The Principles of the Trinary Universe Chapter 2.04:
Energy Transformation
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Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019

Chapter 2.04:
Energy Transformation

Energy is never created nor destroyed, it is only Transformed from one type of Energy into another, so when an LED Flashlight is energized, the Electron is transformed into a higher frequency of energy we call a Photon of Light, and that Photon can be transformed back into an Electron, just like the Atom's of Water can be split into Oxygen, and Hydrogen, and when you burn them together, they transform back into Water.

This is another Sub Chapter that can be a Book in itself, there is so much to talk about, and so much to explain, that I do not know where to begin, so I tend to use this as a place holder for some future version of me, meaning that when I die, one day someone will resurrect me, which really just means someone else that wants to finish it, resurrection just means to be born with a Memory of being someone else in a prior life, to be reborn from the same Light, as such they can access the same Memories as that person when they were alive, so you can see why this is another Book, and not really much of a place holder for it. When we look at the Periodic Table of Elements, we know how each bind to the other, this is not Magic, most think it is in Alchemy also known as Chemistry, but this is Electronics at best, different types of Neutrinos bind differently with other types, so every combination of all Elements is encoded in the DNA of all objects, and not just Lifeforms, sure you know that all Life has pretty much the same DNA that we have, but did you know this Earth has DNA, and its Blood also known as Oil, just as ours has Iron in it, and these two elements are known conductors of Electricity, so the Earth, and all Life are run by Electricity, which is just Neutrinos and Light, and Newton called that Light: God. We say that Energy cannot be Created nor Destroyed, so we are only talking about Trinary Energy, because Atom can be Created, and Destroyed, but the Atom is just Neutrinos and Light, and the Neutrino can not be Destroyed, it can only lose its bond, thus returning to the unbound Free Neutrino Particle from which it came, no more weathered than the first day it bounded with the Light, so Atoms are not really destroyed either, they are just Transformed, so Destroy only means to Transform, as such God never Dies.

The Bible stated God is All Light without Darkness, and there are 3 types of Light: Light without Darkness is called God, the Darkness without Light is called the Rainbow of Colors, and then the Light that Controls them all, some believe this is God, and it is why I call it the Guiding-Light Of Destiny, just so you are not confused by this, the Light without Darkness, and the Darkness without Light, are in the White Light, and seen using a Prism, this is Physical Energy that is bound in Neutrinos, so it is Electrons, and Photons, but the Guiding-Light of Destiny is unbound Energy, it can flow through the Gaps in the Neutrinos, because it is the Glue that Binds them, so the Bible was talking about Energy, so they believe that God is not only the Bound Energy, but God is also the Unbound Energy, because the Bible stated that God is All Light without Darkness, so God is not the Darkness in the Light, that is just the Rainbow of Colors that all Life can See to some degree, so you must have Faith that God exist, because just because not all Life forms can see all Spectra of Light, Technology has proven it exists, but Humans only know what they can prove to themselves, so it is how they See, or View God does this matter to Science, because all Life can see the Light: maybe not with its Eyes, but with its I, and it is why IAM God. God Create all Life, and everything in the Universe, because God is the Light, and The Light is Everything: Tesla, so God Created the Universe by Transforming it. The Transformation of Energy takes place at the Subatomic Level, meaning smaller than an Atom, anything smaller than an Atom is only made of Neutrinos of some type, or subatomic particles of some sort, so Transformation of Energy means it has Neutrinos of some type, so when God creates an Atom, God must Transform the Neutrinos into an Atom, then it must Transform all the Atom's it needs to make something in the Universe, so God needed a Plan, and that is written in DNA, it is a blue print to create everything in the Universe, so it is the Foundation of Trinary Science, that which binds us together is what Creates us, not our Parents, they only provide the Raw Material that is required to reproduce us, and not to Create us, only God can Create us, and it is only through Transformation of Energy that this is done at the Subatomic Level.

Trinary Science is the Teaching, and Understanding of the Elements in the Trinary Universe, it starts with the Knowledge that was passed down for Centuries in the Bible, long before the Bankers realized they could use it to Create Money, so Religion was born out of Greed, and one Lie after another took place to keep that Delusion alive, so the Darkside of Trinary Science exist, and you cannot learn about Trinary Science, without knowing about all this Darkness, it is all based on Emotions, and not all Life forms deal with Emotions the same way, I try my best to not deal with them at all, I would rather rid myself of them, and be done with them, but that part of my Brain still exists, so God must have wanted me to have Emotions, but at the same time God gave me the Intelligence to know a Scam when I see one, and Money is the biggest Scam of all next to Religion, the two go Hand in Hand, Bar/Abbas was made to be two Men, just so People could Lie about what the Darkness is, and that Transformation of Energy took Society into the Dark Ages, where Magic was forbidden, and Wizards and Witches were actually burned to death for talking about God like this, because once you understand the Lightside, you will be Slaves to Money or Religion no longer, because the Truth will always set you Free, this is Transformation of Energy to the Lightside, it is what Trinary Science is all about. In a Society that is Run by Money, and Power, Evil will always Exist, when the Money you earned can get you Killed, it is Evil, the backward Spell for Live, because some can not Live without Money, and if you believe you will die without Money, you are a Fool, and too Stupid to understand the Lightside at all, it is not about Communism that has not existed in the last 1,000 years, it is about a Dictator, and what Society was like before Money existed, and I do not mean Barter, that just another Name for Money, and only Slaves work for such controls on their Life, the controls that can get them killed or imprisoned, this is not Freedom, it is just Free Dumb, but it is Transformation of Energy in a negative way, by making that which can kill you the object of your desire, and those that think Money is a Tool is just a Fool, and a Liar. No good can ever come from Money that has the Blood stains of Jesus on it, but that is the Society of Sinners or Mainstream Money Junkies, so not all Transformation of Energy is good, some is Evil, so Transformation of Energy means there are Shades of Grey that everyone Lives in, and no one knows how to fix, and that is because they are all Slaves in a System they were born into, and it has been all based on Lies, so why do I mix Science with History? It is because the reason you do not know this Science, is because of this History.

