The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Chapter 00.01
IAM Step 1

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 00.01
IAM Step 1


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step 1
Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-01

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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh, will now reveal IAM in Step 1, from the Viewpoint of the Lightside in Terms the Darkside can understand.

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We all have our Stories about Angels, Demons and Ghost, but in truth, most of us have more Demons in our lives then Angels, and at some level we know there is a Higher Power, it all comes down to how much of that we are willing to own up to, and that part of Meat called Me for short, or Flesh, knows this the best, so owning up to my Ghost, i told yew that i see Imaginary things, and most would agree that as a Child, its just called an Active Imagination, but still yew have to keep yewer kids Medicated if they start hearing Voices in their Head, so the Doctors always asked me that Question, and i would stop, listen real hard, and tell the Doctor that i do not hear any Voices in my Head, so they said
[no Voices talking to you, well that's a good thing, but let us know if yew hear any Voices in your Head.]

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By the time i turned 13, i started hearing voices in my Head, oh course this alarmed me, but at first i did not want to tell anyone, at age 13, even i knew that hearing Voices in yewer head is a Bad thing, but i did not understand why, nor do i to this day, so first i told this to my Step Mother, and she got freaked out, in fact, she was freaking me out, so she wasted no time in getting some good Drugs, so off to see the Doctor we go.

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Now this Doctor put my mind right at ease, he assured me that even though he has a PhD, which makes him one of the Smartest People on this Planet, not to let that intimidate me, because although this might be a little scary to me, he will help me through this.

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That little voice in my Head said: [great, he is an Ass Hole],
that was my Favorite word when i was 13, and he was the very definition of that Word, so i figured, hey, it's not me talking these Drugs, so what do i care, so this Doctor asks me what the Voices are saying, and as a typical Teenager, my reply was: [Don't yew know, yew know everything else there is to know, it sounds like a tape recording of my voice as i hear it, as it echo's through my head as i am speaking, only the time delay is hours old, so its like watching a rerun of an old movie, its like he is repeating every thought I have, then translates it into English, and the words he uses really drives Me Crazy, i mean he uses slang, and a foul mouth, rather like i talk I guess, since it always goes along with the way IAM feeling at the time, only its very slow at getting out what he is trying to say, and it's bogging me down, it's hard to work when he is taking, and thinking is almost impossible, its like I can not get a thought in between the silence, but there is not much of that, he talks constantly sometimes.]

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This Doctor looks at me and grabs me by the back of the neck, as he sticks a lite into my eyes and says: [What kind of Drugs have you been taking?] I told him that i was not on Drugs when I hear the Voices, in fact, i have to Smoke Pot to get the Voices to shut up.

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So the Doctor tells me it's the Marijuana that is causing this, so i tell him i have been Smoking pot as long as i can remember, getting me High is my Fathers idea of having fun, why would it suddenly make me start hearing Voices, and only when iam not on it?

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This Doctor looks into my eyes deeper and says: [Every Human being on this Planet has a Little Voice in their head, Some People refer to it as the Little Voice of Reason, its how Humans collect their Thoughts, and Structure Communications, so they can talk to People, so its normal to hear this Little Voice in your head.]

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At this point i really did not understand what he just said, it seemed such an odd thing to say, so i said to him: [yew asked me to let you know if i started hearing Voices in my head, as if it was expected, as if since i have Imaginary Friends, i will also start hearing Voices in my head, and now that i tell yew that IAM hearing these Voices, yew are asking me if IAM thinking out loud in my Head? Because it sounds to me like this Voice in my head is talking to me, is it not?]

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[No], he said, as if that was the last word on this subject: [every human on this Planet has a Little Voice in their Head, and its only when its telling you to do things does it become a problem.]

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This cleared it right up, this Doctor is Crazy, and what he is telling me is Crazy, so i look at my Step Mother and ask her if she hears Voices in her head, and she said Yes, so i wished my Little Sister was there so i could ask her, because at that Point i was convinced that it was just the Adults making fun of me, i never had a Little Voice in my Head, and i didn't have this one till after i got a Vaccine Shot, i told this Doctor, who then tried to convince me that Vaccines are Safe, using his reasoning, everyone gets Vaccines, but it does not cause them to hear Voices in their Head, so then he tried to convince me that everyone hears this Little Voice in their Head all the time, and its impossible not too, which I replied: [so yew proved my point, it was the Shot.]

