The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Appendix B
Child Trip to Moon

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 9 January 2019



Appendix B:
A Child plans a Trip to the Moon.

When I was a child I designed a Rocket to go to the Moon, this was back in 1966, so it was a popular theme of the day. When I showed my design to Adults, they would just laugh, you are going to use Water as Fuel, it will put out the Fire! Adults are not very Intelligent, that is one thing I learned growing up, they would always tell you that when you grow up you will understand it, yet when I grew up, all I understood was how Stupid Adults are.

My concept for Fuel for a Rocket was Water, not just any water, but water that was separated into its elements, which are Oxygen and Hydrogen, then you burn these two together, and recover the Water that I will use as Fuel. My design had a very large Water Tank, it was keep above freezing using Electromagnetic Induction coils, and at the bottom being Gravity feed, was a Resonance Chamber, much like the one at the Great Pyramid, only made out of other materials, it used Lightning to separate the Oxygen and Hydrogen, it would then be burned in an Electromagnetic Atomic Acceleration chamber that created Trust, much like a modern day Jet Engine of that time, the Oxygen and Hydrogen burned and created a super heated toroidal shaped air flow, then it went into a magnetic focusing Chamber, that would be used much like the Atomic Accelerator that Nikola Tesla Invented, not sure if it would actually work, but the Adults did not care to try to understand, they never do, and showing other Children was a waste of time, they do not understand anything, which is why they are Brainwashed into believing that Science Fiction is Science.

My concept also took into account the need for Gravity and Electromagnetic Shielding, which I planed on using a Trinary Engine as soon as I designed a way to make one, still working on that one, see Appendix C. Without Electromagnetic Shielding also known a Magnetosphere, Life could not exist for long, even in low orbit around the Earth, where Gravity is low, but much higher than it will be once you leave the Earths Magnetosphere, which is around 666 miles from Earths surface, this is not a number I made up, its data came from Air Force Missions, and is near the point that you get very little protection outside this mile marker, and also near the farthest recorded distance that the Air Force could safely make it, the pilot was so disoriented from the Solar Wind Radiation, that all he could see was Radiation saturating his vision with Light so bright they could not see, so the mission was aborted, animals doing this same mission were not so lucky, and long term low Earth studies showed that you start losing your muscles immediately, and after a year you could not walk on Earth, any longer and you might die, as it gets harder to breath, and exercises only increases the effect, and Spinning the Capsule only make matters worse, and does not simulate Gravity, in fact: it does not even Generate any, nor do ropes, cables and pulley systems work in low gravity, so without a Magnetosphere humans will never live in space, not sure anyone could survive a trip around the Moon without Electromagnetic Shielding, test dummies did not, and special aircraft designed to be hit by Micrometeorites and collect them as samples, proved that Manned Space Flight is not possible without Shielding, and normal materials like Armor Plating, can not withstand hits at the speeds recorded, which reached Hyper-velocities, averaging from 6,666 to 66,666 miles an hour, which is due to the fact that our Planet is traveling at that top speed, and the lower speed is due to the speed of the Solar Winds, these are the accepted speeds even in Mainstream Science, see Table 4.7: Calculate Celestial Body Rotational and Orbital Speeds, and this is why you can not simply fly to the Moon, this is life in the fast lane, this planet is traveling at a very high rate of speed, unmanned aircraft do not have to deal with those speeds, but man aircraft do, and real Scientist have to acknowledge these facts and limitations, before committing those Dreams to Video, and continuing to lie about Reality.

By the time I was 9, it was clear that it would take too much Water to get to any planet except maybe the Moon, but I knew that the Spacecraft needed Water for the Astronauts to Drink, and for Oxygen to breath, and you can burn to Oxygen and Hydrogen to make Heat and water to drink, even Electricity, so you can charge your Batteries, so it all comes down to what form of Atomic Structure is best to store for long term Space travel, and Water seemed safer to transport then Oxygen, and you can find a use for Hydrogen, but that meant I needed a new propulsion system, so my Trinary Engine came to mind, I already had the concept for it since I was 6, so it was just a matter of figuring out how to tap into its Energy, and since it has Gravity, it would be easy enough to use it to drive the Spacecraft, plus it could keep the Astronauts alive, unlike the Apollo Missions that would have Killed them around 666 Miles from Earth, a number that is a Calculation for where the Cosmic Electromagnetic Energy Fields Collapses, keep in mind there are other types of Fields besides what I call Cosmic, which just means Electromagnetic Radiation like Gama and X-Rays, so other stronger forces are in another range of Electromagnetic Spectra, and that field collapses much closer to earth, around 66 miles above Earth in fact, these numbers are actually calculations revere engineered, I found these numbers by trail and error looking for them using Satellite Data, and what we know from the Space Missions, it has to do with a phenomenon called The Van Allen Belt, so what we know as Facts is that no one has made it as far as 666 Miles that is Public Knowledge, besides the Apollo Moon Simulations when NASA Simulated sending Men to the Moon using Movie Sets, this was more to get other Countries to try to out do us, so we called it a Race to the Moon, but some other Dog made it to space before Man, even a Monkey beat Man into Space, and the United States did not like getting beaten by a Russian Dog, so Man was not so special to make it into Space, my kind made it first, since everyone on this Planet is already on a Spacecraft, so even the Spacecraft that take off from this one, are not that Special, it looks like someone took one to Mars to build man made structures on it, so besides the Space Simulations, no one has ever been outside the Van Allen Belt and Survived, not a Dog, Monkey or even a Human, other than unmanned (including: Dog, Monkey or other life) Probes that were sent to the Moon, this information will be available for a FOIA Release after Buzz dies, Sorry to Kill the Buzz: but NASA already let the Cat out of the Bag when they announced that there was still a snag in going to Mars... We cannot send Astronauts further out into Space then 666 Miles, not the actual figure they gave, because they never made it that far, but they know for a fact it can not be done without better shielding, those missions did take us into Space in the Van Allan Belt, and there was a lot to learn from those Missions, for now we know for a fact that Buzz would not have made it 666 Miles from Earth in the Apollo Spacecraft, but we will pretend he did for now, I have no reason to doubt he went to space, as a child I could see the Apollo orbiting Earth, as did everyone else, you could not hide Satellites now, I can still see them, and I am going blind, since we still cannot do that to this date according the United States Air Force that pushed the Limits, as we pretty much know that if a Meteor makes it to 66 Miles above Earth, it will more than Likely enter its Atmosphere, and we know for a fact, you would be a vegetable after a 5-year tour in Space without Gravity, so I always keep my eyes open for Ball Lightning, but I was researching everything I could find out about it at the time, but my mind understood that it has a lot of Gravitational, Kinetic, Thermal, and Electromagnetic Energy, so there needs to be technology that can tap off each of these Energies and Transform them into what we need, and for the most part, there are technologies that exist today that can harness some of this Energy.

Growing up I had no idea what was real and what was fake, I also knew that Scientist or people in general lie about things to get funding, so I could not trust any research I did not do myself, but at some point I had to hope that at least some of NASA's work was real, after the Apollo mission success, the Government went on to fake Star Wars, not the Movie, but another Government scam to fake Russia into believing we were more advanced, by lying to its own Citizens that are owned by the Banks that Authorized this deception, to try to break the Russian Banks, and they succeed, so this Scam was a Success, and for some reason they have not revealed the Scam, despite overseas media pressure, and you have to remember that if the part about them going into Space is real, and I have no idea one way or the other, in fact they might have gone to the Moon for all I know, and that is why I can not go by what I know, I can only go by what I can prove, and I can prove something when up, and something came down, if anyone was in that something, I have no idea, but I do believe we sent Probes, and other remote controlled equipment to the Moon, but having been one waiting for Satellite images from a Satellite mapping the Moon, and having it crash just short of the distance required to map that area, and that could not have been an accident, considering that they only had a few more percentages to go, I heard one estimate that it was 99.999% complete, and others as low as 96%, meaning that they waited to map that area last on purpose, and crashed it on purpose for the same reason, they were never allowed to map that area, so we would know the truth, and that is called a Cover up, so it is no surprise to me that last section of the map was added, where this data came from no one knows, but it matches what NASA wants it too, but if its Real I have no idea, because I do not trust the Federal Government, because I work for them too, and they lied to me about many things, but I know it is all a Game, and people get bored, and no one likes to admit they lied, and knowing that the Constitution is Suspended, means they are all a bunch of liars to begin with, and if you will lie about that, why stop at the Moon. So I will not assume that any of what they tale us is true...

