The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Chapter 00.02
IAM Step -1

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft
Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 00.02
IAM Step -1


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step -1
Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-N-IAM-01

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The Dark Wizzard in the Flesh, will now reveal IAM in Step -1, from the Viewpoint of the Darkside in Terms only the Darkside can understand.

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Most people believe they Know what the Lightside is, they swear to it, until I finish telling them its defined as all Light with no Darkness, same definition given in the Bible, But most do not understand the Bible, nor do they understand the World they Live in, so once yew decide to be honest with yewerself, yew have to view things as both Light and Dark, but can not go as far as to agree that they can have no Darkness in that Reality, because there are always Dark things going on in the background, so they conclude that is not possible to only have Light in yewer Reality, since something Dark is also taking place somewhere on the Planet, so they believe that the Light does not Exist, since they can not change the Definition of it, so they can not Imagine a Reality with only Light in it, so I ask them for an Example of the Light that Exist in this Reality with Darkness, and every Country has their own History of Reality, but as for Me, I grew up in the United States, it's a Global Corporation owned and Operated by the Central Banking System or CBS, who also provide News and Entertainment to its Slave Population, I was in the Military, they Called Me Sargent Flesher, I was Hired to Fight Wars for the Banking Cartel, and also Mercenaries when the Bankers needed to Kill the Slaves that they do not need anymore, that is the only Job of this Military, the only catch is that they Lied to Me, they told me I was supposed to Defend the Constitution of the United States of America, but for Me to be able to do that, I would have to Kill all its Leaders for Treason, since they Allowed the Banks to Buy the United States of America for a Song and Dance called the Civil War, so the Business men that Owned Congress and the Senate at the Time, could become Wealthy and have Power, and even though the Articles of the Constitution Allowed its Citizens to overthrow its Government when it becomes corrupt, in fact it Demanded it... from all its Citizens, the Powers that be passed Laws making that Treason, it's a Paradox... really, I can not do my Job Killing Treasoneers unless iam willing to become one, so this whole System is set up as a Paradox.

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There is no Reality in the Darkside but what yew make of it, but then again... I grew up in a Family with serious Drug Problems, my Parents were Street Drug Addicts, and my Grandparents were Main Stream Drug Addicts, who thought that Pharmaceutical Drugs, and Alcohol were Gods Gift but only Satin Sells Street Drugs, but in Truth, Drugs are Drugs, and Alcohol and Pharmaceutical Drugs are not Gods Drugs, God gave yew Cannabis, Magic Mushrooms, Peyote, Opium Poppies, Coca and others, but it was Man who Created Drugs from them, then deceived themselves into thinking that those where Gods Drugs... a Drug is anything that God gave yew and yew Dried it out to process it, which makes it a Drug, so even Sugar and Wheat is a Drug, so now most of what yew eat is Drugs, so yewer Reality and Mine are Colliding, now that yew see that everyone is on Drugs, and what is even Crazier for the Darkside to think, is that they Drink Alcohol, but they do not do Drugs Street Drugs, as they think they are better, as if that makes them less of a Drug Addict I guess, but they still do Drugs, because Alcohol is a Man Made Drug that is far worse than any of Gods Drugs, yewer own Data on this proves that it's a Deadly Drug that makes people do Crazy things, but because its Legal, people think it's somehow better than Gods Drugs, that is how People Justify this thought process and why they are in the Dark to begin with, so some view God as the Lightside, where others view God as the Darkside, where the Truth is only in the Shades of Grey... but some do not believe in God at all, they believe in Chaos, but Science has proof that Chaos does not exist in Nature, but since I do not care what yew Believe, yew will find no Religion being taught here, so keep in mind who IAM talking about when I say GOD, because this GOD has a Lightside and a Darkside, but its in here that we talk about the Darkside, and it starts when Peoples Reality is only Dark, with no Light in it, that they become to believe that must be the Light, with the Paradox that it can not be, since it has Darkness in it, Light and Dark are the Flip-side of a Coin, the Dark can never see the Light, nor the Light see the Dark, so when yew are in the Darkside, there is No Light, only Shades of Grey, so White is as close as the Darkside comes to the Light, and once yew allow all Emotions to Fade away, only then can it turn from White into the Light, but it can also go into the Darkside of the Light, so Black fades into the Darkness once again, some times when this Happens, it causes a Deja Vu, it's because yew opened up a path from one side to the other, and now yew have to walk over this path with a new view of Reality, so yew start to measure time as everything that happened before this Event, and everything that happened after it, like yew died and was reborn, so people think this must be the Lightside, so yew take this Drug and that Drug so yew will feel better again, but in the Light, you do Not feel Pain at All, that was just yewer Darkness.

