The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 5.04
Masonic Secrets

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 12 January 2019


Chapter 5.04:
Masonic Secrets

The best Masonic Secrets are the ones no one has ever heard, you know those are the best ones, because they are the best keep Secrets, and if everyone knew them, they actually would not be Secrets, so just to be sure we are talking about the same thing here, Masonic Secrets are actually Secret and will stay that way, I have to say this to Stop Stupid People or Sheeple from telling me they know all the Masonic Secrets, and these are Not them, because that is just Stupid and that is no Secret, the Sheeple only know that they have Heard from their Herd, and the Masons run the Worlds Governments.

My Parents belonged to Masonic Organizations, I never did, and for good reason, they have no idea what the real Secrets are, they only know what they are told are Secrets, and for the most part, my Grandmother told me that a few members know the truth, and they are worth the effort to get to know, she said most of them are Good People, who are just not bright enough to understand the Masonic Ways, which is to rule the World by Controlling its Populations with Money, Religion and Laws.

There are many types of Masonic Organizations: the Police, Military and Government are by far the biggest of these Organizations, the Masonic Halls have nothing to do with it, those are just a front, because not all its members are part of the Organization, most do not even know it exists, Secrets work that way, and you can not ask to be a member, they have Signs, Symbols and Spells that they used to tale the History of their Organization, but I will not be talking about them at all, because for the most part, I have no attachment to any Organization, and I am not bound to Secrecy, my Grandfather wrote about some of the Secrets the Military and Governments have, but since the Banks own them all, that is the biggest Secret of them all, and everyone knows it, the Masonic Symbols on a U.S. one Dollar tale the whole story, how the Pyramid was destroyed by Money, Religion and Laws, what else do you need to know about the Masons?

Trinary Sanctuary is not the New World Order, it is the Old World Order in fact, back during the times of the Pyramids when the Masonic Order began, so you might find some similarities but that is about it, but Sanctuary is not about creating a new Government, in fact Sanctuary is not considered a Government, and it will never act like one, it will never have representatives, it will never have: Money, Religion, Laws, Rules or Regulations and it will never have Citizens, only Members of its Militia, and they only Follow Technical Orders and Data that they themselves help to maintain, and since no one will ever Own Sanctuary, there is no ownership of Private Property, possessions are not things that can be taken away, and they can be passed down for generations, Privacy is part of Sanctuary, as is the idea of a Family unit, although Sanctuary acts like its just one Family unit running it, the Family lines are drawn in a way to ensure a healthy society, and is never based on Classes or any hierarchy that makes some families better than others, everyone is equals, the Round Table of the Wizard Merlin is alive and well in this place, and the reason to abolish Money and Religion is because: that Masonic Organizations demands that the Church or Bank Rules, and that is not allowed in Sanctuary, no Rulers are allowed, Sanctuary is not a Masonic Organization and will never have Secrets between its Members, or from the General Public, or Governments of the World, Secrets are what separate people, and it does not unite them.

The Masonic Secrets about Moses are written in the Bible, but it depends on what side you take, and if you take Moses side, you are a Dark Wizard, because Moses Destroyed Sanctuary with his Greed and lust for Power, he did not Free Slaves, he created them with the use of Gold for Money, and Laws, and God had nothing to do with those Laws, and by using Religion to control peoples thoughts, so Money, or Barter of any kind is not allowed in Sanctuary, nor is any type of Religion, people cannot live Free with controls that limit that Freedom, it is not possible to be Free if you use Money or have to obey a Religion, or Law, and Freewill does not make you Free, it is just Free Dumb, as are all Secrets, just Dumb.

