The Principles of the Trinary Universe Chapter 3.04:
Ball Lightning
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Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019

Chapter 3.04:
Ball Lightning

What is Ball Lightning, and where do you find it, the only naturally occurring phenomena that can create its own gravity is Ball Lightning [1], and it packs a huge punch when it comes into contact with something, so we start here, and find that Nikola Tesla did a lot of research on Ball Lightning, after reading what Benjamin Franklin said about it being the most powerful forces in all of nature, and also the rarest form of Lightning, he could not reproduce it after countless experiments, small Ball Sparks or Burning I call Matter Lightning [1] was the best he could do, the name has been around for ages, not sure who first said it, but its Matter that Burns and makes this Type of Ball, but it is not a Lightning Ball, its just a burning bit of Matter, so do not confuse the two, and just because he could not produce it, he knew it could be done.

Tesla said that Ball Lightning will run forever once it is started, but it has a very strong gravity and will be drawn to ground, which once it comes into contact with an object that grounds it, it will short circuit, thus releasing all it is energy. Tesla had a theory that Ball Lightning can be created in a Vacuum, but did not figure out how, so I had an idea that if it had a strong enough magnetic force field to keep it in place, it would run forever, because it is energy is so dense that it is an Electromagnetic Force that is holding in the Light, see Appendix B for a detail description.

Ball Lightning is nothing new, throughout time someone has written about it, my experience was almost the same as Nikola Tesla's, whereas he was standing outside a barn, I was inside, I saw one go through my uncles house when I was a kid, a sliding glass was open so our dog could go in and out, it was day time, the Sun was low and the temperature and humidity was just right for Lightning, that was going on at high altitude that day, I saw it drifted into the room and immediately thought it was a Lightning Bug, as if it was alive and was looking around, it was very small, about the size of a marble, it headed to a TV everyone in the room was watching, but everyone saw this Ball of Light before it had time to get to the TV, it was traveling very slow, it was a very deep purple, so intense I could not look directly at it, you could see its reflection on the white textured dry wall, it looked like a Star, and was actually larger than the object which was very odd, I could see dust in the room gravitating towards it like it had Gravity, I saw the TV go blurry as it passed behind it about a foot from it, my Aunt screamed when it went down this long hall that lead to our bed rooms, but it was too late, I was half-way down the hall chasing it before she could tell me not to, but I saw it hit the end of a wire of a home made antenna booster for the TV, I could smell ozone, and I touched the wire and felt a static discharge, worse than anything I could normally generate and it was warm, a little to warm to hold on to in fact, and I was close enough to it the whole time to tell you it put out very little radiant heat, but you could feel it, like it was pulling you into it, and it was not a plasma ball, or any burning Matter Lightning. So I have done my own experiments with Ball Lightning, and my sister and I still talk about it to this day. From what has been observed of this type of Ball Lightning, its size can vary from the size of a marble to the size of a large beach ball, and it seems to have some intelligence to it, it came into the house looking for a better path to ground, it was in Scottsdale Arizona back in the early 1970's in the Summer, it was very dry, but a storm was blowing in with rain from very far away, but in the heat of the Sun in Scottsdale is as hot as Phoenix, which is on the other side of some rocks, and in the hot summer months, no one watered their yards or even had much growing around their homes, besides cactus, so as the Scientist I was back then, I did a lot of fact finding, and found that this wire was the best source of ground for hundreds of feet in all directions, I had burrowed a hole with a water nozzle and ¾ inch pipe, about 10 feet deep, under an outside water pipe that always leaked, so I dropped in a 3-foot-long copper grounding rod connected to 6 sets of 3 conductor 10 gauge wire, which was the most copper I could get down this hole wrapped around this bar, and I had left the insulation on the top foot insulated, then it ran into a hole in the side of the house that lead into a corner of the room, then wrapped around the wall and out into the hall, where I drilled another hole in the ceiling and ran an antenna wire into the attic and tapped into an antenna on top of the house, this was attached to a home made antenna booster, my uncle and I had built, and it survived, because the Ball Lightning hit the Ground lead in the Unit. With this information I decided to do more experiments and see if I could attract more Ball Lightning, but then I noticed my ground no longer worked good, so I pulled it up, but the wires broke around where I had soldered them to the rod, because I could see solder on a few of them, so I concluded that the wires where too thin at the joints where they became one wire instead of a bunch of wires wound together, so I figured what I needed to do was strip all the insulated wire and solder it like it is all one wire, then I built a photocell Light detector, after having to put a few blinders on it, from know sources of Light, I concluded that I never encountered another one that this setup could detect, and have no idea if it could have detected the first one.

