The Principles of the Trinary Universe Chapter 5.02
My Dreams
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Jeffrey Scott Flesher Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Last Update: 14 January 2019

Chapter 5.02
My Dreams

My Dreams are what define who IAM, and what IAM, so my Dreams started before I was Born, at the Moment I was conceived, although I did not remember many dreams before the age of 1, I do remember I had them, and even memories to go with them, so Dreams are something I have had all my Life, and that is why I can not assume that everyone has the same Dreams I have, I can tale you that I do feel they are important, because I have read many people throughout time that have written stories about their Dreams about Pyramids, and I read these stories at such a young age, it is hard to know if that is why I had the same Dreams, till one day I remember having one of those Dreams way before I read about other Peoples Dreams, it was then I was sure that these Dreams meant something to me, if they meant so much to others, and Isaac Newton was just two examples, because my Cousins Dreams were like Sir Isaac Newton's in many ways, for one, Sir Isaac Newton always saw himself as Jesus in His-Story, my Cousin was always Moses, and I was always looking at it from the viewpoint of a White Wizard with a Dog, only I was the Dog and not the Wizard, from a young age this White Wizard was an old man with long White Hair and Beard and looks a lot like me nowadays, maybe even a whole lot older, I will not know until the day I die, which in my Dreams is always when I get hit by Lightning, but that already happened, the Meteorite that hit me in the head hurt more, and I lost as much memory, but did not remember as much from the hit by Lightning, the Meteorite knocked some sense into me, the Lightning showed me the Path, I just can not remember what roads I took to get there, so I lost me way back.

Not everyone puts much thought into Dreams, but if people have been having these same Dreams all throughout History, then maybe that is why they put them in the Bible to begin with, why else would they tale a Story about a Society of humans who did not believe in Money or Barter, because the Dark Wizard Moses destroyed the Pyramids and all their Technology just for Gold that he would use to make Money, and then Jesus comes along and wants to rebuild the Pyramids that the Arab thieves had plundered to build their substandard homes and defacing the Pyramids at the same time, because Money was all they cared about, and in the end they murdered Jesus to shut him up about what happened during the time of Moses, because people were starting to worship the story about Moses, and Jesus said that Moses was the one who enslaved people with the use of Money and Laws, and Moses did not believe in the Light of God, Moses believed that God was a Spirit that existed in the Technology he possessed, which was the Staff of Power, but other Wizards had this same technology, only Moses knew how to use the Power for Evil, so His-Story is right out of the Bible, its only from the viewpoint of looking at things from the Lightside of the Darkside does this become obvious, dreams are real when they are happening, it feels like you are there, because in your mind you are, because the Galattice is Dream Land for every Life-Form in the Universe, you can get lost in your Dreams, and it is only in your ability to distinguish between what is real when you are awake, to what was just a Dream, or even worse would be if you believed a Theory was Reality, because then you would be lost forever, and the same is true if you believe that God is a Deity or Spirit, not really sure what that even means to tale you the truth, because in all my Dreams God is always Real.

During the Gulf War I wrote about my Dreams and how I started to Dream I was awake, so I can no longer tale the difference between being awake or dreaming, and that is called Schizoaffective, do not confuse that with Schizophrenia which is the inability to distinguish between Dreams and being awake, because when I am awake I hear so much noise in my Head I can not Sleep, so the other way around is no problem for me, but this is my dilemma, when I am Dreaming I know I can never think of certain things, so I do not think of them when I am awake, so for example, I can sit for hours without going to the bathroom, and unless I am using Cannabis, I never feel like going, it is normally just a stomach ache that gets me to do that, and that alters my Dream States as well, because I have no REM Sleep, my brain is always trying to make this up when I am awake, so some normal responses like thinking about going to bathroom would make me wet the bed when I was 1 or 2 I think, so at a young age I decided to put it out of my mind, so when I am dreaming, I never think about going to the bathroom for any reason, because unless I know I am awake, which means I must acknowledge that I do not hear Tinnitus while I am sleeping, because that always wakes me up and then I can not get back to sleep, so I never listen to what Sound is going on in my head, so I never listen to the noise in my head no matter how load it is, not easy to do when you are awake, its much easier when I am asleep, other than that, I can not tale that I am asleep until I wake up, so I never do anything in my Dreams that I would not do in real life, and it why I have such a hard time telling the two apart, so if I dream I am staring at the ceiling, or off into space, I have no idea if I am just Dreaming that I am doing that, or if I am awake, and I am actually doing it, so no matter where I am, when I doze off to sleep, I take in that reality, and bringing it into my Dream Reality, and often wake up with things from my Dream Reality mixed in with my awake Reality, which makes me have to reset my Reality, shaking it off so to speak, so I had to find ways to change my Reality when awake, so now that I started using Hearing Aids, it reminds me that I am awake, and Newton did not have that option, he had thoughts he was never able to coup with, so we all have our Nightmares, mine is to never hear that Tinnitus, because then I know that I am Dreaming and can not wake up, and this happens far to often, so my Dreams take over and I can Fly and do things I can not do when I am awake, so I started to enjoy these Nightmares, and people would tale me these were Dreams not Nightmares, and that confused me, when did Nightmares become Dreams, because I thought Dreams were supposed to be Fun and Nightmares Scary, and the kind of Flying I do is always scary, and then that started happening when I was awake, only I was really flying in Helicopters and other aircraft, and I one day I wondered what it would feel like to just walk out the door, and someone got up and walked out the door just like it was their bus stop, and memories like that are hard to get over, you realize that could have been you, and that could have been because this is a Dream, so you remember it like it was a Dream, so it becomes a Nightmare and never really happened, so you start to wonder what is a Dream and what is a Nightmare and how do you tale the difference between them if you can not hear the noise, I can see the noise but I can not hear it, and when I am awake, I can hear the noise so loud I can not stand it, so my dreams effect the way I think and the way I write, but does it mean just because this was all in a Dream that it is not Real?

