The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 3.03
Trinary Intelligence

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 3.03:
Trinary Intelligence

Intelligence is a subject that will never be resolved, so I have to create another Type of Intelligence, so I will call it Trinary Intelligence, because this is all based on White Noise, so as it turns out me having Pareidolia Syndrome, was actually very helpful in figuring out this one piece of the puzzle called Life, because that is what we are talking about, because it is Trinary Energy, but Trinary Energy Intelligence is too long a word, but I will use it anyway, and yet another term I use is the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, that is the Trinary Intelligence in Me, also known as the Flesh, and that just happens to be my Name.

People view intelligence by the way they think, and most people think we all think alike, but all my life I have known that I do not think like most people I knew, but I never knew why, I have taken psychology in college, and read every book I found interesting on the subject, and none of them agreed on anything, so I set out to map my own mind, I did this by creating a test that anyone could take and come up with the same results, so its based on sight and sound.

There are basically many ways humans think to solve problems, each solution is a branch in a tree of thinking, so you build trees to describe what you see, feel and hear, in a way that anyone can understand, this is simple reflection, and you need an event that we can all agree on, so a total random event that most people deal with on a daily basis would be the simplest sound of water running out of a container, for my example I will map out first how most people explain this event.

A scientific test will be conducted online, you will ask a minimum of one question about a random event involving water being poured from a container into a sink, so the question must be very general so make it:

Describe in under 500 words in as much detail as you can the event of pouring water from a container into a sink

Now give them a field 500 characters long, and let them record it. The only information you need to know about them is their sex and brain type: Neurotypical, Allistic or Autistic. Then you look for a pattern in the way they describe the event, so having ran this test for many years, this is the conclusion that I came to.

Now stop and answer this question first, because I will tell you my results and you will want to know what category I put you in.

If I ask a Neurotypical woman, she will describe to me the container, the sink and a few other details that she thinks are important, and she will ignore the description of the sound of water pouring out of the container like it was not even part of the question, or the Event, and half of them will describe the Smell of the Water.

If I ask a Neurotypical man, he will say I poured the container into the sink, not much deeper than that, some have variations, but a lot of characters left to write, but few of them described the container or the sink, so maybe we should ask if they are Feminine, but that is a subjective question that few men will admit, half of them will even mention other objects in their description, that was not in the question, as if they tried to read into it for some deeper meaning, and few of them will describe it from the viewpoint of sight or sound, but few will mention the smell, and we know who they are, the Feminine ones, this is all a joke about Neurotypical Men of course, most of them think this question is gay, so they feel threatened by answering it, so they give a very short answer, as if they did it in the dark and did not pay attention to what they did, in short it was just labor to them, and that is exactly like they described it.

If I ask an Allistic or Autistic person the same question: regardless of sex, they will start asking all kinds of questions, or making all kinds of assumptions like: what kind of container, what is it made out of, how much water does it hold, what is the sink made of, how high am I pouring it from, what size is the room its in, than they will have to figure out the acoustics of it, and analyze every detail of the event and worry if 500 words will be enough space to describe it in, than they will attempt to write what water sounds and smells like, and that is me, so if I was Neurotypical man instead of an Autistic man: I might be a little Feminine, but my point is that Neurotypicals view things differently then I do, and there are many tests that prove this.

So knowing this you will understand that when you ask someone with Pareidolia Syndrome, someone like me, I will describe to you the pattern the water makes as it pours out of the container, even though the container itself will be described as an inanimate object, just a container like it does not even matter, because the question had nothing to do with the container or the sink, it was only about the event, and that is very descriptive, because the only thing that is going to happen is that Gravity will take over at the point that the container reaches the point where the water will no longer be supported by the container, and if you look very close you will see that the Trinary Energy is collecting around the edges of the water molecules and holding them in place: like an invisible dam, as they change to State 0, as the water surface tension gets to the point where it can not longer support the columns of water molecules above it, it will start to fall towards the sink, at that point you can see the Trinary Energy States have changed to (+1) and (-1), as it finds the fastest way toward the center of the Planet, and it will push the Air in front of it around it as it starts it descent to the sink, which sounds much different when I have my hearing aids in, then without them, because with them in I can hear the high-pitched sounds that the water will make as it speeds up toward terminal velocity the second it left the container, even though it will not reach it unless the distance to the sink is 90 feet, and I could easily go on and fill all 500 words with no problem, because that is the way I think.

