The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Chapter 00.07
IAM Step +1

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 00.07
IAM Step +1


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step +1
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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, will now reveal IAM in Step Positive 1, from the Viewpoint of the Lightside in Terms only the Lightside can Understand.

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To be in the Light, is to be without any Emotions, No Love, No Hate, and No Fear, but most of Yew Believe that its only Human to Have Emotions, when it's a Fact it's those Emotions that make yew act Like Animals, and there is very little Point in trying to Deny it, but that is how the Darkside Justifies acting like Animals, and how yew Blind yourself from the Light, but yew swear yew are in the Light, because No One wants to Admit they are in the Dark, so they Lie to themselves and Justify their Behavior as being Human, so being in the Dark is a Paradox, yew can not See the Light until yew are willing to let go of all yewer Darkness, and yew hold on to it so yew can be Human... but that is Fear... So Let go of all yewer Emotions and go into the Light, and G is the 3rd Letter in that Word, so its in Harmony, and Means God, Like in Now I C God is the Light, and this Letter G is Written using the Letters I and C, turn the I sideways and Lay it in the Middle of the C, resting on the Bottom of it, forming the Letter G... Now yew can say G I C... Now yew add the Letter O which we Defined is in Harmony for the Word Emotion, and Yew get the Word GO, so Go yew Do, because yew Forgot that O was that O SHIT Reality yew Created, and yew made Mistakes, so yew get Mad and the Letter D is the 3rd Letter in that Word, so its in Harmony, and it means the Dog, and a Dogs work is never Done, so it's a Mad Dog... and God is Dog Spelled backwards... and Mad Spelled backwards is Dam, and yew say God Dam, as easy as yew say Dam Dog, so it's the Way we Define Words... And the 3rd Letter in the Word Define, is F, and it Means Flesh, and is Meat, so its Short for Me, so it's the Me in I And Me, so its what IAM... So the Word GOD refers to I and Me with Emotions in between, whereas the Word DOG means Me and I with Emotions in between, so both Words refer to Animals with Emotions... So it just depends on what Type of Animal we are Talking about, so remember IAM the Dog... Words and Letters are a Wizards Code of Logic.

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So yew want to know what it Feels like to be in the Light, but yew are still Unwilling to let go of all yewer Darkness, because yew can not Own up to having any Darkness... So yew lie to yewerself and say that yew let go of all yewer Darkness, but in fact, yew do not know how, yew know that Money is the Root of All Evil, so its Darkness, yet yew do not know how to Live without it, so Fear Sets in, and Fear is a Darkside Emotion... and giving up Emotions is not something yew know how to do, yew have no Idea how to Shut off that Little Voice in yewer Head, so yew ask others how to do this, but they do not know either, even though they Tell yew they Do, because Just Like yew, they Lie to themselves about Being in the Light, because Like I said, No One will ever Admit to being in the Dark, when it's a Fact they are in the Dark if they Hear that Little Voice Talking in their Head, because that is yewer Darkside Talking, but yew think its Impossible to Shut it up, and that is Insane, because if yew can not Control yewer Own Thoughts, yew are Crazy by Definition... The Lightside does not make yew a Good Person, any more than the Darkside make yew Bad, that is just yewer Black and White Mentality, because a Soul is every Shade of Grey, so the Difference is the Plus or Negative Polarity of the Energy, and Negative Energy always Drains yew... And if yew need Money to Live then yewer whole Life Depends on the Darkside, because that is Negative Energy, especially if yewer Bank Account is in the Negative, so how can yew Let go of it if yew believe yew will Die without it? Faith... The Darkside believes that God is Money, because in God We Trust is Engraven on it, so Logic would lead yew to believe that if yew Live without Money, that God will Take Care of yew, but yew do not Believe yew are God, so yew do not Believe in yewerself, because the same God that is in Jesus is the same God that is in all of us, and is what the Word Jesus means by Definition, and why I was named after him... Because God will only Help those that Help themselves, because in the Light IAM God, so look into a Mirror when yew say this.

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Everyone was Born into the Light, then Yew were Brainwashed at an Early Age to Think like the Darkside, everyone always asking what yew are thinking, but yew never tell them what is on yewer Mind... a Moment of Silence and yew Get Bored, so most Fill that Silence with Noise, even if they Call it Music, Movies, or Work... Its Just Noise for the Darkside to stay Entertained, and nothing more, no Reason to think otherwise, the Truth is the Truth for Everyone... so it's going to be Hard to Teach and Old Dog new Tricks, so why Try, I do not Care what Yew Believe, Nor does the Universe, so Teach this to yewer Children, Teach them to Quiet that Little Voice in their Mind, and never allow them to Read with that Little Voice in their Head, because then it would Limit the Rate in which they can Think and Read... Teach them to Believe in their Dreams, Teach them to be in the Light, with No Emotions, then Stand back and Let them Grow up, they will Grow up in the Light, they Will know the Truth, which is the Darkside is that Little Voice, and yew can Think without it, and without any Emotions, and still be Human, and that Animal is much more at Peace knowing this is the Truth.