Isaac Newton said that in his Dreams he came up with all the Math we used to this day, so is that Math Real?

Theories can also be from Dreams, and most theories were dreamed up, and some people do have the same dreams, so why is it that I have had the same dreams of others? Is it because I know they have had them and I can somehow choose what I Dream of, because I know I can do that, but I know I also have to behave the same way I do when I am awake, because of the off time (not often) I get confused between the two realities, so in my mind there is no difference till I wake up or go to sleep, and theories are the same way, but they may only work in your Dreams and not in your Reality, but as I said, my Reality is always based on my Dreams and My Dreams are always based on Reality and I act the same in both Realities so the outcome is always the same, I only defy the laws of physics in my Nightmares, so I have no delusion about the two or any conflicts, so Dream's tale a lot about a person, and so does their Nightmares, because I would only do things in my dreams that I would do in Reality, Nightmares are things I would never do when I am awake, so I would never confuse a Theory with Reality, but that is not true for most people, and I think it has something to do with these dreams and it is why I am writing about them now, because I need to keep my Theories that do not work in my Reality out of my Reality, because Science Fiction is a Nightmare, and it is why I like watching it during my Reality, so I will not have Nightmares when I go to sleep, because if there is one thing I can say is that I hate it when I can not remember if it was a Dream, a Nightmare or a Reality, because unless I can remember what sound was in my Head, I have no way of knowing which one it is, and that can drive you insane, and it is why I say that believing that Theories are Facts is a Nightmare, and that people who believe they are Dreaming, because in Reality the Universe may not work that way, but I know for a fact that My Dreams and Reality both work the same, its just my Nightmares that most people try to convince me are just my Dreams, are what theories are to me, which are things that can not happen in Reality, and Time slowing down as I approach the speed of Light is one of them, because in my Dreams I can Fly at the Speed of Light, because that is how fast this Planet I live on travels through the Universe at the Subatomic level, and if I turn on a flashlight, the Light will still travel at the speed of Light away from me, so it works in both Realities the same way, time does not slow down its always in the moment, its like when you are scared or some event causes time to slow down, but you do not actually age any different, even though it might have taken years off your age, reality has to be defined by what is actually happening, and I hope no one actually feels this way, because even if we actually could fly at twice the speed of Light, which is what we are really talking about, since we are already traveling at the speed of Light, since that is why Light travels this fast to begin with, because the Universe does not move, nor does the Light or Energy, so we move through the Universe in the Direction the Light is pointing, knowing this we know that the ratio of the Frequency times the Wavelength is equal to the speed of Light, if the Earth at rest is already traveling at the speed of Light, then Light can not travel any faster, so turning on a flashlight would not logically seem like it would move when you think about it, think about it like a fishing line, you hook the Universe when you turn the Flashlight on, it grabs the fabric the Universe is made of, meaning the 0 Dimension, and regardless of how fast you are driving in a car, flying in a spacecraft, even if you could travel twice the speed of Light, the Logic and Reason behind this concept in terms of differences the human brain could detect, from your prescriptive, the line could not feed out any faster because that is as fast as anything can travel through the Universe, because all Atom's turn to Light at that Speed and this is how fast Light Travels, because if we reverse the view and look at it like the Universe is moving, and we are standing still, which is what it feels like, which is not reality, that is a Dream, because in reality I know that this Planet is spinning over a thousand mile an hour, an is traveling at an average of 666,666.666 miles an hour as its orbiting the Galaxy, and the Galaxy is traveling at Millions of miles an hour compared to other Galaxies: that are traveling at the Speed of Light, and beyond, so we need to know our Limits, so do not ever forget that just because it feels like we are not moving, we are moving faster than we can imagine, that is a fact and not a theory, and why anyone would come up with a theory that Time would Slow down has no concept of Reality, because we would be seeing Light distortions if that was true, because Galaxies far away seem be moving at twice the speed of Light, and yet they appear to not be moving, but I see no time dilatation or streaks of Light if Einstein was right which proves he was wrong, because the speed of an object traveling through the Universe is governed by the laws of physics, and those laws are absolute, so keep your Dreams Real and your Theories Real, Energy can only travel at a known frequency to wavelength ratio, and it most always add up the speed of Light, so never allow faster than Light Theories to be considered anything but Science Fiction, or your whole Universe will fall apart in a Nightmare that will never end, so keep Science Real.

