The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Chapter 07.00
Science Step 0

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 07.00
Science Step 0


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
Science Step 0
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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, will now define Science, in Step 0: from the Viewpoint of the Lightside in Terms the Darkside can Understand.

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Most People View Science and Religion as two ends of a Spectrum of Reality, but the fact is that the Bible has been the Only Validity that Science has, and the Church Believes it wrote the Bible and by Law Owns it, and is the Only one who can Represent it, so if the Church does not except the Science, neither will the People, and if the Church says the Science is Heresy, then the People will agree, so nothing has changed in the last 3 thousand years, so its here that we begin to define what Science really is, which is the Viewpoint of the Church, and not the Bible.

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In the Bible it states that God Created the Universe, and that God is all Light with no Darkness in it, so the Light Created the Universe, and the Light Wizzard agrees, so its in the Definition of the Light, in terms both Science and the Church can agree on, that Science and Religion become one and the same, which is why the Church has Scientist to Validate all Science, and its not till the Church agrees that this is the Truth, do the People view it that way, so for the Record, the Light Wizzard does not change the Definition of the Light, so the Light Wizzard, Science and the Church are all in agreement that the Light Created the Universe.

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At the Subatomic Level it can be proven that the Light created Life at the Cellular Level, Scientist call this the God Particle, so the Search for the Higgs Boson became an Obsession, after 50 years Science is so close to finding God, that they never asked the Question should we be looking for God here, because of the Insanity of looking for God in a Nuclear Explosion does not register as a Crazy idea, they believe you have to start somewhere, and if the Big Bang was a Nuclear Explosion then God must be there, so this is the Only way to prove it, yet they Deny where God is, which is not in the 3rd Dimension, in fact these Scientist only Believe in the 3rd Dimension, so why not just call it the Only Dimension, since they do not believe the Other Dimensions Exist at all, but this is why I said it was Insane to look for God in this Dimension in the first place, so Scientist are looking for God in all the Wrong Places.

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The Bible states that you must have Faith that God exist, so they are saying you must have Faith that the Light exist, this line of Logic can bring you to the conclusion that you must have Faith in where the Light Exist, so to this end, the Light Wizzard tells yew that Light exist in the 1st and 2nd Dimensions, so you must have Faith that these Dimensions exist, but as a Scientist, I must prove that these Dimensions exist, which is actually very easy, to easy in fact, so Science has a hard time believing in things that are too easy, because the existence of God has to be far more Complex than this explanation, so it seems Faith and Science do not mix, but the truth is that its only the Reality that you view the Universe in, that this becomes evident, and its real simple - let's do a Scientific Experiment to prove it.

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Most People view the behavior of a Flashlight as they do a Bullet in a Gun, the Light is the Bullet, the Flashlight is the Gun, it shoots the Light out of it at the Speed of Light, this is a very simplistic view of it, but a very accurate description of the way they view it, so let's measure the kick of the Flashlight, as we would measure the kick of a Gun, because they can not be any different, or the view of this relationship is totally wrong, and that is the Scientific Proof that the Light Wizzard wants you to acknowledge, so Scientist need to measure the Kinetic Energy of Light Travel, not the Speed, but the Ballistic characteristics of it, if Light is being shoot out of the device producing the Light, then it has to create a Recoil, this is Newtons 3rd Law of Motion, for every Action there is an Equal and Opposite Reaction, so in Space, a Flashlight becomes a Rocket Engine, it should power the Flashlight up to the speed of Light in a matter of seconds, but the Experiment fails, so its clear that Light does not shoot out of the Flashlight at all, so what is happening?

