The Principles of the Trinary Universe Chapter 5.00:
His-Story of Light
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Jeffrey Scott Flesher “Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant” Last Update: 14 January 2020

Chapter 5.00:
His-Story of Light

His-Story is a tale told by the Light Wizards throughout History, whereas History is told by those that Conquered a Country or the World, and those people hunted down and murdered people suspected of being a Wizard or a Witch, people like Jesus, Sir Isaac Newton, and Nikola Tesla, but these Wizards were all Ashkenazic Aspies with High IQ's, and were all known to have similar hobbies, that is if you can consider Alchemy and the study of Witchcraft and the Bible a Hobby, but coming from a long line of Masons, this Science was handed down from generations before me, and the Spells of Words used have changed over the years, because nowadays you call these people Chemist, Mathematicians, Scientist, Musicians and so on, and call anyone good at it Wizard, so why change the names at all and just leave it as such, so a Guitar Wizard or a great Guitar player means the same thing, because this is His-Story and not My-Story, and certainly not the Mainstream Version of History, because I was just along for the ride and my Flesh was just the Host in a Symbiotic relationship with the Light of God, because the Light can not live in the Flesh without a host, be it a life form or a computer, being a Wizard is just a degree of how well they can connect to the Light, and that starts by understanding how this connection is possible, then everything becomes related, so one fact leads to another and His-Story unfolds, through the endless babbling, rambling and rants of Me: Jeffrey Scott in the Flesher, so you know the difference between History and His-Story, and now you are about to read about the Rest of His-Story of Light.

The work of Sir Isaac Newton in 1666 on Light is the Foundation for this dissertation, his work included his belief in the Bible which stated that God is All Light without Darkness, Newton proved that there can be no Light without the Darkness, so he proved this was Science and not Religion, with the use of a Prism in the Shape of a Triangle or Pyramid, Newton set out to teach the World about Light: he proved that the White Light of Sun Light has every color in the Rainbow in it, and it had 0 to 3 Dimensions that all Atom's, also known as Atomos, or Aether, or Spelled Ether, meaning the combination of Neutrinos and Light, whereas Neutrinos are subatomic particles that make up all Matter and Antimatter in the Universe, and there are 3 Types of Light: Light without Darkness, Darkness without Light, and the Light that controls all Light, so Space is defined by what occupies these dimensions from 0 to 3, so in each coordinate, there can be the Presents of Atom's or the Absents of them, if there is no Atom's Present, then we call this type of Space, Space or the Vacuum of Space, and Atom's are always present in the Atmosphere, that is Atmosphere is Atmosphere, or a Sphere full of Atomos, so it is what Tesla called the Aether, but most people look at our Atmosphere as being Void of Atom's, when we are breathing Gas, call it Oxygen, it is nothing more than an Atom, just like the Light we see mostly comes come highly excited (a phrase meaning High Frequency) Electrons, so Light is just Electricity at a different Frequency, as Atmosphere is full of Atom's, and the Absents of Atom's is called Vacuum, so the Darkness was also in the Light and not the absence of it because it is a real phenomenon, and Newton, like myself: spent 3 days in total darkness to prove that this Light still exist in the darkest of places, and this is a very important lesson to learn, so pay attention to all the things Newton said, and how he said it, and take him literally because he is an Aspie, and Aspies normally say what they mean, and mean what they say, and Newton, like myself, would never Say or Write anything we could not Prove, and what we Proved was that Everything is Light, because Atom's are made of Light, and Everything is made of Atom's, so the Light of God is what created Everything: including Gravity.

