The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 4.09
Trinary Engines Transmissions

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 4.09:
Trinary Engines Transmissions

Trinary Engines have very defined ways of transmitting Energy, despite the Theories of Black Holes, which to this date no one has ever found one, and calling something a Black Hole does not change that, so I can not use Science Fiction terms like Black Holes, Neutron or Pulsar Stars, to describe anything but Science Fiction, because they are all based on every object in space being based on Nuclear fuel, or Stars running on compress Gas, because the reality of this is that it would have to defy the Laws of Physics to do so, since Gas can not be compressed into anything but a liquid, and liquid can not be compressed, not even in Theory that must take into account the Laws of Physics, you can not compress empty or null space. Black Holes are a good example of Science Fiction at work, because reality proves that Light is not attracted to Gravity, if it was, then all the Sun Light would never leave the Sun, and it is Light would be bent towards planets, and this is not what we observe, so let us not talk about Science Fiction and Theories like this that defy logic and reason, Trinary Engines Transmissions is about how Energy is Transmitted.

Trinary Engines are under Intelligent control, even this image of Vela Pulsar seen in: Illustration 4.29: Vela Pulsar shows what looks like the face of God, although seeing patterns in images is not very Scientific, it is entertaining, and we can speculate at what is really going on all we want, but the fact is that if a system has too much Energy in it, it will find a way to dissipate that energy, there is even an argument that it can give up some of its energy to help out other systems.

Vela Pulsar
Illustration 4.29: Vela Pulsar Full Size

Trinary Energy is controlled by Intelligence, if it was not, then the Universe would be full of a Random objects, no two would remotely look or behave alike, Chaos would be the dominant math for such a Universe, but the reality is that most of the objects in space look like many others and behave the same, it is a pattern that repeats itself over and over again, nothing random about that, and no sign of Chaos running this Universe, so it is a fact that anyone that believes in Chaos is Stupid to the facts about it.

Trinary Energy moves energy by manipulating the atoms that the Energy flows through as it changes states, it can also change directions, and the laws of physics can be seen to work on this very principle, in fact that perfectly describes Gravity, so it should be clear that all energy flows from a less positive to a more positive direction, I do not say Negative, because in reality Negative is just a reference, and we can measure this reference with modern electronic equipment, so we know for a fact that energy can flow as long as the two potentials differ, regardless of their polarity, and we can also change the rules of how Electrons flow by using Electronic Components or substrates on a medium, or by means of an Electromagnetic Field, or using gas or chemicals, so nature can also use this as part of how the Trinary Universe works, because that is how this Planet works.

