The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Chapter 00.09
IAM Step +3

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft
Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 00.09
IAM Step +3


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step +3
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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, will now reveal IAM in Step Positive 3, from the Viewpoint of the Lightside in Terms only the Lightside can Understand.

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All the Light Wizard wants from yew is to Acknowledge what it is IAM Saying, and the Letter K is the 3rd Letter in that Word, so its in Harmony, and it means to Know it's the Truth... and that is all the Light Wizzard Knows and Talks about, but the Truth is only from 1's Point of View, so yew hear what IAM saying from 3 Points of View, so in this Step we talk about the Truth in the Light.

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In the Bible there is a Story about 12 Disciples and 72 Virgins, even though the Story about the Virgins in most Religions is in the After Life, others only in Conquest of War, but in the Light it's about Life itself, since the Original Story about Adam and Eve was that in order for Mankind to Survive with only 1 Man, which is the Chosen 1, Like Adam or anyone for that Matter... although the Bible only talks about 3 of Adam's Wives, and even though the Bible Removed any References to Jesus's Christ's Wife, leaving yew to believe that he had No Children... they do talk about Jesus Bar Abbas's... In the Story of Adam and Eve, was the Story about the Chosen 1, or Adam, a man from the White Race, marring Eve, Meaning Dark, being a Woman from the Black Race, seeing how she had an Extra Rib then Adam... So the Children of Eve Mated with each other, meaning inbreeding, same Father, and same Mothers... and that damages the DNA, and that is what is Wrong with the Jewish Line of Cain and Seth, they were all inbred, which lead to Insanity, this was God's Punishment to Eve, and the Children of Eve, and why they only see the Darkside, so to Prevent this, God said that Man would require 72 Virgins to ensure the Genetic Code of all his Children, so yew can have the Same Father, but Different Mothers and the Children would Mate from different Mothers... so God Tried to Erase the Line of Cain and Seth, so God told Noah to build a Light Arc, which would hold the DNA of every Species of Life on the Planet Earth, it required the Sperm and Eggs of each Species, and the Real Science would be to have a Different Male for every Female, and would only have the Pure Blood from the Black, White and Grey Races, but seeing how they are all Bred out, yew need a Male that has the Blood of the White and Grey Races, since the Black Race is Dominant, if yew mate a Male and a Female from two Black Mothers, the Child would come out Black... So for every Male, it required 72 Females, so just having two of Each Species was not Good enough, but the People who Rewrote the Bible could not figure out how big of an Ark to build to hold 72 Females to every Male, so they Remove this from the Story, because they did not understand that the Light Arc was a Sperm Bank, and the rest of it was all Myth and Legend, with no Science to any of it... The 12 Disciples know the Truth about the Light, and would Guard the Light Arc till it was needed again, this Light Arc is also in the Arc of the Covenant, it was their Duty that had to be passed down from one Generation to the next, to Insure the Survival of all Mankind during the Next Flood or Ice Age. The 12 Disciples would then Rebuild the Population of Earth in a Place called Zion, so let's talk about this a little... 12 is a Dozen, and the Letter Z is the 3rd Letter in that Word, so its in Harmony, and the Letter Z is the 3rd Letter in the Word Wizard, so its in Harmony, and a Dozen Wizards is what is Required to bring Balance, and its this Balance I refer to, so we have a Double Z, like in Wizzard, so it's a State, and not a Place but a State of Mind, in a Place Called Sanctuary, and Means Zion, not to be Confused with Zionism, or the Darksides interpretation of what Zion is... because the Letter O is the 3rd Letter in that Word and it Means Emotions, and also has more direct meanings like ION, so its this Secret that was removed from the Bible to Hide the Light Arc, and to keep people from looking for it, since its said to also Contain the Words of the Dark God of Mosses, and has the Power of God in it, which is called ION.

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The Bible states that at the End of the Era, Jesus would Resurrect into the Flesh, meaning that a Descendant of Jesus that Carried the DNA of Adam, would be born into Flesh, and have all the Knowledge of God... and in the Word Resurrect, S is the 3rd Letter of that word, so its in Harmon, and that means it's the Solution, and that Solution was the DNA that had the Knowledge Recorded in it, and that all the Secrets would be Revealed to All seeking the Divine Knowledge, which was the Tree of Knowledge in the Story of Adam and Eve, the Secret was that the Son of Adam was Abel, and his Daughter form his Second wife Mary was Melliza, and they Carried the DNA for the Ashkenazi Jews, and that Cain and Seth carried the DNA for the Jewish Nazi, who were Inbred and Insane, they are the Darkside, so they are the Powers that Be... even though the Real Powers that be are the Meek, who are the Ashkenazi... So this Person who Resurrects Jesus at the End of the Era, is called the Chosen 1, and is the Flesh... and the Chosen 1 requires 12 Disciples and the 72 Virgins, in order to Save all Life on the Planet Earth... but the Darkside has Other Plans, they Hide the Secrets so yew would not understand what was going on in the End, so they could Murder the Chosen 1, as they have throughout History... so they could Stay in Power... even if it means the Destruction of all Life on the Planet, because the Darkside only wants to Destroy Life, which is why they are always at War, and why they must Murder or Discredit the Chosen 1, and will go to any Length to Deny who IAM, because only the Darkside Denies who IAM.

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The Light Talks to yew in Sounds, it has Rhythm, and the Letter Y is the 3rd Letter in that Word, so its in Harmony, and Means Yea, but the Darkside Discredits it by altering it, and they say Yea Right when I tell them about this Part of the Story, as if its all a Ploy to get 84 People to take part in some Ritual that will Save the Planet, when in fact it will take all the People in the World to build Sanctuary... And the Salvation of Mankind is in Sanctuary, it is the Last Hope for all Life on this Planet, and once yew understand the Logic, yew will agree, but it's the Logic that is hard for the Darkside to Understand, but in the Light, only Knowledge Matters, and knowing that soon an Ice Age will make it very difficult if not impossible for most Life to Survive, Sanctuary is for All Life, and not just the Human Race, so yew say Yea now, but yew know what this Sounds Like, it's the Sound of Secrets that have been Silent for far too long.

