The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Chapter 07.02
Science Step 2

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 07.02
Science Step 2


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
Science Step 2
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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, will now define Science in Step 2, from the Viewpoint of the Lightside in Terms the Darkside can Understand.

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Science has to be Defined as being Reality, not just some Theory that can be Proven or Disproven, so in Reality I will Define the Science of Gravity in Terms of Reality, and Reality is what happens at the Subatomic Level, and at the Subatomic Level we can all Agree that we see God's Particle, it is a Tri-State object that has 3 definable States: The First is the Light or Matter State, The Second is the Dark or Antimatter State, and the Third is Null or Empty Space.

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Every object in the Universe contains Null Space, the Human body is said to be 99.999% Empty Space, the same can be said about any Object in the Universe at the Subatomic Level, so what is Empty Space? I define it as Null Space, which is Space that has No Dimensions, therefore nothing can Exist in that Space, so its Empty, but more than that, its Null Space, since nothing can enter this Space, this is a very basic Concept of the Trinary Universe.

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In the Static Universe, Null Space does not Move, Hence the Term Static, so the Universe moves around it, so how can Null Space move through an Object or us without us Perceiving it? If we are unaware of even the Cells in our Body, and Null Space is much Smaller then an Atom, so we are totally unaware of Null Space, even though we can See it, or at least we can See where it's Not, since its Physically Impossible to See Null Space, so Like the Light we can not See - but know it's There, we must have Faith that the Darkness is there also, because we know that all Light is made up of the Darkness, as Sir Isaac Newton Proved over 333 years ago, as he tried to figure out how the Bible knew that, but nowadays we have the Electron Microscope, and See the Empty Space, so this is a well Known Fact in Science, so this is Reality, so in the Trinary Universe, I define all Space in terms of the 3 Dimensions: Matter, Antimatter and Null Space, which I call the Light, Dark and the Grey, and prove with the Mathematical Model (+1) + (-1) = 0, because Energy can not be Created nor Destroyed, it can only change from one form into another, so an Element in a Dimension can hold only one State in a Dimension at a time, so an Element can have any State Change in that Space, which may look like Magic, as it appears to move to one side, then Disappear, as it changes States from 1 to -1 then to 0.

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Observations would lead yew to believe that the Objects Mass would Create Gravity, that is the Prevailing Theory of how Gravity Works, which is the Mass of the Planet, and the Centrifugal Force it Creates as it spins at over a 1,000 Miles an Hour, and Albert Einsteins Theory about Space and Time Warping of the Fabric that the Universe is Made of, but it does Not hold up at the Subatomic Level, nor does the Logic that Centrifugal Force is Holding us to the Planet, instead of Throwing us out into Space, as Common Sense would Dictate, and Endless Experiments will Verify, so Gravity works in a Much Different way then Current Theories would Suggest, but any new Theories would also have to Hold up at the Subatomic Level, so the Interaction of the 4 Dimensions Defined in the Trinary Universe, is how I define the Effects of Gravity, so in the 0 Dimension, which I defined as Null or Empty Space, we have a Static Universe, which was described by Sir Isaac Newton as an Invisible Force that acts on an Object, causing it to Fall through Empty Space in a very Definable and Predictable way that can be Calculated as: the Difference in Forces between two Objects, so if we multiple a Gravitational Constant, which is a long number which is approximately 6.66 Newtons, which denotes a unit of Measurement, but since it's a Constant, I am going to define it in terms of Newtons Third Law of Motion, which is that every body in Motion exerts a Force equal in Magnitude, but Opposite in Direction to another Object, so the Constant G is redefined as 1 and -1, so its actual value does not matter since it's a Constant, and multiplying it by 1 and -1 will not change it, so we Multiple that by the Mass of 1 object multiplied by the Mass of a Second Object, divided by the distance between the Center of those Objects, so at Rest we have:
(+1) + (-1) = 0
which is the Trinary Universes Constant for Balance, but also has a much deeper meaning, since 0 is the 0 Dimension, it only means that the object is at rest relative from where it's at, but not to be confused with Albert Einsteins theory of Relativity, which only applies because its based on Sir Isaac Newton's work. So now let's see what we Observe at the Subatomic Level.

