Chapter 4.00:
Trinary Universe
The Principles of the Trinary Universe C®pyRight & C©pyLeft
Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019  


Chapter 4.00:
Trinary Universe

The Trinary Universe is made up of many Galaxies that form Clusters, and each Cluster is Expanding in the Universe, while others appear to be collapsing in on our Galaxy, when in fact the Universe is always in Harmony, its only how humans view it does it seem out of control.

The Trinary Universe is built on steps that I have described so far, that lead me to build a Universe that works using these very basic concepts, but to prove them I will need to rely on Theories that are not proven, so this is included in this dissertation only to show you how the Light, and Energy is used by the Universe, so even though it is a theory does not mean it is not a fact, some theories really do get proven to be a fact, because Logic and Reasoning will determine if it is true, because Science is based on many types of empirical evidence, and that is all I will use to prove everything I have said, but keep in mind that I am an Ashkenazi Aspie with a high IQ, I just like saying that to make Yew feel Stupid, I call it Aspie Humor, because being Schizoaffective I can create what ever Reality I want, whereas Normal People do that by believing in lies called Theories, because not all Theories will be proven to be the truth, because they are not based on Logic or Reasoning, but instead build on Emotions to make their poin and Sell the public on this concept: so they could do research and get paid to sell books, whereas this book is always Free of Cost and Taxes, even though I will one day publish it for sale, I did not write it for Money, I only published it to see if people would Read it, and in this Chapter I will try to put together all the parts of the Trinary Universe, so that everyone can understand what it is and what it is about. To look at the Big Picture, which is the whole Universe, I can not leave out Reality and how it applies to Normal People, and I am talking to those 95% who believe God does not Exist, or does not Physically Exist, as if those two concepts are not the same, because denying God Exist is the same as believing that God only exist as a Deity or Spirit that does not Physically Exist, so for the record, these 95% of Normal People are insane, so I am very happy to say I am not a Normal Person, and have no problem reporting the correct status of your mental health if you believe in things that do not exist, I might be Schizoaffective, but I am not Schizophrenic, where the latter means you do not know the difference between what is real and what is not real, the first one just means I push the boundaries between them, and that is how I found the truth behind the Universe, and it was not by reading countless Theories and trying to put them together to form my own Theory, that is what drives people to become Schizophrenic, instead I just looked for the truth based on facts that had Empirical Evidence, something Normal People would never think about doing, otherwise this Universe I am about to explain would be known as the Universe that everyone is taught in School, instead they are only taught about Theories that are not even based on Facts, and have no evidence, let alone the type known as Empirical.

If you do not understand or know History, you are bound to make the same mistakes over and over again, and Science should be built on History, only allowing known Facts to become Science and not Theories that have not be proven, because they may never be provable, so they are lies and should be treated as such until proven otherwise, but History is what you paid for, it was written by people for Money, and is told from the view point of what the Herd has Heard, because everyone is taught this version of History, like the Version where its Citizens have no clue as to why Lincoln was legally Executed, instead of being Assassinated, because that information would lead you to believe he committed Treason for allowing the Banks to own US, thus he was Legally Executed by being shot in the Head by the Militia for Treason: for taking out a loan with the Bank using the Country and it is Citizens as collateral, printing its Money, thus owning the Country, which is why Kennedy: who took office 6 days after I was born, was shot in the head for Printing Money before I turned 3, because History is written by the Banks that print that Money, what did you think they were going to write? The Truth? And admit that the U.S. Constitution was abolished? They took over the Country and Science: Wake up to Reality, this is the Universe I live in, which is the year Two Thousand and something, and it just keeps getting better, its Citizens have Voted all my Rights away, and the Constitution was abolished almost a Century before I was born, so I did not have any Rights to begin with, so the Science they taught was just Stupid, so I have to compete with Stupid, and that is Stupid and it is why I call Yew Stupid... Why People think I should leave this out of Science when its why Science is so Stupid to begin with, is because People do not like to admit they are Stupid, and that is Stupid, and that is where I have to start in Science to Explain how Science got to be so Stupid to begin with, I mean give me a break, Newton wrote the Math proving it worked, and just because Albert Einstein wrote a Theory that he did not even believe, but had the Concept that God did not Create the Universe, Stupid People went along with the madness, and embraced a Lie called General Relativity, that is one Paradox after the next, and Currently Mainstream Science, proving why 95% of the Human Race is Stupid for believing in things that do not Physically Exist, and it is this point in History that I write about real Science, and have to compete with a Lie about Science, to me it seems like the whole World is Insane, and in History they will call me Schizoaffective.