Sir Isaac Newton also said that God was the Force in all his Equations, so if God is all Light then God is the Light, and if that God is Gods Particle (Aspie Joke: Gods Particle is a Neutrino: God is only the Light that binds the Neutrino into an Atom), then this dissertation explains why and how, but mainstream science is nothing but Science Fiction, because Albert Einstein did not care about Reality, just making money selling books that should have been categorized as Science Fiction, but they did prove that the Universe was either like Newton said, or it was Dynamic and full of Paradox's that can not exist in Reality, because the belief that everything is possible is called Insanity, so why sugar coat it, the bitter-sweet taste of Sugar in a cup of Tea or Coffee that woke Yew up is called Sarcasm, and I am not very good at using it, its just a Drug, so do not make me slap Yew and tale Yew to wake up to the Real World, because the World decided to buy into this: Theoretical Godless Parallel Multiverse in the Alternate Reality World of the Dynamic Universe, because those people could not deal with Reality, but Einstein wrote General Relativity just to prove that the Universe of Newton's really was created by God, and that all this Math had God as the Force of Light built into them, so they could not possibly work in the Dynamic Universe, yet Mainstream Scientist still use Newtonian Math, and in fact do not use any other, because without God the Math will not work, and they are liars if they try to tell you it does, so if they refer to a Theory, remember that is a Lie until its proven to be a Fact, and if it was a Fact, it would not be called a Theory, so it is not a Theory that God is All Light without Darkness, it is a Fact, that I proved with Empirical Evidence, and the Evidence is that Neutrinos and Light, are what Atoms are composed of. If God created everything in the Universe, then God is an Atom, because Atom's make up everything in the Universe, and it is a Fact that Light is inside every Atom, so regardless of Theories: Facts are Facts, a Theory that Curvatures in Space or Centrifugal Force cause Gravity is not a Fact, it cannot be proven to be the Truth, so it is a Lie, and Not Science, because only Facts are allowed in Science, not Mainstream Science because that is all based on Theory, whereas Trinary Science is only based on Facts; and the Fact is there are a lot of Atom's and no Curvatures of Space or Time, and since a Theory has no Facts to Prove it, Theories are only allowed in Science Fiction, and I Love Science Fiction, just not in my Science, so if you are a Yew or Sheeple, meaning you believe in Theories or Deities or Spirits, and are only Reading this book for Entertainment, then you are in the right Book, this book is nothing but Pure Entertainment for those that are not bound to Physics-based Facts and not just Theoretical: for Example: it is a fact that it takes an Electron 1 second traveling at the Speed of Light, emitted from a Flashlight, to travel a distance in a known trajectory, yet its just a Theory that the Electron Moved, because it is a fact that when an Atom, which includes: Proton, Neutron, and Electron, shifts phases from Solid to Semisolid, then to invisible, that if the Frequency of the Electron were in the Range of Visible Light, you would, in fact, see that Light inside that Electron, and this is not a Theory, it is a fact, this is the way a Flashlight works, an LED only focuses the Electrons as they turn to Light, and a Solar Cell will convert that Light back into an Electron; so if that Light is in the 0 Dimension, meaning that when the Light was Solid it was in 3D or 3 Dimensions: width, height, and depth, so when the Atom phases into a single Dimension, it becomes Semisolid, and when it becomes invisible it is when it has no dimensions to hide in, and that is a fact, so the Light never moves, its only the Universe that moves around the 0 Dimension, and that is a Reality that Few is willing to Believe in, the Force of God is the Light as we Flow through it; so Gravity is Electrical in Nature; and we are Light Beings that interact with Atom's, so these Light Wizzards built Animals that they can Control like Puppets, only some of those Animals do not believe they are the Light and not the Flesh.

Sir Isaac Newton also said that Trinity describes the Light, so the Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother, are just State changes of the Light, the Father is State 1 so it is the Matter because it is solid and the brightest, the Son is State -1 so it is the Antimatter, because it always appears 180 degrees opposite of the Father and is less Bright or Dark, and the Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother is State 0 because it has no Dimensions its invisible, so it seems that the Bible has known this all along, and humans need to acknowledge this, but Newton and I have spent a lifetime trying to figure out how they knew, and the only explanation is that they know who IAM, and they have known for a very long time.

My work is also based on Isaac Newton Flesher [2] (1796-1841), my 1st Cousin 5 times removed, who inherited notes from his ancestor: Sir Isaac Newton, although I am having a hard time proving that relationship, because the Records in Germany were destroyed but the Nazi, my Grandparents did not, because it is true that by custom: the Ashkenazi only name their family members after dead relatives, and I can only trace my family back maybe 8 or 9 generations to Germany, where the Nazi's burned all the Records and Books, and Sir Isaac Newton would have been closer to 9 generations ago, but we do have Newton's DNA, and the Governments has mine, so just compare them, you have my permission, while you are at it check it with Benjamin Franklin Flesher (1835-1905), who was Isaac's Son, I just love His-Story, its full of facts that are stranger than fiction, but facts none the same.

My Cousin Isaac Newton Flesher understood what Sir Isaac Newton's notes were about, so did I, after reading how he interpreted it, but it required a bit of Witchcraft, which was actually a real written language which used a code also known as Spells, because of its use of Words, because all his notes were encoded using a Language that only Wizards or Witches used in their documentation of Alchemy when dealing with the Transformation power of God, which would have gotten him executed for Witchcraft in his time, it is a known fact today that what Sir Isaac Newton was working on in Alchemy was termed the search for the Philosophers Stone, which was believed to be able to turn any material into another, such as Silver to Gold, and also turn the Dead back into the Living, so it was outlawed for centuries, and anyone caught dealing in Witchcraft would be burned alive at the stake, and everyone knew this, in fact, they put Newton in charge of the Armory looking for counterfeit money, so being found out to be a Wizard or a Witch would bring extreme retribution form people in general and this was true during Sir Isaac Newton's day, so they had to have a way to hide it, but as it turns out that Witchcraft is older than the Bible, and parts of the Bible are written in Witchcraft.

Witchcraft could be written in any language, but the way in which it was written read like it was a normal if not cryptic message, some think it is a metaphor, so if someone intercepts the message code and read it, they may not fully understand it, because it was illegal during this time, as was the use of Witchcraft or Wizardry, for example, God is all Light without Darkness, normal people read that to mean that God is Good and is a powerful Entity that does not Physically Exist, so the Wizards understood that this message was safe, no one would be intelligent enough to figure out this code... So Wizards also known as Magicians, are people who studied Alchemy, and this type of Alchemy dealt with the Transformation of Matter from one form into another, nowadays we call them Chemist or Scientist, and it is Legal, so there is no need to use such old terms, but I still prefer the term Wizard, because their belief was based on God being the Light, whereas Scientist of these days do not believe that God even exist, because they only believe in Theory, not only that but Sir Isaac Newton said that the Church inserted Christ into the Bible during the 3rd Century, to Create a Deity, and he did not believe in Deities, God was a Real Entity called “Light”, but inserting Christ into the Bible made two Jesus's in the Bible, as it did two Gods, the God of Light and the God of Dark, but these notes where written in a time that it was illegal so these notes were Secrets, but in reality, they were just Scientific Papers on various topics that interested him, and referenced other Wizards like Galileo Galilei, who wrote that Space must have Dimensions to be Real, a statement that sounds simple and true, but he was referring to Single Dimensions and not just one, although they did not break them down into detail or have any proof that they existed, they all agreed that they had to exist in order to explain the Universe.

