The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 4.10
How the Earth Works

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 4.10:
How the Earth Works

When you think about how the Earth works, a lot of things come into mind, but for most people, what happens at the subatomic level is the last thing they think about, but in Trinary Science it is always the first place we must start, because at this level we know what is going on, that is once we apply Trinary Energy Principles to them, for example: Oil has been sold to the World as Fossil fuel, stating that its made of organic material from decayed plants and animals, if that is true, then why is Oil found almost 36,000 feet deep?

If we take a core sample and examine it, we will find that there are no dead plant and animals at this depth, so how did the oil get this deep, and the answer can not be that it seeped through the soil, because water does not seep that far and it is thinner, in fact you will not find fresh water 3,000 feet deep, so if you find water deeper than that, it might be because the Oil drilling companies are dumping water into their oil pockets to get the oil to rise, since it is lighter than water it will float, but Water makes a terrible lubricant, and the heat and friction will cause the Water to evaporate or break down into Oxygen and Hydrogen and that can become volatile and explode, and one day that will happen, and this world will go Nova, what a way to prove how stupid these people are for believing stupid science, but that is how people are, believing in Theories that have not been proven to be the Truth.

The ramifications for pumping water into the Earths core at this depth is insane, it is cooling down the crust, and will cause sinkholes and earthquakes, and that is just for starters. First we need to come up with another name for Oil, so I will call Oil the Blood of the Planet, because that is what it is, so think of it this way, the Oil is created by the Trinary Engine's disintegration process, which is caused by coming into contact with a Trinary Engine, it will create a pool of raw material, that can then be combined to create many useful things for the Planet, like: different Oils, Rock and Gases like: Oxygen, Hydrogen, Helium, Nitrogen, and the list goes on to cover all the gases we have on Earth, so if it makes them, it must need them for a reason, so let us look at some of the reasons.

Like I have pointed out in a previous chapter, the Blood of the Planet is used to allow the Trinary Engine or Core of the Planet, to freely spin, as compared to grinding if all the oil is pumped out and water is pumped in, and that is just thinking about this logically, the oil actually originates much deeper in the Planet, and some is pushed up to the surface of the Planet in spots that require it for some reason, and shifting plates of crust would be an educated guess, because in all known areas of discovery, that was the case. The Blood or Oil above 36,000 feet is used to keep the crust warm, as is all the Lava that is pumped to the surface of the Planet, without it the crust would cool down and become rigid, meaning less flexible, so instead of earthquakes you will have huge sections of the Planets crust shattering, and that does not sound like fun if you are living on the surface of the planet as we are now, also the Ocean would freeze solid.

