The Principles of the Trinary Universe Chapter 3.01:
Understanding Trinary Energy
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Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019

Chapter 3.01:
Understanding Trinary Energy

Trinary Energy always refers to Massless Light, Mass is defined as containing some material that it is made of, when it comes to Atom's this means Neutrinos, Light is normally considered Photonic, which means it is an Atomic Particle called an Electron, to prove this just take an Electron and raise its frequency till it transforms into the spectrum of Light, it is so predicable that we know all its frequencies, so proving this is simple, we know we can use Electrons to create Light, and then we can collect the Electrons back from that same Light beam into a solar cell, so it is a one for one transformation, the solar cell lowers the frequency of the Light till it is in the spectrum of Electricity, which is just Electrons, but I have to be clear on this point, because current technologies can not measure the Mass of an Electron, and we can not use an Electron Microscope to look at Electrons, since they are the same size, yet we can all agree they exist, so Photonic Light has the same Mass as an Electron, therefore Photonic Light is not Massless, regardless of what anyone believes.

There are 3 types of Light: Table 3.01: Types of Photonic Light

  1. Light without Darkness
  2. Darkness without Light
  3. Guiding-Light of Destiny (Floating Ground): contains Light and Darkness but no Mass.
Table 3.01: Types of Photonic Light

The Light with no Darkness or Light without Darkness, can not be seen with the naked eye, it is in a spectrum of Light invisible to humans, this type of Light carries a lot of Energy, then Proton is made with this type of Light, this type of energy is also used in the Trinary Engines.

The Darkness without Light is the Only Light that Humans see, the Darkness is what Sir Isaac Newton said made up the Rainbow of Colors we see in a Prism, this type of Light is used to create Electrons, it is also used in Trinary Engines.

The Guiding-Light contains both Light and Darkness, and has no mass, keep in mind that it is the Neutrinos that give it Mass, but the reason I say it is massless, is because the Mass does not seem to contain it, it seems to just wash through it, it is what I call Trinary Energy and it is used to create Neutrons, and it is also used in Trinary Engines, so even though the Neutrons and Trinary Engines are made of it, they do not seem to encase it, this behavior is hard to prove since we do not have any technology that can detect it, yet you can watch my series The Sun and see this interaction, its kind of an undefined mist that seems to surround objects that have it in them, so you see it in everything, since everything is made of Atom's, it has a different look then the Darkness, it has no Color, and it is not in the same spectrum as the Light without Darkness also. I call this type of Light a Floating Ground, it is the Energy that makes up the Galaxies Plane or Disc, this type of energy is easy to measure, it always floats at Ground level, between the north and south poles of the Galaxy, Suns, Planets, and Moons, it is what pulls the Magnetic field back to the pole, so Magnets use this type of Energy and the Darkness without Light, where Electromagnetic Force is normally in the invisible spectrum of Light, it is the Frequency that controls this, and not the type of Light or Energy: I call Trinary Energy, not just because it has 3 State changes, but it also controls 3 types of Light, and it is why we only have 3 types of Trinary Engines: Galaxy, Sun and Planet, the Moons Trinary Engine is the same as its Planets only smaller.