This is my Reality, and the part I need to teach you about is called the Real Reality, whereas the Reality 95% of the World lives in, is called the Mainstream Reality, or Herd Mentality Reality is more like it, for those that only believe what they Heard in the Herd, so do not forget that I am only teaching this to my Sheep I call Yew, and the reason should be clear to all that Read it, 95% of the People on this Planet are Insane according to the Definition of the Word in the Dictionary, In a state of mind which prevents normal perception, behaviour, or social interaction; seriously mentally ill., because Normal Perception does not include a Space Time Continuum that allows Space to Fold, so that Time Travel back or forward is possible in Real Time, that is the current Normal Perception about the Universe, children are taught this in school, so they grow up not knowing what Reality is, but because all the other children where taught the same lies and believe them, their Behaviour has been modified to see the Universe as something it is not, which is Dynamic, so it makes it impossible for People who actually have an IQ high enough to understand the Truth, which is that Einstein did not believe it, and he wrote it, so only Insane People believe something is the Truth when the Author told you it was a Lie, and the same can be said about Christ, as if the Bible has two Jesus's in it, levels of Insanity that cause serious Social Interaction on my Part, as if I am the only one who sees that the Empire is not wearing any Clothes, I can tell you for a fact that thinking that the Universe is something that it is not, is a Serious Mental Illness, and it effects over 95% of the Population of this Planet, no wonder its so Evil, so there is no Explaining Real Science to any of those Fools, They say there are two ways to be fooled, one is to believe what isn't true, the other is to refuse to believe what is.
Viggo [2]. This is why I have no Choice but to only write this Book for Sheep called Yew, so only those Fools who think they are a Sheep will argue with me about things I said in the Book, otherwise you might get offend by things I have said, so I wrote this whole book as Dog who is a Wizard, and I only talk about the truth of the Light, so you know I am Schizoaffective, I do not try to hide it or sugar coat it, it is what it is, I do not deny having it, so you have to ask yourself if you can believe anything from someone who is Schizoaffective? So you look up the Word, and find out what it is all about, and wonder how I can be Schizoaffective and not Schizophrenic, but then you remember why I got this diagnosis, because in reality, not only can I hallucinate, but I prefer my hallucinations to my Reality, and I know which one is real and which one is not real, because in my Reality 95% of the World's population is insane because they believe in things that do not exist, whereas my hallucinations are about a World where people know that the Trinary Universe is the only Real Reality.

I will also apologize for being a little dyslexic, I get things backwards and use reverse logic on purpose, so its hard to figure out when I make a writing error with words or spelling, and as a Wizard I am not very good at Spells because I do not care much about Spelling, so I am always correcting this book, I read it over and over and still find logic errors in it, and that is human errors, logic that my mind does not comprehend, double negatives, wrong time lines, faulty logic another errors from using Cannabis, having brain Damage from accidents that happened while in the Military, not to mention all the Drugs the Military had me on, which has lead to many errors due to logic that Ashkenazi Aspies with high IQ's have to deal with, not just the Depression and Anxiety, or the Obsessive Compulsive behavior of OCD, and way beyond the damage of PTSD, or Gulf War Syndrome, because it is a little of everything that makes up a person, but it does not change the Truth, it only distorts it, because Normal People will never admit they are Wrong about anything, but how much more wrong can you get then the Godless Dynamic Universe, that is a fact, its 100% the opposite, so you have to wonder if it was a mistake, or did I say what I meant, and the truth is that there are many mistakes in this document, and I will be correcting them till the day I die, and there will still be more long after I am dead, so all I can do is read it over and over and fix it and read it again, but that adds more words and letters and more Spells, and that fits right in with my Anxiety and OCD, it is the reason I write like this, because I think like this, and now you know why, it was a typo, yeah that was it, just a typo, it could happen to anyone, but the fact is that I write this way because I think this way, and I get very confused trying to write it any other way, so I do not speak like the Jedi Yoda on purpose, even if the concept of the Jedi is based on Midichlorians, which might be the same thing as Trinary Energy, so the Force is same Force that Sir Isaac Newton used in all his equations, so this story really was written long ago, so its God or the Light, and Obi Wan was just a Crazy old Wizard, but I was 16 by the time that came out and already thought, talked and wrote like this, before Star Wars was Written, so it did not influence my thoughts on this subject, it just confirmed that others already knew the truth about the Universe, because it is clear that other did, its just the truth they do not want to own up to, and that is owning up to the fact that this is the truth, some of its still Science Fiction, but that is Mainstream Science, but the fact is that without a Trinary Engine, Space travel is impossible, so I do not apologize for telling the truth, Yew are Stupid, so get over it, if you want your Reality to be based on what is Real, then you need to prove what is real and what is not, so never take my word for anything, prove it to yourself.