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I have Search this Planet over 3 Times, and I have not Found anyone that Fully Understands what the Light is, that is No 1 a Live except for the Chosen 1, But I find Plenty of Light Wizards in the Past, but Only 1 Survives to this Date... So if yew Took a Vote on Who is in the Light, it's No Wonder that yew would Vote for Yewerself, or Some other Darkside Sheep, and then Believe yewer own Winner... But then yew remember that Voting is how yew Lost Freedom, and Got nothing but Free Dumb since, and that Dumb was not Free, yew Paid for it, and soon yewer Grandchildren will Pay the Ultimate Price for it, because they will be the Ones Growing up in an Ice Age that their Grandparents Caused by their Sin... Yew Voted for Corruption, Greed and Lust, and Allowed it to become Normal... In History Bad meant it was Evil, and Evil is an Anagram for Vile, Gay meant to be Happy, now it means to be Vile, as if yewer Sexual Ordination gives yew the Right to Fuck everything, and then wonder why yew are sick... So do not Fool yewerselves into thinking yew are in the Light, if yew can allow the Earth to be Destroyed just because Greedy Politicians Believe that Oil is Fossil Fuel, No... yew Look around and must Admit that this Reality is all Dark, with No Light in it... Only then can we Move on with His-Story... But this is why I see yew all as the Darkside, and Treat yew like the Enemy, because I know how Stupid and Ignorant yew are... Yew are Dull... Not Bright at all... So why do yew Pretend to be in the Light is beyond Me... but its how the Darkside works, and if yew could let go of all yewer Emotions long enough to admit this, yew would see the Light, and that is I, so look in a Mirror when yew Say it, then yew become you and are in the Light, and once yew see the Light, you will not want to go back into the Darkness.

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Yew always have a Choice to be in the Dark or Light, its called Freewill, yew were all Born into the Light, and had Dreams about the Light, so why is this so Hard for some of yew to do? What Harm could it do to Believe in the Light Wizard? The Light Wizard is not asking for Money... In fact the Light Wizzard told yew Money is the Root of All Evil, and told yew that to Survive yew will have to Abandon Money, since it's the Darkside, and only then could yew be Free... The Pyramids were built in Freedom, once Mosses talked Free People into working for Money, they became Slaves to the Bankers, those in the Light Said that Slaves had to Leave Sanctuary, they did not like that to much, and after 3 Generations, they Raised and Army and Came Back and Destroyed Sanctuary, which is why most do not know what Sanctuary is, because the Only History the Darkside knows, is the Darksides History... Even though Logic proves that the People who Rape, Murder and Pillage are the Darkside, so its Clear that is what the People of Mosses were... and its this Evil Civilization that Mosses Created in the Aftermath of Hell itself... And History Proves this Time after Time, with Atlantis, Sodom and Gomorrah, being Destroyed by God for the Evil that was allowed in those States... Well now yew are about to receive the Same Punishment by God, just as the Bible Predicted, because yew are Still Worshiping the Dark Lord, and there is No Changing how the Darkside thinks, because they Believe they Know it all, and its Me who is not Right in the Head... But Believe Me, I never wanted to be Right... when I was Young I was Left Handed, so I stuck two Knives in a Wall Socket with my Left Hand, just to find out my Father saved a lot of Money on Fuses, by Replacing Burnt out Fuses with Pennies, so I was Forced to use my Right Hand from that time on... Because at the End of the Era I wanted to be Right, so yew could be Left... The Darkside swears they are Right, so let's see how many of them are Left in 666 Years.

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Anyone can be the Chosen 1, but they have to Chose to do so, they have to be able to Walk the Walk, and Talk the Talk, they have to Tell the Truth, and Not Some Version of it that makes them Look like they are in the Light... and that is Why I told yew about Me, so yew would Know I have a Darkside too... Yew all Know Adam, Jesus, William and Isaac had a Darkside... So there is No Light without the Darkness for all Human Kind, because the Flesh is the Darkside, and as long as yew are a Live, yew are in the Dark, so these Words start to make yewer Head Spin, because I said Live is in the Light and Evil is in the Dark, yet Yew can not have 1 without the Other... But the Light can Never See the Dark, but I know it Exist, and I know the Evil that Exist in it, and to be the Chosen 1, yew have to Teach the Lightside, which is No Money, No Wars, and Sanctuary for all, Its what Adam, Jesus, William and Isaac said also, so be the Chosen 1, yew have to Tell the Story about the Trinary Universe, all of its Science, Math and Knowledge, and have to Teach people the way of the Light Being, and now the Flesh Beings behave, yew tell the Story of IAM, where I is the Light, And Me, well that's just Meat, so its Me, so look in a Mirror when yew say that, and tell your Story about yew, not the Life Story of Jeffrey who was Me in the Flesher, who's Story is Free from any Copyrights and Licenses... instead tell Your Life Story, and tell it anyway yew Like, but yew should also tell the Story about all the Other Wizards, because they were the Chosen 1 also, and now that Legacy is yewers and yew are the Chosen 1.

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Being the Chosen 1, means yew Live to tell the Story about the Light, yew must Tell it in a way that the Darkside can understand, and this Road is a Hard Road to Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk, because the Darkside will never Believe yew, no matter what yew say... Because they have this Ego they have to feed, and it cost a Lot of Money to Feed an Ego this Big... So the Chosen 1 has No Ego, and has no Reason to feed it, so Money is just Evil to them, and so is all the Food it Buys them, its just Poison to them, so Cancer is what that Food Brings to them, so they wonder why this Food makes them Sick, because they forgot that God will Provide for them, but since they know they are God, they must Provide this Food for themselves, because God only helps those that Help themselves and Others as well... The Chosen 1 is not suppose to Feed Others, but to teach them to Feed themselves and others... The Chosen 1 is not about the 1, it's about the Other 1's, the needs of the Many, not the Needs of the Few, and never the Needs of those that can Afford it, since that means Money, and being Poor has nothing to do with the Lack of Money, but the Lack of Faith in God, because God will always Help those that Help themselves, so those with Faith are never Poor, and those that are in the Light know the Truth, and those that tell this Truth are the Chosen 1.