Another purpose for the Oil or Blood of the Planet, is for Energy transference, this is a process where Energy in the form of: Thermodynamics, Kinetic, Potential, Electrical, Chemical and a few others, so it gives a medium to transfer energy in many forms, Electromagnet being one of the most important, because without it the Planets Magnetosphere would not exist, and the more Oil those idiots burn, the weaker it will become, till one day all the planets Atmosphere would vent into space and the surface of the planet would be in a vacuum, which would be bad for most of the life forms currently living on this Planet, yet Companies are allowed to pump out billions of gallons a day, and no one seems to care, and I can only come to one conclusion about that, and that is that the People that are doing this, do not care about the Future of this Planet, only about the Profit they can make right now, so if there are other reasons, I would say it is beside the Point, because this Planet will eventually go Nova, and there may not be any stopping that now, because one day that will happen, it might be now or in a billion years from now, but it will happen, the fact our Planet is out of balance for the first time in History, well that should be a Sign, so read it, it is because as you pump out oil or Bleed out the Planet, its land mass will compress the underground caves where oil should be, because they pumped them full of water while pumping out the oil, which will very quickly dissipate after all the pumping stops, so the Earth will fall into these Caves, causing Earthquakes and sinkholes, say this 3 time real fast: Blood, Earthquakes and sinkholes, oh my God... So now the Earth is Wobbling out of Control, because people do not want to connect the Dots, because they are Greedy Assholes that use Oil or Money, so they will ignore all the People that told them this for years now, it is not like this is news, its just very old information, its how Moses destroyed the Pyramids to begin with, so all our Advanced Society died because of Money, and now it is about to happen again, this is called History Repeating itself. The Poles are about to Change, that is what the news flash of the day is, as if this will fix anything, the thought of it scares the Hell out of Me, but if you stop drilling oil today, it might go away, it is not going to get any better till you do, because if it does switch poles, this Planet is in for a real Treat, think about this, the Poles can only change if the Trinary Engine reverses its Poles, it can only do this by switching to the 0 Dimension, and keep in mine the Trinary Engine is just one vary large Atom, if it does not redimension, it will not come back, and it is a Super Nova for us, that is a worse case scenario, the others are not as much fun, so if it does come back, it will be in the Opposite Polarity, which means all our GPS data, compasses, will have North pointing to what is now called the North Pole, or the Magnetic South Pole, because right now the North Pole, is only the Magnetic North Pole, on most Maps, so its confusing, but actually you do not need to change them, now they are Right, all you have to do is fix the Computer Programs that give directions, and never go back to calling South North, its Magnetic Direction is a given, what ever the North end of a Magnet points is called South, that is called Science, there is not way in the world it makes it the North Pole, only Stupid People call it that, but at least God fixed it, but now we have power running in strange directions, all our Generators do not work so good, because the magnetic generator will now need to reverse its direction to work right, so none of our Technology will even work till it is all fixed, and that is if we survive all the Atmosphere being dumped into the Vacuum of Space when this happened, because for the Lifeforms that breath, this is going to be a real bad day, and I do not think those Satellites in the Van Allen Belt will stay in Orbit when this happens, the Sky will Fall to Earth like Rain, but it should not last long, from what History teaches us, about 10% of all life on the Planet actually survived this event last time it happened, and our Odds have not increased, seeing how we are in the predicament because of the Stupid Idiots that run this Planet as if they Own it, so things will just keep getting worse, they will need more Oil, so they will Bleed this Planet Dry, and there are cleaner forms of Energy like Lightning, and that is what Tesla wanted to do, but the Banks would not have it, no profit if people can get God for Free, so how this Earth works is one way, how Money works is another, and the two are not compatible.

The Blood of the Planet has many more uses, the oil mixes with gases and other material and creates many layers of crust, all of which provide nutrients to the Oceans, Lakes and Land, and the combination of Blood infused with certain other ingredient like gas, iron and other minerals, will create very hard layers of Crust that enable the continents to exist at all, this layer of crust is very deep, maybe 66,666 feet deep, a number I made up, but again it is close, as well as entertaining, the deepest hole drilled is around 40,000 feet, because the temperatures exceed the tolerance of the equipment, it will be a challenge to drill deeper than that, but any deeper than 66,666 feet and the crust becomes molten, so it stands to reason that its between 40,000 and 66,666 feet.

Moons will normally be denser than the Planets they orbit, our Moon has a ratio of 9 to 5, and it is because the Moon has a very small Trinary Engine, it generates a very small Magnetosphere, not enough to hold in its atmosphere, and ⅚th the gravity of Earth, because it is mass is ¼th the size of Earths, so its Trinary Engine does not heat the Moon as much as the one on Earth, which is why you do not seen many Volcanoes on the Moon, so the Moon would be a very Cold place to Live, and without a Trinary Engine Force Field also known as Earths Magnetosphere, you would never be able to get to the Moon let alone live there, so I would give up all hope of moving to another Planet if you destroy this one, because that is not going to happen, Science Fiction is Fun, but facts are facts.

