The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Chapter 00.08
IAM Step +2

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 00.08
IAM Step +2


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step +2
Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-P-IAM-01

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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, will now reveal IAM in Step Positive 2, from the Viewpoint of the Lightside in Terms only the Lightside can Understand.

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There are No Words in the Darkness to Describe the Light, all Words are based on Emotions, and there are No Emotions here, so how do yew Describe the Light in terms of the Light, if yew can not Use Darkside Words?

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In the Light there is only Answers with No Questions, so its Unquestioning, and the 3rd Letter in that Word is Q, so its in Harmony, and means Quest, and that Quest is to Enlightenment... Since the Letter L is the 3rd Letter in that Word, it's in Harmony, and Means Light, which is Trinary Energy, and what IAM... Being in the Light is that Moment of Clarity, it only last while yew are in that Moment, when that Little Voice is Not Talking, and yew are aware of Everything Around yew, yew See all and Know all, so yew are at Ease with Knowledge, so yew do not need to ask any Questions since yew know all the Answers, its just the Quest to stay in that Moment in the Light that keeps yew alive.

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This Quest begins by Cleansing yewer Soul, since it is the Center of yewer Energy, and Normally it's the Darkside that has Drained yew of this Energy, so look at those that do not believe they are in the Dark, since everyone believes they are in the Light, so this Quest begins with the Knowledge of all the Darkside Crimes, and Denial is Number one on that List, and why the first 3 Steps are given from the Viewpoint that No 1 Ever Believes Me, and its because yew are too Stupid to Understand the Truth, so if my Sarcasm was to too subtle, in the Light I just tell it like it is, because I see the Darkside Crimes and it Disgust Me, most Sheeple simple do no care about anyone but themselves, and never look at the World of People as a Whole, because they do not believe they can do anything about it, because they are Lazy, Stupid and Selfish, because its True, very few see the Treason the Bankers committed against all of Humanity, if they did they would Stop Using Money, Need I say more... because the Dark can not Hide in the Light, so its Here that we only look at the Truth, and why the Truth has been a Secret for So Long, so whats Next on the List? Most People that Believed Charles Darwin believe, that Man Descended from a Chimpanzee, but everyone agrees that there is a Missing Link, I call that link a Guerrilla, although this Race is not like the Guerrilla Race yew know, they are more like the Extraterrestrials: the Grey and White Race is well known by that Name, the Black race is what yew call Big Foot, and many other Names, but they are Guerrillas that have gone underground... 66 Million Years ago the Black Guerrilla's gave Birth to the Black Human Race... they made the Planet safe for all Mankind, so the Grey Guerrilla's gave birth to the Grey Human Race, and they brought Civilization to the Planet for all Mankind, so the White Guerrilla's gave birth to the White Human Race, and they brought Technology to the Planet for all Humankind... Then the Guerrilla's and Mankind Built the Ancient Monuments on this Planet, since it needed to be Balanced, they encoded their Calculations into the Structures, and for Millions of years the Guerrilla's and Mankind Lived in Harmony, and Remember that this Civilization is more Advanced then our Own, they had Spacecraft that could fly to other Planets.

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One day a Couple decided to Mix the Races, and a Rainbow of Colors came out, but the Black and White Race had Children that wanted to be in Charge, and they tried to committed Genocide, and kill all the Guerrilla's and Pure Blood Line, so the Pure Bloods Hid underground with the Guerrilla's, in what yew would call Space Ships, and they waited for Yahweh to bring back Balance to the Planet, when a Comet called 333, because it has an Orbit of 333 years, hit Earth almost 15,666 years ago, so they waited until the Ice age was over, because they knew it would Kill all the Mixed Races, because they were too Lazy to Build Cities that could Survive such a Winter. 13 Thousand Years ago the Earth was just beginning to thaw out from that Ice age, every Ice Age Brings Balance back to the Earth, in ways most People do not Understand... But Science proves what it Brings: Earthquakes, Volcano's, and Floods... So if yew do the Math, yew will calculate that we are Due to get hit again, this Cycle also corresponds to an event called the Galactic Crossing, and Earth passed the Galactic Equator in 2012, passing from Pisces into Aquarius, so the Changes in Weather are Galactic, and can be Plotted using the Heavens above, and those that Understand this know what is coming and when... and the Pure Blood Race knew exactly when this was going to happen, so just like everything in the Universe... History Repeats itself.

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After the Thaw, the Pure Bloods and Guerrilla's rebuilt the Pyramids, and Civilization was just Starting to Thrive, when History would Repeat itself again. The Expulsion from Paradise is a Story about Adam and Eve, and Proves that History really does Repeat itself... The Story about the Ashkenazi starts off with Adam, who was a Man from the White Race, who had a Son and a Daughter named Abel and Melliza from his First Wife Mary, who was from the Grey Race, and Adam had 2 Sons Cain and Seth and 6 Daughters from this Second Wife Eve, who was from the Black Race, the name Eve Means Dark, and she has an Extra Rib, as it states in the Bible, Adam had many more Sons and Daughters with his 3rd Wife, who was from the White Race, at the Time Race Mixing was considered Treason against the Races, so they were Expelled from Paradise, so Adam setup to create the Master Race, a Race of People who had the Brian's of the White Race, the Honor of the Grey Race and the Strength of the Black Race, because Adam Believed what his Wives told him, only thing was that Eve Lied to Adam, she had no intention of breading with the Grey Race, so Eve and Cain Kidnapped the Daughters of Adam in the Night, and Abel was Killed trying to Stop his Mother, and Brother from doing such a horrific thing, knowing the History of this Union in the Past, and then Cains Descendants rose up against his Bothers, and generations after building an Evil Inbred Army, they started a War that made the Black, White and Grey Races Extinct, not even then did Cains Descendant's even think of their Consequences... which was to die in the Ice Age that will come, even though they Denied it to the very End... so just like the Bible foretold... God would return and bring balance back to this World.