My Father told me a story about one that went through their home in West Virginia as a child, my Grandmother was in the house and saw it go throw a screen door like it was not there, I would have thought it would ground out, but Dry wood makes a good insulator so some forms of Energy, and the Spectra of Light is one of them, so it this Ball Lightning is Light, it explains how it can pass through a Screen Door, but it also contains plenty of Electricity, enough to burn down houses that has been documented, so I learned more from my own experience then I did from others.

I became obsessed with Lightning, it was not like I was a Lightning chaser, because I never did get into that, I had a feeling that I can make Lightning to appear anywhere I want it, and I have proved it, but it changes at every location, what works in one place may not work in another, for example: I have learned that 3 conditions must be present for Lightning to strike the ground, the first is that the Ground must attract the Positive potential of Electromagnetic Force that encompasses the Earth, or our Magnetosphere, because the flow is always going to start at the Ground, the second is that there must be some intermediate medium like moist air to bridge the gap between the Magnetosphere and the Ground, and the third and final thing is there must be the Weather, and this phenomenon is well-known, and so are these 3 Laws since Benjamin Franklin wrote them, I just paraphrased them because I do not know where to find them in a book, its just that most people assumed that Lightning flowed from the Sky to the Ground, because that is what it appears to do, until you view it in slow motion with high speed photography, so it should not surprise you that the Light is actually not even moving, it is just the way Energy travels through all 4 dimensions, that is the 0, 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimension, because that is the only way to explain the erratic behavior of Lightning only traveling in straight lines, even if it zigzags, the patterns are always similar and I talked about those already, but the fact that it appears to us that Lightning very seldom ever hit is the same place twice, unless it has a Lightning Rod, but the fact is that we can rarely see any Ball Lightning.

In Nature, Ball Lightning occurs more in outer space then it does in the Atmosphere, this is not a documented discovery but a theory based on how Lightning works in my Trinary Universe, due to the Nature of Outer Space it is hard to document this activity, not to mention I do not have the Resource to do such research, and I have found very little research on High Altitude Lightning, but found research on Upper-Atmospheric Lightning or Ionospheric Lightning and transient luminous event (TLE), and find that Sprite (Lightning) and Blue jets is very interesting, but the whole point would be to actually make Ball Lightning, and not Matter Lightning, which is caused when Lightning hit is the Ground or a peace of Material that can cause Matter Lightning, like silicon, iron, calcium compound, which are found naturally in soil, because this type of Ball Lightning is not that Rare and can be reproduced, Tesla said that if Lightning where to hit a Conducting Element it had enough energy to ignite it, and you see it all the time when Lightning hits Power lines, or when dirt shorts out a high power line, so do not confuse this type of Lightning with Ball Lightning, because the type I am talking about only happens in Deep Outer Space, normally in very dense Nebula clouds, because it takes a lot of gas in a vacuum to produce Ball Lightning.

Ball Lightning will create its own gravity, and if it has enough mass, it can collapse itself, forcing all the Empty Space out, so it narrows the frequency band to an area that allows for maximum density, this makes the space between the Electromagnetic Energy of the Photons and Electrons to align in a honey cone grid pattern, this is what it looked like to me when I saw it with my own two eyes, it was Toroid shaped, but seem to have hair, this was due to electromagnetic Flux that was interacting with the Dust particles in the Air, similar to how White Light or Sun Light shinning through a window, and how the Light reflects off of them, it had a Deep Purple look, like Velvet, maybe Violet, so I know what it looks like and why, so once this shape compression starts to take place an Electromagnetic Force Field is created around it, due to the Light and Dark Energy toggling between its (+1) and (-1) states, or Matter and Antimatter states, and the two are in balance, so (+1) + (-1) = 0, so the Trinary Energy around it changes States to 0, thus causing empty space to flow around it, because it can not flow through it. As the Space flows around the Ball Lightning, it is also moving through the Universe at the Speed of Light, so this is causing friction, because it is trapped in its own Gravity-Well, it becomes a Ball Lightning Engine. Why this is so important is easy, we can use these things to take us to the Moon, it provides the Gravity we need to survive living in space.

