The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Chapter 02.00
Universe Step 0

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 02.00
Universe Step 0


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
Universe Step 0
Light Wizzard in the Flesh 02-00-G-Universe-01

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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, will now define the Universe, from the viewpoint of the Lightside in Terms the Darkside can understand.

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Yew must first let go of the Darkside, so yew can see the Lightside, its like going out of your Mind, so yew can get back into it, and words play a key role in this story, so I must define the words I use, so yew will understand them, but some words like YEW (YEW) and YOU (YOU), sound the same, but yew (YEW) is referring to Sheep, and you (YOU) is referring to I, so You and I mean the same thing, its only when IAM talking about Me, which is Meat or Flesh, that IAM talking about yew.

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I do not speak in English, or what ever Language the Darkside Invented that yew talk, I use English to speak in Basic, which was the Language yew were born knowing, only the Darkside forced yew to learn their Languages, so yew would understand their Commandments, and unlike English, Basic is a Language that can be Translated into any other Language, without losing its meaning, since all words have only one meaning, this is also known as the Wizards Language, so the confusion starts here with Understanding it.

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To do this yew must first understand Dimensions, the Real World where the Flesh lives, is a 3 Dimensional Universe, it has Height, Width, and Depth; and we will call it Normal Space, and if we dissect this Universe using an Analogy, we can examine it with a very Powerful Microscope, for the Scientist this is called an Electronic Microscope, for everyone else its called your I, not the Eyes mounted to your forehead, but that one mounted behind it, your Third Eye, the all Seeing, all Knowing, Omnipotent I, put a Dot where it is if yew have a hard time finding it, then close your Eyes, and look through I, its through this I that the Blind can see, so this is a Miracle, IAM teaching the Blind to see, and IAM is the story about I And Me, so keep in mind who IAM referring to when I say I, because IAM rarely talking about Me when I do.

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Everything in this Universe is made of Something, and this something is all held together by a Power, some call it a Higher Power, but I call it Trinary Energy. So if we Zoom in to look at a Subatomic Particle, we will see this Energy at work, it Binds other Particles together, and if we Zoom out, we see that all Molecules are bond by them as well, for its the Light, and the Light Binds the Universe together.

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So now we Zoom in to the smallest Particle we can see, in a way that we shrink down to its size, so looking out, we can see the Universe at its size, as such, we notice that this is a whole new Universe, and things live in here that yew have never seen before, its Beautiful, and its been right in front of your face the whole time, all you had to do was think small to see the big picture.

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To take our next step, we must cut this Particle down to a size, that one more cut and it will loose one of its Dimensions, now it only has Height and Width, so its in the Second Dimension, and its here where the Universe Stores all its Memories, and I know its here, because I can access these Memories, and so can You, because You are I, yew do this as if it was a Lattice, that branches out like a Grid in X and Y coordinates, this is the Galactic Lattice, known as the Galattice, without the Galattice, we would have no knowledge, and would only be mindless Animals, which those that are not connected to the Light, are, so this Explains the Darkside.

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So now we go down deeper, we cut this Dimension until we lose another Dimension, now it only has height, this is the First Dimension, this is where all Logic comes from, its not the end of Logic, but the beginning of it, beyond this Dimension is Null Space, and without it, the Universe could not be contained, it causes all Matter to reflect back to itself, as if looking into a mirror, and its important to remember that nothing can travel in here, so unlike some bad Science Fiction movie, where Humans design Space Ships to travel in Null Space, the Reality is that not even the 1st or 2nd Dimensions can travel in or even interact with No Dimensions, and no one knows how much space - Null Space occupies, not even I, since the space is defined as non existence, even though it exist as a Null, Void of any Dimensions, so this Space is more then likely just a barrier of space folding back on itself.

