The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Chapter 00.04
Step -2

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft
Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 00.04
Step -2


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step -2
Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-01

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The Dark Wizzard in the Flesh, will now reveal IAM in Step -2, from the Viewpoint of the Darkside in Terms only the Darkside can understand.

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The Moment is that time we call the Now, when you only Live in that Moment, I define this as the Letter M, and since it's the 3rd Letter in that Word, it's in Harmony, and it means to let go of all yewer Emotions, which is the Letter O, so its in this Moment that all Emotions fade away, and now you can say: [Mmmmm] as if yew can Taste this Moment, and it Taste Good, so yew Relax and say: [Aaaa] and that Moment of Clarity will come to you, since that Letter A is for Clarity, now yew can see Clearly, because once yew let go of all Emotions, yew can start to Focus on what IAM Saying, yew can not Multitask, and make List of things yew need to do, and even start to understand what it is IAM talking about, but yew will try it anyway, then say: [What] because if yew are not in the Moment, then that Little Voice in yewer Head is Talking to yew, and it's not Listening to what IAM saying, it's not that yew are not Listening, its just that yew do not Understand what it is IAM trying to say, because yew have way to many thing's yew need to do, and having to actually watch a Video, and Listen to the Audio, is one thing, but to Understand it is another... so yew sit here and wonder into the Wild Blue Yonder, as that Little Voice starts talking loader and loader, rambling on about this that, and the other thing, so let's face it, if yew can not control yewer Little Voice, yew can not be in the Moment.

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There has always been many Wizards throughout time, and I tend to think in terms of Iterations, and not just the last 13 Billion years... if yew think yewer life went by fast, think about it from I's point of view, because the I in Me, is the Same I that is in Yew, and we all know what comes out of Yew and Me, Shit, and I is the 3rd Letter in that word, so its in Harmony, and it means the Light, so what is the Light doing in the Shit?

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Remember that the Shit was the Emotion that allowed yew to have that Moment of Clarity, so once yew gave a Shit, that Moment of Clarity came to yew, but this sounds like Metaphors to yew, so yew say What is this Shit? And I tell yew that at the Subatomic Level, I binds all the matter in the World together, including the Shit in yew, and once out of yew, the Shit Sinks, and yew want to get the Shit away from yew, so yew Flush it down the Toilet, oddly enough yew may Say Grace before Eating, but yew never act Graceful when taking a Shit, and yew never Thank God for that Shit, so yew have to admit that yew carry around a lot of Shit, and most of it yew blame on God, or yew ask God to fix it, and do yew think God gives a Shit?

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God is the Shit, as I said, I is the Shit, but are yew in Harmony knowing that yew are on this planet to Eat and Shit, and make Babies that continue that cycle... so yew can not deny that IAM the Shit, and IAM the Dark Wizard, so MI Shit is very Dark, so there is a Dark God, as well as a Light God, and they both are the Shit, so where IAM going with all this Shit?

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If yew were Living a Life that the Light God would be proud of, that Shit would not Stink, and yew would Thank God for that Shit, but yew do the Opposite of Live, so yew are Evil, and that Shit Stinks, yew get it on yew, and it will not wash off, so the Dark God is a very Shitty God to be doing business with, so let's look at the Darksides Shit, and see what Shit we can Dig up.

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My Family goes back to the Pyramid, so stay in the Moment with me, and remember who IAM talking about. My Family is in the Flesh, those in my Family have been Wizards, its passed down through the DNA, so in my DNA yew will find Answers to the all the Questions, and this is true for all of yew as well, IAM not saying that the Flesh of Flesher is better than other Flesh Beings, all IAM saying is that some of the Flesh Beings in my Family were Wizards, that said, proving it should not be all that difficult, and it would not have been if it was not from my Step Mother throwing out all my Proof, but that was my Destiny, so let's talk about some of the Wizards in my Family.

