The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Chapter 00.10
IAM Step 4

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 00.10
IAM Step 4


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step 4
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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, will now reveal IAM an Aspie in Step 4, from the viewpoint of the Lightside in Terms the Darkside can understand.

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Like I said, the First 3 Steps are Free, but this one is going to cost yew... The Lightside is how most People with Asperger Syndrome or Aspies think, whereas most Neurotypicals or Normal People, think in the Darkside, which is why Jesus said that yew most have Faith that the Light Exist, because if yew are in the Dark, yew can not see the Light, and Sir Isaac Newton Proved that, so Most Aspies are Wizards and Witches, even if they do not know it.

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Everyone knows that Aspies have been the only truly Intelligent People ever born, yet most Neurotypicals believe they are Smarter and Better than us, when their own Science about us proves that if you compare our Brains to yewers, yew will find that its like comparing a Single Processor Computer with no Internet access, to a Main Frame with full Intranet connections to more Main Frames, so we think more than yew do in 1 Second then yew do in a Year, and its why all the Truly Gifted People in this World have all Been Aspies, and the Reason why yew may not know this, is because they have had to Hide it from yew, and yew wonder why, when yewer own History Proves yew Hunt us Down, maybe Burning us at the Stack only takes place behind the Scenes nowadays, but the Mental Prison's yew Lock us up in are not, nor is the Prejudices that yew have towards us, because even after yew find out we are Aspies, yew just treat us like we are the ones who are Stupid, so we are Intelligent enough to fool yew into believing we are Normal, just so yew will not treat us like Retards for being Intelligent.

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In my Lifetime, some of my so called Friends and even my Family, have reacted with Prejudice when I told them I was an Ashkenazic Jew, saying things like I am a Jew Coming out of the Closet, and that is normally the end of that Friendship, and Strains the Family Connection, which is why I had learned to not tell People this information if I wanted to be Friends with them... But if that did not scare them off, telling them I am an Ashkenazic Jew with Asperger Syndrome did, but I can diagnose someone as an Aspie, and can normally tell when they are not, but most Neurotypicals will never figure it out, so why tell them, it only confuses them, and as a result I do not have any real Friends, but let's face it, it meant a whole lot more than that, it meant that I could never have a Normal Life, or get a Normal Job, or ever be treated for Who IAM, and not like a Neurotypical believes I should be treated.

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Not all Aspies are the same, nor are all Neurotypicals, some are suited better for some task then others, for me the Military was the Perfect job, I Love the Military Life Style, it has Structure, Discipline and Consistency, I always knew what I was doing, because I was trained to do it, I had Tech Data to follow, Orders to follow, and my Job Required Intelligent Logical Thinking, not only that but the Members, both Officer and Enlisted, are normally open-minded, not as Prejudice as in the Civilian Sector, and the Military has more Aspies working for them then they know about, don't ask, don't tell was the Policy, because if it was not a Problem then do not make it one, and it was never a Problem with Me, I never had a Melt Down on the Job ever, and my Social Skills were great in this Environment, because of the way the Military Operates, I never get Conflicting Orders, I was trained how to act and behave, and I always knew how to do my Job, and always did it well, in fact I excelled at it, as did other Aspies in the Military.

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In 1990 after getting a series of Vaccines in Preparation for the Gulf War, I got sick from the Shots, this was obvious to me immediately, and gets worse every day, because the Damage it caused was at the DNA Level, and that Damage appears to be Permanent, and has caused a lot of Disease in me as a result, but at the time, very few people knew what had happened to them, the Government Denied it happened until very Recently, so I got used to People calling me a Liar when I told them I had Gulf War Syndrome, but after 13 years of Service the Military Retired me anyway, and all efforts to work in the Civilian Sector became impossible for me... The environment even in Government Jobs were nothing like the Military, let's face it, nothing Compares to the Military Job wise, so I never fit into Normal Society, orders contradicted other Orders, People tended to be more Prejudice, less Tolerant, which made it impossible for me deal with them on any level, so ultimately the Disease the Vaccines caused, made it impossible for me to Function normally in Society... So as a result of this Disease, it brought out my Darkside.