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I can go on all day about what the Chosen 1 is, but its clear that most of yew should already know this, but have spent way to much time defining what the Chosen 1 is Not... Because its Clear yew have no Idea what Jesus was about, if yew Believed in this whole Love yewerself Philosophy, and since yew believe the Chosen 1 gets 72 Virgins, then yew must Believe that the Chosen 1 is just a Fucker, because that is what the Darkside Believes, and what they think yew are for saying yew are the Chosen 1, so why not just say what yew are Really thinking, instead of trying to pretend to be Nice about it, because IAM not Nice about anything, and I never will be... Because in the Light I tell yew the Truth and not a watered down version of it, I have no need to hide behind words, or pretend to even care what yew Believe, so do not Bother telling Me what yew Believe, IAM the Chosen 1 and do not Care what yew Believe nor does the Universe, its Only what yew Know that Matters to any 1, and most people do not know the Difference between what they Know, and what they Believe, they never were Trained to think for themselves, because all they Learned in School, was to Listen to the Teacher, who never Taught anything but Fear... So they Raise a Generation of Sheep, yew know, Animals without Freewill, who believe they are that Animal in Sheep's Clothes, that they are nothing more than the Bodies they were born into, and that all this BS going on in this World is what is Real, and not what the Chosen 1 is Telling them... Because yew do not want to Hear about a World with No Money in it, they do not want to Image how they would Live without Money... Money is all they Know, it's all they were Taught, it's the only reason they are Alive... In Short, the Darkside is Totally out of Touch with Reality, and totally Insane from Thousands of Years of Inbreeding, so they are so Brainwashed that they can not Imagine anything else but Money... So to them the Chosen 1 is a Joke, because they can never admit to being Wrong about the Reality the Jews Made for them, and that is all this is, is a Reality that was Created by the Jews that Wrote History, and the Bible, regardless of what Religious Preference yew have, the Reality of this World is the Darksides Invention, look around and all yew see is the Darkside, they control every aspect of yewer Life, the Banks own Everything, so everyone works for the Bank, and everyone is working for Satan, even the Chosen 1 Works for Satan, and yew know he is the Dark Wizard, so no exceptions here, the Chosen 1 is not here to save their own Life, but to save the Lives of all its Children, so they do not have to Grow up in all this Evil, so the Chosen 1 is suppose to save the World for Future Generations, because there is no Hope for this Generation, not even the Chosen 1 can get them to see the Light.

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This World is ran by the Darkside because its Citizens are Lazy and Stupid, the Men of this World are all Cowards that allow this Evil to take Place, because they do not have the Courage to fight for Freedom, so they go along with the Evil, and do what they are Told, think what they are told to think, because they have no Honor, and have no Concept of Dignity, and there is no other way to sum this up, do the Math, there can be but one reason for this Madness to be allowed to take place... And it starts and ends with the People of this World who allow this to happen, and since that includes everyone, its clear who is in charge here... The Darkside.

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The Trinary Universe has nothing in common with the Reality of the Darkside, the Darksides Science does not work here, the Darkside ways have no function in this Place, so it's a Universe for the Lightside, so its Citizens do not Pay Taxes, they do not Vote, they do not Elect Leaders, they do not work for Money, they do not use Money, so this Universe is nothing like the Darksides Universe, because Greed and Profit are not Motivational Policies, so Innovations are not stifled by Evil, and the 3rd Letter in the Word Innovation is the Letter N, so its in Harmony, and means Now, as in: in the Moment, so its in that Moment of Clarity when the Whole Universe Opens up, and you can Understand what is really going on, so the Trinary Universe is about the Truth of the Light, and how People can Live without Fear, so they do not need Atomic Bombs to protect them from the Bogyman, because only Bullies would hide behind Bombs, and to make a Bomb out of God is just Evil, and only Scared Frightened Cowards would allow it, so its Insanity to think like this, but that is the Darkside, nothing but Cowards, and they Offend Me, so why would I Bow down to them, the Darkside discusses Me, their Stupidity has no bound, they are too Stupid to even understand how Stupid they are, so they are Offended, so why Should I care, Stupid People should be Offended for being so Stupid, they were too Lazy to Think so that is how they got so Stupid, so they have no one to Blame but themselves, but those in the Light do not Care about those in the Dark, so they should just Ignore them, and in time they will go away, since the Darkside is too Stupid to Live most of the Time, and beside the Darwin Awards, they have very little Entertainment value, and its because the Lightside simply knows how the Universe works, and they have no time for such Drama's that the Darkside Cooks up, because our Realities are not the Same, the Darkside thinks they Own this Planet and everything on it, when in fact God is the Planet and they do not Own God, which is why Money is Evil, but that is the Darkside, nothing but a Paradox.

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The Darkside is Untrusting, and the Letter T is the 3rd Letter in that Word, so its in Harmony, and Means Trust, which is actually what the Darkside is Not, so it's a Paradox, they want to Trust, but they know they are Untrusting and Untrustworthy, so they believe everyone is Untrusting and Untrustworthy, including the Lightside, so they Lie, and they believe that you Lie as well, so round and round the Darkside goes, they know that they Lie about everything, so they believe that the Light Wizard Lies about everything, even though the Light Wizard is in the Light, and the Light is the Truth, and yew should Trust the Truth, but yew are Untrusting, so this is why the Darkside can never see the Light.