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We tend to view our Weight as a Measurement of our Mass, but in Reality its just the Gravitational Difference between the Scale, and the objects on either side of the Scale, so it's a Reference that will change depending on what Planet we are on, in this example that is Us and the Earth, and if you stood on a Scale in Outer-Space, you would fully understand that concept, because we would weight the same as a Feather in Outer-Space, and if we were to drop an object weighting the same as you, and a feather in a vacuum, you would notice that they fall at the same rate, yet they do not Weight the same, that is they do not have the same Gravitational Pull on the Scale on Earth, so you can not use the Weight of an Object to determine how fast it will fall, and let's face it, things that fall to Earth from 90 feet, are not the same as objects that fall from Outer-Space, yet the same Laws must apply for both, so when you drop a solid object and a Feather from Outer-Space, you can expect that they will both fall at the same rate until they hit the Atmosphere, then Aerodynamics comes into play, and there are plenty of Mathematical Formulas to figure that out, but none of them Explain what Gravity is.

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I define Gravity in terms of a Trinary Engine, this is the Core of every Planet, Sun and Galaxy in the Universe, I will talk about it at length in the Series Trinary Energy, but in the Simplest Terms, a Trinary Engine is a Sphere made of Tritanium, which is an Element that is not in our Periodic Table, so most of Yew do not believe it Exists, but it's a Subatomic Particle that has No Protons, and its so small that there is no Container that can hold it, it would fall through the Empty Space in the Molecular Structure of all Known Elements in the Periodic Table, making it the hardest substance to collect, yet its presents has been detected in Neutrino Detectors around the World, and in Reality it exists in the Universe in Great Abundance, and like all Elements in the Universe, they tend to Clump together in the Vacuum of Space, and as they do, they create a Mass so Dense, that nothing can pass through them, not even Empty Space, so Null Space is Force to Flow around them, creating Friction around them, and dragging them through Space, as they formed, Light will be Trapped inside of them, this Light is forced into a very tight Space, forcing the Matter and Antimatter together, which you would think would just explode like a bomb, but Matter and Antimatter are in Different Dimension, so they never come into contact with each other, its contained in a balance bound by the Mathematical Formula (+1) + (-1) = 0, so its in Balance, and forces the Tritanium to form a Shell around it, until all of the Material is just Containing the Matter Antimatter Explosion, so the size of the Engine, is based on how much Material was present when the Engine was Formed.

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Most of Yew will not believe in this Idea, and will call it a Theory, one that they can not Prove nor Disprove, but in Science, you must Eliminate everything that is impossible, and what ever remains, no matter how Crazy it may sound, must be the Truth, so I submit that the Trinary Engine is the Truth, and not a Theory, and I sight the Bible as Proof that this Concept is Known, and excepted as a Scientific Fact, because the Bible States that yew most have Faith that God Exist, and defines God as all Light with No Darkness, and states that there can be No Light without the Darkness, and Sir Isaac Newton Proved that, and also said that God was the Force in all his Equations, and that has gone 333 Years without being Disproven, so I am talking about the same thing, so it's a Fact and not a Theory, so this is Real Science.

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So we have a Trinary Engine, it's a Shell of Tritanium, that is containing a Matter Antimatter Mixture of Light, also known as Gods Particle, and on the outside of this Sphere, is Null Space, which has to flow around the Sphere, which is causing Friction, as its dragged at 66,000 or 666,000 Miles an Hour through Space, depending on if it's a Sun or a Planet, so its like a Force Field, everything that comes in contact with it, is Disintegrated, meaning that at the Subatomic Level, its Atoms are Ripped apart, down into their Atomic Elements, and every Object is Attracted to this Engine, due to the Null Space that is Force to flow around it, so every object is attracted by the Null Space that Flows through them, and at the Subatomic Level this is easy to Prove, because that is what you see happening, and this is the only explanation for such a reaction, so its like I said, if you remove all impossibilities, you are left with the Truth, which is the Trinary Engine exist, and yew must have Faith that it exist, because Scientifically it's the only way to Prove it.