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Newton said the Universe is Static, Einstein said it was Dynamic, it can not be both, so let's do one Scientific Experiment to see which one is true, we simply have to look at the Ramifications for a Dynamic Universe, which is that Multiple Realities can and do exist, in fact the Universe is actually a Multiverse, and in it the Universe the Light Wizzard teaches exist, yet this Universe states that the Universe is Static, so Newtons Universe is also here, so round and round this Experiment goes, how does a Universe exist in a Universe that can not exist, and the only conclusion is that it can not, this is called a Paradox, and Einsteins Universe is full of Paradoxes, in fact in Einsteins Universe, Einsteins can travel back in Time and Kill himself, which would have prevented Science from being keep in the Dark ages, but those Believing in Time Travel will argue that just because no one has invented a Time Machine yet, does not mean they can not exist, and the Paradox of what they just said does not occur to them, because once a Time Machine is built, the Present becomes the past, so this machine would have already been built by their very definition of what Time Travel is, but regardless of this fact, the fact that we can not see any evidence of this Universe actually behaving like this, is in fact the very definition of the word Insane, which is a belief in things that can not be possible, but because Einsteins believes everything is possible, you will never get those believers in Einsteins theory to ever see the Light, which the Light is the Truth, because God is the Truth and God is the Light, so these Scientist must first rid itself of God, because that is the only obstacle in their way to proving this insanity, so the Light Wizzard simple can not go there, because there is no Scientific Test you can preform to prove that this Universe is Dynamic, and only Common Sense can prove otherwise, and Einstein has no Common Sense, and all the Formulas Einsteins Plagiarized when being a Patent Clark will not change this fact, and any real Scientist can tell you that Einsteins theories do not work at the Subatomic Level, this is all the Proof I require to prove the Universe is Static, so this is a fact that is backed by Science.

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The Universe is Static, so Newtons 3 Laws of Motion still apply, oddly enough they do not apply to a Dynamic Universe, so how Science took that road is beyond me, yet Science can not explain Light or Gravity, as if they are two separate things, when in fact they are the same thing by Definition, since the Light is what creates Gravity, and its only how you view Reality does this make sense, so now we need to define it from the view that it has Dimensions, 3 Dimensions are defined as Width, Depth and Height, simple removing one at a time will take you to the 2nd, 1st and 0 Dimensions, note that the 4th Dimension and above are just view points, and do not define Physical Dimensions, but those below the 3rd are Physical and can be proven to exist, so how do we prove the 2nd Dimension exist?

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Light is Energy, its Trinary Energy, meaning that the Light has 3 States, so Gods Particle has 3 States, so its very definition is Scientifically proven, so all we have to do is explain how it behaves in a Scientific Experiment, so take a Flashlight, and a High Speed Camera, and record its behavior, and you will discover that Light is Static, just like the Universe itself, which is made from the Light, so that means that the space it occupies does not move, it's the Universe in the 3rd Dimension that moves, and the 2nd, 1st and 0 Dimension are Static, since that is where the Light is, without a proper frame of perspective it's hard to view it that way, picture yourself in the Middle of the Ocean in a boat, with no Land in site, it's hard to see if the boat is moving, so Faith has to step in, or you must find a frame of Reference other than site to navigate by, its just that simple, once you realize that the Universe is moving at the Speed of Light, you will realize that is why the Speed of Light is a Constant, but how is this possible is the question that eludes you, the 2nd Dimension is what confuses you, its not like normal space where a coordinate system maps out the same way the 3rd Dimension does, its not even possible since it has no Dimension that allows this, so its just the Logic of it that you do not understand, and that is simple, it starts at the origin of the Light, so the Universe opens up on the Path the Light must take in order to follow the path it makes, so a Light Particle is created by the Flashlight, it just causes the Energy in the 2nd Dimension to hold on to it, then as the Dimension the Flashlight is in moves away from the 2nd Dimension, and the Light is Dragged with it, so its not moving, the Flashlight is, so its easy to map out the 2nd Dimension and is Scientific proof that it exist, otherwise Light Travel makes no sense at all.

