The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Chapter 00.06
IAM Step -3

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft
Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 00.06
IAM Step -3


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step -3
Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-03-N-IAM-01

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The Dark Wizzard in the Flesh, will now reveal IAM in Step Negative 3, from the Viewpoint of the Darkside in Terms only the Darkside can understand.

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Most of Yew do not Fully Understand the Words yew use, so yew wonder why I do not Care what yew Believe, not seeing the Truth in that Word... Be Lie... the Dark Wizzard does not Lie, so I do not care about Lies... its only What you Know, but most of what yew know is Lies, so Truth is in how Words are Defined, and if yew look harder at the Word Believe, yew can use the Code to Remove the Letter E in Lie, since that Letter is Defined as Excitement, and that is an Emotion, so now we have Be Live... and now yew attach Meaning to it, thinking that the things yew Believe, are the things that will keep yew alive, because yew forgot about the Excitement, so No it Not.

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Every Letter in a Word has Meaning, so to get the Meaning out of Every Word, yew must understand the Wizard's Code... The Word Jesus has many meanings to many People, yew see him as either a Messenger or a Messiah, but the 3rd Letter in that Words is the Letter S, so its in Harmony, and that Letter is Defined as Solution, and it means to Solve a Problem, or the Solution to a Problem, and what needs a Solution in this WorLd today? US... Now is that U.S. Like in the United States? Or Us as in You and Me? The Wizard's use Codes to Encode Meaning into Words, so the Meaning never gets Lost in Translation, so it's Important to know this Code, it's the Wizards Code, and has been Taught throughout His-Story... Now take MI Name Jeffrey, the 3rd Letter in that Word is F, so its in Harmony, and F is defined as the Word Final, and Means the Last Word, so it's the Last Word on a Subject, and what Subject would that be? Frey... Frey is the most important God of Norse Paganism, and is the God of Earth's Fertility and Peace and Prosperity... So Scott is the Solution to C O, where O is the Emotion... the Letters T T, is a Sound, and is associated with the Word Mothers Milk... Hey... IAM the God of Fertility... The Letter J in Jesus and Jeffrey, means Judgment, so we are the Adjudicator, since the Letter J is the 3rd Letter in that Word, it's in Harmony... Yew know that the Letter E means Excitement... Bar has 3 Letters, so take it at Face Value, its meanings come from Music, Math and Construction... Abbas Means the Lion that is feared by all other Lions, a Very Powerful Lion, we all have our Animal Spirit, mine is a Dog... Flesher was already Defined as meaning Flesh, or Meat, so its Short for Me, and the ER just means More of... so now yew know the Rest of the Code...

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Yew must Define Words and Meanings so everyone knows what yew are Saying... Yew do not want any Misunderstanding over the Words yew Use or the Meaning of those Words... This is called being Crystal Clear... Laws on the Other hand are Written to Confuse yew, they put in Words that are Defined by other Laws, and Expect yew to Understand them, they say to Protect, which Means to Destroy, Because to Protect something yew most Destroy what ever Threatens it... but yew do not Understand the Meaning of Words, because yew are just Sheep, and Sheep can not Read or Understand Words, so what did I expect of yew, so the Battle Rages on, as I fight against Ignorance, and the Brain Washing the Darkside did to Each of yew, first they make it a Law that yew have to Get Vaccinations, which Make yew Stupider then yew already are, then they make yew so Dependent on Money, that yew have No way to Live without it, because they Passed Laws Requiring the Use of Money, which is Ironic that Live is just Evil Spelled Backwards, but Spells are what Wizards are Know for, so Deeper into the Definitions we go... Until yew wake up and stop being Sheep, then yew become you, and the Words start to make sense, and the Meaning of what has gone on up to Judgment-day becomes Clear, and only a Wizard can make it Crystal Clear, so this Spell is for yew.

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Yew tend to think that the Bible only talks about 1 God, yet yew Know that God is Defined as all Light with No Darkness in it, even though Sir Isaac Newton Proved that Pure Light is actually made up of Darkness, and even Jesus acknowledged that by saying their can be No Light without the Dark, but in the Bible, the God of Mosses was a Jealous God, so this was a very Dark God, the Black Lord of Darkness, and the Bible also speaks of the God Yahweh, and the 3rd Letter in that Word is H, so its in Harmony, and means Hey! God will Help those that Help Themselves... As if Judging yew with one word, knowing Yahweh will come back and Punish yew for yewer Sins... So this is a Dark God also... But not Satan... Because Satan Lies to yew, Yahweh is the Truth, and the Bible Speaks very little about the Light God, except to Mention that the Light God exist, but Jesus said his Father, or God, is All Light, with No Darkness in it, so its Clear that it Mattered to him, so the God of Light is Matter, and the God of Dark is Antimatter, since the God of Light Gives, and the God of Dark Destroys, So yew Live in the Light, and are Evil in the Dark... But yew must remember that the Dark is not Bad, anymore than the Light is Good, those are just Shades of Grey... so the Bible is only about the Dark God, with just a few References to the Light God, because the Light God gave yew Freewill, and can not put Limits on it.