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Yewer Reality is viewed as Black and White, very few can see the Shades of Grey in it, and the Paradox it creates, since yew view Black as very Dark and Evil, and White as very Light and Good, so yew view White as being the Light, and Black as being the Dark, and since yew also view Dark Deeds as Bad, and Light Deeds as Good, yew assign White to meaning Good, and Black to being Bad, and very few see the Grey at all, so yew assign Good as Light and Dark as Evil, so its easy to make Black People Evil, and White People Good, but this leap in Logic causes unrest, because deep down this feeling never goes away, and it does not matter if yew are Black or White, because let's face it, if yew are not Black or White, yew are just a Mutt, yew know that Mixed Race, and when it comes to yewer Coffee, some Like it White and Hot, some Like it Straight and Black, and some like it up the Ass, a Good Coffee Enema would do yew all some Good, because yew are all just Full of Shit, so if any of those statements invoked any Emotions in yew at all, then yew are Prejudice, and the Color of yewer Skin has nothing to do with it, this is the Darkside, Emotions are the Darkness, because all I said was a bunch of Words, yew attached Meaning to them, not I, so it's the Reality yew created with this whole Black and White mentality, so again its only in the Shades of Grey can yew see this... but this is the Darkside, so yew call Sheeple Names, yew start Fights and Wars so yew can Rape the Dead, or was that Rape them Dead, it's a tough call with this New Openly Gay Military of yewers, because some like to Kill, so they can have a trill with them, but this is the Height of Civilization and yewer Black and White View, means that yew view War as a Necessary Evil at best, but most do not view it as Evil at all, they see it as a means of Thinning out the Salve Population, while others view it as a way of Life, as unavoidable as Death and Taxes, so yew go along with the Madness, and Justify it by saying there are Good Soldiers, so there is White, and there are Bad Soldiers, so there is Black, but this is the Real Deal, yew do not see the Shades of Grey in between when yew are in the Darkside... so all yew are Really saying is that yew go along with it because everyone else goes along with, yew follow but yew do not Lead, so yew Play Follow the Leader, because yew forgot who they are, which is the Big Bad Wolf, and since yew are a Sheep, yew do what yew are told to do, think what they want yew to think, yew are Parrot, Not a Patriot, yew allowed the Evil to be the Light, so the Darkness could Shine a Little Darker, and yew defend the Darkness to the End.

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Now is the time I tell Mi-self to take a Deep Breath, and spit out all the Darkness inside of Me before the Next Breath, so here it Goes: When I was 11 My Grandmother Eula, who was an Irish Ozark Mountain born Engineer that worked in the Pentagon in the National Archive, my Grandfather was in the Navy and assigned to the Pentagon in 1948, he died in 1964 from Radiation Poisoning from a Nuclear Submarine, My Grandmother never ceased to amaze me, she Died in 2011 at the age of 99, but I remember that day like it was yesterday, but it was 1972, she handed me a Book my Grandfather who died when I was very young had written in, it was a brief History of this World based on critical events, it had been passed down from one Generation to the Next, with the one goal of documenting Key events that keep changing in History, like the History of the Pyramids, Religion, Witch Hunts, Wars, and Science, not much talk about Politics, as one Grandfather wrote, the Jews are still in Power till that changes no reason to mention it, so it was His-Story, so my Grandmother said to me, [I never gave this Book to my Sons, because I knew they would lose it somehow, but they read it, so I am entrusting it to you since you are the Last in Line, read it and protect it, and find a way to tell all the People about it] in other words, no pressure, if I do not find a way to tell this Story, no one will, but fate stepped in, my Father and Step-Mother Divorced, and during the move my Step-Mother threw all my belongings in the trash, so she could use the truck they were stored in, so fate it seems is not without Irony that the Book was lost by a Stepmother named Aloha, which means Hello Goodbye, i can not remember what i did last week, but i remember what was in that Book, and after telling His-Story for the last 40 years I can honestly tell yew that no one cares about anything but themselves, so I can only conclude that People do not view this as Dark enough Deed to think it was Bad, or they just do not Believe what I am telling them, which I do not care what they Believe, but to dismiss it altogether means they really do not care, telling stories like this even back in my Grandfathers time, did not go over very well, people really did not believe or care back then, and the Family just goes nuts at the very mention of it, so iam sure i will get flack over telling it anyway, it has to be told... and telling it has only gotten worse, yew can only say the sky is falling so many times and it does not, that people view yew as Crying Wolf, which is what happened to my Grandfather when he told Friends and Family about a Plot to start the Next War, which involved Bombing a Wing at the Pentagon and Blowing up a Building in New York, nowadays people listen, but back then no one thought it would ever happen, as it turned out it did on 911, but not in his Lifetime, so his Darkness became Mine, and now I have to deal with it, this is called a Legacy, after my Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather, running from the Jews that were taking over Germany he moved to the what is now the USA around 1730, his Son changed the Spelling of the Family name in an effort to make it American, changing it from the original Ashkenazic term (Fleischer), from Fleisch meaning Flesh or Meat + the agent suffix -er, which means more of, to (Flesher), so they removed the letters I C for a reason, since most Americans do not C I, so its clear that my Family has been in this Country long before it was a Country, some served in Wars like my Grandfather, who served in the Navy in Submarines, my Great-Great Grandfather fought in the Civil War, 1st Regiment West Virginia Cavalry, and oh course they fought for Independence, but who cares about that War, the Constitution was just Words written on Paper made from Hemp, so they might as well Smoke it, since it has no meaning to its Citizens, myself serving in the Military, I take my Duty to this Country Seriously, so when I read about my Families background, it got me thinking about my own... but to understand a History that is only told by those who Conquered, will require yew to look at this Reality around US, and ask yewerself what is really going on here...