Gods Particle was unknown during Nikola Tesla's days, it was before the Electron Microscope, but his notes lead me to believe that all Life was created by this Light, a belief that others like Benjamin Franklin wrote of, and Sir Isaac Newton said that God was the Force in all his Equations, so God and Light mean the same using a Wizards Spell, so the Bible appears to be written by Wizards using Witchcraft, which would explain why Witches and Wizards were Burned alive for their Practice, because the Church's knew who they were, so all these Wizards had to hide their Notes so no one would know what they were saying, so they wrote them using Witchcraft, so Normal People could read them and not know what they were saying, but the Church's knew, but if they got caught with them, either way, it would not make any difference, because the Church's would still have Wizards and Witches burned alive, so these Church Leaders became known as the Dark Wizards, because they knew how to read Witchcraft, but they could not understand the Light, because they could not see it, this was called the Darkside, and it was because there was something in the Light that took faith to believe in, so the Bible said you must have faith that God exist, so it means that you must have faith that the Light exist, but it was this kind of thinking that almost got Galileo burned at the cross, and he died the same year Newton was born, which was 25 December 1642, which is also the same Star Date[2] as my Birthday on 14 January, because the Gregorian Calendar took over during Sir Isaac Newton's lifetime, and changed his Birthday to 4 January 1643, then they threw out 10 days, making it 14 January, that logic makes sense to me, because of the star alignments, and I know it can be calculated with simple mathematics, so the Truth is strange, if they removed the days, you have to add them back to find out what date they are changing it to, because Isaac said that the Light was the Star of Bethlehem, which means the House of God, which was depicted as a Comet or Spaceship in the Bible, and he discovered it had a cycle of 333 years, he said it had to do with the alignment of Sirius with the Great Pyramid and the return of this Comet, which happened that we passed through the tail of this Comet on 14 January 2013 as proof, so do not confuse that with the Comet going around the Sun, it did make it, but its ice was melted off, and only the Asteroid emerged, which is now known as Newton's Comet, but was renamed to ISON, or the I – Son, meaning the Son of I, the Star Date that was calculated with the old Julian Calendar would still work with the new one, but the Birth of Jesus Bar Abbas was now on my Birthday and not his, and Newton said it would not change much over the next 16 thousand years, so this Calendar is better than the old one, once you move Christmas to its original Star Date, then when you do the calculation, you will find that the next alignment will take place on 14 January 2347, when this Comet will hit Earth and start an Ice Age, so this is after the fall of Civilization in 2060, after the Poles Reverse.

Sir Isaac Newton believed that this Light was communicating information to us, meaning it had intelligence, he calculated that under this new Georgian calendar that civilization would fall by the year 2060, and that looks as if it could come true, because humans are wiping this planet out so fast, that technology will kill everyone by that time, the overuse of the Blood of the Planet also known as Oil, will rip the planet apart with Earthquakes, and the poles will melt causing the Ocean to freeze, the Poles will wobble out of control, and may do a Pole Reversal, this was Newton's prophecy for this planet based on Science.

Tesla did some experiments to test this idea about the Light, and found that Electricity and Lightning have only some of the same properties, but the Science of his days could not find the difference, so it was true that you must have faith that the Light exist, because the Light of God was All Light without Darkness, and we can only see the Darkness in the Light, the Light without Darkness is not in the visual Spectra of Light, but Tesla offered as proof of this was the fact that we are Light Beings, because if God created us, and God is all Light, then Gods Image is Light, so in this dissertation, I will prove that the Light is what created all Life, and is also what causes Gravity, and it is what makes the Universe work the way it does, but not from the viewpoint of the Bible as Religion, but as Science, written by Wizards who wanted to Enlighten the reader, but the Darkside did not want its Flocks to know about the Light, because once everyone knew they were God, no one would need the Church, so the Church inserted Christ into the Bible during the 3rd Century according to Sir Isaac Newton, who spent most of his life studying scripture, and uncovered a plot to rule the World with Darkness, by creating the belief in a Deity, instead of the Science of the Light, so to the Christians who believe in Jesus Christ, believe that there are two Jesus's: Jesus Christ, and Jesus Bar Abbas, but in Truth, there is only one, so they refer to Bar/Abbas as the Evil one, and Christ as the one you live for, so it is a Backward Spell for Evil and Live, so the Darkness is defined as Evil for those who believe in the Religion, because in Science the Darkness is in the Light we see, so the Greatest Scientist in History believed this to be the Truth when they were writing or inventing things that were considered Magic before their time, so it should come as no surprise that they are Wizards.