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i have spent most of my Life wondering about this Little Voice in My Head, who is he, what does he want, and why is he always talking to Me, but the things I can hear when he is not gabbing on about something is what amazes me, not that some of the SHIT that comes out of this little Talk does not, but it's that I can get him to shut up long enough to listen, but its these times I refer to as the Moment of Clarity, when all Time stops, and all noise fades away, and all you hear is the Universe, and in a Flash, you see the Whole Universe open up, and Life makes sense, by the time i was in my 30's, i was having a hard time shutting off this Little Voice in my Head, but I could still do it, then after i got the Vaccine Shot for the Gulf War, this Ass Hole starts talking in my head, and he just will not shut up, and he has gone rouge on me, he will be saying one thing, while IAM on to a whole new topic, its like he is trying to keep up with me, but taking hours longer to read and translate the script, then it took to think it, so i am now living in a time bubble, my thoughts seem to race out of control as My Little Voice tries to catch up, and i start spinning out of control, i can not keep a thought, i can not remember SHIT, not that i can even remember why i wanted to think about SHIT in the first place, because my short term Memory is really bad, and trying to get him to shut up long enough for Me to listen to Myself, well that is just not working out all that well for Me, and the SHIT that comes out of his mouth when he gets frustrated with me, well sometimes I can not believe those words came out of Me, so my Darkside is very Dark.

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The question about that Little Voice in yewer Head, may have come up a few Times in yewer Life, I think, therefore IAM, a very Deep thought, and the Truth, but most people forget this, i ask them this question a lot, and they always look at me funny and say: [what do you mean do I have a Little Voice in my Head, of course I do, do you think I'm Crazy, what do you mean who is it, or what is it, are you Crazy.]

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i spent the first 13 years of my Life without the sound of that Little Voice in my head, and i was told that hearing Voices in your head was Crazy, then i am told that everyone hears voices in their head, so everyone is Crazy, so then i got to thinking that maybe there is more to this, because things i took for granted, like no Voices in my Head, thinking that everyone agreed on that, only to find out that everyone is just Crazy, and that is by their own Standards, and not Mine, so what else is Different in our Belief System, or BS, as I like to Call it, and the Answer is, everything, so how can that be?

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Light Wizzard in the Flesh 1-15

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Before leaving for Kuwait in 1994, i decided to take a battery of Psychological Test, and i compared those results to test i took back in the 1986, and found something out that really scared me, i was normal, that is Normal compared to yewer standards, but that is using yewer test, and when i run my own test, i find that my IQ, is 180 degrees reverse of normal people, so what i see as Light, yew see as Dark, and that is because when yew are in the Light, yew can not see the Dark, and when yew are in the Dark, everything yew see looks like the Light, because yew can not see the Light while yewer in the Dark, so the Sicker i was getting from having Gulf War Syndrome, the more i started thinking like yew, which for a Dog to start thinking like his Sheep, this was alarming to Me to say the least.

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I had to come to the Conclusion that these Vaccines were responsible for me being cut off from the Light, and the reason why others can not see this, is because they are in the Dark, because they already got their Vaccines, not me, no, when i was a child, i was scared to death to get Shots, so i just did not, i would make sure i did not get a Shot, i would sneak into my Shot Record, and copy all the Shots that were in other Shot Records, and it was not till i joined the Air Force, that i was forced to get those Shots, always under Orders, sometimes under the threat of Court-Martial if i did not get them, but in the Air Force, i played it by the book, so i got Shot, and the Stupider i got with each Shot, where Stupid is actually becoming less Bright, so yew could say i was becoming Duller, but those that got these Shots all their Lives, had no idea what I was talking about, as if I was Imagining this... Image that.

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As a Population most of US were Immunized at Birth, if yew were born in a Hospital that is true, unless yew are like me and had a Mother who made sure that i was not given a Shot, and that fear followed Me all of my Life, even if i had to stick a nail in my arm, so it would look like a boaster Shot, but eventually the Immunization caught up with me, as it did most people, and the truth is that nowadays yew do not have to get a Shot to get Vaccinations, they put it in the Water, Food, and Air, so eventually yew get it, and this is not a Conspiracy Theory, Test the Water, Food, and Air, its all Polluted with Chemicals, and what are those Chemicals?

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It's these Chemicals that cause yew to become disconnected with that part of You that is Called I, then its just the Me part, no I, just Me, so its no wonder why people forgot who IAM is.

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Well as it turns out, most Humans do not remember the Light, yet we are all Born into the Light, but having been Vaccinated at Birth, most have no Memory of it, so the Darkness is all most People know, yes, and we will give this Game a Name, let's call it Monopoly, and let's keep it simple, same rules, only the Government gets to be in charge of the Jail, and Cains Descendants gets to be in charge of the Bank, and the Sheep never ask a Question, and only the Sons of Cain can make up the Rules to this Game, and if the Dog says anything about it, the Goats will try to put him in his Place, oh yea, Moses created the Ultimate System of Control, its called Laws, and God has nothing to do with it, what a Game.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-01-G-IAM-20

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Owning up to ones Ghost, is a hard thing to do, and the Ghost is sometimes hard to give up, in Trinity the Father, Son and Holly Ghost, had some meaning to them at one point in His-Story, then it took on another meaning, but in the Trinary Universe, this meaning has not changed, the Father is the 1 (Darkside view it as -1), that is the Flesh Being, the Meat, where the Son is what binds the Father to the Holly Ghost, so its what brings Balance, as such the Son is -1 (Darkside view it as 0), and the Holly Ghost is 0 (Darkside view it as 1), so Trinity is (+1) + (-1) = 0; which is the Trinary Universes Answer to every Question; and just the Start of owning up to the Ghost.