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Growing up - my Father hated Jews, always going on about World War 2, and how the Nazi's Killed his Ancestors, my Grandmother said my Grandfather Hated them also, so I can see where my Father got it from, my Father had a way with Words, for example FUCK, meant one thing, to have Sex with the Intent to Bread, but when yew say Fucking Jew, well that Phrase can take on a whole new meaning, so to be clear... they were talking about Genocide of an Entire Race, by Rape or Murder of some 70 Million German People, I tell people this story, and they say we know that, its called History, we all Know about the War... then I tell them, the War was Over, this is what the Jews did on the Way out, it was a Victory Dance after the Nazi's won the War, and it was lead by the Jew Leader Ike the Kike Eisenhower, as my Father put it, then they left a Garrison and built a Wall around the Camp, then bread out the rest, my Grandmother always told me that No one hates a Jew more than a Jew does, a lesson I learned the Hard way, now I will tell yew why...

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To understand what a Race means, yew must go back to the Original Race, which is the Black Race, they called them this because they had Black Eyes, Hair and Skin, this Race was in the Light, they knew they were Spirits or SOULS, then came the Grey Race, they had Ash Grey colored Skin, Grey hair at birth, turning Brown then back into Grey as they aged, and Grayish Green Eyes, and where also in the Light, then came the White Race, they were born with White Hair, it turns Blond, then White again in old Age, and yew guessed it they were also in the Light, they also have White Skin, which is now considered to be a Deadly Birth Defect, which is also a similar case with the other Races, although its much rarer to see one of them being born nowadays, so my guess is that they were bred out years ago, and are normally Terminated by a Doctor when they are Born, which was the whole reason for Doctors in the First place, but each Race brought different Strengths and also Weaknesses, but as a Society they Lived in Harmony and Built the Pyramids, then a Woman named Eve was Seduced by the Darkside and bore a Son named Cain, so the Son of Adam which was Able, became the Gate Keeper of the Families Secrets, as such Gods Law was to Never Cross the Race Barrier, how that translated into anything to do with Apples and Tree of Knowledge, is beyond me, other than the Tree is a Family Tree, the Apple being the Fruit, and the Knowledge being the Outcome, which is the Lost of Paradise, but Eve did not do as God Commanded, which was to Kill the Son, so the Son Survived, and when he became of Age he got this Half Sister Pregnant, so Adam Expelled Eve and the Children from Paradise, so Cain left with his Mother, Half-Sister and Child, then came back in the Middle of the Night with his Mother and kidnapped the other Sisters, then after many Generations Cains Descendants Raised and Army, and Raped and Murdered Egypt's People and Plundered the Town and Pyramids, then fled into the Desert for another 3 Generations and came back, and finished the Job with a vengeance for being expelled from Paradise, so just as the White Wizard foretold, the Destruction of Paradise was due to Lust and Greed, which always happens to mixed Races, this was not Gods Punishment, but Humans Failure to maintain the Races Balance, allowing a Race War to Genocide the others, till only the last Race is left, which have little resemblance to any Race in the end, then it self-destructs on its self, hating the Animal that it became, these stories sound very close to the Accounts in the Bible, only I condensed it down to one Paragraph, so what IAM really saying is that the White, Grey and Black Races were at peace for Millions of Years, they had built these Pyramids all around the Globe, they had Aircraft Better than the ones we do now, and Technology based on Trinary Energy, in fact most of the UFO's are just them Flying around, the War Continues to this Day, they Live underground, and in the Oceans, this part of His-Story always brings up the BS Flag, that is when someone Stops yew and says Aliens from Outer Space... get Real... and I say No, these People have always Lived here and still do, that is why I called them Ancestors, a lot of People know this for a Fact and got over it years ago, but some will never believe it, and if you saw our Ancestors now, they would bare very little resemblance to US, but that is how Nationality works, a group of People who have Mated for many Years, start to look like each other, so Deeper into the Darkness we go... once the Races started to Mix, yew became a Rainbow of Colors, the Black and Grey Race mix of Cain, became a Warriors without Honor Race, since they were inbred, they grew an appetite for Rape and Murder, and had Wild Sexual Cravings for Homosexuality, Pedophilia, and Bestiality, and it should be noted that not all the Black and Grey Race mixes were Inbred, so when I mention that they are Called the Sephardic Jew, i do not offend anyone, i have met many Sephardic Jews who are in the Light, in fact being in the Light has nothing to do with the Color of yewer Skin, or Genealogy, it's a Birth Right, everyone is Born into the Light, but keep in mind that those who claim to be Descendants of Cain, well they are saying they are the Descendants of Satin, because there is no other Word that best describes Cain, but these people do exist to this Day, and they are in Power, so they be the Powers that be, the Darkside is in Charge.