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I have my Darkside, and this is the Step I talk about it in, and Like the Wizards before Me, who also had their Darkside, so yew have to Understand that the Story of Adam, Jesus, William, or Isaac, is the Same Story, and only their Flesh Names are Different, but at the Same Time they also Tell the Same Story, even though they are very Different Men, from Atom, all Humans are Born, and we already Decoded the other Names... so why is this so Difficult for the Darkside to Understand? It's because yew do not Believe in the Bible... Because the Powers that Be have Rewritten it in a way that yew know it's all Lies... Because yew do not Believe that Mosses Parted the Red Sea, and I told yew that the History Channel was Right, Mosses was just a Military Leader, who Taught the World how to Wage Unending War, and Even the Bible told yew that he was a Back Stabbing Banker, who Told yew to Demand to get Paid in Gold for the Work yew do... Which is what Jesus said was Evil and the Darkside, but yew Defend Capitalism, instead of Seeing it as the Root of All Evil... So Deeper into the Darkness yew Go... Turning yewer Backs on the Lightside and Doing the Bidding of the Dark Lord Satan, who by Definition is the Bank. So who are yew Fooling? Not I... Only yewerselves... So as Dark as MI Darkside is, I never went that Deep into the Black Pits of this Hell yew Created, because that is the Only way to Describe this World Today, where yew Worship Gay Entertainers, Gay Politicians, Gay Military, and Gay Priest, where Corporations are Allowed to Dumb Toxic Waite into the Oceans yew Depend upon to Live, The Governments are Owned by the Banks, and they are Allowed to Draft People into a War they are Financing on both Sides, using the Vile Evil Money the Governments Dish Out, and yew do nothing but Cry about the Injustice in the World, and Say:
[What can I do about it?]
so its Up to yew the Enablers, to Stand up for yewer Rights, do not Allow the Darkside to Control yew like Sheep in a Pin, the Free Movement took off way before the Dark Wizard Mosses was Born, in the 1960's it was still going Strong, till the Government Labeled it as a Hippy Movement, and Sold the Main Stream Puppets on the Idea that they are all just Drug Addicts and a Threat to Society, and Yewer Parents and Grandparents allowed this to Happen, so they Passed Laws that Everyone has to Use Money to Live on the Planet, so now the Banks Own Everyone, and Why all of Yew are in the Dark... And why yew Lie, not Only to Me, but Yourself, and its because yew are not Smart enough to Understand they are the Same 1, Say Me when yew Look into the Mirror! And Own up to yewer own Darkside, yew know yew go along with all these Evil Ways by allowing it, and there is No Denying that, so yew Lie to yewerselves that this is not True, that yew had No Choice... Which is why I tell you that Yew are Stupid and in the Dark... Because Look around, everyone's a Drug Addict hooked on the Banks Version of Pharmaceutical Drugs, which are All made from Black Magic, and yew know this is True because most of yew have Cancer from it, but yew Believe the God they Printed on Money and Worship Money and Doctors Like they are God, the Bankers are the Doctors, how Else do yew think they get away with Murdering Millions of People per year, and yew want to Call Me Dark!

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Sheeple Hide in the Dark, they Use it to Protect them from the Treason that they are Enabling, because Sheeple have No Courage or Honor, so they Allow the Banks to Own them, knowing the Banks Draft yew or Force yew to Join their Wars, and when yew get Injured or Killed, they Foreclose on yewer Property and Steal it from yewer Family, kicking them to the Street to die or become Whores, and yew Defend this System of Government, knowing that the Banks are Privately Owned Corporation that Owns the Governments, through Treason by Lincoln, and every President that signed into Office since then, and yew wonder why it is that I hate Jews, yew Think IAM out of MI Mind because I speak out against this Evil Government, even though IAM part of it, Knowing that IAM a Staff Sargent, who even From the Ranks of its Military never Stopped Fighting for Freedom, and yew know Jesus Bar Abbas was also a Staff Sargent fighting a War... But I abided by the Laws they Created to Protect the Darkside, and Operated inside those Same Laws, knowing they are all Lies, and Telling everyone so... While the Sheeple said:
[I know but what can I do about it,]
but what can 1 Person do about it, when it will take all the People in the World to Stand up to this Darkness, so what do I do? I tell yew, and yew have to tell someone yew Know, and they have to tell someone they know, and soon Everyone knows the Truth, then they have to Stand up for the Truth.

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Most of yew believe that yew know what is going on, when most of yew only know what Others have Told yew, and yew know those People are definitely in the Dark, so why do yew Believe them, yew know yew Lie, so yew figure everyone Lie's, so yew Trust No 1, yet yew still believe in all their Lies, so it's a Paradox that Keeps yew in the Dark, because yew think that the Dark Wizzard is Bad, and only Lies to yew, when in Fact there is only 1 God, and the Light and Dark God is the Same Entity, just a Flip side of Coin separates them, so the Dark can never see the Light, so they do not Believe anything that the Dark Wizard has to say... because what he has to say is always in Shades of Grey... so the Dark Wizzard never Lies, any more than the Light Wizzard could, if yew Remember I told yew that the Dark Wizzard only Tells yew things yew should not do, like: Money, War, Love and Hate, but yew do that anyway, because it's the Only way yew know how.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-03-N-IAM-09

