The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Chapter 00.14
IAM Step -5

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft
Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 00.14
IAM Step -5


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step -5
Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-05-N-IAM-01

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The Dark Wizzard in the Flesh, will now reveal IAM in Step -5, from the Viewpoint of the Darkside in Terms only the Darkside can Understand.

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Only Sheeple would think that Societies ever Evolve into a Better System, or that this System is the Greatest Society of all Time, some even view it as the most Advanced, when we do not even have the Technology to build a Great Pyramid, or build Aircraft without Engines, and its because most Sheeple do not View His-Story that way, because its Clear that back Thousands of Years ago in the Days of the Greeks, the Powers that be were afraid of being Poisoned, so they took Poison, thinking it would be the Antidote for the Poison that they could be Poisoned by, or at the very least would build up their Tolerance for the Poison, but in the End they only Ended up Poisoning themselves, and is really Insane when you think about it, many of them died or became very ill and died at an early age, the Craft of making such Drugs was called Witchcraft, and the People that made the Drugs were called Wizards and Witches, but that was Thousands of Years ago, and what has Changed since then? Nothing... nowadays they call these Poisons Vaccines, and the Craft is called Pharmaceuticals, and the Sheeple that make them are called Doctors, and they apply the same Illogical Thinking process that they did then, as they do now, and its because they have Poisoned themselves, and do not think Right in the Head, so they force everyone to take this Poison, and they push it as being the best invention since TV, which is the same Drug they use to sell yew on their Insanity.

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They have No Scientific proof that Vaccines even work, every time I got one, I got what was in the Vaccine All Right, if I got a Flu Vaccine I got the Flu, and so on, so when I got the Anthrax Vaccine, I got Anthrax, and I remember that the Anthrax Problem was all a Hoax, to try to sell the Public another Vaccine, one that Killed Thousands of Test Subjects, that do not even get Public Recognition for, because its part of the Depopulation Campaign ran by the Government's of the World, and now they want to give Ebola Vaccines, yew must be Joking, Ebola can only be Airborne if its Weaponized, and who would be that Crazy to build such a Weapon... Maybe a Government that wants to Cut down on its Population? So the only other way to get it is to make a Vaccine out of it, but that is what they did, and now they are going to make in Mandatory, knowing that Every Vaccine Yew get, Yew get Stupider, and now Yew are so Stupid yew will allow them to Dictate if yew get the most Deadly Vaccine in the World, knowing that yew will get what ever they give yew? But yew know who IAM, and yew know about my Memories, and His-Story, because when I lost my ability to tale my Dreams from Reality, which was caused by the Vaccines that I was given while on Active Duty in the United States Air Force, I do not know for sure if the Missions I was on were even Real, or just a Dream that I could not wake up from, but I found out the Truth about Vaccines the Hard Way.

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War is always about the Same thing... Controlling the Population, the First Rule of War is to make your Enemy do your Biding, meaning that they make things Mandatory, so once Vaccines becomes Mandatory, yew know who Yew are, the Enemy, and when yew become the Enemy in yewer Own Country, yew know yew are at War, so watch out, because this War is Not going to be Civil at All, because yew know how yew get when it comes to Protesting, Yew Loot, Rob, Rap, and Murder, and think its Fun because yew do it to yewer whole Country, and what happened in Iraq could happen in America or any other Country, yew have seen this in the United States during the Riots of Los Angeles, named after the Lost Angels, and the Hurricanes, Like Katrina, Named after a Witch, Mass Civil Unrest, and it effects the whole State, not just the City it happened in, and yew know what happened last Civil War, the Banks bought yew for Pennies on the Dollar, from the Man with the Same Face, who gave a Penny for yewer Thoughts a whole new meaning, but Sheeple never Learn, they are just Dumb Animals, and have No One to Blame when this Happens, because it was them who allowed it.

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The Way Yew View Science is as Crazy as Yew View World Politics, through the Eyes of an Animal, which is what Yew are, and why Yew act like that, because yew are not willing to own up to yewer Responsibility for the Worlds Affairs, because yew always believe it's not yewer Job, yew do not get Paid the Big Bucks to figure that stuff out, so yew allow Leaders to Run the Show for yew, who make yew Believe they are in Charge, they make yew Believe this is all Legal, and Under the Constitution, because believe Me, that Joke is Getting Old, whereas the Joke about Yew being Female Sheep never gets Old, because it never Changes, because most of Yew still believe that the Constitution is alive and doing fine, so Reality is something that Does Not apply to Yew, like Common Sense, yew Confuse it with Common Knowledge, but if all Common Knowledge is Lies, then all Yew know is a Lie, and its why yewer Science and World Views are all Lies, but that is How Yew are, and why Yew are Crazy Animals.