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The White Race and the Grey Race Mix and became known as the Ashkenazi, they have 3 Combinations they can be born into, the White Race is born with White Hair that turns Blond then back to White as they age, but they have Charcoal Grey Colored Pubic Hair, and Blue Eyes, there skin is known as Flesh Color, which is a mix of White and Grey, and is what IAM, the Grey Race is Born with Brunette Hair and Green Eyes, and the last Bread was Red Hair with Green Eyes, there are also variation of Eye Color, but they never have Brown Eyes, but Hazel or Bluish Green Eyes are Common, they are the Smartest Race on the Planet, and do not take my Word for it, look it up, the Master Race, Supreme Race, sound familiar? All other mixes are just Jewish, not as a Religion, but as a Race, so I want to be clear on this Point, because what my Grandfather was telling me was that my Ancestry dates back to the Pyramids, and that the Ashkenazic Term Fleisch means taking the White Fleisch and the Grey Fleisch mix, and yew get Fleischer, in other words, yew get all the traits of both Races in one, and I wish I could say only the Good ones, but the Light and Dark always exist, which brings me to my Point, my Grandfather knows that he is an Ashkenazi, and he Hates Jews, so my Grandmother was right, No one Hates Jews more than a Jew, so why did my Grandfather hate Jews so much? My Grandfather said that George Bush and Hefner were Treasonous Traders, a very strong word to use, since it means they deserve to be Executed, so growing up I did not think that much about it, I figured everyone knew that by then, till one day I got into Genealogy, and Found that the George Adam Bush and the Hefner's Married into our Family, then Inbred into it, although it did not affect the Branch of Family I came from, it did pollute the Family Gene Pool, but this is all speculation on my part, but my Grandfather was very Clear about the Descendant's of Abraham Lincoln, who was also a Descendant of Cain, and I did not find a link from George Adam Bush to Lincoln in my Family Tree, it does not mean it does not exist, but the Link between President Lincoln's and President George Bush (7th), Dick Cheney (9th), Barack Obama (11th), Brad Pit (9th), John Kerry (9th), Princes Diana (11th), Marilyn Monroe (9th), Hugh Hefner, Pocahontas and even Dracula who was Vlad the Impaler, not to mention his Political ties to George Washington, Ulysses Grant, Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, Harry S Truman, Winston Churchill and many many more, including European Royalty, have all been confirmed, but still it looks like i have more George Bushes in my Family tree then he does, so it's a toss up to who he was referring too, but he is very clear why he hates Jews, but keep in mind he does not hate all Jews, just the ones who did the bidding of the Darkside, and one Word can some up the whole story without having to go into any Details, my Grandfather said that the Ashkenazi have bred with the Descendant's of Cain, and as a result of Inbreeding the Nazi came to be in Power, amazing how one Word can change the Context of what yew are saying so fast, but this is the Darkside IAM talking about, which is why like my Fathers Before me, i hate Jews, so i hate Me, since IAM an Ashkenazic Jew, and no one Hates Jews more than we do.

