The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Chapter 00.13
IAM Step -4

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft
Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 00.13
IAM Step -4


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step -4
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The Dark Wizzard in the Flesh, will now reveal IAM in Step -4, from the Viewpoint of the Darkside in Terms only the Darkside can Understand.

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As a Child, I was never Diagnosed as having any Mental Disorders, and the Term Aspie or even the work of Asperger was unknown to Me at that time, so getting a correct Diagnosis was not even going to happen anyway, and my Father and Step Mother made sure of that, I always believed it was because of the Special Treatment that went along with it, it's too expensive to have been Diagnosed with any Mental Condition, even Normal, let's face it, its just a Label, and for what they were saying I might have, did not have any Drugs to cure it, and for most Parents that was the end of that Discussion, because if they did not have a Pill that would Cure it, why have it, No... all I needed to do was get over it, learn to be like other people who are Normal, learn to Talk like them, and act like them, but no matter how hard I tried, I can not learn to think like Yew... First off I have an IQ of 180 last time I was tested, so when Yew call me Einstein, yew are calling me Stupid, because Albert Einstein only had an IQ of 160, but since most of you range from 70 to 125, Einstein would seem like the most Intelligent Person in Centuries, since well... Isaac Newton, if it was not for Einstein's view about how the Universe works, because I already proved he got it all Wrong, and Sir Isaac Newtons view still holds up, so really its Newtons view of the Universe, since the only thing i added was proof that Newton was Right, by Defining the Trinary Energy, Trinary Engine and the Trinary Universe, I proved that everything Newton Said about the Universe works at the Subatomic Level, and that everything Einstein said did not, and that was not that hard for someone with an IQ of 180, but its clear those without it, can not understand it... So as a Child they taught it was strange that I had such a High IQ, so it was best just to Ignore it, its Rare, but so are Hemorrhoids, but they are a pain in the Ass also, but High IQ's are Normal for Aspies, and Not for Neurotypicals.

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By the time I joined the Military, I thought I was Normal, I thought I did get over it, and I had no documented medical reason for anyone to think I was not Normal, then one day recently I was watching a BBC Special Documentary on Sir Isaac Newton, on Yew-Tube, entitled The Last Magician, which as I said the Word Magician and Wizard are the same in some Languages, so I watched it over and over, as the Air Force pointed out, IAM an Obsessive Compulsive, or OCD, but the things they said proved what I was saying in my Video Series you are now watching, so it was great news, someone got it, Jesus was inserted into the Bible to create a Deity, God was the Force in all his Equations, Proof that everything I said about God Being the Light was Documented in this Video... And then they said Sir Isaac Newton had Asperger's Syndrome, so I searched the Internet for this word and found out everything I could about it, watched all the videos I could find on all the web sites and Yew-Tube, then I took the test, which I aced, IAM an Aspie, no doubt about it, Wow.... What does that mean? IAM not Normal or as we Aspies call it Neurotypicals, and looking back, I can pick out all the Aspies I have ever come in contact with, I can read a book and see it in People, 100's of all the top Scientist and Entertainers, people who excel in Life, all Aspies, all the Scientist, Writers and Politicians who ever made a Major contribution to Society are all Aspies, Wow! Why would I want to be Neurotypical or Normal person?

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I told yew about the Dark Wizard Moses, he was an Aspie, in fact all the Wizards are Aspies, so Moses was the Burning Bush, it was his Brain on Fire, if yew look at Brain Scans or PET Scans, yew will see Branches on Fire, as if their brain was on Fire, compared to Normal Brain Activity, our Brains Frequency runs Slower, it's because our Brains run Multiple Thought Process at once, making it hard to keep some thoughts in our mind, so we tend to focus on 1 thought, even though in our Mind we have Thousands of these Threads running, so much that it Lights Up our Minds, so our Brains look like a Christmas Tree all lite up, or Burning Bush, as the Bible calls it, so IAM was the Jealous God, and do yew know why? Because Normal or Neurotypicals, will be Jealous of People like IAM, because we are Brighter, because our Brain is on Fire, it's the Burning Bush, so yew will Kill our Kind for Thousands of Generations, to Smite US, as the Bible puts it, for all of those that do not Believe in IAM... The Bible was written by those Aspies, and their Words mean nothing to yew, it's not the Bible that is wrong, its how yew Interpret it that is Wrong, it's the Religion yew turned it into that is Wrong, yew can not Worship, without Warships, so its Unending War, yew are the Warlocks, and its why yew will be Punished with Money, we will use it to Control you like Sheep, so you become Female Sheep known as Yew, this was our way of getting back at yew for being Jealous of us for being Smarter than Yew.