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When I talk to People, sometimes those People confuse what I say, from what is coming out of my Mouth, because when My Mouth is running, IAM very seldom in charge of what comes out of My Mouth, it's that Little Voice in my Head that I call Me, and all Meat is Flesh, and in all Flesh is Sin, because the Original Sin was thinking You were the Flesh, and IAM the Flesh, so that is where the Confusion begins, so I always have to find that Place in My Mind, were that Moment of Clarity is, then i can hear I, then I have to keep that Flesh quiet long enough to get him to Communicate, what it is I have to say, and sometimes he does it Fine, but sometimes he does not, it's because he is Flesh, and Flesh always comes with Baggage, Emotions, and other Random thoughts that only deal with the Flesh, which is where the Term Self Flesh came from, and why I have such a Hard Time communicating with yew.

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Every one has Freewill, and the Road it could take yew is called the Road to Freedom, not that Freedom is a Place, at least not on this Planet, but Rather in yewer Mind, because let's face it, that Freedom they sold yew, is really just Free - Dumb, and I do not care how much yew paid for Dumb, it's still Dumb, and Dumb is what Dumb Does, so once yew do it, it has to come out somewhere, so do not ever think it will not come out of your Ass, because then yew know what they would call yew... Dumb Ass, so if yew Live in a Place called the Land of Free - Dumb, well yew are Living up yewer own Ass, it's a Paradox really, once yew follow yourself up yewer own Ass looking for Free - Dumb, and talking about it like yew knew what it was, or Fighting for it, and thinking yew have a Clue what it is, well that is just Dumb, and its Free, so have at it, but I will now tell yew why I feel that way, because sometimes, I like talking about Me.

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In 2012 almost everyone knew about the Gulf War, but most do not know what the War was really about, and to prove that, I want yew to take a Test, get yewer notebook out, yew know, the one yew play this Game with that we talked about in Step 0 Road Map, well, grab a pin and paper and write down this question: What was the Gulf War Really About? Now stop this Video and Answer that Question.
If yewer answer includes Oil, Money or Power, yew did not even think about the Question, yew are just being a Parrot, even President Bush told yew that its not about Oil, Money or Power, so why do yew think he would have to lie to yew about something that every Citizen in the World has the Right to know, what was this War about, i mean how hard of a Question is this, and maybe yew do not care, so just give me an Answer, so yew do not have to think about it, well that is just sad, but that is how most People are, they do not care about their Race, as long as it does not affect their Lives, then they do not care, which is why i expect this answer from people, having asked it to everyone i come in contact with, that i even think might answer it, and they never once seem to know the Correct answer, so I will tell yew; [Deep] In 1960 Kuwait was formed as a Common Wealth Country, and they hired indentured Servants, also known as Slaves, whom after 3 Generations, or 30 years, would become Citizens of the Common Wealth Country, which was like hitting the Jack pot, since the average Kuwait Citizen is making around $330,000 US Dollars at the time, and they might have 16 people living in the same house, that is a lot of Money, so these people were about to become Rich, and Live the Rich Life, so they were getting ready to Celebrate, but 30 years later in 1990 the Powers that Be had other plans, they sent in an Army to Murder the Third Country Nationalist or TCN's, thus they got their Slaves Labor for Free, and can now import another Generation, and start preparing for the next 3 Generation War, and the White Wizard is telling yew, that its not them that is next, It is US, Spelled US and although the Darkside will not print the truth in their History books, does not mean that I can let it go uncorrected, so for the record of the History of the Light Wizzard, this is a fact, it's not a coincidence... the Gulf War was about Slavery, it's about their Retirement Plan, and putting them out to Pasture, takes on a hole new meaning.

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Now that said, most of yew will still not be all that upset, because like I said, yew really do not care about anybody but yewerself, so why should this concern yew, yew will do nothing with this knowledge even after yew prove that it's true, which only took yew 10 minutes of Internet searches to find out that they only Killed the TCN's, and a few Kuwaitis that did not want to give up their Slaves, but reading the Whole Charter about becoming a Kuwait Citizen was too much for yew to read, and really who cares, unless yew were a TCN that is, or what about if yew were one of the newest Generation of Slaves working in Kuwait, knowing yewer days are numbered; then maybe yew might be interested, but only During a Commercial, because yew have better things to do, no yew will forget why I even brought this up, in fact, yew are already feeling better about it, yew remember that this has nothing to do with yew, yew Live in the Land of Free - Dumb, and yew might be a Citizen of the United States of America, and to have to Listen to one of it's Sergeant's tell yew about War, is just Boring, does that about sum it up, because I have told this story for over 20 years now, and no one every cared, so why do I?