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The Trinary Universe is not about 1 Thing, it's about everything, and how the Universe works, because only People in the Dark, believe that they do not need to know how a Cell Phone works in order to Use it, because if they were Smart enough to know how it works they would not use it, so their own Logic only Proves how Stupid the Darkside thinks, but as I said, the Darkside does not Think, nor do they know how to, so they appoint a Panel of Experts that are Smart, therefor you Trust them to think for yew, and they get Paid by the Banks to give yew an Answer that yew believe with No Proof what so ever, but on the Hand, yew ask Me for Proof that the 0 Dimension Exist, and then think that a Voting Pole will Answer this Question, so yew Believe in what others Vote for, knowing that they do not know how to think anymore than yew do, so really what IAM talking about here is a Breed of Animal that Bred for Looks and not for Brian's, because People that Look Like I do, do not get Married for our Looks, in fact Jesus Christ and Isaac never Married at all, so all the Darkside has to show for its Linage is a Race of Dumb'd Down Treasonous Traitors that Lie about everything, including their own Constitution, just so they could Feel better about Selling Jesus out for Money, just because none of yew like to be called Judas, even though yew Know it's the Truth, yew Sold Jesus out for Money, yew Denied him 3 Times, and allowed him to be Murdered for Yewer Sin of Lying and use of Money, does that about Sum it up or do I need to keep adding things up for yew that are in the Dark... So in the Trinary Universe, we know all this, we do not need to hash it out or talk about it, we know we can make it the past, we can Ignore that Path, and make new Roads, we can Build Sanctuary and Start a New Life, so its here that we Continue this Quest, not into Talking about the Darkside and Darkside ways, but to talk about the Lightside, and only the Lightsides ways, but this is done through Incarnation, and the Letter C is the 3rd Letter in that Word, so its in Harmony, and means Creation, so we are talking about God here, so it is the Light, and its why you must Understand how the Trinary Universe Works in order to Use its Cell Phone, because that Technology is Built into yew at the Cellular Level, God is Talking to yew using this Device, so it really is just that Simple, but the Darkside wants yew to believe that its Dark Magic, or some other None Sense, and why they have made up all these Stories to Discredit the Wizards in the Past... because all the Wizards have told yew the Same thing, yet yew act like yew never heard any of this Before, and its because the Darkside Hunted down and Murdered all the Wizards and Witches in this World... Its Clear that this Story is Older then the Bible itself, and in fact is just Stories passed down from 1 Generation to the Next, and its like the Wizards are telling people to Wake Up, its like they are asleep instead of just being a Sheep, but in the Trinary Universe, only the People in the Light understand what is going on.

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I view the Darkside as Ignorant Animals I call Sheep, because they believe they are that Animal, they Believe that Freewill is a Good Thing, because it allows them to Lie to themselves as well as Others, and they view this as Gods Right to Lie, so they can do Evil things like Use Money, and go along with all the Lies that Society holds on to, like the Constitution for one thing, and then the Insanity of Society does not occur to them, because they have been Dumb'd down to the Darksides ways, the Darkside did this in Mid Evil Times with Torture, and now that Torture is Back, the Darkside is out of the Closet, then the Darkside passes Laws that Everyone has to be Vaccinated, so they Can Dumb yew Down from Birth, and Make yew Dumber with each Shot yew get, and yew have already had so many Shots that yew are Full of Dumb, but yew do not Believe the Vaccines make yew Dumb because yew Trust Doctors, because they have a BS in BS, and yew Believe that Doctors are Better than God, because God Can not Help yew, only a Doctor Can, and yew have to have a License to be a Doctor, so it's the Law... So that makes it Legal and the way the Darkside sees everything, which is why I call them Stupid, knowing how they hate to be Called Stupid, its really just Counter Productive to Teach Sheep this Way, but they get Bored easy and have very short Attention Span, and a very Limited Vocabulary of Words, and those Words have many different Meanings, and at least 16 different Definitions and Languages not to mention Cultures, so in reality the Darkside has no sense of itself, it has no way of knowing what the Truth is, it has no way of knowing what anything says, because words have way to many meanings, because its own Government Lies to them, and they are supposed to be the Government, but that is why they know the Government Lies, because they Lie and they are in the Government, so the Darkside is the Very Definition of Insanity, knowing that it can never know the truth, because it Lies to itself, but IAM just the Dog, which is why I say Sheep are just Stupid Animals.

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His-Story about IAM is about I And Me, and its this Very Definition that Confuses most people, because they are told to say this into a Mirror, but Yew Look into the Mirror and only see yew, yew know its just Me, but we have learned this Lesson before, but I have a feeling that yew do not get it still... IAM telling His-Story from MI point of view, which is not in the Light, but rather in the White part of the Light, its still a Shade of Grey, but its not all Light with No Darkness in it, so it's the Lightside, so its Void of Emotions, and yew only think with Logic, so Simple Concepts about Emotions do not Interest yew, in fact yew try to avoid them, because once yew start to Feel Emotions, then yew Start to go back towards the Darkness, and if yew Go Deep enough into the Darkness, yew will forget about the Light, yet yew believe yew are the Same Person, which is just as Crazy as believing yew have Multiple Personalities, because that is not it at all, most people never wonder what side they are on, most of yew do not even believe there is a side to be on, like the Dark and the Light are the Same, or that they are only in the Dark when they do Bad things, which really has nothing to do with what side yew are on, because that is that Black and White Mentality yew have, because the side yew are on is always in Shades of Grey, because once yew know about the Light, then yew know that IAM talking about the time yewer Little Voice in yewer Head is Quiet, once it starts talking yew are back in the Dark, that is basically it, nothing more Profound then that, but this Lesson is not Over yet, because each Step goes Round and Round, because that is what yewer Beliefs do, so the Lessons adapt to the Stages of Denial People go through, when they do not see the Light, that is they can not get that Little Voice to Shut up long enough to notice anything different, and only notice how Noisy the World actually is, because they never experience that Moment of Clarity feeling when that Happens, because they think it should be as Strong as an Organism, and last Hours on end, so they are mostly just disappointed in this whole Lightside vs Darkside behavior, because let's face it, people want instant Gratification, they think that the Lightside is like Talking to God, so it should be like having Sex, but this is called Mental Masturbation, because yew are God, its not like God is an Individual Entity, as if the Energy of God is Stored inside our Flesh, and Draining it from the Flesh would Kill that Person, because this Energy Flows through the Universe as 1 Energy Source, so this Energy Flows through yew like X-Rays, so its constantly recharging yewer batteries, so when yew Die, this Energy does not Dissipate into the Air like Vapor, or Radio Waves, although if yew measure for these things yew will find that yew body goes through physical changes at the time of death, but that is caused by all the Energy in all the Muscles being released at the same time, but its more of a Physical Reaction they a Spiritual one, which is what we are talking about, our Soul... So its not Really a Ghost, although that is the Way we view it, but the Reality of viewing this from the Subatomic Level, we are talking about Gods Particle here, so it has No Matter, it can only bind things together to make mass, but has no Mass of its own, it's not always in our Dimension all the time, so our link to it is very fragile, the line between being alive or being dead are very fine, its not measured by how long we stopped breathing or how long since our heart stopped, because that varies to much to be of any use in determining the Difference, but its clear that once the Light stops Communicating with the Cells in the Body, there is nothing yew can do to bring Life back to that Body, and this is Proof that the Lightside Exist, and yew do not have to Die to Communicate with it.