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Its important to remember Null Space is a type of Force Field, and the two words are only the same if the Force Field is impregnable, because some Force Fields are limited to certain types of Energy, whereas Null Space is impregnable by any Energy, and its important to understand that the 1st, 2nd and Null Space Dimensions, do not move, in other words, they are stationary in relationship to the Universe, where as Normal 3D Space, moves at the Speed of Lite (LITE), so much for the Darkside's concept that nothing can move at the Speed of Lite, but in this reality, Lite (LITE) is Electromagnetic Energy, whereas Light (LIGHT) is referring to Trinary Energy, the two words sound the same, so I use different spellings to avoid the Confusion, and yew must understand this Concept, or yew will be confused, when the Bible stated God was Light, they were not referring to the Electromagnetic Energy of Lite, the Burning Bush was not a real Fire, and despite the Puppet Masters in Powers names, this was not the Bush they were referring to either, so it makes me Wonder why he got Elected anyway, but they did it for a Reason, the Darkside that is, and it was so much fun they did it again...

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The Light is always Referring to the Light in 3 States: Solid, Light and Dark, and Solid only exist in 3D space, since it requires all 3 Dimensions to be Solid, and the Speed of Light is instantaneous throughout the Universe, as the Bible stated, God is every where in the Universe at the Same time, and since GOD in this Reality, is referring to Energy which is the Guiding-Light Of Destiny that Lives in Sub-Space and does not move in the 1st and 2nd Dimensions, it just passes information in a Space where Time does not exist, so do not ask God what time it is, therefore, Speed has no concept, but to be clear, the Bible said yew must have Faith that God Exist, because the Light can not be Seen from the Dark, nor the Dark see the Light, its the Flip side of a coin, one side can never see the other, so the Darkside will only see the Darkside, and they will call it Light because they can see it, and the Lightside will only see the Lightside, so they will also call it the Lightside, only thing is that they are right, but only out of Logic, which is where the Logic comes in and Faith goes out, therefor Faith is still required, since the Darkside can not be seen from the Light or from the Dark, so its really a Toss up for which Side is Dark, but its Knowing that it exist as Scientific Evidence, rather then having to have Faith that something exist, just because yew can not see it.

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This Concept is what distinguishes a real Scientist from a Fake one, because, even though I can not see Air, or the Vacuum of Outer Space, I know its there, so its in these Sub-Dimensions or Sub-Space, in relationship to these other Dimensions, I call Normal Space, or 3D Space, and only a Force Field can alter that, and there are 3 types of Force Fields we will talk about in another step, this is just an overview of the Universe, and I can not tell it all in one Step, or in 3 Minutes, but I have to mention that so there is no confusion, IAM not trying to trick yew, but to explain this in a way that yew might understand, and not to disprove Darkside Science, since they do not believe in Sub-Space, or in GOD, since they think that Science should only reflect with what can be seen with the human Eye, and not the Third I, the Darkside Science dose not take it into account, which is why their Science does not work.

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Even though yew can see the evidence of Sub-Space in an Electronic Microscope, as Antimatter is not seen in our Normal Space, and it did not disappear, yew can only conclude its just moving into Sub-Space, which is why Matter and Antimatter never can come in contact with each other, they simple do not exist in the same Space at the same time, nor does Null Space exist in any Dimension, so it can be call the 0 Dimension, so the First Dimension is Height, its the Height of Logic, the Second Dimension is Width, its how Wide our Memory is, and the Third Dimension is Depth, so we can see how Deep this Rabbit hole really goes.

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As a Wizard, I have a Space Ship, I can travel anywhere in the Universe that this ship will take me, so let me take you on this Journey, and for those that are Skeptical, will learn, that Everything I tell them, is based on Scientific Facts, as such, yew will be able to Touch and Fly in this Space Ship, it is Real, as is everything else that I talk about.

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Once upon a Time, the First Dimension became aware of the Second Dimension, and through it, became aware of the Third Dimension, and seen nothing but Chaos, so using the First and Second Dimension, it was able to bind Molecules together in the Third Dimension, and decided to make something, so it found the most densest of Molecules, I call it Tritanium, and I formed a ball of great mass with it, then I was able to change the State of these Molecules, to have three States: Solid, Light and Dark, in its Solid State, its Called Tritanium, then it turns to its Light States, by folding the Tritanium in on itself, to reveal its Light and Dark States, like a flip side of a coin, the Light is on one side, and the Dark is on the other, the two can never see each other, nor come into contact with each other, because the Tritanium is in between them, so one is Matter, the other-side is Antimatter, and although the Darkside Scientist, have discovered Antimatter, they know it exist, what they do not know is that they can not separate the two, for they are always in balance, but one of them will one day take credit for Finding this out, because the Darkside think they invented the Universe.