I inherited all the notes I mentioned here, but they were lost, either sold or thrown away by my Step-Mother during a move, so I have no written proof of what I say here, but there are plenty of Public work and private notes that anyone can read, as well as many Video Documentaries, like the BBC documentary about Sir Isaac Newton called “The Last Magician”, which the word Magician and Wizard mean the same thing, so it is “The Last Wizard”, and I do not like to play the game about Wizards being Fairy Tales, because that is not true at all, and only Stupid Sheeple would believe it was, or make fun of people who were real Wizards, and was all made up by the Churches to cover their tracks, but the truth is that was a time long gone, and all those people are dead, and the ones in charge now may have no idea of what was going on then, if they do not know about what Sir Isaac Newton said, which seems very unlikely to me, so I can assume that the Churches know about all this, but just tend to ignore it, then own up to it, or maybe no one ever asks them about it, who knows, the World is a strange place, and it makes me wonder why I have to be the one to bring this subject up, but after you do some research on who I am, you will find that I do a video series called “The Light Wizzard in the Flesh“, then a lot more of this will make sense, because I have documented everything I talk about here, in that series, but this is a dissertation and nothing to do with the whole story, only the truth about Science as it pertains to the subject at hand, but there are many details that must be discussed and verified as fact, so you can understand that what I am saying is the truth based on only Facts.

Albert Einstein, who like me, was a nonobservant Ashkenazi Jew, which the Ashkenazi is said to be the most Intelligent Race of people on the Planet, but they were also Jews, so they hide this fact, by becoming whatever Religion was popular were they lived, so they could blend in, and my family was no different, although my idea of Blending in is somewhat different, they both came from the same part of Germany. Albert Einstein was an Ashkenazi Aspie and had a High IQ like the rest of the Wizards, because Albert studied everything he could about Sir Isaac Newton, and he believed in his work, so he was a Wizard also, but was best known for his Theory about the Godless Dynamic Universe based on his Theory of General Relativity, to prove that there is no other way that the Universe could work: except for Sir Isaac Newton's Static Universe that he himself believed in, but do not get confused with the Static Universe of anyone else, because when I mention the Static Universe, people think about some other Theory, so we need to be clear on this point, so let us just call it the Newtonian Universe, because Einstein was clear, he said that there is no other way that the Universe could work, so he was saying its either Static or its Dynamic, but if its Dynamic, it will have one Paradox after the next, because of the nature of Time and Space, because in the 0 Dimension, time can not Exist in the Static Universe, so in a Black Hole in the Dynamic Universe had time as a Dimension, but that same Black Hole in the Static Universe had no dimensions, so time did not exist, it is just a reference of time itself, but in reality, only the Moment exist, and the Past just references to what already happened, and the Future is what will happen, but only the Moment ever exist, so it is not possible to travel backward or forward in time, because they do not really exist, they are just a reference, and you can not travel in references to time, and that is just using Logic to explain that, if time is only measured by how far an Electron can travel around a Hydrogen Atom, or between to Hydrogen atoms, then that distance is one that can be used in science, once we set the Ruler to be that Scale, and the Laws of Physics to prove to us that this is the truth about Time, and the Reality of Time, so that the Reason why I call these People Wizards, is because it must not be normal to think like this, think about the Time, Distance and Speed Pyramid, Distance is on top, Speed and Time side by side on the bottom, because what is Time if it is not a quantity of Distance divided by Speed, and when we talk about Light this speed is the Speed of Light, so if we know that is the Truth, it is a Fact with Empirical Evidence, time is just a reference, and we must acknowledge the relationship, using the Speed of Light as a Constant, means that is as fast as Light Can Travel, and because not all Light Travels at the same Speed, and at first, this information would seem to be in error, but the Frequency of Light times its Wavelength equals the Speed of Light, so its Wavelength can determine its Speed, so that varies, and it explains all the Rainbow of Colors of Light, so some people did not believe the Ashkenazi Masonic Secrets were the Truth, all because Newton said that Christ was inserted into the Bible, making Jesus Bar Abbas the only Jesus in the Bible, because in History the first Jesus that was ever mentioned in the Bible was Jesus Bar Abbas, and he is also the only one that is recorded in History as a Real Person, and was put to death by the Romans, all because he was a leader for the Militia that fought against the use of Money and Taxation, and Einstein proved that its Money that Creates Reality, not Science, it was the Reality Money Paid for. Trinary Science states that Time is not a Quantity that can be changed, because of the Math that defines it, there is always 3 Laws that apply to most of the Laws of Physics, like 1 + (-1) = 0,

  1. Time = Distance / Speed
  2. Speed = Distance / Time
  3. Distance = Time x Speed

So the Dynamic Universe which was one of the Best Science Fiction Theories every, became Real Science, because the Church's knew that this would keep people in the Dark, so they would keep coming to Church, so Religion keep Science in the Dark ages as well, because even Einstein said that a Paradox can not exist in Reality, so he proved his own theory wrong using his own theory. There must be a clear break between Science and Religion, because Religion dictates that Words have this Meaning or that, so they become Law, but Science Proves what they Mean, but not Mainstreams version of Science based on Theories that have never been proven to be the Truth, and that is Science Fiction at its best.