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Regardless of what yew believe about what is about to happen, Not even God knows that, because it has not happened yet... or do yew Believe that God had Plans that Date back to the Very Beginning of Time itself? Because Logic tells yew that God is Making things Happen, the Only thing God can not Change is yewer Mind, because Freewill allows yew to be Believe anything... But Logic states that if IAM God, and Look in a Mirror when yew Say that, because that is all I have Ever Said that IAM, so take it Personal, just do not Forget Me, which is Yew, and is also in the Flesh... Because only then do yew Start to Understand what it is IAM even Talking about... Because then yew understand that if yew Build something, then it's actually God who is doing the Work... And this Line of thinking makes yew Uncomfortable to say the Least... yew Denied who IAM when yew thought it was just Me, but know that I said Yew are Me, or Meat, which is the Flesh, which Means that everything I said applies to You also... since we are all Humans from the Same Races... But because yew Deny who you are too... Because I told yew not to forget who IAM, and do not forget that what comes out of MI mouth is from Me and not I, which is God, knowing that the same I that is in Me is in Yew, so what is Happening in All Realities is actually the Same for I, and its only how Yew Interpret this does His-Story start to make any sense, because this is just how I Interpret what God is Saying to Me, so its what yew know and not what yew Believe is happening, and that is rarely what is really going on, because let's face it only God knows that, and yew do not believe yew are God, until yew are in the Light, and its only then do you Know this is the Truth, because History was Written by those who Won the Wars, that does not make them the Good Guys, just because yew are Left does not mean yew are Right.

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History always repeats itself, its like a Play, the same people keep playing the same roles over and over again, till they get it Right, or decide they already Learned that Lesson before, but since those in Charge Write this History, these are Lessons yew forgot about, because they were Changed or Deleted in History, so how are yew suppose to Learn from History, if yewer History is just BS written by those in Charge of writing the History, and the Bible... At some point yew have to set all yewer BS aside and look at what is Really going on, not the Hidden Agenda of the Governments... trust Me, I worked for them before... they are just like US, because they are US, so do not make them the Enemy, unless yew are a Jew, because only Jews Hate Jews and No One Hates Jews more than a Jew... so who are yew going to Kill? Yewerself? Yew are all Jews... Yew Bred out the Pure Blood Races Years ago... And IAM telling yew that the Governments will change when the People do, because it's the People who make up the Government, not the People they Vote in who take more Rights away, then they do making People Free or Protecting Freedom, oh yew Protect Freedom, No chance of that Happening in the U.S.... To see the Truth yew must look at the History... Adam and Eve is the Story of Betrayal, taking Incest to an Unimaginable Level, and yew Justify it because yew Believe that they had no other choice... that God Created Only Adam and there were no Others on the Whole Planet, and then He Took a Rib of Adams to make Eve? Is this Possible? Maybe Cloning? So let me see if I get this Right: God Cloned Adam to Make Eve, so Adam could Fuck Himself, then Fuck his Daughters, so his Sons could Fuck Him, since they Fucked their Mother, and then this Behavior never Stops, it's still going on today... and its because of the Way that History, and the Bible was Written and Rewritten, until telling a Story about having Sex with yewer Mother, and Daughter would sound like a Good Story to tell yewer Children... but then Again, Jesus said the that the Churches perverted the Bible to make people follow the Evil Ways of the Romans, and Use Money with Pagan Gods Engraven on it... And Rule by Law... so who's History do yew think Jesus would Believe? The Church was never in Grace with Jesus, what Changed after they Killed him? The Church Hunted down Wizards and Witches for Centuries after they Killed Jesus... and would Kill Me today for what I have Said about God, calling Me a Heretic, when its them who have waged unending Wars, yewer own Statistics show that 90% of the Priest are Pedophiles, and now they are Coming out of the Closet... If History repeats itself, this is Sodom and Gomorrah all over again... But in the Light the Darkness can Not Hide, but Fear of the Antichrist is what Drives Fear into the People, and the Irony of them Voting him into Office does not Ring a Bell with the Darkside, because they See only what they want to see, they Hear only what they Want to Hear, and they Speak only what they think others want to Hear... If yew are a Citizen of the United States, Yew are Guilty of Treason, for not Defending the Constitution of the United States of America, yet yew do not acknowledge this Fact, yew do not Write it in yewer History Books even though yew know it's the Truth, so this is how yewer History got like this... Yew Allowed it to Protect yewer own Ass, and its because yewer Definition of Protecting is Destroying, so yew are Destroying yewer own Ass... because yew know yew are a Coward for not Owning up to this... So yew call Me a Liar, tell Me that IAM Crazy, yew Refuse to acknowledge anything I said because yew do not want to Own up to Destroying this Planet, for Worshiping Satan, and for Burning the Blood of the Plant, which is God, and Making God into a Atomic Bomb used to Kill the Children he Created, so this Treason Runs very Deep, and yew Deny all of it, and yew want to talk about Honor? I was on the Honor Guard in the Military, it seemed like the Right thing to do at the Time, and IAM glad I did it, because I do have Pride in this Country, but this Country does not have Pride in its Wizards, and never Honors any of them, First they Deny they are Wizards, even with Pictures of Jesus waving his Staff of Power over Lazarus, or Moses Parting the Sea of Reads with his Staff of Power given to him by God, no History is Full of Wizards, but the Stories that are Told are just to make yew feel good about being Yew.

