Chapter 2.04
Cause AND Causality
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Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019  

Chapter 2.04
Cause AND Causality

Cause AND Causality, the Word AND is a Logical Operator, where Cause is an Action, and Causality is an Equal and Opposite Reaction, such that Cause AND Causality create Reality, because every Cause has its Causality that creates your Reality, and few can figure out what the reasoning behind this Logic is, be Cause of the Reality they created... When I talk about Light, the Cause is always the event that started the Light on a path, the causality is a set of variables that describe the path it made, so the cause will always be the vertex of the Light, and the causality will always be the Vertice Matrix that describes this relationship it has, with the Source of this Vertex, which is like the Flashlight for example, we are not mapping out the path the Light Makes, since it does not move, we are just mapping out the Path the Flashlight takes through the Universe, so the Cause never changes, only the Causality, so its just the view we take that Light moves at all, when in reality, its only us that are moving in relationship to the Universe, and it is not our Energy, and that is all we are, so we as in the Electronic I, never move, its just our Bodies that move with the Planet we are on, so the Point I need to make in this Chapter, is that if the Planets did not move, so could not be alive, since Matter and Antimatter would also be static, nothing could move, and if Light could move, it would travel at different Speeds, but the Laws of Physics states it only moves together, meaning the Dark Light travels like a Rainbow, different rates but the same speed, for example, the Colors of the Rainbow have Red on one side and Blue on the other, this relationship is described in the Spectra of Light, from Infrared to Ultra Violet, the color Red has to take a long path then Blue, which is why the day sky looks Blue and not Red, as it would if our Planet was smaller, and it is Rainbow had a smaller arc, its causality has layers of Colors of Light it passes through, but it only has one Cause, and that is the Lights Vertex, which is its point of Origin it was created and will eventually end, and the only way that you would understand this effect, is to follow it, as if you could also not move in the Universe, and just watch this Light as it turns on then off again in about 16 Billion years, then this Cause & Causality will take on a new meaning for Light.

