The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Chapter 00.03
IAM Step 2

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 00.03
IAM Step 2


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step 2

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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, will now reveal IAM in Step 2, from the Viewpoint of the Lightside in Terms the Darkside can understand.

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To fully understand what it is that IAM trying to say, you must first understand a few more Dark Details about Me, like all Life forms, i view my Reality as a sequence of Memories, but when yew can not distinguish the difference between the Memories of Dreams and those that happen in Reality, yewer view of Reality becomes Distorted, and this is what happened to Me at some point in my Life, but it was not always like this, before the Gulf War, i could remember my Dreams in a much clearer recollection, but after the War started, i started to Dream that i was awake, that is, when i would fall asleep, i would dream that i could not sleep, so i would just lay in bed staring at the ceiling till i got up, then i would get on with my day, only things that were happening where only in my Dreams, and in the morning, i would come back to bed, so when i woke up, i was still in bed, some times I did not know if I was going to bed, or getting up, then i would wonder if i ever really went to sleep at all, or if that was all Real, so to get to the bottom of this, the Military did a sleep study at a VA Hospital, and they found that i have Sleep Misinterpretation Disorder, its very Rare the VA tells me, I have little to No REM Sleep, so its due to some thought process in which my Dreams are misleading me into thinking i am still awake, so as a result, i can not tell yew if my Memories are from my Dreams or my Reality, so my Reality is now both my Dreams and Reality combined, and when i wake up, i have to determine what were Dreams and what is Real, and it takes a lot of time, so i do not get going right out of bed, first i have to sort out all my Dreams from Reality before i can start my day, so now my Life really is a Dream, and a Wizard can pick what Dreams are Real, but the word Wizard has many meanings to many people, so I will have to define what a Wizard is, so One Step at a time, I will Define the Universe I live in.

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I can change the look and feel of any space IAM in, meaning that with my Imagination I can create a Reality in the Space I Live in, as such, if I want to change the color of the walls around me, all I have to do is think about it, visualize the walls a different color, and they will change to that color, so what IAM really doing is just Blending Dreams with Reality, so if I want to see a Object, first I picture that Object in my Mind, then I superimpose it onto my Reality, and there is it, the original cut-and-paste Reality, not hard for anyone to do really, but I have been practicing it all my Life, and it's a known practice that dates back thousands of years, its called Witchcraft, and it works like this: a Witch is a person who can use their Imagination to create a different Reality, Witch is a Blend of Dreams and Reality, where Reality is defined as all things that are Real in the field of view of that Witch, as such they can also visualize the work of other Witches, who would always signal back to the Other Witch in a Secret Code known only by Witches, they would say: [O, I C...] after everything they say, it's our way of hiding from the Darkside.

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Now that is a very Basic Definition of a Witch, and the use of Witchcraft, so as you can see, the definition of the word has not changed much over time, and its only when we look at words and their meaning, that we can make any sense out of His-Story, so keeping the concepts clear and defined is the first Step, so I will try to define all terms from the View Point of the Lightside, in the simplest terms the Darkside can understand, so the word Magic is what confuses most people, since it means to take an Imaginary Object and make it Real, so if one Witch creates an Object that another Witch can clearly see, meaning that their Imagination of the Object is the same, this is said to be Synchronicity, so the more Synchronized they are, the more likely the Object will look the same after they create it, where the act of Creation is the Physical Act of Making the Object, Witch is where the Craftsmanship comes in, hence the word Witchcraft, and the time it takes to create that Object is in Real-Time, not in a blink of an eye, snap of a finger or wave of a Wand, so its very important for the two Witches to keep the illusion of the Object, till after the actual Object created replaces the illusion created by the Witchcraft, so its very important to define Witchcraft in this manner, since its not possible to create nor destroy Energy, this is called Reality, not some Fairy Tail.