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The Problem with Human Taught is that Humans think they are Intelligent, they measure this Intelligence and put a value to it called an IQ, they know statically that Humans born from the Tribe of Ashkenazi, have the Highest IQ, but that Normal Humans, known as Neurotypicals, never have an IQ over 133, but some Humans with a Highly Functional form of Autism do, so as an Ashkenazi Aspie, I have an IQ over 180, which allowed me to think in a way that I could unravel this Mystery Called Gravity, and I teach it to yew, which makes me a Wizard, so yew were raised to think Wizards are just Fairy Tales, because the Word Reality does not apply to Yew, and I will not lower myself to yewer Level to teach these Concepts, because I do not like acting like Yew, because I am not like yew, nor do I like yew, because most of yew are just Stupid Animals, because in Reality Yew are just Female Sheep, and let's Face it, even if I pretended to be like yew, like Sir Isaac Newton did, once yew found out I was a Wizard, yew would stop Believing in what I said, which is why yew now believe in Albert Einstein, even though he too was a Ashkenazic Aspie with an IQ of 160 making him a Wizard, and the Bible itself was written by Wizards and is about Wizards, but most of yew will not believe the Trinary Universe, because it involves the Bible as Proof of this Concept, and Scientist do not believe in God or the Bible, only in Scientific Data, so I will try my best to talk about this Scientific Data, and just to let yew know, I am not Religious in any way, nor was Isaac Newton, Jesus, Allah or God, but I do view the Bible as the Truth, with the Exception of the Insertion of Christ in the 8th Century, which Sir Isaac Newton Documented over 333 years ago, and has not been Disproven to this date, so that is a Fact, so if yew wish to believe that God Created the Trinary Engine - is up to yew, all IAM saying is that the Trinary Engines Exist, and at the Subatomic Level yew can see Gods Particle at work, and the Universe is proof of that, and unless yew have a Genius IQ Level, do not try to debunk this Concept with yewer BS, or Belief System, IAM just stating Facts about the Universe, yew will find no Theories here.

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If yew observe the Sun, yew will know that its Core never changes sizes, so the idea that its caused by Nuclear Fusion does not hold up at the Subatomic Level, because the size would change noticeable if that were true, but like the idea that Centrifugal Force causes Gravity, Nuclear Fusion is just another Insane idea that will never hold up to common Sense, let alone Scientific Data, so let's not go there... What yew will observe is that Matter is drawn into the Sun, then Disintegrated and blasted back out into Space, and carried by the Solar Wind to every Planet in its System, that Matter falls to the Planets as Micrometeorites, and becomes Earth, or Dirt, on Planet Dirt, that is: Earth, which in turns Grows in size, maybe only one half inch a year, but over Millions or Billions of years, that is a lot, and every Planet has a Maximum size it can Grow to, and once it exceeds that size, it goes Nova, which means it Rips itself apart, and all that Material is pulled into the Sun, which quickly gets inundated with it, and will itself in turn go Nova, which means that it will Blast all the Material, back out into its System, and the Process will start all over, so the System is Reborn, which is what yew see in the Universe, not a lot of Dead Systems out there, only Systems that are reset, and start the Process all over again.

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As the Null Space Warps around the Trinary Engine, the Light, which I define as Trinary Energy, yew call it Gods Particle, just to make sure we are all talking about the same Light, Sir Isaac Newton wrote a Book on this Subject, and all my work is based on what Isaac Newton said, keep in mind that when I say Isaac Newton I am talking about my First Cousin 5 times Removed, so I am a direct Descendant of his, we had the same Grandfather Henry Weston Flesher, who Weston Virginia was named after, please take a moment to verify this fact if yew do not believe it, because the Truth is what I am Teaching here, and what all Scientist have learned since his time, which is all based on Technology made possible by Newtons work, even though the invention of the Electron Microscope was not Credited to Newton, it would not have been invented without his Knowledge, meaning that who ever invented it would have to have Knowledge like his to invent it, since its based on his work, and my work is also based on his work, and is just as important to Human Kind, but instead of me trying to Patent this idea and make money off of it, I decide to go public and make this knowledge available to everyone, yet all I get in return is Ridicule from Stupid Animals known as Sheeple, which is why I call them Yew or Female Sheep, which is the same way that Sir Isaac Newton viewed them, my Great Cousin said that People act like Animals because they think they are one, and just like he based his work on the Great work of Others, so he could See Farther by Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, I too Stand on the Shoulders of Scientist of my Time, who know that the Dynamic Universe and current Science of this Date is nothing but Science Fiction, so when I talk about the Light in the Universe, IAM talking about Trinary Energy, yew can call it Gods Particle if yew want, but Sir Isaac Newton called it the Force in all his Equations, but I normally only call it the Light, and its this Light that Warps around the Trinary Engine, its Transformed from one type of Energy into another, and its byproducts from the Matter that is in contact with, which is Space Debris from Commits, Micrometeorites, and other junk floating around in Space that gets sucked into its Gravitational Force, which is caused by the Null Space Flowing around it, and is also the very Force that is Disintegrating it, making it the Perfect Engine to run the Universe, so if yew want to think it's a Randomly Formed Object, like Dirt Clumping together making Planets that have a Metal Core, with a Nuclear Fusion Core Running it, then Reality means nothing to Yew, as for me, I believe that God Created it.