If we graph out a Vertice Matrix we tend to think of the path of Light as being in the Cartesian Coordinate System, meaning it has an X, Y and Z axis, and this will work, but it is not the Light you are mapping out, it is the Planet's path through space, but you can not correlate this to normal space, because Light travels in 3 dimensions, I say Light Travels, but it only means we Move and can map out that movement using the Light as a Reference, to map out our Travel, through the Universe, and it is only because we can see the Light do we feel like we are Moving Visually that is, reality is that it does not feel like we are moving when we are standing or sitting still, yet the Earth is Spinning at over 1,040 Miles per hour and orbiting the Sun at 66,666 Miles per hour, so Moving is something we do not really feel, but we can see it, but what are we looking at, because if the Light did not move and only we did, how much different would it look if Light could Move, but that question would lead you to a problem in Logic, if Light is actually being shot out of a Gun like an Atomic Accelerator, which is the only explanation that will answer the simple question about how it accelerates, but that would also mean that is how all Light moves, so now you need to find a way for the Sun to put out Light, since its accelerated to the Speed of Light also, then you think about Bugs that Glow at night, and even Reflected Light, then you realize that if this Sun orbit is the Galaxy at over 666,666 Miles per hour, then it is not that difficult to imagine the Speed of Light, only you can not imagine a way for an Electron to accelerate to the Speed of Light, and it is not until you decide to use the Logic that if the Light does not move, and we move through the Universe at the Speed of Light, which moves in 360 degrees around the vertex of an Electron or Photon, depending on if it is a Magnetic Field or Light source, both are Electromagnetic Energy, and it is only when you view this as a Vertice Matrix, do you see the Relationship of coordinates to real space, but you cannot map out the Path of the Light since it is not moving, so all you can map out is how the Light Source moves around the Universe, so Light Travel takes on a new meaning, so it is in the 0, 1 and 2 dimensions, these make up 3 dimensions but are not its X, Y or Z coordinate, because normal space is moving, although the Universe does not move, our view of the Universe is mostly viewed like the Cartesian Coordinate System, where the Earth, Moon, and Sun map directly to it, but its also moving in relationship to the Universe, since the Planets are all moving around the Sun and the Sun is moving around the Galaxy, its simple to understand that this map only includes solid matter/antimatter, and not Light or Energy of any form, everything in it that is made up of atoms will move in this space, but not using the same principles of travel, yet the difference is only in how many times the states change to 0, for example, if we take 3 mirrors and position them in a triangle shape such that the Light is reflected between the 3 mirrors in an infinite loop, we will note that it has 3 state changes of 0 (not counting the one that started it), every time it hits a mirror, it must change states to 0, so what we are looking at is not a continuous beam of Light, but rather 3 separate beams of Light separated by the 0 State changes, these are mirror images of the light, its polarity is changed, if you put a prism in between the beams of White Light, you can separate it into a Rainbow of colors, what do you think each would be ordered in during this test? Science is so much more fun when you have the equipment to test a Theory, but that is life, and it is all about how we view Electrons and Photons, so this mirror image must teach us the fundamentals about how Light Travels, so instead of just using a mirror and Light, if we took a string and tied it to each mirror and looked at the atoms in the string, we would note that they are changing states to 0 along the entire path of the string, so the string is not a continuous solid string, it is in fact many segments of a string, each broken down into sections by the very atoms that make up the string, because these atoms never come into contact with each other, they are physically not 1 piece, whereas the Light is only changing states between (+1) and (-1) as it passes through the 0 Dimension, so it is a continuous stream of Light between the 0 State changes, yet it is toggling between dimensions just like the Atom's do, as if Light is pure Energy, yet in the (+1) State it is visible, but in (-1) States it is less visible and much Darker, and cannot interact with, so it is clear that they are not in normal space, only passing through it, so when it changes to a 0 state, it disappears, in the case of the string the pattern of it being a continuous string of Atom's is broken by the invisible state change, because in reality one or more of its atoms will be invisible at one time, and thus becomes another string segment, whereas the Light will have a hole in its stream of Light, this can be seen at the surface of the mirror, so cause & causally is a result of these state changes, cause started with a state change to 0 which caused the Light to be turned on at that location, causally is the result of the Light switching from one state into another, therefore Cause & Causality are a mathematical principle, the Ampersand means And, I use it to denote Logic, as if This & That Then you get the point, Computer Programmers Humor, so we have a Mirror Image of the Light, yet our Minds can comprehend the image, it does this by compensating for it, it forces us to change our view about the Light and what it is, because Mathematically it proves its intelligent, yet if some one asked me if I can plot the path of the Light with the Cartesian Coordinate System, I would have to say no, but I can use it to plot the course of the Lights Source.

The concept of Cause & Causality is not a new subject, Causation or Cause and Effect have been studied for years, we just have to relate it to Trinary Energy, because for all Energy to travel in the Universe, there must be an Event that Caused it to happen, and every time that Energy came into contact with an obstacle, the Causality of cascading events that followed are always predicable because it is all based on rules, and once you understand the rules, you can better determine the Causality for every Cause, these terms are not meant to confuse you, the Cause is what Caused the Light to be Lite, the Causality is what happened to the Light after it was Lite, so the Effect is what Causes it to Change States, so keep this definition simple and to the Point.

There are many types of Humans, those that tend to ignore the Cause and Seek an Explanation are referred to as Explanandum, they tend to view the world in terms of Explanations and not in terms of Causes & Causality, whereas some view the Universe in terms of Causes & Causality, although both have Explanations, the real difference is in how we view relationships between events.

I see the Universe in terms of Causes, this causes that which causes another thing to happen, so it is an event of causes & causalities that define the way I view the Universe, there are Explanations for these Causes and Causalities, but I do not think in terms of Explanations for all phenomena, it is because it is, and Philosophy will not change that in Science, Words and Spells are what Wizards are good at, Explanations not so much, but Logic and Reason in terms of Causes & Causality, and how we are talking about Trinary Science.