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So Deeper into the Darkness we go looking for the Darkside in all of US, and what do we find? Yew define yewerselves as being in the Light, very few People actually really believe they are in the Dark or are Dark, or do Dark Deeds, even Hitler and Moses claimed to be Enlightened, so its clear that they did not believe that Mass Genocide is a Dark Deed, so if the Criteria for being in the Light changes from one person to the next, how do yew Measure the Light in the Dark, when some people view Dark Deeds differently, from the view point of both Hitler or Moses, only History can Judge their Dark Deeds, but that History was written by those that Hated or Worshiped them, so its Biased, so if I was to view these Deeds with an Unbiased view point - I would have to first remove the Emotions from it, then only look at the Net Effect of those Dark Deeds, which in both cases was Mass Genocide and Destruction, not to Mention the Rape, Murder and Pillaging, where each crime has Different Emotions attached to it, so yew need to look at other aspects of the crimes, instead of its Emotional Impact, so yew must first define what a Dark Deed is, which is doing something yew know is Wrong, like Rape, Murder and Pillaging, the Deeds themselves are viewed by some as not Dark, even as Light, or maybe they were Dark when Hitler did it, but not Moses, but then it depends on which one yew Hate and Which one yew Worship, for example: some victims of Rape by a Family member view it as Love, so Rape is just Foreplay to them, they view it as Light, and to a Soldier: Murder is part of War, and its Fun to Kill the Enemy, so yew make a Video Game so yew can get good at the Art of Murder, and think this is the Light, and Pillaging is just something yew do because yew view the World as Owing yew something, so after a Riot, one of Mother Natures Fits, or yew have no Money, yew Pillage and think its Fun and in the Light, so Clearly these Acts are Not Dark Deeds to yew, in fact they are just Entertainment, so what was the Real Crime, well in the Light, it's the Truth, so the level of Deception they went through Marks how Dark a Deed is, so this is one way to view the Dark Deeds: First Identify who is in charge of the Darkside, the best way to do that is logically look at who owns everything, the Jews Wrote all the Bibles for all the Religions, they Wrote all the History Books and School Books for all the Nations, the Jews Own all the Banks, and the Banks Own everything in the World, so learn who Jews are From A to Z, now... if yew take the Ash out of Ashkenazi, yew see a very familiar Word called Nazi, if yew can NaZ-I, we only see yew, now this is the Ash from the Burnt Offering so it's the Holly Cost, which is another way of saying Holly Hoax, so the Words start to make sense now, it's a Play on words like LevI, the Jews are so Cleaver... and No 1 Hates Jews more than the Jews Do, so its no wonder all the Aryans are Jews, since Aryans are people who crossed over the Caucasus Mountains and are Known as Caucasian, this makes them the Jewish Race not the White Race, but do not let a little History Lesson spoil yewer fun, but Most people can not tell them Apart, so they Believe it was the White Race that have Slaves, even though History, and the Bible tells yew it was always the Jews, just because it says to do this in their Bible, along with Kill the Gentile, Goyim or Infidel, no... that would be way to obvious, and yew are only looking for Deception here, not what yew already know about them, so its Not a Problem for them to do Crimes in the Darkside, so they Tattoo their Bank Account Numbers to their Arms, and check into their own War Prison Camps, so they would be Safe from their Enemy, who was them, yew are yewer own worst Enemy, then get their Enemy to do their Bidding and Fight the War for them, this is the First Rule of Engagement, and make the Whole World believe that it was the Jews that were being Persecuted, when it was them all along, and they got yew to Pay for it by being their Slaves, but they Pulled this Trick before in Egypt, so yew can not expect them to change what works so well for them, all they did was Move to the Location that they have fought over for the last Two Thousand years, I just Love it when a Plan comes together how about yew? So let's not forget IAM a Jew just Like Yew, only IAM the Dog, so IAM just a Mutt, but this Looks Dark to Me, so not all Jews will see this the same way, but the White, Grey and Black Race's known as the Pure Blood Race's were Bred out of Existence years ago, so all that is Left are Jews, so who are Jew going to blame now?

