The Principles of the Trinary Universe Chapter 3.05:
Types of Trinary Engines
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Chapter 3.05:
Types of Trinary Engines

A Trinary Engine was born in a Stellar nursery, it was given a Spark Of oUr Life, or SOUL, so it is alive, because it is the same stuff those Suns are made of, so are we, and that is a fact, and it is also a fact that same Energy is in our Bodies, and the Bodies of all Life forms we know of, and at the subatomic level it can be seen that Trinary Energy is present everywhere in the Universe, and it has this Pattern that indicates it is Intelligence, so it is this same Intelligence that I used to describe such a Universe as this, because how else would I know about it at all, how Yew do not know about it before reading this document is another story, because this one is about Trinary Engines, and as it turns out, Earth maybe a Stellar Nursery for Moons, as are all Planets that Need them, so maybe someday we will get a New Moon, Aspie Humor I think, maybe it is a Wizard thing, who knows, I like to add humor to Science so its easier to remember, now You will remember this every New Moon or forget it during an Eclipse, but either way you need to learn what types of Trinary Engines there are, and where they might come from, because they have to come from somewhere, and the Big Bang is too stupid to take serious, so I have to add humor just to get over that fact.

There are many types of Trinary Engines, the Galaxy is normally the Largest, then the Sun, and then Planets, Moons, and other space debris like Comets and Asteroids, so each has its own size for doing a job, and the size is also responsible for what types of commands it takes, because the Solar System has a very definable pattern to it, and all the Trinary Engines are alive, they grow thousands of tons a year from debris washed in from space on the Solar Winds, they come to Earth in the form of Micrometeorites, but appear to most people as dust, most of it falls in the Ocean, and pushes the Land masses apart, so the size of the Engine is created will determine its role in the Universe, but these Engines are alive, so they are always growing, maybe as much as ½ inch a year, even the Sun is growing, and not shrinking like it would need to if it were a compressed ball of gas, which would also require to break all the laws of Physics, as would a nuclear bomb, and eventually the Planets will get so big they can not support the surface, so the Planet will go Nova, and it is debris will overload other planets in its system, and they will go Nova, and the Sun will attract the broken up peaces of the planets, and it will not be able to disintegrate it fast enough, so it will try to build up around it, at which point it could surrender because it does not have enough power to over come the amount of mass it needs to break down, so it goes Supernova, which blast its surface across the Solar System, and all the Planets go Supernova, and then the Solar System starts all over again, so all the types of Planets will be born, grow and die.

When it comes to Engines, size really does matter, a Trinary Engine the size of a marble could not be held in you hand, do not ever make that mistake thinking anything can ever be allowed to touch it, but the surface heat would be rather low, but still in a ratio, so it would be too hot to handle, it would be like holding Ball Lightning, and Lucifer was a Dark Angel, and was as Hot as Hell, and it was said when he descended from Heaven above as a God's most beautiful Angels, it was said that when Lucifer touched a Human, that Lucifer could take over their Soul, and if its Electricity, then its understandable, so Religion teaches us one thing, and Science teaches us another, yet it would still have a lot of Gravity in Space, in fact it would have a lot on Earth, and would be measured in tons, so we do not want to make a very big Engine, if we wanted to use it as a spacecraft, if I can feel the effect of Gravity from Ball Lightning about the size of a Marble, it had to be strong, so when it comes to Trinary Engines, size does matter.

The Galaxy is one type of Trinary Engine, it is normally the largest, but as the Galaxy gets old and is no longer required to make new Trinary Engines, it will stop producing them, its like a woman going into menopause, they can not longer make babies, so the Galaxy was our Mother, it gave birth our Sun, which is yet another type of Trinary Engine, so when this happens the Galaxy itself, which is actually just like our Sun only smaller, goes Dark, it does this by giving up all its Darkness, you would think that would make it Light, but its actually the opposite since we can only see the Darkness, but without the Darkness the Gravity Remains, but its invisible, and it does not attract Gravity as it did before, instead it acts more like an anchor, we will talk about this more in the next chapter, but what I want to talk about now is the life span of a Galaxy, and the different stages it has, so you understand what type of Engine it is, what its purpose is, and how it works.

The Galaxy talks to the Sun's, and the Planets talks to the Sun, its clear that the Galaxy creates the Planets, but I do not see it making the Moons, but maybe they are too small to see, and it is why I believe that the Planets most give birth to its own Moons, so its only when we talk about the types of Trinary Engines does the Solar System come alive, but we know that the Sun's orbit the Galaxy differently then the Planets orbit the Sun, so the two communicate differently with each other, and Centrifugal force has nothing to do with it, as I have stated before, if Centrifugal force had anything to do with our planet orbiting the Sun, it would only cause us to fly off into space forever, it would make us fly off the Planet for one thing, try standing on a ball as it spins, the Belief that if that ball was big enough that it would create Gravity, is called Insanity, no matter how much mass a Planet could have, Centrifugal force would always cause everything on it to fly into space, and countless experiments prove it, yet mainstream science still teaches it, proving why it is normal to be stupid, because the concept of Centrifugal force is well-known and documented, it is not possible that it is causing Gravity that keeps us on this planet, so get over that lie, which is what a theory is once disproved, which is done using Logic, Reasoning, and countless experiments that prove it, only stupid people could believe that the laws of physics change that radically because of Mass, but do not take my word for it, take Newton's, its his Math that uses God as the Force of Gravity, I did not make that up, this is called Reality, if Newton's math works, then this concept is proven, so we have a lot of aspects to look at when viewing the Galaxy, and how it talks to its children.

The Size of the Trinary Engine has everything to do with how it orbits around the Sun, the Mass of the Planet has an exact ratio to its orbital path, so is based on Mass and not Centrifugal force, because Mass is a quantity of how much Ground it has, and I am not just talking about Earth, but the Trinary Engine itself, it is a property of Electricity.

Every Planet in our Solar System has the same type of Trinary Engine, but the job the Planet does differs, some planets project us from the Sun, which could be hit by too large of an object, for it to disintegrate, so it protects us from large objects thrown at us by the Sun, so Mercury and Venus are Pawns, even our Moon serves a propose, originally it was born as Ball Lightning, then it grew in upper atmosphere till it gained enough Mass, I imagine that the Earth looked more like Saturn does now, and it will look like Earth does with a Moon around it, sometime in the future, I imagine that is why the Earth is always making Ball Lightning, I got that idea from studying Saturn, it must also do the same, so I imagine that Saturn has Ball Lightning as well, so every planet has a purpose, we have the Gas Giants behind us that collect all the gas in the Solar System, that other planets have lost over the years, this is so that when the Solar System goes Supper Nova, it can rebuild it from scratch.

Once you fully understand the types of Trinary Engines, and there are only 3: Galaxy, Sun, Planet: which includes Moons, Asteroids and Comets, which is why I call this the Trinary Universe, everything comes in 3, even this Sub Chapter where I talk about it, so there is a reason and logic behind that reason, but its only in Trinary Science does this matter, it is the only Science that really matters, because it is the only Science the Universe uses, the rest is called Science Fiction, and I do not like that in my Science, so I start by introducing you to the types of Trinary Engines that exist, and why they exist, I will even talk about how they were built, and what they are made out of, so we will talk about every aspect of the Trinary Universe.

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