The Principles of the Trinary Universe

Chapter 4.05
The Trinary Engine

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Jeffrey Scott Flesher

Medically Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant

Last Update: 14 January 2019


Chapter 4.05:
The Trinary Engine

So now we have a Trinary Engine, it has a core of pure Light and Dark Energy and it is in the 0, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dimensions, and it is toggling between (+1) and (-1), or Light Matter and Dark Antimatter, so it is toggling the polarity of the Energy as it passes through the 0 Dimension, creating an Electromagnet Field at the same time. It is a sphere of pure Tritanium, which mainstream science calls Neutrinos, so it is the stuff Galaxies and Suns are made of, and it is the stuff that Atom's including Electrons are made of, so its just a very large Atom, and it has a Null Space Trinary Energy force field around it, so the Tritanium creates a 3rd Dimensional Force Field, since its Matter and Antimatter, and has a very large mass as it grows even more massive as more Tritanium is collected, so it can grow even larger over time, so it is alive, its born from Ball Lightning, then grows into a Trinary Engine, then it will go Nova or Super Nova one day and start all over again.

Tritanium creates the Densest core possible, so all matter/antimatter is forced to flow around it in the 3rd dimension, so as its dragged through space at the speed of Light, which is the concept that Dimensions less than 3 are static, and 3 dimensional space has matter/antimatter in it that is moved along by a force called the Solar Winds or in this case the Galactic Winds, which the Sun Shields its planets from that, just as our Planets Magnetosphere shields us from the Solar Winds. The force of this Stellar Wind is driven by the Trinary Energy, such that all mechanical movement is accounted for. The Energy that is trapped inside the Engine, can not escape nor dissipate, it can never lose its energy once it starts up, so it will run forever, and all it needs to do is toggle its states, so it can create a Magnetic force field, so now we have the Perfect engine for driving the Galaxy.

I must point out that the way Science currently measures the speed of objects is based on misconceptions of Space, for one thing, their use of a reference is based on Earth, and Earth is moving in many different directions at once, its rotating while is orbiting the Sun, and at the same time has a Moon that is orbiting around it, and the Sun is rotating as it orbits around the Galaxy, while at the same time all its Planets are orbiting around it, as all the Planets with Moons orbit around it at the same time, and the Galaxy is also rotating as it travels through the Universe and orbits around other clusters, while they orbit around our Galaxy as the same time, and the corridors of space, so a Reference is hard to find, nonetheless, when I say that Earth is traveling at the Speed of Light through the Universe, I use the 0 Dimension as a reference, since it never moves, its stationary, so all other references to how fast the Earth is traveling is based on current Science, that means that all the speeds I have given for objects moving through space are all wrong, and why I think people who argue about how fast objects are moving, are unaware about how stupid a conversation that is to have with me, and why it would be pointless for me to give the exact speeds in relationship to 0 Dimension or the Trinary Universe, because that is only a ratio of the Speed of Light, and as I have said, we move through the Universe at the Speed of Light, and since we can not move through the Universe any faster, since then you would be Light, it would make no sense to say we are traveling at the Speed of Light: plus the Speed that we are moving in relationship to the Earth, as if driving in a Airplane at the Speed of Sound would change that, when it is a fact that even if that Airplane could travel at the Speed of Light, it would not change the Physics of the Universe, for example, at that speed even if you turned on a Flashlight, the Light would still travel at the same speed, and regardless of what Einstein said, you will not age any differently, because you are already traveling that fast, so you have to love Logic, anything that reaches the Speed of Light becomes the Light, because that is how fast it travels.

It will take a long time for the Galaxy to grow large enough to support Solar Systems, so we will speed up time, and move forward billions of years, until the day more clouds form and the process of creating another Trinary Engine is repeated, just like with the Galaxy, only this time it will not need to grow as large. Now we have a Sun, just like Humans can have a Son, the Galaxy gives birth to its Sun's, but the Galaxy needs a way to control the movement of Suns independent of its planets, because it is planets will travel around its Sun, at a rate that can be determined by Kepler's 3 Laws of Motion, so the inner most planets will travel around the Sun many more times than the outer most planets do, as shown in: Illustration 4.01: The Sun Spinning all Planets in its System at different Rates.

The Sun Spinning all Planets in its System at different Rates
Illustration 4.01: The Sun Spinning all Planets in its System at different Rates Full Size

In Step 1 you see the planets all lined up, this is a rare event, but it happens, and after that we see what happens in 90 days, in Step 2 its clear the planets closest to the Sun move faster, in Step 3 we see that the planets farther away seem to not be moving, in step 4 its clear that the closest planets are moving faster, and by Step 5 it is a fact, this is the way the Planets move.

