The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 4.07
Stages of Galaxies

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 4.07:
Stages of Galaxies

All Galaxies start off the same way, with one Trinary Engine, it then starts to gather up all the gas and debris from space it can pull in with its gravity, it grinds it up and creates a Stellar Nursery, so it can create the Solar Systems that will go with it, this creates a Bar looking structure I call the hub which forms the first type of Galaxy, which is actually just a Stage of Evolution for the Galaxy, so Type is a misnomer, you only have Stages of Evolution, so we will look at each Stage of Evolution.

The Stages of Galaxies start when its born, then as it Grows, and eventually when it dies, so a Galaxy is alive.

The Galaxy will create what it needs, and move around things from time to time, but its work is never ending, we can look out into the Universe and see History, Galaxies that are long since vanished and only their Light exists as a Ghost of what it was.

How we view the Galaxy will create the Reality of how we view the Universe, so we must fully understand the Galaxy before we can even begin to understand the Universe.

When you view the Universe you must do so with Empirical Evidence, and not Emotions, God did not Create this Universe for Humans, look around, I do not see many of them other than those Living on its Planets, so if God created Humans to care for the Planet they live on, then God failed, because Humans failed to take care to the Planet they require to Live, so how Stupid does a Race have to be to Destroy the Planet by Burning its Blood as Fuel, if we look into the Universe, into Galaxies far far away, we will see other Suns in those Galaxies, and even Planets and Moons around them, and if we happen to see a Planet go Nova, we know it was a Planet that had a Life form living on it, that did the same thing, they Killed the Planet they Lived on because they were too Stupid to see Gods Plan, and it is all based on our Reality of it, and not really the Reality of it, some People will think I made this Up, as if that is even Possible: the Bible, Newton, Franklin, and Tesla call came before I was even Born, and they saw the Light of God in the Universe, and may have even understood what God wanted, they believed they did and I believe them, the same as Einstein did and proved it by proving General Relativity is not Reality, because of the Paradox it creates in its Reality, and there is absolutely no Empirical Evidence to support it, in fact when you look into the Universe, all you will see is what I have described, its just the Words and how I Spell them that confuses most people who believe they know what the Universe is, or know what Gods Plan is, as if it could be anything but to Protect the Planets and take care of them, he made the Use of the Blood of the Planets, or the Destruction of its Atom's, which uses God as the Fuel for a Destructive device, to cause Cancer in all Lifeforms, so Humans are not intelligent enough to understand this, if it hurts do not do it, that Pain is not just ours, it is that of the Planet you stupid people allow to Frac, and it is all because Empirical Evidence means nothing to Yew, and it would do very little good to insult You, because You and Me are the Same thing most of the time, just Flesh, and that is my Name, so I take it personal, so I take Responsibility for all the Fracking, and this is how I defend the Universe, by defending the Galaxies and Planets and Moons, so I can teach People how to Protect them from Yew, because Yew are Your own worst Enemy, all I can do is Describe the Light, its up to You to understand why Fracking the Planet you live on, is Stupid, it can be dead before I get done with His-Story, where Empirical Evidence is the Foundation for Knowledge, so the View of our Trinary Universe is Crystal Clear, because it is based on Reality.

Edward Hubble made a remarkable discovery: the Red Shifted Light, it was the Key to understanding that what goes around, really goes around, he unknowingly figured out that Light is a Closed Loop, it Red-Shifts on its return path, this is Empirical Evidence that all Light is Electromagnetic Energy, so the Laws of Physics applies to it, so like a Magnet, it just Energy in a higher frequency of Light, so if you increase the Frequency of a Magnet to the Speed of Light, it will become Light, and take the same path, only its Arc is between 13 and 16 billion Light years in diameter, so when we look into the Universe we must remember this, the Universe is not Expanding, if it was: it would already be gone, that is Empirical Evidence, it still exists so something else is happening, its called Trinary Science, now you can see the Light and know where it is going, which is round and round, it is what makes the World go Round, but I did not need Hubble to point this out, but I did need was his supporting Evidence, not his Conclusion, which was based on the Dynamic Universe, or the Science of his Time, that is not his Fault, but those that Allowed a Theory that its Author denounced as the Truth, so who is the Fool, the Fool who takes that Path, or the Fool that Follows it, but Hubble was no Fool, he only used Newton's Math, so his Work will be remembered in Trinary Science.

The Stages of Galaxies is all about Evolution, and not Evilution, which is driven by Evil, that is backwards of Live, drilling holes in the Planet and sucking out its Blood, that is Pure Evil, because everything that Live will die, and that is happening right now as I write this, Humans demand more Blood from the Planet that they Live on, because most of them think they can build a Time Machine and go back in time to fix this, or that they can just Move to another Planet, its Normal to be Stupid, and Normal to believe you have the Right to believe what you want to believe, but this Book proves that is Evil, so this Book is about how Evil People were allowed to believe in Insane Concepts, like God is a Deity or God does not Exist, if God is All Light without Darkness then only Stupid Fools would believe that, that is why I wrote this book for a Sheep called Yew, because most of You would not like to own up to being as Stupid as Yew, by allowing the Planet you live on to be Fracked to Death, when Lightning is Clean and Free Energy, but the Bankers cannot allow it, because it would be the End of the use of Money, so Evilution is as Evil as the Money that allows Yew to Destroy it.

The Stages of Galaxies are based on Empirical Evidence, so let us look at some of those Stages using Trinary Science, so we will use the Math of Sir Isaac Newton, so God is the Force in all these Equations.

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