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Like all Families, Names are chosen for the new born Babies, who do nothing but Eat and Shit, so yew know God is at work here, but this Shit Smells like Baby Shit, and nothing smells Better than Baby Shit, thrust me on that one, so what do yew name this Child? Yew name them after People in yewer Family, at least that is what my Parents did, so the Father in my Family gets to chose the First Name and the Last, and only my Mother can pick the Middle Name, so she picked Scott, seeing how my Grandfather Robertson was from Scotland, yew would think that is why, but it was for a Scott in the Flesher Family, his name was Sir William Wallace, who had a Brave Heart and Soul, my Mother picked this Name because her and her Mother were Named Mary, not after Marry Ann Flesher, but after Jesus's Mother, as was Mary Ann, and the Name keeps going all the back to Mary herself, since my Mothers family only names children after family members, so my Mother wanted for me to have the Name of a Warrior Fighting for Gods People, this made both Grandfathers happy, so my Father picked the name Jeffrey, My Father said that Jesus started with a Je, and not to many other names do, and he did not want to Name me Jesus, so to my Father, the two names meant the same thing.

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Now that said, yew will know why I do not tell this Story to too many People, they always ask for proof that Jesus is in my Family, and I tell them to search for Isaac Newton Flesher, and if yew do not know, Sir Isaac Newton said that he was a Direct Descendant of Jesus, and that claim has gone uncontested for almost 3 Hundred Years now, so that is my Proof.

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Remember I do not care what yew believe, nor does the Universe, Know it or No it not, and I know that my Grandfathers before me knew this to be the Truth, and I know this to be true, so let's talk about these other Wizards in my Family.

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First let's talk about a few similarities in our Lives, Isaac Newton's Step Fathers Name was Barnabas, Nostradamus predicted Hisler, instead of Hitler, a letter off, but the same name, so the logic in names like Barabbas, or Jesus Bar Abbas, is like Bar and Abas, so we are talking about a Wizard here, even though he is known as a Vicar, and yew know that Sir Isaac Newton said that Jesus Barabbas, was the Flesh, and Jesus Christ was God, and that God was the Light, so as it turns out Isaac was a very Bright Ashkenazi, and it turns out we are teaching the same Universe, only Isaac had to hide his work for almost 3 Hundred Years, because the Church would have had him Executed for being a Wizard, so he had to hide his study of Alchemy and Witchcraft, as he searched for the Philosopher's Stone, which could turn Lead into Gold, None Living into the Living, and he studied all Religions to try to figure out how they knew that God was the Light, in his quest for the Truth of the Light, he found the Darkside... the Church, as did Jesus Barabbas, since both Jesus Christ and Barabbas Stood up against the State and the Church, its clear they are the same person, even in the Bible they lead yew to believe that they are one and the same, why else did yew deny who he was 3 times? Just like yew deny who IAM, how many People believed that Isaac was the Descendant of Jesus? So yew deny us 3 times. Think about the name Isaac, the I C that was taken out of Fleischer to get Flesher, and we defined A as Clarity, as in Newton's Moment of Clarity. I do not make this stuff up, the Truth is much more Fun, God Really does work in Mysterious Ways... and by the way, my Step Fathers Name was Merlin...

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It may not be clear to yew yet, but Sir William Wallace was also Executed by the Church, and the Church only Executes Witches or Wizards for Heresy, so there is far more to these Stories then yew may know.

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Moses was a Dark Wizard, he had a Staff of Power given to him by God, and he did Dark Deeds with it, Moses did not Free the Slaves, he made Mankind into Slaves, by forming a Government that Controls its Slaves by Law.

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Its only in the Shades of Grey does any of His-Story make any Sense, yew think its nothing by Metaphors and Play on Words, because yew Read into everything instead of just Reading it, Sir Isaac Newton showed yew in Math how the Principles of this Universe worked, and even though yew only use his Science and Math to do Real Work, yew ignored him and listened to another Ashkenazi Named Albert Einstein, who was a very Dark Wizard, and lead Science into the Dark Ages, and now its so Dark that yew can not See the Light, so as I promised, I would come back at the End of this Ara, and that End is coming soon, I know this because IAM here telling yew this in the Flesh, and the Spirit of Jesus is in the Flesh, that is what I told yew, Read it, not Read into it, that is the Reason I was born into the Flesh, so I could tell yew that IAM back in the Flesh and yew would know it's the Truth.