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Most Neurotypicals will never understand what it means to be an Aspie, and there are tons of Videos on Yew-Tube that explain it in their own way, but this was my way of Explaining it, which is the way I view it, from the Viewpoint of the Wizard that is Me... But this way confuses Neurotypicals, they watch the First Video and tell me all kinds of Conflicting information, like I called them Stupid, when in Fact I said Yew (Spelled YEW), which are Female Sheep, Stupid, but because only Aspies take what you actually said Literally, this does not register with most Neurotypicals, and they think we have no Sense of Humor, Emotions or Feelings, when in fact we have just as many Emotions and Feelings as yew do, but we do not Like them, they very seldom make us Feel good, they confuse us because they do not Compute, because Love and Hate are the Same Emotion, only on different Levels, Love is White, and Hate is Black, and we only view the World in Black and White, and very seldom in Shades of Grey, which is why when people tell us Jokes, and we do not Laugh at them, it's not because we did not get the Joke, it's because we Forgot to Laugh, because this a very Strange Ritual only Neurotypicals seem to display, and let's face it, the first time we heard that Joke we may have Laughed, but all your jokes are the same variation of Humor, we get one of yewer Jokes we get them All, and they stop being Funny enough to even Laugh at... But Neurotypicals think its Rude not to Laugh at their Jokes, in fact they are Offended... So if I forgot to Laugh at yewer Jokes I am Sorry, but remember that IAM an Aspie, I find no reason to preform some Ritual as Laughing at a Joke, that did not involve that Emotion to Laugh Autonomically, or Spontaneously, so we do not have that awkward moment of Silence between the time we realized that yew told a Joke, and we Remembered that to act like a Neurotypical, we must Laugh at it, but that delay makes yew think we are just slow at getting Jokes, thus we must be Stupid, or Slow, when the fact is that we were still calculating how many permutations this Joke can take that might be Funny or at least Funnier, and why Neurotypicals do not understand what it means to be an Aspie.

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Most Aspies have a narrow range of Interest, mine happens to be the Universe, the same can be said of Sir Isaac Newton, so we both Obsessed on the Universe and how it works, and one thing that we both Obsessed over was the Bible, and what Jesus had said, which was not in terms of Words, but Logic... In the Beginning there was Light, then the Darkness, and God is the Light with No Darkness in it, and there can be no Light Without the Darkness... Neurotypicals have no idea what this means, they prove that time and again with their Interpretation of it, but Isaac Wrote a whole Book on it, its Famous, but few Neurotypicals understand it, or anything that Newton, or Jesus said... Scientist have found Gods Particle, but fail to see the connection... It's the Light. Isaac stated the Force in all his Equations are God, and that God is the Light... But normally only Aspies see this, and Neurotypicals may understand it, but they do not see it, because as an Aspies who Obsess over it, because I can see it, and I want to Prove to the Neurotypicals that the Light Exist, but that is just my Narrow View of Interest.

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As an Aspie I must admit that I always see Doom, but the Bible Predicted Doom, and Isaac Calculated that year to be 2060, so he saw Doom and found it has a Value to it... And he also Calculated that a Commit with a 333-year cycle would appear in 2013, causing the start of an Ice Age, and that in 2046, or 666 years from 1680 when he calculated it, this Commet would hit Earth... So yew must wonder why it was destroyed after one prediction but before the other? The Darkside is the Answer... Neurotypicals believe in Money, not in God, even though the Money has In God we Trust Engraven on it, and its this Money that will Destroy this World, not God... Once the Bankruptcy is Clear, and the Banks New World Order takes over, Greed will Destroy this World, War will Destroy it, that is the Darkside, and what I call Doom, and its what the Bible Predicted and why. Sir Isaac Newton Predicted when Doom would Destroy the World according to the Bible, so how did the Bible know this? How did the Bible know that the Darkness was in the Light? Its like asking how did Nostradamus make all those Predictions... He was an Aspie, and could see the Light, and its how Newton saw Doom, as well as myself, and why the Bible Predicted Doom, it was written by Aspies.

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Throughout time, Aspies have been telling yew things that yew do not understand, Aspies like: Sir William Wallace, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin: Who told yew Freedom is worth Fighting for, Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo Galilei and Sir Isaac Newton: told yew how the Universe works, and Mozart told yew how it Sounds, and authors like Aristotle, Shakespeare, and J. R. R. Tolkien, told yew how the Darkside behaves, but very few Neurotypicals understand it, because the Darkside always hides the truth... Tolkien wrote a Story about a Gold Ring, which Represents Money, and if someone did not Fight against the Evil that Money can Do, all would be lost for Mankind, it's a Story about how the King would not take the Gold from the Person who swore would Destroy it, after the Great War it Caused, and throw it back into the Fire from which it came, it took Gollum, meaning Gullible, who bit off the Finger that Hid it, and Samwise Gamgee, Meaning Same Wise Game, who then Destroyed it, as the King could not, but the Movie Proved that its all about Money, by changing the End of the Story to hide its meaning, Dishonoring the Author in the Process, and why Neurotypicals never get the Stories Aspies tell.