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The Darkside is Confusing yew, Yew know that the Governments Lie to Yew about Everything, Yew know that Main Stream Media Lies to Yew, Yew know Yewer Schools Lie to Yew, yet Yew Believe everything Yew know about the World and the Universe, instead of what the Light Wizzard Teaches Yew, and the Reason is because Yew are Stupid Female Sheep, and there is No Denying that, and its what yewer Darkness is, it's this Sense that Something is Not Right, but yew can Not put yewer Hoof on it, because in History they told Yew that yewer Founding Fathers, went to War with the Banks of England to Fight for Yewer Independence, which Abolished all Taxation forever, by Not allowing Congress to Borrow Money From the Banks, only the Citizens of the United States of America, in the Form of Money that only Congress could Print, yet yew have more Taxes now then they did when they went to War, and yew now have a Private Bank printing yewer Money, which has In God We Trust Printed on it, and on the Back of a One Dollar Bill they have an Owl of Athena, knowing the Jews use them to Mark Houses so the Roman Soldiers would Slaughter who ever lived there, so it is Confusing, and its because what yew call Reality is just Science Fiction, it's what the Governments made up to Control its Sheep, and the Sheeple believe so Deeply that I can Not Wake yew Up, Yew are like a Child Watching TV, because of all the Vaccine's yew have gotten over the Years, have made yew Stupid why else would yew go along with all this Madness, knowing that all Yew are all Slaves to the Money the Banks Print, yew are nothing but Money Junkies, talk about a Monkey on yewer Back, and it's the Most Addictive Drug on the Planet, Bar None, and Yew are Hooked on the Stuff, yew can not get enough, and can not wait for yewer next Fix at the End of each Month, so I can not get yewer Attention long enough to make yew Understand that None of this is Real, its all a Delusion in all the Confusion, and its all so the Governments can Control Yew with an Invisible Leash, and Yew can Not Deny this because Yew Know its True.

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The Reason why People turn into Sheeple, is because Yew Believe Yew have No Power, Yew Believe Yew are Not in Control, and there is Nothing Yew Can Do, Yew think Yew are too Young or too Old to make a Change, or yew are in the Wrong Class, if yew are not Rich, yew have No Money, and Money is the Only thing that Changes anything, so Yew give up, and Rightfully so, that is what Sheep do, they Talk about how Baad it is all day long, but there is just nothing Yew can do about it, so why Think about it, let alone Worry about it, because there are People who get Paid to think about things like this, and this has nothing to do with Yewer Life, because Yew are So Far Removed from anything I have to talk about, that yew wonder why IAM even talking about it, because all Yew hear is Baa, Baa, Baaa, and that's the Reason I call Yew Sheeple.

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I think I about summed it all up, the Governments allow the Banks to Own the Country and all the Sheeple, they Keep yew in the Dark and Feed yew lots of BS, and Yew like Mushrooms, so yew do not Complain, because yew remember that this has nothing to do with yew at all, because Yew believe that Vaccines are Good For Yew, even though everyone that has Cancer has also been Inoculated, so yew Eat Process Food that is made of Chemicals instead of Food, and get Vaccines and wonder why yew have Cancer Growing inside of Yew, yew wonder why yew are always Tired, and have a Hard time Thinking, but everyone yew know complains about the same thing, so yew figure its Normal, and when someone tells yew about their life, yew tell them to get over it and Grow Up, because that is what Yew do, because Yew know all the Lies that the Powers that Be want yew to Know, and yew Believe them so fooly, that yew will not believe anything that anyone else has to say, because yew only believe in what yew want to believe in, and yew do not even know why yew believe that anyways, and yew do not care about Facts or Common Sense, because that is totally beside the Point, because let's face it, yew do Not Care, and that is the Bottom Line here, yew think yew know what's going on, and no one is going to change yewer Mind, especially a Wizard, because yew do not Believe in Wizards, yew do not even Believe that Yew use to Burn Wizards and Witches at the Stack, but that is because that is what the Powers that be want yew to Believe, and like a Good little Sheep, Yew Believe in what Main Stream Media tales yew to believe, and that sums it all up.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-05-N-IAM-09

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The Sheeple in the World are so Dumb'd down, that none of them even have the faintest idea what is Really going on, some believe in Aliens from Outer Space, some Governments are now talking as if they have existed for years, and have been working with on issues that they can not discus, while Denying they exist at the same time, yet yew believe that yew can burn all the Oil in the World up, and have no repercussions for it, as if this Planet does not need that Oil, because if it did, surely the Government would not allow yew to Mine it, but that is how Stupid Yew are, because only a Sheep would think like that, and the Government knows this, so it tries to distract yew through Fear, because let's face it, if an Ebola Outbreak occurs, yew will think that is more important than anything I have to say, even if I say they are doing it just to Control yew, to get yew to go along with their Program, which is to Thin out the Population, to get rid of the Consumers, so they will have more Resources for themselves, and yew will Line up to Get Shot, figuring its Mandatory yew will get Shot if yew do not Get the Shot, and this Logic is too Stupid to even consider it, but its what is about to Happen, because yew will allow it to happen, and yew do Not Care, because Yew are just Sheep.

