The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 2.03
Static Energy

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

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Chapter 2.03:
Static Energy

A Vertice Matrix describes the path Photons take, the Grid represents the Source, and the axis represent the path of the Light, and is assumed to be on the x-axis traveling left to right, if we view: Illustration 2.06: Vertice Matrix shows Static Light moving as if only one photon was transmitted out of the Flashlight, it would appear to move forward as if it was being shot out of the Flashlight at the speed of Light, but it has no mechanism to accelerate the Photon nor does it have the required recoil, which means that is not what is happening, instead what we observe is that the Light is Static, so as the Flashlight moves through the Dimensions of the Universe, the Light appears to move, when in reality it is the Flashlight that is moving, logically that is the only explanation for it to accelerate to maximum speed, and travel in a straight (arc) line until it interacts with an obstacle.

Vertice Matrix shows Static Light moving
Illustration 2.06: Vertice Matrix shows Static Light moving Full Size

If we view an LED, or Light Emitting Diode as having an X, Z and Y axis, then in frame 1 when the Energy is applied to the LED it is invisible, this is where the Electron is transformed into a Photon and is in State 0, so it is invisible, then in frame 2 it changes to State 1 and is visible, and appears to be at the source or vertex of the LED, note the Negative, and Positive photons can switch polarity from (+1) to (-1) and continue in the same path, the positive Photon is shown in white, it is referred to as Positive because it is in State (+1), and when it shifts to State (-1), it is said to be Negative, so Light is Positive and Dark is Negative, so in frame 3 it changes to State (-1), it appears to move forward, and in frame 4 it switches back to State (+1) and appears to move forward again. Note that it is only in one state at a time, but will move only when its states change, and is shown here making a complete state change, so it makes a Helix or Sine wave pattern around the X axis, as if it was corkscrewing around it, as the Flashlight moves in the Universe, the Photon appears to move away from it.

In this example it should be clear, that the LED is not accelerating the Photon, a flashlight is not an Atom Accelerator, so the concept that it is confuses me, why anyone would believe it could be is beyond me, it is only transforming the energy of Electricity into a higher frequency of Light and transforming into the Photon (so Electricity is just Light at a different Frequency, but Atom's move the same way), which is then moved as the LED is moving away from the Photon, which may sound strange at first, but its clear it is not shot out, and it must have a Medium to travel on, in this case it is orbiting around the X axis, and using the Trinary Energy as a Medium to travel on.

The Universe is infinite, but the Space the Energy moves around in it is not, and it is not till you look at how Light actually travels does it begin to make sense, so we must look at the very distant galaxies and notice they appear to be moving away from us at twice the speed of Light, which we all know is impossible, because all Energy has a specific Frequency and Wavelength that make up all Electromagnet Energy, and when you multiply the Frequency x Wavelength you always get the speed of Light, so there must be a principle that explains this phenomenon, so I started working on the method to explain it, one way of looking at how energy moves around in space is to understand that no matter where you are in the Universe, you are always in the Center of it, regardless of how fast you are moving through it, so imagine you are trying to determine how far you can see with a Telescope without Redshifting, and determine it to be 16 Billion Light years, so you try to determine if galaxies beyond that point are moving towards you or away from you, and no matter which way you look, they all appear to be moving away from you, a simple-minded explanation would be that the Universe is expanding, but at the rate its expanding, it would be gone by now, and no matter how many times or ways you do the math, you can not get past that fact, so something else is happening to explain this phenomenon known as the Expanding Universe, which is actually just a Redshifted Universe outside our Space Corridor.

Imagine if our corridor of space in the Universe was a sphere with a radius of 16 Billion Light years, the space would have an area that was 32 Billion Light years in Diameter, and you are always in the center of this Universe, now imagine the space that Electromagnetic Energy flows as a piece of paper, now draw a mark on the left side of the paper in a straight line to the opposite side of the paper on the right side, from our point of view the straight line represents a flashlights beam, and all Energy travels through single dimensions, so when the flashlight is turned on the electricity is transformed into Photonic energy by raising its frequency, this causes a state change in the Trinary Energy to a 0 State, so Electronic Circuits alter the state changes of the Electron, and the photon begins its journey starting off as an invisible energy signal, then it switches to a (+1) or (-1) state, depending on what direction it needs to travel, and begins moving on its path represented by the line on the paper, it will shift between (+1) and (-1) as needed, but will only change to 0 if it needs to change directions, note it always passes through the 0 Dimension when shifting from (+1) to (-1) or visa versa, and it is actually an arc and not a straight line, so it will never change to 0 again till it terminates back on itself, so it will continue on this journey till it catches up with its last 0 state change, which is the beginning of this journey, so we need to take this piece of paper and fold it into a cylinder with the line running around the outside of it like a circle, it is a loop, and I have no idea what shape it actually takes, but the larger the source the more the arc will spread out, just like a magnet, it is oval or elliptical shaped on magnets, but becomes rounder the larger it gets, now the beginning and ending points become one point, so when the energy meets up with its origin, the circuit is shorted out, and all energy from this photon is set back to the 0 state, so it is now invisible again, if this did not happen, then the energy would go on forever, and the entire Universe would be full of Light, but it is not what is happening in reality, so this is the only way to explain it. Keep in mind that this piece of paper is not moving inside our sphere of space because the Universe is static, it is not moving because in the 0 Dimension it can not move, so this line does not represent the Photon moving, because it never does move, it is in the same position it began in, it was the flashlight that moved and created the illusion of the Light moving, it is this illusion that Wizards like to call Magic, some people understand the Magic, others deny it exists, but believing that it is the Light that Moves and not the Object that Created it, well that is just Stupid and not even possible.

