The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Chapter 00.11
IAM Step 5

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 00.11
IAM Step 5


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step 5

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Reality is Not what Really happened, its just the way History Recorded it as happening, and everyone knows that, but few know the Difference, because its only what yew choice to believe that even matters to yew, Not the Reality of it, and certainly Not the Truth of it, so it makes no difference if yew are an Aspie, Schizophrenic or Normal, all Realities are Delusions, and that is a Fact, no matter how much Normal or Neurotypical People like to think they are Normal, to the Aspies and Schizophrenics with High IQ's, yew are just Stupid, and yew know that is the Truth, just ask one, and they will tell yew, so what is Reality for everyone? The Truth is that there is no Common Reality for anyone, in fact Reality is like a Snow Flack, No 2 are Identical, so ask anyone what their Reality is, and they will think yew are Crazy, they can not tell yew what their Reality is because they do not know, most of them do not even understand the Question, so in Science, Reality most take on a whole new set of Tools to Define Reality in a way that everyone can agree, even the Aspies and Schizophrenics, who will disagree with everything yew have to say just because its fun, then Science has to Deal with Religions, because every Religion has a Different Reality, because most Religions believe that God Created the Universe, but not 1 Religion explains what God is in terms of Science, that is like a School that does not teach yew how to Read and Write, I mean what good is Religion if it does not define what God is in a way that everyone can agree... The Worst part about Religion is that they Believe in Albert Einstein's Dynamic Universe, which means they Really do not Believe that God Created anything, but they do not see it that way, because they do not understand the Dynamic Universe, when Sir Isaac Newton said the Universe is Static, and the Force in all his Equations is God, so in the Dynamic Universe, God does not exist on any level, but in the Static Universe, God is everywhere. So now I ask yew, what is yewer Reality?

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Everyone has Dreams, and like Realities, No 2 Dreams are the Same, and everyone gets confused about their Dreams and Reality at some point in their Life, that is everyone that has ever thought about it, because if yew do not Think about yewer Dreams or Reality, then are yew Alive at all? But yet most of yew do not Think much about yewer Dreams or Reality, as a matter of fact, most of Yew do not want to Think at all, and that is what is wrong with Yew, Yew do not Think, which is not a put down, it's a fact, most of yew do not like to think about anything very hard, let's face it, when it comes to thinking there are two different types of people in the World, Normal People yew call Neurotypicals, or NT's, or Autistic People, who range in Communication skills from Low to Highly Functional, then yew have to tack on Religion, Politics and Sexual Orientation, as well as other Neurological Problems like Depression, Anxiety, and other Syndromes, as well as those people who are Schizophrenic, and have all these other factors to add to their Thinking process, so its clear that No 2 People on this Planet Think the Same, yet yew Think that everyone's Dreams or Reality are pretty much the same for Everyone, or that Everyone can distinguish between Dreams and Reality, which is why some of yew Gamble or Dream about Winning the Lottery, because the Word Reality does not apply to yew, so its no wonder that most of yew do not want to Think, because unless yew have an IQ over 130, yewer thinking capacity is severely hampered, and let's face it most of Yew have an IQ of less than 130, and very few of Yew have an IQ over 130, which is considered Genus, so its like trying to get on the Freeway with a Moped, when everyone else is driving Race Cars at High Speed, or running the latest Computer Operating System with a Computer that is over Fifty Years Old, it just does not have the Horse Power to run the Thinking Process, so its not yewer fault at all, yewer parents had a choice, do we want Smart Kids or Good Looking Kids, Not that it's a Trade off, but they did not want to marry someone for their Brains, if their Looks were Not Attractive, so yew are a Product of that Decision, and I am sure yew will pass that on to yewer Kids.