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The Evil that Jesus talks about is Money, those that Use it are Evil, so its Clear that Everyone on this Planet is Evil, so its No Wonder that yew are all in the Dark, yew Worship Money, yewer God is Money, and has In God We Trust engraven on it, so the Treason Runs much Deeper than that, because yewer Own Constitution of the United States of America, was Created to keep the Banks out of the Government, but instead the Black Wizards made the Governments into the Bank, and the Golden Horned Bull, the Beast, so into the Darkness yew Go, till that O Shit Reality yew Created comes down to Unending War, as the Citizens thump their Chest and say we will Fight them to the Death... Yew are nothing but Parrots and have no Idea what it takes to be a Patriot, because yew are not willing to put this Darkness behind yew, it's the Only way yew know how to Live, and that is Backwards for the way yew do that, and why the Darkside never sees the Light, because they can not Envision it, and the Letter V is the 3rd Letter in that Word, so its in Harmony, and Means Vision, and the 3rd Letter in that Work is S and was defined as being the Solution, and Vision has 2 I's in it, because the word means to see things with yewer 2 I's, and all - most of yew See is Money, so yew only see the Darkside, and yew know of no other God, so this History yew Created is all Darkness with No Light, and that is just fine with most of yew, because yew are too Stupid to change yewer Evil ways, so the Tax Man Shows up and yew Hide like the Cowards yew are, knowing they will Kill yew or yewer Family, because Yew have No Honor or Dignity, Yew are just Female Sheep, and that is all yew will ever be to Me, so I nip at yewer Heals, Barking Beware, but that is not what yew want to Hear, because yew only Hear what yew want to Hear, and yew do not want to Hear Evil, so yew do not Listen to God, and yew can not Use Money and say yew Believe in Jesus, it's a Paradox.

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Moses knew how to Control People through Fear, and Law is what Drives all Fear, Laws were Made by Man, not God, and Moses the Black Wizard Proved that a long time ago, the 10 Commandments are the Laws yew Break so yew can have Money, without Money these Laws mean Nothing, because they depend on Money, here is the Proof:

1. IAM the Lord thy God. Thou shalt have no other God before me.
2. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing in heaven above, or things which are in the earth beneath.
3. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain. The First 3 Commands are Broken when yew Printed In God We Trust on Money, and made that God - taking Gods Name in Vain...
4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. This only means the Banks are Closed on Sunday for most of yew...
5. Honor thy father and thy mother, that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee. If God Gave yew Land, IAM sure it was not for yew to Sell for Money...
6. Thou shalt not kill.
7. Thou shalt not commit adultery.
8. Thou shalt not steal.
9. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
10. Thou shalt not covet.

Yew Fight War in Gods Name, yew have Sex with others out of Matrimony, yew Steal Money, yew lie for Money, and yew Covet Money above all else, so it's a Fact that yew can not have Money and the 10 Commandments at the Same time, so pick one and do away with the Other, and the Courts have already made their Choice, they Passed Laws, and made yew Believe those Laws were Legal and Binding to all of Yew, when in fact the Banks own all the Laws, since they own everything else, so all the Laws Protect the Bankers and Moses Followers, so the 10 Commandments were just a Scam for the Bankers, and yew Defend these Laws? This just Proves how Dark Moses was, and how Insane his Followers are.

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God does not Need Money, so the Churches have no Reason to need it either, which is what Jesus said, and now that the Churches own most of the Money in the World, it's no wonder why Jesus Rebelled against the Church for being so Evil, and why the Churches Murdered Jesus and all the Wizards since his time... and there is no Denying this, but that does not stop the Darkside from trying... The Whole Story of Adam and Eve is about Deception, if yew Believe in this Story, then yew know yew are a Mixed Race of White and Black, and there can be no doubt about this fact, no matter what Lies yew make up to try to change that... Because yew know what they Look like: the Descendant's of Cain and Seth, who brought nothing but Evil with their whole blood line of Inbred Evil Warriors, known as the Nazi... Which only Proves how Sick and Disgusting these People really are, they are nothing but Parasites, Insects that Live off the Misery of others, so they are the Bankers, Lawyers and Politicians, they are Bottom Feeders, they do no good work for all Humanity, yet they claim it like it's theirs to claim ownership over, they pass Laws that only Protect themselves, they care about no one except themselves, they lie and are Dishonest, they have no Dignity, no Morales, yet yew allow them to be in charge... And all for Money, the Root of all Evil, and God has nothing to do with this, and wants nothing to do with it.