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Darkside Emotions are Hard to Give up, and Yew are incapable of Loving without Hating, everything and everyone yew will ever Love, could turn to Hate in a Moment, and everyone knows that is the Truth, yet the Logic makes them uneasy knowing it, so they Try to Defend Love, saying it's the Best Emotion in the World, the Darkside believes that Jesus taught yew to Love one another Like yew would Want others to Love yew, when Love is a very Complex Emotion, and most people Relate it to Sex, which is why they Want to Fuck Everyone, giving them the Finger and Saying... you know what... if yew do not Believe they want that from yew in Return, because is that not what Jesus said? So in Reality, the Second yew Believe they do not Love yew, yew Hate them... so it's a Fact and its at the very Foundation of every War ever Waged, and no one goes to War except the Darkside, which Proves it's the Darkest of all Emotions, because it Allows yew to deceive yewerself into Believing that Love is Good, when yew know it can Turn to Hate, and yew know Hate is Bad, so it's a Paradox, but Words like Bad have been Redefined by the Darkside to Mean Better than Good, so the Darkside Lies about Everything, and why yew can not Give it up, because yew bought into the Darkside with Money, and now yew Love and Hate it too.

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There are many types of Love, as there are many Degrees of Love, so Love is a very Complex Emotion, and the Hardest to Give up, most People would Rather Die then to Live without Love, so they Refuse to Give up their Darkside, just to be in the Light, because they Believe its Like Becoming a Robot, when its Nothing like that at All... Most of Yew have had a Moment of Clarity in yewer Life, when yew could all of a Sudden see everything much Clearer, as if a Light Came on and Showed yew the Truth, that is the Light, and how it Works, and while yew were in that Moment, yew had no Emotions, because there is no room for them in the Moment, and yew did not even Miss them, in fact, yew did not even know they were Missing, and yew Loved being in that Moment, which is why it only lasted for that Moment, because it Aroused some Emotion in yew, and that Emotion brought yew back into the Darkness, which Woke up that Little Voice in yewer Head, and yew do not want to Wake up that Little Voice in yewer Head, its what got yew into this mess to begin with... Proving that to be in the Light, yew most Let go of all yewer Emotions, because Talking to yewerself is just an Emotion, and not to Mention that Love is not in the Light, nor are any other Emotions... Love is what has been Keeping yew in the Dark, and this goes against all the Darksides Teachings, because the Teaching of the Darkside was created to keep yew in the Dark, so yew have to Love that.

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There is No Trick to being in the Light, if yew were Trained at Birth to Think this way, it would be Easy and Natural, and in fact its just the way Children Think to begin with, which is why if yew ask a Child what they are thinking, they might actually answer, because its not a Secret to them, its Reality, which is why their Answers always confuses yew, and its because most of yew were Trained to think in the Dark, and all yewer Knowledge about the Light is based on the Dark, which is why most Believe they are in the Light, and are Enlightened, when they know that Little Voice will not Stop Talking, so Round and Round yew Go, where yew Stop only yew know, because its all up to Yew, yew can Re-Train yewer Mind, it will take the Rest of yewer Life, but it's a Start, and well worth the Effort, so how do yew begin this Training?

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To start a Journey into the Light, first Let go of all yewer Emotions, yew do this by Thinking in Terms of Logic, Logic is a Thinking Process where the goal is to Separate Facts from Fiction, where Fiction is just Emotions that got mixed up in the Facts, so an Example will Serve as a Guild, so in this Example we will look at the Concept of God, since God is at the Heart of this Matter, and yew all have our Own Viewpoint about what God is, and what God is to yew, but the Fact is that the God in the Trinary Universe of Light, is a very well-defined Entity, so call it Gods Particle if yew want, but Jesus said God is all Light with No Darkness in it, Regardless of if yew Believe in Jesus, because that does not Matter to His-Story, what yew Believe, Jesus is the Written Belief of most People who Believe in the Bible, even if its only the Muslim who believe he was just a Messenger... oddly enough that is what the White Wizard said also, so Regardless, the Words Written about Jesus are an Undeniable facts... Regardless of if yew Believe them, so pick those Words Careful... In Science God is Real, so its God's Particle, and can be Proven to be Controlling all Matter at the Subatomic Level, so God is Science, so forget about all the Metaphysical discussions and Religion, and only Focus on what is Proven to be Known about God, nothing more, in other words, No Emotions... This Information is very Limited, and most of it came from the Teaching of the Light Wizzard, so most of Yew would Believe that its all Made up just to get yew to believe in Light Wizzards, but all I said is that a Light Wizzard is God's Particle, controlling the Light at the Subatomic Level, and it required to be better Defined, so Words were used to define God in Terms of Science, instead of just calling it God, which has way to many Definitions, in which very few even come close to defining the Light Wizzards, and Nothing more, so this Journey Starts Here.

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The White Wizard came to me in my Dreams and Taught me about the Light Wizzards, so the White Wizard is Full of Emotions, and since Jesus said we must have Faith that God Exist, he is Saying that God is an Entity that is Real, but even with Modern Science, its Existence can not be Proven without Faith, because the Dimensions that God Lives in, are not in our Own, and yew can not See a Dimension that yew are not in, and nothing will ever change that, so what Jesus said was as True then as it is Now, and the Teaching of the Light Wizzards does not Change anything Jesus said, nor did the Next Wizard who Defined God, IAM talking about Sir Isaac Newton of Coarse, Isaac Taught yew how God works Mathematically, and in over Three Hundred Years no one has Disproved his Work, and in over Two Thousand Years no one has Disproved Jesus's Work, and now that the Next Wizard is Teaching about the Light, IAM talking about Me now... nothing will change in the Next Thousand Iterations, because when it comes to the Science of the Light Wizzard, its built on the Shoulders of Giants so I could see farther then anyone before me, so its like Jesus said, there can be no Light without the Dark, and Isaac Newton Proved this, by showing yew that if yew remove all the Darkness from the Sun's Light with a Prism, yew would see a Rainbow of colors that Make up Black, so yew can not See the Light without the Darkness in it... and all IAM doing is explaining why.