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How do we define the Light in Terms of the Darkness in it? Its only until yew agree that there is No Light in any of yew, can I move on with this Story... because its not till then that yew realize that yew would have to let go of all yewer Darkness, and that is what is Evil, so it's a Paradox, once yew see the Darkness, yew can not see the Light, so round and round we go, this happens when yew wake up to the True History of this Planet, and yew find out that the Bad Guys are in Charge, then yew remember in History that the Conquered is what yew are, what! yew thought yew were the Good guys, give me a Break, yew are nothing but Sheep, who are too Disgusted with their History to own up to it, but then again, yew are too Disgusted with Jesus Bar Abbas's to own up to his, so yew made him into Christ, and yewerself into the Enlightened ones, and wonder why yew can not see the Light... because yew think that was in the Past, but its still happening to this Day, and its not till yew own up to being on the Same Side as Hitler, his Buddy, his Co-Conspirator, his Ally and his Alibi, that His-Story will even Start to make much Sense, because the Bankers are the Jews, so who do yew think is in Charge here? But it does not have to be that hard, the Universe is a Simple place, and is always in Balance, so in the Shades of Grey yew learn to see the Light as a Reality with No Darkness in it, so yew ask yewerself what is the Darkness, and the Answer is in the Emotions, O U Say, because it was the Emotions that made yew see everything in Black and White, and not in Shades of Grey, and it's the Emotions that allow yew to do Dark Deeds for the Darkside, and Pretend this is not what is Really Going on, so Deeper into Emotions yew go, Deeper into the O Shit Reality yew created, until yew realize that is yewer Darkside.

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Its easy to see the Darkness in Others, and those that are in Darkness feel like it's their Right to be Dark, so they do Dark things in the name of God, even if they are Atheist or Agnostic or some other Religion, they Justify it as being Human, because its only Human to have Emotions, and the Depth that they go to, just to Justify it, and even make the Victims of Dark Deeds, do Darker things for Revenge... Years ago during my first Marriage, my wife told Me that she was Molested by Her Father and Grandfather, and while being stationed in Korea with the Black Knights - Special Operations Squadron, as a Helicopter Crew Chief, I found out that one of my Daughters were talking about Suicide, I knew right away that she was also Molested by the same Man, my wife told me that she took care of it, and that her Father is now in Treatment for this, but what I found out when I got back, was that if he went to treatment they would have to report it, and he would be in Trouble, now that was an Odd thing to say, what did he think would happen if he Rapped someone, then this Demon popped out of her mouth, and she said to Me: [He did this out of Love for us, it's the only way he knows how to show it, and she deserves it,] but I doubt she will ever view her statement as Evil, as the Darkest Deed yew could ever do to someone yew Love, and when I pointed this out to her, she told me that I was two faced, she said: [Yewer Father Molested yewer Step Sister, and Yew Molest Me and that is fine, but when someone else Loves Me it's not...] the Darkside does this to yew, it distorts the way yew view events, till it twist yew around so many time's yew do not know what is Right and what is Wrong, so we Divorce for this Reason Only, let's call it irreconcilable differences, because I did not believe that My Children Deserved to be Molested by this Pedophile, and no matter how much she tried to Justify it, it was not Love, and I need to protect my Children from this Behavior, but the Court System of Just-Us did not see it that way... what I found out was that Darkness lurked in her much Deeper than that, and during the Divorce the Just-Us System agreed: that She has the Right to have her Children take Pornographic Pictures or her, so she could post them to people on the Internet, so the Darkness runs so Deep in this Country that the Judges not only Condone it, but they Reward it, the Courts Refused to even Report the Child Molesting to the proper Authorities, which in itself is a Crime, so there is no Light in the Darkness, and No Justice only Just-us the Darkside, and do not ever try to justify a Court System like this, its run by Satin himself, the Black Wizard, I view this Whole World of Humans that way, because yew see it everywhere, every day, in all of Yew, yew have Tomb Stones in yewer I's, which is why yew do not see the Darkness in yewerself.

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Now it comes down to who AMI? I told yew MI Name in Step 0, and by Step 1 yew knew who IAM, but now what IAM asking yew is... AMI IAM? Because if IAM, then AMI and who IAM is the same, but the truth is much simpler than that... IAM the Light, AMI the Dark, a valid question and point made, but did I answer the Question?