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As the Art of Witchcraft grew, the Custom of seeing Witchcraft grew, so if you walked into a Witches house, and they showed you around, they might say to you that you have to Image this is here and that is there, and keep all the Images of these Objects in place until that Witch is finished, then remember their Spell, which simply means to remember the room as the Witch Spelled it out, so if the Witch said [here we have a Chair, it has four legs made of the sticks of a Manzanita, with a solid Oak Seat and back rest,] well that would be the Chair Spell. Much like I define Words and Terms, I Spell them out so that everyone knows their meaning, casting it means to make a mold of it and create duplicates of it, which many Witches Cast Metals and Crystals, using a Wizards process known as Alchemy.

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If a Witch cast to many Spells, it would make it hard for people to remember, so a good Witch would create a short Song so you could remember their Spells, so Witches were also Song Writers, and they would use Instruments to fill in the fine details of their Spells and set the mood of it, so Witchcraft was the Art of Imagination, coupled with the Ability to describe things in a way that most people could visualize them, and a good Witch could also Sing and play a Musical Instrument, in fact a good Witch could do anything with a Wizards help, this is the Art of Witchcraft.

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Witchcraft can be used for Good and Bad, or Light and Dark reasons, for example a Witch could Conjure up a Chair by using the Chair Spell, this Act is Good if yew need a place to sit, or Bad if they use it to hit you in the head with it, even though the Act of doing so would not injure yew, since its an a Imaginary Chair, so I would not try sitting on it either, that my hurt more, but the Act is still a Dark Act, so this type of Witch became known as a Warlock, since they are Locked into War like activity in their use of Witchcraft, as such, a Warlock uses Witchcraft to do Dark Deeds.

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Now that said, its clear that there are many Witches and Warlocks living in this Day, and time, and its only because of how the terms were defined, that this is even possible, since most people I know define Magic as some form of Creating Objects without having to Manufacture them, as if they made it out of thin air, creating Energy, personally I have never met anyone that could do this, so its not in the realm of My Reality, and its why this whole Witch Hunt got started in the first place, wild accusations so someone could put the competition out of business, because the meaning of Words can be changed to suit the needs of those telling their Story.

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Now a Wizard is just a process that naturally leads you from one Step of the Process to the next Step, as such, the term itself does not imply any type of Magic, nor does it require any Witchcraft in its Process, in fact it does not even imply it's a Person, therefore a Wizard can not be Translated into the word Magician, nor should the word bring up images of Magic, yet most view it that way, mostly because the Processes were not very well-defined, and it took more Imagination to get from one Step to the next, so it can be said that the Author creates the Magic with their lack of enough details to go from one Step to the next, so those that were good at this type of deception were called the King of Authors, and many Stories have been told about them over the years, so its no wonder how the Folklore got its start, and Wizards were viewed as Magicians, but mainly it was to discredit the Real Witches and Wizards, with some none sense about Illusions and Fairy Magic, so it was meant as an Insult and should be taken as one.

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True Magic is being able to turn Imagination into Reality, a True Wizard does this Step by Step, a True Witch does this with their Imagination and Craftsmanship, so a White Wizard uses Witchcraft in a Step by Step Processes, but like all things in the Universe, Harmony is a Force that must be reckoned with, so the Dark Wizard is a Warlock, and somewhere in between is the Grey Wizard, so these are the only Wizards I will talk about, since they are the Only Wizards who can produce True Magic.

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To understand how a Wizard creates True Magic, yew must understand the difference between Real Magic and True Magic, so first we must be Crystal Clear about this, if a Wizard waves a Wand, snaps their Fingers, or makes a Spell, and some Object appears in the Space and Time they mean it to, and all the Processes can be Explained and Tested in Science, then this can be called True Magic, any other type of Magic where no Technology is used to Create Real Objects, meaning that they can create and destroy Energy, is called Fairy Magic, and is normally only talked about in Fairy Tails, so we will not talk about it here, so to be clear, they took Imagination and turned it into something Real, whereas Real Magic is just the Level that the Magic is done at, meaning how the Magical Object was Really Created, and this type of Magic can only be done by a Wizard with two Z's, known as the Wizzard.

