The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Chapter 1.00

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 1.1: Emotions Step 1


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
Emotions Step 1
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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, will now talk about Emotions, from the Viewpoint of the Lightside, in terms the Darkside can understand.

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First we have to agree upon what Emotions are, because most people take the word for granted, and think they know what Emotions are, they have names for every Emotion they can think of, so let's look at a few, and see where this takes us.

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Love is one Emotion, and if yew had to rate it on a scale of Good and Bad, most of yew would rate it as a Good Emotion, and if I asked yew to grade it on a scale of Light or Dark, most of yew would rate it as a Light Emotion, so the concept of Light and Dark Emotions, can be viewed in terms of Light and Dark, and most people can agree this is true, so to be clear, yew need to answer this question truthfully, are yew on the Lightside or the Darkside?

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Hate is another Emotion, and most of yew would rate it as a Bad or Dark Emotion, and most of yew are very reluctant to admit that yew have a Darkside, but the truth is that we all have Light and Dark sides, but no matter how Good or Bad we can be, we always view it as the Lightside, unless yew personally make an Effort to be Bad, or want others to view yew as Bad, it takes more effort to be Bad most of the time, not saying that to goat yew into feeling that is true, its more of an observation on my part, but I find it takes more effort for me to Hate someone or something, then it does to just not think about it at all, because once yew assign Hate to someone or something, yew have to keep Hating it, and Hate is a Bad Feeling, yew can not help but to feel Hate if yew Hate, so yew Hate to Hate, which really makes it a feeding frenzy, since once yew catch yourself hating, yew hate that yew hate, so yew hate even more, till it makes yew sick inside, its like Cancer of your Soul, the Darkness creeps in and consumes yew, and once yew start down this road, there is no turning back till yew can let go of hate, so it's a Roller Coaster Ride that yew turned into a Mass Transit, so yew get on this Bus and ride it where ever it will take yew, so this Emotion is really more like a Disease, since it causes yew so much Disease, that it really does make yew sick.

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Envy is yet another Emotion, you can Envy someone or something that yew Love or Hate, so Envy is an Emotion that makes yew feel a certain way about something, so to Envy something, is to say yew feel that that something someone else has, is something yew feel that yew deserve, be it Good or Bad, someone else may have something that yew feel yew deserve, so yew Envy them for that, some can leave it at that, while others will take it to the next step in Emotions of this type, which is Jealousy.

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Jealousy is yet another Level of Emotion caused by Envy, it does not need to start out as Envy, because some people can make the jump from one Emotion to another, yew can Love someone and become instantly Jealous of them for any reason, be it the affection of another person, a raise or promotion of someone at work, where yew feel yew deserved the position more than the other person, so yew jumped from Envy, right into Jealousy, because yew put more Energy into the Feeling, yew had to drive it with Anger or Rage to get to this level, oh it starts out as a mild case of self-pity, that sours after weeks of resentment and now yew hate this person, because no matter what started the Jealousy, it always goes to a level beyond hatred if yew let it, so there are varying degrees of any Emotion, and Jealousy is no different, so we all have to agree that Jealousy is a Bad Emotion, one that yew never want to feel, it Drains yew just like Hate, and if yew thought Envy was bad, Jealousy takes it to a whole new level, so to be real clear about this point, so when I ask yew later on about what yew think about the Emotion Jealousy, I do not want yew to back pedal and make it out to be a good Emotion.

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Emotions are Good or Bad, Light or Dark, so on the Good side, Love is Good, it has no Hate in it, so it's Light, and the Dark can not hide in the Light, so Love is a way of Life, its how we want to Live, so Love is Live, only one letter changes the spelling of it, change the O for I, it's not a play on Words, those words were written that way for a reason, it's not a coincidence, nor is it a coincidence that Bad is Evil, and the Darkside is Evil, yet Evil is Live spelled backwards, and as I said, this was all done for a Reason, so that Emotions had meaning that could be related in terms of Words.

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A Wizard must choose their Words wisely, for Wisdom is the Kingdom of Knowledge, and Knowledge is the Doorway to the Truth, and Truth is Good, so the Truth is Light, so the Light is the Truth, and the Darkside is a Lie.

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In the Bible it states that God is the Light, with no Darkness inside, for the Darkness can not hide in the Light, so yew think that Love is the Light, so God is Love, so yew read all the Stories in the Bible, and what do yew learn?