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Jesus had 12 Disciples, they were People who knew the Truth that I spook of, so they know what the Light is, and know they must give up the Darkness to Live in the Light of God... so that is all it takes is 12 People to stand up for Truth and Justice in the Light, then they teach this Truth to their Children, and those Children will Grow up in the Light, and they will not Need Money nor want Money, and the Sins of Mankind will start to wash away, and Profit will not be the Driving Force for these People Born into the Light, and for those that see the Light will be Reborn into the Light, and the 3rd Letter in the Word Reborn is the Letter B, so its in Harmony and it means Birth, which is a New Beginning for Life, and a New Day will Dawn for those who Stand Strong, and the Voices will Echo with Laughter, so the Words of Wizards come back to Haunt yew, because History really does repeat itself... Judas Sold Jesus out for Money, as did the Rest of the Disciples, and the Sin was passed down from 1 Descendant into the Next, so it's a Legacy, and the Wrath of God for not Worshiping God instead of Money, so it's a Punishment... And this Legacy is now yewers, this Sin is now yewers, so yew are a Sinner, if yew Want Money, Need Money, or even Use Money, yewer Sin is Selling out Jesus, so do not Pretend to Believe in Jesus, and Use Money at the same time, stop Lying to yewerselves about yewer Sins... IAM the Jealous God said if yew do not Believe in I, yew will be Punished for Thousands of Years, and for thousands of years yew have had nothing but Unending War and being Taxed to Death, and to top it off, this Ice Age is just that, Punishment for not Believing in IAM.

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People like being Popular, and the Letter P is the 3rd Letter in that Word, so its in Harmony, and Means to be Popular, but is Jesus Popular? If Jesus was the Chosen 1, then he was not very Popular in his Time, because if yew give the People a Choice between Jesus Bar Abbas, who was a Freedom Fighter, fighting against the Roman Government, and Churches of his time, who were forcing People to use Money, and pay Taxes, for things they already owned, and the Choice between Jesus Christ, who said he was the Son of God, and seemed to be fighting the same War as Jesus Bar Abbas, when it comes right down to it, so the Real Difference between them is a little Blurry, but its Clear that the People choose Jesus Bar Abbas, not that it mattered much since the Romans Executed him anyway... So it's a fact that Jesus was not very Popular in his time, because most forget that the Church inserted Christ into the Bible in the 8th Century according to Isaac, so its clear that being the Chosen 1 will not be a very Popular thing to be, so why be it at all? The answer is because it's the Right thing to do, and doing the Right thing is never Popular, which is why no one ever does it.

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In the Lightside I have many Secrets, because telling my Lightside Secrets to the Darkside, is very Difficult to do, since they do not understand the Lightside at all, in fact the Darkside does not believe they are in the Darkside, so they believe they are in the Light, so it's a Moot point talking to the Darkside at all, since they do not believe anything that is the Truth, because they view things as Black and White, Good and Evil, where Good is just God with an Extra dose of Emotions, so they think that being in the Dark means they have Evil Thoughts or do Evil Deeds, but let's face it, that is True, because the Darkside uses Money, they Destroy the Planet for Profit, and do Evil things, so I have a hard time convincing them that there is more to it then that, in fact doing things that are Wrong has nothing to do with what Side yew are on, Wrong is Wrong, maybe yew feel yew can do something Wrong but for all the Right Reasons, so its how yew Justify doing Wrong things, so yew make up lies to Justify doing Wrong things, and Being in the Light does not mean yew can not Lie, and White Lies do not make them Light Lies, so I have many Secrets, and for all the Right Reasons of coarse, so I can Justify being in the Light, and its only in the Shade of Grey do I see this.

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History is full of BS, and most of it was Written by those in Power, so why should a few be in Power over the Many? Because the Powers that be know that the Many are too Stupid to be in Charge of anything, they know that the Average Person is too Stupid to do anything but Manual Labor, they know that even College Graduates could not pass a 6th Grade Exam that was written for students over 1 Hundred years ago, because people are not as Smart as they were before Vaccines became Law, so now the Powers that be have to Dumb down the Grades to the point were people can pass the test, even if that means the Normal is now Substandard, and all the People are so Stupid that yew have no other choice but to be in charge of them, and the People know this is the truth, so they are fine with it, so the Darkside will always be in Charge, so History will never Change, it just says Same Shit, Different Day, and Life goes on, and no one knows any different, because they do not like Change, they do not like anything new, except Entertainment, they want new Movies, but they do not want new ways of thinking, in fact, they do not want to think at all, and the Powers that be know this, so they only make Entertainment that does not require much thinking, and the Stupider the Entertainment the more the People Like it, so the Powers that Be make better Stupid Vaccines to Inoculated the Stupid Animals they are in Control of, and those Stupid Animals Demand more Vaccines, in fact they want to give the Shots themselves, they can not get enough Drugs, so they get Sick all the Time, so they need more Drugs, and wonder why they have Cancer and why people they know have it, but they Trust Doctors knowing that Doctors Kill more People every Year then then all Wars Combined, yet they are Too Stupid to understand Why, so the Powers that Be are doing a Great Job, they have the Perfect Control System in place, and they call it Life, but I call it the Darkside, and that is how the Darkside works, it's all BS.

