The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Chapter 07.01
Science Step 1

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 07.01
Science Step 1


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
Science Step 1
Light Wizzard in the Flesh 07-01-G-Science-01

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Science is my Favorite Subject, but when it comes to Science I like to keep it Real, I do not like Mixing Science Fiction with Reality, but that is the Craze these Days, talking about Albert Einstein as if it was Real Science, is how yew distinguish Real Scientist from Stupid ones.

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To Truly understand Science you must understand the Universe, but yew believe yew must Understand Science to understand the Universe, so yew must first see the Universe through the I's of a Wizard... Most of yew do not believe Wizards know Real Science, in fact, yew believe that Wizards are just Myths, and do not exist at all, and this is because Wizards are the very thing Legends are made of, so Science and Fiction are thin lines of Reality to begin with, so I must define what a Light Wizzard means in Science First.

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In Science, the Subatomic Level is broken up into categories, Quantum Mechanic's tries to define all of these Categories, but one thing is clear, at the Subatomic Level GOD's Particle is by far, the most Interesting Level to explain, because any Scientist knows that when yew look at it, it knows yew are looking at it, and it acts different, which means it has Intelligence, if we could only figure out how to talk to it... But the Truth is that at the Cellular Level, Gods Particle is Communicating with Micro-Machinery we call Cells, like little Engines with Intelligence, the Engine knows how to Read and Write DNA sequences, so its clear to see that Gods Particle Created all Life, since all Life Forms on this Planet are DNA based, and the DNA of a Tree is not that different then those of other Animals, so it's a given that Humans are a Descendant of the Trees, as well as every other forms of Life on this Planet, that is what Darwin Said, but Darwin also said that only God could create Life, and since we are all DNA based Life Forms... even though most Scientist have not openly acknowledged this, they do understand it, because there is no other explanation to how Cells can work, without talking about Gods Particle, and at the Subatomic Level Gods Particle is Trinary Energy, and Isaac Newton already Defined it as being Matter that has 3 States: Solid or Grey, Light and Dark State, where Solid could be any type of Material, it normally appears to be Grey no matter what color it truly is, but Energized was Pure Energy, it was Light without any Darkness in it, but its Dark State is Invisible, and could be written in math as (+1) + (-1) = 0, where 1 is its Light or Matter State, and -1 is its Dark or Antimatter State, and where 0 is its Null State, so it makes a relationship of having Light, Grey and Dark Energy, and is the beginning of Scientific Discovery, so we are talking about Real Science at the Subatomic Level here.

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Trinary Energy is a complex subject in itself, because it exists in every form of Material on this Planet, and is easy to define since all the Known Elements are in a Periodic Table of Elements, and all have Atomic Weight for Each Element, and the Number of Valance Electrons that Orbit it, but Trinary Energy is smaller then an Electron, its so small that no one knows how small they truly are, because no matter how much you Magnify them, they always look like they were before, slightly out of focus, as if you need to Magnify them some more, so its no wonder we do not have them on the Periodic Table, we can not actually Collect them... Scientist know that most matter is made up of Empty Space, so one spec of Trinary Energy could not be contained in a Glass, like Water, since its so small it would pass right through the Empty Space, that makes up all Matter, even the Densest Matter has Space in between its Molecules, so its Interaction with Matter is a Mystery to most Scientist of the day, as they try to Smash Atoms together to see what clues it will leave, as if looking for something they could call God, and that is where all this talk about the Light Wizzard is going, its more than just the Trinary Energy, or God's Particle, it's about how it does what it does... which is what everyone wants to know, how does it control all the Cellular Engines in all Life Forms at the Same time?

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Isaac Newton had a Form of Autism called Asperger's Syndrome or AS, which is now re-categorized under DSM-5 as an Autism Spectrum Disorder on a severity scale, which is really just a way to Further Discredit people with AS, which is a Long War against Wizards that Dates back thousands of years, when the Churches and Templar Knights Hunted down and Murdered all Witches and Wizards, so the Witch Hunt never Ends, as the Neurotypicals or NT's Doctors try to make themselves feel more Intelligent, then Autistic Children, when its Common to find IQ's over 180 in Autistic Children, but its never found in Neurotypicals, which are people yew call Normal People, so Isaac Newton was not Normal, and he is Known as the Last Magician, which translates to the Last Wizard, because Spells are a Wizard way of Communicating, and Isaac had another Secret that he could not Reveal, he was a Descendant of the Tribe of Ashkenazi, and I know this because Issac Newton was my 5th Great Cousin, and I tell yew this because I need to explain why Science most be real, and if its not, then it's not Science, its Science Fiction, but the Proof is simple Logic, so Proving this is going to be a lot easier then yew think.