The Ball Lightning Engine is now a solid core of White and Dark Light, as well as every shade of Grey in between, it is the Rainbow of Colors, and I have no idea what colors it comes in, but I know that Violet is one of them, the Colors of the Rainbow are in Lightning, it all comes down to what colors we can see when we look at it, because you have to remember that there can be no Light without the Darkness, so it must be true, and it is this Dark Light Energy that repeals objects, even though its core of Pure Light has the same power to attract matter, because the two are always in balance because of the mathematical consent that represents Trinary Energy which is (+1) + (-1) = 0, so you know its State will be 0 or Null, and 0 also refers to Ground, so it can act like ground, but in reality, it does not exist in our Trinary Universe 3 Dimensional Space, so how can it act like Ground is a question like what came first, the Chicken or the Egg, the Universe is 99.999% Empty Space, so that other percentage is what I refer to as the majority of all Space in the Universe, and that is Empty Space, so if Null Space is the Trinary Universes equivalent, then this is common ground, and why so much of the Universe exist in this Space, because it is the same everywhere in the Universe at the same time. From the moment the gravity starts, it starts to pull in particles just like Earth, so those particles that Neutrino Detectors detect, are getting pulled into this Engine too, and they can pass through the Electromagnetic Force Field, unlike the gas that is getting pulled into it, because it will only interact with as if it was water being poured on the bottom of a bowl in water, it smoothly covers it, but has a current to it, it is always moving, so it is active and generates heat, and part of that heat is from the friction it causes as it is pulled through the Universe. Over years these subatomic particles with no electrons, protons or neutrons, which I call Tritanium, start to build up around the sphere in a very uniform way, as if being spray painted on it, till eventually it will have a solid sphere of Tritanium, at which point it becomes a Trinary Engine, so Ball Lightning is just the Birth of a Trinary Engine, maybe that is how the Moon was born, planets get moved into place from the hub in center of the Galaxy, but Moons were a Mystery that just got explained, so I have a Theory that Moons are born where Ball Lightning comes from, and what we are seeing is them dying, which means that we did not need another Moon, so maybe its Normal for this to happen, and it is why Ball Lightning is so Rare, yet it happens all the time and few gets to witness it, so my Family was fortunate enough to have witnessed it, and as a result I was able to study these phenomena firsthand.

Given a Location in 3 Dimensional space for an x, y, and z, and a sphere with a given size, it will change all the States of the Trinary Energy in the Trinary Engine to 0, which will force all Matter out, creating a Void in space the volume of that sphere, then toggling them all to (+1) and (-1), while cycling through the 0 dimension, will attract Photons and Electrons to the Ball Lightning, much like an Electric Generator collects Electrons, and the more Light it Collects, the more Neutrinos it can also Bind with, so it can Grow, which is why we see them at so many stages in their Evolution. This transforms the Lightning into Ball Lightning, at this point the Trinary Energy will only toggles between (+1) and (-1), and never 0, it just passes throw the 0 dimension, so Intelligence is implied, so we now have Trinary Energy that is toggling between Light or Matter and Dark or Antimatter, this causes the Electromagnetic Field to change Polarity, and it is doing this at a very fast rate, so the Energy is at maximum, so its rate of growth depends on its ability to collect Neutrinos, if it can not collect enough before it can grow large enough to break free of Earths Gravity, it will pull them back to Earth, and eventually Ground them out, and recycle that Energy, but they can be Trapped in an Electromagnetic Force Field, so I would recommend creating such a portable trap to prove this Theory, you will have to maintain the Force Field to contain it, and have a way for this container to grow so it can still house this Ball Lightning as it grows, now you can watch Ball Lightning grow into a Trinary Engine, and you can now take this Portable Ball Lightning Container into Space, and you will have a portable Gravity Machine.

