The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Chapter 07.03
Science Step 3

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 07.03
Science Step 3


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
Science Step 3
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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, will now define Science in Step 3, from the Viewpoint of the Lightside in Terms the Darkside can Understand.

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A Theory is like an Opinion, everyone has one, and no one can agree on anything, so both of these are useless when it comes to Science, so I try to never give Opinions or Theories about anything, but Science is more than Facts, and has nothing to do with Religion, because Freewill is more Important and less confining, but in a World that is Ruled by Money, which is the Root of all Evil, and the Driving Force behind all Science, it seems Science is what yew Pay for, Yew only listen to those that have Money, so Money is the Only Science Yew know, so its no Surprise that the Science of the Wizards falls into the Fairy Tale Category, because Pure Science Fiction Sells better, so I find myself having to compare Science Fiction to Real Science, and my Videos become Fat and Pointless, because what is the Point of talking about Science Fiction as if it was Real Science, and that is why Society has devolved into a Slave Population controlled by Money, and its Population has been so Dumb'd Down and Brain Washed into thinking Wizards just are Fairy Tales, just so the Powers that be can Sell yew Dumb, which is another Word for Theory if yew ask my Opinion, but that is just a Theory... Because Words are a Wizards best Line of Defense, they can cut deeper then a Sword, and cure any illness.

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In this Step I will finish up my talk about Gravity, because it seems to be the most confusing aspect of Science, because there are too many Theories and Opinions that conflict, and Main Stream Science is always flip flopping on this Theory over that Theory, so why is this such a difficult concept for Sheeple to Understand, its not like its changed since the Creation of the Universe, yet most of yew will Believe any Theory Yew Herd, like its Centrifugal Force, even though common Sense would Tale Yew that would Throw Yew Off the Planet, so they tell yew it's because the Earth is so Massive that it defies the Laws of Physics, but Wizards never like Science that can does not obey the Laws of Physics, because those types of Theories are very unpredictable, and can not be verified Scientifically, so they become Science Fiction, because that is what they are if its not the Truth.

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I Inherited a lot of papers written by Nicola Tesla, as well as Other Wizards, but Tesla Like Newton before him, said he was a descendant of Jesus, which would make him a relative of mine also, and he was also an Aspie which makes him a Wizard, which makes the connection even more Interesting, and might explain how my Grandfather left me all His Notes, it seems our Obsession with the Universe was handed down from Generation to Generation, just like the Papers I Tale about, so its now part of His-Story, and what I found Interesting is that both Tesla and Newton were working on the same problem, which is what the Sun and Planets Core was constructed of and how it worked, and both men spent their entire Life working on this one problem, and solved many others in Pursuit of just this one Answer, and since I already Answered that Question, I can now move on with Science, but first yew must understand that current Main Stream Theories about the Core of a Sun or Planet, is that it's a Nuclear Reaction, which defies all known Laws of Physics, by being able to Compress Empty Space to the point it does not exist, and then compress the Material into a Singularity, which Einstein refers to as a Black Hole, I must point out that I can not go along with any Theory that defies the Laws of Physics, this is Science Fiction, because it involves Paradox's, while Reality Teaches us that all Objects contain 99.999% Empty Space, and that is a lot of Empty Space, but Nicola agreed with Isaac, stating that all Space has 4 Dimensions, and since Main Stream belief was that only the 3rd Dimension exist, that the 1st and 2nd Dimensions are just Theoretical, Tesla stated that No Dimension was a Dimension in itself, and all Wizards talk Literally, so Tesla and Newton agreed that the 0, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dimensions made up all Space, and growing up this is what I was Taught, and I thought everyone Thought that way, so as it turns out, I Inherited the Way these Men Think, and in Time I Realized that what they Wrote should not be a Secret, even though I Lost the Papers, I did not Lose their Meaning, Inheritance should be passed down from One Generation to the Next, so this is my way of passing this information on.