Looking at the data from the Voyager Mission, I knew that there is proof that the Core of the Planets was in fact a Trinary Energy, since it is the only explanation, so I hope that someday Science will revisit that Mission knowing this information, so that they can understand now what we learned from the Apollo Missions up to the Voyager Missions, will truly allow us to understand the Sacrifice Men like Buzz made for the advancement in Science Buzz should always be remembered as a Hero, he will always me mind, without his Sacrifice, the Space Program may have died, so Buzz was paving the way for future space exploration, and thanks to him, I knew I was Right about People, they can believe what they are told without knowing all the Facts, for one, the Apollo Missions did in fact land on the Moon, robots were used to set up scientific experiments, LASER reflectors and other scientific equipment was left there, but the Moon was mapped out 99.999%, but the Satellite had an accident, and was ordered to crash-land into the surface of the Moon, so no one will ever know for sure if there is a Flag, I imagine there is, but will never know for sure, because that was the footage that is missing... So I learned that I cannot trust Mainstream to report the real Truth about Science, and as a Child I knew that no one would ever except God into Science, yet I also knew that I could not allow this to give up on my Dreams, and those Dreams were about Trinary Engines, so as an Adult I knew I had the Proof I needed that the Trinary Engines existed, so it was all about finding a way to catch Ball Lightning and Grow a Trinary Engine, then I could use it to power my Spacecraft, while in Reality, it is, the Earth has one, and this is my Spacecraft, so Dreams do come true, and reality sinks in that I can not build a better Spaceship then the Planet Earth, and where can I go that it will not bring me?

Growing up in the 1960's, most people blame the Insanity of believing in Einstein's Theory on LSD, so as a teenager I had to try it out, I was not allowed to experiment with it, my Father always told me to never experiment with any drugs, so I never did, not until a decade after he died anyway, then I started to experiment with Cannabis, but what I learned about LSD was that we already have that Capability, our Brains have both Cannabis and LSD Receptors, its just not as enhanced for normal people, my guess is what makes Autism different: is in the way an Autistic Brain has more receptors open to allow Cannabis or LSD to bind to in our Brains, making our brains Light up more with electronic imaging, so I do not need to take LSD to feel the effects off it, all I have to do is remember the trip and I can take that trip again, because of the way I store Memories, I can retrieve the feelings as well, and in as much detail, which is what makes my PTSD attacks seem Real, it is because to me they are, I realized that I could learn to think anyway I wanted, so one day in the summer of 1976 I sat on top of a Mountain in Corona California, and took some LSD, not the stuff you find on the Streets, but some that was made in a Lab for Military Testing, it was code named BZ, and the reason I took it was because I wanted to be alone, so I found a place I could isolate myself from the rest of the World, it was warm that night, and clear, I could see all the Stars, but I could not see past the Stars, and soon all the Stars started spinning in Circles, and the Circles became Circles inside other Circles, and this was really starting to make me feel uncomfortable, so then I closed my Eyes and Opened my Minds I, and I saw myself sitting on top of the World, looking out into the Space we are flying into, and then I realized that the Sun is plowing though space, my calculations at the time were from 333,333 to 666,666 miles an hour, the speed varies depending on where we are located in the Helix as we orbit the Galaxy, the need for speed is to get through the Galaxies Disk, not enough speed and you get stuck there forever, and get hit by everything the tries to plow its way through it, all lifeforms on the planet die during this time period, and it is why all Planets speed up as they get close to going through the disk, the Disk has a very dense Mass to it, so it has Gravity, and the closer we get to it, the more Gravity we feel, thus the faster we go, so it is the Disk that generates the Energy to speed us around the Galaxy, and evolution starts all over, and we Human species are born again, and have to learn about how the Universe works all over again, right now we are traveling about 477,354 miles an hour, so this thought occurred to me that we are traveling less than 1/1000 the Speed of Light at maximum, so in terms of energy, the Sun is putting out enough energy that most people view it as being on Fire, yet the Sun's speed is only on average 477,354, and that is a long way from the Speed of Light, so it is not putting out as much Energy as it can, if I am right and the Sun does have this Range, since this was my idea and not Newton's, and I could be wrong, it was not a Theory, it was based on Logic, but I do have a long way to go before I prove it, it comes down to figuring out Speed in relationship to a helix gravity well, so I have to determine its complete range of Frequencies and Wavelengths, so I realized its Energy has a Resonant Frequency that it will catch on Fire, so there is a maximum speed that any Atom can travel at before catching on Fire, and then I saw a Shooting Star, and though, wow, I really had to get high to figure this out, if I had not, I would have never had that thought, but that is how Children are, taking Drugs to get high for Fun, and then figuring out the Nature of the Universe just because one thought lead to the next, so if Children could design Spacecraft, they would get high to do so, but it was then I knew Einstein was wrong, not so much that he was wrong, but his Theory, actually he admitted his theory was wrong, so he was right, and that confused me, how high do you have to get to believe someone theories when they do not, and it was then I realize that they must have taken a different type of LSD, a type that makes yew Stupid, but for the Most Part, you do not need to take Drugs to figure that out, I just needed to open my Mind, if Light is Static in the Universe it does not move, we do, so as we move closer to the speed of Light, time does not change, Light just comes at us slower, and we can not notice this difference in speed, so visualize you are the arms on a clock, if the clock is running up to the speed of Light, to those looking at the clock, will see it spin faster, but from the viewpoint of the Arm, the faster you go, the fewer time intervals you will see pass given the same amount of view time as those view the clock, for example, if it took 60 time intervals to pass in one hour, and from the viewpoint of someone looking at the clock we will call them the Observer, and the person on the Arm of the Clock we will call the Time Traveler, because he is traveling with the Arm as it speeds up to the Speed of Light, so to the Observer, the clock will move so fast they cannot count how fast its moving, but to the Time Traveler, the time intervals would double if your speed doubled, but your perception of it would be that time is moving slower, because now you have 120 time intervals during the same period as the Observer has 60, so in real time you have more time, which is why Einstein viewed it as time dilation, but this assumes that your mind can perceive the passage of time differently and compensate, as if we could manage to think a thought and then start another, then another, so you have multiple thoughts going on in your head at one time, so I found that I had many threads that slowed down my thought process, like events that trigger PTSD attacks, because the more thoughts you will have the more of those type of thoughts you will think about, and since the only way to speed up your thought process is to think in parallel, since our brains work in both Serial and Parallel modes, if we are to perceive time at the same rate regardless of speed, we have to think faster, and that requires more threads, since we actually cannot increase our brains Frequency by enough to help us to think faster, in fact, it looks like the slower our Frequency is, the faster we can think, I can confirm that using Neurofeedback, so I came to the conclusion that it could be done, so I tried it, and I built this test on my mind without anyone around to help me if I got lost in time, that is what children do when they take drugs alone, they are all alone, so I started by asking myself how do I do multiple thoughts at the same time, the first thing is you have to shut off that Little Voice in your Head, it only runs in Serial Mode and if it makes any noise it will crash the whole system, and this is how I thought up till 1974, just two years earlier, before I started using that little voice to talk to myself, which is crazy I know, I heard it in my head like a movie or audio recording, but I never used it to talk, and since then I was trying to get back there, but could not stop that little Voice, so that is why I came here this night, to be alone, to shut that Little Voice up, so I could be alone, I thought getting away from everyone would help that process, so here I am trying to get that little voice to shut up, and next thing I know the Sun is coming up, so time speed up, or my perception of it speed up, but what brought me back to real time, was that I said wow when I saw the Sun, and that caused me to use that little voice in my head, and then all those threads in my head crashed, it felt like the Earth had stopped, and I was still moving, like I need to grab the ground when it happened, this feeling was irritating to say the lease, but I knew the facts, if I moved faster it would not make me think faster or age slower, because this thought that the speed of the Observer and the speed of the Time Traveler are different is insane, if we were talking on a phone, there would be a time delay for the electrons to travel that far, but there would be no time compression, just because the Time Travel is traveling faster, does not give them super human strength, in fact if I ran down this Mountain at the Speed of Light I would just crash and burn at the bottom but be no younger or wiser, this would mean that if I ran down this mountain at super fast speeds I could think faster, think about the Theory of General Relativity, as the Time Traveler gets closer to the speed of Light, they will grow older slower, and the Observer will grow older at a normal rate, over long distances this age difference would be huge, so it means that the Time Traveler is able to think faster, since they will have way more time to think in the same time period as the observer, that sounds crazy when you tell the story this way, but that is what Einstein said, and why he later denounced in stating that it caused Paradoxes, that only God could solve.