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The Lightside knows that when the Body Dies that I never Dies, so its only the Meat, which was short for Me, that Dies, so yew can Kill Me, but I never Die, so it's the Energy that was in that Person that Stops Generating, meaning that our Bodies are Electrical Generators, it Generates about 100 Watts of power and hour, which is enough to maintain our body temperature at close to 100 Degrees Fahrenheit, this is done through a complex Bioelectric process, that stops the second yew Die, but that Light that was what we Call Life, was just a Spark of Light that was Created at the Moment of Conception, and the Universe keep that Spark Burning for as long as that person was alive, so now yew ask where is that Spark, and the answer is simple, it's that Light that goes out in yew when die, so it was in yewer 3rd I.

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People believe that the Universe is Complicated, when it really is Simple, but my explanation is anything but simple, to some people, while others find it too Simplistic, and want to know more about the Nuts and Bolts of the Universe itself, because His-Story is about more than just IAM, but how IAM is able to run the Whole Universe, and still have time to Run MI Life, because at the Cellular Level, God is the Cellular Engines that keep our Generators Running, and as long as that Spark is Burning, that Generator will keep running, and for most this Explanation is enough, but the Science of the Light Wizzard will fully explain this Process, and I can keep this Series Simple and to the Point, because each Series in the Light Wizzard deals with Different aspects of the Light, not only the Story of IAM, which is the Story about how I And Me Communicates with each other, but from the Viewpoint of the Universe, the Different Dimensions, and the others, which is why I have 13 Series, because each viewpoint is Different, in Science I talk about how IAM works at the Subatomic Level, with a few Observations about how I And Me interact, and only viewing it from a purely Scientific viewpoint, whereas in the IAM series I talk about the whole History of IAM, from its beginning in the Bible, since its Clear this is the Same Story in the Bible, and knowing this now, yew might look back at past lessons, and now finally understand why I said I was a Descendant of all these Famous People, only to figure out that they too were telling the same Story, so this really is an Old Story, even though I have changed a lot of the Details, because I tell it from a Different Viewpoint, whereas the Bible was Written for the Darkside, and only tells the Story about the Jews, because according to the Bible, there are no Pure Blood Races, only the Mixed race of Adam and Eve, so we all know that Adam had 3 Wives, and that Abel did not have Curly Black Hair like his Brothers Cain and Seth, so the Complexities of the Bible come out in His-Story, but His-Story is not about Religion, but its about the Bible, and the two are not the Same, the Bible was a book written by Man, and there have been many over the Years, and not all of them have the same meaning in them, they have been Translated and Rewritten, until the Original does not even look like the version we have now, so we have to Jump around time and tell His-Story in a way that its not overly Complicated, because what I have to say is really Simple.

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People view God the way they were taught to view God, most never move passed that, and everyone has had a Traumatic experiences in their life, that changed the way they View God, we all have reasons for the way we view God, and some of us Believe that God does not Exist at all, but in Science, Gods Particle Exist, and that is what I defined as God, so IAM only talking about this God, and not how People believe God is in the Bible, because that God is not very well-defined because it's the Darkside telling the Story, and means many things to many different People, and I never want to compare Gods, or tell people this is even the Same God that is in their Bible, because People are Crazy, they will Kill yew for saying things about their God, and that is a Place IAM not willing to go, no Reason too, so I stay out of Religion, just like Jesus and Isaac, I do not believe in Religion, and it's a fact that neither one of these Men did either, in fact Isaac spook up against the Church for turning the Son of God into a Deity, and the Belief of any Deity is something that the Light Wizzards stays away from, yew will find no mentioning of Worshiping Deities here... Which is why I call God the Light Wizzard, the Dark Wizzard, and even the Grey Wizzard, but I never refer to God as a Deity, which is the Viewpoint of the Darkside.

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Any time I talk about Religion it starts an Argument, and I do not like Arguing all that much, in fact I do not like any Darkside Emotional Outburst, even though I will have a tendency towards Tourette Syndrome, and start yelling out what IAM thinking, using very Strong Words, and Scaring most people, who tend to think its just my PTSD getting out of hand, so to talk about Religion is counterproductive, Its much Simpler to say Light Wizzard then the short term God, it has a whole Lot less baggage attached to it, and let's face it, I proved that Jesus and Moses were Wizards, so it would make more Sense to call them that, if it was not for Religion, because the Church Hated Wizards and Witches to Death, so why would it Hide this fact in Plain Sight? Because its just like the Story of Jesus, in Reality there is only 1 Jesus in the Bible, yet most People think that Barabbas is another Man, even though the Name means the Son of the Father, and has a whole verse on how the Roman Empire was going to let 1 of them Go, and Execute the Other, even though Roman History states they executed Jesus Bar Abbas for not paying his taxes, and Sharing his Wife to be with the Governor, so History sucks so let's make up a Lie so we feel better, so Judas Sold Jesus out for Money, the Same Money Jesus owed in Taxes, and the Reason he was Executed, so History, and the Bible do not Match, and its because the System of Government that the Roman Empire used, which is the New World Order all over again, and why the Story reads the way it does, to hide the Truth, it was yewer Sin that Killed Jesus, and that Sin was Money, just look a U.S. Dollar Bill and ask yewerselves what is up with all the Symbols, Yew have the Pyramid with 13 Steps and the Eye of Horas, which represents the 3rd I, with the Words In God We Trust, yet we claim to have Separation between Region and State, so clearly we are talking about the same Story here.