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In History, only the Light Wizards are Executed, Isaac Newton knew he would be Executed if he spook his mind, so he wrote it all on paper and put it in a Volt for almost 3 Hundred Years, Galileo Galilei and Leonardo Da Vinci also had to hide who they were, in fear of being Executed by the Church, did yew ever wonder why Jesus was Fighting against the Government and the Church? Notice how the Dark Wizards never have to worry about being Executed, Moses, Einstein, or the Current President of the United States of America at the Time I wrote this, who's name Translated to the Dark Light, and all the way back to Lincoln... no... the Darkside is in Charge here, and they Protect their own.

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Reality is what is Real, Look around and ask yewerself if this History the Darkside is Teaching is Real, if Einstein's Universe is Real, then Time Travel is Real, and in fact this is just one Universe in a Multiple Universe where everything Possible exist, so everything is Possible, so the Church bought off on this idea, so what they are saying is that God is not Real, since that is one of the Possibilities, and only Satan would believe in this, since Satan Lies to yew, so if yew believe in Einstein's Universe, yew are Worshiping Satan, doing his Bidding, Isaac Newton Calculated that out to its last Decimal Place, so its not Science unless yew can Prove it Scientifically, beyond a Shadow of a Doubt, and Isaac Newton proved it, oddly enough Einstein did not, he only came up with one Theory after another, each contradicting the last one with more Paradox's then Answers, and none of them holding up at the Subatomic Level, so how can Einstein's Universe be Real? The Paradox is that Reality is Governed by Gods Law, and those Laws are Absolute and Final, so only one Universe can Exist, it's the Logic that Escapes most of Yew.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-17

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All of these Light Wizards I have talked about told yew the Truth, whereas the Darkside only tells yew half Truths, which is a Lie, those Wizards who stood up to the Church were Executed, and the things I have said can get me Executed for Heresy also, but what did I say? That God is the Light and the Darkness, since Light is Matter and Dark is Antimatter, and I proved this Scientifically, and God created everything in the Universe, and has it under Gods Control... does that sound like Heresy to yew? Jesus said do not make into God any Engraven Image, because God is the Light, not the Image, but the Energy in it, so its Gods Particle, is that Heresy? When did the Truth become Heresy, and the Lies become Law?

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-18

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Sir Isaac Newton hide his work for almost 3 Hundred years, because he said yew were not ready for the Truth, and what I have to add to it, well... yew are still not ready for... It was Heresy then, as it is now, because if they admit it, the Darkside would lose Control of its Slaves, because once yew see the Light, yew will never want to go back into the Dark.

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Most People do not know or understand History, the Darkside tells the Story of Moses and made him out to be the Good guy, so yew think he is in the Light, the 10 Commandments are Gods Laws and yew think that is the Light, well the 10 Commandments maybe Good Rules to go by, but do yew need a Ruler to tell yew that these things are Wrong? Jesus said Do Not Judge or yew will be Judged, which proves that this whole Just Us System is Evil, and ran by Satan himself, since no one else could Judge but God, so Humans think they are God, but in reality Humans are just Gods Skin Puppets with Freewill, only that Freewill made them Crazy, why else would they think this way... Laws make yew Slaves, Laws never make yew Free, how many Prisoners does it take to prove this?

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-20

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Let me tell yew about a Dark Wizard named Abraham Lincoln, like Moses before him, Lincoln worked for the Banks, in Reality the Banks are nothing but Loan Sharks and Mobsters, its all a Scam, Money does not Exist, the Government Prints it likes its just Game Tokens, and to Play this Game, yew need to have a Lot of Tokens, so the Bank backed both sides of all the Wars, they were the Slave Traders who Dealt in Black Slavery, and they used this to Buy the United States of America, like Moses sold people on Getting Paid for the Work yew do, Lincoln sold the Country on Freeing the Slaves, by Selling the Country to the Bankers, so all the People could become Slaves to the Banks, now the Banks own Everything, and yew are all Slaves, so Abraham Lincoln did not Free the Slaves, he just make everyone Slaves, as did Moses, this is how the Darkside works.