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IAM named after Sir William Wallace, so my Middle name is Scott... What most people know about William Wallace was from the Movie Brave Heart, but what I know of him is much more, my Grandfathers before me wrote a lot about him, he was just like Me, and Aspie, keep in mind we only had one word for it, Wizard, so the two mean the same thing, very few good Magicians are Neurotypicals, and those that are, are actually just good Entertainers, and there is a Huge Difference, and very few Neurotypicals can understand that the Story about Brave Heart, is the Same Story as Jesus, I have no idea why that is, Jesus Bar Abbas was a Man who wanted to get married, but was told he would have to share his bride on their wedding night, with the Local Governor, known as Jus Primae Noctis, so he went to War with them, and Denounced the Church as Evil because they used Money, which makes them Bankers in both Stories, and that Freedom was Defined as using No Money or Bartering System, but that is why yew are in the Dark, and All Slaves to Money and the Bankers, because yew can not Deny that no matter how many time's Aspies like Me, got to War and Win our Freedom back, and remember the Aspies IAM talking about here: Jesus, Sir William Wallace, and George Washington, so in effect, the Story The Patriot, and oddly enough the Actor who played the main role in both these movies, also Directed the Movie The Passion of the Christ... And these are all the same Story, a fight for Freedom is always against the Bankers, and its why I was Named after Jesus and Sir William Wallace, my Fight is the Same, it's the Fight for Freedom, in the Land of Free Dumb.

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Neurotypicals do not understand The Light Wizzard as a Concept, it's from the viewpoint of an Aspie, not sure other Aspies will agree, let's face it, we all have Freewill, and can all believe what we want to believe, and being an Aspie does not change this unfortunately, but I do know 1 Thing: these Men did. God is the Light, Jesus was the Messenger that would be born back into The Flesh, to Tale yew His-Story 1 more time, in hope that yew would Listen, without Me having to go to Battle with the Powers that Be, because I have Proven Time and Again, that yew will never Learn that Lesson that way, they will always Win, because of Traitors Like: Judas who Sold Jesus out for Money, and Bruce who Sold William Wallace out for Money, and then Lincoln who Sold out George Washington for Money... but anyone who only goes along with something just to make Money is selling it out, and why Tolkien called the Bankers Trolls, in Harry Potter they were Dwarfs, funny how many people Tale His-Story... No... Yew will never Learn this Lesson by having another War, that is what got yew into this Mess to start with, and why Neurotypicals do not understand The Light Wizzard as a Concept.

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Isaac Newton never talked about Stimulation Overloads, or Melt Downs, as a Child I never had them, but after the Military Vaccinations in 1990, I started to have Strange Reactions to different Stimulation, the first thing I noticed was Lights that Flash 13 Times a Second, Minute or Hour, or at a Frequency of 13 Hertz, this time varies in time, now its between 12.666 to 13, so the Range is still very close, so there must be some Scientific Reason for this, because I discovered the Correlation between Sun Spots, or Black Holes on the Suns Surface that Face Earth during certain Planetary Alignments, and have been Accurately Predicting Earthquakes for years, but every time I predict one, people would say I was Wrong, I would tell them that the Earthquake took place here within the Time Range I gave, so how AMI wrong? They would say the Earthquake was not Here, it might have been There, but that does not count, there are always Earthquakes going on somewhere, and this is how most Neurotypicals view it, and why they do not see the Correlation between these Flashes of Lights, because within 12.666 to 13 Days after the Sun Spots and Planetary Alignments, we have Major Earthquakes, so this Strange Reactions I get to Flashing Lights in this Spectrum, and its not just me that noticed these Lights, some Epileptic people will actually go into Seizures in the range of 12.666 to 13 Hertz, so is Crystal Clear to Me, it's a Warning Sign, saying Danger WillIAM Robertson Danger.

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My first Melt Down happened a year after I was Medially Retired, I was going through a Bad Divorce, and Dating Women because I did not want to Live alone, so it made Life Difficult, I was opening up to new people who had different ways to Live, they Eat Different Foods, wore Different Materials, not to mentioned listened to Different Music, and wanted Different Lighting, and I found it hard to adjust, my Skin would feel like it had Ants Crawling on it, and Under it, it gets very Painful, I find myself Scratching, and Rubbing my Hands all the time, having to put them in my pocket or under my legs, i am always Hot or Cold, but could not tell yew if its because of the actual temperature around me, so sometimes I do not pay attention to how Hot or Cold things are, and touching them becomes painful, and I do not know if its because its to Hot or I am to Cold, or vice versa, and my Vision will get Distorted, sometimes i would get Kaleidoscope Eyes, it felt like a Bad LSD Trip, like i was Hallucinating, and Sounds, the Ticking of Clocks drive Me to the Point of wanting to kill myself, it can be very Painful, because I could not stand how loud they are, and they tick 60 times a Minute, that is 12 x 5, which I call 12.666, it's a Rhythm that sounds like Danger to me... So all I can do is Run and Hide, find a nice Dark Quiet Space that I can stay in till this Melt Down goes away, and in Public this is Hard to do, and why I do not go out much, if at all... And why I know it was the Vaccinations and not inherent to Aspies, but we are more Sensitive to this Chemical Attack on our DNA, because we are more in Tune with it, and any changes in our Chemistry, and we React to it.