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Just because someone has a High IQ, does not mean they know it all or are Right about anything... Because in fact, what they know might be all wrong, and I understand this Better than most of yew, because I have an IQ over 180, and I can run all the Scenarios in my Brain, and Think about the same thought for Years at a Time, never losing my focus on the issues at hand, and I learned to run every Scenario I could find to figure out which Reality was Real, and which was a Dream, and I concluded that Albert Einstein's Dynamic Universe was all Science Fiction, and Proved that Scientifically using Scientific Evaluations, when Common Sense would tell yew that yew can not build a Time Machine, then go back in Time and Kill yewer Parents so yew would never be Born to build the Time Machine, which makes Albert Einstein my Favorite Science Fiction Author, but also my Least Favorite Scientist, but the Dynamic Universe was designed with the very idea being the center of that Universe, where it creates Multiple Universe, each with their own Time Lines and Alternate Realities, yet when Science looks at this idea and does Scientific Evaluations, they can only conclude that this is just Insane thoughts of Madness, and that Albert Einstein most have been Schizophrenic to even have come up with such an idea, even though everyone knows he was an Ashkenazi with Asperger's Syndrome, so he was Autistic, and also known to be Schizoaffective, yet yew can say the same thing about me, so maybe that was a bad example if I was trying to make a point, but if I wanted to do that, I would just have to point out that Albert only had an IQ of 160, so he did not even have enough Horse Power to keep up with my Brain once it got running at Full Speed, so a High IQ can make a difference in how yew perceive the Universe, but it would take someone with a Higher IQ to determine if yew are perceiving it Right, which clearly means that those with a lessor IQ could not even think on this Level, which is why some days its just good to be Me, but most of yew will only see an Ugly Old Jew, and yew remember that yew really do not care about the Universe, because yew do not really like to Think all that Deep, and everything I am telling yew about Science goes against everything yew have ever been taught, even though it was what Sir Isaac Newton and Jesus taught, its clear that the Satanic Followers of the Dynamic Universe, where God does not even exist, do not believe this way.

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Normal People like to tell me that I have an Ego as big as the Universe, but the Truth is that Ego's are something that Aspie do not care about, we take everything Literally, and normally just tell it like we see it, we tend to be Honest to a Fault, and Loyal to the End, and let's face it, I am not trying to sell yew anything, so yew are automatically closing yewer mind to anything I have to say, just because of the Way I say it, which is from the Viewpoint of the Wizard, because deep down that is who IAM, and I see no reason to hide that fact, its not like in the Days of Sir Isaac Newton, when the Church would just Drag you out in the Streets and Burn Witch's and Wizard's at the Steak, no, they are much more inventive about how they Kill you nowadays, yet after all I have said in the last few years, I am still alive, so its Clear that yew do not take me Serious, because if yew did, Things would start to Change, the World would Start to Change, but then yew remember that, Oh - he is a Wizard, what a Nut Job, he is Crazy, someone should have him Locked up in a Mentally Insane Asylum, because that is how yew are, because yew have an Ego to Feed, so yew must Disagree with Everything I say, just so yew can be Right, because if yew Agree with me, then yew are going against the Reality that Main Stream has gone to so many Lengths to maintain, and yewer Limited Brain Capacity can not comprehend how yew could have fallen for the Dynamic Universe Idea, knowing that only Truly Insane People could believe in such Science Fiction None-Sense, but that is how yew are, and that is the Price for having an Ego, as for Me, I have no need for such things, nor do I have the Need for any of Yewer Emotions, which is why I do not believe in Religion, Politics or the Current Main Stream Reality.

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When it comes down to it, how did I change Reality? The Static Universe has been around over 333 years: before Albert Einstein decided that his Idol Sir Isaac Newton was Completely Wrong, when in Fact, he did so without any Proof, not a Shred of it, just one Theory after the next, one Contradicting the last, till people argue that Albert created the Math that Made the Atomic Bomb work, when the Fact is that E=MC2, does not even work, if it did, the Bomb would have Destroyed the whole Universe, but the President said screw the Math, lite that sucker off and let's see what it does... And it has nothing to do with how the Bomb works, because they already built it before he completed the Math, but yew are too Stupid to understand that Concept, and its yewer Ego that makes yew say such Stupid things.