I normally refer to the Light as an abstract concept, because people without an Electronic Engineering degree, have no idea what Electricity is, in fact, those Degrees have nothing to do with either, rather a Theory about how they work, which does not actually work, so Mainstream Science is just Theory, and that means its never Proven and may never be proven, so it is not the truth, but the Light is the Truth, and Electronic Engineers can understand that Electrons are one type of Energy, we know how to make an Electron do many tricks, but Magic is stuff that Wizards do, and what we need to talk about is the Concept of Light in terms that everyone can understand, so to make it simple I will call the Light without Darkness Light, and I will call the Darkness with no Light, the Darkness, and I will call the Guiding-Light of Destiny The Light Wizzard or God, unbound I call them all Trinary Energy, bound I call them Atom's and Trinary Engines, the Neutrinos are Matter on one side and Antimatter on the other side, so they are Positive and Negative, but without the Light binding them, they have no polarity of their own, it is because without the 3 dimension of Space that the Light controls, its Polarity does not exist, it is just an interaction between the Neutrinos and the Light. The concept is that the Light is Neutral and because it is a floating ground, it is in balance with the poles, which is due to how the Neutrinos from around the Light, kind of like a Toroid, if the Matter is outside it is Positive, if its Antimatter is outside it is Negative, and it works the same for Atom's as it does Trinary Engines, just like Atom's create Magnets, the Electromagnetic Energy for the Planets force field is generated by the Trinary Engine, not the Planets Crust, it may seem like it is a big Electric Generator and for the most part it is, but that is only Electromagnetic Force, and the Planet has so much more than that in its force field, so it is the Light that fills the livable area of a Planet, its called its Atmosphere, for Atom's that form the sphere of a Planet, the Atoms are made of Atomic Particles called Neutrinos and Atoms include: Neutrons, Protons and Electrons, and the Light is in Protons, so humans can not see this type of Light with the naked eye, even with Electron Microscopes they are invisible, Sir Isaac Newton called this the Holy Ghost, some call it a Spirit of Mother, but these forces exist physically in Trinity: the Father was the Proton made of Light without Darkness, and the Son was the Electron made of Darkness, and the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother was the Neutron made of Guiding-Light of Destiny, and if we look at Energy with this concept, we can understand why these particles behave the way they do, so the term Light Wizzard, means the Guiding-Light, but in reality it takes all 3 types of Energy to do any useful work in binding molecular structure, so it is the Trinary Science of what Trinary Energy is and how its defined, but its simply a concept that starts with very basic truths about Energy, because we can debate all day about what Atomic Particles are made of, but at the end of the day we have to prove it to call it Science and not some Theory, or abstract concept that is not fully definable, even abstract concepts have to be explained in a way they are understandable.

Trinary Energy is 3 types of Massless Light, each have a different type of property that can easily identify it: Light without Darkness has the highest energy levels, in Nature its only found in Lightning, Electricity, Atom's and Atomic explosions, whereas the Darkness with no Light is used in LASERS, LED's, and Flashlights, we call it Light, but its just the Colors of the Rainbow, so we know more about the Darkness then we do the Light, and then we have the Guiding-Light, if you study it long enough you will find it is studying you, everyone that knows enough about it, knows its Intelligence, so do not confuse what states the Energy is in, with the type of Energy it is, all Trinary Energy has the same 3 State changes, so the number 3 takes on a new meaning: 3 types of Energy, 3 State changes, and 3 Dimensions.

Once you understand that Trinary Energy physically occupies 100% of the volume of the Universe, because it is below 3 Dimensional Space, you will notice it is not bond by many restrictions other than it is governing Laws of Motion, and the Math to describe it, and lucky for me Sir Isaac Newton already did that Math, and it is still in use today, and does not change a thing about it, because the Light of God is built into all his Equations, so in fact all it did was to explain the Transmission Medium, which is Space in lower Dimensions, you use powerful magnification levels to see that Trinary Energy is always there, and it is the Force in all of Newton's Equations, so it is simple once you understand it, all energy has 3 parts, the matter, which is composed of Positive Matter, or Matter, and Negative Matter or Antimatter, so these are + (Positive) and - (Negative) and Ground, that is only the 0 State of Trinary Energy in another dimension, but in Nature this Ground is Earth, and Lightning travels to a Positive Potential in outer space, which is coming from our Magnetosphere, that is Generated by out Planet, that uses that power to generate the Magnetosphere just so it could create Lightning, because there is no other reason I can think of for it to do this, except Life, so I did not miss it, every living thing on this planet would die if it did not have a Magnetic Field to live it, it generates that 100 watts of power that our body has in it, but it sounds like that is Intelligence, this phenomenon proves the Planet has intelligence and is in fact self-regulating, it runs on known principles of Logic and Reasoning, and is both observable and recordable, so it can be proven to exist, because we can see it, and understand it, we too are considered intelligent, and it is because of this same Light, that is if you can understand the grand design of the Trinary Universe, you must first understand that the Planet is alive as are we, and for the same reason, the Light.

The Core of every Galaxy, Sun, Planet, Moon, or other types, is what I call a Trinary Engine, it is based off of the concept of Trinary Energy, so it must obey all its Laws, and it must agree with all Observations and scientific measurements, and must fully explain the way the Universe behaves, while obeying the Laws of Physics, in short it must exist in Reality.