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I play Connect the Dots to keep my mind busy, it's a very bad habit, and like all bad habits I learned it from someone, in this Case it was Isaac Newton, he said that all Science is nothing more than a Connect the Dots game, you have Facts, these are the Dots, you have Lines, these are Logic you used to Connect the Dots with, it's a very Black and White way of Viewing the Universe, it's what causes OCD, I get Obsessed and Compulsive over everything, and I try to Connect the Dots from things that have no relationships what so ever, its like Reading Tea Leafs, no more Science in it then any other Pattern Recognition, but once yew see the Pattern and can Connect the Dots Accurately, it becomes Science, and as John Nash in the movie Beautiful Mind could tell yew, this style of thinking can Drive yew into Madness, you start to View Everything as a series of Events, this leads to that which leads to the other Thing, and soon the World you Create to Deal with these Problems, become Reality, because in Reality, a lot of Aspies are Witches and Wizzards, and can Create a Virtual Reality Environment complete with people, places and events, and no one wants to admit that these things are really happening, because Pattern Recognition is not real Science to Neurotypicals, but to People like Me, We can not stop Playing Connect the Dots, its how our Brains were Wired, so its not a Habit at all, and its why Tolkien called these People Hobbits, although in the Book he was the White Wizard, and its very obvious that Gandalf who was in the Order of Istari, or Wise ones, and are actually Elves, which were all Aspies, so his Book tells the same story as Jesus, Wallace and Washington, even in my Favorite Story Harry Potter, its very Clear that the Difference between Aspies and Neurotypicals, is what they Call Wizards or Witches and Muggles, because Muggles just like Neurotypicals, yew never see things the same way that Wizards or Aspies do, it may not have been the Authors Intentions, but her Character Descriptions depict this Crystal Clear to me, and once yew Connect the Dot's yew will see that is true.

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It's hard to tell a Story that is so Vast as this one, without telling others versions of the same Story, told throughout time, all these Story's are the Same, whether it be the Gold Ring of Power, the Deathly Hallows, Kings and Queens, or Governments, it's all about Power, which is all about Money, so all these Stories become one to me, the Pattern is Clear, Evil is Power and Money, it's the Root of all Evil, it's what we have to Fight against to be Free, and whether that Enemy is a Dwarf, Troll, Goblin, or Banker, its all the same, so I refer to other Stories, so I do not have to tell them in another way, because that is all these People have done through time, be it the Wizard of Oz, Merlin or the White Wizard, these are all the Same Story about the same thing.

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I tend to over explain everything to Neurotypicals, it's because they are not very Intelligent, and I find I can never talk to them about Complex subjects, even though most of them think they can engage me in such subjects, and then wonder why it is I can not agree with them on anything they say, and its because it was all Wrong, because yewer whole view on how the Universe actually works is Wrong, and there is no way we can have a conversation until I can Correct that, but Neurotypicals think that IAM Arrogant for thinking and acting this way, and its because yew are Ignorant, and I can talk to yew but I can not Correct the way yewer brain is wired.

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My Darkness is just Me, once I get into the Darkness, I lash out because the Feeling is overwhelming, in my Darkest Hour, I Sound like a Mad Man, because my Brain can think a lot faster then my Body can React, so I get Frustrated at this Problem, its like IAM Driving a 10 Story Robot that is out of Control, I know the Body and Mind are not the Same, that Little Voice is what is in Charge when IAM in the Darkness, it's not I, it's in this Darkness where all My Pain Exist, and all these Emotions take over, as my Sensory Perception gets overwhelming, and the smallest of Sounds are Amplified, and the feeling of Blood Rushing through my Brain is so load I can not hear myself think, some times I want out of the Darkness so bad that I want to die, I hate the Darkness inside of Me, and when I am at my Darkest I See No Light, not even Shades of Grey, because I And Me might be in the Same Body, we are not the same Entity, so who AMI...

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IAM the Darkness,
IAM the Light,
IAM every shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Dark Wizzard in the Flesh.



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