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In a World that is so Disgusting, so Revolting, and so Insane, that Sheeple could still believe there is Good in this World, only because yew do not know how to fix it, yew do nothing about it at all, yew ignore the Problem through Ignorance, because yew are so Dumb'd down, and so Arrogant about yewer Knowledge of the Universe, that nothing I say will ever convince yew the Errors of yewer ways, most of yew are too Stupid to even understand the Concepts I talk about, so yew call Me Dumb, because let's face it, that is what Sheep do, yew go along with the Herd, and what they Heard, knowing they have no Knowledge, besides the stuff they were taught at School, knowing that was nothing but BS back then, so why yew believe it now is beyond even Yew, but that is how this World got so Ugly, because the Banks were allowed to Own it all, and all yew want is Money, so yew allow Big Businesses to Trash the World for Profit, to Pollute the Air, Land and Oceans for Money, yew allow the Powers that be to Spray Stuff in the Air that makes Clouds, and yew have no idea what it is, or why they are doing it, but yew do not question it either, yet yew deny it's a Problem, and like everything else I said, yew Deny any of it is true, because it goes against everything yew have ever been Taught, and the Logic in that does not Clue yew into what is really going on, then take a look around, because all I see is Crime, the biggest Crime is Money, because its why this World is so Disgusting its Revolting.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-05-N-IAM-11

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I have a Lot to say about a Lot of Things, and Yew would have to Listen to those things, or chose not to, because Choice is part of Freewill, but its not part of Freedom, but is the Basis for Free Dumb, so yew go along with it, because yew believe that yewer choice is more important than the Truth, that is why yew think yew can Vote on something, let's vote on what (+1) + (-1) = x, because if enough Sheeple Vote, yew will have many different Answers, and only some of them are the Truth, and why yew can not vote on what the Answer is, but this Logic escapes Sheeple with IQ's lower than 100, yet most of yew will go along with it, because yew think yewer IQ score is over 100, when most of yew do not even know what yewer IQ is, but yew look it up online and find that 70 is Dumb, and 100 is Average, but that is because these values were voted on by Yew, and yew are always Right, so let's Vote of the Weather tomorrow, because every thing yew Vote for is Stupid, let's face it, yew Vote for Laws that take yewer Rights away, knowing that yew have No Rights, because the Banks own the Country, but some of yew do not believe that, no matter how many time's I say it, because yew believe the Constitution still exist, and all yewer Rights with it, knowing that the National Debt is owed to a Private Bank, and the Tax owed is for Interest on the Loan, and yewer Birth Certificates are Collator for yewer Loan, which proves there is no Constitution, because it made it Treason to allow the Banks to Own it, and stated yew could take back the Government if that ever happened, so the Government made that Treason, so now yew have a Paradox, and its why I can not talk to Yew about a Lot of things, because how yew view this world is just Insane, so how do we get past this?

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-05-N-IAM-12

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On every Level of Reality, there are Layers of Deceit that go so Deep, yew will not allow yewer Mind to Comprehend it, because if yew can wrap yewer head around to the fact the Constitution was Suspended by President Lincoln back in 1863, so everything that has happened since then has been a Lie, because the Government Claims that this is all Legal, even thought the Supreme Court said it was Not, but the People Voted on it and made it Legal, by continuing to sign off on the Executive order that made it possible for the Banks to Print Money instead of Congress, and that is just by what the Constitution said, so if it is Law, then this is Treason, and yew know that is True, because that is what is happening in Reality, and there is no other way to explain it, so let's make this the Step yew get over this Fact, because as long as Yew owe the Bank for the National Debt, they Own US, and the Constitution is Dead, because it's been dead for over 151 Years now, and that is Proof Enough, so if yew are in the Military, ask yewerself one Question: Did Yew Swear to Defend and Protect the Constitution? Then Answer how could Yew, it was Gone before Yew were even Born, and that is Reality, the very Level I said yew will have to Wrap yewer Brain Around, because this is just Treason to the Nth Degree, so what is going on here, and why do Yew not even Care about this Fact alone, I mean put aside everything else I have said, because either its all true or its all a Lie, that is how IAM, it says so in the Bible, and I believe in the Bible, so it's Time to put everyone's hand on a Bible, and Swear to God that the Constitution is Dead so, we can Bury it, and the Flag that Represents it, yew can replace that with a Dollar Bill, at least then we could agree on one thing, and that is on some Level of Reality, if yew go Deep enough, yew will find it was not that Deep to begin with, because everyone knows the National Debt is to a Privately owned Bank, its never been a Secret, so why all the Lies for so Long of a Time, why Pretend it was Legally Amended when yew know that is a Lie, so Round and Round Yew Go.