Despite the propaganda the Government puts out, no one has ever been to the Moon, no live person that is, we have sent many probes, and put stuff on the Moon, like Flags, LASER Reflectors, and other equipment, but the fact is, that once you get even 666 miles out into space, the Radiation from the Van Allen Belt will start to fry your brain, as you get outside the Magnetosphere that surrounds the Planet, so I do not believe in the Apollo Trips to the Moon for that very reason, not to mention micrometeorites could puncture the haul of the Spacecraft, because without that Force Field, you do not stand a chance of Live Space travel, so I would start taking care of this Planet if you plan to have a future on this Planet, and that means to stop using the Blood of the Planet as Oil, because you are destroying this Planet by allowing Greedy Oil Companies to Lie to you about what Oil is, just for profit, knowing they will be dead before you figure it out, and the Planet is doomed.

The Earth is a living being, it has thoughts and emotions deeper then our own, it has a lot of things to think about, its creating everything we see on Earth, and in return we act like Ignorant Animals and attack it like its just a rock with no feelings, when Rocks have Auras just like People, its proof they have thought, they just have no way to interact with other lifeforms, but the Planet does, it is the one in charge of everything on this planet, so you drill holes in it, and pump out is Blood and replace it with MUD, you have to be insane, no way you can ever defend such a cruel act, the People that allowed it is more to blame then those doing it, ignorance knows no bounds, why the Science of this World is all Lies, is because yew are too stupid to know the difference, so yew allowed the Powers that Be to destroy any hope for Life on this Planet beyond 2060, because I image that going through a Pole Reversal will require the Planet to have a lot of Oil/Blood, knowing that Newton warned you to change, but no one listened, they are not listening now, they will wait till it actually happens, because then it will not matter, we will all die in Hell that they created with Greed just for Money, so that is how the Earth does not Work, and stops Working, and the real question is how do we fix it, and the answer is Trinary Sanctuary, we do not have 20 years while Politicians who Lied to yew, can grease their Ass while trying to cover it at the same time, yew can not trust those Assholes that allowed this to ever Vote again, and if you want to Keep yewer Law, yew will all have to be Executed for Treason, so Trinary Sanctuary has no Laws for this Reason, because everyone is Guilt of Treason on this Planet, if you have ever used Money once or even seen something that was made because of it, that same Evil is what allowed this Treason, so there will be no Money in Trinary Sanctuary, because All this Evil is because of that Money, and it allowed the People of this World to Kill the Planet they Live on, and that is Called Treason, underground Nuclear Bomb Testing, yew have to be so Stupid, that yew do not deserve to Live, Atomic Energy, are yew Joking me, yew are actually that Stupid that yew would even allow it to happen, well take those Sheeple and lock them in a Room with just the smallest spec of Nuclear Radiation, and they are Dead, what Assholes, they should be burned at the Stake, not Wizards and Witches, and those that made them into Fairy Tales just to discredit them are no better, because just like Jesus Bar Abbas, he had to die knowing everyone he knew denied knowing him by Name, which was Jesus Bar Abbas, but they could not deny they knew Jesus, so they made Christ out of him, all because they did not think they could win this War against Money and Taxation, and they were Right, because that is the World I live in today, where Jesus Bar Abbas is made out to be the Bad Man, a Murder, and according to the Bible, he only murdered Roman Solders, who were Killing people for not paying Taxes on their Own Land, and taking their Children for their Whores, and nothing has changed, this is the world I live in now, because no one would stand up for Jesus Bar Abbas, so they Lie, and that lie is why we are all about to Die, because this World is Out of Balance, its Global Warming is melting the Ice that keep the Planet in Balance, there is no stopping the Ice Age that is about to come as a result of this, and there is no taking back all the bad thing's yew say about Jesus Bar Abbas, the Bible did not Lie, it told yew what yew needed to know, Christ is the Concept that Money is just a Tool, and Religion and Money are used as Tools to Control the Sheep that follow, now the use of the Term Sheep is out of the Bible, if the Lord is your Shepard, then yew are Sheep, Money has In God Engraven on it, so the two are the Mark of the Beast, and all this stuff about 666, well we know what that is all about, its how fast the Planet Earth is moving: 66,666.666 miles an hour, so its just a Masonic Secret that is Free, because in 1666 the book about Light was Written, but few Remember Newton after his Papers about Christ and the Antichrist came out, because in them Newton was the Antichrist, the Person who told the World that Christ was inserted into the Bible, making it seem like their were two Jesus's instead of one, also creating two Gods: A Deity and a Spirit, neither of which physically existed in Reality, so it is all based on Insanity according to Newton, who predicted a Comet would come by in 333 years, and it was ISON, the Son of I, so people only prove how Stupid they are, never how Intelligent they can be, so as it turned out the Antichrist was here to save the World, from all the Insane People who believed in Christ, I mean how stupid do yew have to be, to think there are Two Jesus's in the Bible, or that Money is Real, well that is why this Planet is out of Control, because the Stupid Sheeple are out of their Minds, and this Dog can not teach any new Tricks, because the Sheep just do not Care, they say it is not my Job, no one is paying me to care, or I will die without Money, well look what that Money cost this Planet, it allowed Criminals to Murder it in cold blood, just so they can Sell its Blood, and Ignorance is no accuse, what the hell did yew think that Blood was for, did yew actually believe this Planet is Dead? Wow, yew must be Brain Dead, hook up an Oscilloscope: so we can see if there is any Brainwave activity, oh: I did not know: that is what Stupid Assholes say, Money does not make the World Go Around, it is what will Stop it from going Around, then you remember that Yew is just a Tree called TaxUS, so this is just Entertainment at the Expensive of those that think they are Sheep, real people can take control of their Own lives and decide how to Live Free, and that starts by how they define Free, those that truly want to Live Free must work for Free, that Nightmare Moses told yew made yew Sinners, and everyone in church knows they are Sinners, but few know why, it is because they continue to live in Sin.