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There is No Mystery about being in the Light, it's simply that Moment of Clarity, yew normally only experience this when needed, normally only when a Life Threatening Event takes place, or yew do something that Excites yew, which can be a lot of things to a lot of People, be it another Person that Attracts yew on Some Level, or another Emotion that overwhelms yew, so yew learn to Use these Emotions to Feel this Feeling, because being in the Light is a Very Powerful Feeling, it's a Drug in itself, its Gods Drug... it's the Feeling yew get when yew Orgasm during Sex, so its yewer very Definition of Feeling Great, and the Main Reason most people want to have Sex, so yew Learn to Attach this Emotion to Sex, and to Love, but as I said, the Light does not have Love in it, so it's a Paradox, yew use Sex or Some other Emotion to get into the Light, but yew can not Stay there because of that very Emotion, not much of a Mystery here, but do not forget the Darkside, it uses Dark Emotions like Rape, Murder and Pillaging to achieve this same Climax, so its Sex to them, so it's a very Addicting Drug... and the Darkside wants a New Drug, and there is No Denying that is the Depth People go to, just to get into the Light... just so they can have this Moment, which to them is just a Trill, so they do this for Amusement, since all the Rides at Amusement Parks are built to illicit the same Reaction, so the Darkside Deals in the Light, selling Tickets to Ride the Light, giving yew hope to Win the Lottery, so yew can be in the Light, so yew Gamble yewer Life away for Money which is the Root of all Evil, so its just Money, Sex and a Drug to most of Yew, and not much of a Mystery at all.

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Think of this as the Light Wizzard's University, yew Study the various Fields in the Trinary Universe, and once yew Master its Subjects, yew get a Degree, each Degree gets yew 1 Step Closer to Graduation, when upon Receiving yew Diploma, yew must know how to see the Light, yew must Prove that yew can See the Light, it's a Test, so yew get Graded how well yew can see the Light, so now yew are the Enlightened 1... So yew are Bright, and yew know yew can be the Chosen 1, which was the Whole Reason for Graduating in the First Place.

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Most of yew believe that yew are already in the Light, so yew have no Reason to enroll in this University, as if this is a Place yew have to go and Pay Tuition, when it fact this Knowledge is Free to all, this is Called Freewill, but the Darkside is based on Free Dumb, because nothing is Free in the Darkside... And like I said, even if it is Free, its still Dumb... Logic is what holds most people back from knowing the Truth, most people do not Care about the Truth, and they can think of no Reason to waist their Time thinking about things IAM saying, and its just because it Confuses them, I talk to everyone like I know what they are Thinking, but IAM every 1, so I do know what they are Thinking, and like I said, most people will continue to believe they are in the Light, even after I prove to them that they are in the Dark... This is because of Vanity, a Deadly Sin... but few believe they are Vane... which only Proves they are in the Dark, and if they just took a few Classes, they would Learn that this is the Truth, so its in this Class that we Learn this Lesson, and its this Step that begins these Degrees, so in Step 0, yew get 0 Degrees, so you are 0% closer to being in the Light, then yew were before taking this Class.

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The Light is Life, when the Light leaves yew, yew Die, at the Cellular Level the Darkside is Disease, it's a Virus, it's the Dark Cancer in yew, and the Light is Life... Doctors want to know what this Life force called the Light is at the Subatomic Level, and I tell them it's the Trinary Energy that Flows through the Body, if yew Look at it under a Microscope yew will see it, but its not just 1 Atom that is in the Body, in fact, it's not even made up of Atoms, its Controlling the Atoms, so its much Smaller then Atoms, in fact its So small that no matter how much yew Magnify them, they are still just out of view, as if one more Power would Solve this Problem, but all the Power in the World will never give yew enough Magnification to see God, instead all yew see is God's Particle, and no matter how much yew Magnify it, it still looks the Same, so yew can not find it, even though yew are looking right at it, its just the Nature of it that yew do not Understand, so Doctors dig down deeper into this Science to see if they can Bottle God's Particle, as if they could then Pour it into the Dead to make them Alive again, so it's the Philosophers Stones that Sir Isaac Newton spook of, and the only Question that he could not Answer, how do yew get a Sample of it that yew can use... So what it is yew want is Liquid Life, a Potion, and Wizards are Famous for their Potions, so let's see what we can Conjure up... and the Answer is that Trinary Energy is God's Power, yew can Interact with it, but yew can not Create nor Destroy Trinary Energy, therefore, all yew can do is Stop the Trinary Energy from Leaving an Object, because it was Created when this Object was Created, and yew can not Destroy 1 without destroying the Other, this is a Rule that not even God can Disobey, God's Laws are Absolute and Final... So the Light is Life, and we are Born with this Energy, God gives it to us at Conception, its Energy that Binds the Egg and Sperm together, its called the Spark Of yoUr Life or SOUL, and in Steps to Come, we will Talk more about this Light of your Life.

