facts to back their Insane Ideas and Concepts, just BS that never ends like their Theories that are always changing when the Universe never does, and I will not go along with it, I will defend the U.S. Constitution knowing it does not Exist, and that Lincoln was a Treasonous Trader that was Legally Executed, and I will not Worship him or the Banks that made an Engraven Image of him and portrayed him as being Honest when he was the biggest liar of all time, and enslaved a Nation that was founded on Freedom, this was the Evolution of the Human Race, they Lie: so they can continue their Evil ways and Sin, and I add this Rant to the End of every Sentence: till it sinks in that this Book is all about Stupid Sheeple who do not believe in Reality, and think they are Intelligent when they have no idea what that even means because they have none, they are like Parrots that can only mimic what they are taught, Monkeys can find Patterns in things faster than most Humans, so what makes Humans think they are more intelligent than other species of Life? Only Fools would think like that, and His-Story proves that 95% of People are Fools, so this is a Fools Game to think I can change the World, knowing how Sick and twisted people are because they go along with all the Madness, and burn Wizards and Witches for their Beliefs in the Light of God, knowing that the Truth is written for those that can Read and not Read into things, or is that just an Autistic thing, or is that the Evolution of Sheeple, this book is about that and nothing else, I write it this way because it is the Truth, and this Truth will set you Free, so Understand why I say: “I do not care what Yew Believe, nor does the Universe, Know it or Not it Not”, and it is because I can say this is the Truth because I proved it, and the General Relativity Nut Jobs will just say “No it Not”, so why should I bother trying to leave out all these Details and just Teach Science? It is because Newton tried that and the Stupid Monkeys would not Learn, Tesla tried and found out that Science is all about Money, so I know Trinary Science has no chance of ever becoming Mainstream Science, because that is only what Stupid Sheeple Pay for, so I write this for a Stupid Sheep called Yew, just so I can call Yew Stupid without Hurting your Feelings, because this is the Oldest Science on this Planet, and if you have heard of it before, it is because of the Shepard of yewer Herd, only cares about Money, and Yew can not Serve two Masters, so Stupid Sheeple will only believe in the Big Bang, and they actually are OK with the fact it has to break the Laws of Physics to work, and has no evidence to support such a Stupid Theory, so Stupid Theories for Stupid Sheeple, so Yew are too stupid to understand why I wrote this as a Dog, but that is why I did it, it is all about Evolution.

We are currently at the Stage of Evolution in the Galaxy, were the Galaxy, Sun, Planets, and Moons exist, but not Life, that is another Step in Evolution, and it is a huge step at that, but that is as far as the Evolution goes, life on the Planets was so that God could play with all that God Dreamed of, and it was all a Dream, those Dream came real when God made it Real, and calling it Trinary Energy does not change that fact, the Trinary Science of Trinary Energy is God, make no mistakes about that, it is just a Word that has Meaning, and it is defined as God is All Light without Darkness, and that is what Trinary Energy is, so how Life evolve all comes down to how we determine what Life is, and the Galaxy is Life, without it, no life could exist, so it is the most Important Life in the Universe, and also the most abundant from what we can see, we may not see all the Life in other Galaxies, but we should know it Exists, and is very close to the same Life on this Planet, it is all a Combination of DNA, and there are only so many of them, so Life repeats itself more than I do, at the DNA level, my Body represents all Life on this Planet, you will find parts of my DNA in every Living thing on this Planet, not that you will find Human DNA in a Tree, because it is a Lower level Life-Form, but you will find Tree DNA in a Human, because Humans are a Higher level Life-Form, proving Darwin's version of Evolution is correct, so it all comes down to how we view Life, including the things you might not think are alive, like this Planet itself, or its Moon, its Sun, and it is Galaxy, which are all Higher Lifeforms, remember the Blood of this Planet is what you call Oil, so you that use Oil are Killing this Planet, because your Science is not Real, it is written by those that do not want you to know the truth, and that is the Evolution of Stupid People, also known as Sheeple, and you may not think this is Science, but its actually Science at its Best, it is the Science of Evolution, and that starts when people become aware of the Truth for the first time in their life, and they do not know what to think about it, so from there, they Evolve, or they continue to devolve, killing the Planet they depend on as a Home just to make a Buck, so the Buck stops here, and Trinary Science Starts here. Sheeple will argue that they know the Truth and this is Not it, No it Not, to them, I have nothing to say, Sheeple will never change, and this world is Polluted and Evil because of them, they are the Sickness that plagues this Planet, Trinary Sanctuary is the Answer to all the Problems this World Faces, I wrote this Book to repeat this Message until YOU get it, the