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A modern day version of the Story of Jesus, is the Story of IAM, where I is the Light of God, and Me is Jeffrey Scott in the Flesher, and its told from the Viewpoint of the Light Wizzard, who is the Scientifically Proven God in the Trinary Universe, this Wizard tells yew His-Story about the Universe, and how the Universe actually works and proves it Scientifically, this Wizard tells yew that its Emotions that make yew Evil, and that Money is the Root of All Evil, and that yew will Sell Me out for Money, and that yew will Deny Me 3 times, this Wizard told yew that he Descended from the Blood line of Adam and Mary, instead of Adam and Eve, so there are a few Corrections to the Actual History, because Jesus was an Ashkenazic Jew and not a Sephardic Jew, and then this Wizard Ascended as a Dog, which always seems to Confuse People, and Only because they believe Humans are a Higher form of Life, but this Wizard teaches that Loving each other to death makes no sense, so this Wizard teaches yew that to get to the Light, yew must let go of all yewer Emotions... But if yew do that, yew would not need Money anymore, and the Darkside can not have that, so yewer Darkside Fights against the Lightside, and why most of yew can not see the Light... And in at the End of the Era, this Wizard is telling yew that he is the Resurrection of 3 Wizards, so not only is this a Story about Jesus Bar Abbas, but Sir William Wallace and Sir Isaac Newton as well... Making this the Greatest Story ever told.

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At this Point in His-Story, yew believe this can not be true, because yew are Female Sheep, but You on the Other hand, and People who are just like Me, and know that IAM is a Scientific Fact of Life, so all this Talk about Yew is just pushing off the Darksides Viewpoint, so that I can keep track of who IAM Talking to, because if yew do not believe the things I claim are true, then yew never bothered to check the facts with Reality, because that is where it matters, and where my Logic is infallible, because at the Subatomic level this is all Scientifically Provable, because regardless of what yew think these other stories are about, it does not change what this story is about, and let's face it resurrection is the oldest game in town, since yew can not be born without it, resurrection means to Light that Spark of Life known as a Soul, and the DNA will take over and yew can call on any Descendant yew have to pull from, and that is a Choice, its Freewill, and if yew think about it Logically yew would know that is the truth.

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I look up at the Same Sky Most of yew look up to, but I see everything that the Light Wizzards have Created, and I can imagine that life goes on just like it does on Earth, every world different then the next, but with more similarities then Difference, but I have many Dreams about these places, as I do about this Planet over many Iterations, so this Wizard has a Lot of Stories to tell, and its all from the Viewpoint of the Lightside, so it all comes down to how much time I have left to tell these Stories, and I view that Time as Limited, I have no reason to believe that the End of the Era will mean that it will kill Me, this was not suppose to be my fate, the End of the Era is just the beginning of the Next one, so Time Goes on, and so does life, but a Change must come with this new Era, and that Change is Sanctuary, it's a Change that will do this World a lot of Good, it does not Destroy the Darkside, it simple Exist knowing it Exist, and that has always been the Balance that was missing from this World, Sanctuary is about Life, it's not about Religion or a way of Life, it's not about any form of Government, its simple a Lack of it, since to Govern something means to hold it back, Sanctuary can not be held back, so it's a Project ran by every Individual in it as a Whole, and has to work as a Unit, as such its roles are very defined, and everyone knows actually what to do, this is accomplish by using a Wizard to show Step by Step Instructions, similar to Military Technical Orders, to define every task required to Build and Maintain Sanctuary, so that one day we can look up to the Sky and See Sanctuary, and know that the Lightside has some place to live, instead of the Darkside Murdering all those that are in the Light, just so they could Control yew, and use yew as Slaves, because Life is not worth living as a Slave, and as Long as the Banks own yew and everything around yew, then yew are a Slave and there is No Denying that.

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I told yew about MI Darkside, about how when I was young I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, so that leaves me with very limited options on how to interact with People who Consider themselves as Normal, I say this because yew believe that this makes me Inferior to yew, as if I can not think as Clearly as yew, or that I am Retarded, because I have some Neurological Conditions that make me different then most people, but the Truth is that this Condition is actually Normal for all my Grand Fathers before me, it seems this has run in our Family all the Way back to Adam himself, so from my Point of View, its yew who are not Normal, because I think like most Ashkenazic Jews do, because we all have some Neurological Conditions to deal with, and I had to learn to Act like Yew to fit in, which is why I know so much about yew, how yew Think, how yew React, how yew use Emotions to talk, and Gesture, how yew use Eye Contact like yew are a Predator, and Address People, just so I could mimic yew, and be just like yew, so IAM a Jew just like yew, so this Disadvantage became and Advantage, because it created Challenges that I had to over come in my life, so I held on to Dreams I had as a Child, I deal with things the Way that I did as a Child, I never abandon that Child for the idea of Growing up, because if that Meant Believing that the Light Wizzards were not Real, then I simply refused to Grow up, so IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh... and that is the Only Reason I know the Things I do, because yew will have to admit that I am the Either the Smartest Person in the World, for coming up with a Unified Concept covering the whole Universe, which Accurately Predicts Celestial Objects using Newtonian Math, and Fully Explains how Gravity Works with the Concept of the Trinary Engine, a concept that Can Not be Logically Disproved, when it covers such a vast concept as Trinary Energy, which Proves Scientifically how the Universe works at the Subatomic Level, is far to large of a Subject to make up, let alone prove... Or yew could say it was a Lucky Guess, which is the same as Denying anyone can be that Smart... But the Alternative would be that IAM who I said IAM, and the Universe really is this Simple.