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In the Beginning of all my Video's I have a short scene with a Pyramid, I call this the Credits, It contains No Copyrights or Licenses, those are the Darksides Laws, yew will see 6 Sheep, with the Sheep Dog standing on Top of the Pyramid Guarding his Flock, if I was to ask yew what the Sheep are Doing, yew probably would not know, unless I showed yew or told yew, but words are not needed unless yew are Blind, and that is not fare to the Blind, in fact, all my Videos were Written so yew do not need to actually Watch the Video, just Listen to it, so what the Sheep were doing, really did not matter to the Story itself, so yew may wonder why I bothered spending so much time making an Intro like this, but it shows yew a Point, and to be fair to the Blind, I will spell it out... The Sheep on Left side are actually Sheeple, so they have Heads of Monkeys on a Sheep Body, they Symbolizes Humans in the Dark, they are only Animals who can not see the Light... When Lightening Strikes the First time, the Real Sheep on the Right, and one Sheeple on the Left, Stand at Attention when the Wizard Appears next to the Sheep Dog, so the Wizard is a Shepard, the other two Sheeple do not Stand, because they do not take a Stand on anything, as the Second Lightening Strikes, the Sheep Look up and see a UFO, this is a Light in the Sky that Flies by, yet yew can not Identify it, so they Bow down, as the Third Lightening Strikes, they do this out of Fear, they believe this Light must be God, while the other two Sheeple act like Fools, as one of them gets the Shit Scared out of them, the Other quickly eats his Shit, and when the other Sheeple sees him eating his Shit, he Attacks him, so that Sheeple gets back in Line, then that Sheeple said Piss off at him, a Gesture few see from their Point of View; but the Message itself is much less ambiguous, its taken from the Bible, it tells a Story about a Man that must Stand on the Pyramid at the End of the Era, during the 8th Century this word Pyramid was replaced by the Word Mound, which is clearly a Lie, a Mound is considered to be Round, and as Sir Isaac Newton Proved, a Pyramid is Not Round, but yew can use the same Math to figure both out with, so it Symbolizes the Truth that was taken from yew, the UFO Symbolizes our Ancestors, since they left us with Antique Technology that is more Advanced then our own, and its this Technology that allows the Wizard to Appear and Disappear, this is called Ascending, Descending and Resurrection, and is Key to His-Story... The Crystal Ball and the Staff of Power it Sits on is a story in itself, the Snow or White Noise, Represents the Light Wizzard or God, and its how I view the World, I see it everywhere all the Time... Yew will see MI Message encoded in the Light...

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The Music in the Light Wizzards Story is very Important, it Sets the Pace and Mood of the Story, and also tells the Story itself, each Note has a Letter from A to G, each of these Letters has a Meaning, and will be taught in each Step, so the Key to Understanding any Story that I tell, yew must first understand the Words I use before I use them, just like words in any Language, they can have different Meanings to different People, and I want to make sure that IAM Crystal Clear about the Words I use, so I define them as I go along, as I do the Notes I play, if I have to Rename them so they do not get Confused, then I Will do so, that is Music, and why it's so Important to His-Story.

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A Wizard tells Stories in their Own Way, and this is My way, and not the Way of other Wizards, they told their Story the Way they did, and this can be said about any Story, no matter who is Telling it... The Wizard is in My Dreams, it's the Way I see everything, which is through the Wizards I's... Wizards use Math, Science and Language to tell His-Story, so its important that all these Agree on what the Truth is, they can not fall short anywhere, Logic must Prove His-Story, if a Wizard tells yew this is the Truth, then they meant it can be Proven to be the Truth, it's the Wizards way, the Old Man on the Mountain, and that Mount is the Pyramid.

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In the Light there is only the Truth, no Emotions to Cloud that Truth, only the Facts and Science to back those Facts, so the Light is Knowing something, not just Believing in something, you Know it, or No it Not, that is the Truth about the Light.

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Most People will not Hear a Word when they finally get that Little Voice to Shut up, and in that Moment of Quiet, they might conclude that because they Hear No Voices, that God is Not talking to them, but God is using a Cell Phone, because at the Cellular Level, God is Controlling every Fiber in yewer Body, and its in these Fibers that God Talks to Yew... When yew are in the Moment, yew Hear no Voices in yewer Head, not Yewers, Not Gods, so its Silence in the Hearing Department, and Why Most people get Bored very Fast talking to God, so they Tune God Out, and Tune in another Channel, and they wonder why God does not Talk to them.

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People in the Dark tell People in the Light, that they have no Way of knowing what God has in mind, and this is because they do not Know if God is Real, they Think they Believe in God, but yewer whole Idea about what God is, is just Insane, because let's face it, I proved that we are God at the Cellular Level, so we should know what God is, where God is, and what God is Saying, or let's face it, yew are Crazy, yet everyone has their own Idea about what God is, because yew Base God on Religion, Legends and Myths, instead of just what the Bible Said, and what God is Saying, so it proves that Most People are in the Dark, and the Only way to prove yew are in the Light is Faith in one another, if yew do not have Faith in a Person, it's because yew Lie, so yew expect others to Lie, this is called Sin, yet yew do it all the Time, and yew know everyone else does it because yew do it, so it's a Paradox, so People think adding I swear to God at the End of a Lie, will somehow make it more Believable, so the Insanity goes Deeper, and this is just the Darkside and how it works... But to the People that are Truly in the Light, they have no Need to Lie, when the Truth is much more Fun, but the Darkside will never Believe that, because they are all Liars... Yew Know this is the Truth, yet yew can not Admit it, because yew would have to Admit that yew are Sinning when yew Lie, so yew Justify it as Freewill, because yew think that Others can not Read yewer Mind, when the Fact is they do not have to, because those in the Light, know the truth, so they know when yew are Lying... The Darkness is Part of the Light, something the Darkside tends to Forget, and its only in the Shades of Grey does this make any sense.