The Earth is in charge of this Planet, and the Trinary Engine is not a Slave to the Animals that live on it, so it can decide how to deal with this situation, but it has very few options, if it reverses its poles, it always runs a risk of venting too much of its Atmosphere, it is a given it will lose some, because it will lose its Magnetosphere when the change takes place, its fast, but it is not fast enough, the Collapse would create a huge Electromagnetic Pulse or EMP, not sure if it would fry our technology, that might be the least of our problems if this happens, imagine what it would be like to change polarity, the birds and other animals, including people, will become disorientated, so these are just the facts you can prove in a Laboratory, we have research this enough to know what will happen if the Earths Poles reverse, it happens in nature when we travel through the Galactic Plane, and that is Millions of years from now, so this event is caused by the Human Race, make no mistakes, Drilling for Oil is about to bring on a Storm that last a long time, for some it will be a lifetime, put this is Prophecy, and the Wizard was Sir Isaac Newton, who calculated this event would take place in 2060, but like I said, not one is listening to him now, what do you think will happen when the Poles Reverse, so what would Einstein say? I only believe in Sir Isaac Newton's Science. So what will happen is that most people will think it will be we wake up and the clocks are all running backwards, and I hope that is the worst of it, what can happen and what will happen or if it happens at all, is pure Prophecy, and I will not change that date, because I believe in Newton, I also believe we can decide to create a New Way of Life, and not a New World Order, and that is to follow Jesus Bar Abbas, and form a Militia that all members are a part of, no Civilians, they voted for this Mess we are in, and if this Human Race is going to survive what is coming, they will have to change their ways, we can set up Lightning Collectors around the World, and network them, so people can get Free Energy, and the Darkside, which is what I call the Countries that exist today, can continue without Trinary Sanctuary getting involved in their affairs, but some Global Requirements will be no Atomic Energy, no Atomic Weapons allow anywhere on this Planet, no more Oil drilling or Fracking, and in return Trinary Sanctuary will give you all its access: Energy, Food, Water and Supplies, and it will do so for Free, as long as we get our Freedom. The Job of Trinary Sanctuary is to Save the World, and it needs saving, it is out of control, and the Earth can do what it wants, if yew think it does not know what yew do, yew are insane, its way more Intelligent than yew are, IAM way more Intelligent than yew are, so we all know that no one can really predict the future, but right now I do not think you need some that can, what you need is to open you eyes and look around, prove to yourself what is the Truth, and what is a Lie, and then decide if you want to be part of the Lie, or part of the Truth, only you can decide if you are yew, or you are me, and who IAM, only you can ask for Trinary Sanctuary, and this is not a Sells pitch, its Free, and it cost you nothing, it is not about Money, Laws or Sin, it is about working together to save the Planet, and that begins by Learning how it Really works, we can write a book about the Principles of Planet Earth, but that project is already part of the Trinary Sanctuary's Mission, which is to save the world by taking charge of its Energy requirement for Free, and there are few Requirements for Trinary Sanctuary: No Sheeple, No Money, No Bartering of any kind, No Poison (sorry Alcohol is Poison that makes yew stupid), No Laws, No Rules, and No Regulations, only Technical Orders and Data, and a few more, 9 in all, point is that unless some people are willing to take charge, nothing will change and the Human Race will not survive, that is the course we are on now, because Money is allowed to put Criminals in Charge, and no one can pay for a Society like this, so the Darkside will not Help you, all the Money in the World will not Help you, that is how you got here in the First Place, Trinary Sanctuary is a very rigid Society, its based on people being in charge of themselves and their Own Life, while working towards a common goal, if everyone does their Job, everyone gets to live the same lifestyle, no classes, no rich or poor, no prisons and no prisoners, we are all in this life together to make the best of it, and that is what needs to change, is Everything, nothing about the Darkside works to help improve the Human Condition, which is to lie, cheat and steal, because that is Normal in today's World, people will kill you for the Money in your Pocket, there is no fixing Evil, you have to walk away from it, and do not look back, not at the Lot of them... Humans need to Learn from History or His-Story, they need to wake up and stop counting Sheep, before it is too late, I do not know what will happen tomorrow, but I can imagine what can, and that is terrifying enough, but I have done about all I can do, which is to leave it all up to you and not Yew, so you need to decide what you will Prove to yourself is the Truth, and then decide what to do about it, all I did what ramble on about Sheeple and what they are doing to my Planet, but what do I know, Sheeple treat me like a Dog, and just look at how they Treat this Planet. Do you think the people in charge of pushing a button to start and end a Nuclear War: are not intelligent enough to know all this?

