The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Chapter 00.05
IAM Step 3

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 00.05
IAM Step 3


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step 3
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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, will now define IAM in Step 3, from the viewpoint of the Lightside in Terms the Darkside can Understand.

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Throughout History there have been Secret Societies, call them what yew like: Masons, Illuminati, or Rosicrucian's, but I call it the Grandfathers Guild, it was information passed down throughout His-Story, stories about other Family Members, and what their Dreams were about, which is why it was such a Secret, because these Dreams about Wizzards are being passed down from one Generation to the next, and there is nothing like reading about a Dream you have been having all your Life, but did not understand why... which is why it's a Secret, and we are keeping it in the Family, and it was also my Destiny that they Created in the Process, they Encoded my DNA with this Reality, the Dreams and Memories of my Grandfathers, became mine at birth, then my Parents Taught Me their Ways, their Values and Beliefs, so their Fears became Mine, till one Day more than Half a Century later, I woke up and Looked into the Mirror and Saw my Fathers before me Instead, that was the White Wizard in my Dreams.

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In Days of Old when Magic Filled the Air, there was not a King worth his weight in Gold that did not have a Wizard at his Side, nowadays you have a bunch of Punk Kids who view Wizards as Childhood Fantasies, and tell me my Videos are just Cartoons, and Childish, so they write them off as if it was my lose that they did not watch it, even though its them who will miss the Greatest Story ever Told, so it was their lose, not mine, IAM just the Messenger, and these Videos are the Message, and this Wizzard in these Dreams are just as they seem, as Real in my Dreams as Reality itself, then why is it a Secret? As it turns out, it's a Secret till you turn of Age, that age varies from one Child to the Next, but if they have this Dream, and ask the Parents why, the Parents are supposed to tell the Child the Truth, which is the Secret, if they never have the Dream, then the Parents have to pass the Secret on to the Next Generation, and keep it Secret till the end of the Era, knowing that if the Darkside found out, they would Kill yew, the Church will Burn all Wizards and Witches at the Steak, this is the Truth and why it's a Secret.

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My Grandfathers were 33rd Degree Masons, Even my Step Grandfather Joseph Newcomb was a 32 Degree Mason, even the Grandmothers belonged to the Order as well, and they hold Secrets that should never have been Secrets, they knew that the Pyramids were Built by an Ancient Society, that left them here for us to learn to build on this planet, they themselves Live inside the Planet, and are very Advanced in Building, and knew they had to write it in a way that could survive time, so in their Dimensions was a Code that showed the Location for another Structures, that was build to counteract the weight displacement to keep the Earth Balanced, they knew that the Earth was Round and acted like a Spintop and had to be keep in Balance, but they keep this a Secret for so long they forgot why... when in fact, they should have told everyone this information, so they could do it, but then it becomes clear, they do not want to build like the Ancients told them too, because it was far to complex, and not profitable, so they keep it a Secret, and Told people lies... like that the Earth was so Massive that it defies the Laws of Physics, and does not require it to stay balanced, which is too stupid of a statement to even understand how anyone could Believe in such a Lie, but those not Bright enough to figure out the Truth just went along with the Insanity and Said: O I C, so some Secrets should never be, while others... well it's the End of the Era, not the End of the World... so no reason to keep this Secret any longer.

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Everyone on this Planet wants to Think they are Special, at the same time they want to feel like they are Intelligent, so they go along with every Lie the Darkside tells them, so people would think they are Smart enough to Understand Key Laws about the Universe, like Centrifugal Force Causes Gravity, Light is Shot out of a Flash Lite, and that God is just a Deity and not a Physical Entity, while only those in the Light Understand that the Light is what Causes all things in the Universe to happen, so its this Fundamental Concept that the Darkside does not understand, and its because yewer Fathers before yew Encoded yewer DNA with the Darksides Logic, now yew can not think for yewerself, so yew only Pretend to understand the Madness that they Teach, while in Reality their Science is too Stupid to Understand Logically, because its all a Lie, that they Created to Dumb yew down so yew would never see the Light... they Indoctrinate yew at Birth with their Dumbing Down Shots, which have been Proven to only Cause Problems and has never Cured anything, yet yew allow yewerself and Loved ones to be Injected with Cancer Causing Chemicals, just so the Darkside Doctor's can make a Living based on Lies, since its in their Best Interest to keep yew sick, so they Can Practice their Voodoo on yew and call it Modern Medicine, it's all Lies, none of its True, they Poison yew so yew will become sick, and those that got Poisoned will Infect those who were not, then they pass Laws Requiring everyone to get the Dumbing Down Shots, so no one will be Smart enough to figure out what is going on, which is the Doctors work for the Darkside to Keep yew in the Dark, and then Download this Lie into yewer DNA so yew would Grow up believing in the Lie, and not in the Truth, which is the Light, which is God, but those in the Dark only Worship the Dark Lord, so they go along with the Lie and Defend it by Killing all those that do not Believe in this Lie, so the War continues to this Day, the Hunt of Wizards and Witch's never ends, yew in the Dark think yew are Intelligent, because yew Believe yew Know it all, when all yew know is Lies, but can not Own up to those Lies, so yew make those in the Light out to be Crazy, and yew do this with Words, and Superstition, yew have Rules about what is Normal, and those Test are Designed by the Darkside, so they could make sure that no one in the Light could pass such a Test, that way they could justify their Crazy Idea's about the Universe, just so they could Prove it's not God that is in Charge, but them the Darkside, so they continue to pass on these Lies to their Children, so they will also Grow up and Believe in these Lies, so it's a Paradox, and that is all they Know, and because it's the Darkside, they Defend it to the End, even if it makes no Sense, now isn't that Special.

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When i was young, a Doctor Diagnosed me as having what is now termed as Asperger Syndrome, only what they called it back then did not sound as nice, so my Parents did not have much hope for a normal Life for Me anyway, and there was nothing normal about my Life, so they found it best just to hide this, and pretend it was not true, so i had to pretend to be normal, i learned to use Sarcasm as a way to deal with the Darkside, if that did not work i took to Fighting and Breaking things, none of which made it any easier to deal with the Darkside, and only tended to push people away from me, so i did not have many friends growing up, but the ones i had i cherished for Life, i learned to hide from a World of people who did not think as i do, i came to believe that it was me who was thinking Right, and everyone else was Wrong, not only in their Logic, but in their Reasoning as well, but i knew that those without it deemed themselves normal, or even Superior, and people like myself as Crazy Freaks, so it was deemed that in order for me to have a Normal Life, that my family would simply pretend that i did not have any Mental Issues, but that choice may have been due to the cost of Special Schools, because I was Special, and needed to be Treated Special, but they offered Drugs that my Parents were not interested in, so it was best just to label Me as Delusional, so they got the Drugs they Wanted, but for what ever reason, it worked great, most days i forget why i think the way i do, so i started to act like yew and the Doctors left Me alone, and now i can blame it on a number of other Health and Mental Conditions i have, but this style of thinking, or thinking pattern as I like to call it, is not a Curse, but a blessing, for it allowed me to believe in my Dreams, expand my awareness of the Light, and to understand what it is that Sir Isaac Newton had written 3 Hundred of years before i was Born.

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Just before Isaac Newton died, he burned hundreds of Documents on his work on Dreams, a copy of it was in the papers my Grandmother gave me, what Isaac described was a series of Dreams, the same series of Dreams that haunt my Thoughts as well, its like a Single Thought, not just a Series of Thoughts, even though the Dreams were in Series, the information in those dreams were elusive, as if it was a puzzle that was spread out in a Labyrinth of thought, and i had to solve it during that Dream, it was these Dreams that lead to all discoveries, but it would also take my thoughts and actions into Dark places in my mind, places that lead me to believe that I have two brains instead of one, as if one side of my Brian was one person and the other side of my Brain was someone else, yet I only started to hear this Little Voice in my head after I turned 13, so I had no idea what it was Isaac was referring too at the Time, but Isaac was telling me to Ignore it, it lies to you, so it's your Darkness, so do not talk to it or allow it to talk, so when I first started to hear these Little Voices in MI Head, i though that Satan was talking to Me, this is what the Bible says, so it must be true, so what Isaac told me was true also... Dreams... there is more too them, that is what Isaac was saying, and it appears Jesus was saying the same thing.