But at the same time its Solar Systems most travel around the Galaxy at the same rate, so its like an old record player, the tracks on the outside will travel around the disc at the same rate as the inner most tracks do, as shown in: Illustration 4.02: The Galaxy Spinning all Solar Systems at the same Rate.

The Galaxy Spinning all Solar Systems at the same Rate
The Galaxy Spinning all Solar Systems at the same Rate
Illustration 4.02: The Galaxy Spinning all Solar Systems at the same Rate Full Size Full Size

See disclaimer: Galaxy Spinning at the same Rate [2]
In Step 1 the inner most center of our Galaxy has a hub like a wheel, it may or may not be visible, but it is there nonetheless, in young Galaxies it looks like the image above, as it rotates the outer most solar systems are marked in Red circle (or on the bottom if black and white), and the inner most solar systems are marked in Green square (or on the bottom if black and white), in Step 2 you will note that the two solar systems are moving at the same rate, Steps 3, 4 and 5 will prove this is what is going on, all the systems are moving at the same Rate and not the same speed around the Galaxy, so this is not how the Planets move within the solar system, so there is a different set of rules that apply to Suns and the Planets and Moons that orbit around the Sun in its Solar System, so there must be an explanation for this, current Mainstream Science does not address this.

The Galaxy must create a Dark Star in order to control its Suns from so far away, and this is the only explanation I could find. A Dark Star is created by Trinary Energy creating a sphere of Null Space like it did when creating a Trinary Engine, and Lightning Strike to create Ball Lightning, only this time it will switch to a (-1) State, causing only the Negative Photons and Electrons to collect inside the sphere, instead of both the Positive and Negative Photons and Electrons, so it is full of Dark Energy, which science has been grappling with for years, they know it exists, but can not figure out how, with no alternating Energy, it does not create a Magnetic Field, instead it creates a Dark Gravity Well, opposed to the Light Gravity Well a Sun produces, and using Intelligence to control the orbit of the Suns, it can control the Suns independently of the Planets and Moons, but it would require a Dark Stars to do this job.

The Dark Star puts out a Dark Energy, because the Trinary Energy is not toggling between (+1) and (-1), so the Polarity of the Dark Energy is not changing, this causes a floating Ground and at the same time it is Gravitational neutral, so it is not pulling or pushing, so its just holding its own place, and because of its mass and Ground, it acts like an Anchor, which causes the Sun to orbit it, but does not allow for matter to be drawn to it, because it is Electromagnetically neutral, it does not attract matter, nor repel it, all it does is create a void in space that forces the Sun to follow it through space.

Normally two Suns will orbit the Dark Star so it forms a Trinary System, two opposing Suns rotate around the Dark Star, while its Companion Dark Star orbit is the two Solar Systems in a figure 8 rotation, to maintain the orbit the Suns must switch poles every decade, this action keeps the two Suns in sync, and their poles are always opposite each other.

The Dark Star is not visible, its Null Space, but its clear to me that our Sun and Sirius orbit it, as shown in Illustration 4.03: Solar System path with Dark Star.

Solar System path with Dark Star
Illustration 4.03: Solar System path with Dark Star Full Size

