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Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020


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Jeffrey Scott Flesher, replace spaces with dots, at Gmail, and No Spamming, if Yew do not like it, I do not care, and I do not need any of your Corrections unless they are required, and can be proven to be required, this Book is for Trinary Sanctuary, so all work on it is done for that Goal.
This work is Free of all licenses, and can be used with any License, but this does not give anyone the Right to Patent, Trademark this work, but if you need to reference it, you can add a License to it, or you can cite it as a reference, this should make it easier for Mainstream to assimilate it, because it is futile to resist. The biggest obstacle to any new Science will be Licenses, so I removed the need for any, because this is the oldest Science known to the Human Race, and why this work is free to use, and reference for whatever purpose you chose, you do not need to ask permission to use it, but this does not give you the right to sell it as a book, or in any form for personal Profit, but you can print Educational, or School Books as long as you do not sell them to the Students: for more than the cost of what it cost to print the book, like the Jews say, and I am an Ashkenazi Jew, so I can say what Jews Say, 10% but not set in Stone, for operating cost, such as Printing, Shipping, and Handling, and should fall under a special clause for Education, with Tax Exemptions: such that this does allow for Profit to run a Printer for this purpose, because Printing is Expensive, so you have the Right to have it printed at a lower cost, other Printing companies to print these books for me as a prophet, as such, all Commercial Profit goes to my Family, so they can survive when I am dead, having Cancer, I wanted to make sure my family is taken care of when I die. Just to be clear, so these Rights and Lefts do not get confusing, I will never sue anyone for distributing, printing, or selling this book, that is what makes this CopyRight different than normal see you in Court Copyrights, but my wife, and children, and step-children, who now have children, would like their fair share, since I used up most of their time with me, writing this book, so to them, it was not Free, when I die, it is my Wife's only income from me, and she needs to pay for the Website, or it will go Dark when I do, and what little she will get from the VA, and this book I wrote, because I am Medically Retired United States Air Force, and my wife is also an Air Force Veteran, who Medically got out due to having children; so she was a stay at home Mom, and now those Children have Children, and I wrote this book for their children's children. At present, I will make sure that Free Digital Copies in PDF, ePub, and HTML can be obtained, as well as printed books at a low cost, currently, it looks like it will sell for $66.66 at a 5% discount, for a total of $63.33, in Black & White, I would sell it for $6.66 like the ePub if I could, but not 666 printed 11.5 x 8-inch pages, this is the size of a text book, because it is. The price is all about the Number 666, and not about Profit, it was set at 10%, because I am a Jew, so it was all about making the numbers work for the sales price, it is a Masonic Number from the Bible. I need a License that made sure I did not sue anyone, nor could anyone sue me, nor ripe off my Rights, Ideas, Concepts, or Terminology, Technology, or Science, just because they do not understand what a CopyLeft AND CopyRight is all about, and Money would make my Wife happy, so I am selling the book for that reason, as well as I wanted it to be here long after I die, and since I have cancer, and have had to have organs removed lately, I think about the possibility of what happens with the book after I die, not that I am worrying about the dying part, that will just put an end to my suffering, and the beginning of my Wife and Children's. See Books written by Jeffrey Scott Flesher [1].