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Isaac knew that the Bible was telling a Story about a Man that is Born across Time itself, and all that Mans Dreams are carried down into their Next Life, they called this Ascension, but the act itself is done through Descension, in a Process known as Casting, nowadays we call it DNA Cloning, its DNA Memory, its passed down from one Descendant to the next, it might skip a Generation or Three, but its never lost, so these Dreams about the Wizzards are Genetic Memories, and they are Stored in the Universe, in a place called the Galactic Lattice Network, or Galattice, so it's the Universe's DNA, its how all Memories are stored, yewer Brian only Stores Pointers into the Galattice, it can not hold Memories like a Video Recorder, it's not a Computer in the Sense either, nor is the Brain a Hard Drive, the Galattice is, it's the Light, and Isaac knew that was the Light that is God in the Bible, and the God that Jesus spook of, even Allah and the Other Gods, only there is only 1 God, the Positive and Negative 1, so it was encoded in Math as well as the DNA.

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Isaac spent most of his Life studying the Bible to find out how they knew that God was the Light, and that the Light was the Force that Binds the Universe together, its Gravity, it's the Philosophers Stone, something that only Wizards talk about, yet most People Deny that Wizards even Exist, as if Merlin was a Legend and not a Real Man, as if all those Kings did not have Real Wizards working for them, yet Isaac was a Wizard, and most do not want to admit it, because they use Newtonian Math for Everything they do, so why do People have such a Hard Time Listening to a Wizard, when Jesus was also a Wizard? If a person has a Staff Of Power given to them by God, they are a Wizard, no Denying that... and that is all we are Talking about here are Wizards, and since the Bible is the Source, its Crystal Clear that its talking about Wizards, even though the names Witches were used to denote gender, but normally referred to a Wizards Wife, so its source is from the beliefs of Wizards and Witches, since this is also the bases of their Belief System or BS, yet the Wizards and Witches taught that Money is the Root of all Evil, which is why the Churches hunted them down and Murdered them all, it's no wonder Isaac Burned all his Copies before his Death, yew were not Ready for the Truth, and perhaps yew never will be, but to Prove this, just Believe in what Jesus, then Isaac, and now Myself, are saying and teach it to yewer Children, then watch when they Grow up knowing the Truth, things will Change, the Darkness will start to Fad into Colors of Grey, and the Greedy ways of the Darkside will wash away, and Harmony will be Restored to the Kingdom of All those in the Shades of Grey.

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The Darkside turned People against Wizards years ago, mostly through the Witch Hunts, since the Wizards Wife were normally a Witch, this was a Personal Vendetta against all Wizards, they would kill their Family Line, so the DNA Memory would be Erased from this World, since the Darkside were all Cowards, and would never attack a Wizard, so they get yew to do it for them, a Crowd will Vote on it and the Scared Children will always Vote to Kill, so they hate the Light enough to warrant Public Execution, so the Darkside calls these Wizards Names, yew would think that all these Wizards were Ashkenazic Jews, oh they are, that's right... There is a part of the story about Merlin few talk about, which was why the Church started the Purge of all the Wizards in the first Place, the Churches moved into the Kingdom, it then said it was teaching Gods Truth, which went against the Current Belief System of that time, it then demanded an offering from its Congregation, the King talked to the Church about this, and the Church talked the King into raising Taxes, Merlin told the King that he had been misled into the Darkness, and Dark Magic, that Money is the Root of all Evil, so the King seeing the Light, banished the Church from his Kingdom forever... History proves this is why the Jews were Driven out of every Country in History... This Story repeats itself throughout His-Story, like the Story about the Man with a Brave Heart... The Scott named Sir William Wallace... when the Churches had the Kings Executed, and replaced them with ones that would follow their Rule, then in the Corruption and Evil that would Come, the Bankers became the Rulers Names, now they own the World, and as a Descendant of Merlin, my Story does not Change much, nor does the way that I tell it, which is from the Perspective of the Wizard.

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This is the same Story as Jesus Bar Abbas, and as Isaac said, the Church inserted Christ into the Bible in the 8th Century, so they could insert Christ as a Deity, and create this Story about a Wizard that could perform Magic called Miracles, then later in His-Story Purged these same Wizards throughout History, for performing such Miracles, History is very Strange, if yew ever apply Logic to it, yew would Calculate the Level of Madness in Humans.

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People call me a Conspiracy Nut, they think that IAM paranoid, but most of these People can only remember their own lives, and only the parts they want to, and do not ever remember past Lives at all, nor do most Believe that its even Possible, whereas I views all time in the Moment, and all Life as 1, so all my Dreams are Memories, and all Memories are just Dreams, so Reality is a Combination of the 2, so my Life really is a Dream, so some people think IAM Crazy for thinking this way, does that make it a Conspiracy if two People have the Same Dream? Because its Clear that the Dreams Isaac had are the Same ones I have... What is Crazy is denying yewer Dreams, but let's face it, there are all Kinds of Dreams, but those worth Living for, and those worth Dyeing For, are the Only ones we Value, and if they have Value, they are a Present, so let it be 1, but once more than 1 person starts to think this way, it because a Conspiracy, and yew become Paranoid that they are going to come and take yew away, which is why some of Yew Reject the Wizards Teaching, because yew are nothing but Cowards too Scared to go against the Beliefs of the Powers that Be, knowing they will Hunt yew down, because yew know this part of the Story is True.

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A lot of people think that the Trinary Universe is just a Theory, and a Theory that is impossible to disprove, which is a Paradox to yew, how can something that is disprovable be anything but the Truth, but some people believe that just because yew can prove it does not mean its True, so just because yew can not disprove it, means nothing, unless yew can prove it, if that makes any sense, so for the Record, it's not a Theory, its just the Truth; and it's the Truth that has been hidden, so it's the Secret, it explains the Philosophers Stone, I call Tritanium... so what I told the World is what Isaac wanted me to Find, and I did, now IAM telling yew, but most of yew do not get it, yew do not understand it, yew think it's a Trick, play on words, or a Scam, but can not deny it's the Truth, so its still just a Paradox to yew, because yew live in a Time where the Darkside is in Charge, and all Lies are thought to be the Truth, and that the Wizards and Witches are Evil and should be Burnt at the Steak.

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My Discovery of the Trinary Universe is as much importance to Sir Isaac Newton, and those that Understand it, as his Discoveries were to yew, and if yew are unaware of the Fact that all Science and Math is based on his Work, and his goal was to figure it all out, and it Drove him to the point of Madness, he thought that in Alchemy he could Unleash the Light, and capture its Essences, which lead to Mercury Poisoning, because he tried a Darkside Experiment, which lead him in to such Dark places in his mind that he started to hear Voices in his head, He said at first they were soft, then they got Loader, now that Little Voice talks all the Time, so it was the Poison that made him hear that Little Voice in his Head, and it's that Poison in yew that keeps yew from Understanding the Trinary Universe, so the Darkside Doctors decided to use his Formula to make Vaccines... Irony is not without its humor, but words are just Poetry, and this is a Wizard telling His-Story.