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In MI Dreams it's all so Crystal Clear, IAM suppose to Climb the Great Pyramid and Hold out MI Staff of Power, and say the Spell... and it will wake up a memory in all of those that Know MI Words, and they will gather around it, these are the Disciples, Virgins, and those in the Light, and they will channel the Trinary Energy through the Structure, and it will Resonate all the way to the Core of the Trinary Engine, and then will be Reflected back to the Surface of all the Lands, and that Energy will bring Balance back to the Planet... Scientifically this is a Sound Principle of Energy Transmutation, and how the Philosophers Stone Works... It's the Reality of this that Sucks, since those that Live within 3 Thousand miles of that Place are all in the Dark, and they will do anything to Stop Me from doing this, because they will never Accept Me as the Chosen 1, so unless yew want to start a Holy War, this Reality will not come to past... So it's Time to Wake up... The Ice Age is Triggered by many Events leading up to this Date, it's not 1 thing, but many, and the Evil Vile ways of the Darkside Vampires Sucking the Blood of God out of the Planet, is but 1 of Many Sins that Mankind must Repent for, so those near the Oil Fields will Feel the Wrath of God, if this Planet is to Find Balance, but yew do the Math, Look at their Ancestry and all yew will find is 1 Holy War after another, Hatred on a Global Scale, their Own Religion Demands them to Kill the Infidel, Goyim or Gentile, and their War on Wizards and Witches never ends, because these are the Descendant's of Cain and Seth, and they are Inbred to the Point of Insanity, and they can not See the Light, so the Nazi become Warriors without Honor and Dignity, they are Slavers and Thieves, and there can be No Dark without the Light, so the Righteous are there also, but they are the Few, and not the Many, and they are not in Charge... because they are the Meek... So it's a Given that they will Kill Me given the Chance, and this is what happens in MI Dreams, so I make No Plans to make this Journey, so I must find another way to bring Balance to this Planet, which could mean a Pole Shift from 42 to 45 Degrees South, and trust Me, No One will find this Ride Fun... But this may not happen for another 3 Hundred and 33 Years, because in my Dreams I have no Idea what Time it is, but I know this will Happen when Isaac Newtons Comet returns next time and hits the Planet Earth, because Isaac Newton Predicted that is in 666 years back in 1680, which is where the number 666 took on a new meaning for Isaac, I see it as a half-way mark, since in 2013 it would be 3 Hundred and 33 years from 1680, and Isaac said this Comet has a 333-year Cycle, it crossed the path with the Comet on 25 December 1680, 333 years later it will cross our path on 14 January 2014, so he was right, since Isaac was born on 25 December 1642, and the Calendar was changed during his lifetime, changing his birth date to 4 January 1643, after removing 10 Days, so it will hit Earth on 14 January 2346 as Isaac Calculated.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-03-N-IAM-10

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In MI Dreams The White Wizard is Hit by Lightening on the 12th of January, and is Burnt to Ash, because the Nazi in Me was the Burnt Offering, so it was the Holy Cost... then 3 days Later on the 14th a Sheep Dog stands next to the Staff of Power Left there, and Lightening Strikes it again, and the Light Wizard Returns as an Angel, and he Tells the Rest of His-Story.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-03-N-IAM-11

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Our Dreams are telling us things we need to know and understand, and they are not always Clear as to the Meaning of Symbolizes we Imagine in those Dreams, so we attach meaning, and others attach their meanings, and pretty soon the meaning is lost over the Generations, as are the People who wrongly Interpreted those Dreams, because the Wizards were Crystal Clear about Money being the Root of all Evil, it's what separates the Darkside from the Lightside, so it's the Darkness in all of yew, and all of yew already know this, because Money will Drive yew to do Insane things, yew Fear for yewer Life if yew run out of Money, yew would do anything for Money, and continue to do it even if yew hate the way yew Make Money, so yew are nothing but a Whore or a Slave to Money, and yew Envy those that have a Lot of Money, and yew are Jealous of those that are Rich and Famous, and yew Lust after those that have Money and Power, some of yew would kill others for money, so there are those that are killed for their Money, and Protecting Money is the Most Expensive Game in Town, and Protect means to Destroy, so yew Raise Armies to Protect yewer Money, and yew Go to War for the Banks, who sell yew on the Idea yew are Protecting yewer way of Life, by Destroying it, and in fact yew are just Making them more Money, so they can Foreclose on yewer Property to get More Money, kicking yewer family to the Streets to Die or become Whores, and then Tax yew to Death, and Send yew to Prison for not Paying yewer Taxes, because yew worked so hard all yewer Life Paying Taxes, and in general, do Dark things all in the Name of Money... So these Symbols of Dollar $igngs are Crystal Clear, it's the Darkside.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-03-N-IAM-12

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The Powers that Be do not Care about Money, its only use is to Control the Weak Minded, because they are the Only ones that Require it to Live, the Darkside believe that they can not Live without it, they do not Trust in God, they Trust only in Money, and its why they are in the Dark... And the Powers that be know this, so they Control yew with it, and they Bank on it, they Bet on it, they know yew all to well... Yew Sell yewerselves and yewer Children for Money, and yew only Trust those that are Like yew, that Work for Money, yew think yew are one of them, because yew Pay yewer Taxes, so yew think yew are Safe, yew Call the Bankers Watch Dogs when yew Dial 911, because yew know that the Sheriffs work for the Banks, and if the Banks say yew Committed a Crime, they will Lock yew Up like a Dog... So the Sheeple will never Raise up against their Masters, so they Build an Army and Pass Laws that this Army can handle Civil unrest, and the Banks do not think yew should have any Rest, so they passed Laws to insure this, because the Banks Love Insurance.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-03-N-IAM-13