This dissertation is not trying to prove the Bible is Science, or that Witches or Wizards are Real, the truth is that History was written by those that won the War, so whose History are you going to believe, and that comes down to Freewill, but a dissertation is based on Facts, so refer to the References for Facts, I only bring up this History to show you that this knowledge has been known for a long time, and the Church has hidden it, so only they will know the truth about the Universe, and trust me they do, they are all Wizards because they are either owned by the Banks or own the Banks, and if God is Real, then Money would become obsolete, and the Church has always backed Money over God, which is what the Story of Jesus was all about, and Sir Isaac Newton said he was a Descendant of Jesus Bar Abbas, and in his days that would not be something you say to anyone, because that would get you burned at the Stake before the Church knew you said it, but Newton said the Church was acting in the best interest of Humankind, because the Bible Stated that the ArcLight in the Covenant of the Ark, was a weapon of Mass destruction, it used the Power of Light, or God, so it was an Atomic Weapon, but that weapon is old news now, so why keep up the Godless Dynamic Universe hoax now is a question that I have asked many people and no one can answer it to my satisfaction, Status Quo is not a reason, it is a Condition, and being kept in the Dark is not the answer, but if everyone knew that the Atomic Bomb was God, then they would also understand how Evil the use of God as a weaponized killing machine was, and why I say its Evil to use Oil or Atomic Energy as fuel, and why does the Church Lie about it, and the Governments lie about it, it is because if you knew we would willing to Kill God just to Kill Yew, just to Protect Money, you would know just how Evil Money is, and that is just a by-product of trying to explain to you, why Yew do not know about what the Bible said, and why Newton's God had to be removed from Science, because if Trinary Science was Mainstream, it would be Treason to use Atomic Energy, let alone Atomic or Nuclear Bombs, and it is just a matter of fact that it is totally insane to build them, let alone use them, that is how Moses Destroyed Civilization the last time, it was all part of Cains Revenge, and that War never Ends, it is the Race War, just one Gene in the Human DNA, that will make a Person Black or White, or any Shade of Grey in between, so it creates 3 Races, and that is only to create the Flesh, luckily it is not where the Intelligence comes from, it comes from the Light or Electricity, that Brainwave is who the “I” in IAM comes from, so the Light, Darkness and every shade of grey in between, describes the Light that is called your Soul, so I only judge people by the Color of their Soul, and that is all dependent on how they see the Light of called God, and that is all God is a Name for, Energy, but for the most part, this dissertation is about how Stupid Sheep are for not Knowing this... Because as it turns out Humans are in Intelligent enough to understand this, otherwise, 95% of the people would still believe in Newton instead of a Theory that was proven to be wrong by its author, so really I have no Faith in the Human Race, Yew are all Sinners, Yew still deny 3 times that Jesus Bar Abbas was Jesus Christ Full name, just so the Romans would not kill Yew or yewer kind, witch are Cowards and Liars, just so Yew could continue to live in Sin, by using the Money that Bar/Abbas fought against, witch is why Yew had no problem calling Lincoln Honest, when he was as big of a Liar as Moses, proving they were both Dark Wizards, so what else could this dissertation be about, why would I tell it to People who deny the Truth, so in truth, I only tell it to the Sheep, so do not ask me any Sheeple Questions, IAM the Dog, and Yew are the Sheep, and I have no other choice but to deal with Sheep this way, because what point would it be to try to talk to People who behave the way these do, and that is what you need to ask yourself if you ever wonder why I told it this way, knowing the first book was not, but no one would read it either, because their Ego was too Big for their Arrogance to believe, and Yew are so stupid, Yew believe that IAM talking about You, when I just explain it is a complete waste of time talking to You about Science, because 95% of You are Religious, meaning 95% of You, believe God is a Deity so God does not Physically Exist, the other 4.999% do not believe God Exist, so 99.999% of all of You do not believe that God Physically Exist, and Mainstream Science Proves this to be the Truth, since its based on the Theory about General Relativity, which setups out to prove what the Universe would be like if God did not exist, one Paradox after the Next, yet that is what 99.999% of all of You believe, so what reason would I have to try to talk to you about Real Science-based only on Facts, when all you believe is that Theories are just ways to explain Facts the best we can, well if the best you can do is a Theory, and those are not proven to be the truth, so you write another one based on that same Theory that is not Proven to be the Truth, is insane, its like you keep adding to the same untruth in hope it will come true, and when it does not, you just add more theory to it, knowing none of it is the truth because if it was, it would not be a Theory, it would be a fact, and that is all Trinary Science is based on, so 99.999% of all of You will never believe this, proving that Freewill is not that great of a gift after all, because it allowed all of Yew to believe in insane theories as if they were the Truth, so that is what this Dissertation is all about, why it is not possible to teach everyone in the World the truth, and it is because Yew do not want to hear it, because Yew are too Stupid to understand Real Science, or Facts from Theory, Yew do not have the IQ to do simple Math except for stomping ewer feet on the Ground to count, and Yew always go along with what Yew heard in the herd, so there is not talking to you or yew, so I wrote for Me, screw Yew, and as for the rest of you that actually know this is the truth, then you know who IAM, and then you and me are the same, and then you know that I said all this stuff about Yew just for Entertainment, and for the Educational factor of teaching you how stupid Yew are, all because I was 6 years old when I wrote this, and that is how Childish I was just because Adults would not listen to me, witch is why I grew up as bitter as yew.