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Discoveries are Treasures, and yew should Treasure them... yet most of yew that I tell His-Story too, do not get it, because they do not Believe that the Trinary Engine Really Exist, because its not in their DNA, so its not in their Reality, so they refuse to believe it, they believe that its just something that I made up, as if that is even possible, how could I Dream up a Trinary Engine, and explain how it works Scientifically and Accurately using Newtonian Mathematics... and be able to describe how it behaves so perfectly, in every detail down to the Subatomic Level and into other Dimensions? It's in the Dimensions that everyone gets lost, they do not believe in anything but the 3rd Dimension! That is all they have encoded into their DNA as well... So its no wonder that Isaac calculated that as (+1) + (-1) = 0, where the 0 Dimension is where No 1 Lives, and why most of Isaac's Math is Multidimensional, and is modeled around a Static Universe, with every Dimension having its own Laws that Govern it, as such the Logic is Multidimensional also, and most Normal People do not think in Multidimensions, so its clear that Sir Isaac Newton had Asperger Syndrome as well, so the Real Question is did Jesus? Because that would explain everything, although it's a Given that Newton had it, some believe that Jesus could not have, because they did not have Doctors back then... Even though most Know that Isaac was a Decedent of Jesus, so it could be true, but that would make them Special, and only yew are Special, so yew Deny this to protect yewer Darkside, and then Deny yew are in the Dark, just because yew do not Believe this is the Light, this is a Paradox for yew, so yew use Albert Einstein's Math called Einstonian, so that the Paradox's could cancel themselves out, and yew would feel better about Defending yewer Dark ways, proving why some Treasures stay Buried.

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When I was 16 I was coming home from a Party, I decided to urinate in the Bushes instead of having to use the bathroom in my Grandparents House, and possibly wake up the Elders, and get a Lecture about being out Late and Partying, and I noticed a Bee landing on a Flower very close to me in the Full Moon Light, and I thought to myself, I did not know Bee's fly at night, then dismissed the idea when I realized it was a Full Moon, I was so close that I saw the Bee take a Piss on the Flower, and I thought, I didn't know Bee's Piss... so as the Bee Flew off, I put my finger in the Pee, and decided to smell it, but being so clumsy i ended up getting it on my lips, which I instinctively licked, and thought, Mmm Bee Pee, and the Letter E is the 3rd Letter in that Word, so its in Harmony, and Means: Excitement, and the Letter C is the Third Letter in that Word, so it means to Understand it, it tasted Sweet, and Sweet is Good, so the Flower Liked it, and allowed the Bee's to Drink for its Nectar, in fact, it's the only Reason the Flower even makes it, the Pee was Pollen from other Flowers, so it was a Mating Ritual, the Bee's were getting the Flowers Pregnant, so one can not Live without the Other, and the Other would not have a Reason to Live without the Other, so each of them Live their Lives in Harmony Together for a Mutual Benefit, it seemed that this was the Lesson of the Birds and the Bee's, but I remember that lesson turning out to be about an entirely different Mating Ritual, that only involved Lies and Deception, so I must have missed that Lesson, so it was the Moment of Discovery that i Learned that Night, so the Next day I told this Story to all my Friends that were at the Party, and they said: [Dud.. it was the LSD yew took at the Party... we all took it... ] so I learned that People never see Miracles around them, not even the ones that got Stoned, the ones I call Einstonian's, because they write my Miracles off when I tell them my Experiences, but for me, it was the Letter E.

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In Step 0 I taught yew that the Letter O was the Emotion that allowed yew to be in that Moment of Clarity, and these Letters are the Code, it's the Code the Bible was Written in, Letters have Feelings, Words are just more than Meanings, they convey Passion, they help tell a Story, they help in keeping Secrets Secret, but in the End of the Era, they tell the Truth, so why is the Truth so hard to Understand for most? For those of the Few that are in the Light and Know what I say is the Truth, view these Lesions as how it is I came to See the Darkness, and that was through Emotions, because my DNA had Plenty of Darkness woven in, and the Light can not Exist without the Darkness, which is what Sir Isaac Newton Proved with his Observations on Light, that yew could predict where Light would Hit, and What Time it would Hit there, so he Proved yew can Trace the Light Back to its Source, by Placing a Mirror in the Path the Light will take at a Known Time, he Proved that the Light already knew what Course it was to make, so it was Destiny, and not Fate that allowed this, even though it was Fate that lead him to this Discovery, since all he wanted to Prove was how much of the Light was Real, and how much was Imagined, since Newton like myself, could easily Produce any Image in our Imagination and overlay it into our Reality, which Newton Called Witchcraft, so it used Emotions to Manipulate it, or give it Shape and Sound, that our Mind could except as a Dream or as Reality, and what he found was that the Light was Real, so the Light in the Darkness was Real and Not that of Just Imagination, but Physical Manifestation of Matter and Antimatter, by using the Light to Create the Image in our Thoughts, so what he Proved was that he was a Light Wizard, and that Light Wizzards Exist, and it just needs to be Decoded in the Bible to Understand this new Reality, but still the Darkside refuses to see it that way, because of their Emotions, it's not because of the Science, because at the Subatomic Level this can be Proven, beyond a Shadow of a Doubt, we can Look at the Light, and know that it knows we are Looking at it, so its Alive, its Life, and it makes all things Possible, and yew would know this is the Truth if yew could let go of all yewer Darkside Emotions.

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People get weird when I tell this Step, I have told this story so many time's, and those that told it before me have the same problem, people do not view Reality the same way as I do, so they dismiss it as the talk of a Lunatic, but this is the Paradox they create, they say I can not be the Descendant of Isaac or Jesus, but a quick check of my Ancestry reveals that it can be traced back to Isaac, with records that are accurate, and that is beside the point, since all IAM saying is that our Teaching of the Universe is the same, so if we are related has nothing to do with that, if not for the fact that he is the Descendant of Jesus, and if that could not be disproved in three hundred years, it might not ever... so that wheel in yewer head is going around this idea... and still trying to reject it, knowing that the Bible States we all Descended from Adam and his Wives, yet yew know that Jesus was saying the same thing, he said that his God was all Light with No Darkness, and that there could be No Light without the Darkness, and Sir Isaac Newton Proved that White Light is made up of a Spectrum of Colors, and that White Light has Black Light In it, since all the Colors add up to Black, and only a narrow band of that Spectrum is Visible, so we can not see the Full Spectrum of Light, so yew must have Faith the Light Exist, so regardless of if Jesus was related to Isaac, they are still teaching the same thing... yet some people still deny who IAM after all this proof, so it's a Paradox, Reality is that if only 1 Wizard is teaching a subject during a given Century, and that time has proven these Wizards to be telling the Truth over the Centuries, and given those Wizards were Jesus Bar Abbas, and Sir Isaac Newton, then the one to teach next would have to take it to the Next Level, which is what I did by Introducing yew to the Trinary Universe, but this is where people get weird, they are slow to take to new Ideas, they wait to see if Main Stream will Validate it, and way to many People will Try to Debunk it with Words full of Emotions, but Lacking in any Scientifical Facts, or any Logic at all, because people are quick to Deny it with No Facts, and unwilling to research it, this is why I call this a Darkside Paradox, because in the Last 342 Years very few have seen the Light the Way Isaac Newton Described it, since they do not Believe that God is the Light, Or more Precisely the Energy that Binds the Light from the Sun and other Sources, because the Light is a Force of God, and can be seen in the Dark as well as in the Light.