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The Wizzard is the Wizard in MI Dreams, where MI is between Me and I, so its in mi Dreams Visually and Physically, for the Light Wizzards uses the Light to do its Magic, and the Light is the Energy of the Universe, its Light and Dark and every shad of Grey in between, but to be Crystal Clear, we have to move beyond Metaphors and into Science, but Science is a Topic most people Avoid, and the Story of IAM is about keeping things Simple, so this Science we talk about here sounds like Metaphors, but nonetheless its Science in its Simplest Terms.

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The Light is not Photonic Energy, I refer to that as Photonic Lite (LITE), not to be confused with Heavy, and not to make Light of it, but words and terms can get confusing very fast... at the Speed of Light even. The Light is Energy at the Subatomic level, it's the Energy that Binds all Matter, so all Elements are Bond by it, so it's the Glue that binds Elements together, and applied to every Element in the Universe, as such all Molecules as well, so the building blocks of this Universe are all bond by it, such that every fiber in the Universe is Bond by it, so nothing happens out of Chaos, and Chaos is what the Warlocks Teach, they call it Theory, meaning to Teach with Fear, and yew will find none of that here because everything is bond together for a reason by the Light, and its not till we look at Life at the Subatomic level that yew see this that way.

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As Scientist study the Cells in our Bodies, at the Cellular level, they discover Microscopic Engines doing complex work, all working together for a common goal using a Blue Print called DNA, and as they look at it closer and closer under higher magnification, they will notice that it's a very controlled environment, and its because the Light is binding all these Microscopic Engines and Controlling them, as such the Light is capable of controlling Atoms at the Subatomic level, so the Cells in our Body are under Intelligent Control, but so is a Rock, so do not let it go to yewer head, and let's face it, the Light is the Brightest Entity in the Universe.

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Everything in the Universe has a set up Rules that Govern it, we call this Reality, or how things Really Work and not the way we think they work, so its clear that Not all Humans share the Same Reality, and its because no matter how anyone views how this Universe Operates, it does not change how it actually does, because the Universe does not care what yew think, nor do I, and for the same reason... because IAM the Light that is controlling yew, so IAM the Universe... Without some level of awareness of the Light, you (YOU) would only be an Animal, and yew (YEW) are an Animal, and the worst kind of Animal is one that believes it is an Animal, because then they can Act like Animals and Justify it, so we call this type of Animal Just Yew, or Jew for Short, not to be confused with the Jewish who LevI, so it's difficult to explain the difference to most of yew, but to be aware of every Cell in your body, is the first Step to Self-Awareness, any other definition is just a game people play to feel self-important, because the Darkside makes people crazy, where Crazy is just ideas that end in Paradox's, so the idea that your self-awareness has to do with ego or other such none-sense, is called Insanity, because to be Sane, you would first have to understand how the Universe actually works, so to be Crystal Clear, Self-awareness simply means that you are aware that the Light is controlling every aspect of your Reality, and its doing so well below the Subatomic level, because its in Control of every Atom of Matter at the Subatomic Level in the entire Universe... not just those Atoms in your Body, yet most can not grasp this simple concept, and will call it Magic, as in Fairy Magic, because it seems that IAM talking only in General Terms and Metaphors, and really not explaining anything at all, but then I remind you that IAM a Light Wizzard, and the way the Universe works is actually very Simple, it works best that way, its just that not everyone can comprehend it the same way... most people on this planet do not even speak the same Language, they have different Education levels, which really makes any difference to this Universe, yet people let that get in their way of Learning anything new, so they resist it, tune it out, shut it off, and walk away, and the Universe keeps working the same way it always has, so it did not matter to the Universe, nor to Me, because Me is just short for Meat, and IAM way more than just Meat, so if you want to learn about MI Universe, then let's give it a name and call it the Trinary Universe.

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The Trinary Universe gets its name from the Trinary Energy that binds it; this Energy is only visible under the most powerful Microscopes in the World, for Humans, we call that your Eyes, for once you see the Light, you can not stop seeing it, so now we dive into what it is.