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Most of yew do not even understand why one Universe would be Better than the Other, yew have no Concept that it even changes yewer Reality, yewer Ego eats away at yew, or yew truly do not have enough Horse Power in yewer IQ to understand this Concept, so yew Dismiss it, because yew do Not want to Believe yew are Stupid, yew say things like there are Smarter people in the World, and they say this is the way the Universe works, and that is good enough for me, without fully understanding what yew just said, which to Me is like a Parrot, repeating what ever it was told, because let's face it: [Yew] are just Stupid Animals, but that offends some of Yew, because Yew take it Personal, as if I was talking to [You], while others that get this concept think its getting Old by now, its like a Joke that you have heard over and over again, and its not Funny anymore, then yew remember that IAM an Aspie, and to Me, this never gets Old, because I take all words as Spells, so if I spell Yew, Y E W, and tell yew its an Animal, just a Female Sheep, then I am talking to that Animal, because I still referred to yew as Yew, and not You, Y O U, it's this Spell that I got on you, so I can rip into Yew as hard as I need to get my point across, and you should not get offended if you know I am talking to Yew, which are Female Sheep in my Herd, because IAM just a Shepard, or at least IAM the Shepard's Dog, talking to be Herd, so Spells are important to a Wizard, and its this Universe I talk about, the one where Reality actually means that what is happening is the same for everyone, because at the Subatomic Level, things that happen in Science can be Measured and Recorded, and yew do not need a High IQ to understand facts that are valid in Science, so in the Static Trinary Universe, I only talk about a Universe where everything that does happen, is Reality, which may not go along with events Recorded by Main Stream Media.

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Sir Isaac Newton said that God is the Force in all his Equations, Charles Darwin said that only God could Create Life, so its clear that both men believe that God was Real, and not a Deity, so when Albert Einstein came up with a Theory about the Universe that took God out of it, the Satanic Leaders in charge of the World Finances jumped on it, no matter how Stupid the whole Concept was, because they knew that as long as they say that all the Smartest Scientist understand this Concept, so no one wants to be the Stupid Scientist that does not Understand it, so like the Empires Clothes, yew all pretend to see them, even though the Empire is Naked... and this can be the only explanation there is, because the Dynamic Universe is so Crazy on any level, that a 3rd Grader could tell yew why its Stupid to think like that.

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Logic is one thing that most of Yew do not have, so try to stay focused long enough to understand what I am trying to Explain, Science is the Study of Objects, determining how they work, what Laws they are driven by, and the very Nature of that Object, so if I track this Object and Document its behavior, I should be able to prove to yew which Universe this Object belongs in, in this case it's either the Dynamic or Static Universe, so for an Object let's use a Clear Glass Marble 1 inch in diameter, this Object is very easy to track, place it in a Position where yew can record its movement at the Subatomic Level, so place it under the most powerful Microscope on the Planet, now record it for a long enough period of time to make an educated guess with, now let's document the results of analyzing it, now first we want to do this on Earth where we have normal Gravity, then a second time in Outer-space, well-outside the Earths Magnetic Field, so we can get a Recording of it without the effects of Gravity from the Earth, the reason for doing this is to document the effects of Gravity on the Object, so we will also want to record how Light Travels through the Object, which is why I chose Glass, so now shine a LASER though it and record how Light Travels through the Object. Now that is clear enough instructions. We can pick one spot on the Marble just above the area the LASER will pass through, this way we do not need to move the position of the Microscope to do all testing, now if we are in the Dynamic Universe of Albert Einstein, yew should see Ripples of Time that create the Gravity around the Marble when its on Earth, because that is the whole Theory about how Gravity works, so it's the Basic Fundamental Theory on how this Universe Operates, and if yew can not find the Time Ripples, it's not because yew do not have the Right type of Equipment to Record it, because any Scientist knows what happens at the Subatomic Level, is really what is happening, and if it is happening yew should be able to see it, or at least see its effects, there must be some Curvature of Space to take place in order for the Dynamic Universe to hold up to Science, yet we all know it's not there, so why Pretend to see it, its just like the Empire, its just a Naked Marble... But in the Static Universe, yew see Gods Particle, this is the same Particle that Sir Isaac Newton said was the Force in all his Equations, although he called it Force, we are talking about Gravity, or any other type of Force it could apply to the Object, now let's Study this in Detail, if we break down the LASER beam using Extremely High Frequency Pulsed output, we notice that Light that enters one side of the Marble, is the same Particle that travels through the Marble, so like a Bullet, the Light Particle is Traveling through the Marble and out the other side, without moving the Marble, so I conclude its traveling through the Marble in another Dimension, so it only interacts with the Empty space in the Marble, which means it is being driven around the Solid Matter by some Intelligence, and when yew try to determine the Speed of Light Traveling through the Marble, yew will conclude that its not the Light that is Moving, it's the Universe that is moving around the Light in another Dimension, so in fact, in the 0 Dimension also known as Null Space, was the Origin of the LASER Light Particle, and since it has No Dimension, it can not move, so its Static, hence the Term: Static Universe, since we already determined that its not Dynamic since there is not Curvature of the Space, so it has to be in the 1st Dimension that movement is possible, since in the 2nd Dimension, it could move in two Directions, yet it in only moves in 1, which is always a straight line, and no matter how many time's yew do this test, the results are always the same, they are the same in Outer-space as they are on Earth, so there is yewer Proof that the Universe is Static, and its just simple Logic.