As I sat there looking at the sky change colors, I realized I had many thoughts going, and not one of them in that Little Voice Space, that is what I call that place I go when I have to use that Little Voice, and I just stopped using it for the first time in over two years, and it is still hard to do to this day, if people interrupt me when I am thinking, it makes my whole world come crashing down around me, I get so upset I want to die, that Little Voices tells me that everyone hates me, because they do not understand me, so everyone does things to make me want to kill myself, because that is how Depression and Anxiety work, because all those thoughts I was holding back, like triggers for PTSD, those all came flooding back into that Little Voice Space in my Head, so I try to tell people to not interrupt my train of thought, once I have to engage my Little Voice I have to go back to that Little Voice Space, and that was not how I grew up, so something changed, this is not the time or place in this book to talk about this subject in detail, but it does relate to me designing Spacecraft, you cannot use that Little Voice to design things with, its way too slow, you have use multiple threads, I know that when I grew up, no one every told me how to think, so I never used that Little Voice to speak, but when I was 13, a School Teacher taught me that: like I needed to know how to do that, that was a horrifying experience, you should never allow your Children to use that Little Voice, some Autistic people can not talk, it is because they do not know how to use that Little Voice, and cannot talk without it, but that was not my case, so this thought lead me to view what Einstein said like this...

The Experiment: You do not have to take Drugs to imagine that you can travel at the Speed of Light, you are doing it right now, this is how you prove it, take a flashlight and turn it on, now we have our imaginary Spaceship we will get in, and chase down this Light that came out of the Flashlight, as we near the speed of Light, we can see the Light, the time that we left Earth and the Time it took us to get this far, is measured in real time, so it is the same time that people on Earth still use, and if I had a phone that worked in real time regardless of how long it would take Electricity to travel that distance, you would know that the two people can still talk, so there is no time dilation, so as you reach the speed of Light, the Flashlight can actually catch up to the Light, this could not happen in reality, because you would have to travel faster than the Light to catch up with it, but you understand the principle, once you reach the Speed of Light you are Light, and time did not change, the person in the Spacecraft did not age slower than the person on Earth, and more to the point, is that in Reality, all the Material the Spacecraft is made out of, would not be able to accelerate to the Speed of Light, because it would become Light, because it is Frequency times Wavelength would equal the Speed of Light, so it would be Light, and that is true of us right now, proving we are already traveling at the Speed of Light, just in a Spectrum we can see, so Time Travel will not make you think faster, but LSD or Cannabis will.

So I knew that if I was to design a Spacecraft, I would design it like Earth, it is the perfect spacecraft, so as I child, this is how I would design a Spacecraft to go to the Moon, I would catch Ball Lightning and grow a Trinary Engine, then I would build the Spacecraft around the Trinary Engine, I would tap off the Power I need to run all its systems, and I would bring plenty of Water and Recycle everything, I would not use Atomic Energy because it can kill me, I would not use poison to kill insects and pest that get into my garden, because it can kill me, so I thought about this for a long time, and I know that I am right about it, I can think multi-threaded, but not with that Little Voice, and Drugs are not needed, our Brains can think better without it most of the time, but not when you are in pain, pain causes you to use that Little Voice to talk to the outside world your mind lives in, but you know Earth is a very Intelligent design for a Spaceship, and God designed it as a child, and God was on Drugs because God Created all those Natural Drugs, and LSD is a Natural Drug, it is from Rye Ergot, so Gods Law would include the usage of Drugs that God Made.

If Children designed Rockets that could take you to the Moon, you would want to be taking LSD, because this is going to be a Trip to remember, and you can take a Trip and never leave the Farm; but Adults never take the time to listen to Children, they would rather take Drugs and ignore the Children, so growing up I hated people that did drugs, especially Alcohol, I say this as I take a hit off my Cartage Battery Pipe with Medical grade Cannabis in it, so my life is complicated, as was my childhood.

If you can imagine that the Earth's Trinary Engine is causing the Planet to Spin, such that the core is not moving, this is how a Generator works, the Trinary Engine is like a Magnetic Core, and the crust of the planet has iron in it that acts like the coils, so the larger the planet, the more electromagnetic energy it can create, thus creating a larger magnetosphere, the strength of the Magnetosphere varies with position of the Trinary Engine, think of it as an Atom, as an Electron orbits it, the Atom, for example a Helium Atom has two Protons and two Neutrons, as the Electron orbit is the Positive side of the Atom, the Negative side attracts it, its like a Dog chasing its tail, its perpetual motion, the Atom has 3 Rings of Power, the Rings are Magnets Force Fields, that the Electron follows, the inner Rings have a lower Energy level, and the outer Rings have a higher Energy level, think of it as an Alternating Current or AC Waveform, as the energy goes Positive, it climbs to a more Positive Level, then it starts its journey towards the Negative side, as it crosses Ground, this is where the Force Field Collapses, so as it nears the Ground level, its strength starts to lower, to the point it collapses, then as the Electron emerges from the other side, its magnetic strength starts to build back up, and that is what is happening right now, we are close to going through this State Change at Ground Level, so you can imagine that this Magnetic Force Field, is creating an invisible net, that is pulling the atmosphere around the world with it, it is causing the Air to move with rest with the surface of the Planet, and is only aided by Gravity, because Gravity is the force that pulls everything to it, we might think we are falling towards the planet, but in reality it is pulling us towards it, so we actually do not fall down, we are pulled down, as such: it is creating the initial inertia that tends to hold us at rest with the planet, as it spins at over a thousand miles an hour, so it is this magnetic force field that is causing Gravity via its Mass, so as the Magnetosphere collapse just before it reverses polarity, gravity will weaken, how much I have no way to calculate, without a formula, and that would involve the Math of a Helix for an AC waveform, for example: if the pole shift moves at a rate of 6 degrees per hour, it would take about 30 hours to fully shift, and that is a long time to go without any protection, so I hope that rate is low, or maybe it is that massive kinetic energy of the Planet, that keeps the all the Atmosphere from leaking out into space, and maybe Gravity plays a much larger role in this also, but its clear that this planet will lose it Magnetosphere when it collapses, and it will have to build back up, and that takes time, so there other a lot of forces that are going on during this time, our Atmosphere will take the largest hit, how much will leak into space is unknown, since I can only guess at the rate of change in the Magnetic Field, I know that in the last iteration I figured this out, but its like Newton said, there are some problems I can not figure out, because I do not know the right question to ask, and that question is how long will it take for the poles to fully reverse, if I had to guess I would say they will take 1/137 of a cycle to complete, this is based on how many receptors the Planet has, because if I had to guess as to how long this planet could go without a Magnetosphere, that was the number that I calculated, it will take a lot longer for the permanent change to take place, that would make 180 degree change in 1/137, in time if we divide one cycle by 24 we get an hour, that is 60 minutes, such that there are 1440 minutes in one cycle, so it comes down to how much time is in each unit, and since the total time does not change, would give us 3288 intervals in 24 hours, 3288 / 1440 = 2 - 17/60 minutes, so for just under 3 minutes, the Earths Magnetosphere and Gravity will be at its weakest, this is based on the time it would take for Electricity to start to flow, through the Earth, these are the Laws of Physics supersized, meaning that 1/137 is the fine-structure constant, it is a ratio that is dimensionless physical constant, and has this numerical value in all systems of units, and when applied to convert one cycle into 1 unit of dimensionless time, that was a joke, you get the minimal about of time it would take a Magnetic Force Field to be created on this scale, scale it down to using a unit of time that it takes a Magnetic Force Field to be created around a small magnet, and you will get the correct results proving this math is correct, only scaled up to the size of Earth, its based on a ratio of the sphere, and regardless of its strength, its field strength is measured by the field or 3 Magnetic Force Field Rings, it produces, its strength is measured by its output of Electromagnetic Lines of Flux, this is highest when electrons flow around the outer Rings, but its due to a build up of excess electrons, in the case of an Electromagnet, these are pumped in with electricity, in a generator its just a matter of the Magnets getting up to speed, in this case the Magnets are at speed, but they are changing Polarity, so we need to compute the minimal time it would take for that field to be created, in this case the earth has to make one cycle to complete one unit, meaning that in the case of a Generator, it would have to complete one cycle, and for the Earth that would take 24 hours tops, to get to maximum strength, that may not seem like that long of a time unless you have to hold your breath, so the question is, how long do we have to hold our breath, and that comes down to how fast Electromagnetic force can be created, and it is created by excess electrons, and that means there must be an excess, which means you need to build up a charge, and there is a formula for that, and it all comes down to this 1/137 Ratio, and if you turn a generator that amount, you can measure a reading, its called a particle field, so if you know how long it takes to get around a magnet, you can determine when you will get a reading when a Generator is turning, just like a clock, it will tick on that interval, Kepler called it the Harmony of the Worlds, and this pattern is noted throughout physics, it works because it calculates how long it takes to change the polarity of a hydrogen atom, I had to pick an element to calculate, so I made it simple, so the 1 states for Atomic Number, and you can calculate others, but there is a lot of Hydrogen on Planet Earth, its mostly water for one thing, but it is a common element, and we are calculating state changes of all the Electrons that orbit around Elements, Hydrogen being an abundant element on Earth, so I need a ratio that I can use and relate it to time, which is what I did just so I could take a guess at how long this might take, in case I am the one who has to hold my breath, and I can hold it that long now, but when I am 99 years old, well my Grandmother lived that long, but I do not think I can hold my breath that long at that age, and I want to tell people that yea this is going to happen, and you might not notice it, but every time I run the physics of what is about to happen, it makes me think the Bible was right, this is the end of Civilization as we know it, and using Helix Math on an AC waveform, Newton calculated that in the year 2060, Earth would reverse is polarity, and I do not have to be intelligent to know that a Rocket in Space, is the last place I would want to be when this happens, because all that obits Earths Magnetosphere, will be in free fall for over this time period I calculated, because it really will take one full cycle to rebuild that Force Field, that is just the Laws of Physics, and I can not speed up the Laws, I can only compute how long things take, and trust me it is a bold move to use this formula the way I did, and try to justify how it works untested, in the event it does work, the coming Ice Age is a given, since all the Earths Surface heat just leaked into outer space. So the Earths Trinary Engine is about to change Polarity, this means you should be able to document a decline in the Earths Magnetic Strength, so launching Rockets into space to orbit around the Planet, knowing this is about to happen, sounds Stupid if yew ask me, because what is going to hold them up there when the Magnetosphere collapses, or are People Stupid enough to think Gravity is caused by Centrifugal Force, well I will feel stupid if it turns out to be, and so would Sir Isaac Newton, and Tesla would be saying this can not be, because even Einstein would have thought it was God, but Science is only what we can prove, and so far, I have only set myself up for failure if Newton was wrong, and Gravity is caused by Centrifugal Force, because we know for a fact that in low orbit, Centrifugal Force does not work, and the entire Planet is in outer Space, and Centrifugal Force does not work there either, and that is why I only write about what I know is a fact, and why I know Gravity is the Force of God as Newton wrote, when he said the people that wrote the Bible, knew this before they wrote it.