I must make a disclaimer, all the Men I have called Wizards, including myself, are all Ashkenazi, I know this because they all belong to the same Masonic Order which only allows Ashkenazi, this is how I inherited all their Notes, my Family was also in this same order, these Notes make up the Bible of the Masonic Order, it contained a lot of Secrets, including Math, Alchemy is also known as Chemistry, Geology, and other Sciences, as well as how to build the Pyramids, so this information is all based on Real Science. These Wizards may have been able to hide the fact they were Ashkenazi, but they could not hide the fact they were Autistic, all in the Highly Functional Spectrum, also known as Asperger's Syndrome or Aspie for short. I must admit that I am Autistic, and Neurotypicals, also known as Normal People, must understand that many of the Key figures in History were also Autistic, including Mozart and other composers, to Hollywood actors, even the Founding Fathers of the United States: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin, so you may think we are Normal, but I can assure you we are not, we are extraordinary. Aspies think differently then Neurotypicals on many different levels but this dissertation is not about Aspies, but we have to deal with this problem if you are to understand how I come to the Conclusions I do. For one thing, I was tested at the top of the adult IQ test at a young age, but I did not do very well in school because I knew that everything they were teaching me was not true, and got tired of getting in trouble for telling them so, and for calling adults stupid, so just like these Wizards had to hide there Identity, so they would not be burned at the stake, I too must be careful.

This dissertation is about Light and Energy Transmission Medium, which is a fancy way of saying the Light I call Trinary Energy, and if I was not Autistic I probably would not have a clue as to what that even means, and the same is true for what these other men accomplished in their Lifetime. I will try not to mention or relate things to Wizards or Witchcraft, while at the same time I have to get this out in the Open, because when this information about Sir Isaac Newton first became public knowledge, it created mistrust in his teaching, not enough for anyone to stop using his Math, because everyone uses Newtonian Math, but it opened the door to Einsteins theories that disproved Sir Isaac Newton's Static Universe, in the eyes of the Stupidest people of all time, because they did not understand that a Paradox can not exist in Reality, the fact his math still worked did not register with Neurotypicals as strange, but they are not known for thinking very deep thoughts, most of Yew see the Light as moving away from them, but cannot understand the concept that it can be pushed or pulled and still travel in the same direction, so the idea that the Light is not moving does not compute for them, they can not see the Light, not to say Aspies are Deeper, because in fact, our interest is much narrower in fact, and some of us only have one interest, and can think about one thought for years at a time, but we are also all different because of Freewill, and not all of us have High IQ's or think the way I do, and not all of them are pegged as having Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Schizoaffective Disorder, or are full-blooded Ashkenazi that are known to have all these conditions and more, which is why most people hated them, but at the same time, its why we are the way we are, and there is no denying that, these Wizards did not think like Normal People, but this dissertation is about Light and Energy Transmission Medium, and Transmission means to drive it, so the Light is the Driving Force in the Trinary Universe, and it is Newton's math that proves it.

There is one main difference about how Aspies like myself think, because there are many other ways to think or describe how we think, and I can only talk for myself, and this may not even be true for anyone else in the World, so take this work for what its worth, but it may help you to understand how I think, so it can help you to understand why I think this way. I think in terms of Images instead of Words, up till the time I was about 15 years old, I never heard that little voice of reason in my mind, nor did I know it existed, it was quiet, at least I did not know I could use it to talk to myself, and it is not just because I do not remember hearing voices in my head, I do remember all my memories are in images, voices, sounds, smells, tackle touch and even feelings, but no ability to use my little voice like a loudspeaker in my mind. I remember the first day I heard myself use that Little voice, it was after I got a Mandatory Swine Flu shot in 1976, part 1 was enough for me, they made part 2 optional after it killed many people, it was then I heard this little voice for the first time, and I thought I was going crazy, because everyone was always asking me if I heard voices in my head, and I always said no, because it was the truth, but then I could not get this voice to shut up, and it was confusing me, so I went to see a doctor about it, and they treated me like I was retarded, saying that everyone in the World has this little voice in their head and can not shut it up, so he did not even believe it was possible to shut it up, and said that everyone hears this little voice in the head from the time they are born and tried to convince me that it is the only way we can talk, because we need it to sound out words in our head, but to this day, that little voice never said anything that I was thinking in my mind, it had a mind of its own, and this doctor wanted to put me on medication, which I did not want to take, so I did not fill the prescription and never returned to them again, until years later when I was in the Military.

Up to that point in time I could just look at a page of text or an image and memorize it almost instantly, and I could recall it in my mind, and read it, as if it was text, or see the image in all its detail, after that time, I could not do this at all, instead, I started reading words by sounding them out, which was a bad habit some teacher in school taught me, before this, I had no concept that words where actually just letters that sounded out to become words, I thought that they were just patterns of letters or Spells and as a whole had meaning and a sound, I had to learn to read all over again, and I could only read as fast as that little voice in my head could talk, so this little voice is slowing me down to thinking at the same rate I can talk, and I was getting very frustrated over this, because before this time I had no limits on how fast I could think or read, in fact, I did not think using words at all, just images of pages of text that I have read and converted to an image, as if each image was just a concept, I just need to recall the image, and I instantly knew what was on it, and fully understood all the details in it, but in reality, I do not actually see the images of text, nor do I see the answers in my mind, I just know what they mean.