The Gravity of the Ball Lightning is now pulling in objects near its gravitational field, which is actually just the path of the space the Trinary Energy flows through, so it is just Dimensions less than 3, because all Matter follows the path of the Trinary Energy because it is controlling it. At this Point Null space is caused by the Trinary Energy being in the 0 State around the whole sphere, this causes the space inside the sphere that is filled with Light and Dark Energy, and is producing a force field of Electromagnetic Force Field of Gravity Energy just like the Sun, so any material that Null space comes into contact will get disintegrated, meaning its Atom's will be stripped from all matter, so do not every try to touch Ball Lightning. When it pulls in Tritanium, which is just a special type of Neutrino that Trinary Engines use, its so dense that it will make it into the surface of the Null Space Force Field, and cause it to stick to it, like paint, and then it coats it, as it is forced to flow around the curvature in space caused by its spherical toroidal shape, another way of explaining this is that Gravity is always forced to flow towards Ground, and Ground is the 0 Dimension, and that is what surrounds this sphere or ball, keep in mind that the 0 Dimension is in the middle of every Atom in the Universe, so if the Trinary Engine is just one very Large Atom, then it would explain why it has some much Gravity, a bunch of small Atom's do not add up to as much space required to create such a force field, so logic and reason proves it has to be one very large Atom instead of just a lot of small ones, not to repeat myself, but I do need to point out why I think its one large one, instead of a bunch of microscopic ones, it has to generate a massive amount of Electromagnetic Force, and if this planet was only made of Matter, there would be no way for its core to maintain the heat needed to stay molten, and we know it is at the mantles crust, so normal matter is forced around it, and subatomic particles are drawn into it and can not escape it. Once it is completely covered in Tritanium, the sphere is completely encased in it, and the power inside is trapped and can not get out or have a path to dissipate to ground, because Tritanium has no electric charge so energy can not flow through it.

I would imagine that the Trinary Engine is born as Ball Lightning coming from the Galaxy, this is based on facts and not theory, and you may wonder where the Empirical Evidence is, and it is in the Images, that is what all the Photographic proof we have and know about the birth of a Sun, whereas Planets are harder to see, we can only imagine they are similar only smaller, to put this into perspective, if Ball Lightning range in size from a Marble to Beach Ball for a Moon, what size do you think a Planet would have to be, and there is your answer, not as big as the Sun, yet larger than Beach Ball, still to small to see with a telescope Light years away.

Ball Lightning is a baby Trinary Engine, so this Sub Chapter can grow very large once we have the Technology to see them around Galaxies, or Other Planets, til then we have them around our own Planet, and enough people see them to know they are real, but they are so rare that few has, so finding one and catching it will be time-consuming, it is not like you can walk around with a Portable Ball Lightning Container, and that is when you are more likely to see one, when you are not prepared, so its best to be prepared, setup a network for Ball Lightning chasers, it will be far more fun than chasing Tornado's and just as dangerous, but I know this can be done if people really wanted to find out the truth about them, and as a child I knew when I saw one that it was alive, and that is what my Father and Grandmother said also, as well as Nikola Tesla, who said he has heard many legends about them, so they are the stuff Legends are made of.

Most people will not believe it til someone catches one, but it would take a huge effort to catch one, but we will never go into space without one if I am correct about them, and that is all it comes down to, I am sure they pack a lot of Energy, but to prove they have their own Gravity is another matter, to prove we can use that Gravity to go to Space is another, because that would mean it would have to grow, and that is something that can not really be Proved until you catch one, and the one I chased got away, and I knew I could not catch it like a Firefly, I read about these things burning down houses, and I did not want that to happen, but that is how life is, you only get to see real miracles once in your Life if you are lucky, so be prepared when you do.

Artificial Ball Lightning is possible, as I pointed out in the Appendix B, but do not think this will be easy, you have to figure out how much power is required to do such a thing, and I know for a fact that we can do just about anything that Nature can, once we learn its Secret, and creating Artificial Ball Lightning is one of them, but current technology does not make Artificial Lightning anywhere near that of Nature, so we have a long way to go before this is Reality.

Trinary Sanctuary will be dedicated to Artificial Ball Lightning Research, it is the key to the Futures Energy Requirements if my concept of how they work is correct, it is not so much a theory as I pointed out, but I can be wrong about how I interpret the data, and it is all based on Data, NASA has most of it, and they do a good job at collecting it, so it is all about analyzing it, and you can only get some much information about second hand sightings, even having a personal sighting did not help me to fully understand what I saw, and asking someone else in the room what they thought it was, did not help me to understand it any better, my little sister still remembers it in great detail, and we saw it about the same, it hovered, like it was under control like a remote helicopter, more like it was flying, it had to maneuver around objects like the TV, which no one was looking at: at the time, but it was all static, so this Light was causing Electromagnetic Interference to say the least, it was bright Violet Range of Light, maybe just under the Ultra Violet Light threshold for human sight, a little higher and it would have been invisible, so the fact we did see it was a miracle.