Masonic Secrets have done more harm over time then good, the organizations that have been taken over by Masonic Rule are endless, and Sanctuary will have a hard time from being infiltrated by the Masons, so its members must learn to identify how Masons take over and not allow it, it is the biggest threat to any form of Government and starts with Secrets, State Secrets mean Masonic Secrets, State Security means Masonic Security, they use People or Sheeple to carry out their hidden agenda, People know what they are doing whereas Sheeple believe they are doing the right thing and have no idea what is actually going on, because they do not know the Secrets, and 911 is a good example of a Masonic hidden Agenda, they started the plan back in the 1940's, my Grandfather knew all about their plan because he was one of them making the plans or helping them be carried out on an unsuspecting public, and he moved away from the Pentagon in 1948 because he wanted nothing to do with that plan or with the People that will carry out the orders just to further their cause, and it is why the use of Money is so Evil, because: Money, Religion and Laws is the main Tools of the Masonic Order, who are the Masons you ask, they became the Roman Empire during the days of Jesus Bar Abbas, so this is long after Cains Revenge by his descendant Moses, who created Gods Law to enslave the Human Race with Laws, till most the Population of the Planet is in Prison, so do not talk to me about what is Legal, it means Evil to me, without it they have no control over People, so they have to resort to controlling Resources like Land, Water and Air, so its easy to see the ways of the Masonic Order, and Sanctuary can never be allowed to become like that, it is about all the People and not just the Ruling Class, so Sanctuary can never allow a mechanism by which one person can gain control over another, which means that every members Family must be safe: so its members can not be used against a person who would harm them if that Member does not do something that the Masons want, because that is how the Masons work, and that is a General Statement, because most Masonic Organizations are Evil because they all work for Money, but it is not bad, and the concept of Good or Bad, or Evil, is hard to describe in words, but the United States Military works for Money, they also work for the Banks that Print the Money, instead of Only Congress like the Constitutions demands, because they are just Spells, but I know that the Masons run the show on this Planet, they own the Banks, Governments and their Police and Military, but as a Citizen, I must Trust those Organizations, and I must support them, as a retired member of the Military and Government I live in, I can say I do trust them, as I just said, IAM one of them, in the Beginning there was just the Light and that is who IAM, so I do trust the Masonic Organizations, they are the Only reason anyone is alive, they are your Military, your Governments, your States, Cities and Towns, these are your Leaders, your Police, your Mailmen, your Community, in fact they are you and your friends and family, so it is not like they are the Enemy, do not forget about Reality, because they always come down to individuals, and for the most part, I believe everyone has Good, Bad or Evil in them, but most try to stay on the side of Good, but Money can cause any of them to do Evil, so I have a hard time saying that these Masons are Evil just because of Money, but if you remover it, then it removes the Corruption that Money can cause, so it is not the Masonic Organizations that I fear, it is their use of Money, Religion and Laws, so only fundamental changes like ownership of Personal Property needs to be Addressed, because that ownership is what sets us apart from animals, we do not own the Planet, we just live on it and must help take care of it, and no matter what you believe about Religion, it is not the Word of God, the Bible was, and it was written by Humans, just like me, who knew how to read and write using Witchcraft, witch in my Dreams, I have low to no REM Sleep, so my Dreams are Lucid Dreams only, so IAM able to interact with my Dreams as if IAM awake, and anyone can learn how to do this, but no REM Sleep comes at a cost, your Sanity, it makes you question everything about your Existence, because it is hard to tale Reality from a Dream, because if IAM Dreaming I do not want to wake, knowing I will never get back to Sleep, and IAM sick of Counting Sheep, but that is what Sheep Dogs do, so it comes with the Territory as does His-Story, witch was about a Simple Carpenter named Jesus Bar Abbas, who in hard times, got a whole city to listen to his plan, they would start a Militia, and everyone was a Member, even the Children, the plan was simple, we grow our own crops, plus extra for those that need it, so we will not pay Taxes, but we will give them our extra supplies for Free, so for years the Town lived in peace and Prospered, till one day a group of 12 People decided that Jesus needed to teach the Other Cities about this Plan, and at first the Romans did not mind, in fact it was better for them, their troops were honored as they rode through the City Jesus had designed, they were given free food and a place to sleep, and gave the Troops extra Supplies to take back to Rome, so it made the Governors happy, so the Romans Loved Jesus at first, until Jesus met the Council of Nicea or what it would become after this meeting, and the Jews demanded Jesus be executed for saying that Moses destroyed the Pyramids, and that you can restore them if we give you the Gold, and you will give us Water, Heat, and Electricity in return, and we can make Light with the Electricity, so all the Jews wanted to know, is how do you sell this to People, so they would have to Pay for it, they wanted to make Money by Selling God as Electricity, so after learning about this Technology they wanted to keep it for themselves, which is why they ordered the Roman Empire to Kill Jesus Bar Abbas, but the Romans did not want to, because they had a deal to get this Water and Energy for Free, but the Jews could not have that, they wanted to Sell it, and could not have this Electricity being Called God, so then decided to put a bounty out for Jesus Dead or Alive, but the Romans said they would only pay for him Alive, so that worried a lot of people, that they knew Jesus Bar Abbas, and they believe in him, and now the Jews wanted him dead, and they were ordered to kill all those that followed him, so the Last Super was really about them getting together to discuss how the Light works, Jesus used a solution of Vinegar, and a Copper wire winding around a Chalice, that had a Silver rod attached to the other end, and it was attached to glass sphere called a Crystal Ball, that had an electrical filament inside a vacuum, so it would generate electrons that Lit the Light with Electricity, this has been known since the days of the Pyramids, so this Masonic Secret about this Light, died with Jesus Bar Abbas, seems the Other Masons keep it a Secret for a long time, and why Jesus's Chalice was so important, it was the Key to Making Light, and to this day no one knows where it is, but we know what it is, a Flashlight, so when Jesus died the Dark ages remained for thousands of years, but during the Days before Jesus, back before Moses, there was Light, Flashlights are part of the Technology from the Pyramids, so this is nothing new.