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Now that we have Scientific proof that the 2nd Dimension exist, how do we prove the 1st Dimension exist? The Answer is Faith, but Scientifically Faith means that you must agree that this is the way it works, regardless of the Explanation of how it works, but Faith is not without Irony, so you must answer the question of how the Light knows to travel the path that the Flashlight is Pointed, and that Logic leads you into the 1st Dimension, its controlling the Light, but the Scientific Experiment is difficult to create, since only God can control it, so we must create Experiments that change the behavior of the Light, but after thousands of years of experiments with Light, all we can do is change the direction it follows, and harness its energy, but we can not change the nature of it, so the Experiment fails, how can you prove God is Controlling the Light, when you can only view God as a Concept, and not as a Scientific Experiment that you can preform, that is the Irony I spook of, so proving that a 0 Dimension exist is Scientifically out of the Question, since its void of any Dimensions, it does not exist in any Dimension, yet without it, nothing could exist, so its existence is Scientifically satisfied with the fact that everything else exist, and can be proven, yet this is still just Faith and not real Science, so the Bible it seems is more Scientific than most first would agree with, since they always stated that you must have Faith that God Exist, so they are saying you must have Faith that the Light Exist, since it requires 0, 1, 2 and 3 Dimension to exist, and at each Level of Dimension we dig into, the deeper Science is pushed, so its no wonder why they look for God in the after math of a Nuclear Explosion, since they must believe this is the only way to unlock what is in those Dimensions, but this is an insane Experiment, Faith is the only True Experiment, but Scientist can not go there, so Religion must step in, or they must know that what the Bible said about Faith is Truth.

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The Light Wizzard tells you that yew can not see the Light, till you start to see how the Light actually behaves Scientifically, which is that it is Static, and the Universe moves around it, it does not change the path the Universe takes, it only changes the way yew view it, so its Reality, and not the Reality in which most Scientist view it in, and its not till this changes can Science move forward, so this is Step 0, and this is where all Reality must start, with the Knowledge of how things really work, and not how yew view them as working, because regardless of how yew view them working, the Universe will continue to work the way it always did, and its not till you Know this is true, will yewer Reality change, and yew can see the Light for what it is, which is GOD, the Guildinglight of Destiny, because the Light is everywhere in the Universe at the same time, its all Knowing, all Seeing - Omnipotent, it created all Life at the Cellular Level, it is the Universe as viewed by that same Life, so it is Reality, so the Bible was right about it all along, yew must have Faith that the Light Exist - only Scientist can not see this, so they Create the Universe into something it's not, which is Dynamic, then spend a lifetime trying to Prove it, applying the same Logic that got them here in the first place, is the very definition of insanity, so they try to build a better Explosion to prove this, so I rest my case, Scientist are insane, prove otherwise and I will listen, but they even deny who IAM, so it's a Paradox.

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Science means Facts, which means that the Science of this Time, has very little to do with Facts, more about Theories, which means to Teach with Fear, as a Child I learned this lesson well, when ever I would ask the questions about Gravity and Light, the Teachers would tell me that I am not smart enough to understand Eisenstein Theories, so I asked, how old do you have to be to understand insanity? Going along with this insanity only proves yew are insane, not that yew are Right, so yew Kill all those that do not believe the way yew do, so if yew can not be Right, at least yew can be Left, so Science on this Planet is run by those who do not know how the Universe works, so they make up Theories which are always being disproved, so Science is Evolving into a Science of BS, its yewer Belief System, so its Religion, since its not based on Facts, but Beliefs, because that is all a Theory is, and that is all the Science of this day, but Science to the Light Wizzard is just the Facts, so yew will find no Theories here.

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As a Child I knew that Gravity was not caused by Centrifugal Force, the very idea that it was, proved that those that believed this were insane, and insane and stupid may have the same meaning, because yew could argue that they are just ignorant to the facts, yewer very definition of the word is proof of this, so the Science of the Light Wizzard goes against what Main Stream Science determines to be Normal, so Logic can only conclude that IAM Crazy or Yew are Crazy, but the Universe does not Care what yew Believe, nor do I, so let's prove who is insane Scientifically by preforming a simple Scientific Experiment, yew can create a Centrifuge anyway yew wish, and put in into space, outside the Moons Gravitational pull, just prove Scientifically that yew can stand on top of it with normal Gravity in the end, this is simple, not complicated, just build a working model of a Centrifuge that behaves the way the Earth does... I do not have to wait for the results, this experiment fails every time, proving that I have always been Right, and yew have always been insane for not acknowledging it, so what is my proof that the Light is what causes Gravity?