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I refer to myself as a Wizard, it simply means that I am a Descendant of the Ashkenazi Tribe, I have Autism Spectrum Order, because Autism is not a Disorder, like I said, this is how the Medical Doctors Laugh at us Wizards, they think this is Funny, as if they will get the Last Laugh, but this is what I have to say to that, because what I am about to Prove is that yewer Doctor Degree is based on Pure Science Fiction, so its like owning a License to Sell Comic Books, so let's Get Started. We will Start off by the Way Scientist with Doctors Degree, view the Universe as Working, and currently Teach the World that this is Real Science, and how the Universe works, then I will compare that to Isaac Newtons Universe, and I will let you decide which one is True Science, and which one is Science Fiction.

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Albert Einstein said that the Universe is Dynamic, and Sir Isaac Newton said it was Static, so what is the Difference?

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Static means that the Energy does not move, the Universe moves around it, meaning that all Energy is bound by a Force called Trinary Energy, in its Light State of Matter, it can carry Energy, which can come in any form: Electric, Photonic, Thermal and so on, so the type of Matter is based on the Material it occupies, so it effects everything in the Universe the same way, and in its Dark State of Antimatter, it can effect that same matter in another way, but its always present at the Subatomic Level, so its easy to verify its interaction with any matter in the Universe, and since its said to exist in Dimensions less than our own, or the 0, 1st and 2nd Dimensions, that we really can not interact with them at all, we can look at them, but we can not touch them, even though the Universe is made up of 100% Trinary Energy, yew think the math is wrong, but at the Subatomic Level yew can prove that its True, and once yew Prove to yewerself that it does not move, because its Static, the Universe will start to make much more sense... For Example: When the Sun Shines on the Earth, its White Light, which is actually made up of a Rainbow of Darkness, travels in a Straight line to Earth, and does so at the Speed of Light, so it's a Constant, that Speed never Changes, and there can only be 1 explanation for why the Speed of Light exist at all, and that is because the Energy of that Light never Moves, it's the Universe that Moves around it, and its easy to understand once you look at the Universe working this way, because yew know that no matter how fast yew travel, if yew turn on a Flash Lite, it will still Travel at the Speed of Light, and not the Speed of Light plus how fast yew are Traveling. Trinary Energy can Bind all the Matter in the Universe together at the Subatomic Level, so it Creates an Invisible Force Field called Gravity... so that is how a Static Universe works.

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Now let's talk about Albert Einstein's Dynamic Universe, for one thing it means that Energy is Shot out of an Object, so when the Sun Shines on the Earth, the Sun is Shooting Protons of White Light at the Earth at the Speed of Light, and if yew can Image that its no difference then turning on a Flash Lite, the Battery Energizes the Light Emitting Diode, or LED, and Shots a Stream of Light out the End of the Flash Lite, so its Clear that since that Light has Energy in it, meaning it has Photons that can be converted into Electricity, then yew know that Electricity has some Mass, which granted its measured at the Subatomic Level, but still it has to obey the same Physical Laws of the Universe, and so every Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction, this Light should have some Measurable Recoil based on its Subatomic Level of Energy, but those that are Intelligent enough to know that was Isaac Newtons Laws, but then yew remember that he was Albert Einstein's Idol, so even Albert Believed that Newton was Right, so how could Einstein be so Wrong? Because a Flash lite has no Recoil, nor does it have a Trajectory, the Light goes from 0 to the Speed of Light in 0 Picosecond's Flat, so its Clearly not being Shot out of the Flashlight, and if his e=mc2 formula worked, that small about of Mass that the Energy in Electricity has, would become infinite in Mass as it approached the Speed of Light, which would Destroy the Universe, but much like the Big Bang Theory, [Not Einstein, but it allows it] which means the Hole Universe popped out of a Singularity, which means that every spec of Matter in the Universe came from a point in space, that is smaller then a Grain of Sand, then Expanded to the size of the Universe as it is today, thus it would have to Defy the Laws of Physics in doing so, since those Particles would have had to travel instantaneously across the Universe, instead of at the Speed of Light, so its obvious that this Science of Albert Einstein's, does not obey the Laws of Physics to begin with, since its all based on Space being linked to Time, as if Time was a Quantity that could be Manipulated by Space Curvatures, and Light would not be Effected by this Anomaly in space Albert Einstein calls Gravity, so basically a Dynamic Universe means that every spec of Matter in the Universe, is held in place by Time Space Warps, and of course Time Travel is possible so if yew do not like this Explanation, yew can go back in time and Change it, because anything is possible in a Dynamic Universe, and the greatest thing is that yew can make up what every yew want, since it does not have to follow the Laws of Physics, so this is how a Dynamic Universe works.