Moses had a choice not to destroy Sanctuary, all he had to do was leave, but he did not want to leave without destroying Sanctuary and taking all its Gold and other technologies so that they could control their Resources, thus control them, the People who Moses Brainwashed, into Rape, Pillage and Plunder in Gods name, because Moses wanted World Dominance, he wanted to control the way people thought and lived their life, it was not enough just to control their Religion and life with Money, they had to control their Sheep by controlling every aspect of their life, and that is the Society that dominants the World today, so the Principles that the Masons follow are laid down by Moses, and why they are not allowed in Sanctuary, because the only reason they would be there is to destroy Sanctuary, so Masonic Activity is not allowed in Sanctuary, it is a Crime against Sanctuary, and some will argue that this is Jewish and not Masonic, and I have no idea what I am talking about, when the Masons own everything, including all the Governments in the World, so who are we kidding, and everyone got Energy for Free in Moses time, and Moses wanted the Energy of God to Sell, so he Brainwashed a lot of Stupid People into a War, telling them they would be Free if they Stole all the Gold from the Pyramid, and all its Technology, so they went to War, and destroyed Technology they did not understand, so after they destroyed the last Arc, they had no idea how to build another, see the Pattern here, I told them out of sequence so you could better understand the concept, Jesus knew how the Technology worked, he showed people who it worked, but did not explain the details, like how to make the Electronics part work, and Stupid people might know how to use it, but they have no idea how to make it, so you kill all those people, and the Technology is lost.

Masonic Secret are about Money, Power and Control, and the welfare of the people that have to fight their Wars: so they can increase their Wealth, is the Secrets that drive the Masonic Orders and we the people become collateral damage in those Wars, as one Masonic Group tries to take over another Groups territory, the Wars never end, people call them Holly Wars, and the Banks always back both sides to maximize Profit, and the People allow this by Voting for it, and every Law they pass they lose their Rights, now they have no Rights, and no Constitution, and are nothing but Dishonorable Treasonous Traders to the Constitution that the Masons abolished: so they could Print the Money instead of We the People who was represented by the Masonic Leaders known as Congress, so the take over is complete, the Masons own the Banks and the Banks own everything, and this is not even a Secret, its just a fact of life, and it is Evil, and Money, Religion, and Laws is how this all came to be, and there is no way out, except to create Trinary Sanctuary and not allow these mechanisms to exist in this place, so Secrets are not allowed in Trinary Sanctuary.