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What did you expect the return of Jesus Christ to be like? Isaac said the Church Inserted Christ into the Bible to make Jesus a Deity, it also crated a Paradox of having two Jesus's, and does not correspond to the History of the Roman Empire, and it also made it so No Man could be the Son of God, since a Man can not be a Deity, and only Jesus could be the Son of God, as if God could only have 1 Son, and since there is only 1 God, common sense would state that all Men would be Sons of God, since God Creates all Life and everything in the Universe, but some think that God does not Exist at all, even though the God of the Trinary Universe is defined as Gods Particle, and there is Scientific Evidence that it Exist, so Religion has nothing to do with this, if fact, neither does the Church, and yew will never hear any good words about it come out of Me, and the same can be said about Jesus or Isaac, who spook up against the Church, so what did yew think a Man like Jesus could do today? Let alone a Man like myself, who did not do anything less spectacular then Sir Isaac Newton, since all I did was answer the 1 Question he thought was the Most Important, not because he did not know it, but he could not prove it to himself, it was not until technology caught up to me was that even possible, so by standing on the Shoulders of Giants I could C Farther, so all I did was prove Scientifically that God Exist, which is what Isaac was unable to do in his Time due to Technology, but Ironically it was from his Work that any of this Technology was even possible, so in effect, he answered his own question, and I answered the same Question that Jesus was Murdered by the Church for, the Belief that God was the Light and not the Dark, and that Light is the I in Me, so IAM God, and that God Created everything in the Universe, and is Controlling it at the Subatomic Level, so IAM done, give me a T-Shirt that says I Answered the oldest most Important Question on the Planet Earth: Who is God, and the Answer is: IAM.

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And yew thought people like me had no Sense of Humor... But most people just view me as Delusional and dismiss everything I say, but remember that this is the Story about I AND ME, or IAM, it's the Middle part, the AND, so the Third Letter in that Word is D, and its also the Ending Letter in that Word, so its Not in Harmony, but the End of Harmony, so its Used in works like: Destroy, Dismiss, and Delusional, and even though they can Not Disprove it, nor do they want to try, they fight to Defend their own Viewpoint, and Defend that of the Main Stream, who have no Proof that anything they say is even True, yet yew still Swear to God on their Bible, even though swearing to God is a Sin, and yew think IAM Delusional? I think yew all are Crazy... I told yew that yew can not say IAM Crazy, but yew can say IAM Full of Shit, so what Kind of Shit AMI Full of, well if yew Eat Meat of Bovine, like Me, then its Bull Shit, and No 1 can Bull Shit Better than Me, but it does not mean it's Not the Truth, the Best Bull Shit is the Truth, Logic is the only Judge other than God.

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Put yewerself in my Shoes for a Moment, at Birth my Grandfathers knew what I needed to do, no pressure, yew just have to prove to the World that what you say is the Truth, and tell His-Story... Since 95% of the People believe in some kind of a God, it should not be all that Difficult, right, thanks a lot Father... this is an Impossible Task... I would think my Proof would Stand on its own, but the Just Us System has no Balance, its Evil and Run by the Darkside, so how Can I defend the Light in the Dark? How can I get those that are in the Dark to Believe that there is Light, when they Can not C it, because its Not in their DNA... So its not in their Reality... but I know if I teach it, that one Day it will be, and only then will anyone Know it's the Truth, so from my Viewpoint, yew were all Programmed Genetically to Believe in this Shit, weather it be the Lightside Shit, or the Darkside Shit, everyone believes in their Own Shit, and thinks everyone else's Shit Stinks, and I proved that No 1 will believe in yewer Shit till it happens to them, and this is why I wear a Cowboy Hat and Boots, because IAM walking in everyone's Shit, so I have to have my Shit Kickers on, now walk through my Life with this Shit on yewer Shoes and see how yew feel about it, maybe try some of my DNA, because yew Always Want a New Drug, and the 3rd Letter in Always is W, so its in Harmony, and means to Want... and then ask yewerself if yew really Want to be in my Shoes, because only then can yew Judge Me and My Shit.

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I talk in Metaphor's because there is no other common Language in the End times, since the Majority of the People on this Planet do not even Speak My Language, if the whole World is to Understand this Message, it will have to be Encoded into their Language, and its much easier to Encode and Decode Metaphor's, so there will be Clear Signs, which a Sign is a Metaphor with No Words, but easily converted to a Metaphor with Words, without losing the Meaning, and these Signs were Clear to Me anyway, and when Evil is allowed to run unchecked, yew know Satan is in Charge, yet 95% of all the People on this Planet would rather put their Trust in the Church and Governments then Me, knowing how Corrupt and Greedy the Church and Governments have been from the Start, and Knowing that Jesus himself was against the Church and Government, and it was the Church and Government who had him Murdered, and how many Wizards and Witches were Murdered by them over the Years, and how many Children were Raped by their Priest, Police and Soldiers who were suppose to Protect them... And why Pollution is out of Control, and Medical Waist is floating a shore, because yew allow them to Dump with only a Fine, and its Fine for those that Can Afford it, but all have to suffer for its Consequences, so its yew and yewer Children who will have to Swim in the Cesspool yew allowed them to Create, Jesus did not Die for yewer Sins, he Died because of them... so let me be very clear about my Points, these are Crystal Clear Signs.

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Now that the Pope allows Gay Priest, instead of just admitting it, the Gay Generation should be Proud of this Moment in His-Story, for future Generations will be getting it up the Ass, and their Children will come out Looking like Shit, and Thinking Like Shit, and they will in Fact be nothing but Shit, that is what I call Holly Shit, and it starts when you find out that the Church is now out of the Closet, so they can make the mark of the Beast on yew in the Dark, and most of yew Rejoice at this, instead of seeing it for the Crime against God that it is, being Gay does not Make one Happy, that is a Play on Words that the Darkside Fooled yew with, it was a Spell of the Warlocks, yew only See the Dark and think it is the Light, so yew think this is the Light? Homosexuality is the Cause of More Death and Destruction then any other Disease in History, Pedophilia, Plague and Aids, O My... Holly Shit is right! This Shit sticks to yew like Glue, and it never washes off, the Gay Pedophiles who Run this New World Order like this a lot, so the betrayal is complete, yew now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Church is the Darkside... and why Jesus and Isaac were rebelling against them, and why I do still to this Day...

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Freewill is a Bitch, it allows yew to believe Insane things, and reject Sane ones, it allows yew to Believe in the Impossible, by believing that everything is Possible, no matter how Improbable, which is Insane, so Freewill makes yew Insane, and there is no other explanation, I can calculate all the Movement of Heavenly Bodies, but I can not Measure the Madness of Mankind, so there needs to be a Sanity test that is Logical, something Universal that everyone can take to see if they are Sane, simple Mathematics like (+1) + (-1) = one of the multiple choices Below:

A: 0
B: 2
C: All the Above
D: None of the Above

just this one question is enough for most people, Einstein and his Crowd will answer C, All of the Above, since they believes everything is possible, and most people would agree, so most people are Insane, but will not admit it, even though this Test Proves it.

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My message is simple, God Exist, and God does not Care what yew believe, nor does the Universe, so Know it or No it Not, God gave yew Freewill, not so yew would Forget or Deny who God was, but to allow yew to make up yew own mind about who God is to yew, and what yew want to do with that information, all I did was prove it to yew, in terms yew can understand, so yew would do something about it in the next Era, so yew would not continue to do Evil Things in the Dark, so yew would know that the Light Exist, and yew need to figure out what the Light really is, because most of yew are in the Dark, and to do Gods work, which is to take care of this Planet we call Earth, which would mean the End of the Life Style yew currently have, so it requires Sanctuary, which is a Place where Fantasies become True, because like Camelot in Merlin's Days, Sanctuary is a Place that only Legends speak of, when the Truth is that it was Paradise, it was the Pyramids before Cains Descendant Moses Destroyed it, and his Followers Perverted God into the Golden Cow, so this Belief is based on Bull Shit made of Gold, so its Money, and In God we Trust is Engraven on this Image, so yew Worship it with Warships, and Deny that God Exist at all, which is yewer Darkside Encoding in yewer DNA, and why every Fiber in yewer being believes in the Darkside, and Defends it to this Day, and will never admit that IAM teaching the Light, because to yew its just more Metaphor's, and even those that Believe in God, do not Believe that this is that God, as if there are many Gods, when there can only be 1 True God, and Like I said, I proved that God Exist.