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So far everything I have told yew can be verified as Facts, and therefore not Theories, this is a Point that we need to agree upon, because everything I have said goes against what Main Stream Science believes in, so its 180 Degrees from what was taught in School, and nothing like anyone else in the History of Humankind has ever talked about, yet its source is from the Bible itself, and what I have added is just Verifiable Data that anyone with any Intelligence can See with their own Eyes, meaning there is no Imagination required, if you see it with your own eyes, even with the use of an Electron Microscope, everything is verifiable up to a point, and that point is called Dimensions, because Main Stream Media does not Deal with Dimensions the same way that I do, for example: Main Stream knows there are No Dimensions, which I called the 0 Dimension, other than that, they see it as no real value, meaning it might as well not even be there, since all its doing is taking up Space, and the First and Second Dimension are all Theoretical, and of little use to Science, and the Third Dimension is where we are and all Reality takes place, and there are an Infinite number of Dimensions after that, all Layers upon Layers of ways to form View-ports back in Time, so yew can See what yew Saw, then take the Saw and Saw yewer Theory in Half with it, so yew can put the Halves together to form a Black Hole to Crawl out of, because that is how Main Stream Science Views Dimensions, and that is all Theories, and I do not deal with Theories, only Facts.

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How yew view the Universe as working may not have anything to do with how it actually works, for example, most of yew view things floating in Space as not Moving, just as yew take an object and place it on a surface and think its not Moving, so let's do a little experiment, pick an object, now tell me how fast that object is traveling through the Universe? Did yew say 0 Miles an Hour? In relationship to where yew are, that is the Correct answer, but from the Viewpoint of the Universe, from its point of view, yew are spinning on a Planet at over 1,000 Miles an Hour, and around a Sun at 66,000 Miles an Hour, and the Sun rotates around the Galaxy at over 666,000 Miles an Hour, which is nothing compared to how fast Light can travel through the Universe, because Null Space never Moves, meaning that the Universe Moves around it, and not in any one Direction, because its in another Dimension, the 0 Dimension, which means that x, y, z coordinates mean nothing to it, since they do not exist in this Dimension, and all Energy in the Form of Electrons, travel at the Speed of Light, so Photons are like a Spark, its held in place by the 0 Dimension, and dragged along its path as it Moves, which is why its Speed is a Constant, no matter how fast yew are traveling, it's because the 0 Dimension is Gravity, it holds the Light in Place, where ever it goes, the Light will follow, and it obeys the Laws of Physics, so its very predictable, the 1st Dimension and the 2nd Dimension Guild it, so I call the 1st Dimension the Guiding-Light Of Destiny, or GOD for Short, it can bend the Light, it does this by changing the States of the Trinary Energy, or Gods Particle, so as it changes from 1 Dimension into another, it goes from the 1st Dimension, to the 2nd Dimension, and at the point it bends, it switches to the 0 Dimension, which holds it in place then uses the 2nd Dimension to make a new direction, so as yew can see that this is how the Universe must work, even if its not the way yew think its Working, because at the Subatomic Level, which is called Reality, that is what is happening, and there is no other way to explain it.