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The Powers that be are also the Ashkenazic Jews they were born into, so there are a lot of Good People in charge, and Hollywood is just Full of Jews, as are other Industries and Nations, but the Warriors are a Mixed Blood Line, so the Darksides Armies have Great Numbers, but then yew Remember IAM talking about Yew... and as long as yew know the Truth, God will Help yew, because God always Helps those that Help themselves, and the Powers that be know this also, so they know the Game is Up, because the Money Scam is Over, it's time to Announce Bankruptcy and let the Real Games begin... So its up to the Lightside to step in, which means the Darkness must Leave yew, not LevI, so the Game is of Words and Meanings, because its all a Wizards Spell, and yew thought this was all Make Believe, instead of Reality, and its at the End of the Era does this even Start to make any Sense to yew, so yew most Choose a Side, and that Choice is Simple, yew Pick the Darkside, yew have no Choice but to Wage a War in the Dark Lords Name, so in the Name of Money, yew Declare Civil War, and yew Lock and Load yewer Weapons as yew Prepare to do Battle, which to a anger Mob of Darkside Warriors, this can only Mean a Riot, which always leads to Rape, Murder and Pillaging, because that is the only Rules to this Game... and who Defends the Home Land? Its Home Land Security to the Rescue... [Dont Ta Dumb] Yew Dial 911 and the Recording says to go to yewer Nearest Shelter, but yew Arrive to find its just a NAZI... I mean FEMA Concentration Camp... Because its Time for a Wake Up call to the Darkside... The Darkside Wrote this Book, they know how it Ends... Yewer Service was appreciated, but now no Longer Needed, so yewer Cooperation is appreciated now, but Not Required, because the Pin is Mightier then the Gun, and this is the Law, and the Long Arm of the Law always Wins... So yew can Go down that Road, yew know exactly where it will take yew, and yew do not want to go there, so yew Go into the Light, let all Emotions Fade away and Breath in and Count to 3... Now yew are in the Moment, and the Universe makes Sense, and yew know that Money is the Root of all Evil, and the Words of Jesus now make Sense, he was talking about Selling him out for Money, and that the Army that came and Got him was the Same Army that is now coming to take yew away, and for the Same Sin, which was Money, so the Dark Wizard is telling yew not to Riot, not to take part in the Civil War, because in the New Era, yew can Ignore the Darkside and Start a New Life in the Light, without Money... And that those Symbols, where all from a Religion that was Created by the Darkside to make yew Slaves to Money... And there is not Enough Money in the World to Build Sanctuary, so yew must Put yewer Darkness behind yew and Work together, putting aside the Color of yewer Skins, and focusing on the Colors of yewer Soul... Remembering that yew can not Live without yewer Darkside, but yew do not have to allow it to Rule yewer Life, that only in the Shades of Grey does this make any Sense what so ever, and that the Jew in Me is the Same Jew in all of Yew, so do not be Just Yew, be YOU, and let Me be who IAM.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-03-N-IAM-14

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There is no Mystery in what I say... Mystery is not the way of a Wizard... A Wizard only tells yew things that yewer own Logic can Reason out, but its not until yew see things from the Wizards Point of View does this make any Sense, and yew can get Past the Fact that a Wizard is telling yew this in such a Way that makes yew wonder what this is really all about, knowing that this was all Done to Create a Reality that yewer Brian Can Comprehend, and yew are all on Drugs, its just a matter of what Kind of Drugs yew are Taking, Pharmaceutical, Alcohol, or Junk Food, so maybe it would help if yew used some of Gods Drugs, so try Medical Marijuana, it helped me Write and Tell His-Story, maybe it will help yew understand it, because the Drugs yew are taking are not helping if yew can not see the Truth, which is that once yew see the Light, yew become You in His-Story, so where is the Mystery in that.

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All it takes is 1 Person to walk away from the Darkside, and another will follow, then soon everyone will follow the Light, and Money will become a lesson in History, and the Light will forever Shine Brighter, and the Future of all Life on this Planet will be in a Place called Sanctuary... The Chosen 1 is the Salvation of all Life on the Planet, The Chosen 1 is not about 1 Person, or 1 Nation, it's about all People and all Nations, the Story of IAM is not the Story about Adam, Moses, Jesus, William, Isaac, or Me Jeffrey, it's the Story about I And Me, so Look in a Mirror when yew Say that, because the Chosen 1 is the Person who Talks the Talk and Walks the Walk, they are the 1's that Follow the Light to what ever End that Light Creates for them, and not the Darksides Bidding for Profit, which always leads to Greed, and we all know how Deep that Rabbit Hole goes, all the way down to the other 7 Deadly Sins. So the only 1 that Matters is the 1, and that 1 can be any 1, or every 1, so it is the Chosen 1, and that is what IAM.