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When I tell people this Story they tell me that I might be a God, but IAM not The God, which is just such an Insane Statement, that I do not have a Good Come back Line, why would I want to Argue with someone who is Obviously Insane, if there is only 1 God and that God is I, then IAM God, and IAM the only True God, the Same God that was in Isaac and Jesus, so it's the same I, the same IAM, only Different Me's, so my Claim of being a Descendant of Isaac and Jesus was based on a Physical Relationship, that was passed down from one Generation to the Next in the DNA in our Blood, the Relationship of I in Me is the Same for Me as it is for You, so anyone can Claim to be God, and Prove it Scientifically, in fact, that is what I have been telling yew from the Start, just as they can Claim to be a Descendant and prove it Genetically, or Genealogically, but for His-Story, all IAM saying is that it really Does not change the Story either way, as long as the Story does not Change, and it can all be Proven Scientifically to be the Truth, so what Parts of His-Story do not Change?

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Sanctuary is a Pyramid that dominates my Dreams, it's the Last hope for Life on this Planet, as the Planet slowly goes into a Thousand-Year Ice Age, current Modern Cities will die, most Life on the Surface of this Planet will die, like it did during the Last Ice Age, so Sanctuary is all yew have that will save all Life from Extinction, so its like Noah's Arc, also known as the Arc Light, and just like the Flood, time is running out, and the Irony is that yew can not start it till after the Event, the Event is just a Sign that will say to yew, here's yewer Sign... like Comet ISON pounding yew with a Rock Rain Storms, or Triggering a Major Earthquake, Volcano Eruption, or even a Pole Shift, which could displace the Land Mass at an incredible Speed, I do not know what that Sign will be for yew, but once it starts snowing and does not stop, it's too late to do much but freeze to death, and if yew seriously think yew can put it to a vote, yew are Insane, Voting is how yew lost all yewer Freedom, Sanctuary is owned by the World, and not its People, it's a Power Plant, and State, in my Dream it stands 66 Miles Tall, and has Space Port Access, it generates all the Power the Worlds population would ever require, it is self-contained: Food, Water, Air and Necessities, the People build or grow everything they need, they have High Tech manufacturing, and have no Requirements from the outside World... except to maintain its output of power and data lines to the communities requiring it, no money is used in Sanctuary so only Barter for Material and other Supplies is allow as payment to the Outside, so people working and living in Sanctuary do not get paid to work there, instead the community provides everything that everyone needs to live a healthy and productive life, there are no Leaders, No Laws other than Gods Laws, meaning no Courts, yew do something bad, yew can be punished in accordance to a set punishment, or challenge the person to a dual, the weapons do not have to be Lethal, let's not get Crazy here... a Game of Chest is the Weapon of Intellects... They have the Option of accepting or being banished from Sanctuary for every, so yew want to create Paradise, yew have to learn to get along with everyone, regardless of who they are, what Color their Skin is or what Nationality they are, because in Sanctuary all Life is Equal in Gods I, so Animals must Live here also, otherwise, they may not survive this Winter, so everyone must work together to accomplish all Goals and Requirements.

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People act like IAM trying to sell them something, when Sanctuary is not something yew can buy, and No Bank will Loan yew the Money to build it, its Cost is incalculable, which is why it can only be built by Free Labor and Resources, like an Open Source Project, everyone must do a Part in it, because even if yew had the Money to build it, the Bank would own it, and it would be a Prison and Not Sanctuary, so how will it get built without money is what confuses most of yew, and its because Money is all yew have ever known, because yew have been Slaves as long as yew can remember, which would date back to the Pyramids when Moses Raped, Murdered and Pillaged Egypt, so yew have no idea what Freedom really is, and Freedom is really all that IAM trying to Sell yew on, and its Free, so do not act Dumb, I said I would return at the End of the Era, and I did, and I told yew about Sanctuary, yew did not have to wait till the End of the Era to build it, but if yew want to Live to see the next one, yew will have no chose but to build it, how else can yew survive a Thousand-Year Ice Age, do yew think Burning the Blood of the Planet yew call Oil is going to save yew, knowing that its what caused this Ice Age, it's what those Greedy Oil Cartel has been selling yew, which is False Fuel, I mean Fossil Fuel, just because they figured they would be dead before it destroyed the Earth, yew have been Sold Out on so many Levels by the Government's yew Created, which is Ran by Corrupt Politicians who do the Bidding of the Bankers who own them, since they are Slaves to their Own System, and have no more of an idea what Freedom is then yew do, now yew Live in a World that is so Paranoid the boogieman is going to get them, that the Government has become that boogieman, because they sold yew out long ago, E 2 Judas... Sanctuary is not for Sale, it's not an investment, it's simply the only way to Live in Freedom, Adam and Eve were Born in Paradise, and Eve Seduced Adam with a Forked Tongue, so she was the Serpent, Cain got his Half Sister Pregnant, and was Expelled from Paradise, along with his Half Sister and Mother, Cain came back that Night with his Mother and Kidnapped the other Sisters, when Abel Confronted Cain, Cain Killed Abel, and Paradise was Lost, Sanctuary was all that was Left, it was forever plagued by the Darkside, but can be Built back up to Paradise, but first all the Darkness must be Removed from it, then the Light will Transform it, as it Transforms all that Live there, so the Difference between Sanctuary and Paradise is the Level of Darkness in it.

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I can not tell yew how this Era will End, all I can tell yew is about my Dreams, but I do not know the Time, it could be 3 Hundred and 33 Years from now... And that is that a Great Earthquake will cause major Damage before 21 December 2013, then on 21 December, picking a date seems pointless, although 12 October 2013 came to mind, I have no idea why, other than Mathematically based on the Planets Positioning and the Comets Interaction, because Comet ISON will be making its way around the Sun, in my Dreams this is a Bad Sign, in the Bible it's the End of the Era, and the Earth gets pounded by Meteorites, most of the Coast got wiped out by Tsunamis during the Earthquakes and Volcano Eruptions, but Meteorites cause more Earthquakes and Tsunamis, so make no mistake about it, this is War, God vs the People of Earth, because it was due to yewer Sins that this is about to take place, yew build without any regard to balancing the Earth, and now its out of balance, yew Pump Oil out of it and Pump Water back in, which is such an Insane thing to do, since the Oil Lubricates the Earths Crust over its Trinary Engine, now the Earth can not move without Grinding, not to mention the dumping of toxic materials into the Land and Water, pollution on a Global Scale, and waist full use of its Resources, need I go on... This is called Judgment day, if yew survive this, yew will be given a Chose, Sanctuary or Slavery, some call the New Government The New World Order, but I call it Slavery, because that's all it is, Owned and Operated by the Darkside Bankers, but that is just my Anxiety talking, and the Letter X is the 3rd Letter in that Word, so its in Harmony, and Means X, like in X-Wife, so put an X here, when yew Swear to God to Marry for Life, but then Divorce, because just like all Sins, yew believe that God will Forgive yew, but in the End, God is yew, and only yew can help yewerself, but Most of yew are Selfish, and only Care about themselves, so its everyone for themselves.