The Founding Fathers of the United States knew all about the Masons, some of them were Members, so they knew their agenda, so the Funding Fathers of the United States has always been the Bank that Printed the Money, that is why the Constitution only allowed Congress to print money, but that is a loop hole that a double agent for the Bank got into it, so the Masons can be infiltrated, but Lawyers made it Legal, so the Sheeple, which there is no other word or Spell for Cowards that will not Defend their own Constitution they took an Oat to defend, knowing it has been abolished for over a (1863 - 2019) 156 years now, making it a moot point, so why they lie about it is clear, they have no Honor, but the Masons created this Reality that the Sheeple live in, and the Sheeple believe it is the Truth, they believe it is all Legal, they are even stupid enough to believe you can amend the word Only, so what else do you need to know about Stupid People, when in fact, its just the Masonic Plan, the Banks take over the Country by becoming the Government, at the Top level of the Masonic Order, you will find who owns the Bank, and without the Constitution the Sheeple have no Rights, they are just Property owned by the Banks, so they do the Bidding of the Banks that own them like Sheep, and our Founding Fathers warned you about the Masons because they were the Masons, but they wanted we the People to stay in Charge, instead of the Queen.

For the most part the Masons are not the problem with this World, and I would be lying if I told you I was not a Mason, I was born a Mason, I just do not participate in their Organization, IAM not a Sheep, and it is the Stupid Sheep that are the Problem not the Masons, for the most part they are the most Intelligent People on the Planet, so I trust the Masons, I trust the Police, Military and Governments of the World, because I know all they want to do is Control everyone and everything, so I do not get out of being Controlled by them, nor do I deny it, I will never try to overthrow the Government because I know that the Constitution does not exist, so I do not have that Right, nor does the Constitution exist, so I will never reference it as if it does, so like a good Solider, I follow orders, and do what I am told to do, so I follow the Masonic Plan, I use their Money, so I accept their Rule, and I trust them to run the Darkside, all I ask is for is a Lightside, because there is no place like Trinary Sanctuary on this Planet, so there is no Freedom, and that is Evil, and I would rather die then to be Evil in the Darkness, so I only Survive, I do not Live in the Darkness, I try to tale people how to Live Free, but the Sheeple always Lie about who IAM, and for the most part, it is a Masonic Secret few know, because it is the best keep Secret of them All, and Sir Isaac Newton gave it away for Free, Christ was inserted into the Bible by the Masons.

People tell me that I have a Good message but no one will listen to me because of how I call yew Stupid, they think that I am argent and think I am smarter and better than they are, when in fact I called Yew Stupid, so if you think IAM talking to Yew, then you are a Sheep making yew the Sheeple that are too Stupid to understand that, so these People do not get my message because they are not Intelligent enough to understand it, they make themselves to be the Sheeple that IAM referring too, not me, and that is Stupid, because they do not know all the Masonic Secrets, so that makes them ignorant, which means Stupid, and they think they know what is going on, proving how stupid Sheeple really are, so these Sheeple tell me that I can catch more Fly's with Honey then with Vinegar, but I do not want to catch Flies, nor do I want to talk to Sheep, because that is a waist of time, so I attack them, I nip at their Heals like a Dog because Sheeple offend me, so I offend yew, and I will never change my ways or my Mind Set, because that is how Masons behave, they know that they must befriend the Sheeple, so they can be their Shepard, whereas my goal is not to become the Shepard, its just to admit that IAM just the Dog, and if that sounds Backwards, it is because it is, its just a backward Spell that Wizards used to teach Sheeple not to believe the Masonic Secrets, which is that Money, Religion and Laws can be used to Control the Actions of the Sheeple, because Sheeple will do anything to defend Money, Religion and Laws, so that is the Only Masonic Secret that I will talk about.

