The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 3.11
What is a Trinary Engine?

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 3.11:
What is a Trinary Engine?

A Trinary Engine is an Atom on a larger scale, it is made out of the same material as some Atom's, which is a Neutrino I call Tritanium, and they basically follow the same laws that Atom's do, one Trinary Engine can not physically touch another one, and they are also going through state changes.

I could have called a Trinary Engine a Large Atom, but that would be confusing to most people, because all Atom's are very small, how can one the size of the Galaxy exist, but the more you look at it, there is really no getting around this fact, as strange as it sounded to me the first time I realized this, and that was an Original idea, because no one has ever come up with this idea before me, I did a lot of research to make sure of this before I made this statement, so I know it is the truth, and that is all I have ever done is told the truth, maybe that is the Aspie in me, but I can not tolerate lies, nor could Tesla, Franklin or Newton, as well as the other Wizards.

The Trinary Engine took me years to understand all its aspects that I would need to explain it, I was very young the first time I thought about it, and it was when I was reading a book about the Universe that I realized just how Stupid Theories are, at first I was told that it was just a best Guess at explaining how the Universe works, but Newton did that, so why did a Theory called General Relativity change that, and it is because it is normal to be Stupid and go along with all the Madness that Newton could not calculate, but I did, but these aspects about the Universe always came down to Electricity, it is in everything in the Universe, so reading what other Wizards wrote, I realized Theories are just Evil, they can make Stupid People actually Believe that they are the Truth, and that is why no one would ever believe me about Trinary Engines.

Having told this story for over 50 years or Half a Century now, I know that it is normal for People to be Stupid, and Stupid People will Defend their Stupid Theories, so there is no Teaching a Stupid Mind new Concepts that go against the Theories they believe in, and you can forget about teaching Religious People, they are the Worst kind of Stupid People, they believe that God does not Physically Exist, and that Belief is called Insanity, so I have no idea of what Audience I should Write to, I cannot Write about Trinary Engines to Stupid or Religious People, so this Book is not for them, I call them Sheeple, because the Lord is their Shepard: so they are Sheep, and the Lord Christ is a Lie, so they are all Liars, and I do not ever want to talk to a Liar, they have no Honor, and Honor is everything to me, so after Half a Century, I decided to write this Document to a Sheep called Yew, now Yes is a type of Tree called TaxUS, and only Stupid Sheep will eat TaxUS, so they have Shit for Brains, because Ewe are what Ewe eat, and if you Eat TaxUS, you have Shit for Brains, so my Audience is only Yew, and now I can call Yew Stupid, that is what Half a Century has taught me, that I can not call Normal People Stupid, even though it is a Fact, because Stupid People will Argue with me, and I do not want to argue with them, so I only Write the for Yew, so You will not get offended if I call Yew Stupid, for not understanding this.

Teaching the Science of Trinary Engines to Yew is an unrewarding Job, I have to do it for Free because Yew have no Money because of TaxUS, and what is the Point, in the End Yew are just Stupid, and that will never Change, but People on the Other hand can put their Freewill aside, and Learn the Truth about God and the Engine that God Built, and Religious People will lie about believing in God, when all they believed in was a Deity, and the two are not the Same, even though Jesus Bar Abbas and Jesus Christ were the same Man, this only confuses yew, so yew lash out and tell me that IAM a Liar, when IAM God, but in Reality IAM just the Dog that is Guarding a flock of Sheep I call Yew, so the Backward Spell for Dog is God, so this Book is just Entertainment for the Dog.

A Trinary Engine is the Core for all: Galaxies, Suns, Planets, and Moons, as well are other objects that Fly through Space such as: Comets, Asteroids and Meteorites, and it is based on Empirical Evidence in the form of Atom's, that are created by Neutrinos and Light, and it is an Original Concept of mine: Jeffrey Scott Flesher when I was just a Child, so it is a concept from the Flesh, and Original Idea.

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