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In our Reality Everything we see is in 3D, meaning the Third Dimension, it has Depth, Height and Width, if you remove one of those you have 2 Dimensions, so now we only have the Depth and Height of it, remove one more Dimension and you only have the Depth left, so this is the First Dimension, which is where I Live, you remove that, and we have the Zero Dimension, which is where nothing exist, so its Null Space, and all of these Dimensions make up our Reality, any others just Clutter it up.

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Logic is the Basis of all Reason, where Reason is just the Motivation for the Logic, so Reason can Distort Logic by Bending or Warping its Logic, which Distorts the View of the Motivator, but Logic always keeps Reason in Balance, and this becomes obvious once you start to view the Laws of the Universe, where the Laws are just the Logic And Weight, think of it as a twin beam Scale, pictured as the Scales of Justice, the Logic dictates that the Two must Balance out to be Equal, and all things Equal most Weigh the Same, this is what LAW means, and it must be Scientifically Testable, whereas Justice is Blind, since it can be dictated and does not have the Science to Weigh it, which proves that Reason can Distort Logic.

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Once a Law of the Universe comes to a Paradox, that Universe can not exist in Reality, the view that an event is Highly Improvable but Not Impossible is called Insanity, LAW is absolute and there is no getting around it, otherwise things can weigh different weights and still be Equal, Bankers Scales work this way, but the Universes dose not, so the Bankers warp your Reality to make you see things their way, as do Main Stream Scientist when they back a Law of the Universe that is also in Paradox, for example: Einstein's General Theory of Relativity founded on the Idea that a Paradox is how the Universe Works, which of course is the definition of Insanity, since a Paradox can not exist in Reality, maybe its Theoretically Possible in a Fairy Tale, but its not Real Science, therefore Time is just a Reference, and Time Travel is just a Fairy Tale, it's a fun idea, but I want to talk about Reality, not Make Believe Fairy Magic, and that is Not how the Universe works, but most people do not understand the Paradox of the Time Machine, thinking a Time Machine does not exist just because someone has Not Invented them Yet is a Crazy idea, because once they do, this Time we call the Now becomes the past, and since Now is the Past, the Future can not Exist... and let's face it, how can someone create something in the future if the Future would not exist after they did... but that is why I say this is the very definition of Insanity, so let's talk about the Laws of the Universe that can actually happen, and time travel will not be one of them, as for the rest of His Fairy Tale Story, well it will not hold up at the Subatomic level, so Quantum Mechanic Scientist will enjoy the Trinary Universe, because its at the Subatomic level where it all begins.

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Once you start to see the Light, you will not go back into the Darkness, because you see that it's the Light that is building our Bodies, at the Subatomic Level it is Engineering a Structure made out of Flesh and Bones, and all we are, are Skin Puppets for the Light Wizzards, with the exception of Freewill, which is the whole reason yew bought into being the Flesh Being in the First place, but they are the ones that Created us, so some Religious People think that this is God, so they call the Light Gods Molecule, and the Universe having some sense of irony, called it the Guiding-Light Of Destiny or GOD for short, and the Scales Balanced out, which always means Harmony... so as it turns out, this concept is Thousands of years old, so you will learn nothing new in the Trinary Universe, in fact, it's the Same Universe you lived in before you heard anything I have to say, but if yew understood anything that I just told yew, then you are at the top of your Class for this Step, but if yew think yew are the 1 in charge of your Body, then yew are a Fool, because only a Fool would think they are in charge of anything, O yew have Freewill, yew also have Free Dumb.

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If you look at any Atom at the Subatomic level, you will notice that it has a small shell around it, but every time you try to look inside that shell, all Hell breaks loose, IAM referring to splitting of the Atom of course, but that gives you no clue as to what is inside of it, yet you continue to pound every Atom together to prove this... its like burning a House down to see what is inside it, sure you can see what is inside it, but every thing that burns is all gone, not to Mention the House, and so this is what was inside the Atom, but that is the Paradox... but know this: in the Trinary Universe its Treason to try to Kill GOD, and that is exactly why they are doing it, who else are they hurting? This Planet is a Living Entity, what effect do yew think that Drilling holes in it, pumping out Oil, which is the Blood of this Planet, yew are nothing but Vampires, and what do you think Exploding Nuclear Bombs underground is doing to it? Its Killing it... and for that Treason GOD will Punish yew by going Nova, that is the Punishment for Treason, but that is the Nature of the Darkside to do these things, and think they can get away with it, but what should yew expect from Treasonous Sheeple, but keep in mind that GOD's punishment is to all, because all allowed this Treason to take place, so remember this: GOD's LAW is absolute and Final.