The thing about Masonic Secrets is that the First 3 Steps are Free:

  1. God is All Light without Darkness and there can be no Light without the Darkness
  2. Trinity: the Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother
  3. IAM God

Now these Secrets come in Steps and Degrees, a Step is just a General Statement, a Degree is a test of your knowledge about that Step. You have to remember what these Secrets mean, so do not read into them, just read them, we will have Religion teach this is all about Deities, so that God will not Physically Exist, and Science to teach that God does not Exist, even though they mean the same thing, insanity is what it is, all so we will know who is a Mason and who is not, because all Trinary Masons know these 3 Masonic Steps, and they are Free, but to get to Step 32 it will cost you more than Money, and do not ever ask for Step 33.

We can joke about the Masonic ways of life all yew want, but they are the facts of Life, so it is all how people want to live, is what it all comes down to, I believe what is Private, is Private, and what is Public, is Public, no one but who you want should see in your Private area, and everyone should be able to see you in the Public, but not in a Stalking manner, people have their right to Privacy in the Public, but not all Masons believe in this concept, they want to Bug everyone, to make sure no one has secrets, and that is insane, if you can not trust people in Private, why would you trust them in Public, and that is a good question, and the truth is that most people are not trust worthy, so they assume no one can be trusted in Private, but those that can, should be, and those that can not, have to be afforded the same respect as those that can, and that is a Masonic teaching, because that is the Secret to keeping Secrets, never tell anyone a Secret you can not trust in Private or in Public, but this means you have to treat those people the same as those you can trust, in hope they will change? Yes, and we can joke about all yew want, some people can change, others can not, but if you never trust anyone, then what's the point of trusting anyone, so then what is the Point of the Secret if you take it to your Grave like Jesus did, Moses blew it, because he though if he killed all the Smart people he could control their Technology, that is what most Stupid people think, and it is why most do not know the real Secrets, and once they do: they find out its just a joke that has always been about Yew.

Talking about Secrets that few know is very Entertaining, because I do not have to Prove they are True, everyone knows they are, but few knew to what Degree, so it is all about getting a Doctrine, because a PhD is the Highest Degree you can get, but in College, you can only get Degrees based on General Relativity, so in Reality, I have no way of getting a Degree in Trinary Science, because the Masons does not know this Secret, or they are not willing to give it up, and that is what it all comes down to, giving up what the Holy Ghost means in terms of Science, and this is why Secrets are so Entertaining.

Masonic Secrets are History, and no more Secrets is His-Story, the biggest Secret the Masons keep is about Money, so the Money Game needs to come to an end for a segment of the World to live in true Freedom, that is one of the steps yew must learn to become you, working for Free means no one owns you, and in Trinary Sanctuary a Computer Program makes sure everyone is busy, and it tracks their progress, but this is not the Masonic Life Style or the Jewish Life Style, working for Free is about taking Responsibility for Secrets that should not be Secrets, so it is the End of Secrets, and the beginning of Trust.

Masonic Secrets teach people how to succeed at making Money, when you remove the Secrets it teaches people to succeed without Money, thus removing that Limitation that Money imposes, which is why you can not do anything without Money, so Money becomes a huge part of some Industry, where the logistics of Making Money, and transporting Money, and Securing it, since everyone is trying to steal that Money, and just about all Crime is because of that Money, so if Money did not exist, you could not buy things, nor can you Barter in Trinary Sanctuary, so people would not steal others possessions, because in a society like this, if others have something you want, you can learn to reproduce it, so the need for Crime is gone, and this is not a Masonic Secret, its just something they do not want you to know about Money, because you really are better off without it.