The more mass a Planet has, the more Ground Capability it has, as such: a Gravity Generator must provide Greater Mass, to become a Magnetic Force Field Generator: I point this out if you want to build one for a Spacecraft, as it turns out the Earth is a Spacecraft, and is a Gravity Generator, and without it space travel will not be possible, so to build a spacecraft we must build the ship into a Generator, as such: the core of the ship must be a Massive Magnet, it must provide the Ground, and Ground refers to the Atom in the Ground State, think of Earth as a bunch of Atom's, each are in a State change at all times, so the more Atom's you have, most of them have Atom's in the Ground State, because Energy can only flow through an Atom when it is in the Ground State, meaning is Space has collapsed, and that is what happens when the Earths Magnetic Poles Reverse, so all this Energy will also flow though the Earth, and if you have Rocks that are ready for takeoff, I hope they can handle this much energy, this will come down in the form of Lightning, and that means Earthquakes, so make sure your Rockets can handle that as well, so this Rocket or Spacecraft must have enough Mass to give all lifeforms enough Energy to survive, keep in mind that to get Earth Normal Magnetic Field, you would need its Mass, and increasing the Magnetic Energy will not compensate for that problem, it is a Mass issue, not a current flow limitation, and as you know Centrifugal Force does not work in Space without enough Mass to create it, so things do not spin the same way once you get out of the Planets Magnetosphere, even in lower orbit its clear that you can not generate Gravity by spinning the Aircraft, and that proves Gravity is not caused by Centrifugal Force, but its clear that it will take a lot of Mass, so spacecraft will have to be huge, and there is no way around this fact, and you will have to build them in orbit, and the design will have to incorporate a Generator into it, as such the core will need to be free floating, so that the spacecraft can spin around it, and it will have to be in a sphere shape, such that the magnetic core it is sphere, so I imagine this core as having a chamber in the center that houses a Trinary Engine, or Ball Lightning, or some means to make it more Grounding potential, and the more Light you can generate the more ground will exist, and this is beginning to sound like the Death Star from Star Wars the Movie.

Trinary Computers would work using a Lattice Logic Gate technology, that allows the hardware to configure Logical Hardwired Gates, using Light, I talked about this technology in the Wizards Guild to the Trinary Universe, instead of using Memory Logic Gates, but you can use either Electricity or Light to run the circuits, security is much tighter this way, and computer keys can be manufactured to allow, a chip to be created with a random value to be used as a key, this value is based on a voltage and frequency that is set at burn time, so when keys are made, they can be printed in a way that the traces on the Circuit Board, will always produce a different measurement, this is due to the fact that the traces have individual imperfections, so no two boards can ever be manufactured to the same specs, making each unique, and making it improbable for anyone to duplicate keys, unlike a file with a bunch of random numbers that can easily be reproduced, these Trinary Computers do not use normal Programming, the Program is written to set the Logic Gates to preform a function, so its language is unique for this ability, so it can be controlled by a virus or malware, its hardware, giving it more security, so Trinary Computers will be more Secure.

Trinary Computer Keys are used to Log into a System, it is a small device that houses an Electronic or Light Logic Gate Motherboard, it has one Chip onboard, but that one chip has many other Chips inside of it, the one chip is called a Trinary Key Chip, and it has thousands of Key Circuits Chips onboard. The Trinary Key Chip has an Operating System (OS) built into it, all Trinary Technology is hardwired circuitry, so it can not be altered in any way, the Trinary Computers have an interface to the Trinary Computer Keys, and know the keys signature, since its analog, each Chip has its own signature, the energy that flows through it will return a signature that the device records, then later compares to make sure the device matches the signature, this way no user name or password is required, once logged into the system, the Trinary Computer will know what User is assigned to the Trinary Key Chip, and then it can authenticate the Trinary Key Chip, by using Finger Print, Eye and Ear Scans, that can also record the persons normal vital signs, then use all these to verify that the person is alive, making the system fool proof, and you can do this without chip implants, but I would keep that as an option, so it is a Magic Wand or simply a Wand, where Magic is just some technology that few understand how it works, but it is not probable that anyone can hack it as easy as they can computers of this date.

The Trinary Computer Key Chips use a Lattice Logic Gates to operate, these gates are programmed by the Trinary Computer when the Wand was first initialized, and those states are maintained by an internal battery, either Light or Electricity Battery, such that a Key can be reset if it fails to authenticate, this can also happen if you try to open the Container or Housing of the Wand, this erases all codes that were only held in memory, so the Key most be reinitialized before it will work again, this is for Military use, and I always design everything for Military use, so it must have safeguards built in.

Newton's math will be used to plot this journey, I would need a Trinary Lightning Machine to provide all the Electromagnetic Energy, this will shield us from the Solar Winds and Meteorites, and I need to know how to aim this rocket at the Moon.

I started shooting guns when I was very young, at first it was throwing rocks, then sling shots, then BB guns, then a 22, then a 12 gauge shotgun, then a 30-30, then an M-16, then a 50 Caliber, and I would calculate how much energy the gun could produce, by calculating the Projectiles trajectory, for example I could also calculate how far the BB would travel at every angle, and BB's are subsonic, so they were very slow, I can just watch their trajectory, I really do not have to calculate it, if you aimed at a moving target, you would have to know where that BB would be by the time it got to the Target, some people call this leading, but leading is misleading, I have a target that I have to determine its course, unless I am on horse back or in a helicopter, and I am moving, then I have to calculate when the BB can intersect that target, and I have to factor in the Wind, Temperature and Humidity, and even other factors, some effecting how the spring will react, others effecting how and why the target is moving, so its clear why BB guns might be safe for horse back riding, its clear they are unsafe for helicopters, since it can fly as fast as the BB, that is a joke, but shooting from the back of a horse or a helicopter is not, you must understand what is safe before pulling the trigger, and when you are a moving and shooting at a moving target, much like a Rocket, because the Earth is spinning over a thousand miles an hour, and it is trust is creating its trajectory, and every projectile has its own trajectory characteristics.