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In the End Jesus said to his Disciples: You Will Deny Me Three Times, and to this day they still Deny Who he was, because his name in the Bible is Jesus Bar Abbas, but it was much more fun to make Christ out of him, by Denying who he really was, this was not a trick statement, and those engraven Images he asked yew not to make, shows yew really did not listen to what he was talking about, Watch and Pray, that Ye Enter Not into Temptation: the Spirit indeed is Willing, but the Flesh is Weak... So I ask yew once more... Who AMI? The Spirit that is Willing or the Flesh that is Weak? Once yew Deny who IAM then AMI the Darkside, Words, they are the Wizards best line of Logic, they have the Power to Enslave yew or set you Free.

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The thing about Wizards is that they can tell yew things, but do yew really listen to what I had to say... and if yew think for a second that Jesus was not a Wizard, then yew did not listen to anything he said, nor did you pay any attention to anything he did, because only a Wizard could have pulled this off, but that much is obvious since yew would have figured out he did not like the Church very much, and all he really did talk about was Ascending to Heaven and Resurrection; and Jesus was a Big Man with a Temper, he threw Stone tables around like they were made of Wood, so he was Not Meek, in fact yew would know he was a Rebel who was taking on the Establishment if yew knew his full name, because Jesus Bar Abbas was a Warrior Fighting for the Peoples Rights to believe what ever they wanted too, but Jesus himself only talked about the Light, it's no wonder they wrote His-Story the way they did, two people can read it: 1 would understand that there was only 1 Man on Trail, Jesus Bar Abbas, the rest of it was just there to Create Christ, which is this Perfect Man, no flaws, never did anything wrong in his whole life, which is what the Story is about, the length people go to, to Deny him in the Flesh, then Deny him in Spirit, because on one hand yew have Jesus Christ, Son of God, never did anything wrong, yet he stands before the Roman Empire to be Murdered for the Jews, for claiming to be the Son of God, and on the other hand yew have Jesus Bar Abbas, a Rebel Warrior who has been a pain in Romes side for far to long, then yew have History, which has no Record of any Jesus of Nazareth, but the Ashkenazi seem to know a lot about him, but then yew remember who the Nazi's are, the NaZ-I... but the Roman records are very clear about executing Jesus Bar Abbas, No mention about letting him go Free, just because they could have, did not mean they did, but they were very clear about the Execution Part, and who they Executed, but that is just History, but then yew remember IAM talking about Jesus Bar Abbas, like its another Story or something... so its clear they are one in the same, otherwise yew have a Paradox.

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I think yew bought into this whole Christ thing, but the Truth is always stranger then fiction, and let's face it, just look at the History of Humans, all Wars are Waged under the name of Region, I doubt yew can find one War that was not because of Religion, therefore its clear that the Darkside are all Religious, and all Religions, since they are in Charge, so they write History, therefore they are the Darkside, since only the Darkside Lies to yew, that is if yew believe in the Bible at all, and you can not tell me that it was Not the Churches who burned Witches at the Steak for their Beliefs, and that the Banks own the Churches, and it was the Bankers who Killed the Indians to take over their Land, they called them barbaric because they did not believe in their God or Jesus... so do not blame me for bringing this point up, what did yew think I was going to talk about? The Weather? See... one Lie after another, one War after another, Hatred on a Global Scale, and yew want to Defend Religion? Religion is all about Control, making yew into Slaves and all the Darkside wants to do is Start a Revolution, they want another Civil War, and when is War ever Civil? The Last Civil War yew lost the Country, now the Banks own it and yew, and yew do not understand how, they do this by Pitting yew against each other, then they use Money to Drive yew Insane, so yew will do Crazy Things like Join in on the Civil War that they Created... And in the Name of God? In the Name of Jesus? In the Name of Allah or Muhammad? Or any other Deities Name in History? If Jesus or the others talked about Loving one another, IAM sure they did not mean Love them to Death, but please do not ask why I find Religion to be an Evil Belief System or BS, but burning People to Death for their Belief System is a good enough reason for Me, but the facts Stand on their own, and the unmistakable conclusion of thousands of years of Data, the Logic can only conclude it's the Darkside, and all yew have to do is look around and ask the Real question? What is God and Who are Jesus, Allah, and the others, and what do they have in common with Horus? Because that would lead yew back to the Pyramid, then yew would have to ask why they Dismantled it, then ask how was it Powered, since its clear that it had Power of some kind... and why Did Mosses Kill all the People who Built it, and start an unending War that Continues to this Date? Then yew remember that the Story of Horus included Tablet's of Drawings, some that could be viewed as showing Light Bulbs, Microscopes and other High Technology instruments, not to mention Aircraft some view as UFO's, and those Giant Mummified bodies contained DNA that did not match our own, no... yew go digging for skeletons in our own backyard and yew will find that the Monkeys Killed their owners, and all evidence of that was removed and how the Darkside stays in Charge by Lying to yew about everything.