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Both Tesla and Newton knew that Tides were caused by Electromagnetic changes in our Magnetosphere, but they did not have the tools to measure such a Field accurately enough to figure out how, but knew that just like the Light: it Existed, it was the only explanation for how the atmosphere does not vent into Outer Space, and also understood that the Moons Gravity was not what was causing the Tide Changes, since it was not changing the Gravity of the Earth, both men also knew that Lightning caused the Ground to Contract, and wondered if this was why the Tide changes take place, did the Lightning somehow change during Hide Tide, because Lightning is going on all over the World all the Time, and Lightning Patterns should be easy to detect, but Technology of their days made this task too difficult to test, so the only puzzle they were working on, was how the Core of the Sun and Planets worked, since they knew it was the Key to Gravity, they also knew that the Suns Core was Not Hot, so I do not believe they would have gone along with the Nuclear Theory, but since Nuclear Power was unheard-of in Newtons time, I can not speak for him, but Tesla did not believe the Sun had any signs of being Nuclear, so the idea of it baffled him, how could it sustain itself, its just not possible, this is the Dream of Cold Fusion, and that is all it is, and its more Science Fiction then fact, since the Concept defies the Laws of Physics, nor did it behave like it was Electricity, in fact, the only thing it did behave like was the Light, so they both agreed that the Light must cause Gravity, and its this Light that is in all of Newtons Calculations, he called it Force, and Tesla Interpreted that as a Force Field, and began work to discover how Light can cause a Force Field.

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Tesla said that Lightning can not cause Gravity to change, and quickly eliminated any Electromagnetic Device having any effect on Gravity through numerous experiments, as have many Scientists since then, so it has been proven time and time again that no amount of Electromagnetic Energy can create a Force Field that effects Gravity in the slightest, so any talk about Magnetism having any influence on Gravity stops here, and Tesla ruled out Centrifugal Force for the same reason Newton did, since it would have thrown us off the Planet, as all Scientific testing Concluded, so what ever Gravity is, it has to overcome Centrifugal Force, so any discussion about Centrifugal Force effecting Gravity, is limited to it having to overcome it, and not that its actually creating it, because as Tesla and Newton both pointed out, that is just not possible, even Albert Einstein who idolized Newton and believed in his Math said the same thing, so now that we can all agree on this point let's move on to what does.

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Gravity is caused by the Null Space bubble that is formed around the Core of the Planet, as it is dragged through Space, I already proved that in Previous Videos, and do not want to repeat it here, nor the discussion about the Core itself, since I talked about it in Detail in Previous Videos also, so what I do want to point out is that in Newtons and Tesla's day, the Magnetosphere study was still new, and the tools of today were not available to them, as they were to me, so it was nothing for me to figure out how the Core of the Earth works, based on Science of my day, so I stood on the Shoulders of Giants to Achieve this Goal, [See Farther is what Isaac Said, just checking to see how many of Yew would get this Point] that both Newton and Tesla could not answer, and it was due to their work that any of this Science is even Possible, so I give them all the Credit for this Discovery, all I did was Tale Stories about it, but that is all Wizards ever do, and Newton and Tesla were both Wizards as well, so what did yew expect, but His-Story did not End here, there was more to His-Story that Yew most Understand.

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Benjamin Franklin, who is also a Wizard, which is another Term for Aspie, had a lot to say about Lightning, Tesla read everything he could find about it, but found Franklin to be the best source of Information on the Subject. My Cousin Isaac Newton was born before Franklin Died, and said he had all his work on Lightning, Tesla references some of the things my Cousin said, so it was clear he also had a copy of all this work, which farther lead me to believe that there is a family connection here, but I could never find any evidence of it, and like Newton, I do not like talking about things I can not Prove, even though all the documents I did have, are now gone, but in my mind, its not like they never existed, only that I do not have them, but its clear others do, and its also clear from my Great Grandfathers journal, that he knew Franklin, so this Obsession with Lightning has been going on for a long time now.

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Tesla said that Real Lightning has qualities that Lightning Generators could not reproduce, he said that there is something in Real Lightning that a Generator can not Create, he called it Mass, he said that Real Lightning had more Mass, like it was heavier, or had more weight to it, and said it was a Key Component of Lightning, that made harvesting it a worth wild venture, and spent the rest of his life pursuing it.