To Know the Truth about Transformation of Energy, we must know all the truths that hide this Science from the Public, and that Starts with the Masons, and this is not a Conspiracy, it is just a Fact, they started by keeping Secrets, so well that few if any know the Truth anymore, so they Grew up knowing only Lies, like the U.S. Constitution was Amended, for those old enough to remember when Congress made using Gold Treason, just so they could commit Treason by their own Laws, now that is priceless, the level of Human Intelligence must be so Low that IQ scores have to be lowered every year, just so Children can pass School, which all they were taught were Lies, so they learned nothing but Lies, Transformation of Energy effects Intelligence, and those that are Stupid are too Stupid to admit this, they would rather defend a Lie then to admit they were Part of it, no one wants to admit they are Guilty of Treason for using Money, but the Fact is that their own Laws make using Paper Money Treason, and changing it to Gold will not change the fact it is all Slavery, since the Banks are the only ones that Profit from the Printing of Money, so the Truth is Transformation of Energy, and the Truth can be Paid for, the Courts are owned by the Banks, and everyone that uses Money works for them, and are in fact owned by them like Sheep, so Facts suck when it comes down to the Transformation of that Energy. To fully explore how Energy Transformation happens at the Cellular Level, you must fully understand how Atom's work, and that understanding starts with the Periodic Table of Elements, currently it is incomplete, and has Theoretical Elements that do not Physically Exist in it, so if you thought Gods Particle was a Joke, take a look at the new Elements they added, not Funny; and the fact is they have no Justification other than Grant Money, to even think these Elements exist, but that is Mainstream Monkey Science for you, the Stupidest Science in the World just got worse, and people wonder why I wrote this Book for Sheep, and it is because they are far more intelligent, so now we have the Periodic Table of BS, so instead of talking about Stupid Science, and the sad fact is that Stupid does what Stupid is, it is basically Ignorance amplified to the point that everyone thinks it is the Truth, for example: when Einstein won the Nobel Prize in 1921, for his discovery of the Law of the photoelectric effect, it opened up the door for the Christians to push their BS into Science, with a Theory about a Godless Universe, proving just how Evil Christians really are, as if thousands of years of War did not convince you, and you might think this is my Opinion, but actually this was the way Nikola Tesla felt, he wrote a lot about how Stupid this New Science was, and on his Birthday when Einstein denounce his Theory, the World slowly turned its back on both Newton, and Tesla, as the Christians ushered in a Godless Universe, based on a Theory that makes absolutely no Sense, unless you are Retarded according to Tesla, and 100 years later knowing that not one of those Theories have been proven, proving that Einstein was right, that Theory will never be proven to be a fact, because it only creates Paradox's that can not exist in Reality, and it is why Energy Transformation as a subject, no longer exist, because of the BS Science that does, and it is all the Christians doing, according to Tesla, all because they know that Newton proved that Christ is a Lie, so that People would Love Money, since Jesus Bar Abbas Hated it because it was Evil; and Franklin warned Adams that if the Religious People ever get to be in Charge, this Country is doomed, and he was right, it is because of Religion, and Money that Science is so Stupid, and Energy Transformation is a subject few understand.