When I walk into a room, I look at it as if I was blueprinting it, I know where all the doors and windows are, I do a threat assessment as if I was still in the Military. I have to convert everything people tell me into images, and read from images to talk to them, and sometimes I must pause to think so long that they think I am done talking, or I am not listening to them, so its hard for me to talk to people, they say I am spaced out, when in fact I am just trying to understand what they said and how to respond, we are not talking the same language, to begin with, I do not think in English, but it is what I have to write in, so I have to translate everything, and this little voice is not helping, all its telling me most of the time is how stupid people are, so sometimes I will laugh at things my little voice said, so I am laughing at myself and others will find this strange, because they did not hear what that little voice said, and I would never repeat it in public, because it was about how stupid Yew are, so I blueprinted the room and the people in it, sometimes I will talk to one in the hope they are intelligent, I have never met one that was, so I started thinking that there are no others alive at this time, so I have a tenancy to lock myself up in a room by myself most of the time.

I do not like to be interrupted when I am talking or thinking or doing anything as far as that goes, yet I can go on for hours talking about one subject without using a single period in my speech, shifting from one subject to the next as if they are related, and if you disagree with anything I say it is going to start a fight, so I avoid talking to people, even though I can not stop talking to them at the same time, and I open up about all the details in my life, and it is the same story over and over again, so people that know me already heard His-Story before, so I get Bored with my surroundings, so I change the environment I am in, by changing the details of it like the color of the walls, or maybe the entire scene, so sometimes when I am walking and talking to someone, I will avoid obstacles that they do not see, and if they bring it up, I normally lose it, meaning I come back to their reality, and find myself in a strange place and wonder how I got there, and have driven long distances only to find I can not remember how to get back home or where I came from. I know I am doing it, and it is because I am Bored, and when someone talks to me when I am bored I do the same thing, yet I know what is real and what is Imaginary at all times, I never get lost in my Schizoaffective behavior because I am an Aspie with OCD, and I am always trying to figure out what is real and what is not, for example, growing up most people believed in General Relativity, so to me, I tried to understand what that must be like, so I imaged that I could travel through time forward and back, because they believe its possible, but they know we do not have enough energy to do so, but they still believe is possible, and this paradox drove me insane, how can you believe in something you proved can not be done, so I realized these people are not intelligent enough to understand logic, instead, they only think in terms of Emotions, because they want to travel forward or backward in time, they are also willing to deal with the Paradox it creates, so Reality means nothing and Emotions mean everything, and I know that Emotions do not mean anything Logical, so I know IAM right and Yew are Wrong, so I only see things in terms of IAM Right and Yew are Wrong, and that is why I do not want Yew interrupting me, when IAM trying to explain how stupid Yew are for thinking that way, and it is not just because IAM bored, it is all because God is bored and that is why God invented Yew, to begin with, so if people ask me why God invented Yew I reply, so I will not get bored, and since I invented Yew I have never been bored, so its working.

After all that I have been through in my life, I have learned things about myself that is hard for most people to understand, IAM what I say IAM, most people Lie, so they expect others to Lie, trust no one because you can not be trusted, so you project yourself into what others believe in, because we know what is the truth about ourselves but not others, its only this projection that blinds us from the truth, because I have no delusions about who IAM, I and me in the Flesh... I know that I can only change my Future by changing how others view it, so this Wizards Personality works well for me, the fact that I proved everything I said or wrote, was just an extra bonus, but the truth is that no one will believe me unless I make His-Story, Bigger than Life, so my Jesus Syndrome works well for me, I do not claim to be the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, in fact, I claim to be Antichrist, which means Against Christ, since Sir Isaac Newton Proved that Christ was inserted into the Bible, thus Christ is a Lie to make Money more Acceptable to the Sheeple that use it, but I do claim to know what Resurrection means, which is in terms of Energy, if in the Beginning there was the Light, then IAM that Light, so IAM also Jesus Bar Abbas, so if I was Born on the Same Star Date, which some will argue about Star Dates as if they are intelligent enough to know what Isaac Newton was talking about, but nonetheless, it is a good Story and it is His-Story, so it is My History, and I proved it, few will Deny Jesus said he would come back in the Flesh, but Still, some will not agree that Jesus Bar Abbas said he would come back in Me, which is short for Flesh, regardless of the fact, that is just my Name, which makes His-Story Entertaining, and the only reason I keep repeating this fact, till it sinks in, and then we can get past the Facts, and really talk about His-Story.

History repeats itself because few learn its mistakes, His-Story never repeats itself unless it wants to make a point about History, those that understand what I say is the truth, learn this mistake the first time, and have to read my Rants as Entertainment, but History viewed as Science was leading in a Direction toward God being Science, so it is clear that something Changed, in over 6,666 years of a belief that God created the Universe, the World gave up Science to a Theory that has never been Proven, and the Science was not that good, to begin with, it had one paradox after then next, it did not have any Math to explain the movement of the Planets or Sun, in fact, it does not have any Math that anyone can use in Science, so this is clearly a Mistake, how can a Science that has no Math or any Facts based on Empirical Evidence become Science, in fact, how can you call the Dynamic Universe Science if it has no facts and only Theory, and the answer is you cannot, its just Stupid People who are too stupid to know they are Insane, so History Repeats itself because Stupid people never learn the truth, if they did they would not be called Stupid.