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Everyone should agree that Lightning can not produce Gravity, but I must state it just to get it out there, because a lot of people still believe that Gravity can be produced by Electricity, or even more foolishly in Centrifugal Force, but Tesla was very clear on the point that these ideas were just Scams to make Money, so every time Sheeple want to talk about Free Energy coming from Magnets, makes the Hair on the back of my Neck Rise Up, proving that all the great idea's were being stolen just to make Money, and Tesla himself despised Money, as do most Wizards, at least those in the Light... it's the Reason Tesla's work got shut down, because the Bankers knew that if Tesla got his way, everybody would get Free Energy, and the Bankers could not have that, so they shut him down.

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What I discovered about Lightning, is that Gravity Attracts it, I used to think it was just completing a Circuit, but Franklin, Tesla and even Newton, thought it had more to do with Gravity, then what I have been able to Prove to myself, so this Puzzle is not over for me, its still a Puzzle I have to Solve, but I do not have the Tools to Answer this Question, the Technology of this Day is not Advanced enough, so for now I can say that Lightning is essential to the Health of the Planet, I know its like Oil, which is the Blood of the Planet, so Lightning must be its Nervous System, but I found no link to Gravity, that I can Prove without building a Machine that can Test this idea, so in the Pursuit of Artificial Gravity, it seems to me that you will still have to build a Trinary Engine, and a Lightning Ball is the Key to this Puzzle, since Light is what Causes Gravity, it's because of the Trinary Engine, or Core of the Sun or Planet, is Forcing the Light around it, creating a Bubble of Null Space around the Dense Core, but it seems to me that to create such a device, you will still have to deal with the Gravity of it, meaning: like the Sun or Planets, it gets dragged through Space the Moment its Gravity overrides the Gravity around it, the next Question is which way would it get Dragged? A Question that needs to be answered before yew start one up, this concept is what I call Free Energy, but to build such a Device, would take a Change in Technology, Science and Society.

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Just to be Crystal Clear about the Trinary Engine, if I take all accounts in the Bible about how God is the Light, I have to account for the Light having Darkness in it, and how Light is Energy, and how we are the Light, a view that Tesla, Franklin and Newton, as well as others and myself have, then I look into the Science of this Day and what do I find? Gods Particle. So I investigate it and look at what I find, a Matter, Antimatter and Null Space State, forming a Tri-State Element, and Newton came up with the Mathematical formula (+1) + (-1) = 0, to describe this relationship, even though he did not know about God's Particle at his Time, due to Technology, namely the Electron Microscope, which oddly enough was built using principles he himself invented, with some of Tesla's Electronics thrown in, and his description of God in all his Equations, lead me to figure out how the Core of all Planets were created, keep in mind I am talking about the Core of every Galaxy, Sun, Planet and Moon, as well as other flying objects in Space. I know the Core had to be very Dense, and the only way to make anything that dense is to remove the Empty Space in it, since 99.999% of all the Mass of any Object is Empty Space, it could only be achieved by creating a Supper Dense Material, and doing research I found that Neutrino Detectors where believed to have been detecting a material that came from Suns that have gone Super Nova, so I called this Material Tritanium, I knew it was the Densest Material known to mankind, yet none has ever been captured due to how small the particles are, and it was believed that they have no protons, so I worked on several models that could be reproduced in nature, and matched all the Criteria for such and Engine, then I named it a Trinary Engine, I did a lot of Research that took most of my Life, even though I had the Concept perfected by age 9, mostly through my Dreams, as well as the Dreams of other Wizards, some of these Dreams are public Knowledge, Stories about Lightning, and how we are the Light, which all the Wizards have talked about, as well as real Science from Real Scientist, and the Works of Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Franklin, Tesla and other Wizards, as well as References from the Bible, and other Scientist up to this Date, and this is what I came up, a working model of a Trinary Engine, which is the Galaxy, Sun, Planets and Moons, its one Engine that can Power the Core of all Interstellar Objects, including some Comets and Asteroids, although I must admit the existence of such an Engine has not been proven yet, and its existence may not even be provable, since it's the Core of a Planet, be it a Galaxy, Sun, Planet or Moon, so its unlikely we will ever get a chance to examine the Core of any of these Objects, but like the Bible states, we must have Faith that the Light Exist, and if God made this Engine, it would be a given that mankind should be able to figure out how, since God made humans at the Cellular Level, yew could use yewer Cell Phone... That Joke never gets Old... God showed all the Wizards I speak of a Vision of how, and the Trinary Engine explains it, Logically it Answers all the Questions about how the Universe actually works.