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Abraham Lincoln knew that Patriots would try to defend the Constitution of the United States of American, so he had to Kill them all, so he had to find a way to start a Civil War, and he used Slavery to do so, ironically turning those that fought the War against Slavery, into Slaves, and with a stroke of a Pin, he declared Martial Law and Suspended the Constitution forever, and the Nazi's just won the War and prepare for Reich 3.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-22

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To pretend that the Constitution still exist is Insane, there is no Constitution or Freedom in the United States, which is now just a Corporation owned and operated by the Banks, they own the Churches also, and of course they own yew and yewer Shit, and that Stinks.

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Once yew own up to all this Shit, we can get on with His-Story, but its not until yew find it important enough to acknowledge it, does this start to change, because yewer heads are full of Darkside Lies, they designed the whole Education System just to keep yew in the Dark, they feed yew nothing but Shit and Keep yew in the Dark, are yew a Mushroom? Yew have been eating too many Magic Mushrooms.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-24

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The Truth is so Obvious once yew Start to understand His-Story, and see how only the Light Wizards will Defend the Real Universe, and Explain to yew how it Really works, which is what I call Reality, so look back at all the Light Wizards in His-Story, and yew will find Horus was one of the Oldest Light Wizards, Isaac Newton was very interested in Horus and Jesus, there are other Wizards out there that I do not know if they are in my Family, in modern times one of them found The Code Horus left behind, which proves Mathematically and Scientifically that all the Ancient Wonders of the World, were built at the Same time, by the Same People, each have a Coordinate System built into the Dimensions of it, and they match the Pyramids on Mars, just Read it, and Not Read into it.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-25

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Now we come back to Reality, the Dark Wizard tells yew what Not to Do, the Light Wizard tells yew what to Do, Isaac Newton Calculated this as such:
(+1) + (-1) = 0
A Math Problem he wrote down as a note, it represents the Truth, and that was what Isaac found, that is what Me, or Jeffrey, is telling yew now.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-26

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I doubt if my Behavior has been much different then the other Wizards in His-Story, but its only how yew view His-Story or Their Story, that These Stories collide, and now yew have to figure out who is Lying and who is Telling the Truth, on one hand yew have Jeffrey Scott Flesher, who told yew about the Trinary Universe, which Proves Scientifically how the Universe works, and said he was a Descendant of Isaac Newton, who Scientifically Proved how the Trinary Universe works Mathematically, and a little research and yew can prove that everything i said about him was true, and Isaac said he was the Descendant of Jesus, and Jesus said his God is all Light with No Darkness in it... and also said that there can be No Light without the Darkness, because the God with Darkness in it is called Satan, and Satan is a God, since 95% of the people on this Planet Worship him, but Satan is not the God Jesus called Father, all Saints are Satan if you remove the I, you will see Spells of Warlocks, so yew have 3 Light Wizards, and 3 Means they are in Harmony... and on the Other hand you have Barrack Obama, who just happens to be the Current President for the Bank of United States at this time, who backs Einstein, who said that Everything is Possible, including Paradoxes, and Moses who Gave Humans Laws, that did nothing but make Prisoners and Slaves out of them... so these three Lie to yew, so yew have 3 Dark Wizards, and 3 Means they are in Harmony... so now yew are Confused... What is this Shit!