Modern Science is based on Money, who ever has the most Money gets to pick what is considered Science, in the past Religion dictated Science, now that has changed, since Modern Science does not believe in God, so Religious people believe in a Godless Science if they believe in the Mainstreams Dynamic Universe, so I read in the Bible that the Lord is my Shepard, which the word Shepard refers to a Sheep Herder or Sheepherder, so those that believe in this are Sheep, because only Intelligent People would understand this simple concept, read it and do not read into it, so I call Intelligent People I or IAM, and I call Stupid People Sheeple [2], and this term goes back thousands of year. In the days of Old, Lords were also known as Land Lords or Nobel's, nowadays they give out Nobel Prices for those who go along with their Science, and they give them lots of Money, so as it turns out, Modern Science is the Belief that you can not Live without Money, because the Lords will kick you out in the Streets if you do not pay them, so it is no wonder that these Sheeple Worship Money and believe in a Godless Science, where Chaos is the foundation of Science, because at the Subatomic Level what they are seeing does not go along with what their Science is teaching, so they threw out the Newtonian view of Cause and Effect because they only seen Chaos in their Microscopes, Atom's that would move around and disappear, that sounds more like Magic then Science to most people, because they did not read the Bible or believe that God was all Light, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother, also known as Trinity, was just describing what they see at the subatomic level, and we can verify that under a microscope, so we know this is the truth, so Causality was replaced with Chaos, because Modern Science is as Wacky as those that believe in it, and it is because of Causality and not Chaos, if you believe that every thing is possible, then the Paradox it creates is possible because of this Science, so I have to point out that this belief in Modern Science is Stupid because a Paradox can not exist in Reality, so Cause & Causality are based on Trinary Science [2] where God is the Force, the same Force that Sir Isaac Newton stated was the God or simply the Light without Darkness, since God was all Light, and Trinity describes the State changes of the Light, so its Science is based on Causes, this happens because of this Light, in terms of how we observe the Light to be working, then the Causality is always the outcome of how Atom's interact with the Light, and that starts with the understanding that Light is just Electricity at a different Frequency, and this Light is Trinary Energy, the same Energy that is in Lightning and is in the Trinary Engine [2], which causes the Earth to go round and round, so the whole Trinary Universe is based on Cause & Causality, Newton viewed it as Cause & Effect, but I see most Effects as being a Causality resulting from the Cause that drives the Effect, for example if you put a Prism in front of White Light, it will Cause the Light to separate into a Rainbow of Colors, that is Causality, the Effect was caused by the Prism, so it was what Drove the Effect which caused the Causality, which in the example is Rainbow, which is the Darkness in the Light, so it is really just a series of Causes in which we only view the Effects of the Cause instead of the Causality, which is going through that series of events so that Science is measured starting at the Subatomic Level and follows the Laws of Physics and is repeatable with experiments that can predict the behavior of atoms based on facts and not theories, such that the Cause is the Event in question, and Causality is a series of Events that describe every action and reaction of every atom that was included in this Event, and it is this very relationship that I view those that believe in the Chaos Theory to be Stupid, and it is because Stupid is defined as the lack of Intelligence, so the causality is that I refer to them as Sheeple, and Money is what Effects this behavior, by Paying people to teach them Stupid Theories instead of Cause & Causality, but that is Modern Mainstream Science for you, they could not take Jesus out of the Bible, nor could they hide what Jesus Bar Abbas did, because his Cause was to fight against the use of Money and Taxation, the Causality was that People denied he had 3 names, but only stating that they did not know his Last Name, they only knew where he was born, which was the same place as Bar/Abbas, so the Cause sounds like they both agreed on what the Cause was, it was about Money being the Root of All this Evil, the backward Spell for Evil, so Witchcraft is in the Bible, its called Money, so it is the Effect, it Effected Jesus Christ and Jesus Bar Abbas the same way, since they are the same person according to Sir Isaac Newton, and that is a fact, so its Cause & Causality at its best, and why I do not believe in Mainstream Science or Religion, but I do believe in the Bible as did Newton, so no Theories just Cause & Causality.