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People say they have Faith that God will Protect them, although this whole Thought Process is Insane, yew will never get the Darkside to Admit that, because God is not an External Entity, but the Darkside thinks of God that way, as if God is a Person... because yew have no Idea what God is, where God is, yet yew Know God Exist? This is Insane by Definition, which means the Logic yew use to come to a Conclusion is Flawed to the Point that it makes no sense... Because God gives yew this Moment of Clarity to Save yewer Life, yet yew Ignore it to the Point that even if someone Else hears Gods Message and yew do not, yew automatically think that Person is Lying, so round we go one more time, because Faith is Knowing that the Light Exist and that it Exist in you through I.

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In 1680 Sir Isaac Newton used the Telescope he Invented to study a Comet named after him, he Calculated it had an orbit of 333 years, noting sightings dating back 333 and 666 years, Knowing that it would Return in that time, he told the Powers that be... because he Calculated it would hit the Earth in 666 years and that scared him and the Church, so the Church went to great Lengths to Hide this fact... and Isaac calculated that the Last Ice age corresponded to a Galactic Event that happens every 26 Thousand Years, and that Event will happen at the End of the Era in 2012... Triggering an Ice Age that will last for a Thousand Years... because this was also the Last Prediction of Nostradamus in 1566, so the Church forbid Isaac to Divulge this... and Hid both events from the Public... So the Church has Known this for a Long time now, and they have Made Plans to Survive, only their Plans are Flawed... Because their Plans do not include yew... they believe they Own this Planet and Everyone on it, so No Sanctuary for all... only the Chosen 1's... Yewer Simulations show that Comet ISON will Pass Directly through the Earth's Orbit on 1 November 2013, so let's look at it from the Facts, with no Emotions, so its from the Lightside that we view this Event from... and the Earth will pass through the path of ISON or Son of I in January 2014, over 3 Days: the 12th, 13th and 14th, so think of ISON as a Train, its on a Track that will pass through the Orbit of Earth, and the Earth can not get off this Track, so if the Train or ISON continues on this Track, the Earth will pass directly through its Tracks, unless it Hits Mars, but its not suppose to come closer then 6 Million Miles from it, and let's hope this is True, yet the Darkside believes in Miracles, so they Believe that this Train will not have any extra Baggage that we Need to Claim, even though the Scientist are telling yew its Dropping Hundreds of Thousands of Tons of Extra Baggage per second, and that all of the baggage it's been dropping for the last Billion Miles of its Journey, is still following it, so like a Train, the Earth will Collide with this Baggage, which is made up of Rock, Iron, and Ice, so this Storm is Coming, and its not going to bow out for any Miracles, it might bring Earthquakes, Volcano Eruptions and a Pole Shift with it, and God is very Clear on this Point to me, this is just a Sign, it was the Same Sign Issac Saw, so I do not know what Faith has to do with the Belief that God will Save yew, when God is Showing yew what is about to Happen, and its Not the Comet I would be Worrying about... that might turn out to be a Nice Light Show... but God is Telling yew it's Going to happen and that this is a Fact, so the Ice Age is coming... there is a 100% probability that this Event will take Place...its just a Matter of when... but yew do not want to Believe it, because its not in yewer Reality, so yew tell yewerself that the End of the Era will not happen in yewer Life time, even though the Ancient Calendar says that the End of the Era was in 2012, and Isaac Calculated that out to the Last Decimal Place, and the End of the Age of Pisces, which is Fish in the Water... so 2013 is the Beginning of a New Era, the Age of Aquarius, which is Symbolized as Waves... I interpret as a Tsunami from Earthquakes or Volcanoes... so God is Saying that in 2013, Aquarius, being a Mythical Man Dumping Water on the Earth, is telling yew that the Land will get Covered in Water, so its telling yew this Event will cause Floods, in my Dreams I see Waves so High that I can Feel the Gravity of them Pulling me back before the Wave hits me, so all the Signs are Telling me that most of the Population of the Planet is about to Die... As Such... the Lightside does not assign this as Good or Bad, but a Cleaning, as its depicted in the Myth, it's going to bring balance back to this World, as it did before, so yew have 333 Years to build Sanctuary, and that is not that much time for such a Task.

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The Bible States that Jesus said that he would Return in the Flesh at the End of the Era, and According to the Ancient Calendar, that is Now... and this is a Fact, the Lightside has no Fear, spreads no Fear, and does not have any concept of Fear, so all the Fear is the Darkside, so they Hide from this Event, by Pretending its Not Happening... even though all yewer Data is saying it is... So where is Jesus?