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I can only imagine how a Trinary Engine is Built, Imagine a Sphere made of the densest material, I called Tritanium, and filling it with Matter (+1) and Antimatter (-1), knowing the two can never come into contact with each other, because they are both in different Dimensions, Real Matter is in the Third Dimension, but in terms of Gods Particle, which I call the Light, these Dimensions exist at the First and Second Dimensions, and Null Space is the 0 Dimension, so it keeps the Sphere from Imploding because there is no Empty Space inside the Sphere, because the Matter and Antimatter would take up all the Empty Space, this is a Key Concept, because this Core is so Dense it contains no Empty Space, and there is no other way to remove Empty Space from any Object, so what is the Object? Space. The Space that makes this Sphere so Dense that nothing can penetrate it, not even Empty or Null Space, keep in mind that when I say Empty Space, it's the same as saying Null Space in certain conditions, but I use the terms to denote how they are used, so Empty Space is the same as 99.999% of all the Empty Space that makes up the Static Universe, but Null Space refers only to the Space that contains No Dimensions, so it is the 0 Dimension, but in reality they could be the same thing, since Empty Space is Empty for a Reason, it has No Dimensions for 3 Dimensional Objects to exist in - is one of them, and nothing can be compressed to take out these Empty Spaces in any Object, since at the Subatomic Level nothing can come close to that Space, no matter how hard you Crush an Object, and this might be because that Space contains No Dimensions, but I can not Prove that Scientifically, but other Scientist also had this belief, Einstein refers to this as a Black Hole, but I will never use that term to describe it, since a Black Hole only refers to a Theoretical Dynamic Universe, and I already disproved that Theory in my First Video, but I needed to be clear on this point, because if anyone ever tries to create a Black Hole, this is what they would be creating, that is a Space that has No Dimensions, but if yew believed in Einsteins Black Hole, that is not what they would be getting, surprise, proof that the Universe really is Static, because now it should be clear to you, that if nothing can flow through it, it must flow around it, so even Empty or Null Space, must flow around it, thus creating the Null Space around the Trinary Engine's Core, that is the Fundamental Definition of a Trinary Engine, and how Gravity works.

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I must point out that Albert Einstein proved that the Dynamic Universe could Not Exist, he stated that a Paradox can Not Exist in Reality, then wrote a Book on a Theoretical Dynamic Universe that was based on one Paradox after another, he only believed in the Static Universe of Sir Isaac Newton, so yew have to ask yewerself why others would embrace the best Science Fiction ever written, and pretend that it was Real Science, and the Answer is clear, to take God out of Science, so they could take God out of Society, but why did Albert Write the Book if he was going to discredit it at the same time? Money. Did yew take In God we Trust out of Money? No, because yew are Satanic for allowing such Blasphemy, because God does not Need Money, nor should yew Value Money as much as yew Trust in God, Jesus said it was the Root of All Evil and Nothing Good could ever come from it, and he Died because Yew Used Money, so he Died because Yew Sin, and Not for yewer Sins, and certainly not so yew could continue Sinning, so Albert made a very Important message that most of Yew do not understand, and that is that only Satan would believe in this Book written for Money, he proved how Stupid Yew really are, and there is no Denying this, if yew believe that Everything is Possible, including going back in Time and Killing yewerself, then by all means do it or shut up about it, because no rational thinking person would ever think like that, but most of yew are not Rational, most of yew think the World Trade Center was taken down by Computer Generated Airplanes, because Yew saw it on TV, when in fact, no one saw it in Person, millions of Camera's, no Pictures, except for the Timely Cued clips that had obvious Rendering issues, so this is not even possible in the Dynamic Universe where everything is Possible, and it gets worse: the buildings around it fell due to sympathy pains for their taller Friends, because yew Live in a Fantasy World and the Word Reality does not apply to Yew, because even after the Theory of Relativity was debunked, yew still believed in it, knowing full well that there is no Curvature of the Space Time Fabric of Space, and that all his Formulas did not hold up at the Subatomic Level, and to this Day yew only use Newtonian Math, proving Yew are nothing but Stupid Sheeple.