When I was in the Air Force stationed at Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho, form 1995 to 1993. I was on the Base Honor Guard, one more than one occasion I got to do a Military Function with Joe Albertson, most remember he was a Billionaire, I remember the talks I had with him; on one occasion for a Ceremony for the USS Boise Attack Submarine. Boise Mayor Dirk Kempthorne was there also, this was not the first time I talked to him, he was great to talk to, very intelligent man, and very honest and easy to talk to, and why so many people liked him. This day was very cold, not even sure what day it was, I searched the internet, and I found these dates:

Awarded: 6 February 1987
Laid down: 25 August 1988
Launched: 23 March 1991
Commissioned: 7 November 1992

It was cold, so my guess would be the Awarded Ceremony, all the News agencies were there that day, I remember having a VCR copy of it on CNN, there I was in Full Dress Blues with an Honor Guard Chrome Dome, trying not to look like its 3 Degrees below 0, even with White Gloves on, the Medal from my Sword bite through those gloves that day, and after that we all move to a warm gathering, and talked about things: when the Base Commander told Dirk Kempthorne that one of his Honor Guard just received an Educational award, for his work on his PhD in Physics, then Kathryn Albertson asked me what my Thesis was on, and I replied that it was a Dissertation and not a Thesis, then someone asked what the difference is, and the Commander said a Dissertation must explain Evidence without Theory, whereas a Thesis is pure Theory and does not have to have any Evidence. Then that same someone stated the Albert Einstein has a PhD based on Theories, and they used his Theories to build the Atomic Bomb. Joe Albertson said actually Einstein wrote a formula that tried to determine the Energy output of an Atomic Bomb, after it was built, but before it was tested, and even though that the results were so much Energy, that most Scientist of that day, thought it could cause a chain reaction that would destroy the whole world, because his formula was based on Energy being equal to the Mass of the Atomic Fuel, times the Speed of Light Squared. The room got quiet, so I said, actually Light has no Acceleration, and is one of the points I will make in my Dissertation, I told Kathryn all my work is based on Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin and Nikola Tesla, and the work done by my Great Cousins Isaac Newton and his Son Benjamin Franklin Flesher, and then she wanted to know about my family tree, so over the years at various functions, I would get the Honour to talk with both Albertson's, and the last one I remember the most: I can not remember the date or the occasion, but the Gulf War was nearing, so it was in 1990 for sure: Dirk Kempthorne made a speech, afterwards he sat with the Base Commander and Honor Guard, this time I was a Staff Sergeant Selectee, and a ranking member of the Honor Guard at that event for some reason, but we did have two teams, so that night I was sitting next to Dirk, across the table from the Albertson's, and Kathryn said to me that she and Joe had read my paper I sent them, and enjoyed it, and what we have to tell you are for your own good, and we do not feel this way at all, but others Banished the Teaching of: Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin and Nikola Tesla, and it is why your Great Cousins could not publish their work, which was far greater than the work before them, because they decoded the Witchcraft that Sir Isaac Newton wrote, and had become Public Domain back at the turn of the Century, but combine those two peaces of knowledge, and the Banks will fall like the Roman Empire did when Jesus Bar Abbas was done, and he will never be done as long as his name is still in the Bible; and that is what the Mormon Church does not want to happen, they will not change their view of Trinity, not Publicly anyway, so I you can try to publish your work at Universities, all I am saying is: do not get discouraged, Governments are owned and Operated by the Banks that Print their Money, and God is Engraven on their Money with the Blood of Jesus Bar Abbas, printed with the Blood of this Planet as you put it, but can you see the Mormons bowing down to Newton after they Banished him? The Mormons are in control, it is not up to us to change these things, but we do have influence, so they will not bother you, as long as you do not bother them; the Christians are not ready to give up Christ for Bar/Abbas, even though Newton was right, in History Bar/Abbas was executed by the Romans, and that was what destroyed their Empire, so they inserted Christ to try to hide that fact, but could not remove Bar/Abbas, so they made him look like the bad man, and Joseph Smith knew this, in fact, his version of the Bible leads credibility into the Christ Movement, which was marked as the Bloodiest Wars in the Holy War Era, all because the Muslims believed that Jesus Bar Abbas was a Messenger, and those that believed in Christ were Dishonorable Liars for saying otherwise, and this sometimes lead to people getting beheaded, and the Jews, even the Ashkenazi, would just sit back and say nothing, when the Pope knows this, since Sir Isaac Newton told him everything, even about the Calculation he made in 1666 about the End of Civilization in 2060, Joseph Smith knew all of this, he was a huge fan of Newton's, as are we, but we have to follow our Mormon leaders on this, they say they have a plan, but its long term, so try to find ways to publish your work, but we can not help you publish your PhD because it is Banished by all in this Country, at this time, when that Banishment is lifted, and trust me, it is not about Money or Power, you have to understand that many people might commit Suicide if this information got out, and that would lead to Lawsuits, so no University will publish forbidden Knowledge about God and Jesus Bar/Abbas, and the Banks will not allow it, nor will they admit that the Constitution is Suspended until the Civil War Loan is paid off, and that debt is never going to be paid off, because you can not use the Banks Money to pay off the Loan; so although we believed Sir Isaac Newton before we met you, and you have proven we were right to believe in him, but our Name is owned by the Masons that run this World, they own the Mormon and all the other Churches, and the Governments of the World, and all because of Money, and Jesus Bar/Abbas is still the Last Wizard to stand up to them, but we can not stand up, because people will die, this matter is a very serious one to us, we have a duty, and you have a duty, and your Duty is to Defend the Constitution any way you can, as long as it is not violent or gets people killed like Jesus Bar/Abbas did, that is considered Terrorism, and the Military, even though that is who you are, work for the Bank, so they Kill people like Jesus Bar/Abbas, and nothing has changed, this is the World we live in.