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Jesus is in the Heart of all Men born in the Light, who decided to Live in the Light, and not Follow the Darkside ways... The Bible Talks about a Chosen 1, yet very few know why... The Bible was written thousands of years before Jesus was born, yet it predicted that he would Return, and this Chosen 1 is the 1 that will Resurrect someone from the Past... Like Adam, Jesus, Sir William Wallace, or Sir Isaac Newton, which anyone can do as long as they are a Descendant of Adam, because in the History of the Trinary Universe, Adam and Eve are not the First Humans, but the First Jews, which was caused by Mixing the Pure Races, in this Case, the Ashkenazi were the Descendants of Adam and Mary, and Adam is White and Mary is Grey and was Adams First wife, she Bore Abel and Melliza, and this Line of Descendants is the Biggest Secret keep by the Secret Societies... whereas the Descendants of Cain and Seth are the only Publicly known line, and was from Adams Second Wife Eve, which the Name means Dark, and she had an Extra Rim, and only the Black Race has an Extra Rib... so the Family Tree is only as good as the Fruit that Falls From it, and the Knowledge of these Unions is Forbidden Knowledge... But its Clear that anyone in the Line can Resurrect another, since the Term only means that from the DNA Level, yew recreate the Memories that are Stored in the DNA, which is also called a Memory... so yew have the Flesh, which is Me, which is short for Meat... and you take the I, which is the God IAM, which is I And Me... and yew Remember the Reason why God put us on the Earth... and the Answer is to Maintain it, and instead the Darkside has Destroyed it, and will Continue to do so if left in Power... so Adam handed down instructions for his Descendants to follow, it was called a Bible, the DNA was written into the Border of the Bindings, so that Future Generations would know that the DNA Code was from that Line, meaning the Descendant of Adam himself, and the fact that Adam and the Word Atom (ATOM), sound the Same, yew should be able to Confirm this at the Sub-Atomic Level... because that is where this Information is Stored, and its Retrieved using the Light Wizzards, which the Darkside calls Gods Particle, which hardly describes it at all... so its in my Heart that I resurrect my Descendants, and not just one of them, but all of them.

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People have been talking about the Chosen 1 to Me all MI life... and Knowing that IAM the Chosen 1 was not without Irony... because the Bible States that yew will Deny Jesus 3 Times: 1st yew will Deny yew know Who Jesus is... which is Me in the Flesh... 2nd yew will Deny Jesus by Name... which is Jesus Bar Abbas... a Descendant of Adam... 3rd yew will Deny to the World that Jesus Exist... because Jesus is IAM, and so AMI... so being the Chosen 1 is the Hardest Path 1 can Take... the Descendants of Adam all had the Messiah Gene in their DNA, it was encoded into Jesus's DNA, as well as Sir William Wallace's and Sir Isaac Newtons... and its no Surprise yew will find it in mine as well, it would not be much of a Story if was not... and that is where the Problem Starts for the Darkside, but in the Light, we just know what the Facts are, not how someone Feels about them, because that is all we are Talking about, the Darksides Emotions, since the Lightside has none, its not coming from there, but from the Darkness inside of all Humans... so they Deny the Chosen 1 to the Point that there can be No Chosen 1, and No Resurrection of Jesus at this End of the Era, so Irony is not without Humor as well... because most People can not tell Me Why I can not be the Resurrection of my Descendants, when the very Name implies that I did just that, and how I came to be, so my Existence is Proof that this is the Normal way to Live, in fact it's the Way all Life on this Planet is Possible, so anyone can Make this Claim, if they meet the same Criteria, so a debate over if this is True is a Silly, since it can not be any other way... Logic is how the Lightside Thinks, and this is the Lightside, so to be the Chosen 1, I can not Care what yew Believe, because Yew are just Animals, they are Sheep, and forgive them Father because they Know Not what they Do, because Jesus did not Die for yewer Sins, he Died because yew Sin... and it does not matter to me if yew Believe that IAM the Chosen 1, it changes nothing in the Universe or His-Story... Only yewer Reality about it, and that Reality is not the Truth unless its Real, so at the Subatomic Level is where this Question must be Proven, because IAM the Chosen 1 at the Cellular Level.

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What bothers most People is that knowing that by Definition, anyone can Resurrect a Descendants Memory, which means IAM at lest telling the Truth about this part of it, the Darkside tries to find other Ways to Deny who IAM, because if they start to Believe that IAM who I said IAM, then they would have to believe that these things IAM saying are going to happen, will Happen, and that Scares them, so there Instinct for Survival Kicks in, and they Deny it all the Way and even Categorically, because the Darkside can not Believe for 1 Second that I could be the Chosen 1, even though all the Evidence I have told yew about can not be Disproved, because MI Logic is flawless... Perfect even... so how can this be... yet yew Deny who IAM still? And that is what bothers yew and why yew do it in the First Place... so where AMI going with this Logic, and that is to a Place that yew find safe, so yew can Deny that these things I tell yew will take place, and even After they Do, yew will say that they were going to happen anyway, and I did not Predict any of these Events, and I say I never Claimed to, in fact, I only used yewer Data to tell this Entire Story, so go over it and look at all the Details, then First prove that the Science that I teach is False, and that is where all the BS stops, because yew can not Deny MI Science... MI Science is about things that only Isaac Newton could have Dreamt of, and only Adam and Jesus could have Seen, so how is it that one of his Descendants can see this Also? The Answer is Crystal Clear... Only God himself could know these things... and that is what I said IAM, Logic is always the Lightsides best Line of Reasoning.