Energy Transformation is about Elements, and in Science all Numbering Systems start at 0, and so do the Elements, so we will throw out that Theoretical Periodic Table of Elements, and replace it with a Real one, so the first Element is Trinary, and it has an Atomic number of 0, it is a clear Gas that has a freezing point below -666 degrees Fahrenheit, and a flash point of over 666 degrees Fahrenheit, for more details read Chapter 4.12 Trinary Mathematics, for now my focus is to introduce you to Elements that exist, yet they will never get added to Mainstreams Theoretical Periodic Table of Elements, and the first one is the Trinary Element, since it has no Receptors, it has no Free Valence, basically it is an Atom made of Neutrinos just like other Atom's, and there are 3 types of Atom's: Proton, Neutron, and Electron, therefore any time Neutrinos bind around Light it is called an Atom, and each type of Atom has characteristics, or properties that allow it to act a specific way, so you must first understand Atom's; the Proton is Positive Energy, and the Neutron is Negative Energy, the logic that Neutral is Ground, and Energy flows from Negative to Positive, means the Neutron is Negative in Nature, since anything that flows from it will be Negative, and it will flow to a more Positive direction, the reason Mainstream thinks that a Neutron is Neutral is because they do not understand Energy, so its named wrong for this reason alone, just like the North Pole is actually the South Pole, it is because Normal People are just Stupid. Every Element in the Periodic Table is a unit that can not be broken down any farther, so it is the core configuration of that Element that describes what it is, so we must start at the Atomic Number of 0, and work our way through all 137 Elements, to fully understand all of them, and not all of the Elements have been Discovered yet, so let me add the first one that has not been Named yet, and I will call it the Trinary Element, it has no Proton or Neutron, so it has no Receptors, Hydrogen is Atomic number 1, it has one Proton, and one Electron, so it has 1 Receptor, so it can only Attach at 1 point, and because of this limitation, more of them are required to build complex molecules, which is just a configuration of Atom's, and next we have Helium with an Atomic number of 2, because it has two Protons, two Neutrons, and two Electrons orbiting it, and now we see a Pattern, so we can stop here and let your imagination fill in the next 135 Elements. The Proton has 3 State Changes, as it cycles through all 3 States, its cycles spends more time in the Positive State, then it does in the Negative State, and it is a Receptor, so it can bind with other Receptors, and just to be clear, a Receptor is like a Horseshoe Magnet, it has a Negative, and Positive End that is called a Receptor, it can create a Magnetic Bound just like Magnets, and for the same reason. The Neutron is the Opposite of the Proton, it also has 3 State Changes like all Atom's, and it spends most of its Cycles in the Negative State, as such it is easy to understand their relationship, the Proton is the Positive Receptor, and the Neutron is a Negative Receptor. The Proton and Neutron only have one Receptor, so when they bind, they must form another Receptor(s), and this is done in 1/137 increments, around the 3 Force Fields that surround the Atom's, this allows up to 137 Receptors in total, thus limiting the Table of Period Elements to 137 Elements; it also sets in limitations for how the Electron can move from one Free Valence to the next, or from one Atom to the Next, so this 137 Ratio is built into the structure of all Elements. The 137 Ratio is based on how the Proton and Neutron bind to form Elements, when Hydrogen forms, its Receptor is a 0 degrees, when Helium forms, its receptors form at 1/137 intervals, the reason for this is due to magnetic resonance created by the Proton and Neutron, it is a genetic code that is embedded into every Proton and Neutron, as such, as they bind, their offset from one receptor to the next, is 1/137 from its last position, for example: Hydrogen only has one Proton, so its receptor is said to be at a 0 degree angle, if measured from Positive, which Points North, like a clock, but separated into 137 increments, instead of 24, and like a clock, the electron ticks as it orbits the atoms, this tick is not as pronounced as a mechanical clock, yet it can be measured with great accuracy, and this 1/137 beat can be heard throughout time, and there is a reason behind this interval, it is to allow 137 simultaneous connections, so it is by design, so do not tell me there is no God, in fact another name for the Element with an Atomic Number of 0, is Trinary which also means God, so it could be called the God Element, and not Gods Particle, all Particles are called Neutrinos, and every Element has its own Neutrinos, and it is these Neutrinos that create the Receptors, so these Particles are the Key to this 137 Ratio, as such, when the Light binds the Neutrinos to the Atom, it decides what type of Atom it will, for example: when Hydrogen forms, Trinary Energy which is Massless Light, will resonate at a specific Frequency and Wavelength, this will attract the Neutrinos for that Element, as such a Hydrogen Neutrino Shell is unique, its Material or Matter is not like any other Element, so when it binds to form molecules, it does not transform into that Molecule, it remains a Hydrogen Element attached to a Molecule, the Transformation I talk about is what the Light does when it Creates the Atom, every Element has its own type of Neutrinos, and you will note that they have a specific way that they bind to form complex Molecules, and this is due to its Configuration, which means its Neutrino Type, and Atom type, as such the Trinary Energy knows what type of Atom it is creating, it is a Law in Physics that when it binds a specific type of Neutrino, it creates all the needed components to go with it, as such when Helium is created, the Trinary Energy must create a Proton and Neutron using the same type of Neutrino, so the arrangement of this 1/137 angle for its Receptors are built into the Atom's structure using Neutrinos, and the key to a Neutrino is its Frequency and Wavelength, and that can be determined by the Light it emits, and every Atom emits Light, it is all a matter of how we measure that Light.