This is hard to draw on paper because of the way Energy moves in the Universe, looking at this event from the viewpoint of the Light, it would have a coordinate in 3 dimensional space, meaning the 0, 1st and 2nd dimensions of space, these dimensions are in the Cartesian coordinate system ⅓ of the time, in a straight line (which is actually an Arc if I forget to mention), they will only change from the (+1) and (-1) state, so they are only in the Cartesian coordinate system ½ of the time, so when the photon changes from its initial state of 0 to (+1) or (-1), all it actually does is turn on the energy in a cell of space that does not move, this cell correlates the Trinary Energy that surrounds it, but the flashlight is moving at the speed of Light through the Universe, so do not map out this space in the Cartesian coordinate system, because it has no correlation to it at all, once it causes the Light to exist, it is free of the device and it is Control on it, every time that it changes from (+1) or (-1), it must give up its Space when it goes through the 0 Dimension, so its Neutrinos are just moving in place, and they collapse and then turn inside out, and that is hard to explain without an example so imagine if you turn on a flashlight that only emitted 1 photon and you pointed it into space, so the photon that was emitted from it is now traveling at the speed of Light on the path it was pointed at, but the Light did not move, the flashlight did, so this photon is now miles into deep space, but its point of origin or vertex was that spot in space as the flashlight moved through it, and that is miles away from where the flashlight is in fractions of a second, so you can never look at the photon under a microscope unless you could travel at the speed of Light, so the reason you can not put the photon in the Cartesian coordinate system is because of the confusion it causes when looking at the direction the Flashlight is traveling in, it is on the Earth which is spinning at over a thousand miles an hour, and it is orbiting around the Sun at average speed of about 66,666 miles an hour, and the Sun is orbiting the Galaxy at a maximum of about 666,666 miles an hour, keep in mind these numbers are maximum speeds and average speeds, because they change all the time, we orbit faster rate going around the Sun then we do farther from it, and the speed the Sun travels around the Galaxy varies as it travels in a helix wave through the galactic plane, so how Light travel in straight arc lines to begin with is just an illusion, yet we see Suns from distant Galaxies that look like a Sun and not some smear of Light across the sky, so centrifugal force is not a factor when it comes to Light travel, or the heavens would look very strange in deed, yet if we plot out the trajectory of the photon, we will see that if we point it at a Star in the sky, it will never hit it unless we know where that Star will be at the time that Photon actually makes it there, so if that Star is 1 Light year away, you need to know where that Star will be in one year so you can make course corrections. To avoid confusion, think of the Universe opening up on the path that the Light takes, and not some coordinate system that you might visualize that Light Travels in, because Light has no concept of direction, when you turn on a Flashlight, its photon will travel in what appears to be a straight line, and has no regard for the path the planet is making as it travels through space, so it does not behave like a bullet that was shot out of a gun, and the main reason is because the bullet is traveling in the Cartesian coordinate system, but its energy is not, its path is being changed by state changes of 0, so the effects of Gravity effect its trajectory, only because it is an Electromagnetic Energy Force Field also known as Light, and if you had a powerful enough Gun with a Bullet to shot a Star, you would have to take this trajectory into account much like a Rocket, so this is Rocket Science, so the point I am trying to get across is that it is these state changes of 0 that cause the photon or atom to make course corrections, so a photon on a straight arc line will not make a course change, so it can only change states between (+1) and (-1) as it passes through the 0 dimension, and it is why Light appears to move in a straight line, so do not confuse passing through the 0 Dimension with a State Change of 0, state changes are made on purpose, but every time a state change between (+1) and (-1), must pass through the 0 dimension, and a State change of 0 is not required to do so, because the Universe opened up on the path the Light made beginning at the vertex of the Light and following a straight arc line of sight and not trajectory, so the direction that Light travels is independent of the Cartesian coordinate system, because it is traveling at the point in space known as a vertex in the 0 Dimension which never moves, so it is a fixed point in space, so the path the flashlight makes is mapping out this space in the Cartesian coordinate system via the 0, 1st and 2nd dimensions, so the 0 dimension holds the energy in that point in space, the 1st dimension will make course corrections if moving from the 0 dimension, otherwise it will only toggle from a (+1) to a (-1) state to keep the circuit alive, which means to keep the photon on, but all the space in our corridor of space is moving, and the path it takes can not be mapped out in the Cartesian coordinate system, because energy and atoms use different state changes to move in, so when you point a flashlight to your right and say that the planet is moving through the universe in this direction, then point the flashlight in the opposite direction and wonder why the Universe is moving in the wrong direction because it is moving against the direction we are moving in, your confusion would be caused by how you map out how we move through the Universe, because the Universe never moves, so I hope I made this point very clear, because you might have problems understanding what it is, I am trying to say, and drawing it out on paper will not help, because you already know what this looks like, and no drawing will change that, it is how you view the flashlight and photons relationship that this becomes clear. This concept is a key to unlocking how the Universe works, but it requires you to think in terms of single dimensions in space, and not multiple dimensions, but individual dimensions that each have their own set of rules, so you must use your mind to map out this space.