Shooting a gun is something that is individual to how we think, yet the mechanics of a gun are not, its like Bowling, some people think they need to put a side spin on the Ball, when in really I find it best to regulate the how fast the ball can spin, and limit that spin in a straight forward direction, so the ball will roll in a predictable direction, although trick shots are fun to make, it is the business of the Laws of Physics that gets the highest score at the end of a game, and the mechanics are not that different, with a bowling ball I have to keep my wrist straight, and release the ball in a very predictable way. When I aim a gun or a rifle, I have to keep my wrist straight, and at the same angle every time, and I have to ensure that my trigger finger can point to the target, if you use your eyes to aim you are a fool, your finger is much more accurate, making me a very dangerous person with a gun and a blind fold, so I use both, because your eyes can only fine tune what your finger points at, so I can either have both open or close one, I find with one eye closed, I can force my brain to see in 2 Dimensions instead of 3, and I focus on the end of the barrel, regardless of weather it has a sight, some guns I have shot have only had a rear site, while some had none, so what I had to figure out is what is the purpose of the sites, and it is to ensure that your sight to the target, is in line with the barrel of the gun, so I have to ensure the front and rear site are aligned, and I only need one eye for this, if I have a moving target, I need two eyes, so I always aim with two eyes, and as I am squeezing the trigger, I close one to get a 2D view of the target, and I use the closing of my eye to regulate my squeeze, I practice this in my spare time to get good at it, and I can use this to shot at the hip, I do this by using the features of aiming with my eyes, since I know that the tip of the barrel and rear of the barrel form an angle that adjust the trajectory, I adjust my finger to point where my eyes see. Some weapons have adjustable rear or front sites, or both, and these adjustments are nice, but they are also not required to be exact, and if you learn to shot from the hip you will not need them, the fact is they only slow me down, when I am shooting in competition I do not take the time to aim, instead I focus on Steps, my first step is to aim the barrel at the target, so I have to point my finger at the target, if I can not accurately point my finger at the target, I can not shot accurately, but most people can point their finger with a great deal of accuracy, so about 99.999% of my aim is achieved by my finger, so it does not matter if I shot from the hip or aim with my eyes, the first step is to aim with my finger, this means I have to hold my wrist in the same position all the time, now the second step is to calculate where the projectile and the target will intersect, and I have a 3 dimensional coordinates to calculate, so I have an x, y and z, so my third step involves 3 adjustments, so to understand this coordinate system, I must define my viewpoint, my x is my body, it represents where I am in relationship to my target, and this is the first step I must make in this calculation, basically its how I stand in relationship to my target, and that varies depending on if my target is moving or not, but if I view it from the center position, my shoulders should center on the target, so my x is located between my shoulders, and I only use my shoulders to make corrections, but I can use my hips to move my shoulders, but my legs must remain fixed, running and shooting look cool, but I am actually relating this to a Rocket, and it is stationary, and I only pivot at my hips to move my shoulders to adjust my x position, now my y-axis is my arm on its yaw axis, and the z-axis is my arm on its climb or dive axis, just like an Aircraft, so it helps if you know the basics of flying, you can put you hands outside the door of a vehicle as its moving, if you move your hand up the wind will blow it back toward you up in the air, if you move your hand down the wind will blow it down toward the ground, and if you pitch your hand from side to side, it will move towards the vehicle then away from it, so to calculate the y, which is yaw, and really only in control of the spin, much like a Bowling ball, if I want the ball to spin more on one side, I have to twist my forearm, this is great for a split, but not useful for anything by windage when aiming a gun, so for every 10 miles an hour of wind speed, I add 1 degree of angle to my arm to counter act this force, for a total of 10 degrees for 100 mile an hour winds, after that I must also use my body, this is because the wind is blowing on it as well, and after 10 degrees your arm may not be in a natural position, so you must pick what these degrees are in terms of comfort and repeatability, now to calculate the z or pitch, you must know the ballistics of the projectile, a BB is round and does not spin much, a bullet is pyramid spherical shaped and spins a lot, the riffling in the barrel produces the spin, this is why you want to sight you sites at the distance you normally shot at, a 100 yards, 500 yards, or a 1,000 or more yards, it does not matter, I must know what angle the barrel needs to be at, in order for the projectile to make it to the target distance wise, so as I aim the barrel of the weapon, regardless of it is a gun or a rifle, I use my shoulders via my hips and arm(s) via my elbow, and I only use my Finger to aim with, and not my eyes, I only need them if I want a smaller target, then I only focus on the end of my barrel, and center the mass of the target on the front of the sites, with both the front and back site aligned, and I can only see small targets when I focus on them, and at the same time I only want to focus on the end of the barrel, so as I am shutting one eye to focus in 2D, I can blur my vision to see my target better as I squeeze the trigger, thus closing one eye, and aiming big: so I miss small, I use my breath to trigger my eye closing rating, and pull at the bottom of my breath when the gun is at rest before I inhale, that way the gun is stationary when I pull the trigger, and my aim is true, and I only have 3 things to remember.

The mechanics of shooting a gun should be taught by those that mastered this feat, and your feet have a lot to do with it, they must not move when pulling the trigger, so if you are shooting on the run, remember to stop to shot if you want more accuracy, but keep in mind a stopped target is easier to hit, and you are now a target when stopped in the open, so combat shooting means you have to know the mechanics of shooting, and if you have to take the time to aim with you eyes, you are making yourself a target for others as stupid as you, in combat it is all about Speed, you shoot for the hip most of the time, and if you let fear dictate what you shoot at, the battle is lost, knowing when and if to pull the trigger is what makes one a master of Gun, shooting targets that were not authorized is a crime, even in war time, so its part of target acquisition, and just the Mechanics of shoot a gun. I have an Excellence in Competition Medal, it is the only Medal authorized by Congress for ware on all Uniforms, and less than 1% of all Military are awarded it, so it is a big deal in the Military, yet few even know about Congressional Competition or Achievement Medals, and I won mine on my first try, and I did this by knowing the mechanics in steps, so in my mind I have to practice these steps so when I step up to unload 3 clips of ammo, that is 30 rounds in 60 seconds, including changing the clips, so I do not have time to site my weapon, I just have to know how to shoot my weapon, so I am not thinking about anything except my steps, so step 1 is to plant my feet so my shoulders are centered on the target, and my x is adjusted, step 2 is to calculate the point where my projectile and target will intersect, if this is a standard target at a standard distance, I do not have to think much, but if that target is moving I must think more, I must center it so when I pull the trigger, the target is centered between my shoulders, so all I have to do is rotate my hips or shoulders as I close my eye. I do this even if I shot from the hip, only difference is that I am using my finger to aim, and my eyes must still focus on the end of my finger, and the target, even if I can not see the end of them finger with my eyes, since I am not looking down the barrel, so I must see it in my mind, so shooting from the hip means you must imagine your finger in your mind, but regardless of if you use you eyes to aim, your Finger must do all the Aiming, and I never rely on my eyes for aim, as much as target recognition, and as long as my finger is pointing at the target, I can close both eyes to shoot, because my eyes only fine tune the direction of my finger, and this is only to make up for it being wrapped around the trigger, and I can only use my forearm Arm to move my finger, limiting what I can move to fine tune my aim, so I aim big so I miss small, if I want to hit a specific part of the target, I have to center the mass around that point, and this is no different with a scope, if I take the time to actually line up the lines, focusing on something the size of a button, I am aiming small, so I can miss big time, in combat this is so true. Step 3 is all about pulling the trigger, step 1 got my feet firmly in place, so I do not have to think about moving, and can focus on step 2 which is aiming my Finger at the target, and deciding I want to pull the trigger, once I decide that I am ready to think about this Step, so I have to check my x, y and z-axis, and the mechanics of shooting. I do not ever use my wrist, its always fixed in the same position, so it is all in my Shoulders to center the shot vertically, so I must position my arm in relation with my shoulder, and if I am standing and facing my target, this involves using my shoulders for support, so I do not square off with my target, this makes holding a riffle hard, I do this with a hand gun shot single-handed, or a rifle shot that way, but standing requires my shoulders to be at an angle to my trigger hand, and it is much easier to shoot a riffle if the shoulders and arms find this angle, everyone is different, practice teaches you what angle works the best for you, the Military has 3 Positions: Standing, Kneeing and Prone, each have their own angles that your body will make to get into these positions, and you do not have a lot of things you can do outside of these positions, all you can do is fine tune it, so you get into the position, and find all these angles and make sure they are stable and comfortable, you should do this automatically, so practice it without shooting, getting into position fast is what will save time in completion, and keep you alive in combat. If this is a standard Military Paper Target, its either a silhouette of a human head and trunk, or series of round rings that are numbered, they have another that has sets of targets, for a total of 3 types of targets used in competitions, but regardless of the type of target, its just a matter of centering its mass in front of your aim, and your finger has to adjust for all the variables in your mind, so it is the only thing aiming the gun, so you do not have to think about every muscle in your body. I never care about those details in the target, is just a silhouette to me, because using only my naked eyes at 100, 500 or a 1,000 yards or more, and using a scope might change that by magnifying it, I still do not focus on the target, because that takes too much time and it is hard to do, and the older you get the harder that gets, so it is not worth learning to begin with, I do not shoot as the Military instructed me to, because I did not like their style of shooting, it involved adjusting your body to hold the gun so you can site the gun, that is just way to many moving parts to adjust, and when I am in a hurry because this is a timed event, or I am under the gun in combat, I cannot see those details, my eyes might be pin pointed because of the adrenaline running through my veins, because I am excited, and I can not adjust my emotions in combat nor in competition, nor do I have time to deal with them, I do not put them in my steps, I only have 3 axis's to worry about, so I let my Finger do the Aiming because I can not take the time to let my eyes do the aiming, my eyes fine tune my finger to find the target, and I do not do this by using the sites or even the lines inside the scope, I do this by center the target, which is not the whole sheet of paper if it is a paper target, its just that point I want to hit, and that should be the center if that target only has one bullseye, do remember what the target is, and how big you need to make it, in order to center on it, so I aim big and miss small, my arm is only used to lob the projectile at the target, so it is all about trajectory, the angles, and how does your mind compute them, and it is by Sight and Sound, for example: when I sight my weapon, I use its sites, that may or may not exist, and might be iron or a scope, and before shooting in competition or combat, those sites should normally be close to being accurate, and you should not need to adjust the sites, but if you do, that is just trial and error, and should already have been done this, if not, start somewhere and adjust them, so they hit the center, that is basically the concept, there are many types of sites, the back site adjust the trajectory or side to side, some guns have only a hole that is not adjustable, and scopes vary, so it is the z-axis for trajectory, it is the pitch of the barrel, the front site is the windage or y, so it is the yaw, if its an M-16 type of site, it has an up and down for the z-axis, and a fixed rear site with two sized apertures for the eye, some guns have a fixed front site, and some have none, and you have to rely of the barrel itself, and it is the same for a scope, there are many types and many types of adjustments, all weapons are sited differently, so I cannot help you there, but I can say that pulling the trigger is the hardest part, I close one eye to time it, I do not blink that eye, nor force it shut, it is not actually even closed, as much as its winking, some people shoot with both eyes open, some shut one eye, all I am saying is that for me, it makes it easier to time my trigger pull, and it helps to bring the target into a 2 Dimensional focus, so I can fine tune my aim while pulling the trigger, to minimize it moving the weapon, this is called pulling the shot with the trigger, plus the steps minimize what I need to do to hit the target. I have done a lot of research on how most people aim, and found it normal to try to adjust your entire body to get the aim, this means most people use their wrist, forearm, upper arm, shoulders, hips, upper and lower legs, ankles, and even their Toes to aim with, and they wonder why it takes so long to aim, but dead men tale no stories about how great their system of aiming is, and why their pattern is all over the place, and it is because they have too many moving parts, and too many things to think about, with my system you only have 3, x, y, and z.