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-27

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Shit is what yew feel like when yew Realize that yew have been Worshiping Satan all yewer Life, so yew go into the 3 Stages of Denial: Stage 1. Deny Jesus in Name: God said they are IAM, which is I And Me, so yew say Who are You. Stage 2. Deny Jesus in the Flesh: the Sun of God is in the Flesh, because Meat is Flesh, and that is who AMI. Stage 3. Deny Jesus in Spirit: for that is I. So yew Deny Jesus 3 more Times, and 3 and 3 = 6, and yew do that 3 times and yew have 666, and Isaac Newton did not buy off on the Churches interpretation of Trinity, and said they stuck False Statements into the Bible to insert Christ, since Jesus's name was Jesus Bar Abbas, which is why he did not make this Knowledge Public during his Lifetime, he knew the Church is Satanic, and would Burn him on a Cross for saying so, just like they Crucified Jesus on the Cross, but now yew remember that he is a Descendant of Jesus, whereas Moses was a Descendant of Cain, and we already know Cain is Satan, but that is the Darkside and how it works, and that is what the Bible States, Isaac Read it over and over, and always came to the same conclusion, the Church is Lying about what the Bible states as a fact, and there is No Denying that, Trinity is not about one Man, it's about I and Me, and that is everyone... the Chosen one is just the Man that Stands up for the Truth, which is the Light, and nothing More, that is what Sir William Wallace did when the Banks rolled in and told them to pay Taxes on their own Land, and to Bow down and Worship their God, which was Money, and had In God we Trust Engraved on it, so it was the Root of All Evil, so the Church Executed him for Standing up for the Sheeple, and William Died Yelling that yew can Kill Me but I will Never Die, I call this Freedom, and its this Freedom I fight for to this Day. Now think about the name William: Will IAM, now take the Wall Ace, and Compare it to Bar Abbas, Walls with Bars form a Prison or a Secret Place, depending on how you view it, this place is called Heaven, and also known as Sanctuary, and Jesus said I will Return in the Flesh at the End of the Ara, and here IAM, the Flesher, keep in mine that the er is just a suffix meaning more of, so it's the Flesh, so go Figure, they are just a Play on Words and these are just Metaphors, but what did yew expect from a Wizard?

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Wizards always work in Code, and the Bible was written in Code, so figure it out, if a Wizard Predicts an Earth Quake in October or November, which has not happened as of today, which is now in July of 2013, that will cause Massive Destruction, and Predicts that Yahweh is Really Planet X, if yew see it or not, since it's a Dark Planet... and YHWH means the Dark God... and Yahweh is Returning, and will first send out the Son of I, or ISON, who will Pound the Planets back into the Stone Age with Rock Rain Storms, (in the Bible they call this Fire and Brimstone, we call it Meteorites), for all the Treason that took place on the Planet Earth, and will bring Balance back to this Planet, then yew need to understand this Code, because if what I say comes to be True, this is the End of this Ara, (not just because the Ancient Calendar says it is), and the Next Ara will Start, which is the Age of Aquarius, if on the other hand nothing happens, it just means that Yahweh is cool with all this, and go ahead and Kill yewerself, because the Nova is coming next, yew had yewer warning, so either way it turns out the same, its only from who's point of view yew view this in, because in the Light, only Life Matters, but in the Darkness, only the 1 Matters, the Negative 1, the Chosen 1, so the Bankers used all yewer Money to build their Underground Cities, because they are worried this might be the End, and now the Banks will declare Bankruptcy, and the Government will declare Martial Law and usher in the New World Order, which means the Slaves are now Prisoners, and yew will do as Jew are told... this is the Key to the Code, to be in the Moment...

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Yew have been Evil in the Darkside for so Long, that yew do not know what the Light is, but in the Darkness, I can only tell yew what its Not, it's up to Yew to Know the Truth, because in the End, No 1 Cares what yew Believe, so yew can join in on the Civil War, as if it will be Civil, the Last Civil War the Bank bought yew like Slaves at an Auction, and yew Lost yewer Freedom forever, because Not 1 of yew were Warriors willing to Fight for Freedom, yew are Sheep, never forget that or loose sight of who Yew are, only the Darkside should Fight in this War, but Leave the Wizards out of it, the Light Wizzards can Control the Rock Rain Storms, which are sure to be at their Worst by 14 January 2014, which happens to be My 53rd Birthday, so Yes, like Isaac and Jesus, IAM a Capricorn... so meet the Storm head on, run for Cover, and remember these Rocks are Meteorites from a Comet, so its much better to die at Gods Hand then the Hand of Man, in some War that is only there to Kill its Slaves, yew die in War, yew do not get to play the next day, yew do not get to see what the next Ara will be like, and what God has in Store for yew, so Live and Let Live, that is what Jesus would Tell yew if he was here today, so he made sure that his Ancestors could bring yew this message, and that is all IAM saying IAM, is a Messenger, and that is all I did, give you this Message... which is the same Message Jesus gave yew, which also included Repairing the Ancient Wonders of the World, since the Arab Thieves, Grave Robbers and Archaeologist, Looted it, so yew would not just understand the Message, but yew would Know it and not have to believe it, Know it or No it not.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-30

