The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 5.03
Spell Word Bible

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 5.03:
Spell Word Bible

The one thing that is a fact is that the Bible said God is all Light without Darkness, Sir Isaac Newton said God is the Force in all his Equations, and Tesla said we are Light Beings, so put it all together and what do we have? Thousands of years of History where a few Key Men wrote things about the Light controlling all life, and believing it to the point they spend their entire life trying to prove it, which is what they did, and what I am doing.

Most of what I talk about I have known since I was 3, I have learned very little since that time, so I was born knowing everything, and learned that no one will ever believe me, because of their Belief System better known as BS, and my life has been one drama after the next, so now you might understand a little bit about the way I feel and how I think, and why I think this way, so now let us get to the Facts of Science and what all these Legends have to say about Real Science.

Tesla said that Electricity and Lightning were almost the same, and it would only be a theory if I said the Mass was Denser in Lightning, you would need a way to measure that, and we have no technology of this day and age that can do that, so I can not conclude that a Lightning Generator would work the same as Lightning, in fact I am willing to say that it will only work like Lightning. Electricity can only flow through a Medium, that Medium can be made out of anything that Electricity can flow through, which is called a conductor, but it will always flow from Ground to the Highest Potential, so it always knows the Fastest or Shortest way to Ground because that is where it started, I must also point out that a Floating Ground exist, it can be measured as a lower to higher potential, so energy does not need to flow from Negative to Positive, it can flow from a lessor potential to a higher potential, and be negative or positive in polarity. There are many types of Lightning, some appear to travel from the Sky down to the Ground, but high speed photography will prove they are traveling from the Ground to the Sky, some may appear to travel in a Ring in midair not touching the ground, but high speed photography will prove that it is getting its ground at the Level it appears at, this is called a Floating Ground, while other Lighting will appear to go sideways from Cloud to Cloud, only because the Clouds are a Floating Ground. Tesla proved all the hard things, but he was not the First, Benjamin Franklin thought the same thing but could not test the Theory, because it takes a lot of Technology to prove such concepts. I have a Theory that Lightning is attracted to Gravity, it is not my Theory really, because I got the idea from others work, so I could stand on the Shoulder of Giants to see farther, but it is going to stay a theory until the day someone can invent a Gravity Engine to test out this Theory, so the reason I bring up a Theory in a dissertation, is because this dissertation is about Trinary Energy, and Trinary Energy is what I assert is causing Gravity, and this is what you need to know before I start to talk about Gravity, but what did the Bible say about it, well it said that the Son must come from the Mother and go through Hell to get to the Father, and the Son must go through the Father, to get to Heaven, so both must change States and go through the Mother to do so, and that describes the Flow of Electricity through a Circuit, and this is what Causes Gravity, Energy Flow to Ground witch is the Nature of Mother, so the Bible was talking about Energy.

If this World is to Change, the Church needs to go back to teaching what the Bible says, and not Religion, there is nothing wrong with what the Bible says, but there is about the way Religion teaches it, if they start by telling the Truth about Christ, then Christians can start getting over it, and the sooner the better, they do not need to turn their Life upside down, all they have to do is change their Mind Set, and remember: Spell Word Bible or the Words and how they are Spelled in the Bible, so Read them and not Into them, and if we can do this, we can change the World, and it is not only the Christians that this Effects, all Churches need to teach Trinary Science, it is the Science of God, and as far as the Buddhist go, nothing really to change, their view of the Universe is through the Science that except as the truth, but most Churches are geared to Make Money, and until that changes, and their need for Money goes away, noting will really change, Money is what is allowing this Evil like Oil, War and Pollution come from, so those things will not go away, until a clearer Energy like Lightning can take its Place, and I do not see this Happening without the Churches getting involved, and we will need the help of the Banks even more, since they will have to be in charge of all the Money, and if they allow Trinary Sanctuary, who will use no Money, or allow no Money to be used, can work together with the Banks, so that the Government can distribute the Free Energy, Food, Water and Supplies, to none Trinary Sanctuary People, so two forms of Government would be taking over the world instead of just one New World Order, which means just one Bank, so I do have plans to Change the World, but it will take everyone to Change their Minds about Science, and listen to the Words and how they are Spelled in the Bible, so you can Spell Word Bible.

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