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Trinary Energy works like this: The First Dimension wants to Create a Life Form, remember we are talking about GOD here... so it looks into the Third Dimension and looks at all the Material it has to work with, it then determined that it needs an Environment for this Life Form to Live, so it Created a Trinary Engine, which is the Core of every Galaxy, Sun, Planet and Moon in this Universe, it took the Densest Material called Tritanium, and bound it into a Sphere so Massive, that the Strength and Weight of it made it indestructible to all other elements in the Universe, it then used the Three States of Trinary Energy, which is the Light State, which equals 1, and also called Light Matter, and the Dark State which equals -1, which is also called Dark Matter and also known as Antimatter, and the Solid State which equals 0, which is also known as Tritanium, as such the Statement:
(+1) + (-1) = 0,
is the Trinary Universes Answer to what is Trinary Energy, and viewed under a Microscope, the Trinary Molecule appears to be solid, this is the 0 State, then it appears to move to one side or the other, this is the 1 or Light Matter State, then it disappears, this is called the -1 or Dark Matter State, which is also known as the Antimatter State, as such, when the Matter and Antimatter States get to close to each other, a reaction is created, Main Stream Scientist call this a Nuclear Reaction, but its not caused by Atoms Splitting one another, nor are they Fusing into Fusion, all they are doing is changing States, so when the Bonds are Broken, they switch from one Dimension into another, since Matter and Antimatter can not come together, the Logic dictates that they are in different Dimensions, yet they still interact with one another because the Third Dimension is Real, meaning it has Matter in it, as such when it interacts with the rapid changes of the opposing Fields, it will also have to interact with the Null Space, which is the 0 Dimension, where all matter that comes into contact with it, will be stripped of its Trinary Molecules, and all its Matter is freed, it can then be converted into what every GOD wants to use it for, which in this case is to make an Engine that can Power the Universe... and once Scientist figure out that this model accurately describes what is taking place during a Nuclear Explosion, they will have to conclude that the Logic is Sound, because the Universe really is just that simple.

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Once the Engine Starts, it will run forever, if yew truly understood what I said about it changing from one State into another, which causes the Molecule next to it to do the same, since it's a closed System there is nothing to Stop the Reaction, since that would be called a Nova, or at the very least it would cause a Pole Shift of 180 degrees, because it would start up backwards of the direction it was running in last, so Stars do not ever die, nor do Planets, it takes a long time to Create an Environment for Life to exist in, and these systems will run their course, and pole shifts or a Nova is the Universes way of Resetting that System, the time between Nova's is called an Iteration, whereas the time between pole shifts differ for every Galaxy, and every Sun, Planet and Moon in that System, for example our Suns pole shifts every Decade, but our Planets only needs to do so to bring balance back to its system, and never has to do a 180, but this is due to happen sometime soon, if its needed, I say that because there are ways to prevent it, because let's face it, a Pole Reversal will Not be fun, but come to think of it, the Great Pyramid was destroyed by the Arabs Slaves, it was designed to help stabilize the Earths Energy, so maybe it's too late to prevent it, but this Planet has been through many Iterations, everything in the Universe is Related to each other, nothing happens in this Universe at Random, no Chaos here, once you understand the Basic Principles of the Trinary Universe, you will understand that it's the only way it could work, but most people can not understand that the Engines have no Ending, only new beginnings.