My Dreams and my Day Dreams are not the same, I day-dream about what I am doing while I am doing it, its much more efficient that way, because sometimes I can not stop my day dreams, since I do not have enough REM Sleep, regardless of if I get No REM Sleep, at best I get very Low REM Sleep, so my mind is constantly trying to dream, so why not let it, and continue what I am doing, as long as it is not dangerous, it would be stupid to do that if I was driving, and anyone that has ever done that when they were writing, wake up to pages of characters from you push keys on the keyboard as you sleep, I have seen people sleeping on their keyboard at work, with auto save turned on, so I know my Limitations, I normally only do this when watching TV, I never remember eating in a dream, but I do remember watching a movie, and I can sit and watch the whole thing, sometimes I will wake up to find I was actually watching a different movie, so I have to stay awake to watch new movies, so its best to lay back and dream about dreaming, that way I get to dream, but I never know if it is a Day Dream, a Dream, or just Reality, maybe I did just fall asleep and Dreamed I was awake, so when I fell asleep I was actually awake, and that made sense to me once day, so I knew I was dreaming, and woke up, so its never a good idea to test to see if you are Dreaming, because then you find it very hard to fall back to sleep, just like my Tinnitus, I just ignore the Ringing in my Ears all day when I am awake, so it is not a distraction when I dream, but there are enough differences besides no eating or drinking, so I do not have to go, there are many things most people would do in a dream, which I do not do in real life, therefore I can not do them in my Dreams, so the two never change, its just the same day over and over again till I get it right.

When I was a Child I had dreams about Dragons, Wizards and Witches, I loved to Fly on Dragons, and it was always cool to be a Wizard or Witch, and sometimes you meet people in your dreams that are both, as you do in your Reality, or at least mine as a child, I had other dreams of past Lives, and things I had to do in my Future, like Write this Book and Publish it, of all Dreams, this one might come true some day, for now, its just a book I started as a Child and never stop writing in it, I start over, throw the old ones away because no one ever read them but me, so as a Child I was pretty much like I am today, still acting Childish, maybe that is an Aspie thing, we never grow up, because by all reports Newton was that way also, but flying on Dragons is well-known in books, and I read all that I could find, so I knew how many that was, but it never compared to my dreams, so as a Child I wanted to learn to push the Limit to Flying like Jonathan Livingston Seagull, which did not come out till the 70's, and this was still the middle 60's, but I thought about those dreams after reading that book, then watching the Movie, and now writing this book, because it reminds me what pushing the boundaries of your Mind is all about, maybe the Reason I can not get REM Sleep is that I trained my Brain, not to go into REM Sleep Mode, so I could Lucid Dream all my Life without knowing that was what I was doing, and now that I cannot stop, even long enough to take a Sleep Study Test and get REM Sleep, then this is all because as a Child I had dreams about Dragons, Wizards and Witches, and I loved to Fly on Dragons, and you can not do that in REM Sleep, you can only do that in Lucid Dream State, or it was the Anthrax Vaccine, because this is about the time I first noticed this.

We all have our own Dreams and Nightmares, but when it comes to the Trinary Science of Sleeping, it is all Electrical, you can record it all during a Sleep study, and I have one every year, next week I go for another, so I will see if I am doing better or worse at sleeping, but I know I do not have Sleep Apnea, all I really want is for the VA to give me a new Prescription for Oxygen that I have been on for over 20 years now, but I just moved from out of State, so the VA has to run all these test all over again, just to give me Oxygen, and after two years I finally got it again, but in my Dreams, I can do Oxygen, I do it all the time, it does not help when I am awake, but I do know that is what I need right now, so I have Nightmares when I am awake, its called Real Life, having to have a whole new set of people take a look at my Dreams, and what do you think they will find? Maybe I am Dreaming this, maybe Life is just a Dream...

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