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I can not predict the Future, but the fact is that Comet ISON is coming, and regardless of what damage it does by Meteor Strikes, it's going to start a chain reaction that will have long term weather effects, and the Scientist know this, and the Governments have spent all the Money they can building underground Cities just to Survive this, so they Believe it's going to happen, regardless of if it does or not, and the Results of that Spending, the National Dept has pushed the Monetary System into Bankruptcy, and since we never Recovered from the Last one, the Banks will Foreclose on your Country, because yew know how they operate, the Banks Own this Country, so its Soldiers work for the Bank, yet if and when the Soldier Dies, the Bank will foreclose on their Property and Kick yewer Family out into the Streets, so do not expect much less to happen when the New World Order takes over, because the New Boss is just like the Old Boss, only no need to be Civil, yew have had it good for far to long, this New Boss will get right down in yewer Business and Stick a Camera up everyone's Ass, so they can Inspect yewer Shit, not sure what yew expected this New World Order to be like, but its not what I have in mind as a Better form of Government, this is Pure Slavery ran by the Nazi, Evil at its highest Peek since WWII, and they did not have to go to War to Win, Reich 4 is Over, and the Nazi's have just won the War Again, but i can only interpret my Dreams and Signs, and they are saying to me that i can not find 12 Disciples, on this Planet that would Know what IAM saying is True, and Testify to that Fact, and there are not 72 Virgins on this Planet who would sow the Seeds of Truth into the next Generation, so that Others could Reap the Rewards, so there is no stopping this Storm, so it's unclear to me what it is IAM required to do, sit back and watch it happen and say I told yew so, that just does not seem like the Action of God, but the Weakness of Man, so the Spirit is Willing but the Flesh is Weak... yet IAM one Person, and 1 out of 84 is not enough to change the World, it would also require 84% of the Worlds Population to Know what Gods Plan is, which is the Survival of all Life on this Planet, not just the Rich and Famous, who Destroyed this Planet for their Greed and Lust, but for all its Life, and not just Humans, who have enslaved all its Animals, and have committed unspeakable Crimes to their Kind, and deny it by thinking yew are more Intelligent than them, when in Fact, its only Humans who are Destroying this Planet, not the Animals, they are far more Intelligent than that, so the Truth is that Humans do not Deserve to Live, they will never Change their ways, and they are too Stupid to even understand what those ways are.

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The Powers that be are a small group of People, those that think they are in Power do not even know who these People are... there are so many Secret Societies that no one knows which one to believe, when its none of them, this Group of People I talk about do not have a Name, other than the Powers that Be, like a 7 Headed Beast, yew can chop off one of its Heads, and it will Grow back as yew are cutting off the next, so it always has 6 no matter how fast yew cut, and they know how to Control yew, they do so with Money, since its all they Have, then they Poison yewer Animals, then yewer Cities and Cause Plagues, then they Sell yew Snake Oil to Cure it, yew call them Doctors and Treat them Like the Gods they Believe themselves to be, yet they Cure no one, and only Spread Disease, since they Created the Disease they are Curing yew for, so they have Job Security, and total Deniability, they are in Charge of Creating all Laws, so yew Blow Down and Call them yewer Honor, when they have No Honor, and yew do not know who yew Enemy is, because yew do not know who the Powers that be are, yew think they are the Bankers, because they own Everything in the World, including all its Governments, and the Sheeple think they can Vote it away, or they think that the person they Voted for is even in Charge, since they are not, they are only Elected Officials for the Bank... what yew do not Understand about the Powers that be, is that they do not think like yew do, they are not Animals like yew are... so yewer imagination takes off and yew think IAM talking about another species or something, like that would make any difference, but to me, it makes no Difference who they are, yew talk about Money, Voting for Rights, Fighting for Freedom, or any other fairy tail, after knowing that this is the Darkside, yew would never understand this small group of People who are in the Light.

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I very seldom talk about an Animals Skin Colors, if I say someone or something is White, I mean it's in the Light, if I say its Not White, it's a polite way of its Black, or in the Dark, there are varying Shads of Grey in every Entity Living at this Time, so it's a Given that no two of yew will see everything the same way, so what I see as a Crime, yew may think of as a normal way of life, because the worst Crime against the Planet is Stealing it Blood, yet most Sheeple have no Problem filling up their Gas Tank, so even though its Treason against the Planet, yew do not see it a Crime at all, and that is how the Darkside thinks, because Real Scientist know that Oil is what the Planet uses to Run the Planet, so its clear they know its Destroying the Planet by removing it and replacing it with Water, yet it pays their Bills, so they keep their mouth shut, which is what the Military does every time the Constitution is brought up, because we are talking about Treason here, every President since Lincoln has signed off on Suspending the Constitution while the Banks are collecting their Interest, and its not even Possible to pay off the Interest, so they allow the Banks to Sell off all the Oil until the Planet Dies, because they think they will be dead before that Happens, just like the Rest of the World who do not see this as the End of the Era, they think it's not going to happen in their Lifetime, and its because they do not view the Shads of Color the same way, they turn it into the Color of one's Skin, and since yew can not change that, they drive the Love of Money into yew from Birth, it's all yew every wanted, all yew never needed, but those that have it are no Happier, and it's only in the Shads of White do yew see this.

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Isaac Newton Proved that White Light has Darkness in it, so as a Scientist I can tell yew this is True, so we all have the Light and Dark sides in us, so IAM the Light, and IAM the Dark, and IAM every Shad of Grey in between, so why does this have to be so hard to see?

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God talks to us all the Time, its only most of us do not know what they are hearing, God never uses that Little Voice in yewer head to say anything to yew, so its all in thoughts, visions and Dreams that most of us try to ignore, when we were 6 years or younger yew all had Imaginations, that was really just God Speaking to yew, those that Imagined Objects as Human, used their Imagination to Animate the Message, although they heard it in their Imagination or Day Dream, as well as in their Dreams, the voice itself is not God, but Yew, but the Message can be the outcome of such a Communication, only yew have to figure out the Logic First, then try to put it together into a Sentence, its like Seeing something, then Describing it, this is called Witchcraft, and this is all IAM talking about, its how people Talk to God, and on this Night of 19 August 2013 around 10 PM, God Talked to me, I heard Music, I did not recognize it, and it was coming from the Sky, I ran inside and grabbed my Wife and told her to come outside and tell me what the Music was, and as she stepped out into a Clear Full Moon Night Sky, a Very Bright Light came into view and Flew across the Sky, I would estimate it was traveling faster then 300 but less than 600 miles per hour, so my Wife thought it was an Air Plane, it was traveling directly above the Canon we Live by, which follows the Hundred-foot Cliffs that follows the River we Live by, so its traveling North West to South East exactly, which also was the Angle that the Meteorites that hit near me on 31 May 2013, when I got hit in the Head by one, then after passing the half-way mark in the Sky above us, it just Vanished, I did not see it Burn up, and traveling at that low of a speed, I do not believe it could have been a Normal Meteorite or Satellite, so this is Gods way of Showing my Wife what I have been Saying, the Sky is Falling, she said what do you want me to do, no one will believe Me or You, and she is Right, no one Believes what they see, let alone what they do not see, but they still believe in things that they will never see, and my Wife said she did not Hear it, even though it was very load to me, the AC was running, so the Music must have been in my Head, but I did hear it, and got her out there in time to see it, so this should be proof enough, but its not proof of anything, and Proves nothing, so this Proves that People are Insane, even though I have a Witness this Time, it does not change a Thing, when God talks, very few People hear it.