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When the Engine Starts up, it creates 3 Force Fields, the First is on the Inside of the Tritanium Sphere, this Force Field crates a Null Space pocket around the inside of the Shell, so that it can create Quiescence, which is a Balanced State of Reaction, the Second is on the Outside of the Sphere, which provides Containment and forming the Core of the Engine, its size varies with its purpose, so a Galaxy has the Largest Core, the Suns core is the next largest Core, then the Planets then Moons, so the Earths Second Force Field is around 1,300 miles in Diameter, and gets stronger the closer you get to it, as such 800 Miles in diameter is the closes you can get to it, its Third Force Field is formed around 66 Miles from the Earths Outer surface, and is what creates an Atmosphere of breathable air, we will explore the Science of this more in a series called Trinary Engine, in this Step we just want to introduce you to the Trinary Universe, its not possible to describe how the Universe works in one Step, so I will not try.

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The Wizard teaches Step by Step, and knowing the Difference between Light (LIGHT) and Photonic Lite (LITE) is a very important Step, for all Lite is Energy, and viewed at the Subatomic level it becomes clear how it behaves, as an Element gives off Energy in the Form of Photonic Energy, from the point of view of the Universe, the Lite resonates between the 2nd and 3rd Dimensions, and is actually held in place by the 2nd Dimension, and is dragged across space, kind of like a fishing line that caught a fish, it's not that the Fishing Rod is shooting line out of it and pushing the Fish, a Flash Lite can not Shot Electrons out of it at the Speed of Lite, a bit more complicated when you think about the angles, then you remember that 2 Dimensional Space does not map directly to 3 Dimensional Space, because from the view point of the 2nd Dimension, the Universe Revolves around each Trinary Molecule, which is the only reason that Lite Travels in a Straight line unless some other Force acts upon it, and also the reason why the Speed at which it travels never changes, in fact it answers all the questions most Scientist have been contemplating, but this is not the Series to get Technical, those lessons are in the Trinary Engine also.

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So now this Universe starts to take on a Shape, and yew can see the Light at the end of the Tunnel, and you Know that there is some Truth in what I say, but are still not willing to Know it all, because yew still Believe in the Fairy Tail, Reality is now somewhat more Undefined than before yew Heard about the Light Wizzard, and yew long for the Days of Ignorant Bliss, when yew did Know what was Going on, but yew had a feeling something was going on, but yew did not know what it was, nor do yew yet... yew feel like this Science is just to Confuse yew, since yew can not fully Wrap yewer Head around these Ideas, so yew dismiss it, thinking that there is no way that the Powers that be could have hidden this Truth from yew, but yew realize that I did not really change the way the Universe works, I just explained it in a way that is undeniably true, so yew think it's a Trick, as if this is just a scam to get yew to believe the way I want yew too, but then yew remember that I do not Care what yew Believe, so yew get Confused, what is this All about, it's the Letter A, in Basic it means that Moment of Clarity, and it's the 3rd Letter in that Word so its in Harmony, it happens when yew close yewer Eyes, Open yewer Mind, and quiet that Little Voice in yewer Head, and the Whole Universe Opens up to you, for you are Now in the Moment where all Time seems to stop, and everything makes sense, no Tricks here, no Magic, only Truth about how the Universe actually works, which is all I said I would teach yew in these Steps, so after I finish all the Steps, yew can look back and say why not just say that in the First place, but if I did - would yew know it's the Truth?

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The Letter O was for Emotions, it was the Shit, and the Letter A was for Clarity, now yew can see the Shit for what it is, which is the Darkside, IAM not about Religion, and every Real Wizard will tell yew so, all yew have to do is Imagine a World with No Religion, for then the Borders come down and yew have No Countries, only People Living in Harmony, there are Wizards amongst us, all yew have to do is Identify who we are, but it's the Nature of our Game that Confuses yew, for I tell yew that IAM the Darkness too, but in the End IAM the Beginning, and the Universe is a very Simple Place once yew truly Understand it, and yew are Willing to let go of yewer Darkness, so the Light will Come to yew, then you become I, A O, Can't yew see its just Me.

