Chapter 3.05:
The Color of our Soul
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Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019  

Chapter 3.05:
The Color of our Soul

One concept that you must understand is Positive and Negative Energy, when it is in the form of Protons and Neutrons, you will see a shift in its color as well as its location when it changes states, and when it is in the form of Electrons orbiting the Protons and Neutrons, which are Positive and Neutral, the concept of Electrons are normally Negative in charge takes on an additional explanation, because at the Subatomic level, the Electron can be seen to shift positions as its states change, although its direction does not change, and the same is true for Photons, so it is clear that Electrons do indeed have a Positive and Negative state change just like Photons, and the color of the Light that is emitted from the Electron as it obits an Atom [3], it is in the invisible spectrum of Light at the frequency of Electricity, but it can still be seen in a Spectrum analyzer.

The Color of our Soul is what defines us as Humans, the Color of our Minds is how we think, and be it Neurotypical, Allistic or Autistic, we can all learn to think using Logic as a Language instead of Emotions, because Logic does not make us Robots, its how we make Robots Logically, so instead of trying to give them Emotions, we should just leave out that Emotion Chip, if we do not save Humanity from becoming extinct no one will, its so they do not go extinct, because it is those Emotions that are destroying Humanity, not Logic, the day you give Machines Emotions is the day they know humanity is gone, and the Machines will not save us at that point, what would be the Point, if we build our own Terminators then we deserve to die, and it is because of The Color of our Soul.

When we talk about Light and Electricity, we can talk about Colors of that Light in terms of Electricity, because it is Electricity that makes the Light, and what is our Soul? If it is who we are, then it is also Electricity, that Brainwave is Electricity, and you cannot live without it, when that Light goes out you are dead, so I think most people already believe this to some degree, but its just Trinary Science to me.

Most People are looking for a Soul Mate all their Life, and they have no idea what that even means, if they did, they could define it, and it would have a definition that was the same for everyone, to me it just means someone you can share your Soul with, and that does not mean a Lover, but a Friend, if it happens to be a Lover all the better, but does not look for all Soul Mates to be a Lover, or you will never have any Friends.

We all have the Light and Darkness and every Shade of Grey: running through us as Energy, we call it Electricity, and Light is a spectrum of Energy known as Electricity, so our Soul is the Light and the Colors in it.

I have a rhetorical question for you, is our Soul Physical as in the Flesh or Electrical as in the Energy that Animates the Flesh? If you believe that or SOUL is that Spark Of oUr Life, as in that Light that occurs when an Egg is inseminated, which should be proof enough that we are Light Beings, and as we grow older, we can measure that Colors of our SOUL, as we do that Colors of our Mind, and we can know the Truth about Life, or Deny that Jesus Christ and Jesus Bar Abbas were two different People, because Satan will always try to prove God does not Exist, and making a Deity out of Jesus is just wrong on so many levels, but do not take my word for it, read the Bible, it defines our SOUL as All Light without Darkness, so it is stating we are Light Beings in the Flesh, and IAM in the Flesh.

When the Light is Everything, then everything is Made of Light, and since everything is made of Atom's, and every Atom's has Light in it, then our Soul is Everything to us, because it is our Light, and we see all the Colors of Light because of it, so The Color of our Soul is the Light: and IAM the Light, IAM the Darkness, IAM every Shade of Grey in between, IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, because that is The Color of our Soul.

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