The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 6.00

C®pyRight & C©pyLeft

Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019



Chapter 6.00

When I can write an entire chapter on Conclusions, I have a lot to Conclude, and my Conclusions are based on Facts, otherwise, Conclusions are like Opinions without facts, and most people in the World do not care about Facts, if they did, the World would not be the giant cesspool it was allowed to become, the EPA was put in charge to ensure that we do not destroy the World, but then it just became another Money Making Machines for the Government, so it no longer matters if people Pollute the World as long as they Pay a Fine everyone is fine with it, and the BLM was no better selling the Blood of the Planet from the Indians, owing them Billions of Dollars, proving the Government is all about Making Money, and these are just Government Agencies I worked for as a Computer Programmer since I was Medically Retired from the Military, and Military works for the Bank and does their Bidding, the Gulf War was about ending a 30-Year War after it was already over, because there was no Profit or Prophecy in Ending it before it started, because Money is the Root of All this Evil, and it is why Sheeple have never Heard about the Trinary Universe in their Herd, because they were too busy trying to Make Money, that they never took the Time to even Read this Book, and that is what a Conclusion is all about, based on Facts I would state that it is Normal for a Human to have a Low IQ, they try to call the Average IQ score Normal, so they constantly have to lower the Standards, just so Normal People can pass each grade of School, and everything they teach in School is based on a Theory, so none of it is the Truth, and it is all based on Theory because the Banks do not want a World where God Exist in Science or Religion, so they Removed God defined as All Light without Darkness, and Replaced God by Inserting Christ into the Bible to Create a Deity or Spirit, and then ask Albert Einstein to write a Theory to prove God did not create the Universe, so he did, but instead only proved that the Universe cannot Exist without God, unless you allow a Paradox to exist in Reality, and that can never happen in a Real Reality, only in a Theoretical Reality, the Banks did not care if the Author did not believe in the Theory, all they cared about was that they Removed God from Religion and Science, and Conquered the last Country in the World, and the Sheep are so Stupid that they believe their Constitution was Amended, all because Ewe cannot Read nor Write, Ewe only know what they Heard in their Herd, so a Minor Change to Ewe is a Major Change to the Word Spelled Only, and it is because Yew could not exist if the Constitution was not Abolished, and even Ewe are not that Stupid to know that is Treason, so anyone that Uses Money is Guilty of Treason, and that is a Fact that most of you know is a Fact, but Cowards never own up to their Crimes, that is why they are called Cowards, so Conclusions are all about calling Stupid Sheep Names, because when all is said and done, yew is to blame for all that is Evil in U.S. so my Conclusion is that all of Yew are Evil, and that is why You allow the Lies to be Truth of the Fact, when you know the Banks Print the Money and not Congress, just ask JFK why only Dead Presidents are Printed on Money, with the Words and Spell of In God We Trust, knowing that it was Engraven in the Blood of the Planet it is Murdering, just because all of YOU are Cowards for allowing this to Continue for over a Century and a Half, and nothing will change until YOU own up to your own Sins, and that starts with your use of Money, knowing its Treason to use Money by your own Laws and Constitution, that some of YOU took an Oat to Defend, well this is me Defending the Constitution, anyone that wants to do the same needs to ask for Trinary Sanctuary, but Yew are not Allowed, and that can never be allowed to happen again, last time it was a Civil War, and Wars can ever be allowed in Trinary Sanctuary, and that is why only Trinary Militia are allowed in it, they will not allow Cowards like the We the Sheeple, to taint it, like they did the Constitution, so Trinary Logic states that Intelligence is in the Light, so its People should also be in the Light, so its People must understand how to Read and not Read into things, so Stupid Sheep who Read into what God is, make into God a Deity or Spirit just to prove how insane Yew are, so People that can just Read words and spells like: God is All Light without Darkness, understand that some times words are spelled a way for a reason, they actually mean what they say, but Sheep that Believe in Religion believe in Deities and Spirits instead of Reality, and it is why Religion, Money and Law must be outlawed in Trinary Sanctuary, because people that use it is insane, because they all Lie about the Treason it causes to use it every day, and they Lie: so they can continue to use it in Sin, so Sheep that Use Money are Evil Sinners who are nothing but Liars, and that is just a Fact therefor it is my Conclusion and not my Opinion, my Opinion is that all of Yew are Stupid and have Shit for Brains, because me and you have Freewill, so only we can decide what is Reality and what is only Lies, all I can do is Prove what is the Truth about Trinary Science, but it can not be Practiced anywhere but in Trinary Sanctuary, because the Hunt for Witches and Wizards has never ended, there are some that still want to Crucify Me for all that I wrote and said, about God or Money, but I do not fear Death, because I know that this Body called Flesh is dying, and there is nothing anyone can do to change that, but still I will not go quietly in the Night even if I die in my Sleep, but I can not Die knowing all that I do, without passing that knowledge on to you, so you can decide for yourselves what is the Truth about the Universe, my Conclusion was that Yew are all insane, and very few of Ewe will ever Change, because if you do not Own up to your Part in all this Treason, then you can never take responsibility for your Role in Life, what do you want to do, work for Money all your Life? Because that is Evil... And that is why it is my Conclusion.