same Energy that Created this Universe, Create Me: Jeffrey Scott Flesher [3], an Individual who was constantly put in his place by Sheeple: who tole Me that IAM not Intelligent enough to understand Mainstream Science, General Relativity and Mainstream Religion, and putting it down will not Help my Cause... Insanity is something I do understand, it is a Disease, and it is Contagious, because no one wants to tell the Empire that he has no close on, they are afraid to go against Mainstream beliefs because they have no Honour and Integrity, they sell out to Money and believe they will die without it, so they do the Bidding of the Banks that Own them like Sheep, so I will repeat this message till the day I die, which “I” means “Me” in this Context, because I will never die, I will be born back into the Flesh, so Religious People will think IAM talking about the Resurrection of Jesus, he did say he would come back in the Flesh, and we do have the StarDate for a Birth Date, but it does not matter what they Believe, I know the truth about the Universe, all they know is Lies and Insanity, and coming from Cowards their Beliefs mean nothing to me, I will put them in their place every time I have the need to do so, Newton was also his way, so maybe it is an Aspie thing, because I view people who do not believe in the Light of God as nothing but Liars and the Universe has no need for them, Society has no place for them, they do not have any rights but what the Banks allow them to believe they have, their Laws are not Right, but those that do not Follow it and Worship them, will not be Left because they were never Right, so they will be punished for telling the Truth, so they Cower down like Animals with not enough Intelligence to think for themselves, this book is not for Intelligent people, the concepts in it are already known to them, they might read it for Entertainment because they do not like Stupid Sheeple any more than I do. I said nothing new except for the Concept of the Trinary Universe and all the Trinary Science that goes along with it, this book is not about Me, it is about my Struggle to get the Truth out there, because no one will help me in my Struggle to tale the Truth, people will not take the time to read it because of their Ego and Arrogance will not allow themselves to be called Sheeple for the way they Think, or the things they Believe in, they think that just because all the Wizards were Aspies, and they might be Neurotypicals, that IAM saying are Stupid Sheep, well, they might be right about that, but what IAM saying, and I do mean IAM and not I am, is that Neurodiverse means that we all are wired to think a way that our brains process information, if being Autistic was a better way to wire the human brain, we would all be Autistic, the fact that its Rare, and I do mean Rare, because there are not that many people who are actually Autistic in the Range that I or the other Wizards are, most are misdiagnosed as even being Autistic, because Mainstream Sciences want Stupid Neurotypicals to believe they are Not Normal, which to me means they can not think for themselves, because they believe they are more Intelligent than people like myself or other Wizards I have mentioned, the Evolution of the Universe is about People's beliefs over time, a handful of Aspies saw the Universe one way, and by Far most of the Mainstream and the Autistic community went along with the Lies that were created by those in Power, because most people are Cowards and have no Honour or Integrity and that is just a fact, Jesus died fighting the Romans because he Knew that the Light of God was in all of us, and that as Humans we are all Equal, but those words were used in the Constitution to prevent Slavery, but no one enforced it, because they were Cowards, and Lincoln took advantage of Stupid People or Sheeple, because he was a Dark Wizard who knew this Truth: Power and Money corrupts, you can convince yourself that I am insane for the way I wrote this Book, just rambling on with no ability to stay on track or to focus, and I did write this book without all this Rambling and Ranting about Sheeple and no one would read it either, so it has nothing to do with that, with or without it, there is a Majority of People that are Neurotypical that believes Autistic people are less intelligent than they are, when that is not the truth at all, just because Neurotypicals wrote books making Autistic people Stupid, just to push their Agenda on the World, and create Drugs for every Disease and included Autism in that category just to make me a Disease, so that Normal people could feel better about themselves for being so stupid as to believe it, well, that is just Sad, Autism does not make People Stupid nor does it make them more Intelligent, nor does it make them better, it just means their brains are wired differently, not better, but it allowed me to look past that, and sure I put Sheeple down, they are Stupid, and I proved with that with Facts, I did not make this stuff up, I just wrote it down, the Universe told me the truth, Humans told only Lies for the most part, only a Few in History actually told the Truth, and the fact that those I did sight were all Aspies, does not mean we are better, we are just more honest, so it just means we are more in tune with the Universe and put that knowledge before common Beliefs, just because the Majority of the Humans on this planet believe in a Deity or Mainstream Science, does not make that the Truth, in fact, it proves