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Yew can find many more Wizards in History with the same Profile as Jesus Bar Abbas, Horus for one, but there were many at that time, Mithra, Krishna, Dionysus, Attis, and others are all Names, and all names are Spells that Conjure up His Stories of their own, but none after that time, so something has changed, what was it? History itself... See History was starting to be recorded, and those in Charge or the Powers that be, knew it would be harder to pull this off again, so they seized the moment and made their move, this was a Military move... and it worked, they took over the World, and guess who is in Charge? The Darkside.

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They say those that do not learn from History are bond to repeat it, but they do not take into consideration that those who write it is in Charge.

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Moses was a Black Wizard, in the Bible it states that he had a Staff of Power given to him by God, Jesus was a White Wizard and also carried a Staff of Power given to him by God, as did Horus and the Other Wizards, interesting to note that Wizards were considered Magicians, but the tricks that Moses and Jesus pulled off are Legendary, it's a matter of separating the Fairy Tale from the Truth, and the Truth is that My Race of Ashkenazi Jews have created this Reality for yew, once yew allowed them to Write History, Science and all Higher Education, they started to think for yew, and yew only think what they want yew to think, yew are just test subjects in an Experiment called Slavery, I must remind yew that even though My Genealogy is Ashkenazi, I do not speak for them and rarely too them, most of them have no clue as to what is really going on, in fact I normally consider myself to be from the White Race, so I can Hate Jews, because that is what Jews do, now I will make yew feel guilty for Me getting Gulf War Disease, and having to deal with all this other Shit, but IAM not Special when it comes to that, in fact I do not even claim to have any Special Characteristics, IAM not a Magician because my Spelling is Bad, I did not come from the 1st Class Blue Collar Citizens, but the 3rd Class Working Linage, although I was Born from a Women Named Mary, who got her name in honor of Jesus's Mother, the similarity ends there, although he was also an Ashkenazic Jew, the Jews keep a tight lid on their heritage, so they do not inbreed to much, but since we are just talking about a Mixed Race, one's looks normally gives it all away without asking, so I will just leave that true linage of Jesus out of this Story, other than to mention that Horus and the Others where Pure Bloods, so what else do I have in Common with the Other Wizards? Besides being Human... not much... although I did bring someone back from the Dead once, but I was a trained CPR Instructor, and I can Walk on Water and Fly in My Dreams, so I doubt that would Qualify me, but then again IAM referring to the Legend and not the Man, because they were just Men, all I claim is that what IAM telling yew is the Truth and nothing more, its far simpler to just make up a History, so we can be in Charge, then to change our ways, the Darksides Claim for Dominance of this Planet always come down to a Birth Right, those Descending from Cain believe they Own this Planet, but they are Not Smart enough to pull it off, so they Allowed the Smartest People on the Planet to do that for them, so the Ashkenazi stepped in and took over, Cains Descendant's are the Warriors, and think they own it all, but even they know that they are Our Slaves, the Jews own this Planet so yew are their Property, yew do as they tell yew to do because they are yewer Master, yew are just Slaves to them and always have been, there is no Freedom, only Free Dumb, and IAM no Different, IAM Creating a new Reality for yew, only I have no Staff of Power given to Me by God, that part of Me that is Meat, is called Flesh, and was Born into the Light and never turned my back on it, like most did, but My Darkness runs Deep, I keep it balance by knowing the Light exist, but in My Darkest Hour when the Light Leaves Me, I become an Animal, a Dog, a Sheep Dog Guarding his Herd, and IAM very protective of my Flock, yew wonder why I tell yew these things, what is My Motivation, what is the Sells Pitch and what AMI Selling? The Darkside Animals are a funny Bread, a Dog can Sense who the Enemy is, a Sheep will try to drink at the same watering hole as its Enemy, and even allow them to Mate with them, but to Sheep the Dogs Motive for Guarding them is Unclear, and most of the time view and treat the Dog as the Enemy, even though the Dogs Love is Unconditional, Dogs have become outlaws, requiring Licenses and Deadly Vaccines, so trust Me, no one wants to Ascend to be a Dog, not in these Times, so I had to come in Person, but I keep the Attitude, because...

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IAM the Darkness,
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IAM every Shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Dark Wizzard.



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