The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 4.06
How Fast is Earth Moving

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Chapter 4.06:
How Fast is Earth Moving

First off the Trinary Universe is based on the fact that the Universe is Static, not to be confused with any theory about the Static Universe, it means that the Universe in the 0 Dimension is Static and does not move, it is the material in the Universe that moves, so the Galaxies in it move through it at the Speed of Light, and all Speed is based on the Relative speed difference between two objects, so to accurately calculate the speed of objects that are actually traveling at the Speed of Light, as we are now, so if you turn on a flashlight, the Light will still travel at the Speed of Light, and that statement confuses some people, because Einstein's Theory viewed it as Dynamic so it changed as we approached the speed of Light, but this logic creates a paradox, because it means you can travel through Time forward or backward, and also means that our brains work faster: the faster we travel, and that it also changes how fast we age, this is insane to believe such none sense, so you must understand that all our current measurements is based on Mainstream Science, so the speed things are traveling at are based on our observations on it relative to us, so I have my own ideas, let us go with current speeds and make a few adjustments, so the Earth Rotates around 1,042 MPH while it Orbit is the Sun around 66,666 MPH, while the Sun rotates around 4,460 MPH, while the Solar System Orbits around 477,354 MPH on average and at a maximum of 666,666 MPH around the Galaxy, and of course the Galaxy travels through the Universe at the Speed of Light which is 670,616,629 MPH, so why do the numbers 666 keep coming up? Because I am a Wizard and love numbers that repeat themselves, but I did not make up the Numbers.

No one has ever accurately calculated the distance across our Galaxy, so any real values can be argued, but with a logical approach to estimating it, I can prove that these numbers are not just made up, they are based on current science of this day, I just made them appear to have the numbers 6 in them, if they actually do I have no idea, because to tell the truth, I have no idea how fast the planet Earth is actually traveling, I just took the numbers that most scientist agree on, and round them off with 6's just for fun, but if their numbers are right, then the Earth really does travel at an average speed of 66,666.666 MPH, but I actually did a little math to come to the conclusion that these numbers are closer than the numbers being thrown out there, based on the Speed of Light, which actually has all the 6's in it, so they are made up that way for a reason, its based on math and ratios and the way numbers work out, but it was Wizards who noticed this connection with 666, maybe it was a coincidence that Newton wrote about this back in 1666, and why he also found a Comet that has an Orbit of 333 years, stating that every other time it hits Earth, so that is a 666-year Cycle that History Proves, so what ever numbers people want to argue about is beside the point, because distance is just a Reference just like Time, and humans tend to use the base 10 System of Math, so we have 6 times 10 equals on hour, instead of 66 Minutes you have 60, and 360 degrees instead of 366 Degrees, so what would those numbers be if we used base 16 for math, is just a rhetorical question, Hex is what a Wizard or Witch would put a Spell on Yew, in base 10 the number 66 is 42 in base 16, that is answer to the Universe in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and it is a number with a direct connection to the coming Antichrist in the Bible, and no one was more Against Christ then Sir Isaac Newton, who proved Christ was a Lie, so the term Antichrist means the end of Lies so it means the Truth, in base 10 the number 33 is 21 in base 16, that is the Legal Age to Drink Alcohol so you are considered an Adult, so the Masons already know this is the facts of Math, Numbers add up to something, and it is only how Humans attach meaning to Numbers does it even matter.

Science of this date knows that the Speed of the Earth changes over time, its Orbital and Rotational Speed changes from year to year, and the same can be said for the Sun, so how do we account for this variable speed Solar System we live in, and the answer is in Science, which is observable evidence, and if we look at the Sun as it travels through Space around the Galaxy we call the Milky way, we must answer the question as to how all the Solar Systems Orbit around the Galaxy at the same Rate, because all the Planets in our Solar System Orbit the Sun at a rate that is proportionate to its distance from the Sun, and the Diameter of the Planet, yet all the Suns Orbit the Galaxy at the same Rate regardless of the Diameter of the Sun or its Distance from the Galaxy, and a Dark Star is the only explanation for this, as seen in Illustration 4.04: Dark Star Orbit

Dark Star Orbit
Illustration 4.04: Dark Star Orbit Full Size

The Dark Star's Orbit is Elliptical but almost circular, and although it is hard to see the Dark Star, it is not invisible to technology, even though you can not see the Null or Empty Space that surrounds it, you can see the space it occupies, so my guess is that somewhere in space we will find a very large Dark Star that all the Galaxies orbit around.

The orbital path of the Suns will now follow current observations of the Sun as it orbit is the Galaxy, seen here in Illustration 4.05: Orbital path of Sun around Galaxy.

Orbital path of Sun around Galaxy
Illustration 4.05: Orbital path of Sun around Galaxy Full Size

As the Sun orbits around the Galaxy: it will travel in a pattern known as a Helix, which will look like a corkscrew, it spirals like a 3D Waveform, I depict this path in blue, note that the Dark Star orbits around the Galaxy in the Galactic plane, I show it align-center on the plane, but it does not actually extend above or below it, this is for ease of seeing it. Sirius will always be just opposite of our Sun, this configuration coincides with ancient observations based on the Great Pyramids and other findings, that prove it has to be orbiting with us, because there is no other explanation.

After one complete revolution you will see a pattern similar to this, I will make a video available that will make this easier to visualize, I made the orbit of the Dark Star Companion coincide with each revolution, but in reality I have no idea where it is, I only know it is there because of observations made over many years, all the back to Kepler, and I also needed a way to regulate the orbit of the Suns, as well as to deliver Planets and maybe even Moons to the Sun's Solar System as seen in: Illustration 4.06: Orbital path of Sun around Galaxy one revolution.

Orbital path of Sun around Galaxy one revolution
Illustration 4.06: Orbital path of Sun around Galaxy one revolution Full Size

After one compete orbit of the Galaxy; it will look similar to this: Illustration 4.07: Orbital path of Sun around Galaxy one complete Orbit.

Orbital path of Sun around Galaxy one complete Orbit
Illustration 4.07: Orbital path of Sun around Galaxy one complete Orbit Full Size

I believe that the Sun orbit is the Galaxy in a Sine wave pattern, it will pass through the x-axis, then climb above it to some peak, then descend back through the plane again, then descend below the x-axis to another peak, then climb back to the plane and start all over again.

This orbital pattern is due to the fact that the Sun's are orbiting the Dark Star and at the same time its orbiting the Galaxy, so we are just following it, so it sweeps out a helix pattern as it orbits both objects at the same time. The Dark Star Companion will keep the two Suns from deviating from the course, it is also a mechanism to deliver new Planets or Moons, these Planets and Moons are built in the center hub of the Galaxy and are then moved out to the Dark Star, where its Companion will pick it up and deliver it to the right Solar System, so when every Solar System in a Galaxy has all its Planets, the hub is not longer required, and will give up its Energy by turning into a Dark Galaxy, thus becoming a Galaxy with no hub.

How Fast is the Planet Earth Moving through Space is a question that few will agree on, its Rotating at over a thousand miles an hour, was it orbit is the Sun at 66,666.666 miles an hour, while the Sun is traveling around the Galaxy at almost five hundred thousand miles an hour, and the Galaxy orbits around other Clusters much faster, and oh course the Galaxy is moving through the Trinary Universe at the Speed of Light, which is why Light is a Constant speed.

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  1. Illustration 4.04: Dark Star Orbit
  2. Illustration 4.05: Orbital path Sun
  3. Illustration 4.06: Path 1 revolution
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