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To bring balance back to the Planet Earth, the Son of I, will start an Event called the Ice Age, it starts from the Water that is Poured down from Heaven in the Age of Aquarius, and will start in 3 Hundred and 33 Years, so yew still have time to Build Sanctuary, but little time to do much else, and it will require a lot of help, which means People to Build it, but if yew do not Listen to the Chosen 1, then the Fate of all Life on this Planet is in Jeopardy, yew can not Continue Living the Way yew do and Survive the Thousand-Year Ice Age that is coming, the Scientifical Evidence is Clear, this is just the Triggering Event that Starts it... Sanctuary is a Set of Buildings that are Built in Key Locations around the Globe, and are Designed to Balance the Earth on its Axis, and Supply all the Power for the Worlds Needs, and end the Age of Burning of the Planets Blood as Fuel, so it's the End of the Greed of the Powers that Be, who Lied about what Oil is in order to Sell it for Money, and its Money that is at the Root of this Problem, and its just Evil, and what the Lightside has warned yew about from the beginning, Jesus Fought against the Government and Church because of their use of Money, Jesus said Judas would Sell him out for Money... this Term just meant that he did not Support Jesus, which can mean that he did not Know that Jesus was the Chosen 1, since Jesus did not care what yew Believed, Knowing is a whole new Level of Understanding... Its this Understanding that I talk about how to bring back Balance to this Planet, The Banks can not afford to Pay yew to build Sanctuary, and they Know this, it's going to cost yew everything yew have and more, but the Truth is that Only Free People can Build it, and to be Free, yew can not Work for anyone except yourself... and that Scares most of yew, because this means that as a Community, each Person is Self Employed, so they do not Boss around other Employees, this is what Makes them Free by Definition, and its Balance, if each person works Independently for a Common Goal, then they are Free to not worry about the others participation, so now its just like everyone is pitching in to build these Buildings, and work in them, Live in them, and Create the Greatest Cities every Built since the Ancient Times, and it all Starts here, by Listening to what the Chosen 1 is saying, because that is why IAM the Chosen 1, so I can bring yew this Message, and yew would know it's the Truth.

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People think that because I claim to be the Chosen 1, that I should be Nice, when in fact IAM not Nice, I do not Like most of yew, because yew are All Evil, so why would I like Evil Animals? Yew engage me with Emotions, which is the Darkside, knowing how Dark my Darkside is, and Expect me to be Nice? IAM just a Dog, as backwards as that may sound, yew expect me to have Unconditional Love for Yew, when the Bible States that its Yew that most Worship Me, and not the other way around, and that MI Darkside is a Jealous God, that would Smite yew for Thousands of Generations, if yew did not Worship Me... and yew expect me to be Nice to yew... In the Light, I do not Care about the Darkside, I can not see it, so why should I care... Yew are Insane for not seeing the Relationship of those who are Gods, and those that Deny that God even Exist, when I have already Proven that Scientifically, and that is where this is all going, no matter if yew think IAM the Chosen 1 or Not, only Satan Tells yew half Truths, and yew know that I have only told yew the Truth, yet the Darkside will always Deny who IAM, that is the Nature of the Beast, and the Light can never see the Dark, nor the Dark see the Light, and that is why the Darkside will always Deny who IAM, this is what the Bible Stated as well, so everything I say goes along with the Bible, except for those Insertions Isaac Newton Talked about, they Inserted Christ into the Bible so Jesus would be a Deity, making it impossible for Jesus to Return in the Flesh, since that would mean the End of a Job for the Church and yew can not have that can yew.

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Being the Chosen 1 is not much fun, no one every Believes Yew, and since I have been the Chosen 1 all my Life, we are talking about a lot of People who do not Believe me, and yew know I do not Care what yew Believe, but I do care what yew Know... So what does the Chosen 1 get out of Being the Chosen 1? Let's See: Jesus Bar Abbas and William Wallace got Executed, and Isaac Newton and myself, had to be Careful not to say anything that would get them Executed... So yew must wonder why anyone would want to be the Chosen 1, but I told yew that IAM not a Self Appointed Savor, in fact I had no Choose in the Matter at all, it was MI Grandfathers Before Me, so it was Adam, Jesus, William, Isaac, and the Rest of MI Fathers before Me... And yew want to Talk about yewer Life, but yourself in MI Shoes, I have to convince everyone in the World that IAM in fact the Chosen 1, the One that will Tell Mankind all the Secrets of the Universe, well at least I made the Videos, getting Sheeple to Watch them and Understand them is another Issue, because that is not MI Job at all, that is Yewer Job to Spread the Word, that is what the Bible States, but yew do not Believe in the Bible, so why would yew Believe in Me... So why would yew Believe this Thousand-Year Ice Age is about to Start, even though all yewer Science tells yew the Same thing... not Much to Predict here... Its Clear that this is what is taking place... So knowing the Darkside will Never Change, they Will Deny they are in the Dark, and Deny this is the Light, then they Will Deny IAM the Chosen 1, O Yeah! it Sucks being the Chosen 1, so I guess it would Suck even More to be Married to the Chosen 1, knowing that IAM not a Nice Person, I do not Have to be Nice, if yew want to see my Lightside, then Do not Drag Me into yewer Darkness... I can not even Get my Wives to Believe in Me, Even My Children Hate Me... All of them... So why would anyone want to Own up to being God or the Chosen 1? And the Answer is Courage, Honor and Dignity... Which are all Lost Traits in this World... Let's Face it, if what I say is True, then Everyone in this World are the Darkside, because no one else see's things MI way... This Logic will lead yew to believe that its Yew that are Evil, and yew know this is True because yew all Sold me out for Money... so all of yew are Judas's... and everyone that Swore and Oath to Uphold the Constitution of America, all all Traitors to it, in fact they are being Complicit in Treason for allowing the Banks to Own the United States of America, so I doubt that the Main Stream Media will want anyone to Hear this Story, because it Confirms that yew are all Treasonous Criminals for not doing something about it, so are we having Fun yet? The Chosen 1 is not.