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If the Dynamic Universe was true, then the Galaxy would behave in a totally different way, the inner Solar Systems would move around the Center of the Galaxy many times, before the outer Systems, much like Mercury rotates around the Sun about every 90 days, while Jupiter rotates around the Sun about every 12 years, but that was proven wrong a long time ago, all the Systems rotate around the Center of the Galaxy at the Same Rate, not at the Same Speed, such that the Inner most System will Rotate around the Galaxy at the same time the outer most System does, thus proving beyond a shadow of doubt that the Dynamic Universe is Wrong, and that all these Scientist are just Lying to Yew, because they know Einsteins Math does not hold up, and that time can not exist in a Black Hole, not even a Theoretical Black Hole, because if you remove all its Dimensions, nothing can exist in it, so why do the Powers that be continued to keep this Hoax going? Because they know Yew are too Stupid to even understand that, because yew are just Slaves to Money, Yew have No Honor, No Integrity, No Morals, No Brains, people say that I should go easy on Yew, and not put Yew down, saying that I can catch more fly's with Honey then Vinegar, but the Truth is that Yew offend Me, I have No Tolerance for Ignorance, I look around and all I see is Sin, I have to Live like a Slave because of all of Yew will not Fight for Freedom, because Yew believe in Free Dumb, I have proven the Dynamic Universe is a Lie, but Yew only believe in Lies, because Yew are all Satanic, and that is by the very definition of the Word, because if yew believe in the Dynamic Universe, yew do not believe that God Created the Universe, and that is what Satan said, he would call it Chaos, and Jesus said only Satan uses Money, God has no need for Slavery, because Money is Dept, its nothing more than a Spell a Dark Wizard Cast on Yew.

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I can not teach Yew Science as long as Yew only believe in Lies, no reason to talk about the True when Yew are all just Cowards that bow down to the Bankers that enslave yew, yew do their Bidding, because yew are their Enemy, and go along with their Godless Science making yew Satin because Yew are just Stupid Sheeple, and do not know how to think for yewerself, because yewer Brain's are Wired Wrong, yet Yew think it's the Wizards or Aspies Brains that are Wrong, when the truth is that Neurotypicals are just Jealous of Aspies, that is why Yew hunted down Wizards and Witches, and those Witch Hunts never stopped, now Yew are working on Vaccines to Kill us at Birth, as if we were a Virus that is infecting yew, proving yew are Evil and Satanic and Yew only want to Kill all of us. I had to Turn Off the Comment Section on Yew Tube, because of all the Stupid things that Yew Say, I do Not Care what Yew believe, nor does the Universe, and the Truth is that I have not said one thing that the other Wizards have not said, so calling me Stupid is calling them Stupid, because all my writing comes from work they have done, the only thing that has changed is my attitude towards Yew, because I do not like Yew, nor should I, yew have Proven time and again that all Yew are is Evil, and I do not put up with Evil, nor should I, nor should I put up with yewer Ignorance, Yew are Lazy Stupid Animals, and IAM just the Dog trying to Protect my Heard of Sheeple, but the Sheeple are too Stupid to understand that or anything else, and I can not protect yew from yewerself, because Yew are yewer own Worse Enemy, i should just Check Out and Leave yew to Yewer own Demise, because i do not Like Living in Evil just because Yew are Sheeple, who believe Money is a Necessity, why wait around for Yew to Kill Me, when I can Never Die, Wizards will continue to be born into this Evil World of Sheeple, and Yew will Steal their Ideas for Profit, and then tale them how Stupid they are, because that is How Yew Are, I know Tesla's plan for Free Energy, this is what I call Real Science, I could show Yew how to build them, but only for Sanctuary, and Not for Profit, I only believe in Freedom, and yew can not buy Freedom, yew have to earn it, but Yew are just Sheeple, who Worship Money and Not God, and Christians are the Worst, they believe they can continue to Sin in Jesus's Name, as their Churches back a Godless Science known as the Dynamic Universe that Proves God does not Exist, so Yew are all Satanic and two faced liars, because only Satan believes that way, and its not until Yew can Change Yewer Evil Ways will anything change, but mark my Words, the Ice Age is coming and none of Yew will Survive it, because yew are too Stupid to Live, and then you remember that Yew are just Female Sheep, and IAM not talking to You at all... and I do this because...
IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh.



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