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Isaac Newton spent countless hours trying to figure out how to explain things in a way that everyone would understand it, but when it came to the Light, he did not succeed, not even Albert Einstein understood what Isaac Newton was talking about, even though he was a Ashkenazi Aspie with a High IQ, which actually makes him a Wizard also, but a Dark Wizard at that... Because he could not understand the Dynamic's of a Static Universe, and was convinced that Newton was wrong about it, and the more he tried to prove Newton was Wrong, the more he actually proved he was Right, but the Powers that Be did not understand it either, but they did know that Isaac Newton was a Wizard, and that was enough for them to want to discredit him, so they used the Plagiarized Math of Albert Einstein, the Patent Clark who Read to much, but understood so little, but was smart enough to fool most of the Sheeple, so the Powers that Be embraced Albert Einstein and held him in High esteem, thus denouncing Sir Isaac Newtons Static Universe, in favor of a Dynamic Universe, that any Intelligent being would understand that its simply not Reality to think that way, yew can not just ignore the Laws of Physics just because they do not fit into yewer Theory about how the Universe works, that is just Insane, but its what this World did, and the funny part is that they use Newtons Math, and not Einsteins, because Einsteins math does not hold up at the Subatomic Level, proving that its not Real, and why Newton could not Communicate his Conception of the Universe, is because he was an Aspie, and had an IQ greater than 180, so he was not writing for Neurotypicals with low IQ's, he was Writing for Wizards like Me.

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I have always Questioned the Wisdom of the Teachers, and they never could dismiss the Static Universe with any Logic, but would defend the Dynamic Universe with illogical reasoning, and then told me that I was not Intelligent enough to Understand Albert Einstein's Theories, and I told them that I have 180 IQ, and Albert Einstein only had 160 IQ, so yewer Logic does not hold up, yew have to answer my Question, which Universe is Right? Static or Dynamic? They both can not be Right, so I ask the Word to make up its Mind, which Universe is Real, and which is Science Fiction?

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 07-01-G-Science-12

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But here is the Problem, Sheeple are Parrots, they only know how to go along with the Heard, they are not Intelligent enough to use Logic to Prove Complex Concepts, so they look for someone Smarter then they are to Debunk it, but those are just Stupid Sheeple who say things like the Atomic Bomb Works, and its based on Albert Einsteins Theory of e=mc2, because they have no concept of Reality, because if this Formula was right, the Universe would not exist, but this Formula is the Icon of Intelligence itself, which proves how Stupid Yew really are, think about this, the Logic will take yew to a Place yew do not want to go, and that why it's a Problem, Science must be Real, not Science Fiction based on Beliefs that make no Sense whatsoever, just so the so Called Doctors can save Face with the Sheeple on this Planet, because its much easier to put Aspies in their place, next to the Brain Dead, so they can make Autism a Disorder, and treat it like a Disease, knowing that every Genius who ever Lived was an Aspie, but that is how Neurotypicals think, and why its such a Problem.

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Yew are yewer own worse Enemy, and its yewer Neurotypical way of thinking that is at the Base of it, yew treat Autistic People like they are Diseased, and a Burden to Society, so Doctors can have their way with them, which is just Sick and Twisted, and has gone on since the Dark Ages, the Witch Hunt never Ends, so the World with continue in Darkness, because of its Hatred of Autistic People, even though History shows yew who these People are, Like me Jeffrey Scott Flesher: not to mention: Hans Asperger, Isaac Asimov, Charles Schulz, Jim Henson, John Denver, John Nash, Bobby Fischer, Carl Jung, Emily Dickinson, Henry Ford, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Vincent Van Gogh, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johannes Kepler, Michelangelo, Galileo, Nostradamus, Isaac Newton, Merlin, Jesus, Adam, and the List goes on, why so much Hatred for a Syndrome that makes yew more Intelligent? When will all the Madness end? For Science to move on, this Prejudice of Wizards most come to an end.

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Most Sheeple do not understand that what the Doctors are doing to this World is Wrong, they do not believe that they have this Evil Plot to Destroy Autism, when in fact that is their very agenda from the beginning of time, the Witch Hunt will never end, and there is no other way to explain this.