The Electron is the Smallest of the Atom's, and it does not have any Receptors, and it does not bind to the receptors, it simply moves from one to the next, in 1/137 increments, like a cog and sprocket, running at near the speed of Light, and just to make it clear, Electricity does not run at the Speed of Light, only Light does, the misunderstanding comes from the formula c = fw, where c is the Constant for the Speed of Light, f is the Frequency, and w is the Wavelength, so when we say Electricity, and Light, we are talking about the State of the Atom, if it is Electricity, its Wavelength is too long to become Light, think of it as shutter on a camera, the lower the shutter speed, the longer the Shutter is open, and the faster it goes, the faster it closes, so the longer its open, the easier it is to see it, so it appears to be solid, and not Light, but as the Wavelength gets shorter, and the Frequency higher, the State is in the 0 Dimension longer than it is in 3D, so you do not see the Solid Electron, instead you see what is inside of it, which is Light, so it is True that Light travels at a constant speed, and technically so does Electricity, it is only the Ratio of its Frequency to its Wavelength, that determines if it is Electricity or Light. The Electron has 3 State changes just like all Atoms, its Positive charge is less than the Proton, but its Negative charge is greater than the Neutron, making the Neutron look Neutral in polarity when it is not, it is just less Negative than the Negative charge of the Electron. I call the Trinary Element a Non-Element, because 0 is a Non-Number, meaning it has No Numbers in it, and there is only one type of Non-Element, and I would list it with the Elements, and it is the only Element I will add to the Periodic Table, and proof of it is in the Math, without it the Math that Newton wrote does not work, because it is the God that Newton talks about, yes Newton was talking about the God Element I call the Trinary Element, it is a Single Atom that can not Bind with other Atom's permanently, and it can flow with Electrons, this is the only Element that has this capability, and it is because of its signature, size wise this Element is bigger then the Electron, but smaller than a Proton or Neutron, and it is a Gas between -666 and 666 degrees Fahrenheit, and it can be found in Molecules, because it can flow through them like Electrons, because it does not Permanently bond to Atom's, it is a hard Element to collect for a Sample, but it can be isolated, and proven to exist, yet it does not behave like other Atom's, and this is because it can not bind to them, instead it just gives them energy as it passes by.