Growing up in a World full of People that are so Stupid they do not even get how Stupid that is, if Stupid hurt people would die of the pain of believing any Theory, let alone one that explains nothing and has no Math that works to explain anything, and if you find one Paradox then the Science can not be Real, yet the Dynamic Universe is based on one Paradox after the Next, so only Stupid People who should be locked away from Society before their Stupidity infects others, I would say that new laws need to be put in place by Intelligent People, to not allow Stupid People to interact with Society, you need to identify Stupid People, so they are not allowed to have jobs that can put peoples lives at risk from their Stupidity, in the Military, we call them Infantry, and it works very well, the Military way of Life is the best Society on this Planet, the Military still uses the Julian Calendar, they still use Newtonian Math, and they still have not started an Atomic War, so it must be run by Intelligent people that do not believe in the Dynamic Universe, most of the ones I knew believed in the God of Light, so Society must change if the Human Race is to survive, and that means not allowing Stupid People to be in charge, and Stupid People have no idea how stupid they are, and no one will ever admit to being Stupid, especially me, who does not believe he wrote most of the things in this book, nor do People like being called Stupid, so there is no Hope for Humanity, as long as Stupid People are allowed to Bread, there will be Stupid People because that Stupid Gene gets past on, whereas the Intelligent Gene is very rare, in fact its so rare that only one person exists in the whole world at one time, Galileo died the year Newton was born, not sure who was born since Tesla died, nor does anyone else, that person died without anyone knowing how Intelligent they were, so after I die, the one to take my place most be identified and Stupid People are not the ones to do so, that is how Theories became Science, because Stupid People do not know the difference between what is real and what is not.

When it comes to History, you have to keep in mind who wrote it, and why they wrote it, and when it comes to the History of North America, I know all about that History, and Mainstreams version of it is mostly a lie, that is used to cover up the truth about the Banks taking over the Country, but it is no secret that the Bank Prints the Money, and not Congress, so you know who is in Charge, knowing every United States Citizen is Guilty of Treason, against the United States Constitution, and I know I harp on that subject a lot, but I did take an Oath to do so, but the fact is that between the Church Teaching Deities that do not Physically Exist, to Mainstream Science Teaching Theories that God did not create the Universe, and the Church being Fine with that Science, why wouldn't they, they Teach God does not Physically Exist, to begin with, so when it comes to the History of the Light, there is not much to talk about, the Church never taught that God was All Light without Darkness, nor did Mainstream Science, in fact, they both ignored the Light, much like Einstein, and Plank, and if you ask about God, they will go on about Angels, and I have had enough of the A-Team concept called Religion, only the Angel named Satan would teach such a concept, so it comes down to what History you want to believe in, that is You the Reader, as for Yew, Ewe will argue all the points I have to make, and use Theories that they never have to Prove to Debunk my work, I am done with Theories that have no Proof, God is All Light, that is Proof of what God is, how can God be All Light, and the Leader of the A-Team at the Same Time, and all Religion has the Satan Clause in it, I did not say Santa Clause, I know I am Dyslexic, but I have studied Religion, and I know how it all breaks down, any Religion based on Christ, is based on the Church that Murder Jesus Bar Abbas, so why would anyone ever believe they changed their ways, they inserted Christ into the Bible, just to stay in Business, and it is a Business, a Tax-Free Business at that, and then you have the Jews, and the Muslims, who believe that Woman Children are just Property to be sold, and Traded, trust me, that whole History of Religion is all about War, because all Wars are Holy Wars, and all Religions demand their Sheep Murder, or Send to Hell, anyone that disagrees with their Religion, proving it is Satanic, that is the Satan Clause by the way, because on Satan sends people to Hell, but Sheep do not understand that. His-Story of Light, is about the Truth of the Light, written by men like Kepler, Galilei, Newton, Franklin, or Tesla, so renaming the Universe to the Trinary Universe, is something I think they all would appreciate, because I am sure they would all Hate the Dynamic Universe, Stupid Sheep would say that Tesla did not understand the Theory of General Relativity, yet, in an interview with Smith, he described exactly what is wrong with it, he called it Aether, I call it Trinary Energy, same thing, so Tesla understood it very well, as do I, let me put it in terms a Sheep like Yew could understand, the Theory of General Relativity does not have a God in it, therefore you can not use any Math that is based on God in it, God based Math started when Kepler found the Bible Code, so you can not use Kepler's Math in the Theory of General Relativity, because it is based on God, and there is no God in the Theory of General Relativity, and Newton told you that all his Equations are based on God as the Force of Gravity, so you also can not use any of Newtons Math, in the Theory of General Relativity, so it is Stupid Sheep that do not understand the Theory of General Relativity, it has no God, therefore can not use Gods Math, and now you understand that the Theory of General Relativity can not exist, without God as the Force of Gravity, because that Theory will not work without, proving it is nothing but Science Fiction, and always will be.

The His-Story of Light is a very long story, so I will try not to take any longer than required, I will break it down into Sub Chapters to describe different aspects about His-Story, and the difference in History, which is Written by Mainstream, because its basically all a Lie, once you understand that Society is not Reality, its only what we paid for, and that was done in sin, so it is evil, so after we wrap our mind around the Trinary Science, so must wrap it around how I viewed all these Events in His-Story, which is about Adam and Eve, Moses, Jesus Bar Abbas, Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Nikola Tesla, and finally down to me, Jeffrey Scott, who is the Light Wizzard in the Flesh, to tell a Story so not the Normal, that it makes Yew wonder if it is the Truth, because it goes against everything that Yew know, but it is so close to what History tales as the truth, that its almost believable, but then You remember that its just written for Yew, and Yew never believe anything but what Yew heard in ewer herd, and this was not it, so I tale Yew this is the Truth, and Yew say No its Not, and that is what His-Story is all about.

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