Dirk Kempthorne said that he works as Major for Boise City, yet one day as he was walking around from office to office, he relieved he did not know how to do every job in that City, let alone in the Majors Office, we all have our own Jobs, and we do not know much outside of them, we become narrow-minded, but I understand that even though I do not know why all these other jobs exist, they are required, and we are all required to do them, even if we do not like our Job, it needs to be done to the best of your ability to do it, and that is why I try to do my job well, and the Welfare of everyone, is part of that job; and I agree that Sir Isaac Newton got a raw deal, but I know one day, his Work will become popular again, but half my Job in ensuring Public Safety, and believe it or not, the Bible is very clear about who Jesus Bar/Abbas was, he was the Leader the Militia, and therefore technically an Admiral by today's standards, and therefore was in opposition to the Roman Empire, because of the use of Money and Taxation, so nothing has changed, we are still using Money and Paying Taxes, and then someone interjected: this argument is what started the Civil War in the first place, so how is doing it over going to change that outcome, is a reason why the People went along with the Banishing in the First place, and there are a lot of people trying to convince others that Einstein was right, and Newton was right about everything, and Light is Static and not Dynamic, but that knowledge changes over 99% of the Worlds views about Science today, and keep in mind this was before 1993, when I transferred to the 66th RQS Air Rescue Squadron, as a Helicopter Crew Chief; but those plans were already in place well in advance, so I knew I was going to White Sands New Mexico by 1992; a last minute change was allowed, and since my Brother in Law at the time was also stationed at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas Nevada. So looking back at the conversation with Kathryn, its clear that Joe was talking to Dirk and the Commander about another Subject, so that her conversation with me was not the focus, because when Kathryn talks people listen, and I did just what she told me to do, even though she said I could try to submit my Paper to Boise University, she knew it would not fly, because she asked in secret, and if she asked and was denied, you know it comes from the top, because the Pope knows, so do all the Major Religious Leaders in the World, it is a Masonic Secret, and just like they are bond by its Laws, so am I, because I too am a Mason by Birth Right, both Scottish, which is my Middle Name, and York, and I am not talking about Freemasons, Benjamin Franklin warned us about them, the Ashkenazi have their own Masonic Order; and it has many Names: for Odd Fellows or Rebekah's, Moose, Elk, Fraternity Orders, Law Enforcement Orders, Military Orders, and the list goes on; and keep in mind how people Pronounce Ashkenazi, its from an older language, and was actually more like: Ash/Ke/Nazi, and the Ash is produced after the Burnt Offering: Ash, and signified with a Cross on your Forehead on Ash Wednesday, Newton said the Ash were the White Race, the Ke were a Grey Race, and the Nazi were the Black Race, this was not referring to the Color of their Skin, since Darwin Proved that our DNA has a switch for that, so its just Genetic, so it was talking about the Colors of one's SOUL... So the Lightside did not use Money, they were like the People before Mosses Destroyed the Pyramids, and the Darkside were the Followers of Cain and Moses, and the Grey are just all the Colors of the Rainbow in between the Darkness and the Light, and these people really did not care about Money, they prove that with all their Generosity, so the Albertson's were people who believed in the Science of Sir Isaac Newton, and believed that God was All Light without Darkness, and they are right, this information can start another Civil War, so I had to some up with a better way to get my PhD, and that took years; and this Story is just looking back at why I never tried to submit it to any University... I think People come into our Life by Fate or Faith, people argue if they can happen together, but not Forest Gump, he made a point for both being able to happen at once, but I still like to think that God brought the Albertson's into my Life. So at this point of this conversation everyone was talking around the real issue, and that is that the Science of Sir Isaac Newton was banished, and if the Richest most Powerful People in the World, can not change that at this point in time, no one could, so I bid my Time, and I remember this conversation, and record it now, not to bring those people still alive on the stand about this private conversation, I have no idea how much they actually know about Newton, just because it is a Public Domain, does not mean anyone actually read it, so all I am saying is that a lot of People know about Sir Isaac Newton, it has been Public Domain for over a Century, so if you have not had the time to read it all, take the time, you will be amazed at what you find.