If you put a gun or a rifle in a mechanical device to hold it, you will note that you have two major axis you can adust: up and down and side to side, and this is all the human body is trying to do, so by limiting the number of moving parts you have to deal with, the closer you get to mimicking this mechanical device, so limiting the up and down to only your forearm, eliminates all other muscles used to preform this action, and makes it easier to remember how to make that adjustment, if side to side is only in the hips or shoulders when standing or kneeling, or just shoulders if laying down in the prone position, it not only eliminates other muscle groups, but it allows you to aim faster, so you want to think of your body as a mechanical device. People always ask about Trajectories, and you should know the profile of the Projectile, and this can be a BB, Pellet or Bullet, but can also be a Missile or Rocket, but they provide their own thrust creating their Trajectories, and therefore do not have Ballistics, which can be viewed as a chart showing you the Trajectory of a Projectile, but it does not matter, because it is always a good idea to aim them in the right direction, before you launch them, but more to the point, it depends on what is propelling the Projectile, in the case of a BB or Pellet it would be air, or Gun Powered with a bullet, but Electromagnetic Rail-guns will change this, so really what you want to do is just use trial and error, but knowing the ballistic will help, and on really long shots, you want to build up to that distance, otherwise you will have a hard time spotting were you hit; once you master each distance, write down your settings, once you cover the range you need, its easy to jump around. When I was young I could hit flying clay targets with a shotgun, riffle, or hand gun, it was how I practiced shooting at moving targets, also a rope hanging from a tree with a target swinging side to side or back and forth, is cheaper, but live targets are only for eating, which is why War is so confusing, so pick your targets well, just do not go out to shoot at things just to have fun, shoot a gun requires responsibility, you can hurt or kill someone or something, I once shoot at a bird that was miles away, never thought I would hit it, but I did, and it bothers me to this day, and I am a hunter, but there was no way I could retrieve that bird, it fell about a thousand feet, it was in the mountains over a deep valley, I never saw it hit the ground, so I broke my own rules about shooting live targets, all because I thought it would be fun, so I asked my then girlfriend who became my first wife, if she thought I could hit it, she said no way as if to dare me, and that was all it took, and now we both feel bad about it, so remember you can not un-shoot something; also my Uncle Dicky once used a Rock as a Target for a 7 mag, a frag hit the side of my face, cutting my ear, we were a 100 feet away thinking that was safe, and shooting with my current wife, someone a quarter mile away hit a rock, I heard it go over both our heads, if it had hit her, I would have killed everyone in that group, I might not have fired back if they hit me, I could forgive them for that, so I realized that I should never shoot around anyone ever again, and it is why I do not shoot guns anymore, because once I thought about shooting myself, because I was sick of being sick, tired of being tired, and my OCD and PTSD do not mix well, so when the VA suspended my Rights to own Guns for 5 Years, I have no problem packing them up and storing them somewhere far away that I did not have access to, this is called Responsibility, so before picking up any weapon and aiming it, you have to really think about your targets, and if the Military, Police, or Government would not authorize what you want to shoot at as a target, then you know it is not, if I would have lashed out, and shoot some other shooters for being stupid, I would be no smarter, and if I took a weapon into Public, and used it to harm other Lifeforms, not just Humans, but Animals I had no intention of eating, or Non-combatants, which is not allowed in Combat, and that does not make anyone with a Weapon a Target, so the only thing I can say is that I never shot at anything, that someone in Authority would not do themselves, so in Combat, that means only Authorized Targets, you do not have any Rights but to defend yourself in your own Home, if someone breaks into that home and steals something, and runs out the door, you do not have any Rights to Shoot them once they are outside that home, because they are no long a threat to your life, and no matter what they stole, you have to have Authorization to hunt them down, so you have to understand Laws and rules of engagement, but you never have the right to be Judge and Jury, nor do I have the right to end my own life, let alone others, I have to suffer till the day God decides its time for me to die, and I have no right to make that decision for others, and in the Militia, Military, or Law Enforcement, you have a Duty, as a Thief you do not, and if anyone uses a Weapon to commit a Crime, regardless of it they are in the Militia, Military, or Law Enforcement, that person has to understand how wrong this is, and the consequences for their action, and should never be allowed the Right to own Weapons, and if you ever feel the urge to use a Weapon to defend yourself, you better make sure that is what you are doing, and never use it to threaten anyone with, regardless of how Stupid they are acting, or Road Rage: you have a Weapon called a Vehicle, its capable of U turns, if that fails a Weapon is only legal if its Authorized, and you can not play Judge nor Jury, so you can not show it even if you have a License to carry it, unless you have Authorization to use it for this Target, even a Police Officer would have to get Authorization to use his weapon in this same scenario, and with their training, they would use their Vehicle as a weapon instead, so pick your weapons and know how to use them, but never endanger non-combatants, even in your own Home, a Bullet can travel to a neighbors house, and personally I use a Bullet for targets I can aim at, hand-to-hand I am much more dangerous, the size of a person does not matter to me, I can rip their throat out all the same, I do not need a Bullet to Kill, but in War, all bets are off, if you are not on my Side, you are the Enemy, and in Combat, its just a Game, and I Aim to Win, so I Aim Big and Miss Small, and since I am also in the Air Force: I Aim High.