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At the Subatomic Level yew are God, every Fiber in yewer body is being Controlled by God, its Gods Particle at work here, and as a Whole this Message is part of yew, its in yewer DNA, encoded in yewer Memories, not all of which are Real, most of them are in fact just Dreams, yew use yewer Brain more when yew Dream then yew do when yew are Awake, at least most of yew do, I do not mean that as an Insult, I talk for myself as well, it's what we call to be Human, to have Emotions, but not to be Ignorant of Gods Work, which is to Control every Fiber in yewer Body, at the Cellular Level, yew call it Life, but I can prove its Gods Particle that is Controlling it all, and not just in Humans as I have Said, so take it to the Next Level of Logic, the Flesh Being that is Yew, is the Voice and Emotions of Yew, but the I or Light Being in Yew, that is Gods Particle, or Trinary Energy as I call it, its Controlling the Whole Universe the same way at the Same Time, so like my Story about the Birds and the Bee's, God Creates all things to Guide these Animals in Life, it's a Pattern of Behavior that is Trained into all Animals, we call this Instinct, so God made the Flowers smell good to the Bee's, and the Bee's Pollinate or Mate with the Flowers so they could make more Honey, and Mate with more Flowers, so more Flowers Grow, so more Honey can be Made, and this is how Life on this Planet works, except for Mankind had Other Ideas, and Poisoned the Planet, now the Flowers Taste like Toxic Shit to the Bee's, so the Bee's will Die off, because there only source of food is all Poisoned by Mankind, and a Cascading Genocide of whole Species will occur as a result of this, and its already begun, and there is no stopping it, so look at this from Gods point of view, which is how to save the Planet and as much Life as Possible, and the Logic will lead yew to believe it's an Ice Age, so this knowledge is Encoded into all Life Forms DNA.

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The Masons have another Secret that they Hide, it's the Blood of Jesus, too much has been said about this to hide the Secret, which is that the Blood line has nothing to do with yewer Connection to God, most of yew are not even aware of Gods Presents, which is just Energy, its yewer Energy, but not the Energy yew get from Food, but it is the God that Jesus is referring to, so the Secret of the Blood is in the DNA, and yew can prove what is in yewer DNA, so it's a Test that can be made on my Blood or yewers, to see who is Telling the Truth, and who are Lying, so they wrote the Bible in a DNA recordable fashion, so it was the Border around the Words, it was written in the Transcriber's blood that was mixed in ink, the pattern was very important, since it was the DNA pattern of the Person they refer to, and could be verified using modern technology of our time, but they knew this in the Bible, and talked about other High Tech Equipment, and even Built Pyramids on Mars, so the Masons are holding all kinds of Secrets, some are True, but most are False, and the depth they go to, to hide a Secret, reminds me of the Time I was in the Air Force, assigned to Air Rescue as a Helicopter Crew Chief, and while in Town on an off duty tour of Kuwait, I found myself in a Market place when the Sirens went off, it was Prayer Time, time to Talk to God, because clearly yew were not talking to him 100% of the time, and yew can not do this unless yew get on yewer knees and bow down to him, when its taking all the Cells in yewer body to be able to Bow down, and to what, Worship that God that allowed yew the Movement to make such a Gesture, because I do not get it, the God of Jesus and Allah, did not speak of such things as Worshiping God the way Moses Did, God was not about Religion to Jesus, and the Story of Allah was not written that much different then the way other Religions have written it, which was as a Deity, which is always were the Problem comes in, not to knock Religion or even think I can tell them the Truth, because what IAM telling them is the Same thing, only using Different Words, or the Same Words only with a Slightly more Detailed Definition, to say the Least, but the same none the Least, so why Hide it, I just tell it like it is.

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People are too use to Fighting about everything to agree upon anything, and this Day in Kuwait told the Rest of the Story, as I was trying to get out of the Market place before they push yew out, and an Old Man grabbed my arm and said come with me, so I did, and I had a few others with with, so we went into the back of a Rug Shop in the Mall, it was fantastic, a story behind everything, then he shows me a Bible that he had just finished Transcribing for himself, from his Fathers bible, and I noticed something that scared me, the borders in the two books were different, I asked him why, he said to me that it was just Artwork and no two bibles are the same, wow I thought to myself, they Erased the DNA from all their Transcriptions, so they did not even follow the Line of DNA as my Grandfathers before me did, because that is why we had to transcribe our own Bible, it keep a Record of yewer own DNA, and yewer Ancestors before yew, it's the Proof that I was supposed to give to the World, only now I have nothing to say, but dismay over such neglect as this, they really do not know that they forgot who they are, and what is worse is that I asked him if he knew what the Border Symbols meant, and he told me that his Father said his Grandfathers before him made it very clear, that this Artwork be copied exactly, only it took most of yewer life to do so, so yew start at 9 years old, and it can take a year of more to copy one page, so by the time yew are a teenager yew only knew the first Chapter of the Bible, talk about Devoted, this takes it to an extreme, so its clear over the years that the Children got Lazy, and Stupid at the same Pace, now they are Older and at the End of the Era, that most People never thought would happen in their Lifetime, but its about to happen this Year, and yew would have known that if yew just Transcribed yewer own Bible.

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The Truth is a Paradox as I said, yew can dismiss what I say about somethings, but not the Science, when it comes to Science of the Trinary Universe, its Clear that if yew are Smart enough to Figure out that yew can not Disprove it using Logic, then yew will find other ways to dismiss what it is I have to say, so what is Logic, how do yew use Logic to Think, and the Answer is one Step at a Time, take the basis of what IAM saying, that Trinary Energy is Gods Particle, and at the Subatomic Level its Controlling everything at the Cellular Level, so its Life, it's the Philosophers Stone, so its what Isaac Newton was looking for, know that yew know this Logic, the next Step is Determining what is Causing Gravity, and that is Easy, it's the State Changes of the Molecules in every fiber in the Universe, so it's the Light... Not so complicated when I say it that way is it, so its only in the Dimensions is this Possible, and that is the Key to Unlocking the Philosophers Stone, and that said, there is no type of Logic that can Disprove this concept, so ask a Genius if I could have made this Up, how can I make up a Trinary Engine that actually describes how the Universe Operates at the Subatomic Level, yew people amaze Me how incapable yew are to not be able to use Logic to Solve Simple Questions, let alone seemingly complex questions like how does the Universe actually Operate, and yew believe that other Greater Minds then mine have Figure this out before, knowing that they Believe in the Big Bang Theory, where the Whole Universe Jumped out of a Singularity, and to keep up with this story, yew have to Believe that this was before the Laws of Physics actually were invented, and even if yew have to use Paradoxes to explain this Insane Madness, it never holds true at the Subatomic Level, my Proof that these Scientist are Lying to yew, and yew might want to think its Ignorance, but then yew Remember that what I just said was the same as what Isaac Newton said, only he did not have the Equipment available during his Time to Prove this, I do, and besides that its almost a given knowing what Scientist know now, so maybe it was Ignorance all along, but until they own up to this, and stop blowing my Idea off as Crazy, then this will never change, and I tell yew at that point its just Lying, and that is the Point we crossed years ago; so the Paradox continues.

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God made us at the Cellular Level, every cell in our body is encoded with DNA, and these small Engines in these Cells do all the Work to build and maintain these cells, and its run by a Program using the DNA as a Blue Print, and it's the Gods Particle that is Manipulating each Component in that Engine to do that work, so it's a combination of every cell in yewer body that makes up the body, and its all controlled by God, and this has nothing to do with Religion, because God is not about Religion, God is about the Truth, about Science, and its this Science that Isaac Newton Proved Mathematically, and beyond a Shadow of a Doubt, I have proven with Logic how the Universe Operates at the Subatomic Level, and yew think IAM Argent, when in fact I know everything about the Universe, even if I forgot most of it, but that is just Me, and why should Yew trust Me? Would yew Trust Jesus if he said it? or would yew believe Sir Isaac Newton if he said it Oh that's Right they did... Logic, yew have to Love it, but then again God is in control of every fiber in my Body, and he also allowed me to tell His-Story, Freewill is one thing that no one can be denied, Free Speech is over rated, as is Opinions, those can be bought and Paid for, and are always Dictated by those that feel Superior to yew, so the Goats called Critics tell yew this is all Lies, so not only are they calling me a Liar, but they are calling Jesus and Sir Isaac Newton a Liar, because that is the Level this Logic will lead yew, all the way to the Cellular Level and the Truth of it.