The Conclusion is part of every story that people want to get to as fast as they can, so they do not really care about the Introduction, or any of the chapters in between, they just want to know the bottom line, so some people will skip to this Chapter just to find out the ending first, and that is why most people will not understand the concept of the Trinary Universe: because I am not going to discuss it here... The Conclusion is not always the Bottom Line, sometimes its just the Beginning of the Next Book, others its just because I have nothing more to say: but Words on Pages that only Rhythm to make the Words sound Important, when what is important is not what the Conclusion is all about, in fact all it is about is what I make of the World Today, witch spells or which words we choose to describe the world we live in, the Conclusion is what I got out of Writing it, and not necessarily what I wrote about, which was mainly how stupid Sheep are for Believing in things that do not Exist, but that is not Science, because Science of the Mind means taking Drugs, that is all Mind Science is about, what Drugs do I take for this or that, and that is my Conclusion on Mind Science, most of it is Mindless Science, because the Science behind it can have Multiple Universes, and Multiple Realities, so why not Multiple Personalities to go with each one, so take this Pill 3 times a day, you know what Color these Pills are, if you take the Blue one, you will wake up tomorrow and forget you ever read this book, or you can take the Red one, and read the Conclusion, which you know what it is going to be, and that is how did the Old Science in the Universe, become the least known Science on this Planet?

Everyone in the world is different, they all have things that they are interested in, and if how the Universe works is not one of them, than they will not bother to read about it, even if they do, their Belief System ( BS ) might get in the way, because what I have said may go against everything they believe, so my conclusion is that if you do not believe that White Noise is real, or that it is the Light that the Bible calls God All Light without Darkness, then there is little I can say that will change your mind, Words and Spells are used to Define things, and if they do not mean what they say, than they also have no meaning and therefore a Paradox in Reality, because any Sane Person can not Deny what is Real and believe in things that do not Physically Exist, so by definition: Religion is Legalized Insanity, and must be outlawed in Trinary Sanctuary, so that we have a Place on this Planet where Insane People are not allowed, it is your Belief System or BS that is stopping you from seeing the Light, so you are blinded from the Light, and it does not matter what Religion you are or even if you claim to be Nonreligious, yet you state you do not Believe God exist, and since God is All Light without Darkness, and that can be Proven to Exist, proving that those that do not Believe in the Light without Darkness, are in Insane, because we could not exist if that were true, so it comes down to how Ewer raised, if ewe went to Church only to have to Run From Church, then you would understand why over 95% of all Church Crimes involve having Sex with Kids, and you know I did not make that number up for shock value, you may not be able to understand anything beyond your comfort zone, which again comes down to your BS, so it is my conclusion that BS is what keeps Science in the Dark ages, so I call People who are too Stupid due to Ignorance or Mental Retardation, and that word is just a Spell for Calling people Names, because anyone with an IQ less than 133 is Mentally Retarded, because they will never understand Simple Concepts, and if the Lord is your Shepard you are a Sheep, so I will call yew Sheeple, yew offend me, and I will offend yew till the day I die, and that is a long time, so get over it, I talked more about the Evil of Money, Religion and Laws then I did about the Universe, because those are the things that are hindering your understanding about the Universe, you can not think like a Sheep and understand what it is that I have proved was the truth, if all you see is the Darkness that you define as the Light, because if God is a Deity or Spirit, then God does not exist, so yew will not believe in the Trinary Universe no matter what proof I provide, when everything I say is already a fact recorded in Trinary Science, and everyone knows that those facts are true, so yew argue that IAM using Words and Spells to explain things that are happening in Reality as proof that its true, which is the truth, because it does not matter how you explain it as long as it actually explains it, beyond a shadow of a doubt, but more to the Point, Sir Isaac Newton Proved it Mathematically using Gods Light as the Force of Gravity, Benjamin Franklin Proved Lightning has Electricity and Light in it, Nikola Tesla Proved that Everything is Light: so we are Light Beings, but Yew believe in Money and Defend it to ewer death, proving that TaxUS is Poison, and Yew TaxUS to Death, so its True about what they Say about Money, its Evil, because it TaxUS you to Death.

Conclusion after Conclusion, I do not Sugar Coat the Truth, Reality is what Intelligent People Make it, but the Mainstream Reality that Money Exist, is not called Reality, its called Slavery, it is what Slaves do when We the People have a Civil War to Free People who were already Free, just because they did not get Paid for Working, they worked just the Same, but without Sin, until People forced them to Use Money, by passing Laws that made it Treason not to use Money, when the Constitution made it Treason for anyone but Congress to Print the Money, so Money is what Treason is all about, so those Guilty of Treason Lie about it, because it is the Death Penalty for one thing, and everyone is Guilty of it that uses Money, so in order for Me to Defend the Constitution I would have to Kill you all for Treason, and that is what this Dog would have to do just to comply with the Intent of the Oat in Defending it, what confuses me is that everyone in the Military took this Same Oat, yet to this day after a Century and a Half, not one person has even mentioned the Treason, so to explain this, they must all be a Sheep, I image that to be that big of Cowards that they would allow this, and lie about it, unless they really are that Stupid to not understand that Amend means Minor Change, not Abolishment, that is defined as Treason, and that is what YOU allowed by your Silence on this Subject, so if you took an Oat to defend the Constitution, you are guilty of Treason if you do not Defend it, and Silence is what Cowards do, so it is My Conclusion that everyone of you that Read this, and took this Oat, and do not Defend it after knowing the Truth, then you are Guilty of Treason, and that is why Yew do not Like me, and I do not like Yew, because Yew gave Ewe Shit for Brains...

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