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Keep in mind that I did not Create Trinary Energy, not even I can Create nor Destroy Energy, and the Amount of Energy in the Universe is a Constant, so its important to note that there are 3 types of Trinary Energy, Light, Dark and this Grey one called Tritanium, and if yew have heard of it before, its because its been called this for thousands of iterations, somethings never change.

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So once I switched two Molecules into the Light, they would chase each other around and around, so that one side could never see the other, and as more Molecules were turned on, the chase became a rhythm known as Harmony, I called this its Quiescences State, and a Force Field of Null Space was formed inside this Tritanium Ball, and keep it in Balance, I called this its Containment State, as that Null Space Bubble expanded, it created another Null Space Bubble that would Contain it, so it could not expand any further, and then a Third Force Field completed the Harmony, for to be in Harmony, you must have 3.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 02-00-G-Universe-17

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This Trinary Energy, inside this Tritanium Ball, now makes a Trinary Engine, and from the size and purpose of the first one, it became known as a Galaxy, as it gave Birth to other Engines, they were bond to it, like a Family, these Engines became known as a Solar System, where other Engines would Live, once these Engines were born, there was no stopping them, they would live on forever, and talk about Smart in terms yew may understand, all Life Forms contains only the Trinary Energy that washes through it, as such, Life is not made out of it, its only a Filter that can absorb the information and energy passed through it, much like a Modern Computer Network, and Humans Gauges Intelligence by how Bright someone is, so think about how Bright an 800 Miles in Diameter Sphere made out of Pure Trinary Energy is, its Pure Light, both Dark and Light, and never forget that, because there can be no Light, without the Dark, so it only stands to reason that the Smartest thing on the Planet Earth, is its Trinary Engine, it takes Intelligence testing to a Whole new Level.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 02-00-G-Universe-18

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To be in Harmony meant that there must be 3 types of Engines, so yew call them the Sun, Planets, and Moons, the Galaxy is also a special type of Sun, known as Nephilim, and it was called RA, it can give birth to all 3 types of these Engines, the Sun has an Engine so Powerful, that its Force Field disintegrates all elements into their atomic and subatomic element, then it feeds them to the Planets and Moons via the Solar Wind, and if yew thought the Earth was Intelligent, the Suns core is a Million Miles in Diameter, so it feeds them at a rate that it gets materials, and it has to feed all its Children, and it will do this till they can not eat anymore, and then it has to bring balance back to its system, by having its Sun, Planet, or Moons, go Nova, which meant that it would send out a great blast of Energy, by collapsing its Force Field inwards, then back out, it dose this by switching all the Light back into Tritanium, then restarting its Engine, this is called a Nova, which then proceeds to blow off the surface of the Engine, I call this Renewal, thus the End of one Cycle to the beginning of another is called an Iteration, and there are 3 types of Novas, a Super Nova is when the Sun goes Nova, it in turn causes all other Planets and Moons in its System to go Nova, the third type is when the Galaxy goes Mega Nova, which in turn causes all its Suns to go Super Nova, which is referred to as a Nova Chain Reaction, since every Sun, Planet and Moon in it go Nova, which is why its so important to protect this System of Planets we live in, and to Destroy any Planet or Moon, is Treason.

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So at the beginning of one Iteration, the Planet will be Feed Material, it will take this Material and build a crust, this crust takes around 6 Billion years to complete, and on average, a Planet or Moon only last 13 Billion years, as Material forms on the surface of its 2nd Force Field, it disintegrates, and after many miles of this Pool of Elements, I call the Moat, if forms a Crust, and this Crust must rotate around the Planets Engine, and to make this rotation smooth, it created what yew call Black Oil, I call it the Life Blood of the Planet, it keeps the land masses rotating at an incredible speed, which for the Planet Earth, is over a thousand miles an hour, considering its mass, this takes a lot of Oil, and once that Oil is gone, well yew figure it out, if yew are Bright enough, but the Darkside has other plans, they will burn the Blood for Fuel, and think who cares, I will be dead before that happens, and I do not believe in GOD, so what can GOD do, well the Planet, Just like any other type of Life form, must learn to survive, so the Planet will trigger a Nova, or the Planet will be ripped apart as the crust grabs hold of the Moat around the Engine, and now yew know the Punishment for Treason.