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Every Politicians born in MI time knew that this day would come, that is the Day that they would have to own up to all the Shit that they Created in their Lifetime, and now is the Time that those with Dignity, and Honor will Own up to it and the Darkside will Deny it one more time, which only proves that the Darkside will never change, because they can not even Own up to what they have Created... so they are Cowards, and anyone that does not Own up to it is a Coward also, so most of yew are Cowards... Ironically this is why Every Politician that Takes office must Sign off on the Fact that the Constitution is Still in Suspension, and after the Civil War was Over, that only gives them 6 Months to Recall all the Active Duty Personal and Retire them, but that Never happened, instead yew Declare War on the Indians and Murdered over 300 Million of them, then yew Invented one War after the Other to Gain more Land and then Make it Legal to Steal all that Land, and own all the People as if they were Slaves, so a Birth Certificate makes more sense, it's the Owners Certificate, and Money can be Borrowed against it, so yew Sold yewer Children into Slavery, and became one yewerselves... But the Darkside will never admit this is True, even though they can not Deny it, because the Banks own everything, and this is the Only way they could, so the Treason is the fact of this Matter, and why the Darkside Denies it, because they know they could be Executed for Treason, but the Lightside, does not allow yew to Execute them, or to Jail them, in fact, the Lightside does not allow yew to even Judge them, so Politicians like the Lightside, because it makes them Feel Safe, because they know that the Lightside will never allow harm to come to them, because the Sheeple allowed this behavior to go on for far to long, because their were no Real Men with the Courage of Sir William Wallace to Stand up for them, so there is no Justice in the Darkside, because all Laws are there to Protect them and the Crimes they Commit, and there is no Justus in the Lightside, so this Behavior is not Rewarded, Sanctuary is Built in a way that it would not be possible, and by its very nature is not allowed in Sanctuary, since No Individual can Own it, since every 1 Owns it, and there are no Individual Leaders, because every 1 is in Charge, and there is No Money, so no 1 owns any 1, and no 1 is to blame when things go wrong, because every 1 is to Blame, if anything goes wrong, so owning up to a mistake is easy, its every 1's Mistake, and to make sure it never happens again, we will Document it as part of History, instead of making the Indians out to be Savages for not believing in our God, who demands we Murder yew and yewer Children for that Sin, so in Reality it was U.S. Who was the Savages, and U.S. Who are guilty of this Crime, so a lot of History books will have to be rewritten with the Truth being told about these events, so History will no longer be written from the Viewpoint of the Conquerors, in order to make them look Good, so they could feel good about what they did for Profit, instead the Truth will be told about the Matter at hand, and that is Something that a Politician could never do, so this Job is up to yew, so in the Light we do not Point Fingers, unless we can include ourselves in the Finger pointing, because in the I's of God, we are all Sinners, and we are capable of forgiveness, but forgiving ourselves is the Hardest Task that I can ever Accomplish.

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All mistakes are caused by a Lack of Understanding, not from a Lack of Communication, it's at best the misinterpretation of instructions to a Problem that arises, and that Individual has no idea how to deal with it, which is why most people shoot first and ask questions later, because they do not care about why something happens, they just want to make sure it does not happen again, which is why they must fully understand how everything works, so yew know how to deal with it when it breaks, so its training, and everyone needs training, but they need training in the Light first, so they Understand the Truth, then they can deal with the Darkside, and decide if shooting first is even an Option, because this is how the Problem started and not how it was resolved.

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Those that are in the Dark believe that Money is God, they Deny this of course, and its because they do not understand the Concept, if yew Believe that God will Provide for yew, then yew do not Need Money, since yew can not have Both, and yew most understand that its an either or situation, because once yew Believe that Money Provides for yew, then God is Not, and only a Fool would think otherwise, yew can not have two Masters, those in the Light can see this, because they Know that they are the Light, and that they are God, so they can Provide for themselves, but the Concept of Money Denies a Persons Ability to Provide for themselves, since they most Work for Money instead of Providing for themselves, so the Master becomes the Slave, and this is how the Banks Operate, they Know this, so they Demand yew Bow down to them and Worship them Like Gods, which is why they Print In God We Trust on all their Money.

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Money Creates Classes, and those that are not in the Poor Class do not understand that, and IAM not talking about those on Welfare, the Banks make yew Pay for their Sin, which is Not Working like a Good Slave, so the Banks make it a Hard Life for those that do not want to Play the Game the Way they Designed it, so they Created Gambling and other forms of Entertainment that gives People Hope, which seems to be a Human Emotion that allows them to lie to themselves about the Situation they are in, instead of actually having to Deal with it and fix it, because that would lead them into the Light, and the Darkside can not think that way, so they Hang on to their Darkness and turn it into Despair, and they do this regardless of what Class they are in, so its Proven time and again that Money can never make yew Happy, so those without Money Lie to themselves by agreeing, but adding that it sure doesn't hurt to have Money, when that is Furthest from the Truth, because Money is Evil and it can only do Evil things, nothing GOoD can ever Come from Money in the Long Run, because all it is, is a Scam cooked up by the Descendants of Cain, so all of yew would Work for the Banks as Slaves, that is Truth at any level of Analysis, yew can Run this Experiment over and over and get the Same Results every time, yew give anyone Money to Buy what ever it is that they need, and in time those Objects will Diminish in Value to them, whereas if they or someone yew know made the Object, it would retain far more of its Value to them, which explains why gifts to a Poor Families have more Meaning to them, then the same gifts given in a Higher Class, and everything yew buy with Money ends up in the Trash or down the Toilet, so its all Shit, which proves that Money can not make yew happy because yew can Not Buy Happiness, but yew can Buy a lot of Shit, but those that are Rich think they have everything they want, yet few of them are Happy for very long, so they give some of their Money to Charity, but even this Happiness fades in time, and this will never change until People Realize that yew can not have God and Money, thus doing away with the Classes that Money Created.

