The Light Wizzard in the Flesh

Chapter 00.00
IAM Step 0

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft
Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 00.00
IAM Step 0


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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh
IAM Step 0
Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-01

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The Light Wizzard in the Flesh will now reveal IAM, from the Viewpoint of the Lightside in Terms the Darkside can understand.

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IAM is a Story about I And Me, so its an Acronym for I And Me, and also it's the very description of what IAM, which is I And Me, where I is the Light, and Me, well, that is just short for Meat, so it's the Flesh, and that part of Me is the Flesh, so it's Me in the Flesh, but told through the I of the Light Wizzard, who is the Entity that Controls the Light, which is, in fact, controlling the Trinary Energy, as such: the Trinary Energy is Science, so His-Story is all based on Science, so the Wizzard's task is to tell yew His-Story, from the viewpoint of the Lightside in Terms that the Darkside can understand.

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In the 0 Dimension, nothing exists, no Dimensions, not even Time has a place here, so it's here that is a good place to start this Story, since this is My Story, from your point of view, it makes this His-Story, and the His-Story that IAM going to tell yew, may only vaguely resemble the History yew know, so it's best that yew view everything I have to say, as a new History, even though it's the oldest Story in the Universe, think of it as the first time yew heard it, and do not try to fit it into your History, in fact, your History is a Reality, and it's not the Reality yew Live in, there are things going on right now that are being rewritten into History, in a way that yew know it's not True, so yew can agree that History is not Truth, it's not what happened, but what someone said happened, which has very little to do with Reality, so in the 0 Dimension, we start with Nothing and His-Story Begins with Nothing.

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Everything in the Universe that is in Harmony, comes in 3's, and is Scientifically provable with the Formula (+1) + (-1) = 0, where (+1) is Light, -1 is Dark, and 0 is Grey, meaning it's the Difference between the Light and the Dark, this is my Definition of Harmony.

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For a Person to have a name that is in Harmony, requires it to have 3 parts, the I, which is the Light, the And, which is the Grey, and Me, which is the Dark.

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Those parts in my Name that is in Harmony, is as such, read Right to Left, or Light into the Dark, we have I which on my Birth Certificate is Flesh... er, and the And part, which is just Myself, is merely what separate the Light and Dark, and that name is Scott, and the Me part, well, that is just Meat, which is also known as Flesh, and is Named Jeffrey, so the way some people read it, which is from the Dark into the Light, is Jeffrey Scott Flesher, so having a last name of Flesh, will be a bit confusing, but not for me, people have been calling me Flesh all my Life, but to yew, who do not know Me yet, so now yew have to know that when I say I, IAM not talking about Me most of the time, IAM talking about the Light, but sometimes I like to talk about Me, so I try to make that clear, and when I say Me, IAM talking about the Flesh, and when I say YOU (YOU), IAM talking about I, but when I talk about YEW (YEW), IAM talking about Sheep, which is referring to Animals that are in my Flock, because that part of Me Called Flesh, is a Sheep Dog, so now that I made this Crystal Clear, the rest of His-Story will make sense.

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Before I can tell yew His-Story, yew have to know about Me, so yew can understand His-Story, since IAM telling it, yew are seeing His-Story through My I, and if yew do not know anything about what My I's have seen, or the viewpoint that they see things through, then yew do not see the big picture, which is why do I have this viewpoint, as if any Historian can tell His-Story, without first Translating it into Words that yew will understand, and that Translation always have things that do not belong there, like Emotions, Personal Feelings, and Values from their upbringing, our environment shapes the way we think, and it's hard to separate our own viewpoint, from the Story, we are Writing, and IAM no different, so to avoid any confusion later on, I will talk about I, and I will talk about Me, and they are never the same Entity, so do not confuse who IAM, and remember that its Me that has the Voice, not I, so make it clear if yew quote Me, that yew do not confuse what I said, with what came out of My Mouth, so I do not have to remind yew that I did not say anything, so quote Me, and sometimes when I say i, IAM really talking about Me.

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When i was a Child of 3, i knew everything there was to know about the Universe, and as i got older, i started to forget it, and now that half a Century has passed, i have forgotten most of it, and what i remember is just old Dreams, but its these Dreams that made me the Person that IAM, and to give up on your Dreams, is to give up on Life, and IAM not giving up on either, so remember this, i really do know everything, i just forgot most of it.

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There is an Old Saying that I can not remember Shit, so what is Shit, and why was I trying to remember Shit in the first place?