When any object catches fire, a Transformation of Energy proceeds according to the Laws of Physics, so fire has to have specific conditions, there most be a combination of Elements present to allow a Fire to burn, at a specific Temperature, meaning that Atmospheric Conditions must be just right, because Fire in a Vacuum, means that the Fire must create this Atmosphere in order to burn, and you can do countless experiments on fire, to prove what I have to say about it, but the fact is, that Fire is do to the Frequency and Wavelength of Electricity or Light, and the difference between Electricity and Light is their Frequency and Wavelength, so to understand this Transformation, we must understand Fire. Every Element has its own Fire Properties, and I have created a blank Matrix to populate with data on every Element, and what you will find if you fill it in, is that different Molecules burn at different rates, for example Explosives have a lot of Elements that burn at a fast rate, so let me explain what burn means; if you take any Element, and control its temperature, you will find that its Frequency and Wavelength can be controlled also, as well as Accelerating the Element, in fact, Accelerating an Element can control its temperature, so for example: if you lower the Frequency of an Element, it will become Cold, raising it makes it hot, if you raise it to the point that the Element Resonates, you will find a Frequency and Wavelength that makes it catch fire, now that means that it changes from a Solid, and Transforms into Light, so this is a process of Energy Transformation, now for it to Burn, it must continue this process, so it must spread to adjoining Elements, and cause them to first catch fire, then to continue to burn, so burn means to spread fire, now since this is Electrical in Nature, water can be used to Short it out, this causes the Elements Frequency and Wavelength to slow down and shorten, thus putting out the fire, and you can also put it out by controlling its temperature, and by changing its Atmosphere, and these conditions are Electrical, and not Chemical changes, and that is something that Alchemist understands, but Chemist refuse to believe, and it is why Wizards are not the same as Scientist, and Newton and Tesla are both known as Wizards, and not as Scientist, that is a fact by the way, yet Mainstream has no clue, and it is because of their BS; and it is why it is so hard to teach Sheep this Trinary Science, but once they understand this simple concept, Science changes. Energy Transformation starts the moment Trinary Energy decides to make an Atom, and that implies that it is a conscientious thought, to deny this is like denying that Jesus Christ, and Jesus Bar Abbas are the same person, if you do not understand the Relationship between them, you do not understand who they are, and what they were so famous for, for example: Jesus Bar Abbas is a Leader of the Militia that destroyed the Roman Empire, and he did so using Science, well Wizard Stuff anyway, since he had a Staff of Power that was reported to do all kinds of Magic, or was that Jesus Christ that had the Staff, see this is where that whole thing about having two Jesus does not solve, because according to the Bible, they both had this Staff of Power; and all Jesus talked about was God, saying that God was All Light without Darkness, so Jesus was talking about Energy Transformation, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother Nature, defines Trinary Energy, so Jesus was referring to the same Power of God that IAM, yet some People deny knowing Jesus Bar Abbas, saying that they only know Jesus Christ, and at the time it made sense, since the Roman Soldiers would Kill you, if you said you know Jesus Bar Abbas, but why people lie about it nowadays is another Story, one that Sir Isaac Newton could not understand, nor could he compute the Madness of People, but he did Compute the End of Civilization to be 2060, so we will see how good his Calculations are shortly, and trust me, Energy Transformation is what you will see a lot of, so you should learn about what it is. IAM is a story about I And Me, and I am the Light, and Me is just short for Meat, so it is the Flesh, and Jesus said he would come back in the Flesh, and Flesh just happens to be my Name, so I have a different take on His-Story, since we share the same Birth Date, I thought this would make it Entertaining, not that I could have altered my Birth Date, anymore than I could have picked Isaac Newton as my First Cousin, so facts are facts no matter how strange they might seem to some people, but I take the story of Jesus to the same Level that Isaac Newton did, and in fact I do not say anything different than any of them did, including Tesla, so is it really that hard to believe it is the truth, even though I proved it was? A Rhetorical question for the Sheep I call Yew, because Energy Transformation is something that Jesus taught, and few understood that, and it is why Newton wrote so much about it, and it is not about Religion it is about the Bible, and how they knew that God was All Light without Darkness, and how they knew about the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, and how IAM God and will come back in the Flesh, I take that very personal in fact, so when I take the time to write a Book about the Science of God, I have to take it Serious. If I super heat an Ice Cube, I can see Energy Transformation, and I see Elements burning off in a flash, I can identify the Elements by the Signatures of Light they Emit, thus I can account for every Element in the Ice Cube, so I should take care to use Pure water to make the Ice Cube, so I would want to first break down Water into Hydrogen and Oxygen, then burn those two together to get Pure Water, now if I run an Electrical Current through that Water, and Lightning, I will find its Energy Transformation has added a new Element I call the Trinary Element, and I can identify it by its Light Signature, and I can test to see which one burns faster, an Ice Cube that has been Energized with Electricity and Lightning, or one that did not, and having not done this experiment, I can still predict that the Energized Ice Cube will prove that there are now extra Elements in the Ice Cube, grant you that the differences are small, since Trinary Elements are not that Abundant, but this experiment proves the existence of this Element, and if you want a sample of it, you need something that can hold a single Atom that can not bind to anything, and if you super cool it as low as you can, you will find it does not liquefy till its below -666 degrees Fahrenheit, making it easy to find, but it is still just a signal unbound Atom, and it explains how Energy can permeate an object, and how fire burns, and how permanent magnets work, and how our bodies produce Energy, because when you break food down into Elements, you will note that this is all an Electrical/Light Energy Transformation, and without this God Element, the Universe can not be explained, and that is what it all comes down to, if Trinary Energy must make a Decision about what type of Atom to create, then God exists as an Entity that can collectively make decisions, not that God can answer your Prayers, but God is inside every Atom in your being, so you are a Light Being as Tesla stated; but the fact is that this Science is being Tanked by Religion, because of what Newton said about Christ, and why I only wrote this Book for a Sheep called Yew, because only Yew understands how Stupid People are, for believing in things that are not the truth, and I say this because Mainstream Science goes beyond Stupid, all because the Christians do not want to Admit that there is only one Jesus in the Bible, so everyone has to pretend that there are two Jesus's in the Bible, just so People can use Money and Live in Sin, and that is what Isaac Newton said, so Religion and Common Sense are incompatible, because People who think they are Free, knowing they will Die without Money, are insane, just like people how believe in a Deity that does not Physically Exist, it is the Definition of Insanity, and Trinary Science is the Definition of the Antichrist, since it is based on the Fact that Christ was inserted into the Bible, and therefore a Lie according to Isaac Newton, who proved that God really does exist, whereas Mainstream Religion, and Science try to Prove that God does not Exist, yet the Ice Age is coming, so you will have plenty of Ice Cubes to experiment with, and prove one way or the other which Science is based on Facts, and which on is based on BS, and in case you did not know, a Theory means it has never been proven to be a fact, so it is BS.