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If 95% of all Humans on this Planet are Religious, and by the way, it's a number that I did not make up, yew did, I must assume that yew have at least heard of the Bible, so to talk about Emotions I must use a book that is known to all of Human kind, and has not changed much over the years, otherwise, I would not have a document to compare these Emotions with, I do not care how yew view those stories, Good or Bad, Light or Dark, yew have to agree that the Words in it have meaning, and those meaning have got to follow the words they used to describe what they are trying to say, for just like a Wizard has to choose their Words, the Church had to choose their Words just as careful, so that when people like me read the Bible will understand it, so I ask yew now, is the Bible a Mistranslation of what they wanted to say, or did they say what they meant?

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I will take it that the Bible has been around for thousands of years, so if there were any mistranslations, they would have fixed them by now, so what I have to say, comes from the words they used, not the way I translated them, and I want to make that perfectly clear, so later on yew do not take what I say about them out of context, which is an Emotion that has many names, but normally happens when someone tells yew the truth about something, and yew do not want to hear it.

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So now answer this Question, is Love on the Lightside, and Hate, Envy and Jealousy on the Darkside, and like a Flip side of a coin, yew can go from Love to Hate, or any other Emotion, in a Heart beat? This is one Question and not many wrapped up into one, because yew can not have it both ways, yew have to admit to yourself that Love and Hate are the flip side of a coin, and all the Other Emotions fit on one side of that coin, depending on how yew feel at the time, so yew can Love someone and be Jealous of them, and yew can also Hate someone and be Jealous of them, as can you Envy someone yew Love or Hate, and that you can Hate someone and then Love them, and Love someone and now Hate them, so we have to be clear, because what IAM going to tell yew, might provoke an Emotion that we have not discussed yet.

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In the Bible when Moses asked God who he was, God said IAM, so most people assume that is the God of Light, since the Bible also said the God is Light with No Darkness, then states the Dark Lord is called Satan, and Satan lies to yew, by telling you some of the truth, but not all of it, which is a Lie, then God said to Moses, tell them IAM the Jealous God, and I do not have to tell yew how long he said he would curse all none believers, who did not worship him, because yew only do that if yew Hate someone, so what God is this? Jealous and Hate is Dark, so this is the Dark Lord himself, Satan, and the Rest of the Bible is based on what Satan said, so other than the one statement about there being two Gods in the Bible, the Light God with no Darkness, and the Dark God with no Light, the Bible is about the Darkside, so those who Worship the Bible are Worshiping the Darkside, and there is no getting around this issue, yew can not make up other emotions to cover this up, because once yew read all the stories in it, yew can not Deny that it was Satan, because who else would demand yew Sacrifice your Children, and follow Laws that were written to protect the Criminals, there is no justification that anyone could ever make to change this fact, so get over it and move on with your Life.

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The Bible Thumper's always Hate me for telling this part of His Story, but I must show yew what the Light is, by first showing yew what the Light is not, so Hate me if yew want, it will only take a lot of Energy, and it will make yew sick, so yew will try to rationalize the words they used, and reason out that God Loved yew so much that he only wanted what was Good for yew, well please point that passage in the Bible out to me, because I read it cover to cover and only found pain, suffering and Human Sacrifice in it, so if there is anything in the Bible that was Good for yew, I must have missed it, or yew must have missed the part where it told yew that Satan would give yew half-truths, meaning he will tell yew what yew want to hear, which is obviously what he did, to get a following of 95% of the World, but once yew look around - yew will know that its true, pain, suffering and Human Sacrifice is all yew know.

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Those of yew who still think they are in the Light, please raise your hand, so the whole World will know, because 95% of yew are in the Dark, and that is your statistics not mine, yew can not Worship without Warships, so War is all yew know, and every War ever fought on this Planet, have been Holly Wars, and by your own Statistics, 95% of all Priest in the Church, are Child Molesters, so yew figure yew hit the Jackpot when yours was not, as yew stand in front of the Engraven Image that God said not to make him into, yew Bow down to the Dark Lord and do his Bidding, and think that yew are in the Light, yew Kill other people for not believing in your God, and yew think this God is Good, look around yew, tell me what is Good in this World, what Good that this God has brought yew, and I will prove to yew how sick and twisted your views have to become, to even think that this is the Lightside.