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During the Time of the Pyramids, back before the Dark Lord Moses Destroyed it, the People lived in Sanctuary, where People all did their Part in Society and Contributed to Sanctuary, which did not Mean Bartering, Trading or some other Form of Money, it simply meant that every need for a Resource that was Needed, someone would Produce it, then someone would Distribute it, and in the end the Person Requiring it would get it, this might take a lot of People working together for the Same Goal to accomplish this, but that is how Sanctuary worked, but Moses did not Like this idea, he wanted to sit back and be Served like a King, so he came up with an Idea that would appeal to everyone's Greed, and came up with the Idea of Laws, and make Laws that would Require the Government to be in Charge of the People, and the Government would give its Citizens Money for doing their Work, if the Worked Hard, the Government would pay them Well, and he told his Followers that he would give them all Jobs in this New Government, and they could Vote themselves Raises, and have other Perks of being in Power, so the People Voted for a New Form of Government and Guess who Won, the Darkside, and Moses ordered his People to Attack, and Destroy all of those who do not Pay Taxes to the New World Order Government and so the Roman Empire was Built... By the Time Jesus was Born, the Roman Empire was in Decline, the Banks were near Bankruptcy and out of Money because their Scam was over... The Poor Classes that it created rebelled, the Elder where being feed to the Lions for Entertainment because they could no longer Work, Slavery was how the Rich got Richer, while the Poor got Poorer, People were Executed for not paying Taxes, and as a Final Insult to Humanity, Jesus was told that his Wife to Be would have to have Sex with the Governor first, this was known as Jus Primae Noctis, and this did not sit well with Jesus, when he went to the Church to see what could be done about this, the Church told him that he must Pay to talk to a Priest about this Issue, Jesus Stormed out of the Church, throwing Tables and Other Objects aside in a Fit of Rage, and he Raised an Army and Defeated the Roman Army, and for a Brief period of time, he stopped the Use of Money, so in the 8th Century the Churches came up with a New Religion called Christ, and used the Story of Jesus to tell it, only they told the Story from the Viewpoint of the Darkside, and Created a Perfect Form of Government to back it up, so this Ended the Roman Empire and Ushered in the Roman Church.

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The Bankers Realized that they could create multiple Religions that Opposed each other, and backed but sides in Unending War, so they created the War Machine, and Factories to Create Weapons, and they sold these Weapons to both Sides, and Loaned Money to both sides, and by the Time these Weapons made it to Scotland, William Wallace was told that that his Wife would have to have Sex with the Governor, this was also known as Jus Primae Noctis, and this did not sit well with William Wallace anymore than it did Jesus, so Sir William Wallace Raised an Army, and Destroyed the Use of Money in Scotland for a while, until the Traitor Bruce sold the Country out to the Bankers so he would have Power.

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A group of Men sick of the Ways of the Banks, fled to North America during the 1700's, but the Banks were already Setting up shop there, they expanded their Slave Routes to Include the New America's, in 1749 my Family came over on the Phoenix, and joined with a Small Group of Men that were able to win their Independence from the Bankers, and the United States of America was Born, but soon after the Constitution was Written, the Lawyers started Redefining words in it, till soon the Document did not mean anything at all, and then the Right to Vote was Introduced to the Constitution, in 1798 Isaac Newton Flesher was born, he is my first cousin five times removed, who said that the Constitution was corrupted by the Right to Vote, and that was the End of it, all that was fought for was lost with 1 Vote, and the Bankers Man was named Lincoln, and with a Stroke of a Pin, he sold the Country into Slavery to the Banks forever, my Grandfathers wrote that Booth was the only Patriot that stood up for them, and they like other Patriots helped to hide him and his family from the Bankers, at this Point People stopped listening to my Grandparents, saying they just do not Understand Capitalism, but they do, its Evil, and then they passed Laws making it Legal.

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Germany was the Next to fall for the Bankers Scam, the Nazi were bold enough to use their Name, a Mistake that they would soon Regret, but not before they Built a Wall around the City, and bred out all their Enemies, and then they took another City, and built the City of Israel, and wasted no time building a Wall around it, so the Bankers now have a Capital for their Capitalism, and the City of Sin is Reborn from the Slavery in which it started, and they continue their War to Genocide the other Races, getting other Countries that they Own to do their Bidding, so the U.S. And Britten take on a new Enemy of the Nazi, the Russians.

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Russia fell after many years of Cold War, while the Bankers Loaned them so much Money they could never Pay it back, so it was not on the Battle field that Russia fell, but with a Stroke of a Pin, and the Bankers took over the Country over night, and as the People Cheered as the Walls in Germany were taken Down, they paid little attention to the Walls going up in Israel, and the Banks complete takeover of the Worlds Governments, the Nazi's have just won the War without having to fire a shot.

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No matter how yew look at the Worlds affairs, yew can not deny that it's the Banks that Financed the War on both sides, because the Banks own all the Governments in the whole world, and the News Media are all owned by the Banks, everyone works for the Banks, because the Banks Print the Money, as they Print all the Books and pay for all the Entertainment, so they Dictate what gets Printed, and what gets shown to the Public, so its no wonder that most People do not know what is really going on, because they work for the Banks, and the Banks only tell yew what they want yew to Believe, and since the Banks own the Schools, they Brainwashed all the Students into Believing this is the way its always been, and the only way it should be, so they brainwashed them into Defending this way of Life, they Glorified the Evil ways of Money into a Paradise, and make the Banks out to be the Good Guys, they even got yew to Believe that Lawyers are Good, when all they Defend is Evil, and pass Laws that Protect them and the Banks from Liability, and because it's a Law, yew think its Legal, when yew have no idea what Legal even Means, because this can not be it, unless Legal means Evil, which best Describes the Current World Affairs.