they are Insane, and that is a fact, I do not say it for Shock Value, its Evolution, and that is what this Sub Chapter is all about: how the Real Science of the Newtonian Universe was replaced by the Insane Theory of the Dynamic Universe, and it is because Sheeple are in charge, and that is Baad (Sheep jokes never get old), and just because I chose this format to tale His-Story does not change that fact, just because I am Schizoaffective does not mean I am Schizophrenic, just because I am a Nonpracticing Ashkenazi does not mean I am a Jew just like You, and my Mental Conditions is not what made me Paranoid, nor was it my PTSD, or OCD, it was living in a World where Insane People are allowed to make Bombs out of the Light God, and lie to people about what it is made of. They created Science, Religion, and Money just to Control People, anyone that supports Atomic Energy or Bombs is Insane and should not be allowed to Run this World or even be in it, because all they want to do is destroy it, and that is insane and only insane People would allow this, only Assholes would go to War not knowing what they are Fighting for, only Assholes believe that the U.S. Constitution was Amended, and only Stupid Assholes would go along with it, knowing the Banks Print the Money and the very Foundation of the Document was to prevent that, so everyone in the U.S. of A is an Asshole, US Assholes is all that the USA means to me, and my family has been here since the 1600's, we push our Zionist ways on the World and soon the Zionist will build another Wall around US, like the Nazi who are just part of the Ashkenazi Race, Ash meaning White, Ke meaning Grey, and Nazi meaning Dark, oh, yea the Truth about that Word and how its Spelled is too much for most Sheeple, because only Sheeple would deny that 3 times, just check my DNA, it is a fact, all Humans are created Equal, we all have the 3 bloodlines in our DNA, and only a Sheep would deny that Fact, their Ego and Arrogance would not allow themselves to admit that White People have a recessive Black Gene in their DNA, or that Black People have a recessive White Gene, so why try to defend facts that are proven to be the Truth, because that is who IAM, the Evolution of Insanity, in a time when technology is about to wipe all Life off this Planet, just because 95% of the Population of this Planet believes they have the right to believe in Insane Concepts and Ideas, just because they are Assholes and can not own up to their own Stupidity for going along with all the Insanity, own up to it and let your Ego go, do not cower down to the Powers that Be, stand up for the Truth, and see if Evolution can change this, see if this Insanity can be Cured, and it does not matter if you are Neurotypical or Autistic or somewhere in between, if you are Human and can think for yourself, then Prove what I said is Right or Wrong, do not Assume IAM, that makes an Ass out of U and Me, so do not expect someone else to think for you and give you the right answer, have the courage to stand up to the Powers that Be and the Mainstream Insanity, and know that is what Science is supposed to be, the Truth.

The Science of Ranting is what I majored in, the Truth about the Light is all I teach, regardless of who I am, IAM always Right, no one on this Planet has the Right to Own, Build or design Weapons that can kill me, that is Insane, Countries that do this, are insane, and the People who allow, it are equally guilty of Insanity, those that Lie about Science are insane, those that believe in Deities are also insane, and as proof, most of them were or are behind the Atomic Energy, and that is insane, so do not try to justify your Insanity, do not think for a moment you have the Right to say that IAM wrong, I am Flesh, IAM the Light, so IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, know the difference if you want to Fight or Argue with Me about what I have said, it is all the Truth, and that hurts Stupid People only, Sheeple believe in Rights, People know the Difference, Freedumb vs Freedom, know it or No it Not, we can not begin to talk about Science till we get past all the BS. If the Evolution of this Galaxy is allowed to continue with Insane people in Charge, all Life on this planet will be dead before the end of this Century, in fact, Newton calculated that to be in the year 2060, due to a Pole Reversal: the IceCaps will melt, the Oceans will Freeze, and the Powers that Be: will hide underground in tombs that some new Race will dig up someday, and they will wonder how this Race of Humans got to be so Insane, that is Evolution and how it works, Cowards go along with anything that they do not have the will to Fight, Dishonest People will believe in Lies and defend those Lies because they also have no Integrity, these are the 95% of those on the Planet today, but that can change if you want it to, but you will have to fight for this change, and I do not mean with Weapons, only Cowards need them or use them, only Assholes would argue with that Logic, but Freewill is not a Right, it is a choice, the Truth is not an Opinion, it is a fact, IAM not one person, IAM every Person who knows this, God is the Light in every Atom in my Body of Flesh, it is not just who IAM, it is just part of it that is Physical, God is the Light that Animates that Flesh, and that Energy is the same for all Life on this Planet, that SOUL exist in all Life, it is not a Human Quality, the Human Condition is to go along with the Majority, all I did was prove they