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There are some values that yew can not defend, and Murder is one of them, your own 10 Commandments forbid it, yet your Armies do just that in the name of your Holly Wars, and yew do it in Gods name, in God we trust, yew print on your Money, knowing it's the Root of all Evil, then yew pay your Soldiers Money to Kill your Enemies, and yew do not even know why they are your Enemies, yet yew Sacrifice yourself, your Loved ones, and even worse, your own Children, all for a Jealous God, who's name is Satan, and there is no Denying it, so do not try, yew would only be lying to yourself, but yew will justify in doing so, for Satan is a lair, yew learned from the Best lair of all.

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Do we have your Emotions running in Circles now? Do yew have any Emotions about this at all? Remember this: I do not care what yew believe, nor does the Universe.

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Now what Emotions belong to the God of Light? Is it Love?

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For those of yew who bought into the whole Love is the Answer thing, well yew will be disappointed to find it's not a Light Emotion at all, it's a Darkside Emotion, and one of the Darkest Emotions ever unleashed on Man Kind, it is what fueled every War ever Waged, yew can not Love without Hate, and every other Emotion is affected by Love, so its very nature is Self-Destructive, it's an Emotion that can only serve the Darkside.

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So what are Lightside Emotions? First yew must understand that Darkside Emotions are all Emotions of the Flesh, which is what the Body is made up of, which yew call Meat, or Me for short, is Genetically Programmed with Emotions, yew call it Instincts, and all Animals have them, so why the Human race embraced these Evil Emotions is beyond me.

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We have a long way to go before I can even start to talk about Emotions on the Lightside, the reason I just do not blur them out, is it would be very blurry, too blurry to see, yew do not fully understand what the Light is, so how can yew understand its Emotions, if I tell yew it was void of all Flesh Emotions, yew would think its like a Robot, no Feeling, Heartless and Emotionless, and yew would be farthest from the Truth that yew can get, there are no Words that describe the Emotions in the Light, for all Words yew know are in the Darkside, so I have to explain them in terms the Darkside can understand, so I will try.

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Unconditional Love is a concept only, in reality very few people can master it, in fact, no one has ever mastered it, not even a Mothers Love is Unconditional, for its bond to all the other Human or Flesh Emotions, and they always cloud the Mind with Feelings that do not belong there, so yew must move beyond Love, remove all the bindings to the other Emotions, and detach yourself from the Flesh, clear your mind, and let Logic take over.

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Logic is not an Emotionless State, we tend to think of Logic in terms of a Computer, and we tend to think that our Brain is a Computer, and it has a Hard Drive like Storage Capacity, which is a Fools game to think this way, our Brain does not Store Memories, only the Galattice does, our Brain is nothing more than a Filter, it stores pointers into the Galattice, so we can recall Memories, and we cross-references these Memories, and tie other Memories to them, and it becomes a maze of Memories, all tied to Emotions that have no business being related to, so problems creep in, Post Traumatic Shock Disorder or PTSD, is one of many types of cross linked memory problems that humans experience, so Logic is a way to clear the pointers, so yew can view Memories without all the clutter of Emotions.

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Emotions are a Fact of Life, as such, those in Power got this way by Manipulating Peoples Emotions, they Control yew with your own Emotions, which is why the Darkside has such a hard time giving them up, they hold on to their False Gods, the old ways in which the Darkside Controlled them, it was all part of the Brian Washing, first they control the Money, then they control the Media, they control every aspect of your Life, the Teachers, Masters and Professors, and everything they taught yew was a lie, and Emotions being what makes yew Human was the biggest Lie they ever told, Emotions are what make yew and Animal.

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Once yew let go of the Darkside Emotions, Logic and Reasoning will take over, and it will set your Soul Free, and only then does the Grip the Darkside has on yew start to dissolve, so do no expect this to happen all at once, this is not something that yew can learn, yew do not need to believe it, in fact, Know it, or No it not.

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Those that have a Logical Mind, may not be in the Light any more than those with an Emotion Mind, for if they have a Closed Mind, they will not see the Light, nor do they even know what it is they are seeing, for the Light is a Physical Entity, as is the Dark, yew have to take your Mind to a place where the Light can Shine in, let it Flood your Mind with its Energy, use it to edit your Memories, to remove broken and cross links, then you will be able to think clearly, without all the clutter that Emotions have caused.