As a child I realized that I cannot shoot a Rocket or Missile, they cannot handle the acceleration, instead they create trust to get them to the target, and then I started thinking about all the effort it would take for Space Flight, and I wonder if its worth it, at this point in Evolution, I know we face the End of Civilization, and stupid people are acting like this is not going to happen, intelligent people know that humans will only change when they are forced to, so people think that they have all the time in the world to change their ways, and if Sir Isaac Newton is right, we have less than 42 years left (2060 − 2018 you do the math if the year changes, No JavaScript in books), and I wonder if that is enough time to build a place where humans can survive an Ice Age, and I have no idea, but I know if they wait for 42 years to see if this will happen, before making any changes to do something, it will be very difficult if not possible, to start a project such as this once the Ice Age starts, and that was true even if I could have talked those stupid Adults into understanding Reality 42 years ago, but that would have given them 84 years to build such a place, and every year this number gets closer, the end of the Human Race gets closer, and if you actually think that they will find a way to survive, you are a fool and too stupid to live and will get a Darwin Award for thinking so foolishly, the Human Race only survived this long because of shear numbers, and we have never had to survive a Global Ice Age, and all the Mainstream Science is telling the same story, the Magnetosphere is weakening, that means the Polar Shift is coming, and the Ice Age will follow, real simple Steps to remember, and humans can not live on any Planet, or Moon, in our Solar System, and we can not survive much more than a few years with low Gravity, and we would die with No Gravity, so I wonder how Buzz survives no gravity, and low gravity was the key, and the truth about going to the Moon, only Stupid Sheep believe things they have not seen, and I saw the Apollo the whole time it was on its mission, between my eyes, and my binoculars to my telescope, I keep an eye on Apollo every chance I got, and it never left orbit, so it was easy to see, and seeing is believing, so if Buzz wants to take a punch at me, that is a chance he must be willing to make knowing my Hands are Lethal Weapons, and I would gladly RIP Lies Right out of any Liars Throat, words like spells have meaning: Rest In Peace: the Lies not the Liar, because no one has the Right to Lie about Science, he might be my Hero for going into Low Orbit and reentering that orbit, but I have to take that on Faith, and that is as far as my Faith goes, because I did not see that with my own Eyes, but know for a fact they could have fake that as well, just ask O.J. Simpson: because if Buzz or Stephen Hawking had any Honor, they would tell the truth, because only the Truth will set you Free, because I saw the Apollo mission, and I was not the only one who saw it, you can not Hide what you do, you seen a Remote Drone with Robots to the Moon if you want to plant evidence you have been there, as a child this really pissed me off, as did the Star Wars Defense Program, because as a Nation that Lies about going to the Moon when it has no proof its even possible, its Constitution being Amended when it knows Only is a Major Change, and lies about 911 because there is no Evidence an Aircraft hit it, or that any of them were crashed that day, so a Nation of Liars is all we are, and the rest of the World sold out for far less, and are owned by the Bank, and slaves to Taxation, and they lie about Gun Rights, since only the Military and Law Enforcement have any Rights to own weapons, so why does the United States Citizens lie about everything? I can only conclude it is because they are insane, and that Insanity started when they let the Enemy that Conquered U.S. do their Bidding, turning Citizens into Cowards and Liars, making it easy for the Military and Law Enforcement to use their Weapons against them, and since they are those very people, the people become their own worse enemy, and that is why Money is the Root of All that is Evil, just ask Jesus Bar Abbas, the Roman Empire pulled the same Crap on him, and I took an Oat to defend the Constitution, and IAM, and I also took an Oat to defend the Truth, and IAM, and I also have the Right to Tale the Truth, and not to Lie for my Country at all Cost, because anyone that does not own up to the fact the Constitution is Suspended, is a Liar, and if you do not believe me do a FOIA release, ask who Prints the Money, they should state it is the Federal Reserve, now look up this: US CODE of FEDERAL Law TITLE 12 CHAPTER 3 SUBCHAPTER 9 SUBSECTION 341, the Enumeration of the Powers Act makes it clear that Money is in charge, so you can ask as many questions as you want knowing this, so asking if the U.S.A. Constitution has been suspended, is a tricky question, and the answer is Magic, if Congress does not print the Money, then the Word Spelled Only could not have been Amended, and the Federal Reserve would not have imposed a Law, that makes the President of the United States fall under the President of the Federal Reserve, just so they can confuse people as to who is in charge, when the Law is very Clear, it is the Bank that prints the Money, and why we Fight Wars off our Shores, and allow our Police and Military forces to be Privatized, so personally I do not care what yew believe, I only care about what I just proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, and Taxation is all the Proof I need, just like Dorty was worried about losing the Farm to Taxes, the Wizard of Oz was there to save the day, but believing in anything a Government who Sold out the Banks that know Own U.S. like Sheep, is not how I defend the Constitution, I did not take an Oat to Lie about why it was Suspended, and there are Laws about that, its called Paying off the National Debt, tell then President Clinton told you that you have No Freedom, and President Bush told you that its Treason to try to take this Country back, so the Presidents are not lying, they just proved the Constitution was Suspended, and to not do so is a lie, because if it is not Suspended, then allowing the Banks to Print Money instead of Congress is Treason, and so is Wars off our Shores, and the list of Treason never ends, just ask JFK why only Dead Presidents are Printed on Money, and this is the Bank that I am working for in the Military, so I have a Duty to explain all this to everyone, since I took an Oat to Defend and Protect the Constitution, when I know for a Fact its Suspended till the National Debt is Paid off, so I am doing my Duty, so now the Sheep can do theirs, which is to complain about, and act like they can not do anything about it, which is BS, they can Acknowledge it Publicity, and encourage people to pay their Taxes, and pay all Government Employees Salary based on paying off the Loan, until then it does not matter, because in 2060 all the Sheep are going to freeze to death the first day of an Ice Age, and who are they going to call: the Government? They are nice and cozy in the Underground Tombs they built, seems that an Earthquake around a 10 is going to be a Global Event, so Sheeple can lie all the want about Politics while the End of Civilization grows nearer, and they can deny that all they want, because in the End it will not matter what yew believe, nor what those Liars said, and people will one day wonder what Getting High and getting a Buzz was all about, but History is useless because you can not separate the Lies from the Truth, and the Truth is that if I am wrong about going to the Moon, it is not because I did not have Evidence, I actually figured out that they were orbiting the Earth, I saw this with my eyes, and these were the Eyes of a Child, but as an Adult, I can not prove we actually went to the Moon, all the Rocks and Reflectors on the Moon, and even the blunder with the Moon Mapping Satellite crashing just prior to proving this, or disproving it, I have to go by facts, and the fact is that we can not send a container of Air to the Moon and back, and that is just because of the Micrometeorites, the many other problems like Microwaving your Body with Gama and Ultraviolet Radiation, and what ever else the Solar Winds blow your way, its just like Star Wars or Strategic Defense Initiative Program, it was all BS that they could not dismiss as easy as they did me, when I was a child, asking what is orbiting the Earth when the Apollo is heading to the Moon, or the rumor the Constitution Amended to allow the Banks to Print Money, and charge interest and collect Taxation, that is called Treason and that is in fact why Lincoln was Executed, proving Law is a Crime created by Money so it is the Root of All Evil, and Lincoln was as Evil as they come, in a long line of Evil people like Moses, who used Fear to create Money and Law by using: Rape, Pillage and Plunder according to the Bible, as a way to start the coming Roman Empire, and how we Lost the War and are now owned by a Bank called the Federal Reserve, so if I could build a Rocket and get off this Prison Planet, I would leave all my Money behind, and bury it with all the Laws, Rules and Regulations that Governed this Prison Planet called Earth, where People worship a Deity they call God and Christ, when the Person who wrote all the Math that we use for Rocket Science, proved they did not Physically Exist and you would have to be mad to believe in them, so Newton would be just as upset over this current Mainstream Science situation as IAM, and he would only laugh about the Banks since he warned you about them, in modern terms he called them Con Artist, and it is a Science where people have no Conscience, brainwash the masses with an easy solution called money, and it uses Taxation to sell everything you own Legally, so it is a Game that the Banks can never lose at, and one I hope my Rocket Ship will take me far away from, and I have thought this way all my Life, and watching it happen is like a BZ (short for Buzz) LSD trip: I think I must be Hallucinating, how can people be so stupid as to believe this BS Mainstream Media Machine, knowing its owned by the Banks, and then threaten to take people like myself to Court, knowing the Banks own them and the Judges, the Justice Legal System, Police and Military, proving this is JustUs and not Justice, because Trinary Science has a different view about what Light and Darkness mean, or what Evil means, I understand those concepts well, its yew that are Stupid, because yew never liked Science or Logic, and yew believed everyone else in the Herd, just because yew believed what they Heard, and it is why yew are all going to die, because yew are too Stupid to Live, because yew are too Stupid to know the difference between a Fact and a Theory, but every time I hear someone say we went to the Moon, I feel like Dumb and Dumber, People say seeing is believing and I saw U.S. not go to the Moon, and that was just as Stupid as thinking I could Shoot a Rocket to the Moon, but I am pretty sure I could use Water as a Fuel to get a Rocket to the Moon, but I would need a Magnetosphere, Gravity, and Air to breath to get me there, and the Air part is easy if I use Water as Fuel.