If you do not believe in Trinary Energy, you do not believe in God, that is not the same as if you do not believe in God you will go to Hell, you will do that anyway, since Hell is just Negative, and Heaven is Positive in Charge, so it is all about the Transformation of Energy, and that is very clear, so you can believe in Newton, or you can believe in Einstein who only believed in Newton, so I do not even give you a choice do I, and why should I when the Truth is the Truth, and Mainstream is all based on Money, and that is always based on Lies, so Trust in God and not in Money, and that is all Religion is about, those that Sold their SOUL to Satan, pay their dues to Santa every year, and they Lie about what Date that is, and lie about everything else just to make People Slaves to Money, and ignorant to Trinary Science. If you think that I talk too much about Religion and the Constitution, then you do not understand who IAM, for one thing I am an Ashkenazi, and not a Nazi, that term means the Darkness, Ash is White and represents something Burnt to Ashes, and that would be what the Nazi did when they Burned it, so the two words mean the Transformation of Energy, and regardless of Translations, the Words in the Bible mean the same thing according to Sir Isaac Newton; and Personally, I could give a Shit less about what anyone else has to say, and that includes everyone that reads this book, Newton was clear that the Ashkenazi were once 3 types of Humans, and I do not mean Race, there is only one Human Race, and it started out as Algae, and Evolved into what it is today, which is a Satanic Society run by the Banks, that had Jesus Bar Abbas Murdered for their use of Money and Taxation, also known as Slavery, and the Bible is written the same way this Book is, and far more Condescending, as proof, it the Lord is your Shepard, you are a Sheep, and that is who I wrote this Book for, a Sheep called Yew, and Yew is just a type of Tree called Taxus, because Money comes from a Tree called Hemp, and Sheep get a little High eating hemp, and a little crazy eating Taxus, and the fact is that I am a Medically Retired Staff Sergeant in the United States Military, and took an Oath to defend the Constitution, which was also written on Hemp, and was Legally Suspended till the National Debt is Paid off, that happened in 1861, and the same Banks that Murdered Jesus Bar Abbas for Defending Freedom, is now Printing the Money instead of Congress, so it is my Job to Defend the Constitution, and it was Suspended because of Religious People that made themselves in Charge of all the Sheep, just like in the Bible, so it is as Reverent now as it was then, so people should respect that, but Christians and other Religious Cults, and they are all Cults by Definition, since they teach that God is a Deity that does not Physically Exist, they are teaching Insanity, because that is by Definition what it is, so the Bible told a Story, and the reader was supposed to side with one of the Jesus's, Christ or Bar/Abbas, if they chose Christ, they denied Bar/Abbas, and the only reason they would do this, is if they Trusted in Money instead of God, and those that chose Bar/Abbas would have defended the Constitution, proving that only Satanic People Worship Saints, and Santa, and keep in mind this whole paragraph is a Paraphrase for what Tesla wrote about it, and I just mixed in my take on this situation, where the Banks now own the United States, and the Citizens are nothing but Liars and Cowards, and can be Legally Executed for the Crime of Treason, note I said its Citizens, and not the Banks, because Legally they own you like Sheep, maybe you should have read the Bible instead of watching the Movie, or Listening to a Brainwashed Servant of the Banks known as Men of the Cloth, when 90% of them are known to remove the Clothes of Children, and Molest them, making Christians Disgusting Animals that deserve to be executed for their Crimes, according to Kepler, Newton and Tesla, so the Bible, and the people who wrote it, are far more Critical about Religious Fools than I could ever be, in fact I am quite mellow compared to the Bible, Newton or Tesla. Note that this is Proof that all Religions are based on Lies told by the Banks, also known as the Roman Empire, just to make Slaves out of Stupid Sheep, and I am not Sheep, the Lord is not My Shepard, for IAM the Dog, and this Dog has Diamond sharp Teeth, a fact that few can argue once they get to know me, but I am very serious about everything I write about, and I can prove it as I go, I do not need to give you Problems without a Solution, nor do I make Statements that are not self-evident, because I only write about what I can prove, because I am just like Kepler, Newton, or Tesla when it comes to Science, and the Truth.

Transformation of Energy is called Reality, it starts when you can let go of everything that Mainstream taught you, to make you want to use Money, instead of following Bar/Abbas in his quest for true Freedom, so in History, Bar/Abbas won the debate about who really existed, so it is not about the Truth, because if History was the Truth, only Bar/Abbas would exist in the Bible, but that is not what the Bible was about, it was about Denial and Sin, and how far people will go before they admit that Money is the Root of All Evil, so it is about the Transformation of Energy, Live vs Evil, or Good vs Bad, or Good vs Evil, Live is Good, and not to Live is not so Good, in fact it is Bad, and anything that can cause death is Evil, and why Money is so Evil, so these transformations of Energy, are conversions of one type of Energy, which is Live, or Alive, in an Electrical Circuit Power means Live, and if it controls the Hot Water Heater when I am taking a Shower, is it Evil? The Concept is Simple, and well know, but not well understood, or people would not believe in Theories, they would say prove them or use them in Science Fiction, but not in Science, just because 99.999% of all the Stupid People in the World, are willing to accept Theory as Facts, does not make them Facts, it just proves how stupid 99.999% are for believing in things that have not been proven to be a fact; and that is a fact by the way, as if Yew who are reading this, are stupid, that is called Condescending, and worthless when trying to explain the difference between a lie and a truth, because some people think everyone has a Right to believe what they want, that is how all Wars were fought in the name of Religion, because People thought they had the Right to be Religious, so they took over the United States, and allowed the Banks to Print Money instead of Congress, just so they could have Tax exemptions, that made them Special, so they could have Freedom of Religion, which is an oxymoron, since you have Freedom to read the Bible, and Freedom to interpret it any way you want, if you believe you have the right to believe in insane concepts, like a Deity, which does not Physically Exist, so what are we Free of when we are not Free to Interpret the Bible if we are Religious, we can only believe in what the Church wants, and that is 10% of our Income, Tax Free by the way, so it is not like you will miss it, you can write if off on your Taxes, knowing the Constitution does not allow this, so it is all Treason under it, so it is Suspended, and 99.999% of all the Stupid People believe it was just Amended, as if only Congress being able to Print Money was a Minor Change for Stupid People, who are still Guilty of Treason nonetheless, because calling people stupid for thinking stupid thoughts, is stereo typing them, proving that my use of Sarcasm is not much better, but more to the Point, and that is because an oxymoron is what Religion is based on, it is also known as a Paradox, witch is something that can not exist in Reality, so know which witch to use when talking about Reality, and when talking about the Transformation of Energy, keep in mind that the math of Kepler, Newton, Franklin and Tesla: were all based on God as the Force of Gravity in All their Math, so that means it is all about Light, and Religion teaches you that is only Good, Bad, or Evil, as if God was a Human like Entity that does not Physically Exist, which according to the Dictionary that describes insanity...