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There is no Magic to seeing the Light, no special training is required to see it, most people see it several times a day, some see it all the time, but most only see it in their Dreams, but all people are Born into the Light, and can and do see it, only they do not understand what they are seeing, for it has no Emotions tied to it, its just a Moment of Clarity, a Peaceful place in our Mind where we try to get to in Meditation, Dreams or even during Sex, we think that Religion will get us there, but it only takes us further into the Darkness, we think that this form of Mediation or the other will get us there, but it does not last, so we have our Dreams, the only place where the Light and Dark can exist at the same time, so we Dream most of our Life away.

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Love is not the Answer, Live is, and Live is a word just like other words, it has Meaning, and the Meaning to Live, is to Live in the Light, whereas the opposite is to be Evil in the Dark, Freewill allows yew to do both, and Freedom is the place yew do it in.

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Step 0 has no Emotions to speak of, so its only the Steps that I feel we need to talk about them, that we will, so in Step 1 we discussed what the Light is not, so yew will someday understand what it is, in terms of the Darkside, from the view point of the Lightside.

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Each Step is designed to take yew deeper into a Subject, so yew can get closer to the Truth, as such, the lesson is to learn as much as yew can from each Step, then move on to the Next Step, yew can always review a Step, learning more and more about it as yew go, for once yew finish all the Steps, yew will learn that yew can now review then all over again, only this time your Eyes will be Shut, and your Mind Open, and the Light will flow through you like the Blood in your Veins, and Freewill will take you to Freedom, and the Light will be your only Emotion.

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Once yew let go of the Darkside, you will become the Chosen One, yew will now be Free to follow both the Light and the Dark, and know that they are not Good and Bad, and that yew do not have to Live in Evil, or do Evil things to Live, Freewill is the Road to Freedom, so leave your Flesh Emotions at the Door, open that Door to the Light, and Walk in, do not care where it takes you, for the Light is everywhere in the Universe at once, it's not White nor Black, it's both Matter and Antimatter, and its right in front of your Face, all yew have to do is open your Mind and See it, let the Light set your Soul on Fire, for the Darkside is of the Flesh, and the Lightside is I, the All Seeing, all Knowing, Omnipotent I.

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Humans have both a Lightside and a Darkside, and to be balanced, they must use both sides, but the Darkside has taken over, and pushed its Sheep all the way into the Darkness, just so they could control yew better, and to get them to do Dark Deeds with no Questions asked, but all humans have Freewill, but the Sheep who follow their Leaders Blindly - do not know they had a choice, they did not know what the Light was, so they followed the only thing they did know, which was the Dark, so they Did Evil things in the Dark, they allowed their Leaders to Wage War for no Reason, based on Lies only Satan himself could be Proud of, the Darkside are liable for Crimes against this Worlds People, as well as the World itself, by Burning its Blood for Fuel, they are Destroying this Planet, and once the Earth Quakes start, yew will know why, the Darkside sold yew on this Treason, now yew have to pay the price, and that price will be a Nova, so the Darkside say they do not care, bring it on, why else would they do this, but the Lightside sees the Treason for what it is, a Crime, Treason... and they ask for Justice, but will get none from the Just US System the Darkside has in place, in fact, there is no Justice in the Dark, for all Laws were written to protect the Guilty, and to allow them to do Crimes that are so Evil, yew have to know who is in Charge, the Darkside, Satan himself... so if the People of this Planet want Justice, they can not go to the Courts that are run by the Darkside, in Steps to come, we will talk about a System of Justice for the Lightside, yew do not have to abandon the Darkside, just let in a Little Light.

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Emotions run Deep in Humans - while they are in the Dark, and the Deeper into the Dark they go, the Deeper the Emotions run, once yew decide to let the Light into your Life, your Life will start to Change, yew will start having Moments of Clarity, and the Universe will start making sense, and as yew start to let go of the Darkness, yew will see that you are I, and IAM the Light, and this Body yew call Flesh, well... that's just Meat, so take care of it, and know this, to Live yew must first decide what Reality yew want to Live in, one full of Emotions that run your Life, full of Rules set down by the Darkside, so they could Control yew, or do yew want to be Free to think for yourself, for the Lightside is not a Religion, nor is it just another way of looking at Life, its how you Live, the Reality you Live in, and its how the Universe really works, IAM telling yew His Story, so yew would know it, or No it not, for I do not care what yew believe, nor does the Universe, so Know that Emotions can no longer run your Life, once yew let the Light in.

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IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every shade of Grey in between,
IAM the Light Wizzard.



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