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Once yew understand that yew are the Wizard in MI Dreams, then these Dreams were the Same Dreams yew had, the Dreams of Freedom, in a Land Free of Dumb, where Quality is more important than Profit, and the Price is always one yew are willing to Share with Others, so yew can all Prosper, because the Kingdom of Freedom is Heaven, its Paradise, so do not Gamble it away with Money.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-03-N-IAM-17

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We were all taken in by Money, we were all Born into a Civilization where people believed that they could buy anything or anyone, yewer very Soul was for Sale, and those that Sold the Most got the Most Rewards, but now they have no Soul, because they Sold it, and now they are Lost and do not know what to believe, so they Ask Friends and Family what they believe, because they never trust themselves, so they put it in to a Vote and Trust what Others Believe, but let's face it, this is how the Darkside got in Control to begin with, it's because yew Gave up yewer Right to Matter, just so yew could Vote, because the Darkside knows yew Better than Yew know Yewerself, so they can Wave some Money in Front of yew to get yew back in Line for more, they will Stamp the Mark of the Beast on yew so yew can Stand in Line to be Feed like Sheep, and even though the Food makes yew say Baaaad, yew reap what you sow, so who is yewer Daaadeee Now? When yew wake up to learn that yew are all Money Junkies, and the Money is on yewer Back, because its yewer Hide.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-03-N-IAM-18

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His-Story is not about Government Conspiracy, there is No Conspiracy here, only the Truth about what is going on, from the Viewpoint of the Darkside, in Terms that only the Darkside can Understand, but Step by Step I proved it to be the Truth, and its only now that yew Realize this is the Truth, because there is little reason left to deny it, this Whole Reality the Darkside Created was all about Greed, and even in the End when all Life on the Planet is being Threatened with Certain Death over then next 3 Centuries, the Darkside is only concerned with Controlling their Sheep, and they can not do that if yew Believe in the Lightside, because then yew would be you, and we can not have that now... could we?

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-03-N-IAM-19

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Reality is a Dark Place in yewer Mind, yew can not fully imagine the Scope of it all, knowing most of it is all Imagination, because Reality has more to do with yewer Perception of it, then the Reality of it, because at the Subatomic Level God is Controlling everything, so the Darkside is not in Control of anything, yet the Bankers say they Own Everything, but at the Cellular Level only God Owns anything, so yew know that the Powers that be are the Banks, the Governments, and all they want is a New World Order, so they can have Total Control over all of yew, and yew know this, but yew are just Female Sheep, so those People who Know that IAM not Mincing Words, so those who are Males will take it that they need to Prove they are Men, and Stand up to the Powers that be and tell them a Thing or two, but they will not Use the Light, they in fact Deny the Light Exist, because they Believe they are Real Men, and they do not believe in the Light or that they are in the Dark, so its Off to War they Go, and those Females will Follow these Men to their Bitter end... Like I said, this is a Very Dark Place in yewer Mind, it Proves the Depth yew will go to Deny the Light Exist, because those in the Light know this is True about those that are in the Dark, because once yew know the Light, you will never go back into the Dark.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-03-N-IAM-20

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I do not Fear the End of the Era, the Son of I will do what the Son of I was meant to do, nothing more, it will not be the End of the World by a Long shot, nor will the End of the Era, it may take a while to sink in, because it's a long term Problem at best, it starts off Slow and then it Starts to Grow, and the Darkside will Ignore it, every Step of the Way, they will Deny an Ice Age is Coming, because there is No Profit in that, since they can not Afford to Build Sanctuary, and they know if they Hire yew to Build it, it will just be a Prison, so it's a Paradox, and by the Time it sinks in the 3 Centuries yew had to Build Sanctuary will be over, and then yew know that I was Right, but its of little use, since yew will not be Left, so into the Darkness we Go, back to a Time that I Electrically Burnt my Left Hand, by Sticking it into an Electric Outlet when I was 4, just so I would be Right, and yew would Believe in my resolve, yew blow it off as the Rantings of a Wizard, knowing who the Other Wizards in time were, because yew think that I made this all up, when that is not really a Possibility, unless yew believe that Jesus and the Other Wizards were in on this Conspiracy, so yew Deny that any of this is True, yew believe what yew want to believe, because that is the Nature of Freewill, and yew will deny this even at the End of this Era.

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3 Hundred and 33 Years from Now, it will not matter what yew Believe, by then this will be the Truth or it will become the Truth, because the Ice Age will Come, believe me, History Really does repeat itself, and we are overdue for one, so its all a Matter of time before it gets here, and IAM not putting a Date on that Event, but IAM a Wizard, so on 14 January 2346, we will know how close I predicted this event, and then there will be no Denying it... Till then, yew will have to ask yewerself 1 Question, What if IAM Right? Because if IAM Right, then yew are out of time to Finish what yew Started, but at least yew got it started... If IAM Wrong, then yew still have time to Complete it, so let's Hope IAM Wrong, this is 1 Time I would Love to be Wrong, but Right or Wrong, yew do not have all the Time in the World to Change, and yew can not Live in this Evil any longer, because this Hell yew are Creating on Earth, is a Hell yewer Great Grandchildren will have to Live with, and that Future is not so Bright, it will be an Earth that has no Blood, because the Darkside only Cares about Profit and is willing to Destroy everything to get it, and if 2014 Comes and Goes and the Darkside is Still in Charge, the Comet will Return on 14 January 2346 and the Earth will Collide with it, just as Nostradamus Predicted and Sir Isaac Newton Calculated, and if that does not start an Ice Age, Something else will, its Destiny, History really does Repeat itself.