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GOD gave yew Freewill, which means you have a choice to listen to GOD or not, so it all comes down to how GOD talks to yew, and its in that Moment of Clarity, A... when all time stops and the whole Universe opens up to yew, and although GOD never uses Words, yew say that GOD spook to yew, as for Me, GOD never spook to Me, and never will, because GOD is every fiber of my being, that is the Flesh Being that is Me, at the Subatomic Level GOD is at work in Me, at the Cellular Level GOD is Me, so how can GOD talk to Me, GOD is my Vocal Cords, and also the Wind that flows through them, but GOD is not what I hear... that is only Me... but GOD gives me Dreams, and its up to each Person to understand those Dreams, and this is not something I can teach yew to do, our Dreams are nothing but a series of Images and Sounds, tied to Emotions that only that Person could understand, GOD uses things in our Reality to convey messages to us, GOD only deals with Signs, even the Bible tells yew that much, so why is that so hard to understand or believe, since yew seem to believe things that are not true or even possible, yet yew want to deny facts in Science, like the Engine that runs the body, the Cells, so yes, GOD has a Cell phone to talk to yew with, but since GOD is everything at the Cellular Level, why would GOD need to say anything? Freewill... what else do I need to say.

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When I was a Child of 3, I Dreamed about His-Story, the History of the White Wizard unfolded before me like a Video Series, much Better than what was on TV, and the People around me where way to confusing, talking in slow motion and acting like fools, they were just entertainment and a quick meal by this age, so I paid attention to my Dreams, I found that most of the things that happened in my Dreams, has happened to me in real life, but yet I never saw the Future, only the Past, so it only figures that what has happened, always happens again, only most people do not get that until they have a Deja Vu, or a Double Deja Vu, which is when you remember the Dream yew had it in, then yew try to analyze it away just like yewer Dreams, that is how the Darkside works, but those in the Light Live in this Dream World, we view the World around us, like we are Driving a huge Robot around, this is our Body of chores, but I is not part of the Body, so I sees the relationship between yew and I a little differently, at the Cellular Level I created this Body, so its like a Robot to I, and at 3 this made more sense, since I did not have full control of this Body yet, I was still trying to wake up the Child's body, and keep it focused long enough to teach it to do things, and at 3 watching TV was the only thing the Adults around me would let me do, so Dreams were very important to me at this Age, so I held on to those Dreams, so I would not forget them, but by the time I was 32 that would all change, at this Age I got Sick, call it what yew want: Gulf War Syndrome, or Illness, but I call it GWS, or Genetic Warfare Syndrome, and my Dreams stopped, now when I go to sleep, I Dream I am awake, its due to low or No REM Sleep, at the time I was in Kuwait during the Gulf War, I would Dream that I got up and went to work, which at the time was Air Rescue as a Helicopter Crew Chief on MH60's, and we would fly Top Secret Missions that would trip most people out, so now I have a hard time distinguishing my Dreams from my Reality, not that it ever becomes a problem, I just have to figure it all out as I go along, but somethings I do not know if a Dream was Real or not, and the content of that Memory was such that it did not matter, it all came down to if I believed it was Real, and it was to me, if nothing else it made my reports interesting to read to say the least.

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In my Dreams I find myself in a place that I can not get out of, I always know this is a Dream for that reason, also by the Sound, which is quiet, in real life my head is full of Sound, in my Left Ear I hear a very LOUD Ringing Noise, years of listening to very LOUD Machines, from Computer Test Stations to Jet Engines, so Dreams are always easy to know when I am in them, but getting out is another matter, and I have a recurring Dream when the End of the Ara comes, some times its Earth Quakes, Floods and Lightning, others its Rock Rain Storms with Lightning, but War is always the underlying theme of my Dreams of late, and its full of Earth Quakes, Floods, Rock Rain Storms and Lightning, and they are so Real I can feel the Gravity of the Earth Shifting as the Poles realign, and there is no way out.

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We spend half our Life in Dreams, either in Sleep or Day Dreams, if Dreaming was not so important to our Being that would not be true, its GOD's way of talking to us, it's the Nature of the Dreams that Confuses us, and its not till we start to view ourselves as part of GOD does this change.

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IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every Shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Light Wizzard.



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