When I was younger I was in the United States Air Force, it was the best job I ever had, I could not believe they actually paid people to work in the Military, because if they did not need money, the Military can get things done, imagine if we put them to work building a Pyramid, others gave up and said it could not be done with current Technology, the Air Force Generals will just print an Order that States we are to build a Pyramid, and believe me, they would get it done, but when it comes to Transmission of Energy, I had a hard time wrapping my mind around what they taught me about Electricity, it was all wrong, and could not have been wronger, and then it occurred to me why they can get the Job done, it was not because they believed in what they wrote about how Electricity works, it is because the people that have to do their job, learn to make sense of it in a way they understand, for example: one day I was working on a Terran Following Computer and Scanner display, two different devices two different problems, but following technical data did not help me fix this unit, at shift change an Airmen (female: Air-Female does not work, Genderless, I was married to an Airmen) came in and told me what modules were bad in both without even looking at them, I asked why not update the Technical Data to explain this, so I do not have to go by word of mouth, and she said that it is because technical data is so wrong that it needs to be rewritten form scratch, and there is a new system that will come on line soon, so why bother, so it seems the Military buys old technology because it has to be stable, and then they fix it till something new comes along, so they really do not need to know how Electricity works according to their Technical Data, they just need to know how it feels, because that is what she taught me, I stayed after my shift ended because I wanted to know how she feels what a computer is thinking, and she said by the way it behaves, if the tech data tells you this that and the other thing, it is because it has no idea what the problem is, so it has you change out every card in the unit till you find the one that fixes that issue, and I have done that so many times that I just know what is going to fix it, so that is now how I fix everything, because it works, and that is how the Military works, they will keep trying til its fixed, but the whole idea we are doing this to defend this Country is just insane, I mean I can understand that if someone flies into our Air Space that we might want to make sure they do not drop Bombs, other than that what is the point, to make sure they are not smuggling Drugs, as it turns out that is now the Militarizes job, to defend the Opium Fields from Terrorist, so I figure it is because of the Money, so if you did not allow the Military to make Money or Use Money, it would not do things for Money, and then it would have the time to make Pyramids, and I would rather have Pyramids that supplied the World with Free Energy, Food and Water, then to have War, so it is a Choice really, but I learned my lesson about what makes an Advanced Society, and it starts by doing away with Money, so we can work on what really matters, and I figure it would be better if the Technicians actually understood how Energy Transmissions work, because what they told me as that Electrons are actually shoot out of the Antenna, I laughed when they first told me that, they asked why, and I told them that if that was true, you could use one of these Antennas to Fly to the Moon, because for every Action there is an Equal and Opposite Reaction, so the Air Force was great, but their understanding of Electronics is all wrong, so I actually wrote this for them.

Trinary Engines Transmissions occur when an Electron is Transmitted through Space, the cause of the Transmission is because the Source Material could not hold anymore Free Electrons, so it pushed one of them out the place that had the least resistance, so for example if you create an Electronic Circuit that can change the Frequency of Electrons, then it can direct those Electrons to an Antenna, once the Antenna can no longer hold Electrons, it will start Transmitting them. The Electron will then switch to the 0 Dimension, and then unfold in the dimensions of space in the first and second dimension, but not the Third Dimension, so the Neutrinos in the Electron do not have Space around them, because Space only exist in the Third Dimension, because it has: Width, Height and Depth, without all 3 it can not exist as Space, as such it can travel through Space, even solid walls or glass, because it is Neutrinos can travel in between the Space of Atom's, and since all Solid Objects are 99.999% empty space, its easy to understand how it does this, it just avoids each Atom's Magnetic Force Field, it does this by orbiting around all the Atom's as it travels through a solid object, and it will change to the 0 Dimension only when it needs to change course, like in a Traveling-Wave Tube, or mirrors, so the Electron is very predictable, and since it never makes it to the Third Dimension, it is not in Normal Space, because in Normal Space we can map everything in a 3 coordinate system, so it has an x, y, and a z coordinate, but in Sub Space, which is Space that exist in a Single Dimension, be it the 0, first or second dimension, can not move, because it has no dimensions in Normal Space to travel in, which is why it can travel through solid objects, it does not have an Space around it, so the path the Neutrinos take is based on its Frequency, Wavelength and Power, but it is not moving, it is the Universe that is moving around it, and it is only once you understand that Sub Space has its own rules, for one, what ever direction you aim an Electron, it will follow that path in an Arc that always loops back to its source, just like a Magnet, since its Electromagnetic Energy, only the Arc is measured in Light Years if the Frequency, Wavelength and Power allow it.

So now that you understand this can not be used as Engine to get you to the Moon, we can start working on one that will, and it is called a Trinary Engine, and it is what the Air Force needs to get it to the Moon, because they have officially released documents that state we can not current fly farther than 66 miles from Earth, with current shielding technology, and that you can not live in Space for more than a day without feeling the effects, of low Electromagnetic Force Field, so we need a Gravity Machine to live in Space, so it is also clear we never actually went to the Moon for these Same Reasons, and even NASA officially announced this during their trip to Mars problem, which is we need better Shielding and Gravity.

So once we fully understand Trinary Engines Transmissions, we can learn to understand Electricity, instead of using trial and error troubleshooting.

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