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Sir Isaac Newton said that Gravity is an unseen Force that attracts matter, and has little to do with Centrifugal Force, because any Object in Motion has some Gravity, and in Outer-Space Objects tend to Bind together, rather than to move apart, which proves that Einstein was wrong, because Curvatures in Space would cause things to Repeal each other, which is what Dynamic Universe Scientist Predicted, until they tried it, because this can only lead yew to believe that each Object of Matter, acts like it has Gravity, therefore they attract each other, and since they can do this without any Momentum, and they Normally always cluster in areas of High Density, it can be said that the Objects Create Enough Gravity to Create Momentum, and the Real Question is: how? Sir Isaac Newton said that Light was the Key Element in all Matter, meaning that all Matter could contain Light, yew can prove this by striking 2 pieces of metal together forming an Arc, which is a Spark of Fire, from the Conversion of Kinetic Energy in the Density of the Atoms holding them together, due to the Laws of Conservation of Energy, where Energy Conversion takes place, Highly Excited Atoms burn up from the Impact producing a Lightning Strike, which ignites small particles of Oxygen given off from Oxidation, which burns like a Gas, with a smell of Ozone, grant yew the smell is as small as the Lightning Stick, microscopic, but if yew measure for it, yew will find it, so this Proves that the Light is in all Matter, and once Organic Matter loses it's Light, it Dies, hence the term their Light went out, not to be confused with how Bright yew are, because that is just a Quantity that yew are Connected too, because each Cell in yewer Body is the Light, the Light is Operating the Cell at the Cellular Level, moving Microscopic Engines to create Pumps, and to Communicate with other Cells, the Light is Encoded into our DNA, it's the Light that Holds this Information, and its why yew can See it, but that is not what yew will see in a Dynamic Universe, because that can Vary from one Multiverse to the Other, and just because its this way in ours, does not mean it will be in theirs, anything and everything is Possible in the Dynamic Universe, which means it has No Master giving it orders, this is the Theory of Chaos, and its how Money Operates, so the Bankers Loved it, so they Backed it.

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Think of the Dynamic Universe as small Bubbles, each Galaxy is in a Bubble, and the Universe as we know it is all in their own Bubble, so every Star in the Night is in its own Bubble, these are Called Multiverse's, there are copies of each of these Bubbles, they are Called Alternate Realities, so anything that is not possible in this Universe, is possible in another Universe, so in one of those Realities, the Static Universe is Possible, and if that is so, then there is a Paradox, and even Albert Einstein would tell yew that Paradoxes can not Exist in Reality, so this means that his Whole Reality can not exist, because in one of them he went Back in Time and Killed his Parents, I would have missed the Greatest Science Fiction Tale ever told, but the Truth does not work this way, we know that in Science, everything can be Explained, so in the Dynamic Universe that Explanation is the Big Bang, which is like all these Bubbles are compressed into 1 very small Microscopic Bubble, this is Called a Singularity, also known as a Black Hole, in which just like the Genies Lamp when Rubbed, out popped all these Bubbles, and they flew faster then the Speed of Light, because the Laws of Physics were not invented yet, but like a Wizard pulling the Rabbit out of a Hat, the Supporters of the Dynamic Universe need to pull their Heads out of their Ass, because there is nowhere else it could have been if we sprang out of a Singularity, not to mention the fact that it would still be Open, and more Bubbles would still be spewing out of it, because if it Closed - this Universe would implode on itself due to the Laws of Conservation of Energy, but I forgot, the Laws of Physics does not apply to the Big Bang Theory, but for an IQ of 70, this Theory may sound impressive, but I for one would like my Science to at least try to abide by the Laws of Physics, otherwise its just Science Fiction... Oh - but it is, so I guess it's all Right...