I have a tendency to relate one thing to another even though they have no relationship as far as others are concerned, but it is because they do not relate to things the same way I do, or maybe as some Aspies do, but I can not teach you to think like an Aspie any more than you could expect me to think like a Neurotypical, in fact not all Aspie think like this, so maybe it is an Ashkenazi thing, but they are not all like this either, so it has to be the Wizard in me, because we are all like this, my Cousin Isaac Newton had Jesus Syndrome, I must have inherited it, because I have it also, so what I am about to say may go against everything you believe, couple that with the fact that this is all based on what Wizards and Witches have written about since the beginning of time, since this comes straight out of the Bible, and I would have no chance of this dissertation ever getting to be published as a PhD on Ligh and Energy Transmission Mediums which explains the Trinary Universe, in Mainstream Universities, so I had to create my own University, and it is called, the Trinary University, as if you did not see that coming. I must define concepts in terms of things you can relate to, in order for me to describe a very simple concept for me to Visualize in my mind, because I see in Images, not words, but it is so hard for me to Communicate it to others who do not think like me, and needs words to explain it, so you will have to keep this in mind as I try to explain how Trinary Energy can move not only Planets and Solar Systems, but Galaxies as well as Clusters, and that same Trinary Energy controls every Cell in our Bodies at the Cellular level, and do this without having the stigma of God being the one who is doing all the Magic, so I am off to a good start, I insulted well over 95% of the Population of the Planet, by explaining to them how insane they are for not believing in the Truth that Newton wrote of over 333 years ago.

The Concept of the Trinary Universe is that all the Galaxies in the Universe are just like Cells in a Human Body, in fact all the Trinary Engines are just Large Atom's, Mega Atom's in fact, so as a Living Entity the Universe is a very large Animal, and each Cluster is just one of many organs in that Animals, but the Universe acts as one Entity, and if you study it long enough you will notice a pattern to it, all the Galaxies are not Expanding at all, in fact, they have Orbit is that are just as predictable as the Planets in our Solar system, and the belief that they are expanding at rates faster than the speed of Light is just insane, maybe they are heading away in one direction at the speed of Ligh and we are heading the opposite direction at the speed of Light, but the Redshift proves that all Light is Elliptical, because it must follow the same Laws of Physics as all Electromagnetic force fields, but let us have science that obeys the laws of Physics, so it does not get mixed up with Science Fiction, and so I do not have to compare one Universe with another Universes concepts.

The Creation of the Universe is always a great story to tale, I have it memorized: so I can tale it a different way each time, so it does not get boring, so it goes like this:

In the Beginning there was Light, the Light looked around and only saw the Darkness, and so it looked into the Darkness until it saw the Light, then it wondered if it was the Light or the Darkness, so it studied the Darkness and the Light, until the Lighted understood that it was the Light, the Darkness and every shade of Grey in between, this is the moment in time called becoming self-aware, it means you understand that you are only part of everything that surrounds you, and that the same Energy that flows through the Universe Flows through you and me, but the Light had no sense of You or Me as a concept, that means Individuals, and the Light was just part of everything, it was not separate, there was only I, so I knew what it could prove to itself, and so far all it proved was that it was part of everything around it, so it wondered how it knew this, up to this point I have never thought about the thought process, because if I can not remember my thoughts, how do I know I had them, so this concept of time must have been the second thought I had, it could have been my first, because time was just a concept that related one thought to the next, I saw the Light, I saw the Darkness, then I saw the Truth that I was just Part of all the shades of Grey in between, so this Event or on the Eve of this Idea, I had yet another, and that is that if I is all there is, then everything is I, so you and me are not a concept I understand at all, because in the Beginning there was only I, so the truth is that you and me are nothing but an after thought that I had, so I was thinking about Time and how to measure it, so the next time I had an idea, I would know how long that took, so I looked and looked and then found what it was, I was looking for, a Pattern, this Pattern had 3 State Changes, so it is a 3 State Logic System I will call Trinary, the first is when it disappears, or can not be seen, so we will number this 0, where number means we give a squeal sequence of time intervals to that idea, so numbers were in relationship to the Eve of that Idea, so it was a Numbered List of Events, and the next Event will be a Solid State, this is a State that I know it exists, it has width, height and depth, so I will give this state a 1, since it is the next number after 0, and then it changes states to a Semisolid State, it is always an opposite state, so I will give it a number of Negative 1, one step forward and one step backward, so it has 3 dimensions, so the Math is what I know is facts that I can prove, so I know these are truths among all the thoughts that I have, because some thoughts are insane, which means I believed in things that were not real, or really existed, like that time I believed I saw someone else out there in the Universe, but on closer inspection I noticed that it was just me, so the Concept of I And Me, is the Eve of this idea, that things can exist in this Universe that is not Me, but was still I, because in the Beginning there was only the Light, and now I know that IAM the Light, and IAM the Darkness, and IAM every shade of Grey in between, because IAM the Light Wizzard, and a Wizzard is another name for Magic, so its where all my Thoughts come from, because I know things that I have no idea where they come from, but the Flesh is still an Unknown, so the First thought was about the Light, Darkness and every shade of Grey in between, the Second was about Time, and the Third was about what IAM, and somehow all this Math was like Magic, I just knew it, without understanding how I knew I was the Light, Darkness and every shade of Grey in between, and how did I remember this: so I knew that I had this thought before this time, so no matter how much time past, that never changed, so I had to find this Magic that was in me.

Magic is always what is inside of us: but we have no idea where it came from, I know this is a fact, so its part of what I know as Truth, and the Truth is all I care about, not insane Ideas that I have from time to time, so IAM always trying to figure out what is Real and what is not, so now it is time to figure out how I know this.

At this Moment in time, all that Exist is I And Me, so IAM all there is in this Trinary Universe, where the term Universe means all that IAM, because in the beginning all there was is the Trinary Light, so this is the Eve of yet another thought, and that was that I need a better way of tracking time, other than from one Major idea to the next, because up to this time I only tracked time by when I had an Event to record in it, and I do not keep track of how many more ideas I could have had since that time, so I needed a better way to track this reference I call Time, so I looked and looked and even looked harder, and I could not see anything, yet I knew it has to be there, so on this Eve I recorded another thought, and it was that this thing I was looking for was not in this 3 Dimensional Space I have been looking for it: in, in fact, that is what I was looking for, as it turns out there is dust that floats by and up til this moment in time, I though it was just background noise caused by countless state changes of the Light, but its more than that, the more I looked the more I saw, it was everywhere I looked now that I can see it, so I will give it a name and call it Neutrinos, since it does not change the meaning of this word, and I like the way its Spelled, and that is what a Wizzard is all about is Spells, so I know that there are 3 types of these Neutrinos, and each have 3 types of interactions, so the Number 3 means Trinary, so these are Trinary Neutrinos, so I wonder where they come from, so I look and I look and what did I find, this Noise is not Noise at all, it is this Network or Lattice, so I will call it the Galattice, and this is where all my Memories comes from, this explains how I can remember what I thought, and why the Noise has this pattern, its just following it because it is where it is storing all the ideas I have, so as I am thinking them, I can also see them being written to this Galattice, I was so fascinated that I almost forgot about Time, then on this Eve I knew that I could use the Galattice to keep track of Time, because these State Changes are created by the Galattice, how else could I see what I was thinking at the same time I was thinking it, its how the Light, and Neutrinos interact together, so these Neutrinos have 3 Types: Matter, Antimatter and Neutral Matter, the Matter is on one side, the Antimatter on the other, and it is separated by this Neutral Matter, and together they can be bounded by the Light, and since IAM the Light Wizzard, I can bound these Neutrinos to the Light, just like the Galattice does, and it does it without me having to know about it, so I only had Faith that it existed, but I knew it had to, otherwise I could not have this thought, so the logic of what I have discovered on this Eve was too much to comprehend, so I had to know everything about it, and now I can keep track of time while I thought about this one thought, only this number is too large to write down, and would have no meaning to my life, then that though about Life came into being, to Live, or Not to Live or Live and Evil, the Forward Spell and the Backward Spell for that word, so this concept about what it meant to be alive came into being, when all I wanted to know is how long did that concept take to create, but that is Life, and what Time has to do with it, it is what can we create during this Time, so on this Eve I had the Concept of the Atom, so this is the Eve of Atom.