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The Trinary Engine, it is Create with Trinary Energy, which is the Light, and we have proven that the Light is Gods Particle, so it has 3 States: the Light State is 1, it's the Matter, it becomes clear that this is the Light, because its Brighter then the Solid State it takes, so the Solid State is a 0 state, but that causes Scientist to say what... a 0 State, what is a 0 State, and its simple, the state that its in most of the time yew view it, yew see, it turns Brighter and moves to one side or the other, so it's changing states and position, so to change from one position into another, it must change that state, and it dose this by incrementing its State Change, and since we know scientifically that the Light State is a 1 State, meaning its True State of Energy, algebra proves it like this:
A + 1 = 1,
so A must be 0, and then it changes to a Negative State, meaning it disappears all together, but since Energy can not be Destroyed, it simply just changed from 1 State into another, and since this is Static Universe, it does not disappear into another Universe, but another Dimension, which is the reason they do not understand this, since they do not understand Dimensions, so it's a Negative 1, or Antimatter State, so the Math that proves this Scientifically is:
(+1) + (-1) = 0,
which Logic leads you to know that the reason it changes positions, is because its moved from one Dimension into another, so its 1 State is the 1st Dimension and its -1 State is in the 2nd Dimension, so Matter and Antimatter do not exist in the 3rd Dimension at all, and do not exist in the Same Dimension, so they never come together, so looking for God in a Nuclear Explosion is also insane, this is the Scientific proof of that, and the bases of the Trinary Engine.

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If you apply Scientific Logic to known Principals in the Universe, based only on what I have Proven here Scientifically, yew will understand that if yew take a Particle of the densest element in the known Universe, which I call Tritanium, and put it under control of the Light, or GOD, then the Logic of the State Changes of the Light will prove the Science behind the behavior of the Universe itself, so in its 0 State Tritanium is Solid, as such yew can see it, touch it, and prove it exists Scientifically, now change the State to 1 and note that it has moved outside of our Dimension, yet we can still see it, so we know we can prove it exists Scientifically, although we can not touch it now, since its not in our Dimension, so when it changes to its -1 State or Antimatter State, or Dark Matter State, we can also Scientifically prove it Exists, by the fact we can not see it, since its just moved into another Dimension also, so the basis of the Trinary Engine is Scientifically Proven: (+1) + (-1) = 0, so these State Changes can and do take place as Scientifical Evidence, and are known to be Perpetual, meaning that they change States indefinitely without any interaction from any known force applied to it, except for God, so it's a Perpetual Engine, now all yew have to do is Imagine an Engine the size of the Galaxy, and now you start to understand what a Trinary Engine is, a Self Perpetual Engine that runs the Universe, it's the Galaxies, Suns, Planets and Moons, and is now a Scientifically Proven Model, so its not a Theory, but Scientific Evidence of how the Universe works, and if yew follow the Logic in each Step, yew will know it's the Truth Scientifically, and not through Religion, since the Bible was Right about God, only they did not Scientifically Prove it till now, and yew think, wait a minute, yew do not represent the Bible or the Church, so how can you say this?

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As a Scientist we must prove who we are, we have a Birth Certificate, so our Ancestry can be proven, Drivers License, School Diploma, Military Records, and other Documents to prove that we are Qualified to talk about a given subject, so check mine, they are in order, IAM who I say IAM, and that is what bothers yew, since there is no other reason, so why Should anyone believe me just because I just Proved it Scientifically?

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My Ancestors wrote the Bible, not so that it could be the last word on how the Universe works, but so it could be proven to be the last word on this subject, and that is all I did, nothing more, and nothing less, so all that is Left is to have the Church Sign off on it.