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To answer this question, yew must take a Journey with Me, which starts with a Dream about the White Wizzard, now, most people know what a Wizzard is, but as I said from the start of this Story, forget everything yew know, it does not apply in this Reality, not in my Universe, which I will define one Step at a Time, so a Wizzard with two Z's, are normally only seen in my Dreams, but I can also make them appear in front of Me when I am awake, even though this is called Schizophrenia when yew can not tell the difference between what is Real, and what is your Imagination, I know that it's my Imagination, but that does not mean its not Real, and IAM not trying to Shit yew, we will answer this question, but yew need to know the Logic in how I came to this conclusion, and its because a Wizard with one Z is Real, an Entity that really Exist in Space, so if I told yew that this White Wizard existed, yew would be able to prove it Scientifically, which is where this Problem started, not where it ended; so let me explain the Problem.

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Sometimes the way forward in a Story is to go back a few Steps, but this is Step 0 Part 0 and Step -1 is actually after Step 1, so yew start to get confused, what is this Shit... so let me answer this question first.

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Words are made up of Letters, and Letters are only common if yew speak the same Language, this is common Knowledge, but always overlooked as long as IAM talking the same Language as yew, but what if I was not?

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Language is Control, I can control yewer Emotions with it, and if I do not want yew to know what other people know, I can make up a new Language, so to hide things from a large group of people around the World, I would use their Language to do so, but in fact, it's my Language since I made it up, so that I could hide the Truth in plain site, which yew might think this is a bunch of Shit, but how else do yew justify 16 Different Languages in modern time?

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This is why some of what I will tell yew, can not be told in any one Language, so I will make up a new Language so yew do not get confused, and I do not have to learn to speak in 16 Different Languages at once, because if I did, this story would sound like Shit; so let's call this Language Basic, IAM using an English Dialect of it; so if yew Translate this, do not Translate the Basic keywords, which are the Words I refined in this New Language; now is that Crystal Clear?

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There is a Letter O, this Letter, which is now a Basic Term, it means Emotion, and is the 3rd Letter in that Word, so its Harmony, and explains most of why the Flesh is Dark, its run by Emotions, Oh, yew say, this is how the Story goes.

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One Day a Man is out gathering food for his Family, and a Rhino charges down the path he just stepped into, and with both hands full of food, this Man panics, he Shits his pants as Emotions of Fear Paralyze him, his whole life flashes before his Eyes, as he sees his family die because he was not there to gather food, and soon he can not see, its like the Sun went down, so he looks up into the Sky and sees the Sun, and then the Light shines into him, and all Emotions fade away, he is now in the Moment and Clarity of thought takes over, he can see the Whole Universe in front of him, so he looks at the Rhino, and Logic tells him that a Rhino has bad eyesight, and it can only see out of one side of each side of its face, so what is right in front of him does not exist when he is running, which is why he has the bighorn in front of him, so the Man figures that if he steps to one side that the Animal will see him, and turn the other way, and it did, so as he stood there in amazement over what just happened, Oh, Shit... was the first thing that came to mind, he figured it had to be the Shit, it had all the Emotions in it that Paralyzed him, and once he got the Shit out of him, he could think Clearly, so he took the food back to his Wife, and as she cleaned his pants, he told her His-Story, and she told him maybe it was because he was just full of Shit.

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Days later he went out for food again; leaving his Wife and two Children alone, when his Wife heard a noise, and looked behind her to see what it was, she saw the Rhino Charging at her, remembering what her Husband had told her, she Shat her Pants, and sure enough, that moment of Clarity came to her, and Logic told her that the Rhino is not looking down, so it does not see the Children on the Ground, and if its looking her direction, it will not see her if she is directly in front of it, and if she steps to one side or the other, that the Animal will veer off to the other side, killing one of her Children, and not wanting to Sacrifice one of her Children, and not having enough time to pick them both up, Logic told her to stand her ground and Raise both Hands, so that the Rhino would see one in each eye, so she did and the Rhino Stopped, Oh, Shit... was right.

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Now the Object of this Story is not the Moral of it, it's to prove to yew that yew will not believe in someone else's Shit, till it happens to yew, and as the Story was told over and over again, for Centuries to come, the Religious crowd figured they could use this to Control people, so it became known as Holy Shit.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-19

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Now that we got that Shit out of the Way, I can move on with His-Story.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-20

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As a Child growing up in the 60's, just after my Mother Mary Died, my Father got a new Mother named Aloha, who use to Love hearing my Dreams about the White Wizzard, almost as much as I Loved to tell her my Dreams each day, until one day the Principal sent me home from school, telling my Mother that my Dreams are now interfering with my homework, that I was believing in what this White Wizzard was teaching me, and not what the Teachers were teaching, which my Mother and Father sided with me, until they were told that I would be expelled, at which point the Principle told my Father to take me to a Doctor, and get me on Drugs, which apparently Drugs were the only thing my Father heard, Drugs, yes, Drugs, that is the answer, so off to see the Doctor, and find out what Drugs we can get.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-21

