Chapter 5.02:
Mind set
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Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019  

Chapter 5.02:
Mind set

When one is stating an opinion about a subject, most people do not need to know their frame of mind, or Mind Set, which means what my mind is set on, which in this case is the Light and that explains how I got this way, but when someone is trying to tell you that the greatest discover of all time that has gone without notice, and Science is being keep in the Dark Ages just for Money, because that is what this always comes down to, why is Science all Science Fiction, because the Godless Dynamic Universe is a Paradox, but the Trinary Universe is what we see happening at the Subatomic Level, we do not see Curvature of the Space Time Continuum, because all I wanted to do was point out that no matter how Intelligent you believe you are, Reality is really just that, what do we Observe, what do we see with our eyes, and record with our Camera's and can explain why that is, and no matter how messed up you my think my mind is, I can still think clear enough to understand what the Truth is, and I am willing to stand up for that Truth, and Defend that truth, the same way I defend my countries Constitution, and I do not mean by pretending it exists, but acknowledging the truth, its suspended till we pay back the Loan the Dark Wizard Lincoln took out to make US all slaves. So I know how my mind got so screwed up, what I do not understand is how everyone else's did, because 95% of the World believe they can go back in time and Kill their Parents, so they will never be born, and because they live in a Parallel Multiverse, that it will only affect their lives in some of these Realities, because they believed that they popped out of a Singularity called a Black Hole in a Big Bang, that Defied all the Laws of Physics, because no one could come up with a better idea, everyone went along with it, and you know this is the truth, so why pretend I have anything wrong with my Brain, when at least I Logically view Reality in a much clearer Light, and give proof for everything I say.

When Sir Isaac Newton was known to have had a breakdown around 1693, he was known to have Depression, Anxiety, and Schizoaffective behavior, but he worked with Mercury and other Toxic Chemicals used in Alchemy, but he had to hide this practice, so few knew about it at the time. Newton was known to take off for long periods to get away from people, it was during those times that he did his best work. Newton's Math was basically 3 Dimensional Math, but since the function of (+1) + (1) = 0, would only change the sign of a number, which is only a reference to the dimension it is in, he felt it did not matter enough to need to include it, it was just a given, because in the 3rd Dimension it did not matter, because it can not really see those dimensions anyway. If Newton was alive today, he would tell you the same thing, only he would do a better job of it, Communication is not my strong suit, but the fundamentals of the Light is the part of his work that no one really understood, because Newton left Dimensions out because he could not prove they exist, where I did prove it, but the proof still eludes most people, because some believe that when the Trinary Element switches to 0, they think it has gone into another Universe, maybe a Parallel Multiverse where it accidentally killed you in another reality is what Isaac would tell you, because that is what I think as well.

When People get a Mind set, they can not change it, that is why they call it a Mind set, yew can not change my Mind set, any more than I can change your Mind set.