Joe died on 20 January 1993, 6 days after my Birthday, I can still remember how that made me feel that day, some of the reasons Joe gave me while People turned their backs on Sir Isaac Newton were right, they just were not taught right from a young age, and the older people get the harder it is for them to change something they hold so dear to them, but the Mormons have a different view about God, so know the truth, most do not; and it is because of the Education systems is run by the Banks that Pay for the Books, so this Civilization is what you pay for it, but somewhere in my Memorabilia, I have a napkin and a Table Setting Card, one day I will post it here and update this post, but what Joe taught me is not to cross the Mormons or any Religion, Christ is how they make their Living, and Newton's Antichrist attitude will get you burned at the Cross even today; so I am not nor have ever been connected to any Church or Religion for this reason alone; because you can not serve two Masters: Christ and Bar/Abbas are locked in the same Cell, not because Jesus is a Common Name, because there is only one Person in the Cell, and even then that one Person is made from Atom's made of God, so that one Person is the Son of God, those Electrons created the Flesh, so I can Live in the Flesh, so maybe that does make me Flesher... But there are no conspiracies, most Secrets are just to protect stupid people, so the ones I give away in this book, are not even Masonic Secrets any longer, that was for an age that only the old people remember, nowadays with the dissemination of internet lies, the truth no longer exist, and people who believe in the Newtonian Universe are far and few between; but I can not go along with the Teaching of Christ, or the use of Money and Taxation; so I did what would have made the Albertson's happy, I created my own Trinary University, and created my Civilization I call Trinary Sanctuary, so that the Darkside and Lightside can part ways, and the Lightside will pay off the debt so its people can live in Freedom.

The Greatest Masonic Secrets known to the Human Race is those that become known as the Truth, and without the Masons help, this can never come to be, because the Masons are running this World, but this World is out of control, and New Energy needs to be used now, not tomorrow, and there is not enough Money in the World to build Trinary Sanctuary, so building it for Free is the only option, and it is also in the Masons best Interest, because the Trinary Masons will still be in charge, some things never change, only Trinary Masons will have to learn to Share the Secrets with everyone in Trinary Sanctuary, because we never keep Secrets, we Manage them.

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