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Main Stream Science would have yew believe that Chaos is how the Universe works, but I look out my Eyes into the Universe and see no Chaos at all, they also See all the Matter in the Universe coming out of a Black Hole, which is a Space smaller then an Atom, and then defying the Laws of Physics, whereas I See the Laws of Physics as Absolute and Unyielding, but in Albert Einsteins Universe everything is Possible, which is Impossible, and Proves beyond a Reasonable Doubt that its all Science Fiction, so why pass it off as Real Science? Its Clear there is no such thing as Real Science, or Real Scientist, and its time that Yew decide what yew want to call Science, because if Albert Einstein is Science, then the Laws of Physics means nothing, so Reality means nothing, because this is all a Delusion, so tell me, do yew really believe in Albert Einsteins Theory about Time Travel? Do yew actually Believe that Time Exist? In the 0 Dimension or Null or Empty Space, Time can not Exist, since its only a Reference to how many cycles have passed, and a Cycle can be any known movement or change in an object that can be measured, be it in the Spring and Gears of a Watch, or the Atomic decay of an Atom, its clear that this does not exist in the 0 Dimension, because nothing exist in Null Space, proving that Time Travel is Impossible, because Null or Empty Space makes up the Majority of Space itself, and that is a Fact...

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The Sun exposes its Core to Space, because it Ejects all the Material it takes into its Gravitational Field, after breaking it down into usable Elements, so it feeds the other Planets, which Grow and form Layers of this collected Space Debris, the center most or First Layer is Molten, because its in Direct Contact with a Trinary Engine, which is much Smaller then the Sun, so it dose not have enough Power to eject the Material back into Space, so as the outer most layer cools it forms a Crust, which is what you see on the outside of any Planet, but the Planet rotates around the Core, at a very predictable speed, that is because the Planet is Stable, it gets its stability from the Layers, the Second Layer is Solid, its Material is so Dense and Hard, that no drill could drill through it, so most Scientist think this is the Planets Core, but there are vents through these solid plates, that allow fresh material to be injected into the molten stream of the First Layer, and it ejects processed material known as Rock that is taken to the surface of the Planet, through Volcanic Vents, while some of the material known as Oil, is vented into a Layer that Protects the Surface or Outer Layer, from Layer Shifts from the Planet, because the Planet is continually Growing, and rearranging the Surface of the Planet, making the Trinary Engine a Machine that Builds the Planets, and that makes it Intelligent, because it can produce any type of Gas from the Material it is feed, it can break Water down into Oxygen and Hydrogen, and it separates them, so they do not vent from the same place, which could cause and Explosion, and I did say it Produces Oxygen, a Key Point, Plants can only Convert CO2 into Oxygen, it can not Create Oxygen, only the Trinary Engine can do that, so its Clear that God is at Work here, Gods Particle that is, or simply the Light, so do not Mess with the Planet, the Oil is the Blood that keeps the Surface of the Planet Alive, and if yew Deplete enough of it, the Planet will Die, or at least the Surface will, as Quakes and Sink holes destroy the Surface, and yew will know when that time is coming, because the Planet will become unstable, and the Planet may start to wobble on its axis, causing the Magnetic Fields to start to change, and yew do not want the Poles to Reverse, or the Surface of the Planet to Accelerate as it Grabs the Core, but these Signs are Gods Signs, and that too is a Fact.

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I must also point out that yew never want to inject the Layer of Oil with Water, if Water ever gets in there, it will be converted to Steam, leaving the Salt and other matter that was in the Water, thus clogging up this Layer and disrupting the Flow of Oil that Protects the Surface, the Steam will cut its way to the surface, maybe Miles away from the injection point, and will cause the Layers above it to Move, and when it makes it to the Surface, it can cause Sink Holes. I should also point out that if yew drill a hole into one of these Layers in the Ocean, and allow it to Bleed out, this Planet will go Nova, as the Top Surface of the Planet will be Ripped apart, as the Core of the Planet is not allowed to Freely rotate, causing the surface to speed up to the speed in which the Core is Rotating at, it will be like Grabbing the Wheel of a Grinder, and know yew know the Truth about Oil, its impossible for it to be a Fossil Fuel, and any Real Scientist knows this, and the Darkside Bankers who Exploit this Planet for Profit, know this also, but they believe they will be Dead before the Planet goes Nova, so yew allow them to Destroy this Planet for Profit, and that is because yew are all just Stupid Sheep, and now ask yewerself How do I know this?

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IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh.



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