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Trademarks and Service Marks.
All trademarks, service marks, logos and company names mentioned in this work are the property of their respective owner. They are protected under trademark law and unfair competition law. The Terms I created to explain this concept are Trademarks of the Light Wizzard, which was coined by my Great Cousin Isaac Newton Flesher 5 Generations ago, and are therefore Grandfathered in under the Law, terms like Trinary [1], even though I did not create the name, I use it in a way that is unique, and my Definition is also very unique, and again property of my Great Cousin Isaac Newton, or his son Benjamin Franklin.
Grammar, Words and Spells.
Please forgive my Grammar, I took and passed English in Collage, so it is not that I do not know how to Write, because I do, I just prefer not to for a Reason, because English was not my first Language, oddly enough I learned Basic Programming, my dad was working as a computer programmer, they were working on a Basic Programming Language, my mother died when I was 3, so he had to sit with me when he was home, so my dad would read technical manuals to me, it was work to him, but it was the only way he ever talked to me, he was Autistic, and had the highest IQ in the United States when he graduated from High School, it was in the paper, people never left him alone after that, both of his parents were engineers that worked at the Pentagon up till 1948, my Grandfather taught Naval Warfare in the Navy, he was also Autistic, and had a high IQ, my Grandmother was designing sweep wing aircraft for Grumman, at the Pentagon, that is how they met, so I was raised by engineers, to be an engineer, and like my family before me, I am Autistic across the Spectrum, and I have a high IQ, and I have OCD: so I obsessed over every Word and Spell, and designed fonts to go with all of them, and still got it wrong the way most people think anyway, and maybe it was a mistake, my Spell checker does not help me all that much, nor does my Grammar Checker, as far as my Sentence structure, and Punctuation, let me explain the rules: you only need one Period in a Paragraph, 1 Paragraph for a Chapter, because all are meant to be one thought, about one subject, and not a lot of. Broken up Thoughts. Just so people can read it without taking a breath, so in short, a period is the end of that thought. I am Dyslexic, I mix letters and words up when I read and write them, and it is because in my mind, they are just images, I do not think in terms of words, but more to do with their shape, so I relate to fonts, and words as pictures, and not the picture of the word, but a picture of what that word means in that context. I think, for the most part, this is an Aspie thing, and how people with really high IQ's actually think, and write, since I grew up reading from the Bible, Kepler, Newton, and Tesla, so read their notes and books for comparison, so I do not feel like I should have to Apologize for writing like this on purpose, mistakes and all, I know I make Mistakes, but I can not see them when I am making them, nor do I see them when I reread them over and over again, well, maybe that is a Blond thing, I went from 50 shades of Grey, to White, so my Blond is bleached out, my hair is the same color as my grandmother when she died at age 99, or maybe I have been hit in the head too many times, so keep in mind I had a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). I have no Editor to correct mistakes, because most Editors just want to rewrite everything using their own Words and Spells; and there is nothing wrong with the way I wrote anything in this book, I know, I read it a few times, and if you rewrite it in your words trying to correct the way I said it, then I might not be able to read it or understand it, like most books on the market that are written for Normal People, this book was written for people like me: meaning they are: Autistic with a high IQ, Dyslexic, Obsessive-Compulsive, Depressed, Anxious, maybe a pissed off disable Gulf War Vet with PTSD, and not for Normal People who can not Read Documents based on Grammar, Words, or Spells, but that is how Normal People decide if they will Read a Book, and why they have such low IQ's, because they do not read stuff that Intelligent People have Written, only what Normal People like to read, which is stuff written for people with Low IQ's, that require gooder grammar and spelling to red books better with, my Grandmother was from the Ozark Mountains, and normal people want it shorter, with less information, and no long Sentences, Paragraphs or Chapters, because normal people have a very short attention span; let's face it, this is a book about how Stupid Normal Sheeple are, so why in the world would I want to write it their way, and this is why I wrote it only for Yew. I am not a Spelling Wizard, Witches are better at Spells, I make my own fonts for this document, words are just spells to me, so letters are just ammunition to write with, and half the time it is the Spell checker that gave the wrong Spell for a Word, so I can blame it on my Spell Checker, so it was not my fault for not noticing it; because Wizards like to play the Blame Game, so do Jews, so they do not have to own up to being wrong about anything, and also keep in mind that I have been hit in the head a few times too many, and I have a Traumatic Brain Injury from a Micrometeorite, I did not make this stuff up just to justify the way I write; but to explain it to you so you will understand why I write this way, and why there are so many mistakes in this book, when the Bible has just as many Mistakes, that thing about two Jesus's, only people with really high IQ's catch that, and the Bible is actually written a lot like my Style, or the other way around, since IAM the one who wrote the Bible, so all my mistakes should be funny, or at least Entertaining at the Roman Coliseum. I grew up reading all the different Bibles, and found all the mistakes in them, and also figured out that most of the people are just Stars and Constellations, any age that is over 100 years, is a Zodiac time frame, for example, Noah was not a person, nor were anyone in that story, that was a story about the Age of Aquarius. I grew up reading technical papers my dad left around, and I like that style of writing over Modern, so I use it, so get over it, or rewrite this book if you think you can do a better job: explaining how the Trinary Universe actually works. The Bible speaks to all its Followers as Sheep in a Flock, that follow the Shepard whose Deity God, is just a name of an Angel, and his Son Christ, but Wizards are Wise: just not very good at Communicating the written Word by using Spells; they say a picture is worth a thousand words, I only think in terms of pictures, and why it takes so many words to describe them, so it is best to keep in mind that I am a Medically Retired Gulf War Vet with PTSD, so never get in my face, and disagree with me unless you want to Fight, because like Bar/Abbas, and Newton, Yew do not get in my Face with Theories Yew can not Prove, and keep in mind that when it comes to Fighting: IAM meaner than a Junk Yard Dog.