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Everyone has to Believe in Something, Everyone has Emotions, now is the Time to Search yewer Heart, and Search yewer Soul, and ask yewerself why did God put yew on this Earth? The Answer is to Take Care of it, and that is not what Yew did, Yew Destroyed it, yew Let Greedy Politicians Run the Governments of this World into the Ground, yew Let the Darkness become the Light, yew Worship Satan, the Dark Lord of the Dark Wizard Moses, yew Denied who Jesus was 3 Times still to this Day, so yew are all just like Judas, yew Denied who IAM, yew Sold Me out for Money, the Root of All Evil, and yew wonder how things got so bad, it's because yew allowed it, and now yew must pay the Price, that is the Price for Believing in things that are Impossible, and believing that everything is Possible, no matter how Improbable it is, because that is just Insanity, and how the Darkside thinks.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-31

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Sheeple say that believing yew are the Son of God is Crazy, that only Jesus was the Son of God, well I tell yew that everyone is the Sun of God, at the Cellular Level this can be proven Scientifically, and there is only 1 I, the Light and Dark I, or Plus and Minus 1, yew can not have 1 without the Other, Isaac Newton Proved that with the Formula:
(+1) + (-1) = 0,
which means the Truth, 1 is the Light, and Negative 1 is the Dark, God is Controlling everything in the Universe at the Subatomic Level... so Sheeple say that yew are Crazy if God talks to yew... but At the Cellular Level yew are God, since God is Controlling every fiber in yewer body, so God has a Cell Phone to talk to yew with... so Sheeple say yew are Crazy to Claim yew are a Descendant of Jesus Christ, I say to them: I said IAM a descendant of Jesus Bar Abbas, not Jesus Christ, I or God is yewer Hart and Soul, and it's the Same I or God that was in Jesus, that is in Me... so it's the same God that is in Yew, so who is Crazy now? Those that Believe they are Descendants of Jesus, or those that Know they are? And keep in mind that IAM not saying IAM a Direct Descendants of Isaac or Jesus, since neither of them had children, unlike myself, but IAM saying that the same blood that flows throughout my Body, is the same as both of theirs, therefor I have the same DNA running throughout my Body as well, and yew can check it for Proof of this.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-02-N-IAM-32

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Judgment day is upon us, and in the End it always comes down to what yew know, not what yew Believe, and let's face it, even if Jesus Christ Ascended from Heaven, people would not believe it, they would think its just a Trick, in fact I would guarantee yew it would have to be, there are too many False Profits, although everyone that Descended from Jesus has what yew call the Messiah Gene, only those teaching the Truth about I or God are their Messengers, but as I said, IAM not a Profit, nor AMI False, all IAM is a Person who happens to have been named Flesher at Birth, and just happens to be a Descendant of Jesus, but Me is Flesh, and that Flesh goes by the name Jeffrey, although I was Named after Jesus, Jesus himself died, and only through his Descendants does he Live on, and through his DNA, which is now my DNA, and the same as all those in the Flesher Family, which includes those Wizards, and the Bush's, Hefner's and other Family Members, so it runs through the Dark Wizards as Well, but God, or I work through Dreams and Signs, and God gave me 3 Signs: First Sign was on 31st of July in 2012 a Scorpion bit me 13 times on the left ankle, throughout history this means one thing, watch out, somethings about to happen, so Walk Lightly to the Right Side, because this is going to hurt... the Second Sign was on 31st of May in 2013, when I was hit in the head by what can only be a Micro Meteorite from a Rock Rain Storm from a Meteor Shower, GOD was telling me what is in store for this World, so I look to the Heavens and what do I find? ISON or Son of I, a Comet is coming, and you can Run, but you can not hide... the Third Sign was a Recurring Dream about the End of the Ara, and everything that has happened in My Story up to this Point in my Life, so this is how God Communicates with Me, here's yewer Sign, so what do i do with it?