If a Deity is Energy, it is Negative Energy, because it is based on something that does not Physically Exist, witch is Insane, so Religion is the Transformation from Sanity into Insanity, and calling that Sane; and who would do that except Satan, as Proof: Religion does not Believe God Physically Exist, and Jesus Christ does not Exist in History, so you can see a Pattern to this Insanity, and see how the Banks allowed it to become Legal, because they Knew that Stupid People like to Gamble, and that Requires Money, so Insanity was easy to Sell to Weak Minded Fools, that would allow Theories to Dictate their Science, knowing none of it is a fact, proves it is all lies, and that is Insane, because that is how Insanity works, first you have to make it Legal, Banks step in, and find their Golden Boy called Lincoln, to Sell Insanity by Freeing Slaves, get ready for the oxymoron, because they did not get Paid Money, imagine how Evil Society has become when allowing the Banks to Print Money, and not Congress, thus making you Slaves to the Banks for Taxation, which you Fought against during the War of Independence; just to Sell your SOUL to Satan for Money, and just because it is Legal, Stupid People think it must be Good, and we must have gone to the Moon too, so Prove it, and go again, and do not fake it by saying we have Technical problems, and can not land, that is all BS, so prove it, or shut up about it, because making it Legal does not make it Good, it might not prove it is Evil, but if you can not live without it, it is Evil, and that is the very definition of that word Live, meaning Life, whereas Money means Evil, because without it, you can not Live, this is called Transformation of Energy; and in Reality, this is what the whole Story of Jesus Bar Abbas was all about, and the Man that lead the Militia to Victory, by being Martyred for what he had done, and Gollum the Evil one, who put more Value in the Gold in a Ring, then he did his best friends Life, having put the Ring on, after ending his Life, witch is Evil, because he does not Live any longer, because how Evil Gold became, once it became Money, or something that you valued enough to Kill for, be it Religion, or some cause you feel you can not Live without, proving it is Evil, even if it is your Life, and you have to Kill another in order to Live, just because it is the Law of Nature, does not make it any less Evil; so it all comes down to how we define what Evil is, and how Evil works, and Evil is a Cancer that Kills, and anything that causes Suffering, or Capitalizes on it, as Mother Teresa did, are Evil, and also known as Saints, because they work for Satan, as proof, they Raise Money for a Cause such as Suffering, but use the Money only for Administrative purposes, and not for the purpose of the cause, but to promote the cause, and ensure it is the golden cow for years to come, and this is all Legal, and it is Evil because Children Starve to Death to this Date; but as long as Stupid People believe that Religion is Good, those that do not Believe are Evil, and should go to Hell, the World will never Change, because Stupid People are Afraid to Go to Hell, but I have news: Yew are in Hell, and it is the Hell Yew made.

This is just a Phase IAM going through as an Alternating Current Light Being, a little AC/DC Joke on the Highway to Hell, whereas Heaven is just a Positive Polarity, and nothing to Fear, it is Technology, that the Church sold you as something to Fear, and to have faith in Christ, knowing that is what a Deity is, something that does not Physically Exist in History, or Physically Exist anywhere in the Universe, which proves that Religion should not be Legal, nor should Money Printed by the Banks, and under the Constitution that was Not Legal, so you see what Rights, the Right of Religion allowed, it allowed this Insanity called Treason to take place, it is the Root Cause of it, so it is Evil, and only Evil People would Deny these Facts that Sir Isaac Newton wrote about, just like they ignored Tesla, all for Money, and Tesla died in Poverty, as did Bill Finger, proving not even the Bat-Man is safe when Money is Involved, and is no more real than Christ according to Newton: Proving why Transformation of Energy is called Reality, because if it is Science you had to Pay for, it is just a Theory, if it is Free of Religion, and Money, and it is Trinary Science, based on Kepler, Newton, Franklin and Tesla, well that is the Trinary Universe, and even Einstein would agree on what Real Science is, so Godless, and Money, mean the Same thing in the Godless Dynamic Universe, where God does not Exist, a Paradox that Einstein could not account for, without Newton's God, and why he denounced his Theory on Tesla's Birth Date; so believe in History, or believe in Fairy Tales, and that may sound like the Cat Calling the Kettle Black, when Newton and Tesla both were known as Wizards; whom the Church was known to hunt down, and kill Witches and Wizards, so History proves who wrote History, and why they wrote it that way, and why what Newton said then makes more sense now than ever, as did what Jesus Bar Abbas said about God being All Light without Darkness, because this Transformation of Energy is all about Life, and why Religion Fears the Black Cats, and Wizards like Newton and Tesla, for the same reason they fear what I have to say, and that is the Truth about what Newton and Tesla wrote about, and I call that the Trinary Universe, when combined with what I have learned since then; so I prove that this Transformation of Energy, is True in Math, and in the Bible, and it is not Religion, nor does it need Tax Exemption, when Trinary Sanctuary is about paying off the National Debt, meaning Real Freedom, not only From Religion, but also from Money, Taxation, Laws and other forms of Control, so it is about a Transformation of Energy, not seen since before the Dark Wizard Moses Destroyed the Pyramids, so History is a Real thing, so is the Bible, but not so with Religion, according to Newton, and he did the Math, Religion has Paradoxes as does the Godless Dynamic Universe, and it also has no way to explain the Transformation of Energy without God, and that is all a fact that Einstein said proved the Paradox could not be solved without Newton's God, and regardless of if I am anymore intelligent then Einstein, the fact that he only believed in Newton, proves he would believe that I am right, given I did not change anything Kepler, Newton, or Tesla, who Einstein said was the most Intelligent man alive at the time, and since I did not change any of their Science, any only explained it in more detail, and added missing concepts, like the Trinary Engine, it is clear what Trinary Science is, the Truth, and what Mainstream Science is: Science Fiction, which is a Theory by Definition, so when it comes to Energy Transformations, make sure your Science explains it as well as Kepler's, Newton's and Tesla's Math did, regardless of your understanding of it, they were very clear about what God is, besides being the Force of Gravity, God is All Light without Darkness, and God is Everything, because everything is about the Transformation of Energy in Light, witch describes Electromagnetic Energy, proving that Light is Everything.