are Insane, not just for the Entertainment, that was why I called Yew Stupid, it is fun and very Entertaining, but it is not Science, or is it? It is the Science of Stupidity, and you should try it, maybe some of Yew will get it, but the Majority of You will not have the Courage to do Gods bidding, to spread the True words of God, and those are not my Words, but those of Sir Isaac Newton and the Other Wizards throughout History, all I did was reference their Work and used it to Create the Trinary Universe, so that someday Trinary Sanctuary will dominate this Planet, so Life, and Evolution of the Human Race can Continue, that is what the Light Wizzard in the Flesh is all about, the Truth about the Light of God. We will talk about the Evolution of Planets: in How the Earth Works for now, no real reason to do an Evolution of Planets since they are all pretty much the same, many types of Planets doing their job in the Solar System, every planet has some job the Solar System needs in order to survive, and maybe one planet will support Life, but that is not as important as the Planets, and Moons in its System, they are the real-life of the Solar System, but that is the Problem with the Universe, People think the Universe is here just for them, and that this Planet is theirs, and they Own it, no wonder the Human Race almost goes extinct every once in a while, humans are too stupid to know their place in the Universe, if they could ask God one question it would be why are we here, which is the stupidest question you can ask, but that sums up the intelligence of the human race, they called Tesla a Crazy Old Wizard, and Newton the Last Magician, because all the Magic has gone out of the Humans as a Race, Newton Calculated the End of Civilization would be in the year 2060, when the Poles reverse, but IAM not sure how this madness can go on that long, but Newton was an optimist, but if Evolution has taught me anything, it is that Humans never Evolve past their own Ego, their Arrogance will not allow it, they have Monkey Heads on a Sheep's body, and that is not very funny when you know IAM serious about this, its sad, and the Human Race is only Sad, because the Evolution of the Galaxy is not about Humans, it is about the only Intelligent Life in the Trinary Universe, it is about the Children of the Universe, and they are: Galaxies, Suns, Planets, and Moon, and the Life that might live on them, well, they are all Assholes if they allow it to be Destroyed.

From what I see the Human Race is doomed: because of the 95% of the People who believe they have the right to believe in Religion that teaches Hatred and Lies, and that is every Religion on the Planet, Bar None, this applies to those that Believe in the Science of General Relativity and the Dynamic Universe as well, even if they are not Religious, they too are Ignorant and Dangerous, these people are insane and are Killing the Planet they Live on, they Burn the Planets Blood as Fuel, allow God Bombs by naming them Atomic or Nuclear, just because their Science is Science Fiction and their Religion is all based on Lies about what God is, which is All Light without Darkness and nothing more or less, so why Lie about it, and it is clear, because they are being brainwashed by the Powers that By, which are the Banks they get their money from, which is just a very addictive drug that people will kill to get and think they will die without it, making it the worse drug on the Planet, and everyone on the Planet allows this because they are Stupid Cowards that are Money Junkies, Addicts that lie about their Addiction are the worse kind, those that defend Money by saying it is a Tool is a Fool, its a Tool for Destruction, and that is the only way to explain it, the Evilution of Money is His-Story and not Science, but the Science of Money is to Destroy the Planet and Lie to the People about what they are doing and why, they do this by Lying about Science, and Religion so that People will Worship Money instead of God, Deity Worship is Evil as is the Money that is Engraven with the words “In God we Trust”, all because they believe Wizards and Witches are Evil, witch is funny, because they are the ones burning them alive, it is not the other way around, all they did was tell the Truth, it is the 95% who are Insane, they are the ones starting all the Wars, and it is their Mainstream propaganda that is controlling the People like Sheeple, and the Sheep let them, they talk about Freedom when its actually just Freedumb, because 95% of the People on this planet have no concept of what Freedom even means, all they know are the Lies they were feed as Children who never grew up to think for themselves.

What a Sad World we live in today, nothing but Liars playing Fools Games, just like Sheep that eat from the Yew Tree knowing TaxUS is poison, but those fools Drink Poison they call Alcohol, even those that do not, use Religion as a Drug, because they believe in Science that believes God did not create the Universe, so they are Hippocrates and Liars, and I will not Sugar Coat it, they have no Rights, and anyone that thinks they have the right to believe in Insane things, is Insane, that is a fact, Newton was right, he can not calculate the Madness of People, but I can, so use my Calculator to Calculate Heavenly Bodies for yourself in Table 4.7: Calculate Celestial Rotational and Orbital Speeds
and the Madness of People with Table 4.8: Calculate the Madness of People

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