I had a Dream: back in 2013, it was a recurring dream I had as a child, about using Trinary Elements or Non-Elements, as fuel for a Rocket, it was mostly a Battery, and would only store these non-elements, not that you can keep all the electrons out, so you have two different types of batteries, such that you can use Silver to remove the Electrons from the Trinary Elements, and I am not much of an Alchemist, so I would use a Silver wire, and tap off the Electrons and store them in another type of Battery, known as an Electron Battery, do not confuse that with normal batteries, since they store both types of energy in them, but Trinary Elements out-gas, losing there charge faster, so it ends up only being an Electron Battery. Now I have two types of Batteries to run this Electric Rocket, so the real trick is what is the most efficient use of Trinary Elements, and that comes down to thrust, so I calculated you could atomize it and burn it, using your Electron Battery to atomize it and to generate a Spark intense enough to burn it, so again Silver wire comes in handy, then in Stages have these Magnetic Force Field Rings that work like a Railgun, and use Fire as a Projectile, thus causing a Plasma Vortex, much like Lightning, so it creates this Conduit for Energy to ride on, now you have a Pipeline you can stream Electrons into, thus causing Lightning, only now you can have control over the waveform and use a 369 configuration of 3 Phased Power, this would cause Lightning to be created using an Electronic Waveform that controls its shape, and direction, by generating Trinary Lighting with both Trinary Elements and Electrons, I can create a very intense beam of Lightning, in a Hypervelocity Plasma Vortex Force Field, this is amplified by the Railgun, thus producing large amounts of thrust, and all done electronically, this was the dream I had after reading Nikola Tesla's notes on the Death Day, only he added BB sized Magnetic Balls that reacted to the Supper Heated Gas, making a LASER beam out of BB's, and also capable of cutting through feet of steal like a knife through butter. It should be noted that you do not want the Lightning to come into contact with the Ground, or anything that can Ground it, since all its energy can be grounded as well, so launch pads have to be made of Glass, and as a Weapon, it would have be housed in a Faraday Cage, and have a long Glass Cannon to house and insolate the Lightning from Ground, so the Faraday Cage can not be Grounded, it must be built on Glass; so my Plans included the Ability to use the Lightning Engine as a Weapon, so I would have to have a payload of BB's, then all I have to do is fly towards my Target, and in the last moment, cut the Trinary Lightning Engine, reverse the Magnetic Field of the Railgun, and using Airfoils, for Pitch, Yaw and Roll, using it to turn the Missile around both Mechanically and Magnetically at the same time, so I could align it to a Target, fire off all my payload just before impact, so it cuts through its target before impacting with it, so the Missile is larger than the hole it cut through the Target, so it must force the Missile through this smaller hole, cutting it a new hole in the process, forcing all the Fragments through that hole, with all the force of the Impact, and the Railgun at full force, so it forces this debris through the hole at hypervelocity speeds, and releasing the reaming store of Trinary Elements and Electrons, causing one massive explosion, and this is from Tesla had planed, so he had his Darkside, as do I for remembering it this way; so image if you used a Railgun to fire a Missile, that was just a Projectile full of Trinary Elements and Trinary Electrons, and it was coated with these BB's, then using proximity detectors to guide and explode them, so it was lucky those plans were lost in the Archive Trunks, but I had a copy of them, so did I give enough detail to build such a weapon, is a question only time can determine, but in reality, there are weapons like this available to the Military now, not with two types of Batteries or Energies, that is new, so it is a good thing I am Medically Retired Military, and writing about this only to a Sheep named Yew, and Ewe is too Stupid to build such a device, and this is high tech, not something you can build in your garage, maybe your Basement, but that is not an issue, since building any Weapon like this would require a License, and the fact is, that a lot of Tesla's work is Public Domain, even the patents can be researched, proving that Newton and Tesla were both Wizards.

As a Child I invented many things, Adults did not like my Water Powered Rocket idea because they said Water would Freeze in Space, I told them I would use Electromagnetic Energy to heat the water, then the adults would say you need Energy to do that, so for every solution I came up with, adults would find one thing more to prove that we never went to the Moon, because Adults were just too Stupid to find a way to get to the Moon, so Stupid they lied about going, believing one day it would be possible, and they would reverse engineer that know how into how they did it years ago, and Movies promised this in our Future, just as they lie about Einstein's theory being a fact, when Einstein said its just Science Fiction and nothing more, so Stupid People Lie about God having a son called Christ and Going to the Moon, so as a Child I had no hope for the Human Race, still do not... I am pretty sure that God talks to me all the time, God tells my heart when to beat, when I should breath out and in, and takes care of Germs, Bactria and Fungus, things so small we can not even see them, but God does; but Religion and Mainstream Science tried to prove that God does not Physically exist by calling God a Deity, proving just how insane they are, and I wonder why I bother writing to a Sheep called Yew, just because they will not sue me for writing about the Truth, but prove how Stupid yew are by trying to Debunk me with Theories, and attack me for my understanding of the Trinary Universe, but know this if yew want to get in my face and lie to me, I will defend myself, and I know how, so you might feel free to disagree with me verbally or in writing, stupid people always believe they have Rights, but if you want to prove your Honor, only talk and write about things you can prove, or risk getting in my face with your lies, because yew are just a Sheep to me, and I can hunt yew down, kill and eat yew, just to prove how Stupid I can be when it comes to dealing with Cowards and Liars, so know this Sheep, I only care about what Newton and Tesla wrote about, not some Stupid Theory that will never be proven to be a fact, so just the Facts, and the fact is that I would first have to build a Magnetosphere and a Gravity Generator, before I could build a Spacecraft, since I would have to build it around those things that make Life possible, and not to do so would be a lie, sure low orbit low gravity, but no gravity, give me a break, you can not live long without Gravity, and low Magnetosphere is a lot different from no Magnetosphere, its just a fact that we need it to live, it is what gives us Wireless Energy, and I do not care how much Money you pay People to Lie, you can not lie about Science, because it can be proven to be the truth, so send a living life form into Deep Space, outside our Planets Magnetic and Gravity influence and Prove me wrong, I know I am not and that is the only reason I write about it, because it is a Fact, without a Magnetic Field our Bodies shut down, in low orbit this can take up to a year, but terminal damage will result with no Electromagnetic Force Field and no Gravity, so if Children like me designed Rockets to go to the Moon, we actually would have gone, and would have never lie about anything, but Adults always punished Children for lying or telling the truth, by tell them if they told the truth they would not be punished, meaning they thought they were lying and wanted them to admit it, so its why people grew up to be such liars, they know for a fact that telling the truth does not always get you out of trouble, so stop lying, and learn the truth about everything, and everything is Light, so if I wanted to make a Spaceship real now, all I would do is designate a cockpit, mine is in front of a Big 6' Monitor, in a recliner, so I can listen to my Dogs bark, and understand IAM only along for the Ride on the Spaceship known as Earth, but there is no Time to Play, or Pretend that the Polar Shift is not about to happen, or that any Rockets or Spaceships other than Earth will save us, and that starts when you own up to the Truth and stop believing in lies, and that starts with Honor, and I was on the Honor Guard in the Air Force for years, and I tried to Guard that Honor, and defend the Constitution I took an Oat to Defend and Protect, and not the Banks that Conquered it, by defining the word Spelled Protect to mean to take into Custody and Locked up, till all your Fines are Paid, and if you are not Fine with that, you say in Jail, and live like Pigs, and force me to Work for them for Money, instead I joined their Military, so I had the Right to own Weapons, apparently that does not apply to those with PTSD, but I actually understand the reason for that, so I gave mine up, but the UCMJ gave me the Duty to defend the Constitution, but my Oat only gives me the Right to Defend the Constitution, and it is suspended, so I do not have any Rights under it, not the Right to Bear Arms unless I am Military or Law Enforcement, so its my Duty to Pay Taxes, not Income Tax because I am Medically Retired from the Military, and I am under their control, and take orders from only them, and they order me to obey all Laws, so I do that, it is not hard, I understand this Game, we lost the War, and our Freedom, and We the People Lie about it because We the People are Cowards and Liars, that is how we Lost the War and it was not very Civil, proving this is all a Game We Play, and all those that believe the BS are Stupid Sheeple, and it is my Duty to tale the Truth, that means Verbally (tell) or in Writing, and that is what Sir Isaac Newton demanded, and Theories do not required and Evidence or Proof, so Science is more demanding of Truth, but truth is not what you get when yew pay for it, so decide what type of Science you want: Free or Sold Out.


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