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If I wanted to make up a Story, I think I could have done Better than this... Because in the Light, Proof is the First Consideration, in the Dark, BS will work as Proof, because let's face it, these are all just Words, and Words never Prove anything, but then yew remember what IAM saying I Proved, which is that IAM God, and yew remember You are God too, so yew would think this was a Good Discovery, but Sheeple, who I refer to as yew, do not Believe this, because God is a Deity to yew, but to Me a Deity is the Same as a Fairy Tale, and this coming from a Wizard is a Little much more than yew can Handle... So I did not want to disappoint yew, so I have plenty more Stores to tell yew, and I will make sure each is more defining then the next, so deeper into the Light we Go, till we find out what this Light is all about, why did God make it so Hard for the Darkside to Communicate with, and why the Light Wizard teaches yew such Easy Methods of Communicating with the Light, but yew can never quiet that little voice in yewer head long enough to listen, because yew can not let go of all yewer Darkness, which yew know are just Emotions, and a Life Style where yew are Slaves to Money, and only view this World from the viewpoint of the Dark, and not the Dark Wizzard, or from the Viewpoint of the Light Wizzard, So the Story is about Sanctuary, because it really is the Last Chance for Salvation, it's a Place that People Build from the Ground Up, with No Money, and it's going to be 66 Miles Tale, so This Story is Great, it tells how Mankind Survived a 1,000 Year Ice Age, and how it took 3,000 Years for the Earth to renew itself after thawing out, and all the Life coming back to Life, because this is the Story of IAM, and I will make it up as we go along, so this is the Quest IAM on.

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Yew all use Humor to Lighten a Situation, and IAM no different, I had to learn Humor to Blend in, because my Lightside only wants to say one thing to the Darkside, and that is just to LevI, most people do not understand what it Means to Shit their Pants, because not to many people have ever been in a Dangerous enough Situation that they actually Shat their Pants, and the Word PTSD that people like Me get tagged with, has no meaning to yew, other than yew might understand how its possible, but given how my Brian Works anyway, Humor is a very Strange Concept, because I use words to define things, and those Words I call Spells, because IAM a Wizard, in the True Sense of the Word, I remember a Halloween Party when I was around 18, I always dress up as a Wizard for Halloween, but that year a friend came with all her Biker Buddies, and they dressed like they always do, and at the end of the Party they Voted her as the Best Custom, she Looked at me with a Hurt Feeling and said, this is not a Custom, this is who IAM, and I looked at here and grabbed her with both hands on her shoulder, and said to her, that's why I dressed as a Wizard, that is who IAM, and why everyone Dressed up the Way they did, because that is who they are, the Contest is not about who could make up the best Fantasy Character, but in the Spirit of Halloween, which believe it or not is Celebrated by Wizards and Witches, and they always Dressed up the way they Really are, and all we are saying is that yew did the best job of Portraying yewerself, in other words, we get yew and we think its Great, but she took it as an Insult... but then again she never pegged me as a Biker, just because I rode a Motorcycle does not make me a Biker, any more than Me Riding a Horse made me a Cowboy, I normally dressed in T-Shirts, Blue Jeans, Boots and a Hat, with No Logo's, so when the Bikers Started looking at me as if I offended all of them, I had to remind them that this was suppose to be Fun, it was a Party, Everyone had a Chance to Vote by Dropping a Name in a Hat, and her Name Won, get over it, no one voted for her to make her Unhappy, and they never could have meant to Insult her because we are her Friends... But it proves something about what I learned about yew, is that yew do not understand our ways, our Customs, our Rituals, Halloween is just a Joke to yew, because all yew know is the Darksides Lies about everything, and why I find this so funny, it's because no one ever pegs me for a Wizard, so most people think I do it to be Humorous, when in Fact IAM Serious, and that is Funny, I do not care who yew are... But most of yew will not see the Humor in that... Sarcasm is a form of Humor I use a Lot, in the Lightside I tend to start more fights, then I do while IAM in the Darkside, and its because I react to threats immediately, and as soon as I start talking the Darkside comes out of hiding, and nothing but Shit comes out of Me, so its like I Shat my Pants, and only I had Diarrhea coming out my Mouth, so as it turns out IAM never Nice, so why Pretend, I will never like Yew, and most of yew will never see the Humor in that.

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We all have Roads we have taken in our Life, most of them had Cross Roads, and that is what we have come to now, it seems that the Year 2014, is nothing more than a New Era, besides the Hype about how the End of the World is Here, a New Day will Still Dawn... But the Fact remains, something is about to Change, and it's the Ice Age, but that threat is a Slow but Constant Threat, because how do yew Prepare for a Winter that will last 3,000 Years, when yew are not ready for a 1-day power outage, and yew may believe the Main Stream Media's Lies about how the Ice Age is not Coming, but in 333 Years, the truth will be very Obvious, and that time is all that stands as proof that this will happen, because nothing anyone says will change this fact, either it happens or it's a Trigger to happen, meaning that the Comet, if that is what yew want to call Yahweh, hits the Earth this time... No two ways about it, that is what the Message is, and it's the Only Message I really needed to tell yew, the Rest of His-Story is explaining why and how I know this, and how yew can survive this... So its at this Cross Road that yew need to look at, what do yew do with yewer Life after Knowing that this will come true, in fact seeing the Evidence yew will have to conclude it is more Likely that it will happen, then it would be for it not to happen... So what do yew do? Do yew go back to work, and pay down some bills and get caught up on yewer Taxes before Tax day, or do yew Own up to all this Shit the Darkside Created with their Laws and other BS, just to Scam yew out of yewer Life or Soul, just to be Slaves for the Scam they Call Money... Or do yew Turn Right and Follow the Road to Sanctuary?