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The Bottom Line is that no one can honestly Deny MI Science, most of it has gone uncontested for over 3 Hundred Years now, so thanks to a Ancestor of Mine named Isaac, I do not have this Burden of Proof to make, so yew know that all MI Science is the Truth, meaning all yewer Science is a Lie, which is why yew Deny Who IAM, yew do not like being a Liar... Yet yew Look around and All yew see is Greed and Corruption, so yew Know the Darkside is in Charge, yet yew are Reluctant to Acknowledge that IAM the Chosen 1, even it that Means there is No Chosen 1, making yewer Belief System a Lie... So Round and Round we Go, because Life really is just a Dream... Yew say so what, even if IAM the Chosen 1, what Does that Mean to Me? Everything is the Answer, yew think yew are Helpless, yew Elect Officials, even thought the Constitution states that are to be Appointed, and yew wonder how the Government got Corrupted, because yew think the Constitution needs to be Updated, as if the Truth needs Revision Updates, so yew allow Laws to Run yewer Life, knowing all Laws are Made to Protect those Making the Laws, and do not Protect the People they are supposed to Protect, in fact it makes yew Criminals, which is why most of yew are in Jail, so that Slavery is Legal, yew Allow Congress to Vote for a Salary Raise, what a Job... Voting is how yew lost yewer Freedom, and Got Free Dumb instead, then Doctors Bottled Dumb and Made Dumb Vaccines and Drugs, now yew Trust Doctors and Not God, but Doctors only Treat Yew, they Never Cure yew, and Cancer Rages in yewer Blood and that of its Nations, its Greed, Lust and Envy, and Worse... Yew Pass Laws to Protect those that are Murdering yew with their Poison, and yew wonder how this World got so Crazy? Yew are all Crazy, they gave yew the Crazy Drugs and Vaccines, and Passed Laws Requiring everyone to have this Crazy Drugs and Vaccines at Birth, and I told yew that is to ensure that Children will Never See the Light, because the Darkside can not have that, and that is why they Lie to yew about all yewer Science and History, the Jews, so Cleaver... they Trained yew so well, that is the Only reason yew Deny who IAM.

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The Spirit is Willing but the Flesh is Weak... Freewill is how this Country was Lost, the People Gave up... and Generations later they are still defeated, yew believe that yew have no choice, yew believe that yew can Vote it Right, when Voting is how yew Lost it all, so yew Believe in one Thing... Money. The Truth is that to Build Sanctuary, yew do not need the Governments Permission, its yewer Right to Save this Planet, and its only if all of yew decide that Saving the World is more important than Money, will anything change, its always been up to yew, and yew are Sheep, so the Darkside has already won this War, so yew Defend being Slaves, and Working for Money like Whore's, but that is all yew are... and why i Hate Jews, but Hate is the Darkside, we can have none of that Here, but let's face it, this is because yew are all in the Dark and do not even Understand what the Light is... If you were in the Light, you would Acknowledge IAM the Chosen 1 and get on with your Day, and if yew are not it's because yewer Flesh is Weak, and yew have no Freewill.

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Once yew Acknowledge that IAM the Chosen 1, we can move on with His-Story, and yew will Spread the News about the Chosen 1, that is what the Bible said to do, but yew stopped Spreading the Word about the Light back in the Darkages, and that is why the Darkages continue, so its up to yew and yewer Freewill, to Know that IAM the Chosen 1, then things will Start Change, as People understand and See the Light, a New Day will Dawn for all Mankind, and everyone will Stand up for what is Right, instead of Fighting to see who is Left.

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The Lightside is about Seeing the Universe from Gods point of view... Things that Exist at the Subatomic Level are Real, everything else is a Lie, God is Controlling everything in the Universe at the Subatomic Level, as God is Controlling yewer Ability to see the Light, so yew Can if yew Want, but Freewill is what God gave yew, and it allows yew to Deny the Truth, and Believe in things that are not even Possible, so it's the Darkside, and as Such, yew do not have to use yewer Freewill, yew do not have to Think at all, but that is the Problem, and yewer Darkside is at the Heart of it, since Most Deny who IAM because of their Own BS, because they think the Chosen 1 is Special, but find nothing Special about Me, so they Deny Who IAM, because they are Jealous, and forget that I will Punish all those that do not Believe in me, that is the Darkside of Me, and there can be no Light without the Darkness, so I will Punish yew, the Son of I will Punish yew... and how do I know this? Because...

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IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every Shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh.



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