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In the Static Universe every Atom in Existence is what makes up all of Reality, its all based on a System Called a Vertice Matrix, it means that each Atom has its own Vertice Matrix, as it moves through space, for example an Atom in our Body, as we walk our Body is Traveling through space, as the Planet Below us is Spinning at over a 1,000 miles an hour, while the Earth Rotates around the Sun at 66,000 Miles and Hour, and our Galaxy Rotates around the Local Group of Galaxies at 666,000 Miles an Hour, but if yew think that is fast, compared to the 0 Dimension, it is traveling at the Speed of Light, which is why the Speed of Light is a Constant, the Universe can not move any faster through it, and to think that every Atom in our Body is traveling separately through space, since at the Subatomic Level, each Atom in our body never touches, and our body is made up mostly of Empty Space, or Null Space, so its proof that the 0 Dimension Exist, because its this Interaction between Dimensions that causes Gravity, and as I proved already, Gravity is created around all Matter at the Atomic Level, which means its getting its Energy from somewhere, so it has to be in these Dimensions, as the Null Space in our Body allows the Light to Shine or Wash through us, like Light Shines through Glass, which is through the Empty Spaces in its Molecular Structure, and remember that there is only a very narrow band of Light that Humans can even see, but even RADIO Signals can pass right through us, we are not as Water Tight as Glass, yet it effects the Glass the same way it effects all Matter, crush the Glass into Powder and throw it into Outer-space, it will clump back together and in Billions of years it will form back into Glass all on its own, so what does this Vertice Matrix teach us? Creation, Life, and Transformation from one form of Energy into another, because if yew follow any Atom in any Object in this Universe, yew will find that this is the Truth, from our own Ashes Cast into Outer-space, will clump back together and eventually fall back to a Planet, and be reused as the Building Block for another Life Form, so yew Never Die, yew are only Reborn through I, which is the Light, so its also God, because the Bible said that God was all Light, so do not confuse this with Religion about a Deity, because like Sir Isaac Newton said, Christ was inserted into the Bible in the 8th Century, so Jesus could not be Born back into the Flesh, so Sir Isaac Newton believed this was the True God, and only in Science could God be Found, but not even Jesus liked the Church's, he said he would Destroy the Church's and yew would rebuild them in 3 Days, so the Static Universe is not about Deities, it's about Science, yew will find no Church's here, let's face it, the Church's Burned all the Witches and Wizards at the Stake, and they are the Reason that the Static Universe was denounced by using Albert Einstein's work as Proof of how God did not Create the Universe, which is very Odd behavior if they actually wanted to prove that God did Create the Universe, so if that does not confuse yew a little, then yew are too Stupid to Understand the Logic, which is there is only one Reason that they would back a Science which went against the current Science since the Static Universe, which was 333 Years Earlier, and that is if Satan was in Charge, and since all the Church's believe in the Dynamic Universe, I can only Conclude that they are all Satanic, but the Proof is that over 95% of the Leaders are Gay Pedophiles, which yew know they are if yew have actually ever read all the Bibles, which Sir Isaac Newton did, as well as myself.