I put a lot of Faith in my Belief about Ball Lightning to write about it, Newton would have never done this in his Published work, but he did in his Private work, so I know he had similar ideas about it, even Franklin wrote about it, so it has a history, but to put your reputation on the line knowing that someday, someone will catch one, then the world will know, and all I have to say in my defense is, if I am wrong, I am wrong for all the right Reasons, the Data, and not because of some Feeling or Hunch, or Emotion, it was based on Scientific Evidence, so keep this in mind, if Trinary Engines do not turn out to be the Children of Ball Lightning, it does not mean Trinary Engines are not real, or that they were not born, only that the Legends of it being Born from Ball Lightning were wrong, and since this was not my idea to begin with, I was only wrong in the fact that I did not have Empirical Evidence other than Photographs to go by, and that is why I will put my honor on the line for this Belief, and like Newton, I also believe in Jesus Bar Abbas and not Christ, and I put that belief out there as a fact just because it was written in the Bible, and I take it as a Fact and read it like History and Science, from the viewpoint of the Witchcraft it was written in, and that is why Wizards and Witches were hunted down by the Church to begin with, this concept that the Planets are alive is Heresy to the Church at that time, they were just getting over the fact that the Earth revolved around the Sun, instead of the Universe revolving around it, so Religion keep Wizards and Witches from trying to prove this with Science, which is what Witchcraft is called nowadays, they used Alchemy, we call that Chemistry nowadays, so only the Names change, the Meaning does not, its why both Newton and Tesla were Legally referred to as Wizards, and that is a fact, just look it up, but information like that is hard to find, as is any information I talk about, because Witchcraft is still not accepted in Society, and that is because no one knows it, they only know about the Fairy Tales, the Truth was that Alchemy was about Science, chemical Reactions, Energy, and Transformation of one type of Energy into another, but Superstition was allowed to rule Society instead of Logic and Reason, and it is not because in History people were Stupid and only getting more intelligent in the last 50 years, trust me on this one, people are getting stupider on average worldwide, in fact thousands of years ago we had the Technology to build Pyramids, because despite the Legends of Aliens from Outer Space building them, the truth is that we did, and it is in the Bible, so I know it is the truth, Moses destroyed them, that is a fact, so this all comes down to a belief, but I base my on Trinary Science, and not Religion or Superstition.

We have the Technology right now to track upper atmosphere Lightning, this research is very important, with software we should be able to predict where Ball Lightning can be seen, because if I am correct, it will be in very dense and very High Altitude, and it will leave an after glow that can be tracked as Ball Lightning, we actually see these all the time, but not all of them come down in areas that people see them on the Ground, but those that have always described close enough to the same that you know they are, even ancient Chinese wrote about them in the same way, some cultures called them Angels, and that is what they called them in the Bible, so maybe they are right, that is what Newton wrote by the way, just paraphrasing, but in folk lore the legend continues, and this Floating Light has a long history.

The His-Story or History of Ball Lightning differ, and passed down from my Cousin Isaac Newton, there were many stories about Ball Lightning, in one a Man Climbed a Mountain during a fierce Storm because God told him to, as he got to the Plato the Sun was Setting, and the Storm was dissipating, and from the Heaven floated down a Light from Heaven, and as he extended his hand to catch it, he felt the Light sting him like a Bee, or a Shock from Electricity, and awoke the next day at Sun Rise, now this Story was told meany ways by many people throughout time, so do not quote it, it is a paraphrase, but close enough to the truth of what happened, and why I did not try to catch it, he might have seen it as an Angel from God that showed him the Light, but nowadays we know what happens when you get electrocuted by Lightning, and it is not fun, if that is your idea of God punishing you, then stick your finger into an electrical socket, you too will see the Light of God, and that is what this Story is all about, it was from the Bible, in a long-lost Canon, not so much lost as taken out, its still in the vault (volt) with other Canons, not all of them made the cut into all the Bibles, but the Source is always the Same, and that is because it is the oldest set of Books known to man kind about the Light of God, but few know about the Light of God, mostly because they took those Canons out, and that is what upset Newton, he understood Lightning well enough, this Man was Struck by Lightning in the Form of Ball Lightning, the Real ones always pack a punch, even one the size of a Marble can kill you or burn down a house, and there is documented proof they have hit Power Lines, and in fact do it all the time, there has even been eye witnesses who saw Ball Lightning hit a power line, and cause Matter Lightning, that they did follow to the Ground, and found the general area it landed, and found green glass burning, the same type that was found in areas around the world for years, leading me to believe they were very large Ball Lightning landings, and I found proof of one in Arizona, where a large Meteor Strike took place thousands of years ago, it left a creator, but no sign of what the Asteroid, Comet or Meteor was made of, just like the over Tunguska, so the only logical conclusion is that they are like Ball Lightning, or Trinary Engine, which leads me to believe they can be the Engine for them as well, because it fully explains this behavior, its Lightning energy.