Currently all forms of Units of Measurement are Flawed, and it is because those that wrote them had no clue as to what an Atom is, and after you define it, you have to define all your forms of Units of Measurement after it, and some of these Measurements do not even make any sense, Temperature to Frequency is one, and Absolute Temperature is another, and Science is about what we can prove on a Bench, or in the Lab, Absolute 0 means that the Atom is not Vibrating, so it has a 0 Frequency and Wavelength, yet current sciences places its Frequency at Absolute 0 between 1 and 20 GHz, and I can only conclude those people involved, are either too Stupid, or not Intelligent enough to figure out this simple Flaw in their Logic, grant you it is hard to use Technology to find a frequency or wavelength in Atom's being frozen to Absolute 0, because the process creates its own Frequency, and this is where an Electron Microscope is the best tool to use, because you need to visually determine that Atom's stop vibrating, and that Frequency and Wavelength has to be 0, and I have tried this before, so I know all the problems of Current Technology, and there is also the Trinary Element, its Atomic Number is 0, it has no Proton or Neutron, and it is not much bigger then an Electron, and it is Absolute 0, is so low I could not find it, since I could not get down past the temperature of Liquid Nitrogen, -269 °C or -452 °F, which was all I had access to, but one time I did get to watch some lab test with other Liquids like: Neon, Hydrogen and Helium, and to work with these Liquids, you must have a very expensive Laboratory, and good safety practices, and that is how I determined that the Trinary Element is way colder, but I was not running the experiment, just observing, which was enough, I realized that the Technology I wanted does not exist yet, and I also realized that all our current Measurement Units suck, because the Science behind them sucked big time, so at the End of Time or Civilization, and our Technology is still not good enough to prove what I want to, so Yew must have Faith that somethings exist. When an Atom stops Vibrating its Frequency and Wavelength are 0, as it heats up its Wavelength expands, causing its Frequency to increase, and High Energy is caused by Longer Wavelengths, and Lower Frequencies, for example: 0.1 Hz = 982,080,000 Feet or 186,000 Mile Wavelength, so on one extreme you have High Frequencies with Short Wavelengths, and on the other end, you have Low Frequencies with Long Wavelengths, and Heavenly Bodies or Galaxies, Suns, Planets, and Moons, all use Low Frequencies to do their job, the Earth has a core Frequency of 6.66 Hz, 145,206,072.84704056 Feet or 27,501.150160424349451 Mile Wavelength, so when you are looking for Energy Transformations, you need to look at its Energy, and understand this Relationship, since all Transformation of Energy is do to these two Variables.

Transformation of Energy is a vast subject that will never end, but this Sub Chapter needs to, so I can get on with the Subjects at hand, and I try not to harp on non Science Related Topics, but this Book is about God, and how only God can Transform Energy, so do not make God out to be a Person you can talk, or Pray to like a Deity that will Solve all your Problems, because God does not work that way, because that is delusional; but personally I am delusional, and do it all the time, but I also realize that God can only help those that can Help themselves, and that might be the only reason God Created Life, so do not let me stop you when I Pray to God myself, only I do not Worship a Deity, because you have to Live in Sin, and Deny Jesus Bar Abbas by Name, and personally I Love Science Fiction, I just Hate it in my Trinary Science, so Energy Transformation is all about the Laws of Physics witch is Gods Laws, and God is Light: so we know Energy Transformation is do to God. Energy Transformation explains how the Trinary Universe works, it explains how Atoms transform from one type of Energy, into another, and how Atoms can be disintegrated, only to be recreated using the same Particles known as Neutrons, so it is an endless process, energy is not lost when the Atom is destroyed, or disintegrated, Trinary Energy is always there, either it is inside the Atom, or outside it, it is always transforming Energy, as such, Atoms are making everything happen, because they are God.

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