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I have a Memory about the War in Kuwait, it was the First day I got there, and another Sergeant said to me: The Kuwaitis Paid to have the TCN's Murdered, its part of the 30-Year War, that started in 1960 ending in 1990 that was the Term of that War, each region will help out its neighboring Country by Killing off its Slaves that are about to become Citizens, and that is what History Proves, because that is what Happened in Reality, Iraq invaded and Killed only the TCN's, and everyone that got in their way doing that, but then they did not want to leave, seeing if they could cut a better deal, so instead of telling yew what this War was all about, the Powers that be, or Burning Bush, knew the Truth, and was offended by it as much as I was, but do yew think he could have come out and put the War to the Public like this? Because let's face it, we would not have been Welcome into Kuwait, because they would have known we were there to show them how Disgusted we were, but instead we acted like we were Friends, in fact we became Friends, so how can that be... I was in so much inner conflict with myself over this matter, that I was not dealing with it all that well, because then I found out why, and that was because they were allowing US to test Weaponized Ebola, on the Kurds, where they were trying to drive them out of their Country, I also remember they were testing out Vaccines for Ebola, I know they had trials going on else where around the Globe, so who passed the Bill to allow Testing Vaccines on War Victims, really Opened up the Gates to Crime, because that was what was going on in Reality, and it looks like that Reality Game is now Playing in a Theater near Yew, and the Media will Play this for every Penny its Worth, because they Love those Pennies, the Treasonous Traitor Lincoln, who allowed a form of Government Owned By the Banks, to allow them to Test Dangerous Drugs on War Victims by Inoculating them against a Disease they Contaminated them with, then allowing them to release it on the American Public, just so they can sell more Vaccines, which is what the War was really all about, how to make Sheeple so fearful, that they will pay anything for this Vaccine, knowing that they did the same thing to the Kurds back during the Gulf War, and Yew think this is alright, as if the Nazi and the Holly-hoax was not enough, then had the Cold War while Yew Allowed Israel to built a new Wall, then yew had the Gulf War, which none of Yew even got, so 911 should not have been a Surprise to Yew, but it was, but my family got tired of hearing about it since 1948, so when it finally happened, they were in Shock that my Grandfather was Right about that all along, but that is how long these Plans have been Planned, and that is just my Memory about it.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-05-N-IAM-14

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Sheeple laughed at me when I said Comet ISON would bring on a Mini Ice Age, but after it happened, lucky guess was all yew could say, but still that Big Earthquake did not happen yet, but the Sun did have the Face of the White Wizzard in it on the 13th of October 2014, so something is about to happen, the Dark spots look like Pyramids, which normally meant Energy Spots, and its on the Bottom, but this is how Wizards can tale the Future, but IAM not a Prophet, nor do I Profit from it, its just more of an Obsession, imagine that, Me, Jef-Frey, with an Obsession, how can that be, maybe its just the Aspie in Me, but I see Patterns in the Sun, as if I can read it like a Book, always a lot of Drama going on in it, its like a Crystal Ball, it's about 12.666 days behind what plays out on Earth most of the time, but the Blood Moon on the 8th was Great, the Moon Spirits were out that Night, the Wolves were Howling, or was that Me and the Coyotes, but IAM just a Wizzard, and that is what its all about, viewing the Universe through the I's of a Wizard, and these Eyes C Baad things coming up in the Future, and Yew need to be aware of them, do not allow anyone yew know to get this Vaccine for Ebola, its best to never get that Disease, because once yew get it, yew got it, and stay away from anyone that has, because now they can be a carrier, and that is how they started the Plague Years back, so nothing ever changes, Sheeple think IAM just a Stupid Old Wizard, when IAM just a Dog Guarding his Sheep, so Laugh all yew want, because that still makes Yew the Sheep.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-05-N-IAM-15

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At the End of the Era, I said I would come back in the Flesh, so I could tale Yew that the Light does Not Deal with Money, that is the Darkness in all of Yew, yewer original Sin was for Selling out Jesus for Money, yet yew still do that to this day, as Yew Lie about Yewer Reality, just so yew do not have to Admit yew are Guilty of Treason, so if I have a Darkside to Hide, there is no place better to Hide it, then in Plan Sight for Everyone to See, so that is why I Tale His Stories, so yew can Believe me when I say...

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IAM the Darkness,
IAM the Light,
IAM every shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Dark Wizzard in the Flesh.



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