I Hereby Declare that I wrote this Dissertation myself with the help of no more than the mentioned works of: the Bible during the Third Century in its Original Text, Johannes Kepler, Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, and Nikola Tesla, who also wrote about this very subject known as Light. The majority of my work is based on what my First Cousin Isaac Newton wrote, this book also discloses family relations, so being in as Right of a State of Mind as I can be in, and I see VA Doctors regularly, and they always assured me that I am not insane, and even though I have many health and mental health issues, I have a record of always understanding reality, grant you that Reality gets Distorted while I am having a PTSD attack, or an Aspie Meltdown, so I promise not to write while having one of those, so to be clear, I am Schizoaffective, and have to disclose this, to be honest, but I have never been Schizophrenic, other than during PTSD or Meltdown attacks, and sometimes when waking up out of a dream, or nightmare, and only a qualified doctor can diagnose the difference, and I have seen many over the years, and in reality, having Schizoaffective tendencies is normal for people like me, meaning, Autistic in the High Functioning end of the Spectrum, known as Asperger Syndrome or Aspie, so it is not crazy to have an Imagination, things I see in my mind, I can also see in my vision, but I know what is real because I also see it in my mind, I can morph objects, change the environment I am in, I can pull up books, and open them up and read them, that is normally how I read, I just memorize the pages, it is just a picture to me, and since I started to lose my sight, it has made it harder, because of my focus, at times things in my mind look out of focus, because my eyes play tricks with my mind, if this last for more then a week, my sleep pattern will change, and soon after the walls start to meltdown, and the virtego kicks in, and my head spins, it makes it hard to even open my eyes, I start to feel like everyone hates me, and they are doing things to me, and so I isolate myself, I call it my Ground Hog Day, and this all started in 1990 after I got the Anthrax Vaccine, it killed most of the Cilia in my ears permanently, and altered my DNA, specifically my 6, 7, and 13th Chromosome, I have not had REM Sleep since that time. In the Bible Jesus said he would return in the Flesh: at the End of Time, or Civilization as you know it, and Newton Calculated that to be in 2060 under the Julian Calendar, and I will be a Century-old on the day this event is to take place under the Gregorian Calendar, in fact it will be on my 100th Birthday. For the Record: IAM back in the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, and I swear on the Bible using the Bible as a reference to what God is: All Light without Darkness, and swear to that God that all I have written is the Truth to the best of my knowledge, and since what I have said does not change one word of what these other Wizards Works have stated, including the Bible, so I also swear that I have not changed their work, I only finished it... So I swear to all these things on my Honor: as an Honor Guard in the Military, and they still use the Julian Calendar, and they still have the right to believe in God, even though they do not have any Duty to, because Freedom of Religion is a choice they respect, but I still believe in God but will never believe in Religion, nor did Kepler, Newton, or Tesla, in fact, everyone in time including Albert Einstein believed in the Newtonian Universe after it was published, and I swear to God that Albert Einstein denounced all his Theories, and Math work, before Tesla died, maybe around 1942, so I swear that Einstein understood that it is a Paradox without Newton's God as the Force of Gravity, these men were all Aspies, and read things Literally, and were naturally honest, and had no ego to feed, so I understand that the Bible is the Alchemist Book of Sin written using Witchcraft. I do not believe in a Deity of any kind, the God I swear to is inside of every Atom, made of subatomic Particles called Neutrinos, that have the Light without Darkness to bind them form Particles into Atoms, so God is Everything because the Light is Everything, thought I was going to say God's Particle, but instead its God's Element, and I call God's Energy: Trinary Energy, by changing the Word Spelled Trinity too Trinary, changing Bible into Science, and adding a Term to the Bible to clarify things, since Christ was inserted, inserting the Truth would not hurt it. I swear to God that this book is all about God, and the Bible, but not about Religion, so I have more to say about Trinary Science, and even the word Trinary means the Logic of God, and so it is that I swear to the God I wrote this book about: The Trinary Universe, and I swear that just like the Bible only written for Sheep that Followed a Shepard, I too, only write this Book for yew, and Yew is what I call my Sheep in my Flock, and Yew is a Ewe, so do not get confused when I tell you that Yew is also a type of Tree named Taxus, and Sheeple use Money, and Pay Taxes with Money printed on Paper grown from Hemp, which is a Drug just like Money, and since my Money is only Printed by the Federal Reserve, I swear under the Enumerations Act, that the United States Constitution is Suspended until the National Debt is paid off, so I swear to God that no one has had any Rights under it since 1861, when I swear to God that Lincoln was Legally Executed by the Militia of the Universe States of America, that are now Outlawed, as is their right to take back this Country, until after the National Debt is paid off, proving we have no Rights, at least its Citizens do not, as Retired Military I still have my Military Rights, so it is my Right to swear to God, and Country, and even the Bank that owns US like Sheep, that everything I say or write in this book is the Whole Truth, and not a Half Truth, and never a Lie called a Theory, unless I actually call it a Theory, otherwise, just the facts according to the Bible during the Third Century, Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei, Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, and Nikola Tesla, and the Author, who is Me in the Flesh, also known as Jeffrey Scott Flesher.

Jeffrey Scott Flesh

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