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Looking back at my Father, I know that he was a Drug Addict, Heroin being a main Addiction, Marijuana, Magic Mushrooms, and LSD being recreational Drugs; so all the Drugs that the Doctors was giving us, was not for Me, but for them.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-22

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So what I learned was to not talk about the White Wizzard at all, not to anyone for any reason, the longer I did not talk about it, the sicker it made me, its was like denying who I was, and even though I knew he was Real, i could not prove it Scientifically yet, but I knew someday i would, and that Someday is coming soon, but first, i must talk about it, so that is why IAM talking about it now.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-23

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Growing up the White Wizzard saved my Life, as much as he put it in Danger, and everywhere i went, my Little Sister would follow, so both of us were always in trouble, and i would always say the White Wizzard will get us out of this, and he always did, then i grew up, and the days of the White Wizzard were coming to an end, and many things that the White Wizzard told me to do, were just starting to happen, in ways, i did not know at first, but that is how Life works, I knew i had a Destiny, but my Fate was what i made of it.

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The White Wizzard told me to become a Warrior; so at a young age, i told my Father this, and he was always too happy to help out, so he took me to places in the middle of the night, places where other Fathers and Sons would Gather, and we would learn to be Warriors, every year we would meet at Renaissance Fairs, and plan for the Future, we would practice the Art of Warfare, and learn Honor, Values, and Discipline, all very Noble, till one day i figured out that my Father bet against Me in one Fight, then my Life Changed, i saw the Darkside for the very first time, and it made me sick, i learned to not trust anyone, ever again.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-25

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My person Life became difficult, i viewed this World from a point of view that few could understand, i knew everything about the Universe, and these People on this Planet did not even know what they are, or who they are, they teach yew nothing but Lies at School, and if i tell them so, i get expelled, i remember this conversation with the Principal one time as a child, i told him a thing or two; i said to him... yew people should be giving Me a Doctorates Degree for all that I know, and are willing to teach yew, instead yew want me to memorize this worthless none sense Science Fiction yew teach, this stuff is Garbage, it's all Lies, its so Stupid IAM ashamed to be called a Human, because yew are all Crazy, Mass Insanity, and then i really got going, i told him just how it was... and thought he would see it my way, well - that did not happen, now at age 6, maybe even 16, i remember this, but at 26 yew would think i would have learned this lesson before, so now i have all these College Credits, but No Degrees, except for these useless Degrees in Electron Engineering and Computer Science, that is all based on Mass Insanity, and all because i wanted my Degree in Trinary Energy, which I could prove existed, only he was too Blind to see that the White Wizzard was standing Right next to me, Oh... looking back that might have been the point i should not have crossed, but it was true, only then i could not prove it, so at the time, he was Right, and I knew it, it's all in the Proof, so we both Laughed it off, as if this was the first time we had this talk, but one day it will be a fact, but first yew must understand what the Light is.

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Now to take a Step back; I blurred the timelines of 3 different ages together, not just in this Story, but in my Mind, as if it was all just one event, instead of 3 different ones, as if it was a rehearsal, instead of something I really just wanted to do, but that is the way Schizophrenia works, and I know this, so a fine line exist between being Crazy, and feeling like yew are Crazy, and really just doing Crazy things; and Reality is at the base of it.

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i am not Schizophrenic, i know that, and yew know that, i have been tested by the best Doctors of our time, and they all agree, IAM not Crazy, i mean, would they Let me in the United States Air Force, let me work on the (E)F-111, which they used in a couple of War Campaigns, that i was part of, like the Gulf War in 1990... let me Program Computers and fix Electronic Equipment down to the Component level, with a soldering Iron, then let me become a Helicopter Crew Chief in Air Rescue and Special Operations, then give me a Secret Clearance, so I could work in MOC... then Allow me to work as a Computer Programmer for the EPA and BLM, all before they Medically Retired me from the Air Force, for symptoms that can only be caused by GWS... no - I do not think they let Crazy People do that kind of work, in fact, i know they insist on that, so I wanted to make this Point very Clear, so later on yew can say IAM full of Shit, but yew can not say IAM Crazy.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-28