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So once the Surface is ready for other Life forms, Life came from the far reaches of Space, this form of Life is what yew call Insects, and with them, the Seeds of all Life, at this point in Evolution, all the Life came from the Chaos of Outer space, and is important to understand that GOD did not create this Life, he only created the Galaxy they made Home, all the Material was being feed by the Sun, was used to make all things on Earth, and as it started to Grow, it was a beautiful site, and the Light in the First Dimension, which I call the Guiding Light, because its the Light that Guided the Creation of all things, and also became known as the Guiding-Light Of Destiny; or GOD for short, and God was pleased with his Creation, and Called it Paradise, till one day the Locus Came, and they eat everything in site, making a wasteland out of his Creation, so he genetically programmed his own Life Forms from the Life that already existed on the Planet, and yew call them Nephilim.

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One Life Form could give Birth to another Life Form, so GOD Created a Life Form to eat the Locus, but Harmony was gone, because this Life Forms eat all the Insects, and without the Insects, the Planet would not survive, so God Created the Sea Life, the Land Life, and the Air Life, and Harmony was restored, so that not one Life Form, could Destroy all the Others, because the Balance was required, the lose of one insect species that eats Bactria, Mold or Viruses, and all Life will die, and GOD made all Life in his Image, which was Light, which in reality, and he created them in a way they were aware of the Light, the Brains of these Life Forms, were nothing more then a Filter, the Grey Matter that humans believe is not being used, is actually being used to Filter and interpret the Light, so all life forms use 100% of their Brain Capacity, a very important concept to learn.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 02-00-G-Universe-22

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Its only your connection with the Light, that determines how Bright yew are, because all of the Life forms Brains are designed to Process Light, not Electromagnetic or Chemical Changes, which only Distort brain activity, which means that all Darkside Drugs are Dangerous to these Life Forms, since the Science behind them has no knowledge of the Light, they designed the Drugs using flawed Science, and this Ignorance causes Cancer, any material that GOD put on this Planet was put there for a reason, Only Plants, Animals or Insects are used as Food and Medicine, so Leave the Blood of the Planet alone... Plastic should not be in your diet, there has never been a natural disease that these materials could not cure, so its clear that all disease is caused by mankind's Greed, Lust or Jealousy, and came in a needle, pill or processed food, and yew paid them to poison yew, then yew got mad at GOD for giving yew or your Loved one Cancer, when its the Darkside Scientist who gave them it, and its the Doctors who Push it, Cancer is Black, it puts out your Light, so one step into the Light and one step back into the Dark, and once yew step into the Dark, and Completely turn your back on the Light, some of yew start to believe there is no GOD, but the Universe does not care what yew believe, and it keeps working the way it always has, yew yell out to the Night, If there is a GOD, Prove it, so I did, now some of yew still do not believe it, so I do not care what yew Believe either, Know it, or No it Not, where is the Logic in that.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 02-00-G-Universe-23

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Evolution was a process by which some Creatures would survive, and others would not, this was the way of all Life, when one Creature is needed, God would have the Nephilim Create it, which is how Mankind came to be, and like all Life, his bread came in 3, White, Grey and Black, and now that they are here and IAM talking to them, as I talk to all Life forms, telling them how they came to be, in terms that they can understand, if they will know its I, and the Reason why is to help Protect this Planet, and when a Life form starts to destroy the Garden, that Life form becomes extinct, and all things equal, would have worked out that way, if it was not for Technology that yew use to Hunt and Kill, now the Planet is out of Balance, no Harmony, and Treason is Rewarded, which makes no cents to Meat, which is sold by the Pound, which is why GOD did not put mankind on the face of this Planet, till the very End of an Interaction, GOD learned its the only way to get rid of yew.