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To be Scientifical about anything, yew must first remove Emotions, and Religion has blinded most of yew to this fact, even if yew claim to not care about the Church or Religion, yew will still argue that this Science is based on Religion, when in fact it's not, check my Dog Tags, under my Name, Rank and Serial number is my Religious Preference: Agnostic or Atheus, not because I do not believe in God, but because I do not believe in Their Religion, my Ancestors wrote the Book for the People to know the Truth about the Universe, but the Bible is not the Book yew ended up with, my Book of Truth is Lost to me, but I had a Copy of that Book, Read it, and I Know it's the Truth, some of the Stories are in the Bible the Church holds, not the ones they gave yew, but the real Truth, they hide it till the fulfillment of the Prophecy, so now we will see what they do - now that it's been fulfilled, because the Bible states who IAM, which is the Light, not the God of Moses, who was the Negative 1, the Antichrist, who did yew think he was... Satan, because that is what the Bible stated he was, but this is Science, no place for Religion here, but the Powers that be - know this, and is why every Wizard in History was murdered for this Belief, and why its not part of the Bible to this day, the Darkside is in Charge, so how do I leave this out of Science, when the very Authorities on this Subject is the Church, and the Truth is they backed another Ashkenazi named Albert Einstein, so yew know what the Church is doing, they are Lying to yew, the Bible states that only Satan Lies, so now you know who is in charge of the Church, and why I can not separate the Church from the State, let alone from Science.

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The Truth is that the Earth is Hollow, so Hallowed be they name, since a Halo is viewed like an Aurora or Corona, so be sure to check my Birth Certificate, because I was born in a Corona, that is my Kingdom with a Crown, and the Core of this Planet is Heaven, so it will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven, because of the Force Fields that surround the core of the Trinary Engines, so deeper into the Science we go, the Core starts off as a Solid Tritanium Toroid, then the inside Elements change States, so the Element becomes a Molecule, Energy can only Transform from one type of Energy into another, and when this happens it creates a huge Magnetic Field, called a Force Field, the First is inside the Engine itself, it creates a barrier, and a Containment Field, to keep the Core in a Quiescence's State, so its in balance, and creates a Second Force Field on the outside of the Engine to Contain it, and a Third at its outer most Reach to generate Gravity, this is what separates the Earth from Space, so it's a Gravity Engine, so what was done in Heaven Extends to Earth and the Heaven above it, now we have the Scientific Definition of how the Universe works, and it was explained using Science and the Bible, but using only Scientific Logic, based on Facts that are Scientifically Proven, so do not lead us into Temptation but deliver us from Evil, now the word evil is just live spelled back-words (backwards), and like the Bible itself is written in Code, so all yew have to do is know how to read it, and not read into it, that this story even start to make sense, but the Story has never Changed, its only in the way its told from the Viewpoint of the Person telling the Story.

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I tell this Story and Science itself, from the Viewpoint of the Lightside, but in Terms the Darkside can understand, as such, those in the Darkside, will never see the Light, because they would have to change the way they view the Universe, and to do that, they most let go of all the Darkness inside of them, and the Darkness is Evil, the Bible States that the Light has no Darkness in it, so yew must have Faith that the Light Exist, a Scientific Fact that Scientist must acknowledge, so all IAM doing is delivering them from Evil, which is why IAM the Light, the Light is how to Live, that was what the Bible stated, and why Scientist Refuse to acknowledge the Bibles teachings, even in the Church itself, since it has no more Rights to represent the Bible, then Me, since its was my Ancestors and theirs who wrote it, but not those who now claim the Right, because those people are Evil, but in Science we try to keep Emotions out of the Subject Matter, but this Subject is at the very center of that Debate, and yew can not separate the Facts from the Fiction, without analyzing both, so I will not try, in the End I must bring Light to this World ran by the Darkside, its Scientist are not Stupid nor Ignorant, they are just Evil, and it's My Father who must deliver them from themselves, so when Jesus and other Wizards told this Story, the Church Murdered them for Heresy, because this went against the Beliefs of the those in Charge, which was the Darkside, even though their Beliefs was stated in the Bibles as facts, and since they could not take back these Words, they just made yew view them from the Viewpoint of the Darkside in terms that only the Darkside could Understand, and this is Step 0 and I have 275 more Steps to go in this Series, and its this Science that they can not deny Scientifically, I just Proved it beyond a Shadow of Doubt, because it's the Truth, and the Truth will set yew Free, so if I can not deliver yew from Evil so yew can Live in Harmony, then yew will never see the Light, and ...

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IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Light Wizzard.



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