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In our Genetic Profile, we all have Chromosomes that define who we are at Birth, these Chromosomes we call DNA, are Programs, they tell our body how to grow, what to grow, and went to grow it, and how fast to grow it, it tells our body how to do everything it does, including speaking a Language, thinking, breathing, and other things we do not even know we are even doing, they control every aspect or our life, yet we hardly know they exist, DNA is in our Brain, but the Brain is not what makes us be able to Think, our bodies work off of Light, not Electro Magnetic Chemical changes, these are a by-product of a much more Intelligent method, oh, changes to yewer Electrochemical system will result in effects yew understand, so yew think yew know how it all works, when yew do not understand it at all, and already yew are starting to think wey know it all, well, those DNA strains yew call Junk DNA, yew know they really are Shit, Emotions that are Preprogrammed into us, Memories of all our past Lives, when only I know it all, so what I know is this, the Memories i have, come from the Encoding of my DNA, these Dreams about the White Wizzard are there also, everything I know is encoded in my DNA, so everything IAM telling yew is recorded here also, so i can prove that everything IAM telling yew is True, but first, we need a Machine that can Read it, and display its content, just like it was a Video, or a Book, and it could be read, in fact, it can, but first, People must learn that it does not take a Machine to do this, yew are doing it right now, in fact, some of the Information that is encoded in my DNA, are also in yewers, so I can teach yew how to read it also, and this is not a Theory, which is a Word derived from Theora, meaning to Teach with Fear, which is totally the opposite, all you have to do is use your Freewill, let go of all the Darkness, so only the Light Exist in you, quiet the Animals voice, yew know... that Little Voice yew speak with, out loud in yewer head, and that Moment of Clarity will come to yew, then close yewer Eyes, open your Mind, and look for this Information, it really is that easy, so why yew have so much trouble doing it, is beyond Meat, which is why yew can not do it; yew still think yew are that Animal, it's not what yew Believe that matters, I do not care what yew Believe, nor does the Universe, it's what yew Know, so Know it, or No it not.

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How do yew teach someone something that they already know how to do?

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-30

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Everything I will teach yew about the White Wizzard, was from Dreams i had as a Child, i stopped seeing the White Wizzard years ago, and now its like an Old Dream that i wonder if i really had at all some dazes, and i never missed him, its not like he was a Childhood Fantasy Friend, he was Real to me, as Real as he is to this day, only these days i can look at him in the Mirror, for that Old Man with Long White Hair and Beard, looks a lot like Me now, so i know now that it was just Me, teaching myself everything i needed to know, in order to tell His-Story.

Light Wizzard in the Flesh 00-00-G-IAM-31

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There are points in our Life that Define or Change who wey are, that day happened to me in November of 1990, when i was ordered to take an Anthrax Vaccine that had a real chance to kill yew, in fact, it killed thousands of us, either immediately, or over years of unending Disease, till one day the Victim would Commit Suicide, just to get some relief from the Pain it caused, which is why they had Armed Guards who would rush yew to Jail, so yew could be Court-Martialed if yew did not take that Shot, so I got Shot! and the Ringing in my head, can be heard around the World to this day, and as the Effects of this Vile Disease, which I call GWS, which some think of as Gulf War Syndrome, which Main Stream tried to bury in its History books, by making US out to be Crazy, and then forced us to take all the Drugs they pushed at US is what I call Genetic Warfare Syndrome, since we now have Scientific Proof, that it was caused by Genetic Damage to the DNA, it Destroyed the 14th Chromosome, Grafting it to the 6th and 7th Chromosomes, and causing Disease symptoms that mimicked any number of diseases that existed, but failed to show that they had any Disease at all, it was the Wonder Drug, Wonder why we had to get this Shot, knowing it would Damage or Kill us, and even if we got Anthrax, a Penicillin shot would cure it in 3 days, without as many Side Effects, so its clear they were Experimenting on us, hence the term Genetic Warfare, and to be Clear; it was not the Military that was doing this Experiment, i do not believe they knew about it at all, it was the Powers that be, and that discussion is in another Step, so that is all i have to say about that for now.

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So know this about Me so far, and in each IAM Step to come, yew will learn more, but yew will know why I Think the Way I do, why I Talk the Way I do, and who IAM.

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To make it very Clear to yew who IAM, yew have to remember that I And Me, are not always the same Entity, the Light is I, and Me, well, that is just Meat, so to Me, I is Flesh, but yew are an Animal, so from the Point of View of the Dog that is Meat, yew are Sheep that are all part of my Flock, and even though I was a Black Knight in the Air Force, while serving in Special Operations overseas, IAM a Warrior, IAM a Disabled Gulf War Vet, IAM a Retired United States Air Force Sargent, for this Step, I want yew to know why IAM the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, and to Prove my Doctorates in Trinary Energy, I will teach yew about Science and the Ways of the Light, in terms of the Darkside, from the View Point of the Light, but know this, it will take Me many Steps to show yew what the Light is, and even more to prove it to yew, but I will prove everything I have to say, Scientifically, beyond a Shadow of a Doubt, and everything is Documented in my DNA, so check it for all the References, this may sound like Science Fiction now, but in years to come, it will be Reality, so IAM the Prophet of Trinary Science, and this is only Step O, and we have 275 Steps to go, so this is the Journey that I will take yew on.

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IAM the Light,
IAM the Darkness,
IAM every Shade of Grey in between.
IAM the Light Wizzard.



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