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Some People have asked me about why I Resurrected as a Dog, and its because I Ascended as a Dog, so I had a Choice about what to come back as, and if I keep my Memories or not, which is why Jesus made such a big deal about that whole Resurrection thing, but most People do not pay attention to details like that, in fact, when I ask People about what Jesus did say, they tell me things about how yew should Love one another as yew would want others to Love yew, and that is my definition of the most Insane thing I have ever heard, Love is an Emotion, and it's a very Darkside Emotion, because yew can not Love without Hate, and yew are incapable of Loving others, if yew did, then the News about the Arabs Killing all their Slaves, just to save a few bucks, would have upset yew, but it did not, in fact, yew are just sitting there Watching this, like IAM talking about the Weather outside, or something even less interesting than that, so my Guess is that most People do not even Like Other People, and do not care what happens to them, as long as it does not interfere with yewer happiness, and thinking about People getting Killed is upsetting yew, so yew do not want to hear about that, i mean the Light Wizzard should only tell me things that will make me happy, and this does not make Me happy, but the Truth is, that IAM just a Dog, and Unconditional Love is something that yew expect from Me, but I do not Love yew, yew are just Sheep, and MI only job is to Protect Yew, so that is what IAM doing, IAM warning yew of Danger, yew hear me Barking, but yew do not see the Big Bad Wolf for what it is.

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That Little Voice in My Head is just Meat, it always sends mixed Signals, and is full of Emotions, and is really just Full of SHIT, but that's Me, and I do not Love Yew, I do not even Like Yew, and why should I, yew are just Sheep, and all I have to do - to do my job is Nip at yewer Heals to keep yew in line, and since I do not care what Yew think or Believe, yew may wonder why I bother to tell yew about anything, and the Answer is simple: yew have Freewill, and if Yew want to be You, then you can learn to do the Right thing, and Caring about this Planet and all the Life on it, is the first place to start, and since yew have been lain to yewer whole lives, and are Slaves, and yewer 30 Years are well over due, and now that the Bankers have decided to cut their loses, and this Government has no more need for yewer services, it's about time for another War, only this Time, its coming to a Location near yew, so be warned, the Dog told yew that this War is Coming, and its not for the Reasons they are telling yew, it's for the Reasons they are not telling yew, that yew are all just Slaves, born into a System of Controls, so that yew would never guess that IAM telling yew the Truth about this Universe.

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The Teaching of the Light Wizzard is not through Fear, no Theories here... Fear comes from Learning how yewer World Works, not mine, I have no Wars, no Slaves, and no reason to have Emotions, I view Life as if Life is the Miracle that it is, but knowing that when this Body, or Flesh Dies, I will just be Born into a new Body, and if I chose to Ascend, I can also choose to remember everything, and everyone else has the same choice, so why it is they decided to forget it all, is beyond me, because all they do is make the same mistakes all over again, because they do not know their own History, let alone mine or Main Streams Version of what Happened, but IAM sure yew will not find Killing Slaves the Main Reason for the Gulf War, even though it was the Only Reason, but its why I lost faith in Human Kind, and view this World as out of Control and Evil, and why I must point out that the Darkside is in Charge, and Killing Slaves is just part of the Game, did yew read their Bible? Did yew think that Kill the Infidel, Gentile, or Goyim was just a commandment they do not obey, no... they have been Killing their Slaves every time the Slaves wake up to this fact, or their Contract is up for Payment, so the Killing will soon begin, only this time yew are the Infidel, Gentile, or Goyim, and since its Fine with yew if they Bring back Torture, well the Torture is just to make the Game more Interesting, so yew should not mind when they use it on Yew.

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Yew always have Freewill, and yew can not Live only in the Light, yew must also do Evil things in the Dark, to bring Balance, so find Balance, and yew will learn that yew have Freewill, and Freedom is the Road that you want to follow, and that is the Journey the Light Wizzard will take yew on, So now a Warning: The Powers that Be, are the Descendants of Cain: mostly Christian, Muslim, or Jews, and IAM not talking to their Flock, who have no idea what IAM talking about, they know who IAM talking about, the Bankers, Oil Cartels, and Governments of this World, so know this, the Word is out about yewer Laws, Rules and Commandments, and what yew do with yewer Slaves to this day, and the Infidels, pagans or unbelievers, as well as the Gentile or Goyim, are on to yew, and we will not sit ideal as yew Slaughter our Flocks, the Dog is Watching yew and this Dog still has Teeth, and IAM a Healer.

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IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Light Wizzard.



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