The Galaxy and Sun are a type of Trinary Engine that has no crust like a Planet or Moon, so its job is to disintegrate (break Molecules into Atom's) all material it comes in contact with, and send it out on the Solar winds for all it is planets or Solar Systems in its system to grow, so it is based on Intelligence, it does everything for a reason, and is very predictable, Newton's Math explains its movements, but how does it physically travel in a vacuum with no medium, and Trinary Energy is the only answer I could dream up, because I proved to myself it is not Centrifugal Force, it was based on years of knowledge by the best minds this world has ever known, not just Tesla, Franklin and Newton, but the Bible as well, so I figured that I must be Right about it, so how do I explain it in a way anyone can understand it, and that is just a goal, so let us start with just the facts, we have a Requirement of a Galaxy and Sun, the Galaxy has to keep every Sun in its System moving around it at the same rate, as if it was a top spinning, as shown in: Illustration 3.02: The Galaxy Spinning all Solar Systems at the same Rate.

The Galaxy Spinning all Solar Systems at the same Rate
The Galaxy Spinning all Solar Systems at the same Rate
Illustration 3.02: The Galaxy Spinning all Solar Systems at the same Rate Full Size Full Size

See disclaimer: Galaxy Spinning at the same Rate [1]
Note that the inner most Solar Systems and outer most Solar Systems orbit around the Galaxy at the same Rate and not Speed, the inner most are traveling at much greater speeds, but this pattern is not the same as is for Plants orbiting around the Sun, in fact, it is a completely different set of rules, so neither one can be based on Centrifugal Force, one can not be based on it if the other is not, this is sound logic.

The Sun must provide an anchor point for all its Planets to obit around, the inner most ones will travel around the Sun many more times than the outer ones, as shown in: Illustration 3.03: The Sun Spinning all Planets in it is System at different Rates.

The Sun Spinning all Planets in it is System at different Rates
Illustration 3.03: The Sun Spinning all Planets in it is System at different Rates Full Size

Each Trinary Engine has a purpose and a size to suit those purposes, so we must explain how this is possible, and also how it is possible to have Solar Systems orbiting around a Galaxy differently then Planets orbit around the Sun, and why the Sun changes polarity every decade. Chapter 4: Trinary Universe will continue this step, but for now we must learn the basics behind these principles, and they will go against mainstream science by 180 degrees, so forget all that you know, so you can open your mind to something that might be new to you.

Humans have a Positive and Negative Reality, a Negative Reality is thinking things work one way when they work another and a Positive Reality is one most people can agree on, like the Sky is Blue in the Day time, but that Reality is based on Perception of Science, for example, some Scientist believe that the Sky is Blue because it reflects the surface of the Planet into the Sky, which would make me think it should be Green or Brown while over the land, while others believe it is because of Water Molecules vibrating from the Sun, which would mean it should be bluer over the Ocean, and not so blue over the Magnetic South pole, which has very little Water Molecules to vibrate, which would lead me to believe that Water is Red on Mars and other Planets, and then we have the Trinary Universe, where the Atmosphere acts like a Prism, and on this size Planet the lower end of the spectrum would make the Sky Blue, but on smaller Planets like Mars, it is the upper end of the spectrum so it is Red, it has very little atmosphere so its unlikely its reflecting off of it, but keep in mind the reason why it looks red to us, is because of its surface, but that is not reason it looks red looking out at space from the surface, it is not a reflection as much as it is an optical illusion. Once you eliminate everything that is impossible you are left with the truth, in this case I had to eliminate current Science theories, which are too embarrassing to discuss here, because they are not based on Reality, so this step is very important, because it has to be based on Reality, and not Theories, just observations and science that can explain it, and these observations start with Trinary Energy, because it can be proven to exist, and most Scientist will only argue with the existence of the 0, 1st and 2nd Dimensions, although some of these same Scientists believe that the Planets core could be a Nuclear Bomb, or compressed Gas, or that there is a time space continuum, so the reality of the people that need to understand this is twisted so badly, that getting them to believe in Reality and not Theory is going to be an uphill battle, because common sense is harder to ignore then reasoning, so in this step it is important to understand that Reality is based on Observations, and what is left over when you remover all impossibilities, so there must be lower dimensions to explain this.

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