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The Reason why most of Yew Sheeple do not understand what is going on, is because yew are too removed from being Present to understand what is going on, yew have never learned the True History of this Planet, because it was Written by those who have Conquered the World, thus they re-wrote History to make themselves look good, and to hide their Crimes against Humanity, so they have to Dumb Yew down, by making yew believe that Science Fiction is Reality, and Wizards are just Mythical People, and are really just Crazy Old Men, and Witches are Evil Ugly Woman, who deserve to be Burned at the Stack, when Chemically Neutering them is no better than a Lobotomy, so Science is all set to create a Vaccine that can eradicate Autism forever, and it will be a Mandatory Vaccination, because the Powers that Be, believe that Autism is an Epidemic that needs to be eradicated fast, before some of its Wizards start to talk, and the Sheeple stat to listen, so they have Trained yew from an Early Age how to spot a Wizard, and how to dismiss everything they have to say, even if it makes more sense than common Theories about the Universe, and why Sir Isaac Newtons Static Universe was abandon in favor of a Dynamic Universe, knowing how Crazy a Dynamic Universe is, only the truly insane would believe such a lie, that it was really just a Joke they played on the General Public, to prove how Stupid yew really are, but that is the very Definition of Sheeple, Stupid Animals, that prove it every Step of the way.

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I can not start to talk about Real Science until the General Public decides which Universe is Real, so put it to a vote and let me know which one wins, as if I have any doubt which one it will be, the Bidding of the Powers that Be, which is the Dynamic Universe, where everything is Possible and the Laws of Physics has no meaning, and yew can travel back in time and Kill yewer Parents, so yew will never be born, and yew think that is Science Fiction? Then vote for a Dynamic Universe, because the Craziness just starts there and the Rabbit Hole goes much Deeper, and just how much deeper does it go?

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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, will now define Science in Step 1, from the Viewpoint of the Lightside in Terms the Darkside can understand.

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The Wizards are Tired of running from the Darkside, they are tired of being Hunted down and Murdered for telling the Truth about the Universe, they are tired of the Sheeple who Deny who they are, just because Yew think Yew are Better than people with Autism, so Yew have to make Autism into a Disease, to make yewerselves feel better about being so Stupid, but that is why Yew are Sheep, because Yew are just Stupid Animals, who believe that they are the Animal, and not the Energy called God's Particle, or Trinary Energy, which is also called the Light, so their I is the Light Wizzard, but this does not sound very Scientific to Yew, so yew Deny any of it is True, and that is how the Darkside works.

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When Yew Live in a World where Science Fiction is said to be the True Science of the Day, yew know yew Live in the Dark Ages, because yew can not Deny that the Static Universe makes more Sense than a Dynamic Universe, and even though Sir Isaac Newtons Math is Real Science, yew figure his Wizard Ways meant that his Static Universe was not True, and Einstein's Delusion is Reality, even though his Math can only be used for Theoretical Work, and fails to work at the Subatomic Level, meaning it's not True, but Yew do not let Details like the Truth get in yewer way, because yew know Isaac Newton was a Wizard, and had Autism, yet yew forget that Albert Einstein did also, just because he did not dabble in Alchemy, does not mean he was not a Wizard, so how did Einsteins insane Theories become Science? Because Yew let them.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 07-01-G-Science-20

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The Truth about the Truth is that Yew allow it to be, Freewill allows Lies to become Truth, and Truth to become Lies, so Truth is just a Word, and like all words it has many meanings to many people, but how do yew know what the Truth is with all the Lies about the Truth, and the Answer is Freewill, yew just have to make up yewer own mind about what yew believe is the Truth, but yew most also Prove it to yewerself, do not take other peoples opinion about what is True and what is Not, so ask yewerself if Oil is the Blood of the Planet or is it False Fuel, one day a Drill will hit a Pocket of Oxygen and Hydrogen, and the Planet will go Nova, but that is because Sheeple allow Drilling for Profit, regardless of the Cost of all Life on this Planet, even as I say these Words this Planet is being Destroyed for Profit, but the Sheeple allow the Powers that Be to Frack the Planet for Profit, as the Police Gear up for War against the Sheep, to do the Bidding of the Banks who OWN them, the Truth is all to Obvious for those who see the Light, the Science of this Age is all for Profit. Sir Isaac Newton would only Publish work that he could Prove to be the Truth, so a lot of his Beliefs were unpublished, but part of his Notes, and those Notes shocked many people, and a lot of his Notes were lost, because people who plundered them destroyed most of his Notes, because they went against their Belief System or BS, which takes Freewill away from those that could have benefited from his Knowledge, luckily I got to read all his Notes before they were Destroyed, so I decided to document his Unpublished work, after I proved to myself that it was the Truth, and why did I do this?

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IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh.



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