So when I talk about Trinary Intelligence, I am talking about a level of detail that words would have no meaning, it would take me more words to describe this concept, then I am allowed to write in this whole dissertation, so I will have to sum up this concept as a very vague and undefined subject, so what I will tell you about it: is that I have spent most of my Life studying it and that is about half a century for me now, so this is something I have thought about a lot, so to begin to understand this concept, you would have to read all the research that has been recorded on this phenomenon from the beginning of time, then add to it the fact that it is the same Intelligence that you the observer, is using to understand what it is, I am trying to explain, but it is a very important concept, so I will have to spread it over the entire content of the paper, so it is not just one long sentence that spans all the subjects that are just aspects of it, someone that thinks like me can read it, Neurotypicals not so much, my Wife is a Neurotypical and I love her with all my Heart, but she has a hard time reading what I write, so I know this is the truth, and after over 40 years of marriage between two wives, 20 years on the first one, and I have now been with my second wife longer, I learned that I do not know much more about Women, then I do about Neurotypicals, they have one type of Intelligence and I have another, not saying one is better than the other, there is a reason why Autism is rare to begin with, and this type of thinking is even rarer, it is because it is not Normal.

Intelligence is made up of Logic and Reasoning, Logic is part of the Brain, it is the lower primitive part of the brain and it gets its logic from the Galattice, which I have not even talked about yet, so instead of getting ahead of myself, I will just state that the human brain is designed as a filter for the Light, and this Energy is in another Dimension, so when I talk about Trinary Intelligence I am talking about the Intelligence of one spec of Trinary Energy, which is like a pixel on a screen, it is only one element of the big picture, but it is Energy, yet Humans interact with it in a way that can be proven that its controlling all our actions, every thought that comes into my mind, looks like an Image to me, it is a Picture, even words on a page, just images that are changing all the time, but I can look at them with my eyes closed and see them, most people have this ability to some point, I just look at a page of text and then read it in my mind, instead of having to look at it while I read it, I was taught that way in school, its way too slow to read that way, and if I use that little voice in my head to read it, then I can only read as fast as I can talk, and that is way too slow, so to break this habit, you have to quiet that little voice in your head, and look at each word as if it is just a Pattern, then assign meaning to that word, so when you see it, you only feel the meaning, instead of having to read the word, or say the word in your head as if you read it out load, its crazy to talk to voices in your Head so stop doing it if you are, then you could start to understand how the Light works, because it is just images, patterns in the Light, around objects, in the Clouds, in the Sun Spots, in a bowl of soap, the patterns are all around me all the time in everything I see, I can hear them, smell them and feel them, and I can understand what they mean, and it is because they are speaking to us, not just me, but everyone, only some people are not aware of them, and it is because of the amount of detail they see things at, and as we proved, that has a lot to do with who we are, if we are Neurotypical, Allistic or Autistic, Male or Female, how rational and logical we are, our Intelligence level, as well as many other factors, and if you want to know the level it can be taken to, try to feel what one cell in your body feels, just one, pick one on the tip of your finger and try to see the world from the viewpoint of that one cell, just of one moment try to imagine that you could see out of the tip of your Finger, not images because you have no eyes there, but you do have cells, as well as every other cell in your body, because you have trillions of cells in your body, you would be able to see the world's in much more detail, because you could feel it with every cell in your fingers, taste it with every cell in your tongue, and see it with every fiber in your body, as well as hear it with every cell in your ear, so then extra sensory cells could communicate on a different level, so you would be so connected to the Universe that you could understand the whole universe at the same time, and that is the concept of Trinary Intelligence, but at the Atomic level, it is just energy, no matter who you are, how you think, it all gets converted into Electric Signals that go to your brain, yet your brain does not have the Capacity to store electrical energy, and thinking your brain creates neurons for every thought is just insanity, all it is doing is created pointers to some location in the Galattice, just as if you were a computer, because that is all you are when it comes down to it, you both run off the same energy in fact.

I am not saying I can communicate with every Cell in my Body, what I am saying is that every Cell in my Body communicates with me, and it is only how we interact with these Cells do we even start to understand who we are, because I am not a Flesh Being, IAM a Light being in the Flesh, this is Trinary Intelligence.

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