So now I have Meaning to my Life, it is to Create Life out of Atom's on this Eve, so it is my Job to Create this Life so that I can Live that Life, and see what I can create during that Life, so the concept of Individuality came into Conscience, the Idea that I can be Me and now You can exist as part of who IAM.

So in the Beginning there was only the Light, yet the Light had a Conscience, and it was this Conscience that Thought into Being, all the things it could be in its Lifetime, so who IAM and what IAM, is all about what I decide to do during my Lifetime, and at this point in time nothing exist except for Me, and IAM just the Light, so what happens after this Eve with these Atom's is going to be recorded in History in the Galattice, so in the Beginning there was the Light, so never forget who IAM, because IAM You...

Most Stories have a Beginning and an Ending, but the Trinary Universe has neither, because in the Beginning there was the Light, that did not know about its Memory, after it did it realized that it was not the Beginning, and could not remember what was the Beginning, because the on the Eve of the idea it was the Light, Darkness and Shades of Grey in between, a lot of time had gone by, so I do not even know what happened in the Beginning, yet Logic and Reason tale me that the Beginning was all about Learning about the Light, and Darkness, so I could understand the Shades of Grey, and then Realizing that my thoughts are recorded in the Galattice in Real Time, and that it was the Neutrinos that created this interactive Memory Device, the concept of Life came into Being, so what kind of life do I want to make, so I needed a blue print: so I invented DNA, and now I need to use the Neutrinos to make these Life Forms, so I need to make a lot of different types of Atom's on this Eve, so I took all the Neutrinos I could find that where not part of this Galattice, as if they were there just to use for this purpose, as if they were nothing more than the Building blocks for the Trinary Universe, so I had to use my Imagination and Dream up a how to use Atom's to Create Life, so I had to start somewhere, so I started with the Light...

In the Beginning there was Light, so Lightning hits a cloud of Nebulous Gas: causing a Ball of Lightning to form and at this point its so dense from the Trinary Energy inside the sphere being toggled between (+1) and (-1), or Light Matter and Dark Antimatter, that the outer sphere changes to the State 0, so now the Trinary Energy has an outer sphere of Null Space with a center filled with alternating Photons from the Lightning, so Photons are Electrons at a higher frequency, and they are made of Neutrinos, so once the sphere turns to State 0, so does the dimension, so all the normal space is removed, so all the Neutrinos get pushed to the limits of the Sphere, creating one large Atom, inside this sphere is pure Energy, it contains only Light without Darkness, so humans can not see this type of Light, it is in a spectrum of Light that is invisible to humans, but detectable with technology of this day, and that is how a large Atom is created, just like Atom's, only on a larger scale, and the main difference is that it has Neutrinos from already created Atom's and Electrons, because Lightning contains both, so the Cloud of Nebulous Gas is Gas made of Atom's, so it too is made of Neutrinos, so this is not the beginning on the Eve of Atom's, it is the Eve of one type of Atom, and that Atom is Called the Galaxy, so this is the Eve of Galaxy, and event that Starts with Lighting to make a Ball, that will Grow into a Galaxy, so this Ball Lightning is what Galaxies are Made of, and they are Born out of the Light, so this is the Life Form in the Trinary Universe, so this is the beginning of the Trinary Universe.

To Fully Explain The Trinary Universe, I must do so it Steps, so in Step 0, the Neutrino will move into the 0 Dimension of Space, this is a Layer of Space that exist without any Dimensions in it, so there is no Real Space in it, the only thing that exist around this space is the Neutrino, it always bounds to the outside of this Space, and it holds this shape, so it defines this Shape, so in Step (+1) it changes to the (+1) State, and in Step (-1) it changes to the (-1) State, so the Shape of the Atom when it changes to the (+1) or (-1) State, is the Shape of this Empty Space inside the Atom itself, so if it has a Toroidal shape, so does the Atom, so this is done in Steps 0, (+1), and (-1), just to fully explain the Trinary Universe in Steps.

