The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 4.07.3
Consolidation of Galaxies

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Chapter 4.07.3:
Consolidation of Galaxies

The Consolidation of Galaxies is also known as Merging Galaxies, which is a very limited view, so I will only refer to it as Consolidation, as seen in Illustration 4.11: Merging Galaxies.

Merging Galaxies
Illustration 4.11: Merging Galaxies Full Size

When you view the Universe as a whole, you will find that all Galaxies form Clusters, and some of these Galaxies will merge into neighboring Galaxies, it is all part of the Consolidation of the Galaxies, as smaller and larger Galaxies consolidate into larger Galaxies, this consolidation never ends, and if you look closely at some Galaxies, you will find what you call Satellite Galaxies, which are Galaxies that orbit another Galaxy, only time will tell if they will eventually consolidate with the Galaxy they orbit, because observations of the Galaxies in the Universe tend to prove that they will all be consolidated into one Massive Galaxy, then it will break off into smaller ones and continue the cycle, so it is my guess that we are viewing some of that now, because what may appear to be two Merging Galaxies, it might be that they are actually separating into two smaller ones, I do have my candidates, but I do not care to speculate, because I hate to spoil the ending of a story, so we will just watch as this story unfolds.

Our own Galaxy has a Satellite Galaxy and looks like it will merge with another Galaxy named Andromeda, way before it merges with its Satellite Galaxy, but it will take a long time for this to play out, so it is the Evolution of the Universe as it unfolds in time.

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