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The Universe is a very Big Place, this Galaxy is only 13 Billion Years into this Iteration, so it has 3 Billion years before the Next Iteration, and will Join with Andromeda at that time, so the Galaxy can be much Bigger, and last much longer, so the Universe is always in Motion, and what happens on 1 of its Planets is as important as what happens on all of them, so God tells yew what was, what is, and what will be, and that is all God is doing now, only yew Created God in the Image of Money and Greed, and the Darkside has Twisted yew around its Finger, so the Ring of Power is in Control of yew, but the Universe does not work this way, nor Do I... So Count to 3 and say after Me... IAM... Just 3 Letters, and it's a Whole new was of Looking at Life... And yew will Know this is the Truth and now the Universe is much smaller and feels like Home, and yew know that Life will find a way even after these 3 Billion years are up, because its then that God has Bigger plans for us, so this is not the End, but the Beginning of a Much Larger Galaxy. A Dark Star is a Trinary Engine which has its Antimatter showing out, since a Trinary Engines outer shell is made of Tritanium, and is like a Coin, with Matter on one side, and Antimatter on the other side, so if its Matter is on the outside, it's a Sun, if it's on the inside its a Dark Sun. Every Galaxy has two Companion Dark Stars, every Sun in that Galaxy has two Companion Dark Stars, so they are Trinary System, but Dark Stars are Hard to find, but I know they are there, I have Faith they are there, and in the next 3 Billion Years yew will find them there, and then yew will understand why they are there, which is to bring balance to the System... This simple Concept is one that will take Scientist in a new Direction when calculating the Heavens, because they will find Anchor points in deep space that our Galaxy Follows on its Journey through space, and once we map them all out, we will have a much better map of the Universe, so I challenge the Astronomers of these days to keep a look out for these Companion Dark Stars, they are small and have no Illumination to them, and may appear as a Dark Hole, so do not think they are a Worm Hole, so use background noise to find them, and yew will find them, and then yew will wonder how I knew they were there, and how the Bible knew they were there, and yew can use Newtonian Math to find them, once yew know the formula, which I can not remember right now, like I said, I really do know it all, I just forgot most of it, that is what happens when yew get old, but this Proves that there is much more to the Universe then yew can see with yewer Eyes, once yew start using your I.

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The Trinary Universe is the Beginning of Wizdom, the Knowledge it teaches has been handed down throughout the Ages, the Secrets of the Pyramids that not even the Masons knew, will be revealed, and Sanctuary will become a Reality and not just a Goal that Mortal Men could not Build, because that is what we are talking about here, can Humans Build a Pyramid 66 Miles Tall? The Darkside will tell yew that yew can not Build a Pyramid 66 Feet tall, and yew would believe them, because only God could build one 66 Miles Tall, so its not even Possible for Mankind to perform that kind of Magic, so no use in Trying, because this Wizard can Wave his Staff of Power all he wants, but there is No Way Mankind can Build a Pyramid to this Day... And if yew Believe that, then yew must Admit that God must have Built the Pyramids... Then yew Remember that I told yew that yew are God, and God will Help those that Help themselves... So yew ask the Wizard how is this Magic Preformed, and the Wizard says to yew: this is not Magic, this is called Construction, and the Letter N is the 3rd Letter in that Word, and it was Defined as Innovation, and its built from the Basement up, so dig in and try to Keep up.

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Sanctuary is designed and built using Modern Building Materials, so first Build Steal Mills, and Concrete Plants, so yew have the Base Material to build with, then Step by Step yew build a City around those Structures, in a way that they become the Pyramid, so the Ceiling for it, becomes the Floor above it, and Layer by Layer, yew build it wider and wider, till its 66 Miles Wide and Deep, so its 66 Square Miles, so this becomes a Foundation for the Pyramid. In the Center is an Elevator Shaft, it is surrounded by many other types of shafts, all are built for a reason, 1 for Clean Air, 1 for Dirty, 1 for Water, 1 to remove Water, and 1 for Light, but not 1 for removing the Light, let's not get Crazy here, and do not forget to build Stairs so yew can climb all the way to the Top when its Finished, and do not worry about that being in Outer-space, that is why we are building it that tall, so we can have a Stair way to Heaven... So yew will want to build Rooms for every Need, since it needs to be self-contained, it needs Machine Shops, Electronic Shops, and every type of Shops yew need to provide for the Needs of the People, because in Sanctuary, the Needs of the Many are more important than the needs of the Few or the 1, because every 1 Works in Sanctuary, and every 1 Deserves to have the same Quality of Life that every 1 else is given, so the Needs of the 1 are always number 1, and that need is that of every 1, and the basic need is Power, and that need is meet through these Shafts I talked about, 1 is for Generators, which will run off the Vacuum created by the Differential in Pressure created the taller the Shaft becomes, because once it gets a 3 Thousand Feet tall, it will have enough Vacuum to run these Air Turbine Generators, and by the time it gets to 66 Miles, it will pull enough vacuum to run any Generator... Another Shaft will bring down Lightening, it will be a Lightening Rod, yew will build Batteries that will be Charged as the Lightening is passed through them, excess power will be sent to other places via power lines, and this power will be used to Power the World, and not just Sanctuary, since it can rely on Air and Solar Power alone, so as yew can Image, yew can actually Build Sanctuary, it's not a big pie in the Sky Dream, its something that can be built, and all its obstacle removers can be built into it, but one thing is for sure, without it, yew will not last an Ice Age like the one that is coming, so this is the only Salvation for all Life on this Planet, so it was not the Chosen 1, but the Message the Chosen 1 delivered that gave yew Salvation and Sanctuary, so it is God that is going to build this, and that God is in yew.