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At some Level everyone will eventually believe what IAM saying, and agree it's the only way the Universe can actually work, and I do mean everyone that uses Logic to think, and not Reason, because Peoples Reasons are Mad, so let's not go there, the Truth is very Simple, its not Complicated at all, most people fear the Truth about God, because they are afraid to Die, because they do not know what happens when yew die, and that truth is that nothing happens to I, I never dies, IAM resurrected into the Next Life Born and Live on through that Life, no matter what Life Form it is, be it Insect, Animal or Mineral, it really is just that simple, its like falling asleep and waking up in a new body, and on many Levels yew know this is the Truth, a Love one Dies and New Life Forms come into yewer Life, be it a Butterfly or other entity, one Door Closes and another one Opens into the Light, when yew are about to Die yewer Life Flashes before yewer I, and this is that Moment of Clarity when all time Stops, and the Universe Opens up and yew can understand the Whole Universe, and yew can choose what Memories to take into the Next Life, but most people choose Memories that are Full of Emotions, and those Memories do not Translate all that well, because yew wake up into a new body and those Emotions are unknown, so chose yewer memories well, or yew may not remember yewer past Lives at all, and remember that I call these Dreams, and they are stored in yewer DNA, this is the most Regarded Secret of all the Secrets of Wizards throughout time, those that acknowledge this Fact are better Served in Gods I, it can bring Peace and Harmony to ones Being if they allow it, or it can bring Chaos, Freewill is everything, which is only one Reason I claim to be the Descendant of Sir Isaac Newton, Sir William Wallace and Jesus Bar Abbas, the other is because IAM, and IAM just like You, and IAM willing to take it to that Level to Prove it, I have nothing to Lose, People watch these Videos and think IAM Crazy, just because I tell yew His-Story through the I's of a Child through the Wizard that instructed Me, IAM telling His-Story the Way it was told to me in my Dreams when I was only 3, so this is what it was like for me to hear this Story for the First time in this Body, and yew have to make each Body understand that this is I telling it, and not just some Dream yew had.

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Life is not a Mystery to me at all, IAM Omnipotent, I C all and I Know all, arrogance has nothing to do with it, and its not Crazy to say all the things I have said if its All True, someone had to resurrect for Jesus to Return in the Flesh at the End of the Era, and that Person was me, and Jesus knew that, Isaac Knew that, My Grandfathers Knew that, but it took me all my Life to own up to this fact and except my Destiny... and make it my Fate... I can not escape my Destiny, anymore than all my Grandfathers before me, who made this Possible... being born of a Long Line of Men willing to Protect a Secret so well, that know one Knew about it but Me in the End, Proving who was the Best Secret Keepers of all Times, My Grandfathers before me, so that I could stand here at the End of the Era and Tell yew the Truth, and yew would know it's the Truth, after yew prove to yewerself that IAM who I said IAM, and that I could not know these things I have Taught yew No Other way, Only God knows about the Dimensions they Live in, Mankind or Me for that Matter, is not Intelligent enough to be able to make up a Story like this, it would have to be a Conspiracy that Jesus himself Started Two Thousand and 13 Year ago, being able to Predict the Time and the very Persons name he would Resurrect into is Proof enough by itself, that I was born from the Great Grandfather of Adam and the Great Grandmother of Mary, who else did yew think I would be born as? And I went to great Links to make sure My Name would show I had Honor, Dignity and Truthfulness, I was noted as being the Best, just like all the Rest, and not some Sold out Person who would Cut their Hair and Pretend to not be a Wizard just to Blend in, and then Try to Talk in Plain English so the Main Stream Media Crowd of Sellouts could understand Me, that is not the Way of any Wizard worth their weight in Gold, I actually have an X-Caliber Sword, it makes one wonder about my Resolve in this matter, why I have gone to such Lengths just to tell a Story that No One will believe, just because they can not Believe Jesus, let alone Know it's the Truth, and Even Expect 12 Disciples, to Follow me, and 72 Virgins to stand by this Testament and teach their Children the Truth from Birth, I do not want to know what else yew thought I would do with them... just to fulfill some Prophecy that most people have Covered so deep in Mystery, and hidden so Deep in the Darkness that it can not be seen in the Light, and all I ask yew is why this is so hard to Believe and what part of Logic are yew missing? What I told yew does not even Require the Proof that my Mother had Thrown out, she Told me that the Night she walked out of the House after we argued that Point, and got Killed by a Speeding Car, so I learned that lesson the Hard way, I thought she threw away everything in my Life, at 14 i had a very narrow view of what everything Important was, she said that proof like that would only have confused yew more, making the Story unbelievable even, because people make up Evidence like this, people would think the Papers are Fake anyway, so nothing can be that simple... then she Proved that by walking out the Door and Dying in the Middle of the Desert next to a Pirates Ship, leaving 4 of the 5 Children who lived with her in total shock, and her Husband Merlin alone... so I lost much more... and proof is not proof about anything unless someone believes it... so if they do not, all the Proof in the World would not change that, so I do not care if yew believe that any of His-Story is True, given the Facts I do not see how it could be anything but the Truth, unless yew believe I could have made all this up... but that is because I only Apply Logic to the Story, and leave all the Emotions out of it, because I know it's the Truth, just the Facts, the Science and the Truth of the Matters at hand.

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I Defined Science in Terms the Darkside can Understand, yet even though yew think yew Understand, most do not, so they will go along with what others have to say about it, knowing the Science can not be Disproved, the Darkside still thinks it's not True, because they only believe in the Darkness, so the Darkside will put it to a Vote, and Ultimately they will Vote it Down, for that same reason, as they Did with Jesus, which is why they Executed him, since doing so only Proved yew could Kill him, because Jesus died because yew Sinned, yew Denied who IAM 3 Times, and by Voting Down His-Story, or Disproving My Reality, Yew Proved yewer own Churches Lied to yew, but then yew Remember they Murdered Jesus for being a Wizard and using Witchcraft, and have been Murdering all those after him to this day, knowing that Proves that those who Truly believe in Jesus, believe in Wizards and Witchcraft, yet yew still condemn them to Death for their Beliefs, which is why Jesus said yew would Deny him 3 Times, and yew still do that to this day... I define Resurrection as the Act of being Born with a Set of DNA from the Father and the Mother, with Memories encoded in that DNA, which is the Same DNA as that of the Person that Ascended and yew Descended from, as such this is Science and Scientifically Proven, so it's a Fact that can be said to be True... and since My Family dates back to the Pyramids, this Ancestor is Adam, from Adam and Eve, but with the Mother Mary, and his DNA Descended Down to Jesus, then Isaac Newton, so if yew Believe that IAM not the Resurrection of Jesus in the Flesh, because they Wrote that Jesus would return by Descending into the Flesh, and if that is True, and Jesus has Not Returned, since its not Me, then yewer Whole Belief System is a Lie... so by Proving me Wrong, yew Proved yew me Right, so it's a Paradox... because it's the Darkside... and why I said I do not Care what Yew Believe, nor does the Universe... it was never the Man that was important it was his Message, that is why they are Gods Messengers, and Jesus, Isaac Newton or myself Jeffrey Scott Flesher, were just Messengers for Gods Message, and we Proved that the Message is True Scientifically, so yew wonder why I find the Need to tell His-Story as a Wizard, knowing that the Church Burns or Crucifies Wizards and Witches on a Cross, and tell all of His-Story the way I did, which is from the Viewpoint of the Dog, through the I's of a Wizard in the Flesh, and the Simple fact of the Matter is that there is only 1 way I could have known this... and that is from God... and God is the Truth... and only Wizards tell His-Story, so there are no Paradoxes in His-Story so:
IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every Shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh.



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