Once your Mind is Set, it is hard to reset it, you brain is wired to think only one way, and after a certain age, the mind will not Reset, our minds become rigid in its thinking, yew can not teach this old dog new tricks, and there is no one that can ever change the Minds that are Set, yew will never change, they will pretend to have read the book, but could not give any details about it, other than saying that its Me who is Crazy, and that is True, just say it yourself a few times, then you will know why I say you and me are the same, it all comes down to in what you believe, do you believe the truth just because it is based on facts, or do you go with your Heart, because it wants to believe in the Reality: it grew up to know: but if yew believed in Christ yew will never let go of that belief, yew will lie about by saying things like Jesus was a common name, which was not true for that time period, and the Bible only talks about 1 Jesus, they refer to Jesus Christ as the Person they would be true to, so they would always remember his sacrifice, but no one can tell me what Christ Sacrificed, but Jesus Bar Abbas was known as a Murder for Killing Roman Solders during a War, against Money and Taxation, just facts the Bible is clear about for a Reason, those that wanted to live chose Jesus Christ to Die, and Jesus Bar Abbas to Live, so it is the Backward Spell, Evil which means Die, and Live, only in this case the Follows of Christ thought he lived, not as a Body of Flesh, but Spirit, those that chose Jesus Bar Abbas, which by the way: where none according the Bible, a fact most try to ignore and think that Marry was telling the truth, when the Jews call her a Whore, witch means a Woman who sells Sex for Money, but in the Bible Jesus Bar Abbas was Married and had Children, so what really Happened, Christ was Resurrected from the Dead and Ascended to Heaven not of the Body but the Spirit, basically Jesus Bar Abbas was Executed like the Roman Empires records state he was, which is what Sir Isaac Newton Wrote in his Notes, grant yew History was written by those who Won the War, not by those that Lost it, so how did the Bible state it is a Trip you will have to make on your own, Sir Isaac Newton is the One who proved it as a fact over 333 years ago, and to this day no one has proven him wrong, no one has spoken against his writings to this day, and why is that? Because Sir Isaac Newton never wrote anything that was not the truth from his point of view, because that is the only point of view he knows, the fact he is right is what no one understands, so its Magic, but he was always out spoken about Trinity, even Tesla called referred to the Aether or Ether theories, in witch for physics propose the existence of a medium for Electromagnetic Force Fields, such as thin Air or the Vacuum of Space, so its centered around how all this plays out in your Mind Set as the Listener or Student, because once you Master this Subject you become the Master of your Reality, all I know is what Newton Knew and wrote, can you image that the Ashkenazi Masonic Order knew about Jesus Bar Abbas all this time, and are hiding it as a Secret because they own the Banks, so the Real Story about Christ is not the one about there being two of them in the Bible, it is the Story about there only being 1 Jesus, and his last name meant he had 3, his fist name was Jesus, this was not a Common name in the Bible, because it has always referred to the same man, and his middle name is Bar, back in those days it was normal to add to your family name the First name that is unique, or names of Dead Relatives, and never living ones, otherwise the First name is not unique, the Middle name which is from the Mother, and the Last name from the Father, the / is what separates the Mother from the Father, so Bar/Abbas is his Family name, you do not need to use the / if you write the full name Jesus Bar Abbas, but Bar is not his Middle name as in use today, so you would never say Bar Abbas, it would be Bar/Abbas, as if that was his Last name, whereas my middle name is Scott, and it is the Name of a Country my Mothers Great Grandfathers once lived, so the usage of Family names have changed over the years, as has the spelling of those Names, so it is this Mind Set about Names that we deny that Christ is not a Name but a Title, and both men were born in the same town, so using it as a name is not helpful, but I know as well as anyone that Sir Isaac Newton would not have written this if he did not mean it, because he always said what he meant, and would not write it down unless he could prove it, so our Mind Set must change to include the Truth in it, or our Reality is not Real, and that Stability of knowing that Reality is Real is very Important to me, not so much the Rest of the World, because Ewer [1] entire Reality was made up by people who own the Banks and Yew, and once Ewer Mind is there is no changing it, so why try.

A Mind Set is hard to get out of once you get into it, you have to go out of your Mind to get back in, and it would not be so bad if it was not for the Fact everyone is in their own Mind Set, and no two people will admit to seeing life the same way, the people with the few facts have to rely on stronger convictions, and stupid people always think there is Safety in Numbers, so they figure that its Normal to be Stupid, so if they had to Vote that would Vote Normally, so this Normal Mind Set is based on an Average, so it is a Typical Mind Set, and in a Herd or Heard Mentality, its Normal to have this Mind Set, so you have a Mainstream Mind Set, a Left and Right Wing Mind Set, a Nazi Mind Set, the Ashkenazi Mind Set, the Christian Mind Set, the Muslim Mind Set, and the Buddhist say count us out, we do not believe in any Mind Set, clear your Mind, quiet that Little Voice in your Head, so really that is a Mind Set, so everyone has a Mind Set, and it is hard to get over one if you want to replace it with another, I actually tried to get all of these Mind Sets, but none of them worked for me, so why would I think my Mind Set would work for you... That is crazy, so why try.

When I was Child Adults always told me that I would understand when I grow up, being conceived in 1960 makes me over half a Century old now, and just what, I understand why yew believe in General Relativity, No God, I get it, wow what a Mind Set, yew are willing to go insane just to prove God does not Exist, wow, that is insane, and to say you believe in Christ is saying Hey I am alright with being a Sinner as long as I have Money to Spend, and believing that there is No God is just as bad as believing in a Deity, so all these Mind Sets are not good if you want to learn about Trinary Science, in fact, these are the types of Mind Sets that keep yew in the Dark, but then I remember IAM just the Dog talking to the Sheep, because Adults never admit when they are Wrong, that is what I learned when I was just a Child.

People use Race as a Mind Set, and can not see past the Color of their Soul, those that think they are in the Light and have no idea what Trinary Light is, have a Definition for Light that is not Real, so we can not say an Enlightened Mind Set and except anyone to know what we mean, and calling people Dark will only start a Fight, telling them a Deity is not God will never win that argument is their Mind is Set, so Mind Sets are not always a good thing, not even for me, so whatever: is another Mind Set people know all about, but it is our Mind Set that makes us who we are, and it is what make me who IAM.

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