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The bottom line is always what yew want to believe, but I do not Care what yew believe, nor does the Universe, if yew want to believe in Satan, that is yewer Freewill, but do not sugar coat it by Calling the Darkness the Light, the Dynamic Universe is a very Dark Universe, it came out of a Black-Hole, how much Darker could it get, and God did not Create this Universe, in fact neither did the Laws of Physics, in the Bible it said in the Beginning there was Light, but not in the Dynamic Universe, it started out as in the Beginning there was Darkness, yet 99% of the World believes in the Dynamic Universe, so I can only Conclude they are all Satanic, because who else would believe in Satan, because the Bible said that they would get yew to Worship the Darkness, and Embrace the Dark God IAM the Jealous God, and Engraved the Words In God we Trust on the Money Jesus was Sold out too, and the Religious Sheeple think they are the Good Guys? Knowing that 95% of all the Religious Leaders are Gay Pedophiles... This type of Logic makes No Sense - even to yew, yet it's a Fact, and its why the Governments allow the Banks to Own Yew and Treat Yew like Sheep, and its because Yew are Sheep, what are Yew Insane? Yew would have to be to buy into this Dynamic Universe, as for Me, I do not want to Live in a Universe that was not Created by God, yet yew defend the Dark Universe with yewer last breath, knowing that yew are fighting for Satan, because only Satan teaches People to Worship the Darkness, but that is how Satan works, telling yew Half Truths, but I ask yew what Truth does the Dynamic Universe even Hold? The Dynamic Universe took over the World as a Real Science, because the Banks would not Fund any other type of Research or allow any other type of Science to take place, so if yew wanted to work for the Banks, yew had to believe in their Science, so it was all about Money, it always has been since the days of Moses, so its no wonder why the Banks backed the Science of Albert Einstein, it removes God from Science, just as the Dark Wizard Moses made Humans Slaves to Laws, so they could take the Ability for only God to Judge, so this was a Plot to Destroy God for a long time, next they will remove God from the Schools, then all its Public Buildings, then they will remove it from their Money, but they already Removed God from Creating the Universe, so yew do Not Live in a Universe Created by God if yew Believe in the Dynamic or Dark Universe.

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Face it, the Dynamic or Dark Universe is all about Money, it's certainly not about the Science, because it set that back into the Dark Ages, and Money made all of Yew Slaves, the Laws yew create take away Freedom, so all yew have left is Free Dumb, but yew believe yew will Die without any Money, which shows yew how Evil it is, a Backwards Spell L i v e - E v i l... Live Evil Spelled Backwards... The Jews are so Clever... And No One Hates Jews more than the Jews, that very Sentence is considered a Hate Crime, and they have Laws for People who say things like that, so there is No Freedom of Speech, only Free Dumb Speech's, about how Wonderful Money is, when Jesus said it's the Root of all Evil, yew can Not Live without.

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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, will now Define IAM in Step 5, from the Viewpoint of the Lightside in Terms the Darkside can Understand.

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Not all Religions view Science the same way, but they all believe in the Dynamic Universe, but when it comes to the Bible, that is something I do believe in, even after the Church rewrote it and added in Christ, but only a few details are the same from one Religion to the Next, for Example: the Muslims know Jesus was just a Messenger, and the Jews believe that he was not the Messiah, and the Christians believe Jesus was Born from a Virgin, and was Crucified and Died on 25 December, and placed in a Tomb and after 3 Days, was Resurrected, but this also Describes: Horus who built the Pyramids, Attis, and many more... So we do have Common Beliefs, and we all Know that Jesus was Not a Christian and Allah was not Muslim, in Fact Allah is just another Name for God, and Jesus was just the Sun of God, but due to the Fact that all Religions believe in the Dark Universe, it also means that they do not believe that God Created the Universe, and that is just a Fact, because they are Owned by the Bank, so they do not have to Understand the Dynamic Universe, they just have to go along with it, and that is what they are doing, in fact, everyone is going along with this Insane Idea without Question, because when the Question of who Created the Universe is Asked, the Religious might say God did, but their Science proved God had nothing to do with it, and that is a Paradox, and a Paradox can not happen in Reality, so this proves that this Reality is not the Truth. Until the Sheeple decide to think for themselves, they will still be just Stupid Sheep, and Yew are just Stupid Female Sheep, and for Yew nothing has Changed nor will it ever, but the Moment Yew Believe in the Static Universe, and start Knowing that God Created the Universe, and it was Scientifically Proven, then [Yew] become [You], but this shift in Paradigm will not take place, unless all of Yew Spread the Word about how the Darkside took over Science, and how it's time to Take Back Science and Believe in a Universe that God Created, or I could just keep up the Joke about how Stupid Yew Are for Believing in the Dynamic Universe, but then yew would have to ask how I know this is the Truth, and the Answer is because...

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IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh.



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