The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Chapter 01.00
Emotions Step 0

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 01.00
Emotions Step 0


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
Emotions Step 0
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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, is a Story about the Light, told by a Wizard in the Flesh, the Light is I, and the Flesh is Me, so this is a Story about I And Me, I will refer to as IAM, and IAM the Light, and this is my Story, which from your point of view, is His Story, so this is the History of the Light Wizzard.

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From the view point of the Lightside, this is a Documentary about the Universe, and is meant to document how the Darkside, can access the Lightside, and prove scientifically how every aspect of the Universe works, which from the Lightside, can be summarized in one word: Light.

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Now that said, the Yew Tube crowd should be pleased, I was a able to fully explain how the Universe works in one word, and in under 3 minutes, which is as long as their attention span can last; and since they do not care how the Universe works, or how the Universe remotely even has anything to do with them, they should be content with the explanation and the Word, but some of them will not, in fact, they do not think this explains anything, and even though they claim to understand what Light is, they do not, and this is because for the last 6,000 years of the History they know, has all been told by the Darkside, so the Darkside is all they know, as such, they can not see the Light, because its not in their Reality, and Reality is what the Light is, so the two Realities are Light and Dark, even though most people believe they are in the Light, they are in fact in the Dark, and to prove this, the Light Wizzard will have to redefine the Universe, which is a very easy task, and also a very difficult one at the same time; for the Darkside can not see the Light, as if it was the flip side of a Coin; one side can never see the other.

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How do I open your Eyes to a Universe that is right in front of your Face, if I can not get you to see it first? One Step at a time.

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In Step 0, which most of the Darkside will not understand why I started numbering from 0, will automatically feel confused and knowing that this may take more than 3 Minutes, and they really have more important things to do than learn the Truth about the Light, they give up for many reasons, one is that they think they are smarter than IAM, they figure that for thousands of years the best minds on this Planet have already figured out all the secrets of the Universe, this is called Arrogance, but that will not stop them from giving up, because they are in the Darkness, and they think it's the Light, so they are Blind to the Light, and have no clue what it is, or why they would need to know what it is, this is called Ignorance, so now they feel like I insulted them, which is called Stupid, and now they are Mad, which is also refereed to as insane or crazy, and this is not really helping me to enlighten them, its only serving to keep them in the Dark, but if they only realized that these words only exist in the Darkness, they would wonder why I chose to speak them at all, and the answer is that in Step 0, yew must first learn to acknowledge all the barriers to learning, and the first is words and meanings, for without this knowledge I can not even talk to yew; so Step 0 is the basics, its how do I, whom is in the Light, communicate with yew that are in the Dark.

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The Next Step is 1, in this Step I will dive deeper into what we talked about in Step 0, so we can build on Ideas, expand your understanding, and start to define how yew fit into the Universe, and just when you think yew have a clue about what the Light is, I will go on to the Next Step, which is Step -1, one Step forward, and one Step Back; in this Case, one Step into the Light, and one Step back into the Dark, so I can teach yew what the Light is, by teaching yew what the Light is not.

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This Journey requires a Map, so we can see where we are, and know where we have been, so I will use a Pyramid to represent a 3 dimensional map; it will have 13 Steps at the Base, and will have 13 Levels, and if you do the Math, yew will find it has 91 Steps on one side, and there are 3 Sides, White, Grey and Black.

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The Darkside likes to play Games, so let's not Disappoint them, we will make a Game of this, and Call it the Light Wizzards Game.

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The Object of the Game is to understand each Step, and to do this, yew can Play this Game with other People, and most of these People will think they are in the Light, so they will jump to a conclusion, which is why I have Negative Steps, one Step Forward, and one Step Back, round and round we go, when we get off, only Yew know.

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For thousands of Years, Wizards have taught the Darkside about the Lightside, using Metaphors and play on words, as if this was Poetry, but the real reason is that the Lightside does not talk the same language as the Darkside, so its only Natural that they would have to try to talk in terms that the Darkside would understand, which can lead to confusion, which can make yew feel Ignorant about facts that yew think yew know about this Universe, since it might go against everything that yew have ever been taught about the Universe, so yew get mad, which makes yew think its I who is insane or Crazy, which is why I started at Step 0, instead of just trying to explain the Universe with one word, which is Light.

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Think of the Lightside as a Dog, Unconditional Love, Caring and Obedience, is what yew demand of a Dog, but a Dog does not understand any of those words, it just does what comes natural for a Dog, it reacts logically, only yew do not understand the Logic, yew do not understand its words, and worst, yew think its just a dumb Animal, yew only think yew understand its body language, so yew base your whole relationship on what yew think yew know about Dogs; which is why this analogy works so well; and if yew think it's a little backwards, then just maybe you will start to understand why.

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The reason the Darkside can not see the Light, is because the Darkside is blind to anything but the Darkness, to over come this limitation, yew most first learn to let go of the Darkness.

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The best way to describe the Lightside, is to view a Stereogram, some people can see it, some can not, but as long as yew have eyes to see, yew can be taught to see one, and once you do, you can be taught to see the Light the Same way.

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Once yew understand the Light, you will understand the Universe, then you will understand yourself, as well as others.

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The Light is the Beginning of Knowledge, and not the End.

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The Light is an Energy also known as Trinary Energy, it is used in Trinary Engines, which is what powers the Sun, Moon, and Planets, as well as the Galaxy itself, it's the basic premise for all Energy in the Universe, its Matter and Antimatter, or Light and Dark Energy, it's also the Energy in our Soul as such, it is I.

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From a Historical view, the Light has been known from the Beginning, for in the Beginning, there was Light. From a Biblical view, IAM.

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IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Light Wizzard.



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