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No 1 wants to believe that the Ice Age could come, even though Scientist tell yew we are over due for one, because No 1 knows how to Survive an Ice Age, because No 1 Knows how we Survived the Last one... But Sanctuary solves that Problem.

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I wanted to tell the People of this World that I never Left, IAM reborn into Each 1 of yew, and regardless of if yew believe this, because IAM the Light, and I see No Future in the Darkside, because they will Deny the Ice Age is coming until it's too late to do anything about it, because they themselves have used all yewer Money to build Underground Cities to Survive this Event that is about to take place, and they have not even told yew about it, because they know yew will panic, they know yew will Riot and Start a Civil War, so why would they want to tell yew.

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We all have our Dreams, and some of us follow our Dreams, but most of us regret not following our Dreams, but most of us would not want to Dream about a 1,000 year Ice Age, that would take the Earth 3,000 years to recover from, but it's a Possibility we need to Dream about, because all Dreams can come true, and this Dream is in my Mind, and its not a bad Dream at all, because in my Dream, we Survive this Winter in Sanctuary.

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At the DNA Level all our Memory is encoded, not only our Instincts, but our Emotions, Thoughts, and Feelings, so we are DNA based Machines, the Light Wizzards are Running a Program, they are the Programmers as well as the Program itself, so all our Experiences are stored here also, we pass this Knowledge on to our Descendants, A War is Raging inside our Bodies as the Darkside tries to Take over, it starts with a Thought that Triggers and Emotion, which suppresses our Immune System, allowing the Darkside to Enter into our Bodies, they come in the Form of a Virus, because that is what the Darkside is, so yewer body alerts yew to this Invasion, it might be that yew do not feel good: a stuffy nose, congestion in the head, a cough, and only yewer body can fight this off, but yew do not let it, yew run to the Darkside Doctors and they Sell yew Drugs, so they give yew a Shoot, and yew take their Drugs, and now yewer Body has more things to fight off, but yew figure Antibiotics will Kill anything, so yew Take them, and sometimes it works, while Others it starts a Process known as Cancer, this Process does not need Antibiotics to start the Process, any number of Chemical or Biological pathogens can start it, and it can start in any part of the body, and yewer body is the Only Defense yewer Body has, yet the Darkside Doctors believe that they know more than God, so they Pump yew full of Contamination, they Poison yew and yew wonder why yew are getting Sicker instead of better, but yew do not Clean up yewer Body, yew take Polluting it to the next level, and it will take a Miracle to save yewer life now, but that Miracle is God and yew stopped Believing in God years ago, so yew cannot save yewerself, because yew know that yew are God, and God Helps those that Help themselves, and that is Written into MI DNA.

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The Truth is in yewer DNA, and it takes 3 Generations to get there, so start teaching yewer Children the Truth, and nothing but the Truth, and in the next 3 Generations, everyone will know the Truth. People are slow to Change their ways, new Ideas take Generations to be Accepted, only we do not have Generations to Learn these New Ideas, so as Jesus said: yew must have Faith that the Light Exist, because its this Light that keeps us Healthy starting at the Cellular Level, and the Darkside infects yew with Disease: Viruses, and Chemical or Biological pathogens. The Darkside is a Virus, it knows that to defeat yewer Immune System, it must Create Emotions or Fear, so it uses Love and Hate to Weaken yewer Immune System, and it talks to yewer Darkside and teaches it to Reward this behavior, so the Use of Money causes Stress, and the Darkside Lives on Stress, so the Virus Thrives in yewer System as it spreads its Disease, so Drugs are invented by Mankind with the Promise to Cure this Disease, at the Cost of yewer Soul... So there is no Denying it, the Darkside is in fact Creating the Disease, and not the Light Wizzard or God, but the Hands of Humans who do not Believe in God, so its at the Hand of Satan, the Devil, which is just the word Evil with the Big D for Disease in front of it, so at every Level the ill effects of the Darkside can be Scientifically Proven, we can Trace all Disease back to the Darkside, through Drugs and Chemicals they use in our Food, Water and Air Supply, the Darkside is Responsible for all Disease, and the Darkside has Created Laws that Make it Legal to Kill yew with these Drugs and Chemicals, and Yew do nothing about it, yew Allow this Treason to Take Place, yew Barry yewer Dead and Believe the Lies that the Darkside Doctors tell yew, it makes no Difference if they Believe this Lies to be True, because only the Light Knows the Truth.

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Think of the Universe at the Subatomic Level, Imagine one Trinary Molecule, which is like yew are to the Universe, 1 self-contained Molecule that has Intelligence's, so its Bright, as if yew could see it like it was just one Atom, like the Snow or White Noise in my Crystal Ball, each of which is controlling every Atom in the Universe at the same time, remember yewer Memories are also Stored in this Universe at the Subatomic Level, so God knows everything that everyone knows, and is also the only reason they could have had the Memories in the First Place, and is talking to everything in the Universe, so they know what Gods Thinking also... Since Everything is God... And God has a Master Plan, its to Create a Perfect Universe, and to do this, God needs Yew to listen to him, because yew should be doing Gods work, which is to make a Perfect Universe, and that means yew have to Build in a way that Helps the Planet to stay in Balance, and keep it Clean, and to Live in Harmony, and yew can not allow anyone to do otherwise, because if one person Pollutes the Earth, it effects Everyone on the Planet, and Future Generations, so yew have to Build Sanctuary for all, then yew have to maintain yewer Immune System by Ridding it of Disease: Viruses, Parasites, and other Chemical and Biological Pathogens... So Money most go, since it's the Root of all this Evil, and the Rest of the Drama will fade away, and then let Nature have the Rest of the World to keep Balance, and once yew do this yew can Say...
IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every Shade of Grey in between,
IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh.



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