If the Earth reverses poles, I do not believe it would be the same as just moving the North pole to the South, I think it actually just shifts from being in a Matter state to an Antimatter state, and that is what changes the Poles, not where the Poles are Physically, so Generators might just work fine, but I do not think they will work better, I think they will need to be aligned to this new Polarity, because it is not going to be like taking a generator from the Equator and moving North and South, just to see if it will work in that environment, because I do not view Energy that way, I see planets as having a Trinary Engine that has Matter on one side, and Antimatter on the other, its Frequency is so slow that it takes millions of years to change polarity, whereas the Suns Frequency is higher, and it does it after every decade, so if we look at an Atom, it has matter on one side and antimatter on the other, and as it changes states it will also switch from the 1 to the negative 1 state, and that is what the Planet will do and the Sun does, it will just change States, because it needs to move to stay in balance, and like the Sun, I would expect the Planets get their Atmosphere interacted with, as the poles reverse, it is not going to do it real fast, it could take hours or days to complete, similar to the Sun, but as for me: I seriously do not know if running a generator backwards after a pole reversal will make it more efficient, that was in a dream, but I have no way to simulate that in a Laboratory, we can detect the change in the Sun, and even see some of its effects visually, which is why I started my Sun Series in 2012 so you could watch those changes much faster, compressing a year into 20 minutes of video, one day I would like to go back to 1960, but its clear to see how it effects us, just think about the time between 2012 and 2013, the Mayan Calendar got everyone sideways on the Changes that blew in, but few noticed that change or what it was all about. The Mayan Calendar ended in 2012 and just started over, repeating itself till the next iteration. If this is truth then this Event happens every 2013 years, which is far more often than current science can account for, so what we do know is that after a decade the Sun will reverse poles, and if Newton is right, then every 2012 years, an object or Trinary Engine in this Solar System will reverse its Polarity, and he calculated that it would take 333 objects or Trinary Engines, to control all the: Planets, Moons and other debris in a Solar System, so in phases every 2012 cycle repeats itself for each Planet or Moon, so I would believe the old ways over Mainstream Science any day of the weak, as in weak-minded, according to them it is a random event with no pattern. I hope our Generators work after a pole shift, but if they do not, just remember to try running them backwards, that is all I am saying.