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Yew do not see themselves as Sheeple, yew believe that yew are Human, and Humans are Smarter than Animals, yet a Human is an Animal, so yew believe yew are Smarter than Animals because yew can Think therefor IAM, but yew Deny who IAM, and believe that its yew, and yew are just an Animal, so round and round we go again, this is the same reason yew do not see the Evil in Money, yew believe yew can not Live without it, but just like Sheep, yew Pin them up and buy them Food, until yew are Broke and can not afford Food for yewerselves, let alone the Sheep, so yew Let them Go into the Wild, and guess what, they do not Starve to death, and they did not have to Work for it, because God Provided for them, proving that yew are not as Smart as the Sheep after all.

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Knowing everything I know has driven me into a thought process that can not be stopped, its one defining thought, that is 1 that defines all the thoughts I had up to this point, so its what I learned in my Life, meaning this Lifetime, so its MI Memories, and all MI memories are telling me that the Things going on around me are Real, that is, that I can see them and touch them, and I can ask someone else if they are Real just to verify, that what is Real to me is Real to yew... And it always is, in fact, I have never found something to be real that someone else proved was not... So I always Prided myself on seeing Reality, and being able to Explain it in a way that everyone could agree that it was Real, so I do not think anything I have said, should prove to not be Real... And even pointing that out to people who do not believe me even though they know what I said was Real, can really make me wonder why they do not believe it, so I ask them why this is, and they tell me it's because we all see things differently, so I ask them to Describe something that Looks different to yew then it does to me, and they say Situations... So as it turns out, we can agree what Color Skin yew have, but we can not agree on what Color Soul yew Have... We can agree yew are Speaking the Same Language, but we can not agree on the Concepts they speak of, because of the way yew define Words... Just because I see Money as Evil, and Darkside sees it as a way to Live... It's a moot point in explaining to them that to Live in Evil, is still just Evil... This is that 1 defining thought, there should only be 1 Meaning for every Word, and 1 Meaning for Every Letter in that Word, and they should be in Balance, and the Letter L is the 3rd Letter in that Word, so this Thought is in Harmony.

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Intelligence is a Word that really has little meaning when it comes down to it, because it implies that one that is Intelligent can understand complex concepts, and believe me, the Trinary Universe is not a Complex Concept, as a Child every time I asked an Adult a Question about how something worked, they would tell me that God makes it work, so I believed them... It was not until I figured out what it was that they thought God was did I change my Mind, because no two people on this Planet could explain what God is, let alone who God is... So I thought real hard about what God is, and found that at the Subatomic Level, yew can See God at work, yew can see how God makes things Work, and all I had to figure out is how does God Make the Universe work... And the Trinary Engine was MI Answer, it was the Answer Sir Isaac Newton wanted to know as well, Ironically his work was how I was able to do mine, so he answered his own Question, and that is what I call Intelligence.

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No Matter how yew see the Universe, it does not change it unless yew work to make that Change, so if God wants to build a Universe, God has to Create a Trinary Engine, then God has to Create a System of Planets that can Feed the Planets so Life could Exist, then God had to Genetically Alter each Species of Life until he finds the Right Animal to do a Task, so if God wanted Animal that would Eat Grass, God would Create the Cow, if God wanted a Animal that would Eat the Cow he would Create Mankind, so was it Gods Fault that Mankind Destroyed the World in which they Lived? No, God did not Create Money, Moses Did... So No Matter how yew see this Universe, there are things yew can not Change about it, and that is its History, yew can Rewrite it so yew feel better about it, but the Facts remain, Money is the most Destructive Force on this Planet, but yew Measure that Force in the Amount of Damage Caused by God when God Throws a Fit, which yew call Storms - cause yew... Without any Regard to the Reason God is Punishing yew in the First Place, yew do not Listen to God, yew do not take God Serious, Yew think yew it would be Fun to Surf in a Tsunami, or throw a Meteor Shower Party on the 12th, 13th and 14th of January in 2014, or 2346 tell everyone there is no need to bring a Telescope or Binoculars, yew will be able to See these Meteors with yewer Naked Eye... so have Fun, the Northern Hemisphere will have a better view at Night, but the Southern Hemisphere will get to see them in the Day, so Sun glasses should be worn for Safety, in fact, it would not hurt to were a Full Armor Suit just to be on the Safe side, because a Meteorite the size of a Grain of Sand can have Super Sonic Speeds, having seen them, I would say Hyper Sonic Speeds is more like it, they explode on impact with the ground, making me wonder if ¾ inch plywood that is used in most houses, will even slow them down, but I do know plywood burns, so I do not think its safe to have this Party in a house, but this is just a Game, its how I view the Universe, it's what I hear God saying to Me, and in the Next 3 Hundred and 33 years we will see how much Damage Gods Fit Cost the Darkside, but in the Light, God does not Throw a Fit, he is just Trying to Clean up the Planet.