Ball Lightning has been called many things in History as well as His-Story, which came from the Bible in Canons no one hears about nowadays, those Canons do not make a big enough Bang for people to read them, so they are lost in time, that is why Newton read more Bibles than Science Books, and wrote more about Religion then he did Science, yet what he wrote about science was so profound, few understood it, and why was Newton so fascinated about Angels, because Angels are Ball Lightning, how Religion did not understand this, is beyond me, they read into the Bible instead of just Reading it, but that is Religion, with two I' in it, one for the Light, the other for the Darkness, Witchcraft was written to hide Alchemy because it was forbidden by the Church, why was it forbidden was because the Bible was written using it, and only those that know how to read it will understand it, so they hunted them down and killed them for teaching how to read and write it, nowadays there are still those Religious People that would want to Kill me for what I have said in this Document, and I wrote it knowing this, but I can not write about the truth without writing about truth, so I cannot leave out any details like this, because to only tale part of the story, is not telling all of it, so its still just a lie if it changes the Story, because you should not leave out details like, oh by the way, those Angels (Angles in Math meaning Geometry) they fly down from Heaven and show you the Light of God, those are just Ball Lightning, so nowadays when people hear this for the first time, they will think I am crazy for writing things like this, wow... I mean: how did people not know this? If it happened today I would hope someone was smart enough to figure it out, but like I said, it is normal to be Stupid, the whole Story about God is all about a Higher Power, in Trinary Science God is Electricity, what other Higher Power do you know that actually Physically Exist? Rhetorical I know, God is Everything so the Light is Everything.

I was watching a movie titled Beyond the Spectrum, it came out in 2017, basically it was about UFO's that were found using Full Spectrum video recorders aboard spacecraft orbiting Earth, what they see as UFO's: I see as Ball Lighting, there is a lot of Space Junk, so with all the debris that are floating around in the images, its clear everything is a UFO. I see video as evidence that Nikola Tesla was right about Ball Lighting being Intelligent, not every object moving is Ball Lightning, but some objects that look like Light, really are, having seen some of these Lights before, and having seen Ball Lightning on more than one occasion, and knowing other people who also seen it, there are many documented cases throughout history, and it is been described as a Ball of Light, or Energy, it is been described as being solid, moving clouds in its wake, its fast, its slow, it moves at right angles, so its clear that this is Ball Lightning, and not a real spacecraft. There is so much UFO hype, that the truth is hard to find, there are real Spacecraft for Flying Saucers reported by reputable people, so I know they are real, but if it looks like a Light, does not mean it is a Spacecraft, so the two may not be the same, and I think that most people are unaware of Ball Lightning as a phenomenon, and if people were better educated about what Ball Lightning is, there would be more sightings of it, just because I have no evidence it is Ball Lightning, because I cannot catch one, nor can anyone else, so if they are Angels or Gods, its clear they are real, and flying around the Earth, coming down to Earth and making Crop Circles, and doing all kinds of things that few can explain, and there is video, eyewitness and physical Evidence of this, I saw a video of Ball Lightning just after Crop Circles were found, and multiple eye witnesses that said they saw a Ball of Light flying around, and there is physical proof that such an Energy source could have caused the damage that some plants showed, such as sourcing marks done by an Electromagnetic force field or some technology we do not have, so these sightings have science to back them. I think that most UFO's are just Lights of some type, and Ball Lightning is a Light, so Tesla was right, we are Light Beings, and I proved Ball Lightning is just baby Trinary Engines that fly around Earth 24/7 all year long, as far back as recorded history goes, people have called them Angels, and they came down from Heaven and mixed with Humans, and that was a Shocking experience, and those that were touched by Angels became God's children, because they surely had to die and go to Heaven, because God is the Light without Darkness that is in Ball Lightning, and as it turns out, Ball Lightning is being reported all the time as UFO sightings. Ball Lightning is a Book in itself, so I will stop here, but the main point is that there is so much more to talk about, so much that it would require its own book to be written, but that is another book also.

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