I show the path of the Companion Dark Star as not coming to a point at the Galactic plane, and at first, this my look odd or even wrong, and it could be, I spent 33 years working on this concept, and putting it in the center throws my timing off, I have looked at too many Galaxies to see this pattern of larger Suns dancing with smaller Suns, and Logic would make me believe that if Sirius is our Companion Sun, and I do not know this to be the truth, only the facts that fit what truth I was looking for, because I cannot believe the Advanced Free Society who built the Pyramid got it wrong, and God did not tale me this Information, I had to deduce it from many images of our Galaxy, so this is Real Science, and Real Guesses, and would be a Lie if I said this was a Fact, Reality must be Real, and I base all mine on Facts and not Feelings that I get from Dreams that I have had, I might believe them, but I have to prove them, but I will still talk about them because I do believe them, because in all my Dreams Sirius is always our Companion Star, and I am not the only Wizard in History to have this Dream documented, but I do not offer this fact as a Truth that our Dreams are Real, or that our Words or Spells are the Truth, this is how Wizards deal with Logic and Reasoning, and it is what sets them apart from Normal Humans and the way they Think, because my whole dissertation is based on this Information, and Dreams can never be proven Scientifically, so they have no place here, but if I am correct, meaning that all these Wizards who have documented evidence that they believe that God is All Light without Darkness, and there can be no Light with the Darkness, and IAM is the God of this Same Light, and at the Subatomic level this Light can be described as the Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Spirit of Mother, then these Dreams are Gods Design, not Gods Message to me, because I see no proof that God communicates to Humans on this Level, I think that as a Being all Lifeforms are fully connected to God on a level that we can understand God, but anyone that Claims to have spoken to God is Insane, because the Trinary Universe is based on the Concept that all Life is 100% God, because all you are saying is that someone else is talking to me inside my head and that is Crazy, so the difference between the Spell God and Light must be taken Literal, God is everywhere and everything, because if God is this Light I call White Noise, then it surrounds every Atom in the Universe, therefore it can be Controlling it, and that Logic is irrefutable evidence that this is the truth, and that this is not a Theory, because it is the only way to explain the Universe, and there is no other way to explain it without multiple Paradox's, and it took Einstein to prove that, because Einstein was right, there are only two ways the Universe can work, the first is that Newton was correct and the Universe is Static, or its Dynamic, and if that is true, then the Paradox's start to add up, and you know that in the Dynamic Universe where Everything is Possible, one of those possibilities will always be that the Static Universe exist, and then the Paradox comes to an end, because in Reality, a Paradox can not exist, so my Logic states that it is a Fact that the Universe works from a Static Model, so to prove it, all evidence must be verifiable, so all Images of the Universe must be Real and not Computer or Human constructs, so no Computer Simulations to make up evidence, but you must do Simulations to verify its even possible, so the concept that these Dark Stars Exist must be proven to exist in Images, so I state that they are invisible to the naked Human Eye, but yet their effect on Gravity can be proven by how they cause the Sun to orbit the Galaxy, and the Planets to orbit the Sun as Moons orbit it, so the only way you will see these Dark Stars is by doing Computer Simulations, but knowing what path these Dark Stars take, is like saying you know what path an Electron takes around an Atom, the shape it takes can be deduced from the effect it has on the Atom it orbits, but the path itself is invisible, yet just like an Airplane flying through the sky, it leaves a trail, and that is evidence that shows up in Images, and that is what I am calling real evidence, and you can look at all the images and see these patterns, so my work is done, I just made these other points just to prove to you that I am a Wizard, and like Newton and Einstein, I have my Spells to decode their work, we have had half a century to prove either Newton or Einstein correct, and so far Newton has won, because Einstein believe in him, yet he did not come up with this concept of the Dark Star and it is Companion, I did, and I did so in a Dream, the same Dreams Newton had described in his notes, and there is no getting around that fact.

Now our Galaxy has two Suns, our Sun and Sirius and a Dark Star and it is Companion or Companions, many more than one, now we can create Planets and Moons, so we need more gas to create more Ball Lightning, and then we create all the Trinary Engines we need for the Configuration we require for this Solar system, so if we need 9 Planets, we create all 9 of them, one at a time or all at once, we will do the outer ones last, because they will be much larger. Every planet will have a job, some will collect up all the gas that was required to build the Trinary Engines, so these are called Gas Giants, Moons will be required around them, to help with collecting gas around the Planet, and to protect it from being hit by: debris, Comets, Asteroids and Meteorites, this is due to the nature of how their Gravity attracts the: gas, debris, Comets, Asteroids and Meteorites, but most people look at our Moon and do not see any Gas around it, which is a good thing, it means its doing its job, its helping our planet hold in its Atmosphere, it does this by creating a Gravity Well around our Planet, then the Planet can pull it into its atmosphere so it does not all vent into space, so they also protect the planet from comets and asteroids, all the Planets in our System have a job, so the inner Planets will help protect the Sun from being hit by large objects coming at if sideways in the Energy plane, so Mercury acts more like a Moon than a Planet, remember the Sun plows around the Galaxy with its planets on its side, and outer Planets help with collecting debris, so the Solar System collects as much gases and debris it can, so when the time comes for its Sun to go Super Nova, it will collect all this stored up material to rebuild its Solar System, because these systems live on forever, they never die, the whole Galaxy can be reborn this way, I call it renewal.

The Trinary Engine is a living Entity, it is born, grows and dies, just to be reborn again, so the Trinary Universe is a Living Organism, in Nature there is no chaos, and no Coincidence, and no Multiverses or other BS based on Theories that have never been proven, because the Trinary Universe is built on Science that can be proven, instead of Theories that never will.

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