The Big Picture is this:

This Pattern is clear, it is a Helix, and we humans have something in common with this pattern, the Atom's we are made of orbit in a Helical Pattern, our DNA is a Helix: a Double Helix at that, so this pattern is clear, it is the Laws of Physics for all Atom's, and our DNA is made of Atom's just like the Universes, so its clear they all follow the Laws of Physics.

This Pattern has a Positive and Negative side to it, if you can imagine you Right Thumb is pointing up, this is using the Right-hand rule, after the Poles reverse you will have to convert all the images to the Left-hand rule, so this documents Illustrations are mostly Right-hand Rules, so the thumb is on the x-axis of a 2D Grid that has its lines running vertical, now think about a Helix, and imagine your Fingers as they curve Counterclockwise, that is the direction that the Electron flows in, so as the Electron flows from Positive to Negative, its other shell will change Polarity, when its Positive it is the Right-hand Rule, when its Negative it is the Left-hand Rule, and it must pass through the x-axis to change Polarity, this is like an AC signal as it passes through ground, its polarity is Neutral at that point, in a Generator it is a Collapsed field, this is called a Pole Reversal, so this concept needs to be clear in your Mind, this is the Laws of Physics, it is not like our Magnetosphere might Collapse and it might not, it has no choice but to follow the Laws of Physics, as it shifts from Positive to Negative it will also physically change directions, it is going in circles, round and round, so this Pattern is clear, we can prove to ourselves what will happen when the Earth Reverses Poles.

The Earth starts out the size of its Trinary Engine, which I would guess is around 800 Miles in Diameter, then as the Sun feeds it material over the centuries, the Earth will Grew in size, about a half inch a year currently, and the larger the Earth gets, the slower the growth rate: due to the fact it takes more material to cover an object that is growing at a constant rate, such that it built up faster when it was smaller, and took billions of years to get to the size it is today. As water forms Oceans the land mass making up Continents start to drift from the force of the Oceans, and evidence like Pangaea is proof of this, its proof that this planet Earth was born, grows, and will someday go Nova and start all over again, and as for all the Life on the Planet, well it is all DNA based, and there are only so many permutations of that, such that in lower lifeforms you will find Plants and Insects, but not the DNA of higher lifeforms, but in higher lifeforms you will find the DNA of lower lifeforms like: Plants and Insects, so depending on how the Planet Evolves, will determine when a new Species will Evolve, so even if the Human Race or some other Species goes Extinct, it will always one day come back into being, that is the way Evolution works, when a Species does not survive and goes extinct, it is because the Planet can not support that life form, or in the case of Humans, that Life Form was not intelligent enough to survive, but it does not mean they will never walk this Earth again, this Earth has gone Nova a few times, and normally all life dies when that happens, I say normally because I talk about a way around this, but the Human Race always comes back and destroys the Planet, and I also talk about a way around that problem as well, then the Planet goes Nova and starts this cycle all over again, I know because I remember this like it was Deja Vu, my Name changes over the iterations, but my Story or His-Story, is always the same Story, it is all about Trinary Evolution.

There are too many aspects of how this Planet works to go into any of them in great detail, all I can tell you is the fundamentals, and that comes down to looking around, and applying Trinary Energy to everything you see happening on this Planet, because it really does explain everything, Tesla wrote that the Light is Everything because everything is made of Light, because Atom's are made from Light and Neutrinos.

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