The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Chapter 06.02
Rant Guitar Wizard Step 0.2

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 06.02
Rant Guitar Wizard Step 0.2


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
Rant - Guitar Wizard Step 0.2
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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, will now Rant in Step 0.2, from the Viewpoint of the Lightside in Terms the Darkside can Understand.

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To become a Guitar Wizard, you must learn Step by Step, and Precision is the First Step, every note yew hit must be Precise, yew should never practice anything that is not Precise, because anything less than Perfection is training you to play substandard, and Wizards never do anything that is not Perfect, so our First Step is Perfection.

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Perfection is not just a Style, it's a Life Style, it's a Mind Set, and once yew set yewer Mind on Something, yew can take it to Perfection, no matter what it is, so a Wizard never does anything unless they want to do it the Right way, and the Right way is always the Way that makes it more Precise, and this Precision is built into everything a Wizard does.

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In Step 0, I played a Ditty, it only has 3 Chords, and as long as you play each Chord with Precision, yew can play this Song, how hard can it be, its only 3 Chords, so first let's learn these 3 Chords.

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If yew already know how to Play a Guitar, and Read and Write Music, that is fine, but this is how a Wizard Plays a Guitar, so I must start from the Basics, and define all the Notes we need to Play, so what I found is the easiest way to learn what Note is called what, is to put them into a Pattern I can Remember, so the Strings are Labeled 1 to 6, starting at the Bottom, this is true for my 12 String as well, and the Frets are labeled 0 to what ever is the last Fret on the Guitar yew are Playing, on my 12 String that is 20, and 21 on my Electric, so what I want to do is teach you how to Read and Write Sheet Music, so in this Lesson I will talk about the Open Notes at the Nut.

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Musical Notes are Easy to Read and Write, the Treble Clef is the Symbol used to Represent Guitar, even though it uses the whole Bass Clef as well, and there are 5 Musical Staffs, from Bottom to Top the Lines read: Every Good Boy Does Fine, or E G B D F, and the Spaces read: FACE.

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From Bottom to Top the Open Chords Read: Every Artist Digs Guitar Back East, or E A D G B E, note that the Guitar Neck has the Bottom E on the Top of the Sheet Music Staffs, it's because its viewed as if you lay the Guitar on its side, so the High E on the Top of the Music Staff, is the last letter in the Word FACE, and the Low E is actually 3 more staffs down under the last staff, knowing just this one little Trick, we can memorize the whole Fret-Board.

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I will teach a new string in coming Steps, so by Step 6, you will know every Note on the Fret-Board, that is how a Wizard Learns to Play a Guitar, Step by Step.

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Now to learn to Play the First Ditty, which is a Small Song, that is played in the Background of all my Videos in Step 0, there are only 3 Chords, the First chord is what I will call an F Major 13 with No 5th (F 13 -5), this is how it looks on Sheet Music, Tabs and the Fret-Board.

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I will call the Second Chord a C Major Add 9th.

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And I will call the Third and Last Chord a G-D.

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Now that we know what the Chords look like - let's Play them...

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The Chords must be made with Precision, the Fingers must form Angles that allow the Finger to be almost at a 90 Degree angle with the Fret-Board, so the Sound of the String will be very Clear, and you must change chords fast and easy, so let's look at the shape my Fingers make for each Chord:
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Note my finger position for the F Major 13 with No 5th, all my fingers are at a 90 to the Fret-Board, and my Thumb is in a very Strong Position,
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Now as I change to the C Major Add 9th, Note that all I am doing is moving my index and middle fingers up one string,
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and I will do the same for the G-D, but due to the Stretch, my middle finger is riding high on the String, this is because I can not quite get a 90 degree angle, but I want to make sure I do not deaden the String below it.

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Download Sheet Music

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The Ditty is played with a Pick, I use a white .38 mm Nylon Electric Guitar Pick, I am also playing a 12 String Ovation Electric Acoustic Guitar, with Ultra Light Strings, and I will Pick each Note on the Top Finger in a Progression, I do this by Walking my Fingers into Position, as I illustrate in this TuxGuitar Chart, which may not be Exact, but gives the General Idea how I Pick it, in Practice I try to change the way I play it every time I Repeat it, so no two are the same, so it sounds a little different each time.

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I will now show you a close up on the finger changes, first with the Finger not being used out of the way, so you can clearly see that I am not using it, then with it just slightly pulled off the Fret-Board, which makes it hard to tell if I am hitting it, but it should become obvious that I am walking my Fingers. The Chord Names are just a Guess on my Part, so if you know the real name of these Chords, please keep it to yourself, I do not Want to know, I will not update this video to fix it anyway, and the names of chords never matters to me, as long as you play them the Right way. I also use the palm of my Hand to Deaden Notes that I do not want to Ring Long, I do this by touching my Palm to the Strings at the Bridge of the Guitar, in a Tapping type of Rhythm, so that it adds a distinct sound to the Chords, I am also picking the Top Note in each Chord Change separately, to give it more Emphases, I alternate Picking and Strumming the other strings, so have a lot of fun when yew play this Ditty... This was a Rant in Step 0 on how to Play Guitar Like a Wizard, and ...
Only a Wizard could make a Guitar sound like a Flute, because ...

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IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh.



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