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People made God into their Image, because Gods image is in what ever form God Takes, God created the Fly, so a Fly is in the same Image of God, yet most people do not believe God Created Insects, I happen to be one of yew, because I believe Insects have Freewill, and can evolve into any Species they want, and Evolution Proves that is True, so is it the Insects Freewill or Gods Will? MI answer was that they are both the same thing, since the Fly is God, therefore Gods Will is the Fly's Freewill... All Life came from the Insect, yet Mankind believe they can Destroy the Insects, they Poison their own Food to kill Insects, because they believe them to be lower life forms, even though they are just their Ancestors, they do not see the Universe working like this, because they Believe in the Big Bang theory, so yew Believe that once upon a Time, all Matter in the Universe, was smaller then a Grain of Sand, and then the Big Bang, and the Universe Expanded, and continuing to expand to this day... And now yew Expand that Madness with the Idea of the Higgs Boson, thinking it must be Gods Particle, and the Laws of Physics did not Exist yet, so the Universe Expanded in ways that yewer Imagination could not even Comprehend... Because it's a Paradox... And all Life was just There, whole Planets of Life with nothing leading up to this Point in History... I call this a Fairy Tale, because that is what it is, but its why most do not understand the Universe, because of the Darksides Definition of it, and how People view it as being a Reality, when in fact it's not the same Reality in the Light, as it is in the Dark, our Realities are not the Same and Never will be for this Reason alone, because I see all Life on this Planet as being as Important as all other Life, and in MI garden yew will find plenty of Food to go around without Killing off all the Species of Life other than Mankind, because that is what it would take to balance this Planet, and the Planet Requires Balance, and this World is Out of Balance and Out of Control and its because of Mankind, Not God, Imagine That.

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History is not the Answer to our Past, but it's the Future that our History will Create that will be the Question to it. History is the Past, and the Past is bond to repeat itself if yew did not learn from it before, so an Accurate History is Required, instead of this History that was written to make those in Power look good, and feel good about themselves, so that future Generations would think that this form of Government works, when in fact it never has and never will, as long as yew live in a Free Society that Claims to have Freedom, while 90% of its Population is Slaves to its System that Requires Money, so its Not Free, but a System of Control that was Created to prevent yew from knowing that, so its brainwashing, and requires its Citizens to be Dumb'd down, so Doctors Create Vaccines that make People Dumb, and when those People are Dumb'd down to being Stupid, they start to see the Doctors as God, then spend all their hard earned Money, which they know is the Root of all Evil on that Doctor, so they become Addicted to all the Drugs the Doctors Prescribe, and they Believe they will Die without the Drugs, when it's the Drugs that are Killing them, and they know these Doctors Kill more People then all Wars Combined, and Yet they Blame someone that Lives on the Other side of the Planet for Terrorist attacks, that were manufactured by the Doctors, and actually put into the very Drugs they give yew, so they are the Terrorist, and since they Write the History, I can not image why yew did not know this... But that is how the Darkside works, yew appoint a Comity to investigate a Crime they Committed, and expect the Results would be believable, this is just insane thinking on yewer part, but its why things are the way they are, the Doctors are Crazy and the Patients are the Only Sane ones, but they are not in Charge, so they strap yew down to a Table and Force yew to take a Shot, that yew know will make yew Dumber, but they do not see it that way, because they believe that everyone gets this shot, so how can everyone be dumb... And if that Logic does not prove the Level this Insanity goes, nothing will, and as always, that is how the Darkside stays in Power, because no one is willing to stand up for what is Right, so yew allow them to Write History in a way yew know is just a Lie, then they Point to this lie, and say yew see it's here in Writing so it must be the Truth, because it's been Written this way for Thousands of Years, knowing that is how long they have been in Charge, it should alert yew to the Danger they Pose, because this whole line of thinking is Crazy and Evil, but this is the Darkside and how the Darkside sees itself in History.

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At some point in History yew need to sit down as a Community as a whole and ask the big question, how did we get so Crazy? The Answer is very easy, when People allowed the Government to take control of the Peoples Health, and allowed Dark Evil Doctors the Legal Right to Force us to be given Drugs that have never been Proven to even Work, and have been known to cause Cancer, and Mental Aberrations, they all have Side Effects... And since its Banks that Pay the Doctors, Lawyers and Judges, it's no wonder they all see it the Banks way, the Banks own them, so yew have to conclude it's the Banks doing, because they are the ones Paying for it, and now it all makes Sense, and yew can see the Light, the True is that the Banks are Evil, they are Vile Little Trolls that have Stolen all that is GOoD in this World, and Destroyed it, and yew have been Dumb'd down, and yewer Men have been Chemically Neutered to the Point that no real men are Born nowadays, not to start a Fight with those that Believe they are Real Men, but Let's Face it, the Government would not be Totally out of Control if there were any Real Men, and that is a Fact... because it's a fact that the Constitution has been suspended for over 150 Hundred Years now, when will yew wake up? And in all that time, not 1 Man has stood up to defend it, and that is Just Sad... That is how Pathetic the American Public is, and the Level of Insanity that has Infected them, they are all Sick, and twisted Stupid Ignorant Animals known as Sheeple and there is no Denying that, and no way yew can Justify allowing this to continue for 1 more Year, so it's time to put a Stop to all the Crime that is going on in this Country Called the United States or U.S.... And Time for the Real People to wake up and Own up to what has happened, and put and end to it, its time for the People to take back this Country like the Constitution allows U.S. To, and do the Right thing, save this Planet and all Life on it, so in Short it's time to Usher in a New Era, the Age of Aquarius, and Wash away the Sins of our Past, because...

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IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every Shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh.



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