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So here we are, on this Space Ship called Earth, flying through Space, where ever this ship will take us, just as I promised yew, so now we take this Journey together into a Reality based on Light, since the Darkside has forgotten why they are here and who they are, the Lightside must remind them, for now they are the Locus, and have gone Loco, from Smoking the Blood of this Planet, and I must do something to protect my Planet, and if they think that I would allow them to destroy it after all the work I put into it, they have a lesson to learn, I do not care about Yew, Yew are just Animals that were created to Protect this planet, yew are no more then my Gardeners, and now that the Planet needs protecting from Yew, Yew must die, or change your ways, and that choice is yours, Freewill and all, I do not care what yew believe, nor does the Universe, it will keep doing what its doing, and if that means going Nova, that choice is yours, but the Wrath of GOD is known and a given, and it does not require your belief to do what its going to do.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 02-00-G-Universe-25

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God Created the Universe in 7 Days:
on Day 1 GOD created the Trinary Engine yew call RA,
on Day 2 RA gave birth to all the Galaxies: Suns, Planets and Moons
on Day 3 the Planets made a home from the Chaos of Life, and Paradise was born,
on Day 4 Life found Harmony,
on Day 5 Harmony was Lost,
on Day 6 was Judgment Day, the Jury is still out, but I have just made my Case,
so yew know what Day this is, and we only have one more Day left in this Week,
on Day 7 Sunday.. time for Nova and Renewal, so we can do this all over again in another Iteration.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 02-00-G-Universe-26

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Harmony comes in packages of 3: like Politics, History and Religion, the things Sheeple tell yew never to talk about, this is the Channel for these topics, but remember that IAM the DOG, Destiny Of Guidance is my job while tending my Sheep, IAM the Seeing I DOG, I Guide yew to your Destiny, and now that we are up to date on how the Universe actually works, yew may have more questions, and my answer will never change, one Step at a Time...

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 02-00-G-Universe-27

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So Step 0 has just begun, its here that we talk about this Subject, this is the Basics of the Trinary Universe, if it has any resemblance to the Universe yew live in, then there is hope that yew can see the Light, so we are now ready to take our Next Step, onto the Pyramid, so we can Talk to the Wizzard that Lives on the Top of this Mountain, and every Step we go Deeper into the Light, then back into the Darkness, so we can see were the Light is, by Seeing where its not.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 02-00-G-Universe-28

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Remember that History was Told by those who have Conquered, and those people are now in Charge, they are the Politicians, Doctors and Bankers, and they think they are the big Dog, and yew are their Slaves, but most of them are just Puppet Masters, with someone else pulling their Strings, so pay no attention to the Man behind the Curtain, and have the Courage to take this Journey, the more Light yew let into your Life, the Brighter yew will become, but know in your Heart, what the Truth is, because its always in the Light.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 02-00-G-Universe-29

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A Blind Man once request of Me, to give him visions of my Fantasy, I asked him to Close his Eyes, which he quickly replied with Hate, to which I reminded him, that the I is inside of him, your Eyes are not gone, they just can not see the Reality that is in Front of them, but if yew close them yew will see, yet he still wants to see it anyway, Freewill is all I have to say, my Fantasy is not in my Eyes, nor my Brain, its right in Front of your I, and to see it, all yew have to do is close your Eyes and envision it, yew call it Imagination, as a Child yew could see, so look through those Children's I, as he did I saw a tear, I see... was all he had to say.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 02-00-G-Universe-30

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So we decided to play this Game, Step by Step we learn to Play, we find that its not hard to say or pray, that we can try to look at Life this way, for it can not hurt me to know the Truth, for once I die I will know it anyway, and right now its the only reason I stick around, so I can figure it all out before the Game is over.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 02-00-G-Universe-31

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The Universe is a very Simple place, the Math of the Universe is easy to learn and understand, the Light is 1, the Dark is -1, and the Grey area in between is 0, so 1 + (-1) = 0, which is the mathematical constant for Harmony, and the only lesson to learn in Step 0, I just told yew this Story so yew would understand why.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 02-00-G-Universe-32

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IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every shade of Grey in between,
IAM the Light Wizzard.


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