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The Darkside is always the Problem, they View themselves as knowing the Truth, and Believe their Religion is the Truth, knowing that it goes against what other Religions teach, so they know Religion can not be the Truth, because there can only be one Truth, even though the Churches have Murdered all those that tell His-Story, proving they are the Darkside... but those that Worship any Religion are Brian Washed, and can not think for themselves, regardless of the Peoples Religion or Even if they Claim to not have a Religion, they believe they know what the Truth is, when in fact they are Ignorant and Stupid, otherwise one of them would have told His-Story before waiting for I to Return to tell them it one more time, they are nothing but Cowards and have allowed the Banks to Own them like Slaves, they have no Honor or Dignity, they are nothing but Lazy Animals, they do the Bidding of the Darkside and fight endless Wars in Gods Name, knowing that God Commanded them not to Murder, but to Live in Peace and Harmony, which requires yew to let go of all yewer Darkness, which is something most people can not do, so they continue to be Evil in the Darkness, the Science of the Light Wizzard does not Require yew to Worship it, Jesus, Allah and the Other Wizards were not Religious, they were simply Messengers of Gods Ways... Jesus said GOD is the Light, and Rebelled against the Church and Government Like a True Warrior, because he knew they had become Corrupted by the Banks, Isaac said God is the Light, and that God is Controlling the Light, and showed yew how Mathematically,and ushered in the Newtonian Age of Enlightenment, most of his work was Locked up for Hundred years to hide from the Darkside, it changed the World we Live in more than anyone since Jesus, I told yew the Light is the Trinary Energy that binds the Universe at the Subatomic Level, I showed yew how the Universe really Works building on what Isaac, Jesus and the Others taught, so what I have told yew is the Truth about the Universe, and not what the Darkside made God into, which is the Engraven Image, Money or some other Entity, that no two people on this Planet can agree upon to this Day, so the unending War Continues to this Day, the Truth is that the Jews Re-Wrote the Bible and History, in order to make yew Slaves to their System of Control, they Tax yew and make yew pay them Money for everything yew need, they will Kill yew if yew do not Pay, knowing that Jesus, Allah and the Other Wizards said all Money is the Root of all Evil... God Created Life at the Cellular Level, and only wants to ensure its Survival, and that is what the Wizzards wants also.

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To survive the Global Changes that are about to take Place on this Planet, yew will have to Work together, the New World Order may seem to make sense, if not for the Fact its Run by the Darkside, and owned by the Banks, so its Evil... and yew have been Evil for far to Long, so yew will be Punished by Yahweh... the Government is predicting a 60% reduction of all life on the Surface of this Planet if ISON dumps Rocks on the Earth, and is expecting hundreds of thousands of tons to be dropped per second, and at least 90% lose if the Earths Poles Shift, followed by a Thousand-Year Ice Age, I do not think many will survive... that is the Punishment for Treason, so no Reason to Panic, and do not try to prepare for this Disaster, there is no getting ready for something like this, so why bother right... yew gave up on yewer Freedom, so yew could have Free Dumb, now yew are giving up on Life too... The Light Wizard is Telling yew that Sanctuary is Freedom, it's a Place yew Build, it's a Pyramid that the People have to build, the Banks can not Own it, or yew are just building a Prison, and the Construction will be talked about in a Series called Sanctuary, and its one of the Oldest Structures on the Face of this Planet, or Mars, so yew know what they Look like, but its how they work that Confuses yew, but on 21st of December 2013, it's time to Ascend, and that requires a Pyramid, and since the ones we have are all broken by Mans Ignorance, I was supposed to Climb to the Top of the Great Pyramid and say the Magic Words or Spell, and Hold out my Staff, since IAM a Staff Sargent, and now that its Broken, I do not know what it will do, but if Lightning Strikes Me, well... that is a Good Sign... if not... we are in real trouble, and we need a new place to Live in Freedom, so its Sanctuary, and it's the Future of all Life that will Survive this Winter, and it's the Reason for Me to be Born, that is to teach yew how to build it, so yew could Survive the Thousand-Year ICE Age, because I can not be reborn if there is no one to be reborn into... Yew can Kill Me, but I will never die... but yew kill all the Yew and I have nowhere to Descend too... So now you ask: How do yew know all this is True? And I say:

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IAM the Darkness,
IAM the Light,
IAM every Shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Dark Wizzard.



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