Corridor's of space are like sliding rulers, there is actually no defining borders of a Corridor, you could never fly a space ship up to its border to see if you could fly into its space, and that is because you are always in the center of the Universe at all times, and so is everyone else, no matter where you are or where you are talking about, it is always the center of the Universe, it is all about how you map out space, and I know this sounds confusing, because how can you have a sliding corridor of space, but look around and you will see them, they are there, you see galaxies moving away at twice the speed of Light, and you know it has to be in another corridor of space, but you will never run into it as if it had a border, and the reason is that energy will never allow you to flow in that direction, think of space as a body of water, you are like a ball floating on top of the water, you can try to dive or climb, but you will find it takes a lot of energy to do that, so you must float along its waves, and those waves will take you where you are going, and no amount of energy will change that once you get to that point in space, even the Sun will give into this force we call Gravity, so when we look around in our Corridor of space, what we see is all the Energy that we can interact with and nothing more, Light coming from another Corridor in space is just like a reflection, and it is why they always seem to be moving from us at twice the speed of Light, yet they never move at all, and that is confusing to people who think in terms of Centrifugal Force being related to Gravity, because it is not, and Centrifugal Force has its purpose and it is effects, which are normally used to protect the Planet from falling objects from space, so it causes the Atmosphere to act like a Grinder, but it does not interact with the Light.

Corridors of space define that energy that we can interact with, so it has limits, I have no idea what those limits are because I have no technology that would allow me to test it, think about this test, you would have to send out a photon of Light and measure how long it takes till you can no longer detect it, that is a very limiting factor at this age of technology, because we can not really track LASER's for very long ranges, and even if we did, it would still take about 16 billion years for the measurement to be available for reading, so we must find other methods for determining how large a Corridor of space is, but there is an easier way, just figure out what the arc of Light is, if it has a radius of between 13 and 16 Billion Light years, then you know I am right, but I do not have that equipment to measure the arc of Light that accurately, so for now all I can do is guess, and for proof all I have is that Light does not travel in a straight line for eternity, but that would take 16 Billion years or a very accurate arc meter to prove, but it does explain what we see in space today, it explains how space seems to expand, when in fact it can not be expanding at the rate it is, because it would be gone by now, and that is a fact that is proof enough to state that these corridors in space are real science.

All Electromagnet fields have a Pattern, we refer to this a Magnetic Flux, so the idea that Light does not follow this pattern is not logical, Light must also follow this simple pattern or it is not Electromagnet Energy, so Light is not a straight line, it is in fact a circular line with a very large arc, so it is Arc Light.

When Light begins its journey, be it from a flashlight or LASER, it begins a very long journey, and may encounter many obstacles on its journey, but if it could travel through space without hitting other objects, it is clear that it will only change to the 0 state once on this journey, we know this is true for other electromagnetic forces, so it should be true for Light as well, but if its arc is 16 Billion Light years, then it will appear to be a straight line, yet it must follow the same rules as other electromagnetic forces, but it will take a long time for the Light to complete 1 loop, so it is not practical to test this concept, since it would take billions of years to complete just one test, so as scientist we must agree that in principle this concept is both logical and reasonable because it applies to what we already know about electromagnetic forces, and since it is the very foundation of Trinary Universe, it must be understood as being the True Nature of Light.

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