The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 2.02
3D Space Grid

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Chapter 2.02
3D Space Grid

Normal Space or 3D Space can be viewed as a grid with an X, Y and Z, shown in Illustration 2.04: 3D Grid with X, Y and Z axis.

3D Grid with X, Y and Z axis
Illustration 2.04: 3D Grid with X, Y and Z axis Full Size

3D Space includes all the Space in the Trinary Universe, so it is important to understand that it has Dimensions: Width, Height and Depth, or x, y and z, but when you apply it to the Universe, keep in mind that every Atom in the Universe, is also the Center of the Universe, this is a truth that few can deny, but few will admit, because that means they are in the Center of the Universe, and they have no idea what that means, so we must define what it means, so the Vertex or Center point is where all lines converge, is align-center on the Atom, and not just an object which is made up of many Atom's, this is called a Vertice Matrix, you have coordinates that each point on the Grid has its own vertex, so it starts to look like Illustration 2.05: Vertice Matrix.

Vertice Matrix
Illustration 2.05: Vertice Matrix Full Size

A Vertice Matrix shows that for every coordinate in a 3D grid that an Atom can occupy, is a Vertex to the Center of the 3D Universe, and while that location travels on the 3D grid, it also has its own set of coordinates to go with it in other dimensions, so when we reference a 3D grid, we must also account for the coordinate system of every Atom in an object, and they each have their own coordinate in every dimension, then patterns can be seen as we plot out the movement of any object in 3D, we also know that the Dimensions that each Object is in at any point in time, can be accounted for by its state change, so we can track every Atom in the Universe using this method, and we can also track empty and null space.

This Chapter may seem short, and short chapters mean I have more room to expand on them, and this one is not fully expanded yet, because it is difficult to know how deep I need to go, and I do not want to make it longer just to cover things into such detail, that most normal people get bored to tears and stop reading, but this chapter is about Mapping 3D into single Dimensions, and in itself needs a whole book written about just this subject, but it is too long and takes up too much space, and few will understand it is importance, so it is a waist of time to write, those intelligent enough to understand this: do not need it, and those too stupid to understand it will just get more confused, but the main point to remember is that 3D Space is pretty much what we already know about, no matter what coordinate system I use, it explains the x, y and z of where Atom's can be, and the 0 dimension is a point at the vertex of each Atom, so it maps to the 3D location like a Pin marking a Map location, that hole it makes is like the 0 Dimension, its pinned in place, not moving, til its dimensions of space, have moved through all the other dimensions, so it has Light inside of a Neutrino Atom, its Static, and only moves in the Universe after moving through all the dimensions of Trinary Space, and that is due to the Mapping, it proves how all Atom's move throughout the Universe, so this chapter is about how to Map it out, using yet another system of coordinates, the one that Newton used, only I named it something that relates more to this Science, but in Reality I can not see anyone using them, computers use them to model and animate and do simulations, so its most things computer programmers are interested in, people like me, but the truth is that they are just boring like a Board, which is a reference to Yew, so it is a little Entertaining, but I think enough is said about the subject.

Starting off with a 0 Dimension, then adding the 3 more to it, may be a little confusing at first, but once you understand the concept, you will start to look at the Universe in a new Light so to speak, because when you need to explain how Atom's move or how Photons of Light travel in straight lines with no medium, then this is the only explanation, and that is just a fact.

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