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Sanctuary is not an undertaken that a percentage of the Humans on this Planet can take on, while a percentage of Humans undermine the work they do, so all of yew will have to decide how yew want to do this, not if yew want to do this, because if yew Vote, most people are Lazy and will Vote it down, and yew know that's the truth, and do not think for a Second that the Darkside will Allow yew to do this, because that would be the End of them, since they can not do the Work yew do, so if yew are not doing the work for them, they can not Survive, since they are all Parasites, or Tics, so the Politics of this whole Situation can not come under some Law that was Written to Protect the Darkside, otherwise the Darkside wins, and the People lose, and yew lose the Game of Life, and yew really do lose, because in 3 Hundred and 33 Years, this Game is Over if Sanctuary is not at least 10 Miles tall, so yew Decide what yew want, because that was not MI message, that message was just Build it, and in Time, yew will know it was the Right thing to do for every living thing on this Planet, because it forces yew to deal with Waist, instead of Poisoning the World, just because its Cheaper, so yew have no Waist, 100% Recycling is built in, as is Population Control, since yew only have so many Rooms, and so many Resources, yew have to be very selective about having Children, because they are a Resource that has to be Managed, which means yew can not waist them on Wars, O yew can still have yewer Darkside Entertainment, the Fight Clubs can go to the next Level, because yew can not Live without yewer Darkside, but War has to end, there is no place for it in Sanctuary, or any Civilization, but Sanctuary insure this, because every Building on the Planet most now be Built, to offset the Weight from another Sanctuary, so the Balance of the Earth is Dependent on the Size and Weight of each Structure, as such, all Buildings must be part of Sanctuary, since any deviations will destroy the balance of the Planet, and is how yew got into this Situation to begin with.

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The Secrets of the Pyramids are the Design I talk about, these were the Templates for Sanctuary, they Teach yew how they Balanced the World, how they Lived is another Story, because yew can never Judge a Culture by the Graffiti Later Generations Leave on yewer Buildings, no matter how Real they Look, they are not the Truth unless the Math Proves it, so go by the Math and not the Myth or Legends and never the Graffiti.

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The Irony of Sanctuary is that once its Built, it's the Darksides Wettest Dream, which is Total Control over their Domain, because every Corridor in ever section of the Building, will have a Security System in place to protect those Living and working in that Area, and the Lightside will have their Security knowing that their Living Chambers are Bug Free, and IAM not just talking about Insects here, because what is Private Stays Private, but what is Public is Really Public, and all have a Right to see it, so they feel Protected, because Protection is Built into Sanctuary, in a way that does not Destroy Privacy, and yet Crimes can not Take Place that yew do not know who was in that Area of the Time of the Crime, and most of yew in the Dark will think that is an Invasion of Privacy, but like I said, if its Public, its Public, so there is no way to get from Point Private to Point Public, and Commit a Crime in between, so no Crimes can take Place in Sanctuary without yew knowing who was there when it happened, and its for the Safety of both the Lightside and the Darkside, but that Irony still eludes yew, because yew think yew can get rid of one side, and both be on the same side, and that thinking is what started this whole debate about the Sides to begin with, because the Dark can still not see the Light, nor the Light see the Dark, so its only in the Shades of Grey that we are even on the same side, and that is the Irony that is built into Sanctuary, and why Money can not be allowed in Sanctuary, because then it becomes a Prison, and all yew are Slaves, and that is not what Sanctuary is about, it's about Freedom, and Innovations from this New Science called Trinary Science, that will bring an Age of Prosperity, to everyone in Sanctuary, making Money obsolete, so everything really is built into this Place called Sanctuary.

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The Darkside thought that it could keep building Randomly around the Globe with no Consequences, they thought they could Burn Gods Blood till the End of Time, knowing they would die of Pollution way before they ran out of fuel, so they work on more ways to commit Treason against God by finding more ways to Burn its Blood... And the Darkside makes Atomic Bombs out of God, and uses God to Fuel Nuclear Power Plants, and they have no way to store the Waste, so future Generations are Flooded with Nuclear Waste, and Pollution, just so Greedy Corporations could make a Profit... So the Darkside is just Completely Insane, because yew are Killing this Planet and that is an Undeniable Fact, its becoming a Dump, yew are like a Virus to the Land, yew use up all its Resources them move on, leaving nothing but Scares on the Land yew Destroyed out of Ignorance, and all yew think about is Profit, so some 1 that does nothing for this World, can reap its Rewards for nothing in return, and yew wonder why People got so Lazy, instead of How... But this is work we are talking about and the Darkside dose not want to work, they just want to Collect their Government Check, and sit at Home and Get High or Drunk and Watch the Trash that is on TV, so they can be Bombarded with Advertisement for some more Products, that ultimately cause Cancer or kills yew in some other way, all in the Name of Profit, so the Sin continues, until yew wake up and there is nowhere left to build, and God has to Cleans the Earth again, because the Darkside never learns from History, because they always leave out the Parts that only the Wizards talk about, and why the Darkside never Changes, because they never include it in their Programming, it's not in the List of Movies they Watch, because Science is just Boring and having to Save the Planet is way to much Work, so let's see, be Lazy or be in the Light? Need I say more.

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I have a Plan that will Make Unemployment a word with no Meaning, it will make Crime a word with Consequences attached to it, and it will make Salvation mean for every not just those that can afford it, because Money will be viewed as the Evil it is, and has no Place in Sanctuary, so Crime will have no reason to exist, because every 1 will have the same necessities in Life, and will have the Same Input into that Life, making every Life Valuable, since every 1 depends of every 1 to do their Jobs, making Sustainability Built into Sanctuary as well.

