The Principles of the Trinary Universe Chapter 3.02:
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Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019

Chapter 3.02:

Lightning is the one subject everyone seems to be an expert on, everyone has their favorite Lightning Stories, I know I have mine how me and my sister almost got hit by Lightning, because we were standing too close to a high power line Transformer that got hit by Lightning, we were talking about something I have been trying to remember since it happened around 1976, because what I learned that is when you are talking to someone, and notice their hair being pulled back towards a power pole that is behind them, and you feel your own hair and can see it being pulled away from your head, and you taste something metallic in your mouth, and then you see a deep purple glow of Light like an Aurora, around your bodies, then a flash of Light that takes your breath away and then you see this air pressure wave fly at you like the blast of a bomb as a crack of Thunder reaches your ears, and you smell ozone, as if it is oozing out of your pours as I smelt my hands that were still tingling, as if I just touched a high voltage current, and was sucking on a 9 volt battery, so that was the third closest time I got to getting hit by it, but I did learn a great deal about it because of that experience, I learned that the Ground was using my Body as an Antenna, like a signaling beacon, I could actually hear the frequencies, and see the surrounding air change, I could see the White Noise take a pattern, and that pattern was very clear to me then as it is now, and my obsession with it grew as well, I suffer from Pareidolia Syndrome [2], which is common in people with Autism, it involves seeing patterns in things, like Clouds or thin air, which lead me to start seeing the patterns in Lightning, it is not random patterns, it has logic, even though you will never be able to predict it even if you use a generator to create it, because it has Intelligence.

Lightning fascinated Nikola Tesla, enough so that he read everything about it he could find, and he said Benjamin Franklin and Sir Isaac Newton were the best authorities on that subject, but the real fact is that this resource is being put to Ground with Lightning Rods that could collect that Energy, so it is a waste of a Natural Resource, and the Powers that Be do not Care, because they can not make Money because Lightning is Free, but not every place on the Planet gets Hit by Lightning, so you need a Lightning Energy Grid, then Utility companies can charge for the Maintenance and Construction of Power Lines, but not the Power, you need to share it and Ration it so that everyone gets a fair share, and Commercial usage is will have to take up the cost since its using more than its fair share, so the Poor can get Free Energy, that is what Tesla wanted and I agree.

Trinary Sanctuary is about building Lightning Collectors, and creating a Global Lightning Grid, and it does so for Free, this way no one will target the Energy or try to steal it, the deal is that Humans need Electricity to survive, not Money, its Optional, needs come first, so if everyone got Free Electricity in the World, someone will have to do the Work for Free, not a very popular idea in the World today, but if you want to Live Free, you have to Work for Free, and never confuse this with Communism, this is run by the Trinary Militia, its just like any Country's Militia, it has a Military Background, but is only for Self-Defense to protect its resources, because it only gives its excess resources away for Free, because people who Work for Free are not Slaves, they are not just Surviving, they are Living, and that takes Resources and Energy, but it is the Only way this type of Energy will ever be Free, and it is the only system of Government that will work, the concept is to build 42 of them around the World to create this Energy Grid, and it also provides a supply line for Water, Food and other supplies.

Lightning can be converted into Electricity, but there is a better way to filter off the Energy then conversion, its called Transformation, this is an old technology that the Pyramids were based on, Lightning hit is the Lightning Rod, it is made of Gold, Silver, Copper and Iron, as well as other more exotic medals, it travels miles around a solid ring, that coils around the Pyramid, these coils do not touch and are insulated from each other, so the Lightning does not arc from one the next, it has to travel the distance, this then gives access to parallel tap points that allow you to charge batteries, and the very end of the line is the interior chambers that allowed Ocean Water to enter into chambers, then the Lightning would pass through the Water, creating a Fire Frequency in Electrodes that are placed in the Water like Heating Elements, then this water passes into Acoustical Harmonic Chambers: that separate the Oxygen from the Hydrogen in the Water or H2O, and then that is Burned to produce heat and then transformed into Pure Water of the best Quality.

The Salt collects at the base and can be removed as it cakes, so the system runs clean, and produces clean drinking water, imagine just piping Oxygen and Hydrogen to a House inside or below the Pyramid, it could breathe the Oxygen, and burn the Oxygen and Hydrogen to make Water, but it would be best to centralize that and just pipe in Water and Oxygen, Hydrogen is risky too risky to pipe in, but it would be better for cooking, so I would still recommend it for that, but safety is always an issue.

Lightning has way to many uses to list here, so this is going to be another short Sub Chapter, just a place holder that will grow with time, so much to say and so little said, but this book is getting very large in pages, so I have to be mindful of that.

Ball Lightning is a subject that goes along with Lightning, Newton and Tesla both wrote about this, as well as Franklin, so its important as a subject, yet I have no way to create such Wonders of the World, without a very advanced Laboratory, nor do I have a way to track them. I think we can agree that most UFO sightings are Ball Lightning, and this is Documented in footage and reports, but the link to Ball Lightning may not have been known, but once you fully understand it, you can see that its possible to track it with Technology of today. I also believe I can create a machine that can produce Ball Lightning, I believe its possible, and that Wizards like Tesla could have solved this Mystery, if it had not been for Bankers and their Money, and Greed, but that is another Story, His-Story vs History, but the fact is that Ball Lightning is Real, and we will talk about it more in another chapter.

Every day an Airplane is hit by Lightning, the aircraft are designed for this, they could also be designed to capture that Electricity, and charge batteries that can run Electric Engines, you can also design Electric Generators that produce more than Engines can use, but without a Lab there is no way I can design such machines, but in my mind I know I could, and this is what I would like to Document here: experiments to prove it can be done, but a Laboratory like the one I need cost a lot of Money, and I have no idea how much time I have left to use it, even if I was given the chance, and knowing that the World as we know it might end 2060, I would have to live to be 100, and I am over half-way there already, but with Cancer it is hard to say how long you will live, even though I have lived with it over 20 years now, every year it is time to schedule an appointment to have it cut or burned out of me, so my Reality of what time I have left to even finish this book, is limited to what I can do with the Money I can spend on this Project.

Lightning is not being used on this planet today, instead the Blood of the Planet is being used, and it is destroying this Planet, so Trinary Sanctuary is all about Lightning, and how to create Power Grids that use it for Free.

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