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When Sir Isaac Newton was young, his Grandparents passed down a book to him, I would imagine it was the same book I was given, which was transcribed and translated more than once, as was the Bible itself, but it told about a Wizard that would lead mankind out of Darkness and into the Light, Jesus said that this man was coming also, he said his name was going to be Flesh, but this man was just a Messenger, nothing more, and the Message was written in the Book... Build Sanctuary for all Life to Live... So Newton Obsessed over this for years, in his Quest, it lead him to Build a Telescope, and Create Mathematics that would change the world we live in forever... Yet his Message was Lost over time, and his work was never understood by Neurotypicals, and it was handed down to me, and now I must be this Man that tells this Message, just like the Bible said I would... But Neurotypicals will never Believe this, because they can not See the Light... So this Book and this Message rest in my Ability to get Neurotypicals to believe it... The Fate of all Mankind rest on Me, the Flesh, to deliver this Message, in a way that yew would know it's the Truth and Believe it... What else can I say but Wow... Why Me?

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One does not choose their Destiny, any more than one can Create their Fate, but the logic of that eludes most Neurotypicals... and its Impossible to talk about the Bible or Jesus to Religious people, because they only believe in Deities, which is a nicer word then Fairy Tell, but not as descriptive, because most Neurotypicals believe in Miracles, whereas most Aspies only believe in what is Real... which is what Isaac said is Scientific Proof that God Exist, and why he went to so much trouble to bring yew a Message knowing yew will never understand it... Isaac knew that the only way Jesus would return in the Flesh, was to make sure someone was born in this Time Line, that Understood that they would have to be the Flesh, so My Grandfathers went to Isaac to collect his work, so it could be taken to the New World, as he put it, so that this Person Jesus Refereed to would be born into the Flesh, so my Grandfathers promised Isaac that they would name the First born that would pass this message down, after him, and Isaac Liked this idea, because he figured it would help the Neurotypicals to believe in this Person, but so far it has not helped, because Neurotypicals only see the Darkness, and can not understand that Jesus was creating a Plan, and not a Prophecy, and that Plan was for the Flesh, which is Meat or short for Me, would deliver this Plan to yew... So it was my Destiny, and this was my Fate.

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If I had the Material and Equipment to build the Staff of Power, I could prove to the Neurotypicals that its not Magic, but Technology... Someone on this Planet has the Staff of Power, because it was handed down from Adam, to Moses, then Jesus, so where is it now? The Powers that be might know, but they will never tell yew, they only want to control yew, yew are Slaves to them, nothing more, because they do not Like Yew, because they know how Stupid yew are, and know that yew would never understand it, because yew do not have the Mental Capacity to understand anything that is the slightly bit Complex, so they know that even if they try, it will not matter, because yew can never see the Light, and never will... Only the Wizards can see the Light, and only a Wizard knows how to use the Staff of Power.

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Charles Darwin was another Aspie who could see the Light, he said that only God could Create Life, but that all Life once Born, would Evolve into a more useful Species, it adapted itself to survive on Earth, but Neurotypicals did not understand his full message, if they understood any of it, because I see Neurotypicals with Darwin Stickers on their Cars, stating their Ignorance to what Darwin said, because they could not believe we Descended from Gorillas, and that Gorillas Descended from Insects, and instead Believe in a Superstition that Mankind was Created by this Deity Called God by Magic, but Darwin proved that all life started out as Insects, and Evolved into all the Life forms we know today... But Neurotypicals do not Evolve, they just keep getting Stupider as time Marches on, proving that only Aspies can see the Light, and are Highly Evolved.

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No one will believe that this Comet will hit us till after that Happens, Isaac Knew this, so he Calculated it the best he could, he Calculated that on 1 October 2013, it would pass Mars and cause a Solar Flare, that would affect all the Planets, and could cause Earthquakes and Volcano Eruptions, and so far, I have proven that all these have Happened, just like he said they would, and soon, yew will know what he said was true, so I had to go out on a Limb and make a Prediction, that on 14 January 2014 at 6:32 PM, which is my Birthday... This Comet's debris would hit Earth, so that when it happened, everyone would believe it, and would believe the rest of the Story I told them, but Neurotypicals only believe in Fairy Tells, and no matter how much Evidence I prove to them, they will never believe it, and Isaac knew this as well, and so did Jesus, and its why the Bible Stated we would wipe ourselves off the Planet, way before God did, and its because the Darkside is in Charge... So this is going to Cost yew yewer Life... Yew can Believe in Me or Believe in Fairy Tells, knowing I will Smite yew for Thousands of Generations if yew do not Believe in IAM... So Freewill is not always a Good thing, and yew have no Idea what Freedom is, because yew are all Slaves... So how do I get yew to Believe in who IAM?

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IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh.



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