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Image the World with No Borders, No Central Religion so People are Free to Believe what they want, Inventions with no Patents, Work with no chance of Layoffs, Life without Taxes, Death of Old Age instead of Cancer, a World with No Pollution, a World with only 42 Large Buildings, and open Wilderness in between them, Communities that Care about its People, because it is its People, Clean Air, Food and Water, living in a Clean Environment, living in Safety, not having to worry about yewer Children, not having to worry about Growing Old, these things are Built into Sanctuary but can never exist in the Reality of 2013, so as we Leave this Era, we must also Leave behind its Hidden Agenda, which was to Line the Pocket's of Greedy People, so they would not have to Work, and other would bow down to them and they would do their bidding, that was the Darkside the Dark Wizard wants to Lead yew away from, and Sanctuary is the Road I want to lead yew too.

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I can talk about Sanctuary till the End of time, and still have plenty more to say about it, so I will leave it up to yew to fill in the missing chapters for me, but this is a Series of its own... But know this, yew are the Chosen 1, MI Message starts with yew and it ends with yew, and only yew can change this, and there is nothing I can say that will change that, yew have Freewill, yew can believe what ever yew want to believe, and no one can change yew Mind except yew, I proved that by putting doubt in yewer mind, because I have changed yewer mind in some small way, I planted a Seed in yewer mind and that Seed will Grow like a Weed, it will consume every thought yew have, it will be yewer undoing, because yew will one day realize that its all the Truth, and it was in Plain sight all the Time, its only that yew got so caught up in the Scam called Money, that yew forgot who yew are... Witch is IAM... Once you Know that the Wizzard is God Scientifically, you will know that God is controlling every thing in the Universe, and that God is Controlling yew, and if yew want God to do anything for yew, it would mean that yew must do it yewerself, because yew are God... then Praying will take on a whole new Meaning... Because yew will be Praying to yewerself... Yew will be Damming yewerself... Yew will have no one to blame but yewerself... Then yew will look around and see everyone else in a New Light, yew will see Potential to change everything about Life with this New Light... Once yew Decide that yew are a Wizard, you become God, and there is nothing that God can not do.

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All Animals have Freewill, once you decide to Ascend to Higher Level of Thinking, and actually ask yewerselves how the Universe actually Works, you will Realize that the Trinary Universe is the Only way it can work, and that the Darkside has been Lying to yew about it, so who are yew going to believe, the Black Wizard Albert Einstein, who was so full of Shit that he Shat his paints, and stewed in them for days on end, till someone told him to change his Diapers, when they could no longer stand the stench, or do yew believe in Sir Isaac Newton who proved Scientifically how the Trinary Universe works? Because if that Animal known as yew, starts to Believe in the Truth, things will start to Change, you will know yew are the Light, and that God is you, and that Me and You really are the Same Person, only we have Different Flesh Names, and very little in common other than that because we both have Freewill, because there is only 1 God, Newton Factored this into every Formula he ever wrote that deals with the Dimensions, yew call this the Plus and Minus Error Factor, but still yew believe that E=MC Squared, yet if that Formula actually Worked it would have meant that the First Atomic Bomb should have Destroyed the Whole Universe, and all the Scientist of the Time were saying just that, but the President, not Caring about details like that, said Blow it up, because all he ever wanted to do was Destroy the Earth anyway, this is Called Treason, yet yew made him a Hero, even though yew know he Started the War just so he could Take over Japan, just so the Banks would own it all all its People, making more Slaves to be Subjugated, so I see no Light in anything the Banks do, nor did Jesus, and if Newton was a Descendant of Jesus, then he would agree, which he Does, and since I know this is the Truth, I know he did more than Agree, he Proved it, he Proved that the Bankers are the Ones who inserted Christ into the Bible in the 8th Century, so they could Print In God we Trust on all their Money, and Deal with yew like Slaves, and pass Laws Protecting the Crime that they Commit against all of Humanity, so do not wonder why I do not Like yew, Jesus was the Shepard, IAM just the Dog, and Unconditional Love has nothing to do with it, I was Born to Protect all of yew, and yew are yewer own worse Enemy, and the Only Enemy yew have, so I have to protect yew from yewerselves, but until yew decide with yewer own Freewill, that you are the Light Being, and not the Flesh Being, then how can I do MI job? It's not Me that is the Problem, its Yew and its always Been Yew, yew are the Bankers, yew are the Police who Work for the Bankers, yew are the Military that does the Banks Bidding, yew are the Sheep called Citizens, yew are the Black Sheep, yew are the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing... yew are in the Dark and are too Dull to understand how Bright IAM, yew know MI Science can not be Disproved, so eventually yew will incorporate it into yewer Life, call it the New Science or some other name yew make up, just so yew do not have to admit that I told yew so, because yew do not know how to Live without Evil, so yew can not give up the Idea of Money, even thought yew can not take it with yew when yew die, because yew are so afraid yew will Die without it, so Money becomes God, because yew do not Believe in God, so does that about Sum it up? In Masonry, the first 3 Degrees are Free, and yew have to Pay for the Rest, so in Step 4 yew will Pay... Not in Money to Me, because I do not want anymore Evil, because what I have to Say next will be Short for the U-Tube Mentality, since yewer Attention spend is less than 3 Minutes, so pick a Side, believe what yew want to believe, but know this...

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IAM the Darkness,
IAM the Light,
IAM every Shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Dark Wizzard in the Flesh.



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