Reality is how we view Events as happening and is not defined by the way they are actually happening, because we never see Events happening at the Subatomic Level in Real Time, so we view it as Cause & Effect, rather than the view of Causality, as if these Events are different, when they are just different viewpoints, that of the Atom's and that of the Energy that flows through them.

When you apply Causality to a problem, you must look at the Event as being a documented experiment, so you need all the facts, or at least know something about the Event, so to be clear, let me give you an experiment that can be repeated with the same results: so first we need a Cause, for this experiment we will need two people and a Needle, I would say Pin, but that spell gets confusing, but the words mean the same thing in this context, but the point is we need to measure electrical differences between the two people, and not between the meter and the two people, so you need a passive device like and Aura Meter which uses wire with springs to detect energy fields, or Aura Camera's that use Kirlian photography, or combine many sensors that record every known spectrum of Light and Electricity, so we can measure not only conductivity between two people, but monitor pain signals, which travel along the central nervous system, just mild pain, you do not need to draw blood, just a strong response that you can feel the needle, so our responses must be recorded for data to analyze this Event.

The data is always subjective, we look at this event, and we will label it: poking another person with a Pin to test a theory that pain is transferred via Electric signals that are sent to the brain, and see if this signal can be reproduced Electronically, if it could then it can be used to make another person feel that pain without being poked by the pin, all you need to do is apply the electrical shock that sends the same pain response to the brain.

Now you may think that if that pain travels through the Pin back to the other person who is poking them with the pin, it only stands to reason that they should also feel this pain, only on a smaller scale, since the energy is such a small amount, it has a lot of resistance to flow through a circuit created by the bond between human Flesh and a Pin that was made out of Silver, but we should be able to measure it, and even mimic it, the application for such technology for use in Virtual Reality Suits is unlimited, but in the wrong hands this device could be a torture device, so we all know these devices already exist, but they are not tuned the same way, and by that, I mean that Electricity has a Tuning just like the strings on my Guitar, our bodies resonate with these Frequencies, but they are in the Spectrum of Lightning, and not just Electricity, and this Light is internal, our bodies are more like Fiber Optic cables then they are Copper wire, yet we can not just stick a Fiber Optic cable into a person and cause any sensation other than the pain of having the cable inserted into the body, and I know this for a fact because I tried it to find out, so it is clear that the Energy our body uses is a combination of Light and Electricity, but we need to find the Frequency, and both must be used simultaneously, but the schematics for the device that would deliver such artificial sensations has yet to be revealed, so it is on my Wish list, which is a form of Wish-Craft also known as Witchcraft, in Witch [2] a person builds such a device in their mind, then builds it in real life.

Looking at this event as Cause and Effect would be like looking at all the aspects of this event, but to look at the Causality of it, the Science must go deeper, because to do this experiment, you must invent the machine that you need to test this theory, because at the subatomic level we must be able to measure what type of energy the human body uses, because it has more thermal energy than you do brain or heart wave like energy, which there are many meters that can measure biofeedback or neurofeedback, as well as Heart beat and brain monitors, but none of them use the same kind of energy that our bodies use, and it is because we can not reproduce it yet, because we have no idea what type of energy it is, other than Lightning, and we know very little about that since Franklin and Tesla died, no one has taken up the Cause, so we have no machine to make this Effect.

So in this example we learned that Causality goes deeper into questions that arise from the subject of the Event being studied, to the point to where simple events like Pin Poking require a major advancement in our understanding about the human body, because it has an Atomic side, I call this the Flesh, its me, so its short for meat, and then we have the Energy, that is who IAM and how I came to be, the Light of God is Lightning, both Light and Electricity, and it is the same Energy that flows through all Life that we know about, so Effects are skin deep, but Causality goes all the way to the bone.

To date no one knows what type of Energy the human body needs, if anyone actually knew what kind of Energy that the Human body, or any life form as far as Life Energy goes, because it is all the same, as they could use that Energy to revive the Dead, much like an Electronic Defibrillator can jump start a Heart, it can not bring back the truly dead, because once your Lights go out, you need that same Energy to bring you back to Life, in fact: you would never have to die since this Energy could keep you alive for a long time as long as the body could support that life.

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