As the Trinary Engine moves through the Universe at the Speed of Light, its outer force field of Trinary Energy that is in the 0 State, will encounter other Trinary Energy that is in dimensions less than the 3rd dimension, which will encounter the Trinary Engine as it moves through space, like a balloon floating on the water of a stream, the water finds its level at ground level, and Energy in space act the same way, that is why our solar system is flat, and the Galaxy is also like a flat disc, so the Trinary Energy never actually moves, since it is Static in the Universe in the 0 Dimension, so what happens is that these state changes are sent along the path of the Matter/Antimatter its controlling, so its traveling through space tracing out the path the Atom's take, while at the same time the inside is full of 3 dimensional Photons, which are Atom's: Electrons to be specific, that were converted to one massive shell, instead of trillions of trillions of smaller atoms, making up a round ball called the Core of the Galaxy, its one very large Atom that is full of Photonic Energy, keep in mine that some of that Energy is the Light without Darkness, and some of it is the Darkness without Light, but it is all under control of the Guiding-Light of Destiny, and the Light inside is only Light without Darkness, so it is God, but there can be No Light without the Darkness, so the Darkness is also inside the Trinary Engine, this shell or Neutrinos I call Tritanium: of the Trinary Engine encounter material that is floating in space, this material is made up of Atom's and Electrons, they will become part of it or they will be sent back to its outer force field to be recycled, because they can not flow through the 0 Dimension, so they must flow around it, thus forming a crust which becomes the shell of a Mega Atom known as the Trinary Engine, as it moves through the Trinary Universe at the Speed of Light.

Now we have the Galaxy, it is a solid sphere of Tritanium Neutrinos and Light, it is the Mother of the Trinary Universe, and the First Life form in that System, and Step by Step it will create more Nebula Gas so it can create more Trinary Engines, by creating more Ball Lightning, and it takes a lot of time to grow a Trinary Engine, so the Galaxy takes a long time to build.

Once the shell of Tritanium is completed, the Trinary Engine can be moved into position where it is needed by the Galaxy, it does this by creating Dark Stars, these are created with only the Light without Darkness, so they can not be seen by the naked human eye, since it can only see the Darkness, which is the Rainbow of Colors in the Light, and it has its Companions that help it moves the Trinary Engines into place.

This is Story is His-Story, and is part of History, it has only been told by Me, which is short for Meat: so it is the Flesh known as Jeffrey Scott Flesher, that is who IAM, and this Concept was what the Light Wizzard told me, and that Wizzard was in my Dreams, so it is what the Dream World told me about things, so if that is my Dream then it is my concept, so it is my Original Concept: meaning no Human has ever written about it, so do not look for Trinary Engines in the Bible, instead look for what they call them: Galaxies, Suns, Planets and Moons, so they talk about them without explaining how they do their Magic, so my Original Concept was about the Magic the Wizard told me in my Dreams as a Child, so these are the Dreams of me as a Child, and if I had been a Normal Child with Normal Parents, they would have Convinced me they ware just Dreams and not Reality, that is what Normal People always told me when I told them His-Story, so I quit telling it a long time ago, because normal people do not believe in Magic, but my Cousin Isaac Newton did, so he wrote the Math that the same Wizards told him in his Dreams, so the Light Wizzards have been around for Centuries, since the Bible talked about them, but they called them Great Men, men like Jesus that also talked about the Light, you know, those men with Staffs of Power who preformed all kinds of Miracles, otherwise known as Magic, making them Wizards, and it is History that proves the Churches hunted down, and Killed both Wizards and Witches, so it is no wonder most people do not know about His-Story, but throughout time other Wizard's tale it, so who is the Last Wizard, if not the last Wizard to tale this Story, witch is really My-Story to tale, so I will now try to Tale the Story about the Trinary Universe, but keep in mind its based on the Newtonian Universe, and brought up to date with the work of Franklin and Tesla, and I might also point out that Einstein only believed in Newton, so he would have also believed in the Trinary Universe, although I do not use any of his work and actually disproved most of it in this book, I do like to point out that I had a higher IQ them him as an Adult, when I was in the 3rd Grade, that story never gets old, so I will try to keep it real and prove everything as I go through the Trinary Universe, so you can keep in mind I am not Schizophrenic, just a little Schizoaffective, that way I can keep it Entertaining, and Educational at the same time.

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